Meet the Robinsons


Great scott, this review has no Back to the future references!

Great scott, this review has no Back to the future references!

Hello, Spongey here.

This month sees the release of Disney’s latest animated feature, Frozen. It’s another CG movie that will try to capture the classic feel of their old movies, while also doing something new. Like everyone else, I am beyond hype.

So I thought it would a good idea to look back. Recently, Disney has gotten back in the spotlight, with many great features like Bolt, Wreck it Ralph, and The princess and the frog. People were respecting Disney again, compared to their dork ages.

But let’s put this in perspective. The 90’s was the Disney Renaissance, but after The Lion King, it was a bumpy road. Now everyone major animated movie was rip offing the Disney formula, even Disney itself. People were sick of it, which lead to Dreamworks making big money with pop culture comedies like Shrek.

So Disney felt they needed to change things up….with mixed results. 2000 to 2005 was an odd time for Disney. They did movies like Treasure Planet and Atlantis the lost Empire. Films that were so different, people either loved or….didn’t care for them. They gained strong cult followings, but otherwise, they were bombs.

They did do a few hits that were different, like The Emperor’s New Grove and Lilo and Stitch. But after that, it was downhill. Brother Bear was a return to their classic type of animation in a way, but it didn’t cut it.

To make a LONG story short, Home of the range sucked. It was meant to be their last 2D animated feature, and it was nothing like any of their films in a bad way. So with Chicken Little, the higher ups decided their TV stuff should be full of sitcoms and their animated features should be CG crap like The Wild.

Chicken Little was an attempt to do what Dreamworks was doing. I didn’t hate it too much but everyone else did. Things seemed bleak on all accounts, we had to wait two years for their next film.

Thankfully, it did better. It made more money, the critics enjoyed it, and so did I. It wasn’t loved, but it was tolerated, with a decent 66 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. After this, John Lasster stepped in and helped do many things (like banning DTV sequels, thank god) including help get Bolt off the ground.

The rest is history. But what become of their 2007 feature? No one really seems to talk about it, and like to think Bolt got them out of their Dork age. I don’t get why this one isn’t remembered too well.

If you ask me, this was one of the more interesting Disney films of the time. For a time I thought it was better than Bolt. Of course, now I think otherwise but this is a bit more interesting plot-wise.

The director had only done storyboards/animation on previous films, but he did go on to co-direct 2011’s Winnie the pooh. We have 3 writers, and only one has done anything else. What did that one guy do? Direct Tangled.

…We’re in good hands.

It was based on a Children’s book by William Joyce. Yes, the creator of Rollie pollie ollie (the weirdest cartoon ever made). Also, his creative books have other movies based on them like Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians, or Blue Sky’s Epic.

So this guy just needs to work with Sony and he’s all set. It differs from his book, but he requests all film versions be different. So with that LONG intro out of the way, let’s dig in to this movie and see if it’s as good as I remember.

This, is Meet the Robinsons

The movie opens at an orphanage on a dark and stormy night. A woman whose face we can’t see is putting her baby on the doorstep of the orphanage.

Well, already this is looking kind of sad. Oh, but I assure you it gets…better/worse. So the woman runs away and the kid is taken in.

We cut to years later as he’s grown up to be a young kid named Lewis, who is pretty interesting in venting as we see him fixing something up with his roommate, Goob. Yes, that is his real name.

meet the robinsons 1Goob plays baseball but he’s also perpetually depressed and sullen. We see that Lewis is dying to be adopted, as some poteinel parents show up. He made this invention to impress them.

Nothing says adopt me like a weird invention”

As you can Goob, will end up being the best character by the end of the movie. Anyway, he meets the folks who may adopt him but he weirds them out by going on and on about his inventing and what he wants to do.

He shows off an invention that spreads peanut butter and jelly evenly on bread. I’d buy it, but clearly these guys wouldn’t. The inventions goes crazy and as it turns out, the Dude here has a peanut allergy.

That would have been nice to tell him BEFORE he turned the thing is.

Needless to say, they won’t be adopting him and they run out. So we have this character type. I think this archetype usually works more often than not. That’s rare for such a been done cliché. In this movie it works, as we see that he is not trying to be bad, and his inventing is a positive trait.

But of course, we see that it causes problems that, and it stems from how lonely he is. It works well enough and as we go on, we’ll see even more from him.

The head Orphan lady, Mildred, talks to Lewis on the roof. We find out he has had 124 adoption interviews. Yes, he counted that high. Natrully, he is distraut and pretty sad.

My own mother didn’t even want me!”

‘You don’t know that”

I’ll get into my main reason for liking the movie near the end, but perhaps the overall feeling you get here may clue you in.

I’m sure she was only thinking of what was best for you”

This gives Lewis an idea: He thinks Mom is still alive…and will want him. But of course, he has no idea what she looks like, so that would be impossible.

Unless he builds a brain scanner to find the memory of her looks. That’s possible. He agrees, cuz he’s gonna do that. We get a montage of him building the machine and having wacky hijinks along the way.

After that, we find that Goob is having a big game today but he couldn’t sleep due to Lewis working on his invention. Of course Goob always looks like he’s tired and cranky, so this isnt’ huge. But it is huge to the plot, though we’ll get to that much later.

So Lewis has finished his invention, and he will be showing it off at the local science fair. We get there and find that the male judge dude is voiced by Tom Kenny. Holy crap, a real voice actor in an animated movie? WHAT SORCERRY IS THIS?!

The female judge is hyper and talkative. It’s funny. The other male judge is a tough coach guy. He’s also funny.’

We see them judging a kid with a science fair volcano. Doof will be happy to know that it doesn’t win.

This project is unacceptable!’


They also judge a dark chick with fire ants.

We tallked about fire ants. They have a tendency to bite people”

Only my enemy’”

They move along without judging it. This movie has it’s share of funny moments.

meet the robinsons 2Lewis shows up but he is taken aside by a strange kid who asks if he’s seen a man in a blower hat. This is Wilbur Robinson, and he says he’s with the time Continuum task force.

He says the “Bowler hat guy” stole a time machine. They also think he’s after Lewis, but “They” haven’t found a motive yet. Yes, this is a rare Disney time travel movie.

Certainly more unique than anything they did in the past few years before this one. So Wlbur pops out to see if he can find the Bowler hat and guy and he mistakes some girl’s project for him. Somehow.

I only mention this cuz of some chick with frogs we see. She won’t be important til the end, but she’s voiced by Toph from Avatar The Last airbender. That’s the only reason I mentioned her now.

But indeed, the Bowler hat guy is hiding over there. He’s voiced by the film’s director, which is great. He may be one of the most underrated Disney villains ever…and the REAL reason won’t be seen until much later.

Well, I can part of it. His hat is a sentient evil robot that can do some real damage. In some ways, this thing is the real villains. It has these awesome claw leg thingys that lets it scuttle around.

Also, Toph here tells Wilbur she knows karate. This is close to being hilarious in hindsight.

So Lewis brushes Wilbur off and presents his invention. It scans your brain and puts whatever memory you want on this screen. Of course, he wants to see the memory of his Mom.

Spoilers, it fucks up and havoc is wreaked all across the room. Everyone, including Lewis and Wilbur, run out and The Bowler hat guy steals Lewis’ brain scanner.

Pissed that he has engangred everyone once again, Lewis runs back to his orphanage roof. He takes his invention filled notebook and starts tearing it apart.

This is an interesting moment, showing off how Lewis’ invention and longing for “more” has effected him and others. It’s another showcase of his development that we will see.

But then Wilbur pops up, having followed him. For some reason, he really wants Lewis to fix the memory scanner. He insists that he is from the future, and a Bowler hat guy is out to get him.

Wilbur if a fun character how crazy he can be with what he says. I’ll be skipping some of his stuff, but he is funny, if not too complex. Lewis think he’s mental and there is no time machine.

So Wilbur proves he’s telling the truth….by pushing Lewis off the roof. He hits the ground, and the movie ends. Just kidding, he hits the floating time machine which had the cloaking device turned on.

Where are we going?”

To the future!”

And with a flash, they head to the future. I skipped small bits so that’s why it feels rushed. Btu we are 20 minutes in, and that’s a good time to ….go forward in time.

We that this is a very happy future with cool looking buildings, including some rubber ones that make themselves. We also see a sign that says “Todayland”


I suppose this is a good place to discuss the animation. It’s solid, but not great. It’s nothing that will blow your socks off, but it’s pulled off fairly well. At times the characters can look a bit dull and video game-ish in certain shots.

But other times, they flow very well and the it can be quite lively. Mostly when things are going in motion, where things just pop. Some of the designs are unqiue, and by this point the animation gets much better.

We see this in the future part here as the animation helps make this future land very welcoming and all the designs are neat. It certainly has that William Joyce touch to it, even If think the animation is his other animated works is better. Yeah, torches and pitchforks here.

A couple minutes of exploring later, Lewis is astounded that Wilbur was telling the truth. Now, Wilbur wants to head back and fix the memory scanner. But now Lewis doesn’t care.

After all, with the time machine he can just visit Mom himself. Wilbur doesn’t approve, but Lewis tries to take over the time machine anyway.

Long story short, they crash the machine.

I’m not allowed to look at this thing, let alone drive it! Mom and Dad are gonna kill me!”

We’ll get to his home life in a bit. For now, Wilbur wants Lewis to fix the time machine, which even Lewis questions. He actually agrees cuz even this kid can somehow fix a time machine the allotted time they have.

But he only agrees if Wilbur takes him back to see Mom. After some thinking, he agrees. But let’s get back to the present with the Bowley hat guy.

He takes Lewis’ memory scanner to “Inventco” (creative name, right?) which leads to a funny bit where has to wait awhile to get in with the board of head dudes. You’d have to watch the movie to get it, but this villain is very funny in both his movements and dialogue.

So Bowler hat walks up to the board of head dudes to show off “his/’ invention. He shows it off while wacky hijinks with the hat happen. But due to his stupidity, and not even knowing what the machine does, shit happens and the big boss is not impressed.

He is kicked out, but he is undeterred. Now he must find that boy. What exactly was his plan? I know they reveal it later, but we see he had no idea what it does. Yet, he fully planned for this to work. I don’t get it, I think he just made it up as he went along.

Back to the future, where we don’t need pointless references, Wilbur says Lewis has til tomorrow to fix it as Dad is on a business trip until then. They head to his huge house and they run into a robot named Carl, voiced by Harlan Williams

Yes, he was he villain in Spooky Buddies. The reason he was the best part of that is that he was very funny. Thus, he’s funny here too as the quirky robot guy.

Carl sees Lewis and runs screaming.

That was unexpected”

Then Wilbur puts a fruit hat on his head

As as that”.

Lewis needs to blend in, cuz if everyone finds out he’s from the past, bad stuff will happen. How will his hair be a dead give away? Well think about it. Why is Wiblur so intent on having Lewis finish the memory scanner?

Once you do, you’ve figured out the twist.

Wiblur heads off to do stuff, and tells Lewis to stay. But due to some wacky stuff, he ends up outside after going through a tube thingy. He ends up at the front door, where two guys in potted plants argue about whose doorbell he should ring.


But then we cut back to Wilbur, as Carl tells us the Bowler hat guy stole that time machine after he left the garage door open. Wibur’s plan is too simply get Lewis to fix the machine so he can get him to fix the memory scanner.

Yeah, he says he doesn’t plan to take him to his mom

Can’t see that one blowing up in your face”

Not gonna comment, cuz I don’t remember if this leads to the lair revealed thing or not. Back outside, Lewis bumps into a quirky old dude. When I first started watching Rollie Pollie Ollie a few months ago, I thought the grandpa in that reminded me of this guy.

Well, now I know why: same creator, kind of.

He asks Lewis if he has seen his teeth, as he been digging holes trying to find his teeth. Yes. Lewis just asks how him for a way to the garage, and this leads to them trying to find it.

They end up on a house tour, pretty much. We see tons of weird rooms and relatives. This includes Uncle Art who is an actual superhero…voiced by Adam West. AWESOME.

Actually, he’s a superhero pizza guy. Again, awesome.

This entire scene is very frantic and crazy. Doug Walker criticized the pacing due to having wild scenes like this. Yet, he loved Hotel Transylvania Go figure. But the point is, there are only a few scenes that are frantic, wild, and crazy like this one.

And that’s the point. It’s meant to show off offbeat this place is, and it would seem wild to this kid. I think it works very well as they take the time to put in some funny jokes and some creative animation. Sometimes wild comedy is hit or miss for me, but films like this and even Dreamworks’ library show it can work well.

And it’s not like The Magic Voyage where it’s all noise and NO effort is made to let us enjoy the characters and style. Here, they do what the aforementioned film did and do it show off the characters and they do space things out to let the plot sink in.


Why is your dog wearing glasses?”

His insurance won’t pay for contacts”

They make it to Wilbur’s mom Franny, who is currently conducting some frogs. I’m getting weird Freddie as FR07 flashbacks now….and that’s the best thing ever. Franny is voiced by Nicole Sullivan aka Shego and the manager chick from Let it shine. Needless to say, this is an improvement from her last appearance on this blog.

After a performance from the frogs, Grandpa finds his teeth (truly the crux of the story) and Lewis bumps into Wilbur. Wilbur isn’t happy that Lewis meet his family but it’s okay cuz he gives Lewis a pop quiz about the family…in the dark.

Lewis recaps what some of you may have missed in that frantic scene, but I won’t quote it all. But there is this part regrading Wilbur’s Dad, Cornelius.

What does Cornelius look like?”

Tom Selik”

Guess who voices him later on.

So Lewis assures Wilbur that the family has no idea he is from the past. With that, we cut back to the present world of 2007, as Bowler guy sneaks into the orphange.

Also robot hat is named Doris. Huh.

Bowler Hat guy doesn’t find Lewis but he bumps into Goob. We find out Goob’s name is Mike but come on, Goob is funnier. Also, he missed a good pitch during his baseball game cuz he was sleeping and everyone beat him up.


We find that bit out cuz Bowler hat guy starts to feel bad for him so he asks what is with the steak on his eye. I too feel pretty bad for this kid, and it’s cute seeing Bowler hat guy care….until he tells Goob to tell his bad feelings fester inside him and fuel his actions.

So in other words…

Let the hate flow through you”

i’ve always wanted to make that reference. So Bowler hat guy tries the roof, he-…well really, Doris figures out that Lewis went to the future. So that’s where he’s headed to next.

Speaking of, we cut to Lewis fixes the time machine. While they talk, we find out that Wilbur’s dad’s catchphrase is “Keep moving forward”. It’s what he does, as he is the head of Robinsin Industries, a company that makes ground breaking inventions.

Infact, Wilbur’s Dad invented the time machine. Yep, that’s right. We get another frantic scene as we find out about how he made the time machine, and Wilbur tells Lewis that the there are only two working machines right now. One is with them and of course the other is with Bowler hat guy.

I suppose the pacing issue I brought up a minute ago refereed to bits like this where important exposition bits wind up being frantic and not too well paced. Btu like I said, that’s the point and sometimes it leads to some good comedy and it actually helps the pacing at points.

With that info in mind, Lewis fixes the time machine. But then it breaks when they try to start it up. Wah wah. Before they can try again, Mom calls them for dinner.

Meanwhile, Bowler hat guy arrives and uses a mini Doris to spy on the family and find a way to lure them out.

Oh, I’ll turn him into a duck! Yes, it’s so evil!….but I don’t know how to do that”

At some points, this guy looks like he came from the Dr Doofenshmirtz school of evil. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At dinner, Wilbur says Lewis is a transfer student from North Montana….aka the future version of Canada. I would love to know the full story behind that.

Ir’s uh….a big country”


Seriously, I’d watch a whole movie about how that happened. Anyway, the family wants to know what Lewis’ hair looks like under his hat, so to prevent that from happening, Wilbur starts a food fight.

Did I say food fight? I mean Samurai style food WAR. It’s epic, intense funny, and the best food fight ever put on film. It must be seen as a summary can not sum up how awesome this scene is.

Does this happen every night?”

ART: No, yesterday we had meatloaf.

After that, Carl shows up to bring out the Peanut Butter and jelly, but his spreading machine is broken. From that tidbit, you might use your knowledge or an obvious scene from the start to piece together the twist we find out later.

Wilbur says can fix it as he is an inventor. Isn’t the point to NOT draw attention to him? Well anyway, we cut to outside as the singing frogs are hanging out. One frog named Frankie gets mind controlled by Doris and by extension, Bowler hat guy.

You are now under my control”

I am not under your control”



Stop laughing”

Stop laughing”

Don’t repeat everything I say”

I won’t everything you say”



…Did you say Excellent because I said excellent?”




It went too long, but that was hilarious.

Anyway, he sends Frankie to take Lewis to him…but.

There’s a million people here, and I have little arms. I’m not os sure how well this plan was thought through”

Wah-wah. So we see that Lewis has fixed the spreading machine but it backfires big time. However…


And it was awesome”

I see they just say The Room.

So yeah, they say that he clearly tried and they congratulate mistakes in this house as long as you learn from them. Like how Disney celebrated Chicken Little so they could learn how to make a GOOD movie like this one.

We cut back to the Bowler hat guy and yeah it is cutting a lot, but both plots are interesting. So Bowler hat guy needs a bigger, more trust worthy minion. He gets an idea and blasts off to the past to get his minion.

He was controlling Frankie with Mini Doris whiled the normal Doris was doing some spy work. Bowler hat guy doesn’t tell ….it about his new plan to keep it a surprise. So Doris sneaks around while the next bit goes on.

Lewis is clearly happy with his this welcoming family. He even says if he had a real family, it would be them. D’awww.

Doris tries to crash their party but it is interrupted by Bowelr’s new mind controlled slave….A T-rex…..Which means I can make this joke!”


I will forever thank The Nostalgia Critic for bringing that to us.

This leads a turly awesome scene of T-rex action. But wait, if Bowler hat guy clearly doesn’t care if anyone sees, why doesn’t he captured Lewis himself? Does it really matter if they know it’s him or not?

Admittedly, this does slow the pacing a bit but they show some creative animation and stuff here so i’m not complaining. The T-rex corners Lewis but it’s a corner, and through the power of subtitles..

I have a big head and little arms. I’m sure how well this plan was thought through”


Long story short, T-rex gets his Mini Doris knocked off and the frogs trash it. With that, the dino is stopped. Though he should be even angrier now that he has no idea what is going on, but this movie isn’t too realistic.

Also, Nicole Sullivan is in another movie where a prehistoric dinosaur is brought up.. Just saying.

The family pops up, happy that Lewis and Wilbur worked together to start the T-rex. Lewis shares a moment with Wilbur’s mom and sees how the whole family worked to save them from the T-rex.

‘You all sacrificed so much for me”

However, Wilbur says it’s finally time to get Lewis home (at least as far as they know. We know they’ll be working on the time machine). Mom says Lewis can come visit any time he wants.

We really have to go”

No, no you don’t. You have to stay. I mean, who would be a better family for you than us? What do you say? Wanna be a Robinson?”

…You want to adopt me?”

Oh boy, this is getting awkward. It’s a genuinely sweet moment though and that’s this movie works. It’s a nice balance of crazy and sweet and it’s enjoyable. Lewis says yes to their offer.

Which of course hinders their plan to go home. But wait, wouldn’t getting adopted by a family from the future really fuck up the time stream?

.,…Then his hat falls off, and he admits from the past. Wow, they didn’t waste any time, did they? And as Wilbur feared, the family is not happy.

You have to go”

At this point, they make it obvious why Lewis is so important to Wilbur and why they want him to go. But I’ll wait until they properly reveal it.

Lewis doesn’t see it as a big deal but Mom says he simply must go back to the present. Then Wilbur tells them what happened to the time machines.

Can I least go back and see my mom? Wilbur promised”

‘He what?”

I wasn’t gonna do it, I swear”

‘…You what?”

And so the lie is revealed and Lewis tells him to fuck off. As far as the liar revealed cliché goes….it’s done fine. It’s not as obvious as in A bug’s life, rango or the like. So it’s probably done better then most examples cuz it fits into the story more, and it goes by faster.

But I’m not sure we needed it cuz we have enough drama. Ah well. Lewis sulks off, but he hears Bowler hat guy saying he would let Lewis go back to see his Mom. Ah, so that’s the trap he’s gonna use.

So really, his plan hinged on something that he had to wait for. This guy is hilarious incompetent. He appears to Lewis with his time machine, promising to make his dream come true.

But only if he fixes the memory scanner. Let’s see, he wants you to fix a seemingly unimportant device, he has a robot hat and he tried to kill you with a T-rex.

Yeah, he seems trustworthy. And like an idiot, he says yes and Bowler hat guy takes him to some place so he can fix the memory scanner.

Lewis does so and he explains to him how it works. Now he wants Bowler hat guy to do his part of the deal.

And Doris ties him up. Well, at least they got it out of the way early.

Why are you doing this to me? I haven’t done anything to you”

You haven’t figured it out yet, have you?”

And what is it that Lewis figures out just now after this guy explains it?

Are you saying that…I’m Wilbur’s dad?”


I say this twist works very well, and it’s a good way jump into the excellent 3rd act. Bowler hat guy explains that Lewis is the founder of this retched time, so his plan was to ruin his destiny.

But wait, there’s more? Bowler hat guy turns on the light to reveal they are in Lewis’ “old’ room/

You mean OUR old room!”

You mean…

Yes, it is, Mike Goobian!”


Now this is a great tweest, and it makes Goob’s scene earlier even better. But how did he end up like this?

DOOF: Backstory time!

Remember how he lost that big game cuz he was asleep ,and everyone beat him up? Yeah, that was cuz Lewis kept him up all night. After that, Goob got pissed and no one wanted to adopt him.

Lewis went on to graduate college at age 14, get Nobel prizes, and changed his name to Cornelius for some reason, Yet, Goob was never adopted even to the day the orphanage was closed down.

He stayed there until he was a bitter man. He then realized it was all Lewis’ fault. As a movie villain, he won’t think to tell off Lewis or gain his sympathy. Instead, he set his sights on dumb wacky plans to destroy the robinsons.

Then one day he meet Doris who explained her story. Lewis invented Doris as a helping hat to, well help people. But as a machine, it went against her master. Yes, the evil hat is a girl. Go figure.

With that, Lewis shut her down and stored her with his other failed inventions. But Doris was faking that fact and escaped. Doris eventually meet Bowler hat guy and found out that they both want to destroy Lewis.

So they stole Wilbur’s time machine and planned to pass off Lewis’ memory scanner as his own so he can be the rich inventor and Lewis life will be ruined.

Awesome backstory, but there are like 1234 other ways you could that time mahcine to destroy Lewis’ life. Like….killing him. Or trapping him. Or secretly sabataging his first few inventions so he’ll lose confidence.

Just saying. Otherwise, this is a great backstory. Goob is now a sympathetic villain who has a very good motivation and I actually feel bad for him. He’s still a hilariously pathetic villain, but he has a reason for what he does.

Dors’ backstory seemed unneeded but trust me, you’ll see her shine in a bit. I like her inclusion as it gives us a perfect True Evil/Dumb evil pair.

WAIT A MINUTE, if they get rid of Lewis, then he will never make Doris. If he never makes Doris, she never met Bowler hat guy. Then he never hatched the plan, never went back in time, and never got rid of-


Wait, I have another question: Instead of going to all this trouble, why didn’t Wilbur just use the time machine to, oh, I don’t know, LOCKING THE FUCKING GARAGE SO THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

You did it yourself. All you did was focus on the bad stuff when all you needed to do was…let go of the past and…keep moving forward”

Let’s see…take responsibility for my own life or blame you? …BLAME YOU WINS, hands down!”

Lewis is able to escape with his memory scanner, and Car + Wilbur show up to save him

Hate to foil your evil plan and run but…tata!”

They run off but Doris catches up and takes the machine and blasts off. Now Lewis HAS to fix their time machine. But, he simply can’t and this happens as we see Bowler hat guy step itno Inventco. Gee, he’s fast.

Wilbur tells Lewis that he did fuck up when he left the door open for the time machine to get taken, but Lewis has to fix it. But it’s too late. Goob signs the paper to give away the scanner to inventco.

Things start changing. Wilbur vanished. Lewis runs for cover in his future lab. He finds a convenient plot device screen for him to watch how the future changed. Goob sold the memory scanner, but also had the company build many “Helping hats” like Doris.

Thus, the helping hats ravaged the country.

GOOB: Our plan was to ruin his future, not this!

Doris replies by taking over his mind or…killing him. Then the screen turns off, and various Doris controlled people attack him.

Holy shit, Doris is the best disney villain ever. Or at least of the CG age. Well, okay the one from Tangled can make a run a for his money, but still/1

This is really creepy, dark and badass. One of the most awesome bad futures in any movie. Very well though out scene on the writers part.

But wait, that means this whole time Doris planned to do evil and ditch Bowler hat guy. I have questions but here’s my main one: Dois clearly “told’ Goob to make some helping hats like her. What he did he THINK was gonna happen? Dumbass.

Lewis seeks refuge in the broken time machine (which shouldn’t even exist in this timelime) and by the power of plot convenience, he fixes it. He flies through the awesomely animated bad future.

Then with a flash, he heads back to when Goob signed the invention to Inventco. Lewis tells Goob Doris is using is him, and right away Doris goes all badass on Lewis.

I am never going to invent you”

Then Doris vanishes. Wow, that was…way too easy. Why didn’t she vanishes when he first got the idea to not invent her? On top of that, he could easily just say “I will fix the timelime” and by future time laws, it would happen right away. So this doesn’t make much sense.

Then Lewis takes Goob to the bad future to prove his point. Uh, WHY DOES IT STILL EXIST?!

Oh, it turns into the good future while they talk. Guess it was just dramatic effect. So they land in the good future, and Wilbur pops up.

Lewis explains everything to Wilbur, including how Goob is not a bad guy.But once they turn around, Future Goob is gone. Instead, is his journal with a unicorn on the cover.

Insert Brony joke here.

It has his checklist, and the last bullet point simply has a question mark. We see Goob looking at this behind a bush over there. He walks, sad. I’m sure this will be explained in a bit.

But first, Wilbur’s family shows off to make sure Lewis is okay. And right then, Future Lewis (no way i’m spelling his actual name) shows off.

And yes, he is voiced by Tom Sellick. Very subtle joke back there, I know.

Future!Lewis doesn’t bug out or anything, he just finds it cool. Also, he touches past Lewis which means the time stream should have exploded.

He takes Lewis to his lab full of inventions and stuff. He even shows Lewis the memory scanner, his first invention.

If I go back now, this will be my future!”

That depends on you. Nothing is set in stone”

Guess what he says.

Keep moving forward”


Lewis asks if he does meet his real mom,. But Future Lewis just tells him he needs to get back to the science fair.

We air one smart kid”

This is a very sweet scene. Actually, the whole 3rd act is excellent. Time travel logic aside, it’s a well written finale as it gives us a very good villain with some nice moments.

But we’re not even done yet, there’s a bit more. Also, the climax was…well almost nonexistent, but it still worked.

Anyway, Lewis has to say goodbye. But first his future wife gives him some advice.

I’m always right. Even when i’m wrong, I’m always right”

Wait, Lewis a good chunk of the movie trying to get Franny to adopt him and become his mom. But it turns she is his future wife.

So, his wife was almost his Mom.

Moving on.

By the way, the T-rex is their pet. They imply the very grounds of their house tames animals, hence the frog. So I get that, but um, why keep a T-rex out of it’s timeline like that?

Well anyway, they fly off and Wilbur takes him back….to see his Mom. He kept his part of the deal. D’awww!

So Lewis sees the scene from the opening. He goes up to Mom, fully ready to see who she is. Of course this would fuck up the trme line, so the past 77 minutes have taught him nothing.

Thankfully, he pulls back. He doesn’t stop her from giving Lewis away to the orphanage. But he does make a point to look at his baby self once she leaves. He even knocks on the door so the orphanage lady can come out.

Wait, in the opening we did hear a knock like this. So the whole time, he was the one that did that? …My brain hurts from the time travel logic.

Lewis simply walks back to Wilbur and they leave. This is really nice, quiet moment that shows how far Lewis has gone. He now really knows that it doesn’t matter who he is Mom is. All that matters is how great his future will be.

Because, I already have a family”

I never thought my dad…would be my best friend’

Man, this movie has a lot of aw moments now.

Got the motto?”

Got it’”

Don’t forget it”

I don’t think that’s possible”

With how much they hammer it in, I agree.

So Wilbur heads back to the future. Lewis then heads to Goob’s baseball game, and shouts at him to wake up. He does, and he catches the ball. That fixes everything.

So that puts a nice cap on the villain. I’d say Goob and Doris are the most underrated Disney villains ever.

Lewis goes to the science fair, and they give him one more chance. He tries out the memory scanner on that hyper judge. And lo and behold, it works. What do we see? The day of her marriage.

Who did she marry? Why,the old dude! Wait, what? Yep, he pops up right, quite a bit younger. This is cute, but was it really needed?

You don’t look like a lews. You look more like a-”


Still don’t get why he changed it.

And here’s another convenience: Toph the frog girl is Franny. Toph turns into Shego? Nice. So Toph teaches frog music, and she is sad no one gets her frog obsession

You think I’m crazy too1”

No, I think you’re right”

So if the whole movie didn’t happen, this would be the day he meet some old dude he knows, his wife, and does his first invention to become the big pioneer of the future? Man, this is one lucky kid.

So we get some decent pop song to play us into a montage. Goob gets adopted by…the present versions of the old dude and the judge. Oh okay, now I get it. They are his parents in the future. Why didn’t they hit me?

They buy Lewis’ future home, and Lewis ends up being awesome. This is a great touching montage that really puts a cap on everything.

Then we get a long quote

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward. Opening up new doors and doing new things, Because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”.

Then they shorten it to Keep moving Forward. Okay, we get it! Stop!

Who said that anyway?

Walt Disney”


Roll credits. Okay, that moral is greatr. Even Doug walker says it saves the moral. It ties into the story, and it’s really sweet. And the disney qoute? Perfect.


It’s a great tribute to Walt Disney’s legacy. They are staying true to DISNEY magic instead of what’s popular, which plagued chicken little. This is a very sweet tirbue on it’s own.

But once you look at the movies made after this, it becomes better. They saying DISNEY will keep moving forward, and trying new things while also keeping to that disney magic that worked well in the past.

In other words: “We’re sorry for oru dork age. Here’s to a new golden age!”

You said it, movie.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a true Disney movie. It has a modern style, but it keeps the true magic only Disney can give us. That is why this movie REALLY told me that Disney still had it. Bolt just confirmed it.

The story is at times basic, but it also has some well written parts in to. The twists, as predictable as they are, work very well. They come up with good motivations for the characters and the time travel feeds into the story.

Most of it simple with the bad guy trying to stop the good guy from doing his tihng and trying to get back in time. But the story really shines when the 3rd kicks in and the characters really coem to life. It’s not Disney’s best story, but it’s still a solid one.

The animation is, at it’s best, full of life and gives us some great things to look at it. It was very nice compared to the animation of Chicken little and Dinosaur,. But it has nothing on Pixar and even their other CG film after it.

The characters are also fun. Lewis has some cliches with ihm, but he proves to be likable in what he does. He goes through a lot, and he realy changes to see the moral. He also serves as a good stright man.,

Wilbur doesn’t have much to him, but he has great lines at least. The rest of the family is full of funny characters with great personality that pop. I mostly love Adam West and the grandpa. They are hilarious.

Not much to else say as Lewis and Goob are the only one who are complies. But the rest are a ton of fun. Goob is just a great villain as he’s hilarious in how pathetic he is. But he has a also a sympathetic backstory, that has a lovely effect on everyone./

Doris is just badass in how evil she is, and her plan is great. One funny sympathetic villain, and a great evil one. They are great underrated Disney villains.

The overall moral is very sweet, and I go on about how great the whole ending is. ?It ties the story up perfectly and it’s a wonderful tribute to Disney. They beat you over the head with it, but it fits the story.

The time travel logc is, as you saw, bad at times. But like with Looper and Back to the future 2, it’s a great story that makes you forget all that. If I stop nitpcking, I enjoy the story.

It has a wild style with good humor. The dark elements fit very will in the future. It has that Disney feeling I hadn’t felt in awhile, even if it’s still different.

As a whole, this is a flawed film in places. But I have no idea why people don’t see it for what it is: A Modern disney classic. It’s got sweet moments, good development and a fun plot.

It marked the true start of Disney’s new golden age. The whole ending is telling us too keep looking forward at what great things they have in store, instead of dwelling on their recent failures.

I agree with that. Here’s to Disney, and I hope they keep giving us time less tales we treasre forerver. I hope Frozen, is more of the same.

Grade: B+

Ah, what a nice film to review. Well, I did two funny movies in a row. So I suppose-

Okay, spoilers, next is /Treasure buddies. Fuck.

See ya.


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