Spooky Buddies

Something tells me this will be a trick, rather than a treat.

Something tells me this will be a trick, rather than a treat.

Hello, Spongey here. +

On this spooky October, we are going to look at a movie that is scary, spooky, and truly horrifying. That’s right….ANOTHER BUDDIES MOVIE!

It hasn’t been long since the last Buddies review but it’s Halloween so why not? I’m getting sick of introducing these damn movies, so here’s the short version/;

Air Bud had a bunch of kids, then he vanished so the dogs could go on really lame adventures with cliché plots and crappy jokes. So far, after their debut they went sledding, went to space, and saved Christmas.

So what else is there to do? A Halloween special, of course! After all, what is scarier than a buddies movie? Nothing. …So for whatever reason, the universe did not want me to do this review..

See, on the day I was supposed to start on it, my computer decided to not work and just show a blue screen. It did not get fixed until Wednesday., Keep in mind, the last time this happened, I was trying to do Paranormal Activity 3…and we all know how that turned out.

Anyway, I did the math and figured it would better to skip that review rotation and start on Friday so I can release this…today. Don’t worry, all the reviews I set in stone are going to happen.

With that said, let’s dig into this movie. I don’t have much to introduce. It’s the buddies Halloween special. Not much to add…so let’s do this thing.

This, is Spooky Buddies

The movie opens in Fernfield on Halloween…in 1937. Going to a classier time will not make your movie classy, dude. We see an evil wizard named Warwick with some dogs. Warwick is swearing revenge and being evil and stuff.

Wait, now we are dragging magic into this? Sure, we had Santa last time but I can buy Santa magic not…magic magic! Bah.

See, Warwick is going to summon the Halloween hound. But at the same time, some angry villagers have caught wind that Warwick has captured some puppies.

spooyk buddies 1

Warwick, looking as subtle as possible, sees them and quickly tries to finish his plan. He chant evil spell #456 and successfully uses the souls of five puppies to summon the evil Halloween hound.

spooky buddies 2

Yep, here’s the evil Halloween Hound…voiced by Deidrich bader. Damn it, being in Space buddies wasn’t bad enough?! First you were in 2 Seltzergberg films, now 2 Buddies films. Yikes!

Anyway, Warwick needs hm to suck the soul of the puppies so he can open a portal to the underworld. Together, they will unleash the creatures of the underworld on Fernfield, so they can, you guessed it, take over the world.

The whole soul sucking thing…is kind of dark. At least compared to how clean these movies have been so far. But dark doesn’t mean good, so let’s move on. One of the puppies flat out volunteers to go first.

In the crowd of angry people, we see that this kid owns one of the puppies. He cries for help…and his puppy is the lettering one, who changes his mind. This is Pip, voiced by Frankie Jonas. Something he tells me he won’t be killed by pumpkins in this one….

Warwick doesn’t care, but Pip tries to escape. Warwick gets to him but the angry townspeople come in with torches and pitchforks. Warwick distracts them with some evil magic, as he takes Pip back to his room.

Pip’s owner follows…but he’s too late as the Halloween hound is able to suck up his soul. However, the sun rises which prevents the hound from sucking up the other souls and finishing the spell.

It’s too late, Warwick”

Wah-wait, the Moon was high in the sky a minute ago. So how did the sun get here so fast?

So Warwick is up shit creek as the townspeople confront him. But he swears through revenge and jumps into a mirror. I’m sure they will explain that in great detail later.

So Warwick has been stopped, but Pip is now frozen in stone without a soul. Pip’s ghostly soul is right there (in all it’s crappy CGI glory) but Joesph, the owner can’t see or hear him.

The sheriff takes Warwick’s staff announces that this house is officially condemned. The house is boarded up and Pip’s soul for some reason can’t leave the house.

And that ends our backstory as we flash forward to 2011. I really really hate to say this….but that intro wasn’t that bad. At 9 minutes it’s kind of long but…it may be the least terrible thing in this whole series so far.

The sets are actually kind of cool, the guy playing Warwick isn’t too bad, and whole mood is kind of nice. Also, it’s a little dark and kind of depressing, with the whole pip thing. It’s kind of weak and cliché…but this whole intro isn’t that bad!

I finally found something to like in these movies! …But 5 bucks says that will go downhill now that we are in the present. Mostly because we join the buddies with their owners on a field tip to the old wizards house, as they learn about the old legend.

Okay, I’ve been a little confused about the voices of the buddies, so let’s sort it out. B-dawg/White Gangsta bud is the same up to this point. Buddha/Offensive Bud changed for Snow buddies and again for Space buddies. But his Space voice stayed for Santa buddies. Now he’s different for this one.

Budderball/Fat bud had the same until this one as he is different. Mudbud/Dirty Bud changed for Snow buddies but he kept his Snow voice for Space. He got a new one for Santa, who is still here in this one.

And finally, Rosebud/Girl bud changed for Snow kept that voice until now, as she is new. Now she is voiced by G.Hannelius, who is currently Avery on Dog with a blog. Like her TV mom in Movie 43, she took a step DOWN from the Disney sitcom.

Wait, she was a dog here…then was in Dog with a blog. Heh.

You know what else is sad? She’s the one putting the most effort into her performance so far, as the other new voices really phone it in.

spooky buddies 33

Oh, and speaking of Disney Channel, that’s Sierra McCormick as one of the classmates here.  Interesting Factiod: I’ve lost all respect for her.

Anyway, the buddies exchange lame jokes as they mock White Gangsta bud for being a scardey cat. He’ll prove he’s not scared by going into the old wizard’s house. Yep, it’s The “scared guy does stupid thing to prove he’s not scared” cliché. No, i’m not doing it again.

Whoa, this place is really creepy”

Thanks, Owen Wilson.

Anyway, the other buddies follow.

‘Ghosts are souls lost on their way to Heaven”

Please don’t bring that kind of crap into this.

Pip’s soul is still here but he’s hiding right now. So the rest of the class goes to the graveyard where they see the gravestone of Pip. One kid is scared by the caretaker dude who is really old, of course.

B-dawg finds the old Wizard’s room. See, the legend says that if you say “Halloween Hound” into the mirror three times, he will appear. Gee, that isn’t a rip off …tons of things. Casper, I mean Pip pops up to warn them and that scares them off.

By the way ,as I’m watching this and typing, my TV has been witched, by my brother, to the Halloween episode of Dog with a blog. Kind of a perfect thing to have in the background, really.

But B-dawg, being a brave idiot, finishes saying “Halloween hound” 3 times. After that, they run back outside, shocked that they released who they thought was the Halloween hound.

After that, we cut to the class as they are back at school. The teacher reminds them of some project coming up and Billy, B-dawg’s owner hasn’t done anything yet. He lies and says it’s on the Halloween hound.

Well, that was the ‘kid is behind of project but says he’s working on it” cliché at work. Olive, I mean Alice thinks it’s a good idea to actually do the Halloween hound project, and see if the current Sheriff knows anything, since the old one took the wand and stuff.

They indeed visit the sheriff who shows them the basement with the files the old sheriff kept. They quickly find the file, and even the wand. This is a case where it’s really hard to believe people see it as a legend where there is just too much evidence for it to be brushed over.

The sheriff lets the kids use the wand for his project since it’s been 70 years since it’s been touched. I’m sure nothing bad will come of this.

With that almost tolerable scene, let’s get back to the buddies, who meet up with Deputy Sniffer, who is still voiced by Barnacle boy. Then nothing happens and they all head home. We join Billy and B-dawg as they pick up their Halloween costume from Mom and…it’s a bunny suit.

Wikpedia flat out compares it to A Christmas Story, but you can make your own direct joke here.

Are you trying to ruin my street cred?”

You had street cred?

So instead, Billy dons a robe and he shall be Warwick the Warlock. Only he lets B-dawg stay a bunny for some reason. Then we cut to that night as Billy joins his friends in his Warwick costume.

The buddies meet up and mock White Gangsta bud. Fat bad is a superhero (Save that for Super buddies,k?), Dirty Bud is a pirate, I’m not sure what Offensive Bud is, and Girl Bud is a princess. Man, that last one is as stereotypical as it gets.

Meanwhile, these two punks from class, Rodney and Skip, decided to check out the old Warwick place to see if there is any truth to the legend. They find that Mirror…and out coems Warwick and the Halloween hound.

He hams it up as he seems to not know what happened in his absence. So he turns the two kid into mice. Then he blasts his way out of the house, and in to the world of 2011.

I have to say, he may be the best villain so far. He’s not as overly cliché as the one Air, not as french as the one in snow, not as wasteful of a great actor as the one in Santa, and he’s not as useless as the one in Space. At least he seems to be having FUN, even if we aren’t.

Also, he had this snarky owl who is somehow still alive after all these years. He bumps into the owl outside. He tells him to go get his staff, cuz he’s too lazy to find it himself. Thanks to Warwick, Pip can finally leave and warn the buddies.

Spooky buddies 4

Warwick wanders the streets and he mistakes the costumed trick or treaters for actual creatures..

HALLOWEEN HOUND: You mislead me. This town has already been taken over.

Okay, that was kind of funny.

The Hound goes off to find his puppy souls. Pip meanwhile bumps into a kid in a Charlie Brown-esque ghost costume and thinks he’s a real ghost, even though he isn’t floating or anything.

You know how know was able to see him before? The writer don’t as that kid sees him and freaks out. So I suppose you could say he got a rock…in his pants.


The kid leaves his costume behind so Pip uses it as a disguise. So then he meets up with the buddies to warn them about the Halloween hound. Except they mistake Pip for the Halloween hound (for some reason) so they run.

Meanwhile, the owners come across a house which they recognize as the home of Joesph from the story. You know, for a movie called spooky buddies, the buddies aren’t in it that much. Sure, they’ve popped a few times but most of the screentime belongs to the villain, the kids, or other stuff.

…Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

The kids are curious if anything still lives in that house, so they check It out. Well, someone does but it’s an old guy. Billy tells him about his project but the old guy tells them to go away. But then he says that Warwick staff Billy has is dangerous.

Calling it now: This guy is either Joesph or is connected to him. The kids figure that a guy telling them a staff belonging to an evil wizard is dangerous means the guy is bad so they run.

Meanwihle, Warwick stumble around and sees that all the ghouls are flocking to this one house. When he sees the owner of that house is a monster himself, he screams.

Aren’t you a little old for trick or treating?”

PHINEAS: Yes. Yes I am.

After that pointless bit, the owl returns. He reports that “a young warlock” aka Billy, has it. Back to the title characters, they are thinking about what the “halloween hound wants with them.

Maybe he wants to devour all that he sees”

That’s budderball”


Anyway, Warwick finds Billy and the gang. He acts hammy but of course the kids don’t buy that it’s really Warwick. He demands Billy give him the staff, but the staff blasts his ass away. Awesome.

After they look at a drawing of Warwick, they figure it IS him and they run. Warwick then visits that one dude’s house from earlier and uses his magic to make him his slave. If it was that easy, why didn’t he do this on the kids?

He tells his news slave to find Billy and get his staff back. So the buddies find the home of a fortune teller dog (just roll with it) named Zelda. Not sure if I want her to be princess Zelda or Aunt Zelda..

You are in danger”

‘Only if we end up at your groomer”

…Did White Gangsta bud just say something…kind of amusing!

That’s a lot more shocking than Pip showing up right there, making Zelda faint. He finally sets the record straight and says he’s a friendly ghost. You know like that other guy. I think his name was…jasper!

Pip introduces himself to the buddies and explains to them what is going on, and says that Warwick needs 5 puppies with the same blood as the puppies from the start. The buddies happen to fit the bill.

Well, I’m officially rooting for the villain.

Also, since Pip left the mansion, he will vanish forever if he doesn’t’ get his body back by sunrise,

Zelda uses her magic to find out that Pip’s petrified body is up there in the graveyard. But then the Hallloween hound shows up and they run away. But let’s get to an interesting scene.

The slave dude (who is the kids teacher) finds them and they quickly figure out he is a bad guy now and they run. That’s not the interesting. No, that’s when we peek at a Halloween dance and the Monster mash plays.

Any movie can be improved with this awesome song. Even this one. It keeps playing as the kids run in and the teacher slave dude follows. Sadly, it fades when we cut to Warwick, but at least he is tolerable.

He finally figures out the costumed kids aren’t real ghouls. He runs inside and the Monster mash starts back up only to stop as we see the buddies meet up with Sheriff Barnacle Boy.

They convince him that their problem is for real, but then the Halloween hound pops up. Sniffer figures that a 1000 year old ghost dog will obey the law, so he has the buddies leave so he can stop him.

Then the hound turns him into stone. Awesome. Then we get back to the dance, meaning more monster mash. Sadly has to end and the costume contest starts. The teacher slave guy wins as he was dressed as a surfer dude frankstein. Well, it is original.

Pissed, Warwick runs up and tries to take the staff. He takes it back cuz…the staff didn’t feel like zapping him this time, and turns the human sheriff into a monkey. Don’t remind me of Robert Vince’s 4 damn monkey movies.

But of course everyone thinks it’s just a trick. Then Warwick jumps on his staff and…starts surfing on it as he flies away. This is both really stupid and really AWESOME.

Billy runs out and meets up with his friends. Then Warwick comes out to confront them. He’s about to blast them…when the old guy shows up and takes him out with a shovel.


Since an old guy is more trustworthy than an evil wizard, they jump in his car and they ride away. So the buddies end up at the graveyard to find pip’s body. They quickly find it.

So now Zelda just has to get Pip back in his body. With some magic words…it works and he gets his body back. That was almost insultingly easy. Before we can use good pacing, we cut back to the kids and the old guy as they end up at his house.

Warwick shows up, surfing on his staff again. He tries breaking into the house, but somehow his blast backfires. In the house, the old guy explains Warwick cannot enter a house of god.

…Please,PLEASE don’t bring God into this.

So anyway, old guy knows about Warwck. Why? Just as a predict, he is Joesph from the legend. Ah, gotta love predictable plot twists. But enough of semi interesting characters, let’s jump back to the buddies as the Halloween hound has finally caught up to them.

He turns Zelda to stone and he finally has the puppies right where he wants them. I’m rooting for evil Batman right now. Back with the kids, Joe has Warwick’s book of spells that he has been after.

He says Warwick needs 3 items to complete the spell and he goes into his ultimate plan that we already know. The 3 thing are a staff, the spellbook, and the souls of 5 young puppies. Wouldn’t that be 7 things?

The buddies!”

Movie, it’s only dramatic if we DON’T want them to die. The owl tells Warwick that the buddies are captured, so he flies on his staff to go get them. Okay, it was cool the first time but now you’re just showing off.

He goes to the graveyard and tells the hound to take the buddies back to his place. Then he goes back to Joe’s place and uses a big spell to open the door. Why didn’t he do that before?

He doesn’t take the book but he does tell the kids to bring it to him or else. So he runs back to his place and the owl thinks the kids may not come with the book. Cuz the owl is smarter than Warwick.

They will want to save their….precious puppies, won’t they?”

I love the way he says that. So amusing.

And you can devour those….Delicious puppy’s souls”

Man, this villain gets hammier as the movie goes on.

Remember these bully kids who got turned into mice? Well, they show up again to bug Warwick. Warwick steps out and Pip shows up to save the day.

Then they ask why the owl is so loyal to Warwick, when he will obviously get rid of him. Then they point out that Warwick has the hound to do his bidding, and he insults the owl a lot.

Oh joy, we are gonna the do “villein sidekick turns again him” cliché. Even NFL Rush zone did something different with this. Oh god, did I just say that?

One lame speech later, he changes sides and frees the buddies. Then the Halloween hound shows up and turns owl to stone for that. Okay, the hound is now the best character.

Suddenly, pip stands up to the hound. He says that he took his brothers and sister’s souls and he is the only one left. Pretty sure it was the other way around, but okay.,

You’re siblings were delicious”

Um, I saw the opening. You only to around to pip’s soul and even then it came back now. Did they even re-reading their own damn script?

Pip says he doesn’t need the buddies now, and he can just take pip’s soul. Then…he does. Pip sacrifices himself to protect the buddies, and he is soul-less again. Holy shit, did this movie just get…BALLS?!

Oh my god, yes! A mature moment where someone sacrifices their own soul! This IS a buddies movie right? I mean, no series this bad can have a moment this….okay!

With that, the buddies escape and hound goes to open the portal. He does and all sorts of creatures show up to mess up the city.

Anyway, the kids and Joe show up at Warwick’s place with the spell book. However, the buddies aren’t around right and they say no book without the buddies.

Then Warwick just zaps Joe. Gee, it’s like trusting an evil wizard was a bad idea!

So Warwick takes the book and Joe says it’s up to the kids now. He goes up to his room and finds out that the book he got was actually a bible. Stop trying to bring religion into this, movie!

While the kids are facing Warwick, the buddies themselves in the kitchen. So of course Fat bud…eats a jar of eyeballs. Um, ew.

They’re a bit rubbery”

It’s funny cuz he hate real fucking eyeballs and it’s really gross and not funny. Then The Halloween hound shows up for a late night snack. Wait, he already oepnede the portal so whats the point now?

Eat Budderball, he has the most meat on his bones”

I agree 100 percent!

Halloween hound starts to suck his soul….but fat bad farts which replls the magic and makes the hound suck up his own soul.

…Sigh, it only took 78 minutes to reach the fart joke. I thought they ditched it like in Santa buddies…but nope. Even worse, it stops the coolest character and best actor in the movie!

Anyway, Warick got knocked out by the bible and Billy takes his staff. The sun is about to rise and Billy starts chanting the spell to to reserve all of this. Warwick up in time to use his ham to take Billy with him into the mirror.

But Joe is able top push Warwick into the mirror.

That child. You’re back!”

The name is Joesph! Joesph Johnson!

With that, Warwick is sucked right into the mirror, once and for all. That is likely the best villain defeat so far…which is kind of sad actually.

Then Joe takes the staff and breaks it. This shatters the mirror, preventing Warwick from returning. Two questions: 1. Where did he go, exactly? 2. WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT BEFORE?!

So with that, all the ghouls vanish and everything turns back to normal. Even Pip comes back to life for good. Eh, this is a case where it doesn’t ruin the moment, as this kind of makes sense.

The buddies reunite with the kids and yada yada. They all go outside and see that no one in town remembers what happened but everything is still happy and normal. Even the bully kids…but they are naked.


Anyway, the kids thank Joe for his help.

No problem…dawg”

…You had to go one more groaner out, didn’t ya?

Anyway, Joe tracked down Pip’s siblings owners. Yeah see, his silbing’s got their bodies back. Again, they never lost them in the first place! We never even saw what happened to them, so maybe they got sucked off screen or something.

Either way,, it’s kind of cheap to randomly have them show up with their bodies back. So Joe is glad to have Pip back and Pip is glad to have a new leash (ugh) on life.

We’ll never forget you”

Like how you never forgot Shasta, right?

Anyway, Joe drives off the kids say bye…and that’s the end. They wrapped it up fine but the actual end is kind of abrupt.

But whatever, at least it’s over.

Final Thoughts:

It looks like it’s the end of the world. Hell has frozen over, it’s raining fire, and cats and dogs are living together. Why?

This buddies movie wasn’t that bad.

You aren’t imagining those words. I actually…didn’t hate this one. Infact…it wasn’t even THAT bad. They FINALLY made a buddies movie that didn’t’ make me want to kill myself!

The first reason is that the buddies themselves aren’t in it that much. Oh, they are important but here they serve as plot devices, more or less. Most of the focus on the story, Warwick and the kids.

As a result, there are very few groan worthy moments. Granted, having little of the buddies sort of highlights how little development this movie has, but it makes the film easier to sit through.

The buddies get little to do outside of being plot devices, and that’s good .Their acting has improved with the new additions and their lack of screen time gives me few chances to be really bad. Though again, it’s sad the girl from Dog with a blog is the best of them now.

B-Dawg gets some level of focus early on, but he doesn’t’ do too much .He is the most annoying part though. Anyway, the human owners are better in this one with better actors for them.

Though again, the girl from a Disney sitcom is the best of those actors. In spite of being attached to B-dawg, Billy isn’t too bad since he doesn’t talk much. The kids aren’t very interesting and they get little to do besides hang with Billy.

But they were never annoying, and that’s important. But I mostly was okay with the story. Okay, it is is kind of generic and it’s not exactly complex. But the presentation make it kind of cool

The whole thing with the villain has a lot to it, and some of the elements they threw in were kind of cool. I even liked the music as it sets the mood, and the sets were even okay. I have a soft spot for that Halloween mood, and the story allows the movie to work with that.

The villain himself is the best one so far. He isn’t exactly complex or even that interesting. However, Harland Williams helps make him kind of fun thought being too annoying. Some o his bits alone make this movie worth a…skim.

I also like The Halloween hound, as he is badass and Bader does a good job. I’d say they are the best parts. Also, Pip’s story had at least two bits that were actually kind of dark and slightly mature for this type of movie.

Granted, it does dip into cliché and Pip is not that interesting But having him lose his soul and all that, is kind of cool. And later on, his sacrifice was kind of cool to see. Like in NFL Rush zone, it’s not exactly a huge thing that makes the work good…but it is nice to see.

Now, with all that said…this movie obviously isn’t good. Plenty of the usual problems still exist, with plot holes, dumb moments, and some cliches. But even those problem are dulled down this time.

However, that fart joke…was just BAD. Even Santa Buddies which was crap, avoided it! Bits like that are pretty lame, and like how the buddies were unlikable in Santa…b-dawg kind of got got WORSE here.

So as whole..it was just “meh”. I don’t have strong feelings one or the way. There’s plenty to enjoy here, but not much that makes me want to recommend it or say it makes it for the other movies. But at the same time, I can’t say I hated that much of it, and I didn’t’ really groan much.

It was just kind of there. But what’s there, can be….tolerable at times. It’s just shocking that they made a Buddies movie that wasn’t all crap!

On it’s own, it’s a mediocre but occasionally amusing kids film. Compared to the other films, it’s an almost watchable in place masterpiece.

I had to no idea what grade to give it, as it’s better than most of the films I give a D-, like the smurfs or Ice age 4. …Shut up, those films annoyed me more than this one.

You think a d- would be a no brainer, but that’s not enough terrible to do so. But it’s not nearly good enough for a C-. So i’ll pull a Sucker punch again.

Score: 5/10

Okay, it’s not as ….okay as I make it out to be, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s…surprisingly not the worst. I’m not saying you should watch it without kids in the room. But if you do, you won’t hate yourself.

Sometime in November, I’ll finally finish this epic saga. But for now, join me next time as a look at an …interesting Halloween film from back in the day.

See ya.


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