NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians Finale

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s come to this. The season finale of NFL Rush Zone: Season of the guardians. It’s been a journey that went on for far too long. It was a odd season with ups and downs. But mostly downs.

Only the ups were shockingly good and this show got SMART in parts. I reviewed last week’s episode …last week. Read it:

There I explain EVERYTHING about the season and that episode. And now we made it to the end. The real, true end of NFL Rush zone.

I actually saw this finale live last week. My reaction was um…interesting. Why? You’ll find out. It’s the finale we were all excited for right? I mean, fuck Breaking bad, what happens on NFL rush zone this week?!

But really, let’s head in and see how this all goes down. It’s the ending that will you speechless….for many reasons.

This, is Wild Card:32, Guardians: 0

The episode opens with the last scene from the last episode. Ish’s dad was driving home from his leave when a fog rolled in and we heard Wild card’s laugh. Indeed, Wild card pops up alive and well.

Wild card and some Blitz bots attack Ish’s dad, and we get the intro. Then a guy tells us the NFL players who will fail to act today.

After that, we really start in the HOK as RZ is telling the guardians what happened. As it turns out, Ish’s dad was transporting a secret army device.

How it can be him? I was sure Wild card was destroyed when the liar exploded”

Me too. It makes NO SENSE why he is alive and it’s never explained. Then Ish’s dad pops up, mostly fine. He confirms that Wild card is back, and now he has a really powerful weapon.

After all we’ve gone through in the past few weeks, he hasn’t changed at all”

Yep, they build Wild card up as evil, gave him a backstory, made him synthetic and him redeem himself as he died. And…then he comes as a monster for no reason. This is some the most inconsistent writing i’ve ever seen.

We cut to Wild card in his underwater ship thingy as he has new sidekick who can’t talk.

Who has the last laugh now? …Me, of course!”

The best part of this finale? Wild card is back to being as AWESOME as he was in the first two episodes.

Wild Card will use his new device to give him so much power that he will be the most powerful being ever. Did a 5 year old writer this? A bad guy gets an army device that HAPPENS to exist and HAPPENS to be from our heroes dad.

His bot zaps hm with the laser.



Back at the HOK, they explain the army ray thing.They find out Wild card is at Metlife stadium, so they head there and find him with the megacore right away.

This leads to an action scene where Wild card shows off his new power. Wild Card can actually clone himself, making him even MORE awesome.

The real Wild card is there draining the megacore.

‘Hand over that Megacore”

Please, get a better opening line ish”


Wild Card finishes the draining the megacore and he runs away. Man, this power has made Wild card funny and…actually threatening! He’s even better than drop kick now!

With the power of two megacores, he drains the power in new york city. After the break.,Wild card goes back to his ship and fully takes the megacore’s energy.

He can now send his hologram’s through any video screen in the world. So now he heads to Tampa. It only makes sense this show would go to Florida.

Wild Card takes the megcore with ease.

Don’t touch your remote. It won’t matter, i’m on every channel!”

I’ll see this as the BEST 4TH WALL BREAKING EVER..

How about a few clips from my highlight reel?’

Okay, that’s a real 4th wall break. We get a montage of him awesomely taking the megacores and sapping the power.

RZ tells us that Wild card is taking power from whole cities all over the country. RZ sends each guardian to a different remaining RZ.

Help arrives in the form of Ish’s mom. She’s on the team now, don’t ask. She gives them so thingy that can scan DNA. So Ish heads out to some city where Wild card is.

The others do the same bu the wild card clones kick their asses. Also, they bum pitno NFL Guest star Josh freeman. That’s one thing from this show I won’t miss.

Wild Card is all hammy while fighting Tua.

Let’s settle this. Man to…whatever you are”

I’m not a big fan of this show”s action but all the action in this episode is pretty cool. Ish finds Wild card draining another Megacore.

Stop draining that Megacore”

Would it be a shock to you if I said no?”


You’ll understand that joke in about ten seconds when a zap all the power from the city”


After the break, we join our heroes at the HOK as almost every Megacore is gone and most of the country has no power. I must say, this is pretty cool to see such huge stakes for once.

The last two megacores are in a big international game in london. So now they need energy from the core or something, and only one computer has helped with that before: Drop kick. Since he almost took the energy from core.

Wait, he’s dead.

‘I thought Wild card was gone too, but that didn’t happen”

Good point. I’m sure they aren’t doing that, and they’ll find Drop kick’s dead body back in the remains of the liar.

RZ sends Ish and Ash over to the liar, while the others go to London. They find Guest star number 2, Maurice Jones drew. Thank god he’s the last one for the series.

They find some wild card clones walking around, while ish and ash end up back at the lair. So they head to where Drop kick likely is while Wild card makes a run for the last two megacores.

…The guardians fail. Wild card gets the Megacores.

All 32 Megacores, mine at last!”

I never thought i’d see a villain in this show almost win and…find him awesome for the right and wrong reasons. So he drains the power.

Anyway, Ish and Ash find Drop kick, mostly alive. Um….he was dropped INTO AN INCREATOR. YOU DO NOT FUCKING LIVE THROUGH THAT.

God, one awesome death ruined and one crappy death made even worse.

‘They take Drop kick as the lair finally gives in. They take him back to he HOK and Drop kick reveals that wild card can’t win. The core cannot be contained cuz some of it is spread through the guardians.

No human can stand all that power. It would overload. Speak of the devl, Wild card runs in to gloat. He’s here to kill Drop kick for real.

Also, he’s good now. So he started as sympathetic, get a backstory, become a symmetric villain, got too evil, was meanly killed…and now he’s good and they all forgive him.


They ruined a cool dude with this crappy, inconsistent writing. So Wild Card starts sapping the power.

You won’t even use your electric toothbrush without coming to me first!”

…Okay, that makes up for it.

Wild Card grows huge, and has 99 percent of the world’s power. One more drop nad he will explode. Ish points out the power of the core. The power inside him.

Then Wild card saps ih’s power but..

Too much power!”

Then he blows up. Well, that’s the end of-

wait, who’s that human man right there?

Welcome back Warren. The blast freed you from your containment”


When I saw this, I said WHAT for a solid minute. WHAT THE-

One mental breakdown later

Sorry. But this makes no fucking sense! If he was a human in that suit, then that brings up so many questions. Why is perfectly fine coming out instead of being all beat and hurt? Or if not, why isn’t he like Alejandro in Total drama all stars, where he can’t move cuz he was in a robot suit?

Also, if it was THAT was, why couldn’t they find a way to do that before?! Nothing about this ending makes a lick of sense.

Even better, Warren is a good dude now and they say they will reprogram drop kick. So after ALL Wild card did, being free just makes him good…like that? He just gives up? FUCK THIS SHOW.

Nothing can redeem this episode now.

You saved the world ish…but your power. You sacrfied it for all of us. You’re not a guardian anymore”

That’s right, the season ends with Ish losing his power as s guardian…to save the world. They pulled a sweet complex moment that makes our hero lose his power. And that’s how the end the season./

…That takes BALLS. Not even a good show would do that. Forget the villains, this makes for EVERYTHING I hated about this show. Good on you!

So with the power back on, the london game starts up with the guardians there to watch. Also, they say Warren won’t be able to enjoy his freedom for awhille. Does that mean he’s going to jail? No idea, he never pops up again.

They thank Ish for his sacrifice, and say he’s always one of them. Ish is okay with that, and he knows what he did was right.

Good friends. The NFL. No one can ever take that away from us”

Nice. So that was-

He’s the one”


We see a big shadow dude watching ish from a screen as he laughs evily. End season..

…A cliffhanger? Why?! Who is that guy? Why is there…wait. No…it can’t be.

nfl rush zone season 3



…So that, my friends, was the 2nd season of NFL rush Zone. For the first time, I shall split up my final thoughts.


This finale was a mixed bag. On hand one; it was the closest to a real good episode for a while. Wild card proved to be a real threat and the stakes were high. There was a ton of action and I had fun for the wrong and right reasons.

Wild card had great lines, and Ish doing what he did was really sweet and balls-y. So it should be awesome…but it isn’t. For one, it shows just how dumb this whole season was. They made drop kick alive…cuz why not. He’s good…cuz why not.

Things happen just so they can wrap things up. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. The big twist at the end not only makes little sense, but it shows how inconsistent the writing is. They have no idea which villain should be “good” or not so in the end it’s kind of both, even though it’s stupid.

As a finale, it does kind of work. Heck, it’s more fitting than most finales…and that is said. Like I said, there’s plenty to like but man, some parts fail.

It’s fun with its flaws until the end. Just like the rest of NFL rush zone, it’s so bad it’s good. This episode gave me exactly what I want, but it was also…kind of disappointing for the route it took.

I should of known that Wild Card would turn good for no reason at the end but once he…died, I thought he would stay dead. And once he got super evil for no reason, I thought he would stay that way.

Again, that shows the mixed, odd writing. For the first time, this show got me invested and I had no idea where it was going. Sadly, that ended up being a bad thing. Though I can’t get too mad. This is a show with the world’s dumbest premise.

But it got me to not care about the premise and set it aside. Something the early episodes could not do. However, I can’t be too pissed…cuz I greatly enjoyed it until the end.

It’s NFL Rush zone. It’s just …differently stupid.


But now..


The first season sucked. But at least it was CONSISENTLY terrible. It didn’t have anything to praise, and it never tricked you into thinking it would be tolerable. It was bad all around

This season however, was a cocktease. The first half was basic bad and I had no huge good things to say about it, except for how hammy Wild card is. The first half was also a mixed bag, but for different reasons. It did make a bit more sense and it was less stupid than season 1.

So it was technically better, but it was also a bit more boring and conventional in place. I suppose It was just a case of “I liked it better when it sucked”. Only it still sucks, just less.It was still “so bad it’s good” for me due to Wild card and how odd some elements, it just a bit more boring.

Then all that changed in the 2nd half. Plenty of my same points are still here, but now they put in REALLY interesting plot elements that are far too complex for this dumb show. I was actually interesting in the story, yet it ended up being a tease as they kept doing that other dumb crap.

Then came the last few episodes of the season. All my issues in the episode thoughts come here. They reeled me in only to bring out some of the laziest writing i’ve ever seen. Before, this show’s issues were just general things like “the characters are dull, the plot makes no sense” and stuff like that.

But now they have issues that people find in shows that don’t actually have them. Only here it’s made worse due to the nature of the show. The problem here isn’t that I couldn’t care about the plot. The issue is I DID care but the writers clearly didn’t.

.HOWEVER, the fact that these elements are there at ALL proves there is something there, even if they ruined it. It was a very mixed bag of a season.

The animation and voice acting greatly improved, even if the former is still lacking. The designs are easier to look at, but they don’t have much movement and can be a bit jerky at times. Also, half the time THEY NEVER CHANGE EXPERSSIONS. It’s so creepy.

The characters are both better and worse. Better cuz Ish has a bit more personality to him (even if he is no longer MJ) and there are more traditional character dynamics. On the other hand, most of them are blank slates and are really boring.

The only interesting characters are RZ and the villains…and look where they ended up! So as a whole, the 2nd season was more of the same…but better and sometimes worse.

These are the kind of rants you see on real shows, like Legend of korra. Except I am not watching a completely different from everyone else for some reason. I am watching something that had a weird effect on me.

  1. have no idea what grade to give the season. I know what to give the 1st half, but as a whole a flat out d would seem too mean at this point. However, the good parts don’t really save it . So..

Grade: D-

There, I’m finally done with NFL rush zone…for now. Why is there a season 3? No idea, but I WILL review the premiere when it comes out next month.

For now, our MJ Football journey has ended.

See ya.


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