My Little Pony Friendship is Magic-The Mysterious Mare do Well

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s time once again to discuss My Little Poiy: Friendship is magic. For all….none of you that don’t know, this is the 4th generation of the franchise, created by Lauren Faust. It’s famous for being the most genuinely good pony cartoon ever.

But it’s all famous for the male fans known as bronies. All things considered I am one and I think they are lovely people. But like any fandom, there are gonna be trends I …don’t agree with. See, more than any fandom the bronies can take things…too seriously.

Sometimes it’s in a funny way, like with all of the memes. But usually…it’s in a bad way. Some bronies look to analyze shit that wasn’t intended by the writers at all. They heavily critique episodes like they are 2 hour long epic films.

Of course, I’m the guy who likes most episodes of most shows he likes. But this is weird example, where they overly nitpick every single little thing. It’s like they don’t know this is just a freaking kid’s show about ponies.

If there any fandom that needed to remember the MST3K mantra, it’s this one. Of course reviewing episodes is fine, even for a kid’s show. But I think the extent some go can be a bit extreme. But if they properly CRITUQIE it, then i’m fine.

Now, where am I going with this? Well, some will not really critique but instead mindlessly bash by looking WAY too deep into it. The awful backlash against princess twilight is proof of that…but I’ve gone on about that already.

What I mean is that a few episodes are hated a bit too much. Mostly the entire 3rd season (Don’t even get me started on CR) but we’re not here to discuss that. There are two episodes that are big examples….and this is one of them.

This is said to be the worst episode ever, and mostly everyone hates it, or thinks it’s just sub-par. Seriously. And it’s for some really odd reasons, too. Do I agree with them? Of course not, but is the episode even worth defending?

Well, with Season 4 coming out, I might as well find out.

This, is The Mysterious Mare do Well


The episode opens with everyone’s favorite Cutie Mark Crusader, Scootaloo at at a meeting of the Rainbow dash fan club.

I vote rainbow dash be declared the most awesome pony in ponyville!”

If this all you do, I think we need new leadership.

Joking aside, this is adorable. Scootaloo has been a fan fave for many reasons, her dashy love being one of them. Also, this scene gives us a great reappearance of Snips and Snails (GETIT), Trixie’s former henchmen. Don’t ask, it’s a long story.

They argue over which adjective best sums up Rainbow Dash. I wish I still had Young Pony problems like this. Rainbdow Dash somehow sees this and throws it her own…which is too weird and long for me to type.

Dashy has a good laugh. After the admittedly awesome theme, we see Dash rescue a young filly from a well or something. Everyone declares her a hero for this act. Yep, this is a Rainbow Dash episode.

I won’t go on about her character, but it’s a case where people either love her, hate her, or just hate episodes like this where she is flanderized. I like her fine.

A bit after that, Dash saves a baby carriage from almost going off a cliff. Okay, did everyone in Ponyville drop like 20 IQ points before this episode started? But either way, Dash is shown to be a hero again and she’s of course, cocky about it.

The other members of the “mane 6” (Twilight sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie pie) show up see this.

SCOOTALOO: There just aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe rainbow dash’s awesome-ness!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: I can think of a few new words.

But this show is TV-y so I can’t say them.

Anyway, there’s yet ANOTHER accident as the balcony thing on someone’s house starts to break. Okay, I can defend a lot of things but the immense stupidity for the sake of the plot is not one of them.

Never fear your friendly neighborhood rainbow dash is here!”

..Okay, that makes up for it.

Dash saves people again and everyone inflates her ego some more. Yeah, this seems like a typical type of Dash-y episode. Not the best, but not worth any hate. But just wait for later.

We cut to later as Dash is telling the ever so amazing story of how awesome she is to a crowd of people. But also wears some bitchin’ shades for there’s that.

Also Spike the dragon is here sassy reporter. How can you not love that? Spike writers down everything she says so she can focus on her acts of amazing bravery. Part of me think it’s kind of fun to see her boast, but I think her comeuppance is equally awesome.

Anyway, later on Dash has to save someone from a falling hot air balloon. That is until a mysterious masked pony drops in, complete with a theme tune that….is a reference to the Batman animated series into.

How can anyone hate an episode with that reference in it?

The masked hero saves the day instead. Everyone loves it.

Ponyville has a new hero!”

One save and boom, Dash doesn’t exist? Wow, Ponyville sucks.

Anyway, they call her, you guessed it, The Mysterious Mare do well. Later on, she steals Dash’s thunder again by saving more idiots from a runaway …thingy. She proves to be even stronger than Dash and more humble too.

Later still-okay, is this all the same day or just like a week? Either way, Ponyville is official the worst place to live in. Yeah, this time it’s a falling girder at a construction site. The entire site follows through by crashing down.

And again, Mare do well saves everyone while Dash can only save one. This is starting to get a little repetitive.

So she’s strong fast, and somehow knows what’s gonna happen ahead of time..”

So did you. The weak explanation was just ignored in that instance. So Dash has to step up her. Thus, when she sees a hole in a dam (that we never see again after this episode) she tries to plug it. Only this helps the dam burst faster. Whoops.

But thankfully, Mare do well shows up to save dash…and fix the damn with her….magic. Yep, Mare do well is unicorn. What a twist!

Dash is shocked, but at least she can fly and Mare do well Can’t. …But then Mare do well flies away. So…she’s an alicorn? Another twist!

So later at sugar cube corner, the rest of the mane 6 talk about how awesome Mare do well is.

And she’s honest and humble”

Talking about how humble someone else….while talking how amazing she is in front of someone who clearly doesn’t like her. Yeah, that’s not hypocritical at all.

They accuse Dash of being jealous. She denies this and says she will prove to be an even better hero than Mare do well. Sadly, she chose the ONE day everyone in ponyville isn’t an idiot.

She tries to help some people, but cuz they aren’t in trouble, they just get pissed off. But she does help someone open a peanut butter jar. Keep in mind, that person failed even after using her magic.

See, even magic can’t get those damn lids off! Told you all, but you said I was crazy!

I love how this person clearly gives no shits about dash here, and she just winds up opening it herself but dash thinks she did. This is a pretty hilarious moment.

Aren’t you milking this a bit?”


For her next act of herosim,. Dash cuts some…grass.

I have just saved that grass!”

From what?”


Okay, as sad as this is …it’s kind of hilarious.

So after the break, Dash-y up on a cloud…sad about how everyone forgot about her, and it’s all “mare do well this” and “Mare do well that”.

I mean…have I changed? …Nope, I’m still awesome! But then…why am I all alone?”

…Day-um. This is…pretty depressing stuff. Now, some detractors have acted like you aren’t supposed to feel bad for her and thus bash it…cuz they do. …Sorry, but what?

Granted, some bits are clearly played for laughs. But this bit clearly is meant to make us feel bad for her, and we-well at least I want her to learn the lesson she’s supposed to be learning her. I’ll say more in the final thoughts, but this scene helps a mostly typical moral episode.’

Scootaloo shows up to invite Rainbow Dash to a parade celebrating Mare do well. Wow, Scootaloo is kind of an idiot now. Also, a few normal saves equals tons of celebrating, but the maned 6 save the WORLD at least twice so far, and only one or two celebrations? Lame!

Dash-y does show up but only to find out who this mare do well really is! This leads to a fine chase scene with another use of the batman music. Dash gets a hold of her pretty quickly.

And so, Mare do well is..

mare do well 1Pinkie pie?! WHAT A TWEEST!

But wait, there’s another mare do well…and it’s Twilight sparkle?! And…there’s another…who is applejack!

We all played mare do well at different times”

I admit, I did not see that aspect coming.

I saved the construction workers with my pinkie sense!”

Ah, a referencer to another overly hated episode. The main complaint with that one is that pinkie sense…was never mentioned again.


So they explain that they did all this to show Rainbow Dash that boasting is a big no no. So let me get this straight: They hated her ego, so they showed her what a real hero is like …and they BRAGGED about her in that earlier scene and let her go insane.

…Okay, that’s kind of….mean. I’ll admit that.

Celebrating your accomplishments is natural”

But rubbing them in everypony’s face is not”

The only that should be rubbed in anypony’s face is chocolate cake!”

…I thihk we’re getting off topic here”

Now, I first thought this one was hated cuz it made Dash out to be too bitch-y and all that usual stuff. But now this part is the reason for the hate. And well…now I do kind of get.

But if I just take it with a grain of salt and all that, this moral does work nad it rightfully devolps Dash-y a bit more.

However, at the same time…their plan didn’t make much sense. They pretty much let her go insane and become alone just to to teach her someone they easily could have told her! And really, bragging about how awesome mare do well is really hypocritical.

Oh god, I think I finally get it. I think I actually…AGREE!!! …Let’s finish this up before I go crazy.

So Dash-y has learned her lesson, and admits she was being a bitch. She says she should act with humility when others outshine her. Okay, that makes some kind of sense, but my point stands.

This is the point where Dash would write a letter to Celestia showing what she learned, but Spike wrote it for her. But then Dash-y messes with spike a bit by saying there’s a ghost behind him.

Spike runs. So it’s not okay to brag, but it is okay to do that. Alright, whatever. Dash-y takes out some paper, and winks to the camera.

Roll credits. Kind of rushed, but I got the moral fine, and these reviews usually turn 20 minutes into 10 minutes. So, that was the most hated episode ever. The end!

Final Thoughts:

Forgetting everything, this episode is…just okay. For the most part, it’s a typical Rainbow Dash episode where she has to learn to not be bitch-y and all that stuff. This came after ANOTHER episode like that, so I think that was overkill.

However, I did like the superhero motif. And while I did nitpick it, I liked some of the rescues. Some jokes hit pretty well, and the overall moral is fine even if it’s not the show’s best. That would be the one from the flim-flam episode.

I didn’t learn anything!”

Love it.

On the other hand, I do honestly think some bits didn’t work as well as the writer had hoped. If you think about it, the other 5 were being kind of bad to Dash all things considered and their whole plan just didn’t make a lot of sense.

But if I turn my brain off, I see this is a fine way to teach her a lesson. This is just a mostly forgettable episode with a few cool things. Though to be fair….this was the first episode for it’s writer, so that explains a lot.

Said writer got shit for this episode by made up for it for better received episodes. Did I mention she used to write for Spongebob? That has nothing to do with anything, I just find it funny./

But in the end, is it worth the hate? This was my 3rd time watching the episode and I went into this with the intent to debunk most of the reasons and such. But… I kind of get it. Yes, after alll that build up…i somewhat get it.

Some really DO think it was kind of mean to Dash and that the mean 6 were being just as bad. Some just couldn’t take it and all that. I..actually see why one would not like this episode, or think it’s one of the weaker ones.

Does that mean I think everyone is the right to hate it? Not really. I still don’t think it’s THAT bad. Now, if you don’t like it for the reasons above…fine. But come on, it’s not THE WORST TIHNG EVERLOLOLOL.

If you dislike it, thats fine. But there’s no way to blow it out of proportion and call it horrible when it’s far from that. You should at least see the point behind the many 6’s plan or see the small fine things that are there.

This is going on too long. My point is, dislike something like this is cool. But overreacting like it’s the worst thing ever is not. So is reading too deep into it. Want a good review of Mare do well? Cartoon Hero’s is as close as you’ll get, even if he falls into the trappings i’ve bitched about already.

I am being forced to defend an episode of My little point. Think about that.

Grade: B

Yes, it got a lower grade than the Dog with a blog episode I looked at. Take that of what you will.

In other words…Dear Princess Celestia, I learned that Mare do well does have things to hate in it, and that some bronies just overreact to things. But I already knew that, and I hope not to get shit for this review. …Please don’t send me to the moon again.

Your Non-student, Spongey444.

See ya.

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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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