HalloweenTown High


Maybe people would like High School Musical more of it had monsters like in this movie.

Hello, Spongey here.

I switched out the review I teased last time with this review. Don’t worry, I’ll do the teased one next time. But now, let’s finally continue the Halloweentown series.,

If you recall, I started DCOM Month with the 1998 classic Halloweentown, in which a girl named Marnie finds out that not only is her Grandma is watch, but so is her Mom and she didn’t approve of magic and stuff. Then she finds out about a world called HalloweenTown which is full of weird creatures.

Want a full recap? Read my review cuz I don’t want to go over it again. Long story short, it had a sequel which I also reviewed. So read that too. At the end, they had to force the portal from HalloweenTown to Earth open even after it closed for the year. It was to stop a bad guy.

And that means the bridge to both words is open year round now. You thought they would leave that plot thread hanging open? Of course not, which brings us the third film, made in 2004.

The cast is back, but the director has changed again. This time it’s the genius behind Spawn and some of those weird animated Garfield movies like Garfield gets real. And also the DCOM Pixel Perfect, which I’ll cover someday.

The first film had 3 writers (Paul Bernbaum,Jon Cooksey and Ali Matheson ) but the sequel only keep 2 of those 3. So they brought the missing one, Paul back for this one, though those other 2 are gone. Instead, they got Dan Berendsen. You know, the guy behind Hannah Monntna the movie and Camp rock 2?

Don’t worry, this is better than both of those. At least from what I remember. I saw the first 2 a lot as a kid, but since the last two are newer, I remember little. At least, quality wise. I remember the plot but not how critically good they are.

So is this a worthy follow up to the 2nd one, is it proof that part 3 is always a disappointment? Let’s find out!

This, is HalloweenTown High

The movie opens with epic narration, telling us that the rift between the two worlds is open, but not without a fight. He never shows up but his voice is awesome.

Halloween 1

The movie really starts at Marnie’s house as she will be talking to the HalloweenTown council. This is three years after the last one. Why did it take them so long to talk to her about all of this?

Yeah, it looks they are pissed that she opened the portal even though, as Marnie points out, she helped SAVE THE WORLD. This gets her on a rant until boom, she is summoned by the council.

They have really abrupt timing, I see.

She gets there but the head guy on the council wants to THANK her. Well, that would have been nice to do 3 years ago, dude. But anyway, Marnie had a proposal to send HalloweentTown kids to the mortal world to attend high school cuz…she wants to do some obvious jokes later.

Council present guy figures that if the portal is open, they may as well use it. But of course everyone else thinks it’s a stupid idea. Mostly because of a group called The Knights of the iron dagger. Their mission was to destroy all things magic.

I suppose with the portal being used to take 12 or so kids to the mortal world, that would leave HalloweenTown defenseless to their attacks. I’m not sure why they haven’t taken all the other chances they have to attacks, but maybe they could fight back before. Marnie says Aggie and everyone else can help defend HalloweenTown.

Marnie thinks her plan to get both worlds to live in harmony will work. The world is different now, and people have changed.

I’d bet all the cromwell magic that humans have changed”

Oh shit. Right away, the council calls her out and says if she feels THAT strongly, they will accept her proposal. She has until midnight on Halloween. Marnie doesn’t realize what she has done before they kick her out.

This movie is weirdly paced so far. Like, right off the bat we jump into the story with little set up or reintroduction to the world. It is part 2, but tons of great part 3’s are able to set up the world again, even High school musical 3!

Anyway, Marnie tells the family what happened, and she says she thought that bet the magic thing was a figure of speech. This is what she gets for not knowing Halloweentown people by now.

Aggie (the grandma) blames Mom, cuz Marnie has been properly trained, this would not have happened. Mom points that if she was raised like she wanted, she would not have been put on trial in the first place.

Oh my god, it’s part 3 and they are STIL ARGUING?! You guys should now what you want for Marnie by now! It’s been 3 years, for god sake!

Thankfully, this is stopped when Marnie suggests canceling her idea.

DYLAN: Oh, and I was looking forward to sharing my room with a werewolf.

I see he hasn’t a lost an ounce of his charm. Anyway, Aggie says this is too important. I imagine after trhat big deal, they wouldn’t let her cancel it anyway. Mom says the knights don’t exist anyway, and it’s just a scary story, like HalloweenTown’s Boogeyman.

…And yes, we find out right after from Aggie that the Boogeyman is real, and has a thing for Mom. If it’s the same one from Don’t look under the bed…then that twist I mentioned in that revue would make this odd.

But if it’s the one The Grim Adventures of billy and Mandy, it’s hilarious.

So we abrupt cut to the next morning we do finally get reintroductions as we see the family hanging around and having some amusing bits. This is the morning the HalloweenTown exchange students arrive.

Also, Marnie tries out a Level 2 spell to fix their…bathroom issue they will likely have. This just messes with the house and gives everyone headaches. See, now we’re into the really funny HalloweenTown magic I love from this series.

So Mom fixes that issue by making a magic hallway with extra bathrooms. So they all head to the school to meet up with Aggie and the students. She shows up in a magic small car that fits all of these exchange students.

It also had leprechauns working the peddles. Have I mentioned I love these movies? The first student to come out is Cassie, the excitable one with a guidebook. Then comes, Ethan , Jessica, Pete, Chester, Natalie, Nancy, Zachary, and Bobby .

Ethan is played by a pre-High school musical Lucas Gabriel. Every year, when they play this movie they love to remind you of that. Speaking of HSM, there’s that Kelsi chick as Natile So we got 2 pre-HSM actors, whose characters would hook up in part 3.

Hindsight truly is hilarious.

Aggie introduce Marnie to the HalloweenTown exchange kids. She stresses that they blend in. Their cover story is that they are from Canada. Even if they knew they were monsters, they would buy that.


Also, Aggie talks to the Principal and tells him she got the foreign students here and all that. Turns out, she got a job as a teacher here to keep an eye on everything. I suppose her credentials all checked out somehow from the Principal to be cool with it.

Back with Marnie, she continues her tour and bumps into a dude named Cody. He’s a new student that is a normal human guy. And from the way she bumps into him, it looks he’s our obligatory love interest who may or not be evil or something.

…Luke isn’t in this one. Or the next one. Where is he? Never explained. It’s like that chick in Diary of a wimpy kid. Only made worse due to Luke being so important in TWO movies. Whatever, it’s not a huge deal as it’s the only big issue so far.

So let’s join Aggie in her first class. It’s a chemistry class which fits the whole potion thing. Marnie and Cody are in this class by the way. Aggie tries out potion stuff, not really getting the whole science thing.

Maybe having her teach a class where can do this kind of stuff was a bad idea,eh? Gotta love rule of funny.

After class, a locker sucks Marnie into the secret meeting room that the exchange students will monster out in. I love any movie where there can be a whole room inside a locker where monster students hang out.

So the students take off their surprisingly realistic disguises ad turn into greatly designed monster. I also love the costume design in these movies. Since we won’t have much in the way of sets this time, it’s nice to know the monsters will still look awesome.

The students talk about their day and we got amusing jokes out if it. This movie returns to the mostly comedic tone from the first one. The 2nd one was a bit darker, so I guessed they thought it would be fun to dial back even though 2 was a giant hit for that reason.

However, it still works and so far the story seems to going in interesting places in spite of that.

‘Everyone keeps saying “hey what’s up”. What’s up where?”

Up is as 2009 animated film \made by pixar-wait…

Later at home, Marnie tells Mom that this worked very well for a first day. Then she brings up the new boy, and Dylan’s snark is met with Marnie magically making him float on the ceiling. Heh.

After that, Ethan’s dad calls in talk to Aggie and Marnie. He reminds them about the danger of the knights and the cromwell magic and all that. The students, who pop up out of nowhere, are worried.

I’m pretty sure they don’t exist”

You mean like we don’t exist?’

She has a point. You are a witching taking care of trolls, goblins, and a werewolf. A knight isn’t too out of left field for you.

Then we just cut to the next day. It turns out Dylan was left on the celing all night, cuz Aggie and Mom didn’t notice or get ihm down or anything. It’s funny but it makes no sense.

At school, the students roam around while Marnie talks to Cody. Only Cody’s attempt to ask her out is interrupted by Aggie, as Marnie is pulled away mid sentence.

CODY: …That was worth 3 hours in front of the bathroom mirror.

Hey, the obligatory love interest actually had a funny line!

Aggie has pulled her away cuz she saw that someone has drawn an iron dagger on the ground, near the school. It’s the knights calling card. Dun dun dun!

Aggie doesn’t know why would the knights would leave a warning, as they aren’t knowing for playing fair. Marnie thinks it could someone from Halloweentown who wants the portal closed. Nah, that would be the cliché twist.

Speaking of cliches, Aggie thinks Cody will be the ‘love interest who turns out to be evil” cliche. Which why did LAST time. So I doubt they’d re-hash a major plot point.

This is interrupted by he Principal who shows up. He says Aggie is being resigned in light of what happened yesterday with the llama. It’s a great noodle incident.

So Aggie is gonna be a history teacher now. Hillary shall ensue. They all walk out, and the Principal looks out the window at the exact spot where the iron dagger where was, then turns his head suspiciously.

Well, that just gave away the twist.

So in History class, hilarity does ensue as Aggie tries to hide that she was there for most of these events and the class is Modern fiction to her.

Columbus didn’t discover America”

Next you’re gonna say he never had a talking woodworm.

This makes Marnie use magic to make the clock go forward and have the bell ring early. Um, the school bell is not connected to the clock. Just go to my school where the clocks can suddenly go hours ahead due to carelessness and the bell rings normally anyway.

Then the PA pipes up asking to turn all the clocks to the correct time. So changing one clock somehow changes them all? Gah, this is why you don’t do a review after watching a Cinema Sins video.

Later, the students are hanging in the secret locker room thingy again. Marnie wants them to get out there and participate. She suggests Pete the werewolf try out for the football team. Nancy the woody Nymph can do the gardening club. Chester the green goblin (Not the one with the power rangers mask) wants to do Stamp club and so on.

One kid says there is a Halloween Carnival coming up, and they should do a booth too. They could do a Haunted house. I can see this going excellently.

So the kids take Marnie’s suggestion and it actually goes really well. Also, Ryan Evans here goes out for the Drama club, which creepily foreshadows his next big role. This all happens in the obligatory montage.

So that Saturtday ,Marnie and Aggie take the students out to the mall to soicalize. They pretty much get used to it right away. HalloweenTown or not, all teenagers love the mall.

Also, Dylan is connecting with the one female student chicks cuz Dylan needs to do SOMETHING in the plot. He can’t just have a lot of funny lines. Wait, speaking of siblings, where the hell is Sophie? She’s barely in it. She may as well be a background character in this one.

By the way, this bit is kind of cute even if it’s obvious it exists to give Dylan something to do. Anyway, Marnie happens to bump into cody here. Is he just stalking her at this point?

Oh, and the Principal shows up to cuz he’s been hooking with Aggie which is creepy but kind of amusing. But then we cut to the students who find out about Halloween costumes and how we depict their kind.

I find it offensive”

Let’s not drag racism allegories into this, alright?

Also, they didn’t know about this before? I find it unlikely. Anyway, this isn’t helped when some asshole teens walking by call Halloween a “freak show” cuz teens don’t really get the point of Halloween, I guess.

Ethan then get an awesome moment by calling him off, but then Chester monsters out and flips him. No one seems to notice the green monster until Marnie and Aggie walk by and the area is covered in purple smoke for some reason.

Aggie gets ride of it, and now people see the monster’d out kids. They run and scream. It turns out Natile, Dylan’s lady, is a pink troll and somehow, he didn’t know this and is shocked. After all, trolls aren’t supposed to be cute. Just go on message boards for proof of that.

You’re a big pink furry toll!”

So what?”

So what?!”

I never want to see you again, you stupid human!”

I didn’t skip too much of this. It really is that odd how she randomly assumes Dylan is racist. Anyone, one kid explains that after the “fight” smoke came out of nowhere and when it vanished, they were in their monster forms.

But Ethan says he saw the nights and indeed, a dagger is left nearby. DUN DUN DUN!

The gang heads home and Marnie is confused about the smoke and the knights. Even worse, the HalloweentTown council summons Marnie again.

Needless to say, they are the not happy. Now they want to end the program, close the portal, and let Marnie keep her magic. Marnie doesn’t like this offer. She says she intends to use every second of her time to prove they were wrong about humans”

Meeting Adjured”

She then uses her magic to boot herself out on the council. Awesome.

That night, Marnie is talking to Mom about this and they have a sweet moment together. Marnie doesn’t know if turning their offer was the best idea. Also, the students are still here and they apologizes for what happened.

They say most of it was their fault except for the whole knight dagger thing. Then we abruptly cut to school a couple days later as the Principal talk to Aggie. He thinks History isn’t right for Aggie.

But enough of that, let’s get back to Natalie finding Dylan to be a racist douchebag. ‘

I’m just used to you looking all cute and well-”

‘I don’t think I look better this way”


I’m all pale, and hairless, it’s gross!”

You’re normally a big pink puffball!”

People back home think I’m beautiful”

…Then you must think I’m-”

‘One of the ugliest creatures i’ve ever laid my eyes on. But I thought you were sweet and nice. That’s all that mattered”’

Hmmm, this is actually an interesting issue. This movie does bring up the shaking relationship between humans and monsters in this world. We see them as ugl;y and mock them and they do the same to us. However, one monster girl looked on the inside and found Dylan to be nice even though she admit he is ugly. Now she knows he is kind of judgmental, and that ruins it.

It’s an interesting way to dive deeper into this world. Some sequels go bigger, but the truly interesting ones go DEEPER. Which is a big difference.

Anyway, another students tell Marnie that something tried to get into the secret spacy locker room thingy. But there are no signs of anyone getting into the room itself. And since a Halloweentown person wouldn’t need to smash their way in, it must be someone from this world.

Anyway, Aggie is now a PE teacher cuz…that makes sense. Marnie talks to Aggie about that theory, and she still thinks Cody may be up to it. Aggie isn’t the type to be judgmental about a boyfriend guy and while she isn’t being bitch-y, it is kind of odd.

But he did show up on the same day as the students and he stalked Marnie to the mall. So maybe there is something to this theory, as cliché as it is. Marnie isn’t happy and she huffs off.

Speaking of Cody, she bumps into him. Cody noticed how weird Marnie acts and how she seems to vanish all the time with a lame excuse. At least he’s taking action, and not just being a pointless boyfriend character.

He even asks about the locker cuz he says he saw a now Aggie gave her on her first day. Now Marnie thinks aggie was right about him. Then Cody gets a bit pissed, and says he just likes her.

Didn’t know that was a crime”

Ah, it’s the “main character pisses off the love interest due to a dumb misunderstanding” cliché.

Back in the secret locker room, one of students. Cassie (who is alone) sees a knight suit there. She touches it and we cut to outside, and we hear a scream. Marnie runs in and sees that Cassie is missing. Dun dun dun!

Then we cut to later as the remaining students are at Marnie’s house, mourning the loss of Cassie. With that, Marnie thinks they should all go home, to prevent more of these kind of incidents.

You are all going home, even if it means losing my magic”

Marnie continues to be one of my favorite DCOM main characters She isn’t the most complex but she has a lot to her and I will go more into this in the final thoughts.

Anyway, Aggie shows up and says no one will be going back, as she finally figures someone from HalloweenTown in behind this due to some stuff I don’t really get. Marnie agree and they share a nice moment.

They talk some more, and Mom thinks she hears something outside. She hastily goes out to zap it…and it’s just Cody. Wah wah wah wah waaaah!

…That was kind of forced, actually.

Before that, Aggie pointed out that Cassie is a witch and only a “witches glass” is tough enough to hold a witch. So Ethan takes out a witches glass he happens to have, and sure enough Cassie is trapped in it.

And he hides it when Aggie walks in. Why is he hiding this? I don’t get it. So later, Cody wakes up to find himself riding on Marie’s flying broom with her.

Yep, it’s finally time to reveal her witch-ness to him.. At least she did it when it was smart, not when it was too late. His reaction is pretty priceless, and realistic too. And now he knows why she was acting weird.

Then they continue to go ride across the green screen. It’s a fine scene and it works better than I thought it would. Then we cut to Ethan as he sneaks away to some place to talk to his dad.

As it turns out, his dad is Edgar, head of the whole witches council. I think they did mention this before, but I forgot until now. For whatever reason, Ethan thinks he was the one who trapped Cassie.

Oh, and guess who Dad’s assistant is? The Principal. WHAT A TWEEST!

That’s right, he is the last of the “order” and he is the knight that drew that dagger earlier. I have to admit, aside from that really subtle scene I pointed out, this is a good twist. I actually didn’t it coming until that bit.

It even kind of makes sense. I dare this works better than the “mayor Is Kallabar” twist from the first one!

And yes, Ethan’s dad here is the root of all this and he did capture Cassie. He also did that purple smoke earlier. Also, they do the “main character knew about the villain but didn’t think he would go this far” cliché.

Edgar says this was all to prove that humans have not changed. Then he had the human Principal help him out, as he wants all freaks kept in their world with the portal closed.

On midnight on Halloween, the cromwell magic is going to be mine”

I must say, he makes for a decent,m fun villain.

Back at Marnie’s house, they break out a witches glass and Mom heads in to find Cassie. Then we just cut to the next day at school, as Aggie tells marnie to keep her eye out for anything weird.

It’s here where Marnie becomes suspicious of the principal. Aggie thinks it’s dumb….until it hits her she is right.

I hate paybacks”

Remember that Halloween Carnival? Yeah, the kids are getting their haunted house ready for that. Before they can really get going on it, Cody shows up to see Marnie magic up a haunted house. So he knows all that wasn’t a dream.

He’s okay with this, since he knows Marnie is the good witch. But remember how Aggie had this purse that was also a pet? …Well she does and it went in the principal’s

But enough office and got some weird ring thing, and brings it to aggie.

Now she knows he is a knight. So they DID do the “love interest turns out to be evil” cliché after all!

But enough that, let’s go back to the haunted house thing. The exchange student kids are tired of people being scared of them and they don’t want the house to be scary. But then the Principal pops up, and Aggie tells him that she knows.

Aggie just tells him the knights he kind of works for are bigoted beings. I don’t think I’ve heard the word bigot in a kid’s movie. It’s not a bad word or anything, so I’m glad Disney thought so. The prinpcla is a bit pissed but Aggie just turns some thing he’s holding into a snake.

Happy Halloween”


Then we cut to that night, at the Halloween Carnival. Sadly the humans hate the haunted house. The ghosts don’t even say boo.

How many ghosts do you know who say boo?”

Marnie doesn’t know any ghosts…except the one she got the sweat from. Ew.

Does any one want to hear about the positive contribution trolls have made to society?’

All …none of them?

Yeah, they made the haunted house “monster friendly” and tame. This does not please Edgar, who shows up.

Seems to me this haunted house could use a little excitement”

So he summons some wild monster and other crazy things. Ethan is less than please, and the same goes for Aggie and Marnie. We get to see more cool creative stuff in here, which is nice.

The monsters run wild around the carnival, and it’s awesome. Marnie’s spells she uses to fix this backfire, as it turns a Bad CGI skeleton into an even bigger bad CGI skeleton. Cody sees all this.

I thought you were the good guy”

Before it dive into that cliché, Edgar pops up to show off his stuff in front of everyone. Aggie then uses a spell of her own to get rid of him and all the monsters. Then everything gets quiet.

Huh, Edgar was pretty easy to stop. Something tells me more there is more to this. And there is, as the principal shows up and tells the crowd witches and monsters are real and they are evil and stuff.

If we don’t drive then back to where they came from., they will destroy us!”

Ah, so Edgar’s real plan was to get people to hate monsters so the HalloweenTown goes will know humans suck, marnie’s plan will fail and he will take the cromwell magic. Not sure why he wants it, but it’s a solid plan.

It’s us or them”

So he’s successful started an angry mob. Ever seen a mob with no torches or pitchforks? I have now. They all hide in the haunted house, and Edgar pops up again. Now they know he is responsible. They also know Ethan is his son and all that jazz.

Humans have changed/ No one was threatening us until you showed up”

That’s because they never got to know the real you. Not that they do, you cromwell’s don’t deserve magic”

Then he uses some voodoo to get suck up their magic. Now we’re at Halloween 2 level’s of awesome impossible situations to get out of.

But then Ethan refuses to stand for this. Edgar calls him a disappointment and just walks away. He then tells them he will make sure the portal never opens again. THEN he leaves.

He’s a pretty badass villain when you get down to it, even if he’s not Kalabar.

Cody then shames the crowd. For everything. For hating the monsters because of silly reasons, and all that jazz.

I kept thinking that we needed to fit in. But how do you know that someone truly cares about you if you don’t show who you truly are?”

Then the exchange students reveal their true nature to the crowd.

These are the people you want destroyed? Sure they look different but are they really any different on the inside”

People of the crowd agree, as they see how nice some of the exchange students were. The prinmcpal even ditches his knight ring, as he sees agggie was right. Okay, that bit was kind of rushed.

Humans really have changed”

I must say, this is a pretty big moment. Monsters have finally been reveal to the world as real, and we get a sweet moment out of it. The whole “same on the inside” moral isn’t new or subtle but for this story it works as it dive even deeper into the HalloweenTown/Earth thing these movies are all about.

Then suddenly the postal opens and coughs Edgar up. And Mom shows up with Cassie too. Marnie explains how Mom found her and blah blah. Marnie tells Edgar that this scene proves have changed, so they take their magic back.

Then the HalloweenTown council pops in to scold Edgar. They see that humans are more accepting than Edgar has lead them to believe.

We should be willing to return the favor”

With that, Edgar is fired. And he is trapped in a witches glass. Overkill, but it’s still awesome/!

With Edgar stopped, they finally celebrate some Halloween. I’m not sure how I feel about this climax. It’s not as rushed as I make it seem, but I don’t know. The “Climax” in 2, was kind of odd and I did find it weak.

This one works a lot better thematically and it takes a bit of time to fully resolve the main conflict. But Edgar doesn’t’ do much but gloat in the end and it just takes a few speeches to resolve it. It’s not exactly a big climax.

I suppose I like it overall, as it fits the story well, even if it’s not exactly action packed. Plus, it just feels right.

I mostly like the party scene as the creatures of HallowenTown come in. It’s really fun and awesome. Also, Natile the pink troll apologizes to Dylan for what happened. They even share a weet moment as they realize who they ruly are.

…But they device to stay friends, which kind of ruins it. I think it’s cuz filming a kiss scene in that costume would have been awkward. I’ll go into this more in the final thoughts.

Also, the Principal apologizes for what he did and he talks to Aggie who makes suggestions about the school. And then we see pan up to see Marnie flying on the broom again with Cody.

Dogey effect aside, this is a cool bit here. They also do the whole ET moon shot. ….And then it ends. Yeah, there’s a resolution but it just kind of…stops. The other films did this too but for some reason, this weirdly bugs me more.

All loose ends were tied which is cool but somehow I want…more. But either way, it’s over. At 83 minutes, it’s the shorter than the first one, but longer then 2. Which is odd, as it had better pacing./

…The end!

Final Thoughts:

I’m a tiny bit mixed on this one. Oh, I don’t have any huge problems, and it’s a great part 3. Which is rare for any series. As a whole, this was a really good sequel and another great entry in the series.

This one has a lot of elements to discuss, so let’s get into it. The first film was pretty simply plot wise and it mostly focused on the humor and creativity, but it still had substance in the end. The 2nd one was a lot more dramatic and plot based, but it had the creativity and humor spawn from that.

This one goes back to the first film’s style but it also has some deeper plot elements that simply just aren’t huge in scale It tries to mix both styles, and for the most part it works.

Like the first film, most of the focus is on the humor and specific creative joke. This contrasts with the first film which had a lot of ideas to show off. This mosrly therives on the humor.

That is until the 2nd half which focuses on the plot and deeper element. This actually is at times, the deeper of the thee. They really into human nature and how we react to people who are different. And also how some are more open to the idea than others.

Edgar thinks humans are just flat out bad, and he isn’;t open the idea at all, the point hwere he is willing to pull tricks to get what he wants. The normal kdis are siply impressionable and will believe what looks bad or good to them. But they are open the idea in the end and see what they truly are inside.

It’s not subtle but they do tie it into the story well and it doesn’t feel out of place for a HalloweenTown movie. They actually buitl on the ending of 2 and they explored some ideas. I like the two worlds are officially colliding and it was a nice way to end the trilogy for the time.

So maybe this is the deepest one, but the story itself is the issue here. It has the most cliches and small flaws so far. Some elements do feel kind of rushed, and there are a few cliches. I like the idea of the principal being the villain’s assistant but it was a bit rushed in the end and there was no reason to hook him up with aggie.

The villain is also a mixed bag. In 2, we had the son of Kalabar who wanted to turn humans into monsters and all that. Here, it’s just a guy who wants the postal closed. Kind of lowering the stakes. HOWEVER, his actor has some fun and with him they go DEEPER, and it still works.

Also, the Dylan/Natile thing works well enough as they dabble in good themes with it, and it’s also kind of sweet. But they just ditch in the end cuz….i don’t know. That brings me to the characters. Dylan doesn’t get too much to do besides that, but he gets some funny lines.

Mom doesn’t get much to do, but I like how she’s more open to using magic in this one, and she only argues with Aggie once. Speaking of, she is still fun as she teaches subjects and it’s pretty cool.

I really like the idea of the exchange students plot, even if it’s pretty simple by this series’ standards. The students themselves aren’t that complex except for a couple, but they all get good jokes and they are fun. I like seeing how they ract to humans and stuff.

Ethan is the one with the most to do, and he is good even if he serves the plot more than the characters.

I’ve said my thoughts on the prinpcla and villain, so let’s move to Cody. At first the whole romance thing seems cliché, but it works. For one, they make him smart, funny and likable. He does serve as the “SHAME ON YOU” speech guy at the end and the end with him…but the love angle still worked, even if he isn’t complex.

But Marnie herself is the highlight. I liked the small moments she has as she tries to prove that humans and monsters can get along. Plus, it’s nice to see that she her working for magic, having finally got it for the most part. We see how she has grown since part 1.

She proves to be badass and funny, keeping all her usual charm. Also, now that she’s a full teen, she is now…nice. The actress was about 19 or so when this was filmed (She’s 28 now, and will turn 29 next month) so I can feel free to find her attractive. Yay!

Speaking of the actress, her performance is her strongest yet, as she helps all these elements. So that’s nice.

This is getting to be a long final thoughts, and I have a lot of thoughts about this movie./ I think because it has the fun of 1 and the plot of 2, it’s the easiest for me to enjoy in spite of it’s flaws.

To sum it up, HalloweenTown is actually the funniest of the 3 with the creative jokes and good acting. But the plot is lacking in areas. Howeverr, it goes deeper and it works. So I think as a WHOLE it’s a tad more enjoyable than 1, but not as good as 2. However, like all sequels it moves the plot forward.

TLDR: It’s good, fun but flawed in small parts.

Grade: B+

But of course, that wasn’t the end of the series. However, that’s not the next review. No, next time, if all goes well…I’m finally doing a play by play review of a movie by a certain company./

What is it? Find out next time!

See ya.

(You won’t belive how much longer the final thoughts were gonna be. This was a WERIRD movie for me. But check it out anyway)


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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