Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Nope, I'm not gonna say it.

Nope, I’m not gonna say it.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well kiddies, it’s time to finish the Madagascar trilogy! My Madagascar reviews weren’t the most poplar….or that good, but I had fun watching some decent, funny movies.

Now it all comes to an end with the 3rd and final entry in the series. If you want to know the story so far, go read my firs two reviews. Basically, a Zebra wanted to escape from the zoo and go to the wild, but long story short, he and his friends ended up in Madgascar.

They grew to like the place, but they left to go back to new york anyway. They crash landed in their homeland of africa. After dealing with subplots, like the Giraffe confessing his love for the hippo, and Alex’s long lost dad, they decided to call Africa their new home

But the Box office told them they had to go home. Actually, the creator’s really did want to see the animals get back home. So in 2012, they got to see that…and people liked it! While the first two films got mixed reviews, this one was mostly liked.

With a 78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and acclaims from online critics Douig Walker and Jeremy Jahns, it seems like this was the rare part 3 that outclasses the first two. I guess Dreamworks’ needed their own Toy Story 3, before Kung fu Panda 3 could be made. Seriously, I am HYPED for that.

For this entry, they got a 3rd director. The director of Shrek 2 no less. And also the writing team was reduced to just Eric Darnell and one of the writers of Fantastic Mr Fox. Weird choice, but that movie was good so I can’t complain.

And spoilers, I liked this one like everyone else. It keeps what makes the first two good, while adding new things. But is it truly the best of the series? Well, let’s dive in and find out why everyone enjoyed this movie so much.

I know what line you want me to reference. But I’m saving it for later.

This, is Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

The movie wastes no time. We start off right away where we left off, in Africa. Specifically, the part where the Penguins fly off for Skipper’s honeymoon with the hula dashboard lady. Don’t ask.

Actually, his “marriage” is never addressed. After this scene we NEVER see the hula hcick nor is his marriage mentioned. I never thought I’d ask why the hula girl is gone…but here wear.

Anyway, this is the same bit from the 2nd one….with one small different.

Just kidding, We’re never coming back!”

They zoom off, and suddenly everything around Alex changes. The landscape is dull and gray, and everyone is suddenly an old person.

They also stick their heads at the screen to exploit the 3D, but that is not important.

Why are you guys so…elderly?”

Alex looks in a random mirror to see that he too is an awful old man. As you likely guessed, this all just a dream. Yeah, starting the movie off this way is odd but it works.

Marty shakes Alex awake, and we see they are still in Afrtca, but the penguins have not returned.

Well, I aged well but the rest of you looked terrible!”

Marty grabs him and shows him something. A dirty model of New York he made for the homesick Alex. Also, Gloria is the statue of liberty, and Melman is the bridge. All the voices are the same this time, so go look it up if you want a roll call.

It’s times square, with it’s modern day cooperate lack of character!”

Alex is really happy that Marty did this, but now he really misses the zoo. I like how they really push that they miss New York this time, as we are reminded of how much they liked their old home.

Granted, it’s odd since the last one showed they are perfectly happy, especially Alex since he has his dad around now. But once you see how the plot goes, you’ll see what this plot point works well.

It’s Alex’s birthday, which I only mention cuz Mort the lemur pops out of cake. Guess Glora couldn’t fit.

BUFORD: They asked, but they couldn’t afford me!

After that, Alex says they should just go get the penguin in Monte Carlo. I question why didn’t do this before when they got homesick in the first place….but repeat to yourself “it’s just a show, I should really just relax”.

How are a Lion, a Zebra, a Giraffe, and a Hippo supposed to walk in a casino in Monte carlo?”

I don’t know, ask the Rabbi!”

So they all decide they are going to Monte Carlo to get the penguins. If they plan to swim over there, couldn’t just go straight to New york? …Eh, cartoon logic.

After the title, we cut to the waters near Monte Carlo, as the animals pop out of the water. It’s really that easy? Then how is it taking them 3 movies to get back to New york.

Wait, I have a better question: WHAT ABOUT ALEX’S DAD!? They just up and leave without saying Goodbye? He never shows up again! The entire movie just….ignores him! I really liked his storyline in the 2nd one, so this REALLY bugs me.

Would it really be that hard to wirte a quick scene where Alex says a good sad goodbye to his Dad, who gets that Alex must go back to his…well, other home? Maybe Dad could pop up at the end and join them. Just saying, there seems to be a scene missing.


So they end up in upper inner workings of the Casino so they sneak in and find the penguins. They look down and see a really obvious disguise that the chimps and penguins are using to gamble.

We see the penguins as they are trying to make money before they head back to Africa the animals. So if they had stayed put, they wouldn’t need to do this. Wah wah! Also, here’s a great out of context line.

We’ll be rich! The laws of physics don’t apply to us”

Anyway, the lemurs are gonna take out the power, so Alex will go down and quickly grab the Penguins. This leads to a lot of great bickering that I must sadly skip.

Long story short, they drop too hard and they end up being seen by the humans. The lemurs pull the power now which leads a truly insane escape scene. The guards notice all of this.

Get me, Captain Dubois!”

We then see an office full of animal parts on plaques. We kind of see a french lady as the guard dude calls her about the animals. But the one that most interests her is the lion. Then we cut to her talking to her henchmen.

She gives a speech about how she needs the “kind of the beasts” to complete her collection, and she suits up and rides out. I’d comment on how awesome this villain is, but I’ll properly introduce you to her in a minute.

But I will say her first scene is great. They set her up perfectly, and we know what kind of villain she will be….a fun one.

Back with the gang, the penguins meet up with the main guys and they get in their big badass truck thingy that they have. Given how the penguins are, I won’t ask how they got it.

This is a good time to talk about the animation. In the first one, it was hit or miss. In the 2nd one it was solid. Here, it’s really nice. The character’s move a lot more fluidly and there is a tad more detail yet they keep the same basic models.

Everything moves so well, and every thing looks so nice and it blends with the comedy really well. It worked in the first two ,but it works even better here. However, the pacing of the first act isn’t too good.

As you say, it wasn’t even 5 minutes when they left Africa. The action starts way too early, as the next few minutes are one long chase scene. I don’t need a big long intro, but I think the first two got the action started better, without a long chase scene.

It’s here where we get fully introduced to our villain, Captain Dubois voiced by Frances McDormand. She first appears by driving with fire behind her. It’s a perfect image.

People either love this villain, or find her just okay. I think she’s hilarious. While I did think Alec Baldwin’s villain was okay, he wasn’t that funny. But this chick is so funny, in how damn determined she is to get this lion. She’s like if you combined the old lady from the first two with Cruella Deville.

Like Doug Walker said, you can barely tell how is voicing her . She’s just just into this role that you have to laugh. She doesn’t come across as a rehash of those aforementioned characters. She isn’t orginal at all, but the way she is done is so funny you don’t.

Also, how is she pointless? Some say that but I don’t get it. She is what gets the whole country to go after the animals. That’s why they have to hide out later, and thus how the plot starts. How is that pointless?

Anyway, on with the chase scene. As pointless as it is, it’s a ton of fun at points thanks to the fast paced animation and humor. The insane amount of FUN put into this scene almost makes up for my problems.

It does go on too long though, so let’s just keep it short. We have the captain chasing the animals and tons of action going on. To make a long story short, they get rid of the captain for now and end up on the plane, ready to finally go home.

So they perform some song about New York while they wait.

Kowalski, status report”

The good news is, the song is almost over”

That’s music to my ears”

This line was in the commercials…only it was put next to a different song. Don’t worry, we’ll get to in a bit.

The bad news is, the plane is going to crash….again.

Why can’t we ever just make a normal landing?’

Thankfully, everyone is safe but the plane is totaled and the monkeys run away. Skipper pretty much tells them the plane can’t be fixed at all. Alex isn’t happy, cuz he really wants to get home. They can’t have gone all this way for nothing.

After a quick sad moment, they hear the cops coming their way. Now they need a way to move through Europe without attracting attention.

Conveniently, there’s a circus train close to them. One of the train cars’ opens up to reveal monkeys singing Witch doctor-wait, wrong movie.

No, it’s a Russian tiger, voiced by Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston. Another amazing performance that goes behind just a funny voice. They ask him for a ride, but he says no. The train starts moving while the other circus animals seem to be talking to Vitaly, the tiger about this.

So, Alex lies and says they ARE circus animals. So this female cheetah…jaguar…whatever she is, allows them to jump on before the train fully leaves. So now they are along with the ride these circus animals.

We’re 23 minutes in, and most critics, like Ani-Mat agree that this is where the movies starts getting good. I completely agree. Anyway, we meet Stefano, an Italian seal voiced by Martin Short. Another good performance, and he doesn’t feel like an ethnic stereotype for the sake of it.

Alex goes into detail about their “circus troupe”. I won’t quote it all but we do have that thing where someone is explaining something to lie and his friends throw in dumb ideas he doesn’t want, but here it’s hilarious.

By the way, here we see that Vitally is pretty serious as simply swings a knife around while staring hard at the gang. I just love how off putting he is, and how everyone just doesn’t get him. It leads to good jokes….and some good story bits later in.

This is a movie where the Russian Walter White tiger is the best character. That’s a great thing. Anyway, Stefano explains that this circus is going to Rome, then London. In london they will met with an American promoter, and if he likes them, they are going to..New York.

That certainly is convenient.

Vitally, is not a fan of this idea, especially when Stefano suggests letting them stay for good and bunk with them. Vitaly gets all up in Alex’s face and my good his Russian thing actually makes him extra funny, instead of just….russian for the sake of it. The serious music, Alex’s reaction and his lines make it….hilarious.

The penguins drop in to explain their new plan. They don their odd disguises from earlier and use their winnings to buy the circus from the old owner. The owner in this scene is voiced by Danny Jacobs, who voices Julien in the spin off show, Penguins of Madgascar. That was nice of them to put him in this one.

.He was also in Epic movie, but I can forgive that.

So now they own the Circus, which is just an easy for them to stick around. The train hits the tracks, and we join Julien, Mort, and Maurice as they end in an a seemingly deserted train car on the place. It’s all dark and stuff. Then they hear a beast in the croner.

That beast….is a bear in a tutu. This already a funny image, but something makes it funnier. What is it? Julien….falls in love with her.


The bear does not talk (for some reason) and she is off putting, but Julien simply falls in love. This is quick joke subplot, but it’s so damn funny in how odd it is. It’s pointless sure, why THEIR LOVE WAS MEANT TO BE.

Also, we get another quick bit with Dubois sniffing out Alex with her…Lion sense. She figures out what has happened.

You ran away with the Circus. What a cliche”

Anyway, the Circus moves on to Rome. The coliseum to be exact. Alex reveals his anctoer’s performed here.

They had a captive audience. Apparently they killed”


So the animals hang around backstage as all the other circus animals get ready. We see that others are having fun in this new setting and all that good stuff. Alex looks over at marty and..

Well guys. It’s been 31 minutes. You’ve been waiting the entire review for this. Well, here’s your reward. …Take it away.


Happy now? ….Yeah, for those who don’t get it, the trailers freaking ABUSED this line. It was in 89 percent of the ads for this movie, and it become a huge meme because of how FORCED it came across in the trailers.

It’s almost an Anti-meme. It’s either funny cuz it’s funny, or funny cuz it’s lame. What do I think? I think it’s middly funny, cuz I almost forgot about the line by the time I got to this part. Some people like Mark Kermode say it isn’t as funny since we saw it too much in the trailer, but I don’t mind.


Alex’s reaction sums it up perfectly.

So after…that we cut…to a romantic montage with Julien and the bear. It’s great. I know I love absurd ideas being taken seriously, and this entire subplot is HILARIOUS for that reason.

Back at the circus, Alex bumps into the Cheetah…Leopard…lady, named Gia, voiced by Jessica Chastian. With their combined forces, she and Vitally fill kill Osama with the help of Meth!

Oh like you didn’t see that joke coming. Anyway, Gia is the straight woman of the circus gang who won’t take much shit and is the one who clearly ants the trust the animals the most, besides Stefano. She’s….not my favorite character but I think she does her job okay.

Alex thanks Gia for letting them get on the train, but she tells him if he and his pals do anything to fuck up the circus, he is dead. Ain’t she a peach?

Anyway, Dubois ends up in rome and she finds Julien and the bear. She knows the bear is a circus bear and tries to hunt them down. But the Rome police don’t like it when people pull out guns in public of any kind.

Never mind that this is her job, and if she explained it, she would be off the hook. But whatever, let’s get back to the circus. They go out and perform, but as it turns out, they stink.

SKIPPER: That was worth the price of admission.

What I love the most is the audience’s reaction. They react like they just saw mass murder and really demand their money back. They even form an angry mob and chase the animals! I love it.

Back with Dubious, she is arrest and the cops show up to take her back to Monte Carlo’s big jail but she seems to have gone missing. We then get a bit where they look for hding place, and they really mess with your expectations, joke wise.

It turns out she dug a hole under the bed….then hid INSIDE the bed and when the cops go down the hole, she escapes. Now that, is awesome.

After walking out, she goes on a computer and prints out info about Alex which she finds.

Is that the sound of my HP printer printing?’

No, it’s the sound of weird product placement.

Also ,we find out Alex is still considered missing. Um, didn’t a bunch of tourists see him in Africa last time? They clearly got home, so why didn’t they tell everyone at the zoo that Alex is in Africa? Even if they think the preserve is a fine home for him, they should have at least told the media so that he isn’t truly missing anymore.

Eh, cartoon logic. We join the animals back on the train, as we find out they lost the rest of their money in the angry mob scuffle. So they are out of money, and their only hope sucks on ice.

Stefano pulls Alex aside and takes him to his room. Here we get more info about the circus. See, it turns out the circus used to be awesome, with Vitaly as the star. He did an amazing hoop trick that helped make him a star.

But one faithful day, he tried to go smaller with the hoop. Surprisingly he fit like a glove.

It never been done before, because it was psychically impossible”

Then Vitaly got a little in over his head, making the hoop smaller and smaller. He kept pushing, and one day he pushed too far. He had the hoop go as small as the ring on tiny lady….and lit the hoop on fire.

He flew too close to the sun….and he got burned”

With that, he lost everything, including his dignity. And worst of all, he lost his passion. He was their inspiration, so the circus went downhill from there. It’s not the most original story, but I dig it.

They really push how important this circus is to them, and Vtialy is a very sympathetic tragic figure. We see why he is the way he is, and he’s not only funny, but very well written. He is the heart of this movie, as helps Alex be the only guy in the main gang to do a lot this time.

Anyway, something Stefano says gives Alex an idea. We cut to later as he tells the circus gang that their act needs to be majorly updated to impress the promoter. They….don’t like that idea.

Circus has been same for generations”

That’s how Walter White tiger talks. It wasn’t my crappy typing time.

Anyway, Alex says they need real passion again. They need to remember that circus comes from your heart or whatever, and they SHOULD update the act. His speech is so amazing that everyone is now on board.

We’ll make an all animal circus!”

…Weren’t you doing that already? The penguins had a disguise, but they didn’t use it recently so I question how no one noticed the lack of a ringmaster.

So everyone cheers but Vitaly is still skeptical. Gia isn’t exactly a fan of these new guys, but she says she is tired of the old tradition. And no matter what the act is, circus people stay together.

Vitaly turns around and agrees, and they hug. I really do like this circus animals, as they feel like a family. I would watch an entire movie about these guys….but don’t get any ideas, Dreamworks. I’m just kidding.

Meanwhile, Dubois heads to the hospital where her old goons are, only they are not awake to hear her ramble. So she…takes out some of the lights and….sings a weird french song thing? It’s all huge and….hard to sum up.

It must be seen. It somehow makes all the goons wake up and their casts break off. They are suddenly healed as they look at her in eye, ready for action.

.It’s awesome.

Back to things that make sense, the animals are all prepare their act. Marty doing the cannon thing and when he blasts off, we get a pretty a awesome piece of animation out of it. Man, this makes the first movie looked like a PS2 game.

After that, we get more small bits that help show off the character’s comedic chops. Then we we have Gia asking Alex to teach her trapeze. Yeah, his lie earlier said he does trapeze. This is gonna turn out well.

Also, Melman and Gloria dance on a tightrope and we get a small cute moment between the two that the film itself sells better. It’s nice to see them do something since they haven’t done a ton I could mention before.

After that, we get back to Alex. Of course he knows of trapeze but he tries it with her anyway, and they have both have fun, even if Gia should be able to tell he sucks at it. It’s a nice moment,but from the music they play, you’d think is a romantic scene.

It isn’t. They show no sign of loving each other and they don’t hook up. I’m sure the fans ship it, but the movie thankfully avoids that route. Still, this is a well done scene from the animation alone.

Everyone seems to be having a ball now and it seems Alex has HELPED the circus, despite Vitaly’s concerns. However, Skipper tells Alex he found out Dubois is headed this way. They aren’t fully ready to do any acts but they have get on the train for the next stop to escape her.

And so we move on to London. With the circus almost ready to go on, Skipper looks for the America promoter. He sees a dude in cowboy hat with an eagle next to him. …Eh, that could be anyone.

Unfortunately, Vitaly refuses to go on. Alex meets up with him as he’s about to leave forever.

What happen to cricus stick together? The show must go on?”


Much like the one this bit is doing.

That Vitaly is no more”

Cliche or not, this works for reason already explained. Anyway, Vitaly just knows he won’t be able to do his hoop trick again, in fear he will make the same mistakes.

It’s impossible….that’s why the people loved it”

…That is why I loved it! Because I did the impossible. I was once a brave tiger. And if I go down in flames…so be it!”

I am the one who knocks! …Wait.

So Vitaly realizes that he CAN do it and the rush is why he did it in the first place. He got in over his head last time, but if he remembers why he does this and keeps himself in check, nothing will go wrong.

So the first time in years he does the hoop trick. Only with small ring hope…and lighting it on fire. And guess what? He makes it through. The music and animation builds this moment and he goes through a small hoop on fire.

It is AWESOME in how impossible it is. I love this guy.

Then the circus starts for real. Desbring what happens in it would be like describing what you see when you have a great acid trip. You can’t sum it up without just saying you have to BE there.

Everyone praises this scene. Everyone says it’s so VISUAL and creative that it’s the best piece of animation they have seen in a mostly comedic story. But let’s see how I can sum it up:

It’s set to Katy Pery’s “Firework” which is a plus in my opinion. It has incredibly bright colors and trippy images that are of course impossible in real life. But here it looks so REAL in what these animals all create.

If you haven’t seen this scene, I sound vauge. But if you see it, you will agree. Everyone who likes this movie says this shows off it’s best skills. They say it’s a visual masterpiece of weird-ness and it’s flat out made of Happy.

I can safely say this is the best looking scene in the movie….and the whole trilogy. The music really helps set the mood, and it fits perfectly in the story. It’s such a FUN scene with the visuals.

It’s great. My only problem? We still have a little less than 20 minutes left in the movie. We still have a climax, both with Dubious and the animals. So in other words….they blew this wad early.

…I’m sorry.

After the show, they get their thumbs up from the promoter. Everyone is insanely happy about how their family has been brought together due to this. So everything is gonna be fine.

…Until Captain Dubious rears her ugly head. Yep, she bursts in having finally found her lion. She’s here to finally get her prize. Thankfully, the penguin come in to stop her.

…And they do and they drag her off. Well ,that was a short movie. …Kidding, there’s more.

See, Gia finds this piece of paper Dubios had to prove Alex belongs to the zoo. So…the lie has been revealed.

You were never circus”

We had to say we were circus!”

After all we have been through together, you want to go live in a zoo?”

Yep, this old cliché. The one that killed Doug Walker’s family. At least what is what I think. But guess what? He didn’t mind it in this one. He said they don’t focus on it long and they tie it into the story in a little bt.

Me? I agree. I think this is as good as the attempts done by A Bug’s life and Rango. In all these films it actually HITS you when their lie is revealed. We saw before this bit that Alex was regretting what he had done.

They had to lie to be safe, and their lie did some good. It get them on the circus and they in turn helped bring the family back together again. But like she said, they are just doing this to go back to a zoo, even after living life as free animals.

It’s not fresh, original or even THAT new for this movie. It simply works because I was sucked in to these characters for the most part. It kind of hits when they reject our animal friends for lying to them.

We trusted you”

My tears are real. You are not!”

Cool but come on I want to know how Julien’s relationship with the bear is going. Not well, as we see. He told her that he isn’t gonna stay in the circus, and this lead to a lover’s spat. Eventually she gives him the “silent treatment” and stuff.

I love how dramatic this is even though it’s silly. Great stuff.

So we move on to New York, as the circus guys must go on with their banned friends. Gia and Stefano think this means they have to go back to the old ways, but Vitaly says Alex or no, they WILL do the impossible.

Then we cut to the zoo as the animals are back. After 3 movies, they are back where they started. Not much fan fare from the city, though. These animals have been missing for years, yet when they come back….no one cares?

Hell, Alex is a treasure to them. There isn’t some kind of party or acknowledgment? Ah well.

I’d like to call attention to how this zoo scene is animated. In the first movie, the place looked huge and welcoming. But the way they do it here makes it look….small compared to the rest of the movie’s locations.

My rock look’s smaller than it used to be”

They don’t just say it’s smaller. It LOOKS smaller due to the lighting and how it’s shot. A small detail but a very good one. After all this time….going back wasn’t how they thought it would be.

Guys…I’m sorry I ever left the zoo in the first place. If I just stayed put, we wouldn’t have anything to sad about right now”

In the first movie,the zoo was their home. It was their life. So when they left, that’s all they cared about. They got to wander around the tropic wilds of Madgascar, the plains of Africa, and the majesty of Monte Carlo, Rome, and London.

The world was huge and hope to them. They had more LIFE in the then they did back home. Yet, that didn’t notice. They just wanted to be what they REMEMBER is good. They were so focused on that, they didn’t see what truly matters.

Out there, in the world…we were really living! It was exciting!”



When we were with the circus, we were already home”

To some, this could be seen as a cheat since we spent so long getting here. But to me….it’s fridge brilliance. I’ll go into my story problems in the final thoughts, but they all vanish with this scene,. Like Doug said, it’s like they almost planned this. Instead of the generic liar revealed thing, they show how dumb they were to even lie the way they did.

This movie is essentially saying that you what you remember, isn’t always true. What you think Is home, isn’t always your home. Home is where the heart is and all that. But they are also saying that just because something you remember seems great, doesn’t mean it’s gonna hold up.

This story, in a way, talks about nostalgia. It was great at the time, but once they saw what the world had to offer, it seemed lesser. If internet Critic’s have taught us anything, it’s that some things aren’t as great as we remember.

Of course this is more about the journey and such than about loving a dumb movie as a kid. But to me, this film is saying that greattihngs can seem smaller in hindsight.

And I think that’s true. They tie this in very well with the story and characters. It makes us reflect on the other movies and what they went through. Yes, it’s odd we spent so long getting to this point only to back up….but I don’t care. It’s done well.

The animal’s knows what they must do. They must apologizes to the cirrus guys so they can have a true home.

…But then Dubois comes in and shoots them down. Okay, now I see some people’s point about her being pointless. She’s really more of a plot device to get the plot rolling….but she’s still funny.

But before she can take Alex, the zoo guys show up….awing over how she brought back Alex. So wait, the animals got in without the zoo guys knowing? That gets rid of my point from earlier, but how did no one notice?!

Julien didn’t get shot down so he wanders back to the circus tent. He reunites with the bear, having some kind of change of heart. Awesome. BEST ROMANCE EVER.

But he also tells the others that Dubious got to Alex. Of course, the are conflicted.

They aren’t even our friends!”

VITALY: Bullshivik!

You know-for kids!

The animals wake up captured in the zoo with Alex being shown to be crowd who is glad to see him back. Dubious couldn’t quite take him due to the zoo wanting him.

She is being rewarded for bringing back Alex, but she clearly has plan to take him for herself. She has a tranq dart right in her…foam finger thing. So she is ready to take him down I nfront of everyone.

But just when all is lost….Alex is rescued by Gia, and the circus family. Yep, with the penguin’s help they fly over here and use a bunch of tricks to get him out. And what are they playing as this happens?

Afro circus.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Operation Afro Circus rescue: Engage!”

This leads to an amazing rescue scene that is awesome. Dubois tries to shoot Alex down again but she keeps getting her ass kicked. …You know, I think i’ve been spelling her name wrong, but I don’t care.

But even as the animals get up on the flying Circus thingy, Dubious is still determined. Man,she really is like the old lady from the other movies. It seems like she has captured Stefano at least.

But then they set us up an epic plan using trapzen and a canon. They get Stefano back, but Alex ends up falling down with Dubois , with her trying to take him down with her. After some fighting, he drops her right in his confinement area.

This is where animals like you belong! Now sit”

He tranqs her.

Lie down. Roll over. Now stay!”


That was the best climax in any of these movies. Even the best films I’ve done thus far haven’t had such a simple, awesome climax. This villain had a decent send off.

It feels so triumphant as the villain is stopped and our animal gang gets a real family with the circus folks.

You want to run away with the circus?”

Live a life of adventure?’

Full of romance?”


Really living?’

How do they answer this? By….jumping into a dance remix of “I like to move it move it” and Afro circus. The two biggest things this trilogy has pushed…in one song.

This is the best thing ever

Wait, what did they do with Dubois? She’s being handled by top men. By that I mena Skipper put her in a crate on a boat….headed to Madgascar.

Oh the irony.

…Then the movie kind of….stops. It has a proper resolution, sure. I got the message, the climax was great and I more satisfied than with most stoppings.

But it literally stops, not ends. But on the other hands…Afro circus keeps playing in the credits. Clearly was the only way to end the Trilogy.

You know what? It’s a fitting end. I wanted more reminders of how awesome this ending is for these characters, mostly given how good the overall product is. But I can sit okay with it. At 82 minutes, it’s a well paced film after the first act ends. This is just a nitpick.

So ends the Madagascar trilogy. THE. END.

Final Thoughts:

These final thoughts sections have been really long recently. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible this time, but I make no promises.

Overall, this is a pretty good film. I’ll start by judging it own my critical terms first. The story is honestly hit or miss. The first 20 minutes say kind of drag, and the action gets started off way too early. They jump in too fast and my rant on Alex’s dad is part of this.

It uses more…basic elements at small points too. On of that, the characters don’t as much this time. Melman and Gloria just exist to be lovey and while they are funny and it’s better than other sequels, I feel like they could have done more with him.

Infact, Marty and Alex get the most to do. But Marty just gets….well you know what. Alex however,gets the bulk of the growth thanks to Vitaly and the moral. This is why I think Alex is the best character of the main group.

Anyway, it just seems like at small points,they ran out of stream for parts. They didn’t know what to do with Melman and Gloria (and to a small extent Marty) so they did nothing. But at the same time….there is much that proves otherwise, that I wish they had fixed those issues.

So where am I going with this? Well, even fans like Doug Walker say this is the best, but these issues that I share with Ani-Mat seem to say otherwise. But they make up for it…..with almost everything else.

This is the easiest one to enjoy of the three. The comedy is really well done, with many lines I skipped. The animation itself can lead lots of small jokes that induce chuckles. It’s not as funny as say Shrek 2 but it’s still a very wild and energetic comedy.

It has the best animation by far, and the best blend of comedy and everything else. It many ways, it’s the one I will watch the most casually. It also has the most interesting ideas and characters.

I complain but Alex is still done well and all the voice actors do their job. The new characters are even better than 2, with Vitaly being the best. Gia is only okay but she’s still fine. Bryan Cranston and Martin Short do great in their roles, showing off great comedic talents.

I’ve given my piece on the villain, but she is better than Alec Baldwin. She has less of a point, but she is so funny in how she is played that I don’t mind. She’s hilarious. So how can this not be the best when the comedy is the best, and it has the least amont of ANNNOYING things?

Well, I’m mixed. In Someways, I think it’s the best but in others, it’s ….well kind of the weakest, but also not. I can’t even say what the best of the trilogy is, but 2 is the one I thought had the best story.

Like I said, I just personally the story was weaker at times, and the character’s didn’t do as much compare to the other 2. But at the same time, the emotional weight of the ending is the smartest thing in this series and it brings everything full circle.

This movie gave me the happiest feeling of the three with the emotional drama, the comedy and the overall bright attitude it has with the amazing circus act and the climax. So I’m a tad mixed. However, it doesn’t matter.

All three films are good. So in the end, the fact that I can’t pick the best shows how good they truly are. If you think is the best, then good. I see why. I can’t go on about my issues when so much good is present.

It’s a very solid trilogy with a creative story, funny characters, and some of the better comedy you will see in a Non-Shrek dreamworks series. Give this film credit, it’s better than Shrek 3.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter. It’s a still a good movie, with a passable story, lively animation, great humor, and enjoyable characters. It’s a good end to a solid trilogy.

Grade: B+

See ya. 


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