Spongey’s Fright Fest #6: Jessie

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome back to Spongey’s Fright Fest!

This is my 3rd one in a row on a Modern Disney thing. Frist a sitcom, than a movie, now another sitcom. Sorry, but I want to some of this crap out of my system.

But anyway, let’s jump right into it. These are the Halloween episodes of Jessie.

This is the story of Jessie (Debby Ryan), a chick who left her home in Texas to follow her acting dreams in new york. It doesn’t work out so she becomes a nanny for some crazy but overall likable kids.

…When I get to it in the lookback, I’ll get into how much sense this makes.

Point is, Jessie is awesome, the rest are alright. Also, Debby Ryan is hot and I’ll tell you about the characters when we get to the show later. Luke is the prankster who isn’t as much of a dick as he could have been. Holly Hills, I mean Emma is the teenge girl one who isn’t as bitch as she could have been.

Chirag, I mean Ravi is the snarky Indian one who isn’t as racist as he could have been. Zuri is the sassy black one who is…exactly as hit or miss as you think she would be. Also, Betram is the fat butler who is the fat butler.

So let’s get into the two Halloween episodes. First up, is “The Whining”. On Halloween night, Mr Wright from Ned’s Declassified tells them a spooky start about stuff on the 13th floor, and a nanny from the 20’s who went insane.

They end up going to the 13th floor while trick or treating in spite of this and them being out after curfew pisses off Jessie a little bit and she’s bent on finding them and stuff.

Perhaps the title tipped you off as to what this is spoofing but i’ll give you more details: Before She heads out, she is working on a short story to give to some dude. On the 13th floor, the kids see an elevator full of “Blood”, and also some twins saying “play with us”

Still don’t get it? How about this?

Here’s jessie!”

Yeah, it’s the Shining. A Disney sitcom is spoofing the shining.


That’s my main reason for reason for liking this episode. It’s a good nod to that film. It’s been done before, most notable by the Simpsons-

Simpsons did it!”

Shut up. But would you expect THIS show to do it? …Well, they would later to Rear Window and then Terminator 2. So I guess this was a hint of things to come. Anyway, they hit all the marks but they have it make sense in the narrative of the show.

So if you somehow don’t know anything about the shining, you would probably get what is going on. Yes, Jessie was able to pull off a spoof more than you know who. That’s actually kind of sad.

Anyway, the explanations for why some of this stuff make some sort of sense. Well, I get why Jessie would be cranky but perhaps going all Nicholson wasn’t the best way to get them ot listen.

A lot of the shining references lead to some amusing jokes, both cuz it Is actually amusing and cuz I know what it’s a reference to. But that’s not all we got. We have more amusing Halloween jokes, like a running gag with how Betram can’t seem to scare anyway.

Which gives the best line in the episode.

Werwolves used to be scary. I blame Taylor Lautner”


Wait, that’s 3 Twilight slams on a row for fright fest. Freaky.

Speaking of interesting lines, we have this bit with Jessie and her boyfriend dude Tony:

I have a great Flapper costume”

What’s a flapper?”

It involves me fearing a short skirt”


  1. think the writers found out why this show is popular.

Anyway, most of the episode amusing with Jessie going all insane and stuff. If The Haunting Hour has proved anything, it’s that Debby Ryan pull of kind of evil. Only here it’s not evil but it’s fun.

Granted, she’s no Jack Nicholson, but we can’t all be, ya know?

Though unlike the ANT Farm eps, the usual baggage of lame jokes come with it., However, with the actually amusing bits, this ep is one of the better ones.

Also, Zuri’s costume is a race car driver and she has a car thingy that she names Christine. SUBTLE.

Anyway, there’s not a whole lot to say other than that. Eventually, things get settled and thing return to normal. Except it turns out the creepy doorman Mr Wright here is a ghost dude who was just fucking with the kids.

Then we see him with the ghost of the 20’s nanny and they go ghost stuff and they scare Luke who pops up. Debby Ryan is quite hot-i mean fun as that ghost nanny for a second. I could be shocked that ghosts now canonically exist in this world…but this is the same world as Suite life, which had ghosts for real in one episode.

So I can’t be too shocked. This is a fine episode overall that serves as an amusing spoof and a good Halloween episode. They do take advantage of the Halloween thing like i’ve said before and that works well.

Also, it was the Season 2 premiere, which is also cool. It’s a fine episode, so let’s go the one that aired the other day. This is the season 3 premiere. Guess that’s a thing now.


This one is called “Ghost Bummers’. The local bitch-y old neighbor Mrs Chesterfield holds a Halloween party and doens’t invite the kids or Jessie so they throw their own party. With blackjack! And hookers!

Okay, no but it is more popular than chesterfield’s party. But as luck would have it, Jessie begins to see ghosts and Emma, and Luke are overcome by ghoulish spirits. Now, it’s up to Jessie, Ravi and Zuri to defeat the ghosts and save the day and the building.

To help you get what this one is spoofing, Luke and Emma are taken over the Doorkeeper and the Codemaster. The big demon guy is Zorag and he does his stuff at the top of the building. And..

Who we gonna call?”

…I have absolutely no idea”

That’s right, it’s Ghostbusters. This one is a bit more general than the the last one, so it’s not 100 percent everything from Ghostbusters. Which is good, cuz if you’ve seen the movie….you’d know why siblings Luke and Emma being the the two ghosuts that need to join…is really creepy.

This one isn’t as good as the first Hallloween episode, but it’s still fun. Mostly due to the Ghost busters elements and some of the cool stuff. Also, Zorag ends up possessing Chesterfield, which is awesome.

I don’t think there’s a full Zull equivalent here so i’ll do it on Zorag: ZORAG MOTHERFUCKER, ZORAG!

I actually don’t have as much to say about this one, even though I just watched this recently. However, there are couple minor bits to point out.

Jessie is dressed as Mayrlin Monore.

Whoa, are you dressed as Babezilla?”

No I am not babezilla….though I kind of am”


So I spent most of the episode staring…er I mean laughing. Or cringing. Whatever you haters want. Anyway, that costume leads to this bit with her and emma, who doesn’t get it.

You need to watch more movies without Twilight in the title”

Okay, some Disney writer REALLY hates Twilight. God bless them.’

And that’s really it. There isn’t much to discuss plot wise as there was with the whining. While Ghostbusters is oblviously the movie closer to my heart, I just found the first ep a bit funnier.

But does it have Jessie dressed like…that? Don’t think also.

Also, it turns out to be a dream cuz Jessie ate a shit ton of Candy. So they can establish ghosts once, but twice? Don’t be silly.

Overall, both of these episodes prove that Halloween can bring out the best in any show. While they are as flawed as the show itself, we still have plenty of amusing jokes. They were both creative in what they spoof and the stuff they do.

They are both certainty some of my fave episodes now. I mostly enjoyed them for what they certainty were. Again, grading stuff like this is odd, mostly cuz it’s a Disney sitcom. So as a whole…

Grade: B

Whoa, first time in Fright fest I gave something lower than a B+. That says something about what I review.

Will I do a disney thing next time? No idea, only time will tell. 24 hours of time, anyway.

Short one, but I didn’t have much to say. See ya!


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