Green Lantern

DC: Pissing off fanboys with their non-Batman movies since...ever.

DC: Pissing off fanboys with their non-Batman movies since…ever.

Hello, Spongey here.

When it comes to popular sub genre’s, I can’t think of one that causes as much crazy reactions then….the Comic Book movie.

You already know what I mean. More than nay other kind of movie, these seem to be the ones to beat in terms of both box office and popularity. But at the same time, they causes lots of debate. It seems not matter what, even the smallest change from the comic lore can piss people off.

Sometimes it’s warranted, like with Daredevil. Other times….it’s not. But I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. I mean, go on about how X Men 3 wasn’t that bad or how some of the Man of Steel hate is…..not exactly the best.

We’re not here to talk about that. No, this was a simple 2011 comic book movie that got a lot of hate from fans and non-fans alike. We all know DC relies on Batman, so much so that Man of Steel is jokingly called Superman Begins.

So they figured it was finally time to give another hero a shot, without making them a batman ripoff. Thus, they pick Green Lantern. I won’t bore you with the history, but it’s a comic series started in 1941, that got re-done in 1960 with a different character in the role.

And it’s that version the movie takes from. I’ll get into the premise in the actual review, but I’ll say that the Green Lantern is actualyl a whole corp of Space cops that have rings that make whatever your mind can create.

Sound awesome? Well, I’ve never read any of the comics. But after I saw this movie when it came out, I did some research. Then I watched the Direct to Video animated version from 2009. Then the Cartoon Network Tv show before they canned it.

And I liked them so much that I did some homework about the character, and now you can call me a fan. This movie was blasted by the fans mostly, but it has gotten a small cult following.

It was directed by Martin Campbell, whose previous credits include …Goldeneye and Casino Royale. Okay, that’s pretty awesome.

But the writers a bit more messy. We have 4 writers. Marc Guggenheim who did nothing beforet his and has only done the percy jackson sequel since. Michael Goldenberg, who did Harry potter 5. And the other 2 have mostly done Tv work.

This can spell succes….or disaster.

I haven’t seen it since it came out but I remember it being just okay. So is it worth the hate, or will I appreciate it more on repeat viewings?

Well, let’s blast off and find out.

This, is Green Lantern

We first see the Warner Brothers logo…glowing green and in space. Nice. But we really open with some narration. He talks about the “green essence” which isn’t as sexual as you think.

He actually gives us an info dump on the movie’s world: Millions of years ago, beings called the Guardians of the Universe used the green essence of willpower to create an intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps. They split the unvierse into a bunch of sectors with a one green lantern per sector.

After we get our title, he goes on to tell us of a being of fear called Paralax. Only the lantern known as Abin Sur could stop him. He did and trapped Paralax on a prison planet. This where he was kept until present day, as we see Paralax escaping.

He escapes with ease. So much ease infact that I question why it took him so damn long to get out! I mean, I’m sure I’m missing something but I’m not sure HOW Abin Sur was able to contain a being of pure fear.

If I did know, I could properly find an issue with how he escapes, but cuz I don’t know how he was able to contained, I can’t. I bet someone is gonna point out I missed something obvious though.

But any issues with this villain are fixed once you hear he’s voiced by Clancy Brown. Aka one of the best villain voices ever. And his 3rd appearance on here, actually.

green lantern

Anyway, we cut to Abin Sur who is talking with a dude named Sinestro, played by Mark Strong. As you can tell by his name and appearance, he will turn evil eventually. Comic fans know this by the maybe the original writers should have picked a more subtle name.

So then Paralax attacks him following his grand escape. He runs into his escape pod and blasts off.

I’m badly wounded”

…Really? You seem fine to me/ Scuffed up yes, but enough to hurt THIS much!

So that was our 5 minute long backstory before we join our heroes. It’s a bit mixed. I like the mythology of this world, and some of the action was cool. But when you a skip a few bits, it boil down to “big bad guy escapes and stuff”. It’s a tad typical, is all I’m saying.

So let’s meet Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Renolds. People give him shit for this (and the other movie he did that summer) but most people agree he did an okay job with the matriel was given. I’d have to agree, but we’ll see as we go on.

(It helps that he was a fan of the character before the movie, and truly fell in love with the story when he meet the director)

We see him waking up with some broad then heading off in his car, while eating some food. And right away, he’s the ‘quirky cocky guy who has to do big thing in the end” cliché. Of course this is the way we’ve known the character, but the the movie does it is a bit overboard.

Hal is a test pilot, and we see a dude over at the company talking about a big badass aircraft that is like a human, without the human error. He says two have been picked to pilot this great thing.

They cut to Hal as he says that. Christ, are they hitting every tired cliché?

green lantern 2

Hal arrives at the place and bumps into his obvious love interest, Carol Ferris, played by Blake Lively. She tells him not to fuck this up and make her look bad. Yet another tired cliché, with the chick friend going “don’t fuck this up”

Yes, I’m sure this was likely in the comics in some way or another. Either way, weak writing is still weak writing. ..And now everyone will tell me this was in the comics in any way.

So Hal gets in his jet thingy to do some testing. Of course Hal gets cocky and tries to show off and ends up getting In trouble and starts falling to the ground. Gee, didn’t see that coming.

And as this happens, we randomly see a flashback of a young Hal and his dad before we cut back. Movie, flashbacks have to make sense and contribute something. They can’t be a short excuse to say something “deep” is going on.

They do it again only it tells us his Dad was a pilot that he looked up too…until Daddy died in action. A comic book story where the heroes parent figure dies? What a twist!

Okay, the flashback itself isn’t too badly done. It’s showing how scared he is as this is going down and how it reminds him of how his father went down. But then we see in the flashback that when Dad’s plane went down, Hal went up it and it exploded.

The explosion just kind of knocks him back like it’s just nothing when really, Hal should have been in much worse shape. The over the top way they show it doesn’t help.

Thankfully Hal lives, but we cut to later as he scolded by everyone for his cocky actions. Infact, he is flat out fired…until Carol is like “no, he won’t be of that easy” and he is simply “grounded” for awhile.

Uh, I think being flat out fired and thus losing his source of income is worse than being suspended Just saying.

The boss leaves and Carol asks him what happened. Hal says the controls locked up, but she thinks he also chocked or whatever. Then they says some dramatic line and leaves him silent as she walks away.

I can’t bash it too much so far, but this all sounds quite cliché.

So let’s fix that as we cut to Abin Sur as he has crash landed on earth. He gets out his cool ring and tells it to find the dude he wants. So the green energy flies off and we cut back to Hal.

But it seems that news travels fast as when he enters his home, the news is talking about what happened only a couple hours ago. Hal bickers with his brother Jack and then he talks to his nephew.

It’s his birthday, so Hal gets him a model jet thingy. Of course the kid asks about what happened today.

Were you scared?”

It’s my job not to be”

As you can tell by now, Fear is a big theme in the green lantern story, with how Hal is afraid is failing cuz of his dad and how the villain feeds on fear. This was something that, from what I can tell, was pulled off far better in the comics and other adaptations.

But it’s a small effort to be true to the mythos, even if fans didn’t exact y respond well it. Anyway, after that is over, Hal goes back outside. And a bit later he stumbles across the site where Abin Sur crashed.

Since he’s thankfully the only one in this entire city to see this, he runs to it. Hal pulls out the alien and tries to help him. As odd as it is that he’s helping some weird purple dude like this, it’s cool to see Hal has at least SOME passion.

But then Abin gives him his Green Lantner ring.

The ring, it chose you”

I don’t think he’s telling the truth. I think Abin was just dying so bad he was willingly to give it to anyone since if he died, no one would take a ring from a corpse. Speaking of dying, he does just that right after giving Hal the ring.


Jack shows up and they drive off as Hal shows him the ring and says what happened. Hal says Abin told him the ring was his responsibility.

Maybe on their planet responsibly means asshole”

Let’s hope so”

Back at the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro meets with the council of weird smurf/gremlin hybrid old dudes about Paralax. He, of course wants to go fight him, but they say it’s not smart.

However, they do nodc their heads when Sinestro suggests gathering their strongest Lantern Way to stand your ground, dudes.

Kidding aside, the space scenes are the best parts so far. It’s the earth scenes that are hit or miss. Speaking of, we cut to some scientist named Hector, played by Peter Sarsgard. Some dudes show at his house and take him to some secret government place. As it turns out, they found Abin Sur’s body after Hal left (good thing no one besides Hal saw them coming) and have him here. Hector has been called to do an autopsy.

Before that thought takes my mind to weird places, we cut to Hal at home with the ring he was given. Abin told him to put the ring on this lantern thing he was also given and speak the oath. Hal has to guess it cuz…I guess the oath he needed to power it asn’t important info to him.

To infinity and beyond…by the power of grayskull!”

I HAVE PERMISSION-wait, that’s from Nostalgia Critic.

Hal touche the middle of the lantern, it glows…and now he can say the oath perfectly. I don’t get it.

In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, before my power, Green Lantnern’s light!”

It doesn’t do much but Carol shows up and Hal says she can’t come in. Even though he has nothing to hide,and he could say the ring is just some toy. But who cares about the alien ring, let’s see Hal go to a bar with Carol or whatever!

They have some okay banter and they slow dance or whatever. Seriously, from what I remember this movie’s biggest is that it’s dull. I’ve done more in 5 minutes than this movie can do in 34.

Then it gets awkward and he leaves. If that scene was put in LATER, it might have had a point. But once outside, Hal is randomly beat up by some thugs. Yep, this is the scene where the hero finds out about his powers while he’s beating up a thug.

Another tired cliché. He takes out the ring and the beam from it smacks them. How did he know that would work? As far as we know, he knows nothing about the ring other than that oath.

Well anyway, he kicks their asses and only NOW is shocked the ring worked. Then the ring blasts him off into space at fast speeds. Suddenly,he wakes up in a weird place…wearing a Green Lantern suit.

A suit that is CGI, for some reason. On the aliens, it’s fine as their whole body is CGI, but you really couldn’t get a decent Halloween costume at the store? Eh,I;ll talk about the effects in a little bit.

For now, Hal is astonished by his new suit., I should mention that it took the movie about 40 minutes to finally get to this point. Meanwhile, it took the animated one all of 10 minutes or even less to do so with the exact same storyline.

Yeah, I’ve seen worse pacing but that is gonna be a big problem by the end.

green lantern 3

Hal bumps into a fish dude named Tomai-re,voiced by Geoffrey Rush. I shall always know him as Nigel from Finding Nemo. He explains that their “Abduction” activated the suit’s powers, which also means Hal subconsciously knows more about the lanterns now.

Well, that’s one way to avoid having Hal get boring exposition we already know. Nigel here says he is the first human to be chosen as a Green Lantern.

See,this is the home planet of Oa, which was made by the guardians. No, not the ones from Rise of the guardians…or NFL Rush zone…or guardians of the galaxy. (Though these do kind of fit that)..No, the blue smurf guys from earlier.

Fish face guy then takes him on a tour of Oa, so he can throw out exposition and some more CGI. He says the green is the color of will, and thus the source of all energy. But isn’t it also the color of Envy? That’s not exactly a positive thing.

Hal is taken to the center along with all the other Green Lanterns. Sinestro says he called them all here cuz of Paralax.

He was powerful enough to defeat Abin Sur, our greatest warrior”

An informed ability if I I ever heard one.

He mentions his plan to get the best lanterns to stop Paralax. He gives a big speech and we cut to Nigel telling Hal more about the ring. It can make whatever you want out of energy if your will is strong enough.

The rings limits are only what you can imagijne”

Can you imagine a better movie? …Guess not.

Hal needs some training, so who better to train him than the huge Killowog, voiced by the late Micheal Clarkle duncan. He’s easily the best actor so far, as he makes this character so badass, and he shows why this character is awesome. The animated show had Kevin Micheal Richarson in the role, which is an equally great performance.

Your ring is only as strong as your will. And your will is patheric”

Needless to say, Hal isn’t doing so hot with his training. Mostly since he goes through the “Hardass trainer” cliché. Though it works here simply cuz of MCD’s performance.

Your enemy will not play fair”

Then Hal swiftly is able to kick his ass.

That’s good advice”


Then ‘Sinserto pops up to see why the ring chose him of all people.

The core is only as strong as it’s weak links. And I will tolerate no wink links. Be afraid human”.

Cool, but this is that cliché when an unlikely hero is chosen to be an awesome hero but everyone doesn’t like him in their territory and says he will amount to nothing and yada yada. Christ, I almost want to do a cliché count at this point.

And yeah, the animated one did it too but the pacing was far better. I could fault this on some lazy editing, but the editor has done great work in that field, (and has been nominated for at least two oscars) so it can’t be that.

So now it’s time for more training, only with Sinestro this time. He kicks his ass of course but hal does prove to some a semi competent fighter once he’s used to the ring. This is where the film’s hidden creativity shows, with this fun fight scene.

I love the concept of the Green Lantern,, and at times, I think this movie can capture that well. But at other times…not so much .But if it makes it any better, most of the action scenes are decent.

Anyway, we get a small bit of Sinsestro hidden depth: He says Abin sur was his mentor, and Hal ruins his name by wearing his ring. This is nice but sadly it doesn’t add up to amazing character stuff.

After kicking his ass, he leaves. The others show up and say the ring chose Hal for a reason, and he must search for that reason. Of course he has doubts and think he’s not the hero they are looking for and whatever.

Let’s talk about the effects for a moment. This film has been described as largely a special effects movie or “over produced”. Well, you try doing all these space scenes without CGI. Seriously, I dare you.

But I know what they mean. The effects are hit or miss. Some bits in space look great, and show us a fun world to explore. Sometimes it looks like a real world, but other times…it looks CG.

I wouldn’t mind this if they had more real actors, but nope. It’s obvious Ryan Renolds is surrounded by some (somewhat okay) green screen and CG, and his CG suit looks….very uncany valley at points.

Everyone else looks fine, but there’s so much CG it might as well be animated. That’s fine to some extent, but it’s so mixed on which effects suck and which are great. But I’m kind of nitpicking now, as most of it passable.

Also the scored by James Newton Howard, is sometimes very good. Between this and the Last Airbender, he loves saving mediocre movies.

Anyway, the space scenes have been cool but let’s get back to boring ol’ earth the next day. Even better, let’s join the so far useless Hector as he is a college professor dude.

See, something happened during that autopsy, and now he is hearing voices in his head. He is also abusing the wide angle lens, but that’s not important. …And then his eyes glow yellow, and he blasts some punk kid.

This makes the kids….go over to that kid to make sure he’s oka.y Um, I think you mean HOLYSHITHOLYSHITHOLYSHIT.

We cut to him in his office…with a flip phone…in 2011. What. Well anyway, he meets with his father, the senator of generic state USA. But then his dad reveals his influence got Hector to be chosen to do that autopsy.

Hector is …mad, cuz the other scientist work their whole lives for this and he just got to do this cuz of his dad. But he’s like “whatever”and Hector leaves. Okay, I get it to an extent, but dude, this ins’t so bad.

Your dad actually thought you were good enough to do this, and he did this, not to be a dick, but to help you. His method was not the best, but you are acting as if he’s a dick. He’s not, he’s actually kind of cool!

Though why he wanted his son to dissect an alien is anyone’s guess.

Thankfully, we cut back to space as Sinestro and some dudes are fighting Paralex. They get their asses kicked, likely cuz they didn’t, oh I don’t know, WAIT to fight THE MOST POWERFUL DUDE IN THE GALAXY.

Also, Paralex turns some dude into….really bad CGI skeletons. I won’t show it but…yikes, that is bad. Sinestro escapes and talks to the smurf head dudes and ask if they know more about Paralax.

As it turns out, Parallax was once one of their own until he desired to control the yellow essence of fear, only to become the embodiment of fear itself. Now he wants to take his revenge and steal the core.

Hmm…that’s a decent backstory, actually. Kind of cliché but it works, and it gives the villain some meat to him. I hear some “fans” root for the empire when it comes to him…even though he is a being a fear, and thus past the point of no return.

So now they must fight fear with fear. Cool but sadly, it’s back to earth. We join Hal at a party where he bumps into Hector and his dad. Dad is pretty cool with Hal, cuz he is a doer or whatever.

Then Hal just goes to talk to Carol to have boring banter. If they just cut out all of this boring stuff and did more things in space, this movie would flow so much better. There is at least 40 minutes left and nothing is being accomplished.

By the way, you know that “orange and teal” thing everyone bitches about even though I rarely see it and even then it’s just an annoyingly stylized movie? Yeah, they do that but it’s mostly notable in scenes like this as the space scenes are just…green.

Then Carol talks to Hector who is drunk on his ass and starts rumbling about the alien thing. And then he stops and Daddy leaves. I’m sure some of this is important, but for a reviewer like me, I want INTERESTING THINGS TO HAPPEN.

Well, thankfully something does happen…Hector gets pissed at Daddy again, so his eyes glow and Dad’s helicopter goes out of whack. It starts crashing, which is a cool sight, and Hal rings up to take care of it.

Oh, so the entire point of Hector’s subplot was to give Hal a chance to be a hero. Yeah, you could have had the helicopter crash without setting up a boring, useless subplot. Oh, and this also puts Carol in danger, so our hero can rescue her.

If I did a cliché count, it would be going through the roof right now.

After saving everyone, Hal flies away. I hope carol doesn’t notice that Hal randomly vanished and this green dude showed up at the same time.

Hector goes home and his head starting hurting like crazy, and he stumbles around. Then his face mutates into…some weird thing I can’t describe, and we cut back to Hal the next morning.

Jack shows up, thankfully knowing Hal is the green dude. At least we got that cliché out of the way. He wants Hal to show off his ring powers. He does and Jack is impressed. But enough of that, let’s move on to that pointless romance as Hal shows up at her place in his green lantern suit.

green lantern 4

He is of course here to put on an act and say hero stuff and have her say “You saved my life” and all that cliché nonsense. But then…


How did you know it was me?”

I’ve known you my whole life!…You think I wouldn’t recognize you cuz I can’t see your cheek bones!

Oh god….FINALLY! Finally a superhero movie love interests uses her fucking BRAIN and figures out that her boyfriend is this hero! Christ, why is it that THIS movie has her be SMART with this, while much better movies don’t?!

What’s with the mask!?”

Came with the outfit.”

We cut to later as he has explained everything to her. Through this they have a moment which at parts sweet, and at other bits….weak. I’ll touch more on the romance in the final thoughts though.

Hal mentions that he technically quite (which in this case is like quitting an office job and stealing all the supplies on their way out) and she suggests he should stop quitting everything he cares about.

But let’s get back to the pointless subplot. Some government dudes visit hector to find out he has turned into./..

green lantern 5

Krang’s ballsack?

Nah, he just caught a bit of Paralax’s yellow energy from Abin and turned into this thing. He is taken to his dad, who says he will get him well again.

I’ve never felt better in my life”

His performance makes that line sound really….weird. But also kind of amusing. Then it gets funnier when he says it again in a hushed whisper as he grab’s dad’s head.

You can’t see it, but trust me…it almost makes this subplot worth it.

They get him down and start to run some tests. So they put some antethsic or something else so-oh wait nevermind. They do nothing thus allowing him to use his powers to kick their asses. Great job, guys!

Hector goes crazy leading to an action scene. Huh, for a superhero movie there are few action scenes. Thankfully, they are mostly good, even if this one makes no sense. I get that the thing in Hector is evil, but it’s implied it is just using Hector’s own feelings.

Which is why he lashes at out Dad. But he no reason to, for reasons I already explained! So yeah, it’s dumb. Hal shows up …cuz he somehow knew about this.

They fight but Hectors gets him down.


The way he says that is….way funnier than the makers intended. You know, when this movie is trying to be funny or light hearted, it works fine. Sadly, it has too many boring bits to say it “doesn’t take itself seriously” like one rare positive critic said.

Infact, as weak as this subplot has been….Peter’s performance here is one of the funniest parts. Yet, I don’t think it was meant to be. But we also see the true reason for this subplot: Hector touches Hal and he sees some of the stuff he did.

He says they are alike yet Hector turned out so differently. They both have fears and somewhat failed in parts, yet Hal got past it and channeled it into something bad. But hector ended up being pure evil.

So it’s a hero/villain parallel thing. Okay, now I kind of get why Hector is here…that and to give us a human villain while we aren’t in space. I do like this kind of thing, and it almost works.

But somehow…i’m not sure if it works or not. It’s a neat idea, but the writing makes it seem kind of tacked on, for reasons I already explained. Hector just isn’t interesting until he turns into the joker’s alien twin brother.

Unlike the detractors, I can say it’s too badly done and I actually see the point…but it just didn’t pan out for me. Besides, we already have a BEING MADE OF FEAR. Isn’t he good enough?

Perhaps they wanted to keep him inactive until the climax, but you could have fixed that either picking a better human villain, and had Hector be the bad guy in the sequel…or cut back on Paralax so Hector could be the main bad guy, and have him be better wirten,

But back to the plot, Hector picks evil and goes ape shit some more. So Hal kicks his ass…but he fails cuz of the big explosions kill Daddy. Wah wah.

Hal tells all this to Carol and Jack, and he says he’s gonna quite again.


Because I’m afraid”

Because I’m acting!

He says a lantern is meant to be fearless and whatever. I kind of like the theme of fear, but at times it is channel through minor cliché bits. Christ, for a movie I don’t hate I am nitpicking it a lot.

Carol says the ring likely choose him cuz he had the ability to OVERCOME fear and whatever. You know, says the fact that one writer did TV work shows as it has Tv sensibilities at times. For some of the earth bits like this….i agree cuz it just feels lackluster at times.

So we cut back to Oa, thank god as Sinestro has made a weapon to stop Paralax. Earth may sadly go down but he can stop the bad guy before it reaches Oa. Then Hal pops up.

I know humans aren’t the strongest species…or the smartest”

Not making the best argument, Hal.

‘But we’re worth saving”

So we can make even more Grown ups sequels!

‘This is why Paralax is beating you. Cuz you’re afraid to admit you’re afraid!”


Hal makes a speech asking them to fight fear with him. Hal says he will risk his own life to save his world.

You’ll die”

Then I’ll die trying”


So Hal flies back to earth and bumps into the now fully evil Hector, as he has captured the formely strong woman. Wait, did no one throw Hector in jail after KILLING his dad or dad he just break out and we skipped that part?

He says he loved Carol but she never noticed him cuz of Hal. ….What. That was NEVER shown at all! A plot point like this only works if it MAKES SENSE!

Hal powers down to give Hector the “let me help you” speech. It almost doesn’ work, but Hal offers hector his ring in exchange for Carol. He accepts and Hector puts it on. It kind of works and it makes hector pretty happy.


I lied”

That cliché….however, the ring doesn’t attack Hal.

HAL: I lied too. See the thing is….you have to be chosen.

For a somewhat dul hero, he gets badass moments.

Speaking of badass, Paralax comes in….cuz he somehow couldn’t attack before. It’s like he even needed Hector, as this scene changed nothing about their partner ship. Well, it kind of does…

You have failed me”

If anything, Clancy brown is pretty awesome in this role. So he kills Hector, ending his ….still kind of pointless subplot, sadly. Before it can get to Hal, he swipes the ring back and powers up.

He takes Carol up to the roof as the cloud of fear hovers over the city. Paralax goes around and starts killing people in unintentionally silly ways.

Hal goes out and fights him in a pretty damn decent action scene. Hal uses the ring to make freaking guns or something. Now that is badass. Hal really goes up to Paralex, who gives a badass villain speech about how he’s gonna kill his ass. And the rest of his body.

But he gains some will, recites the oath, and when he’s done he really blasts Paralax and the fight is taken to space. That’s pretty awesome too.

They fly close to the sun (Lantern or not, he should at least be a little hot) and Hal throws his best stuff at the villain. Eventually, it gets to be to be too much and Paralax falls right into the sun.

You guys to have to admit…that’s fairly cool. But wait, their so called “best warrior” couldn’t take him but a newbie could? Sure it makes some level of sense, but wouldn’t this climax work better if everyone helped and Hal just made the finishing blow?

Sinestro and the other lanterns pop up to help Hal escape from the sun. Sadly, Hal doesn’t chew them out for not helping like, at all. Instead, we cut back to Oa as Sinestro thanks Hal in front of everyone.

He talks about how important it is to overcome fear and all that nonsense. Sinestro goes up to him personally to thank him.

KILOWAG: Can I train him, or can I train him?

The answer is no cuz you trained him for all of 2 MINUTES.

It seems like Abin Sur fond another just like himself”

This is cute, but Sinestro does so little, that it doesn’t have too big an impact.

green lantern 6

So they send a ring blast into space and Hal heads to Carol’s place. The film could have ended up a badass note, but let’s wrap up the romance. Hal says his new job requires him to travel a lot, but he will never be gone. Then they kiss.

So what happens now?”

Find out more in the seq-



So Hal blasts off to space, and the movie finally ends. Took them 104 minutes, but better late than never.

Wait….this is a comic book movie. Isn’t there a forced end credits stinger? Well, there is one where Sinestro turns evil (TOLD YOU) somehow, but for whatever reason, my copy doesn’t have it.

Ah well, at least it’s over.

Final Thoughts:

This movie was….okay. Not good, not bad. Just…okay. My first, and biggest problem is the plot. The premise is very good but the script is sadly filled with every superhero trope in the book.

You have all the cliches you could ask for, right down to the dull romance. I love the idea but somehow, only sometimes do they use it okay. And even, it’s mostly in the visuals, while the story is often lackluster.

The pacing isn’t the worst, but I still say the Hector subplot and earth scenes drag on too long and in the end, Hector exists to pad the run time. In the end, the cliches sort of drah down what could have been a unique comic book movie.

But on the other hand, the theme of fear works better than not. When they do take advtange of the idea, it’s fun and creative. Oa is a cool world, and the other lantners have great designs. The action scenes are often very good, but they are few and far between.

The effects are hit or miss, but mostly decent. However, the characters are even more hit or miss. Hal proves to be a decent enough hero, but at times he can be too dull…and the fact that he’s cocky really means nothing in the end. But Renolds is very good in the role.

Carol is a dull love interest, who’s only interesting bit is actually using her brain to see that Hal is the green lantern. She’s not…bad and Blake Lively is good (and hot) but the romance is dull overall.

Everyone else is a throwaway. Killwog is pretty awesome but he gets so little to do. Fishhead nigel guy is there to deliver exposition, and Sinsetro exists to hate Hal and turn evil. I really wish Oa had more to do, seriously.

Hector is kind of pointless, but he does give us the funniest moments in the movie.. I like so much of the idea behind him,, and I think his death is tragic cuz he didn’t ask for this and he gets no redemption. Wait, that wasn’t mean to be tragic? Whoops.

Paralax looks cool and has a decent backstory, but he’s still generic, though Clancy brown does a good job. Most of the acting is solid, overall.

I don’t know, I enjoyed parts of the plot enough that I can’t call it bad. I even see the point of a few bits, and to be fair…it’s not painful. I was bored by the weak pacing, but unloike some weirdos, I never found it painful or anger inducing.’

At it’s best it’s a fun enough popcorn movie. At it’s worst, it’s a weak forgettable comic book movie. It’s…just okay. It has it’s fans, actually. So if you are among them, more power to you.

Grade: C+

Well, that was underwhelming/ But hey, at least Ryan Renolds won’t make another hugely marketed movie that turns out to be really weak in the same damn ye-


…That’s the next review, isn’t it? Crap..

See ya.


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