Spongey’s Fright Fest #4: A.N.T. Farm

Hello, Spongey here. And Welcome back to Spongey’s Fright Fest!

Today we venture into a world that is truly horrifying. The world of…DISNEY CHANNEL SITCOMS! Yeah, if you read part 1 of my Disney sitcom lookback, you know my thoughts on some.

Today we look at one I haven’t reached, of course. So I’ll keep certain critiques and opinions to a minimum. I’ll just go a tiny bit over the characters so my “review will make sense.

With that said, these are the Halloween episodes of A.N.T. Farm

ANT Farm is the story of Chyna Parks, a 11 (think) year old who is going to high school. How? She is in the ANT (Advance. Natural. Talents) programs. It’s a special thingy for those have are prodigies in anything from music, art, or just being really smart.

I’ll go into how this all works (and my logic questions) when I discuss this in the lookback. Basically, the show has her dealing with high school stuff….and stuff that is actually funny. Like Alpha bitch Lexi and her dumb sidekick.

More on that in a second. The first Halloween episode takes a…different approach. It’s called Mutant Farm. It takes place in a universe where all our kid characters are mutants. Chyna is a Medusa, Olive (the smart one) is a mad scientist with a brain on her head, Fletcher (the artist/dumb one) is a wimpy vampire, and Angus (the creepy kid from Ted, aka the fat one) is a zombie.

Instead of the Ant program letting awesome kids be in high school, it lets awesome kid mutants be in high school. The “Normal’ characters like Chyna’s brother Cameron (the dumb one….this show has too many dumb people) are well, normal.

You can have your “race” debate in the comments below.

The plot is a clever spoof/role reversal of the first episode. In that first episode, the kids worried about the “big kids” not liking them and how they are treated badly. The teens have a party at Lexi’s house, and the main kids plan to sneak in against their parent’s wishes.

In Mutant farm, it’s the teens who are treated badly and the mutants go free without any trouble. After all, who would mess with these freaks? So it’s the teens who must sneak into a mutants only Halloween party.

While that is going on, Chyna tries out at a plan to get mutants and humans to work together. The whole ‘spoof of the 1st episode” thing is why I enjoy this episode so much. Some can see it as lazy but they do mess around with a few ideas and lines from the pilot to great effect. They also combined this with the other good thing: Taking full advantage of the setting.

An example of the former has to do with this line from the pilot. Chyna caught her brother at Lexi’s party, and a bit after that..

“Oh hey, you got a text from Satan. It says SEE YOU SOON”

Then in Mutant farm…

Oh hey, I got a Text from Satan…he says SEE YOU SOON….we’re going bowling later”

Never mind that they say SATAN, not “devil” in a Disney show, this is an amusing callback. The episode is full of stuff like that. Like how in the first episode, Chyna and the gang make fake versions of themselves to fool Dad at home. Here, Lexi, Paisley and Cameron do the same thing. But with the IQ that they have…it’s a lot more amusing.

They mess around with the first episode, but they still fit in plenty of monster gags. Like how angus the zombie keeps eating limbs. …Yeah, it’s a surprisingly dark running joke, but it works. There’s also a gag involving Fletcher’s evil laugh, but I won’t spoil that one.

It’s a pretty enjoyable Halloween episode that’s good for getting me in the mood. I won’t say everything that happens but Chyna easily gets Mutants to accept humans a bit more and she ends up singing. By the way, this show loves to LAMPSHADE the out of nowhere songs that plague these shows.


The song itself is called “Calling all the monsters’ and it’s actually pretty catchy. Don’t judge me, it’s good. Sorry this summary isn’t more detailed but there isn’t a ton to the plot. It’s simply an amusing spoof of the first episode that takes full advantage of its setting.

It’s actually of my favorite episodes for that reason. It’s fun.

And it was a big hit, so they made a sequel. That’s right, it was that good. Now we go to Mutant Farm 2: Electric Mutantloo. …I added that last bit. In this EXCITING SEQUEAL, Mutant Chyna gets a crush on human boy and when they find out their true nature, they must get past that, and whatever.

Meanwhile, Olive clones herself in order to multi-task. That goes about as well as you’d expect. There were a couple changes in the proper show that had to go in this one. First off, this “Violet” chick entered the cast who is snarky. Here, she is Olive’s Igor, and it’s amusing. Also, for a while Lexi was a waitress at a restaurant that changes its type all the time as part of its gag. That’s here too and it’s cool.

The 2nd one isn’t as good as the first. It’s good but it lacks a lot of the memorable bits the first one had. Also, I don’t get why Chyna is having a problem when she strived to get rid of that in the first episode. Thankfully, it’s done well even if we know the boy isn’t showing up again, ever.

For the 2nd one, we have no Cameron, or Paisley or people like that, which is fine since we got our of fill of them before. We have less of Lexi (my favorite character) but she is still there and has some okay bits. Less of Angus but again, we got our fill before.

While I wish some of those popped up, the episode was decent without them. I’m not quite sure why I am so sour on this 2nd one. I have no real issue with it, and it keeps doing new and fun things with this concept.

Since part 1 used an earlier episodes plot, they needed a new one that still tired into the mutant thing. So they had to resort to a romance type thing, when I think they could have done some new plots. The subplot with Olive more than makes up for it, of course.

I don’t remember as much about this one other than general plot things. But I do remember it being amusing (as amusing as I find this kind of stuff anyway) and fun. They didn’t run out of stuff to do for this one, like I feared. They could have run out of jokes to get out of this idea, but they still had plenty here.

Of course, A.N.T. Farm wasn’t the first show to do the “other world where are main characters are monsters” thing…but we’ll get to that one later. Regardless, they do a fun spin with both of these episodes.

…And now, by popular demands, we have MUTANT FARM 3: THE MUTANTQUEL …Again, I added that last part. Yep, I held off on typing this one until Mutant Farm 3 came out yesterday.


At the start of Season 3, the Ant’s (and Lexi for reasons I’ll get into when I cover the show) end up going to a boarding school called Z Tech, owned by Not!Steve Jobs aka Zoltan Grundy. The rest of the season is set here, so it would make sense to bring Mutant farm here.

So at the very start they have the mutants arriving at the Mutant world Z tech. Zolan is a fairy, which is hilarious. Then there’s a joke with Z tech’s room-evator which here goes all the way heavan and down…to boiler room.

Also, the underworld”

Love that. Also, they say the evil one is coming…and it’s just Lexi. Hey, they already made a joke about Satan, I wouldn’t put it past them to have him come out for real. See, it turns out Lexi is a mutant….as in, she’s a mermaid. The kind with the fish part on top.

Sure, it makes more sense (As Family guy pointed out) but it is much less good on Lexi. Also, that evil one joke with Lexi proves that evil is sexy.

…Did I just say that out loud?

Anyway, long story short, Winters (Zoltan’s bitchy assistant) takes over Mutant world Z tech and makes every mutant do a bunch of terrible jobs that they hate. Then Lexi accidentally ends up opening a portal to another dimension.

…It happens.

To escape Winters, they go through and end up in….the normal A.N.T. Farm world. That’s right, we’ve reached that point. I thought it would turn out to be a dream or something….but nope. This is for real. A.NT. Farm has joined Suite life and other mostly non-magical shows in having canon-weird stuff in them. …That’s cool.

The rest of the episode has them hanging out and then some other things happen that even I won’t spoil. They up the antee here by having the mutant characters and normal characters bounce off each other. They get some good jokes out of this and I highly enjoyed it.

The funny parallels and funny ideas that the first one had are back at full force. Ideas like Zoltan being a fairy and a twist with Winters makes this pretty cool. I may actually like it more than the 2nd one. I’m not sure if I like it more than one. The plot is more interesting, but I liked the gags a bit more in the first one.

I may have to give the edge to 3. Why/ Well, see, the first two had an AWESOME Halloween-y version of the theme song, which the title changed to Mutant farm for the intro. Season 3 got a cool new intro (visual wise) so they did a Halloween version for it here. And it’s AWESOME.

That alone makes the 3 the best, at least story wise. They even fit in a cute moment at the very end that I like. So we have a rare part 3 that is the best of the trilogy.

…Also ,3 hs this line from Vampire Fletcher-

I learned from this terrible adult novel that girls find vampires irresistible”

They flat out called Twilight terrible. THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER MADE.

…Anyway, This trilogy as a whole is very enjoyable one.

The idea was cool on it’s own and they filled it with some really creative and funny ideas. It still has the trademark Disney sitcom….stuff, but I like that shit. It was a fun way to spend Halloween with these characters, instead of a normal Halloween episodes.

I now always say that Halloween episodes are the PERFECT kind of episode. For any show,m it’s the chance to do some really creative jokes and plots. Every Disney show tonight that had Halloween in it proved that in spades.

This show proves that, of course. I actually hope ANT Farm gets a 4th season just so we can have a Mutant farm 4. Sure, I always say NO PART 4 but fuck it, I want it in this case. I didn’t go in depth, but when we get to ANT Farm in the look back ,you’ll see that this isn’t exactly the deepest show on right now.

But these episodes are among the most genuinely funny, and that’s nice. I don’t feel right about grading TV stuff like this, but as a whole, this trilogy gets…

Grade: B+

But mostly a whole, of course. Very enjoyable stuff. …And that’s all for now. Join me next time for more fun and…well not scares, cuz I’m not scaring if I don’t show my face.

See ya.


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