300th post Special!

Hello, Spongey here. And welcome to MY 300TH OVERALL POST!

This won’t be as much of an event as you’d expect, but it is special. Yes, I know plenty of these posts were filler like the welcome blog or how I reviewed The last airbender twice.

But blogger and wordpress combined give me 300 posts counting this one. So what the hell could I review for this occasion?

Well, for 100 did an infamous TV movie called Cry Baby Lane. For the 200th, I went back to my old nemesis with their first film, Spy Hard. So you may guess for my 300th, I’d do the same and go back to someone you know I am not a fan of.

So let’ talk about Adam Sandler again.

I did a whole month of his movies, so I don’t need to introduce him again. He can be funny, or just flat out good but he keeps making movies I hate. Film Brain did his first film ever, Going overboard for his 100th as he did a Sandler film before and there was more to come. So much so that he half ripped me off!

So I’ll do the same here, by looking at his past to show you that I will cover more Sandler films, even though I’ve  done plenty. We all know GB was his first film ever, but how about the first one to help launch his career?

Yeah, I know I thought it was Happy Gilmore in my review. I REALLY apologize for being an idiot and thinking that was his first real movie. No, today’s subject holds that honor. See, a couple months ago, I watched a pile of Sandler films as review candidates. Two of them were going to get a review.

This is one of them. Is it the “comedy classic” his fans all remember it being? Is it as annoying as critics said it was at the time? Let’s find out!

This, is Billy Madison

We start with the text “Adam Sandler in…” which should tell you who helped write the script along with future Bedtime Stories/Little Nicky writer TimHerlihy. The movie actually opens at a pool where we see Billy Madison himself, played by Adam Sandler.

For his first real movie, Sandler puts on a voice that would work out so well for The Waterboy. His voice can be best described as….stupid. Mentally challenged, if you will. Kind of like a non-Cajun version of his voice from Waterboy. We see him using this voice as he puts on sunscreen and blathers pointlessly about it. Yeah, at this point I questioned if this really was one of his “good” movies.

His voice is less annoying than in …well anything he’s been in, but at times he almost threatens to get that bad. Thankfully, he gets better as the movie goes online but this first scene has him trying a bit too hard.

Anyway, there are two dudes sitting in their chairs on land and they inform him it’s October 1st. Not for a few days here in 2013, sorry.

It’s dirty magazine day!”

Then he jumps out and quickly races to the mailbox while shouting that phrase again. In true Sandler fashion, two of those porn mags have a dumb joke. One of them has old people. Why would he even receive that?

billy 1

He passes on it, thank god, in favor of real porn. I imagine this scene would go a bit different in today’s world of online porn, but I digress. Oh, and Billy was drunk so he randomly see a giant penguin, and simply says it’s “back again”.

The pool cleaner tells him there is no penguin, but Billy is just that drunk. Since he’s in a golf that means it’s POINTLESS “CHASE” SCENE TIME! Yes, Adam Sandler, while drunk, is chasing in an imaginary penguin.

That’s so dumb that it wraps around and becomes…amusing. If he did this gag today, it would be 10000 times less funny. Anyway, Billy eventually passes out when the chase is done. This has been another-


See, Billy is the son of a powerful rich guy (Uh-oh, Sandler’s ego is showing) and some of associates showed up. So the maid hurry’s Billy upstairs so he can sober up and stop embarrassing himself.

She also says he has a nice ass. Lovely.

We briefly see the business dudes setting up for dinner, and one guy named Eric (played one of the technician dudes from Cabin in the woods) acts like a dick to another guy. Gee, I wonder who the villain is.

He’s the Executive vice president to Billy’s father, and you can guess the plot right away, can’t you? Anyway, it then cuts to Billy in the bath as he has shampoo and conditioner fight over which is better.

…This is one of his good films, right? (By the way, Shampoo is better, you should know that). Then he looks at the weird Swan statue next to the bath, and tells it stop looking at him.

Okay, that’s a little funny. …It’s funnier on screen than on text.

After that, he heads down for that big dinner and of course he acts like…well, Adam Sandler. Eric makes snarky jokes at him and Sandler tells him to shut up. Yeah, Eric isn’t the villain. Nope…

Eric continues to mock him silently, which makes Billy act like an obnoxious jackass. Yeah, I’ll go into Billy’s character as we go on but let’s just say he is very hit or miss and leave it at that.

So the dad kicks Billy out for the time being. Billy then goes to a fictional (!) burger place which has a real Coke sign in the background. Some things never change, even for Sandler. He is sulking with his friends, and they simply talk.

Who would you rather bone: Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson ?”

Jack Nicholson now or 1974?”


…Meg Ryan”

You laugh now, but wait til Sandler stars with Jack in a …interesting film I’ll get to another time. After that bit of weird-ness, we see Dad hanging with Eric and another friend, as we find out he runs a Hotel empire and has always wanted to give it to his son when he gets older.

Wait, the Dad of a Sandler character wants to give his hotel empire to Sandfler. …Holy shit, Bedtime stories ripped this off! Not only did he re-do Happy Gilmore with The Waterboy, but re-did Billy Madison to? Not to mention that Hotel Transylvania makes 3 Sandler movies with him running a hotel.

Unoriginal, thy name is Sandler. Or Tim since he wrote this and BS (FITTING) as I said before.

Of course Eric points that Billy is not fit to run the hotel empire, which is 100 percent right. Then it abruptly cuts to a guy saying “That’s a nice piece of shit”

I see he just watched Grown ups 2.

That guy was one of Billy’s buddies who are now out and about. They plan to do a ‘flaming shit-bag on doorstep” prank on some guy.

Old men Clemens hates shit”

Then don’t show him Jack & Jill. Man, I’m on a roll today!

After THAT bit of pointless-ness, we cut to home where his Dad calls a meeting with Billy. Dad chastises Billy for being an idiot and not really appreciating what he’s given. So with his retirement, Eric is getting the hotel empire instead.

Another plot point Bedtime Stories took. Granted, it did it differently and this guy is a much better villain than Guy pearce, but my point remains the same. Billy is pissed but his dad says Billy should be fine with it as his dumb-ass can just sit around instead of working.

You can lay around all day, chasing invisible penguins”

Dad, did the penguin put you up to this?”

Okay, that was also funny.

Dad reveals he used the power of money to get Billy through college, which is why he knows Billy won’t ever be smart enough to run the hotel empire. Now, if this movie was done in 2013!Sandler style, it would be impossible to like billy and I would side with Eric, who is right even though he’s a dick.

And to an extent, that is ALMOST the case. To some, it is. But by the end, Sandler stops his dumb act and the bad guy is harder to side with. Not to mention they actually TRY and put EFFORT into the “story” going on.

Something Adam Sandler seems to have left out of his films now.

Billy says he wants another chance to prove has what it takes. He wants to re-do high school. But his Dad also got him through EVERY grade, and just High School. So he’ll just start from grade one and work his way up.

I’ll do each Grade in two weeks, take the tests, graduate, prove to you I’m not an idiot, and I get to take over Madison hotel”

We have out premise! Not the most original one, but I’ve heard worse.

Dad approves right away without hesitation. Yeah, after he says that, it’s on. Anything to star the plot since we’re 14 minutes in already.

You pass every grade before june 15th, and you take over instead of Eric”

Dad leaves but Eric stays to be a dick. He’s the typical Sandler douchebag, but the actor makes him at least a little funny, as useless as he is.

billly 2

So the following Monday is the first day of school, as billy gets dropped off. He bumps into a love interest, I mean teacher named Veronica Vaughn (Sandler loved his V name alliterative girls back then), played by Bridgette Wilson.

She acts dismissive towards him, which means they will hook at the end. He heads to class, where he sees a kid doing armpit farts. It only took 18 minutes to get our first (kind of) fart joke. Yay!

The teacher introduces Billy to the class. The kids seem pretty accepting of him. Some of the better bits involve him and the kids throughout the film. Figures he would fit with kids with the same IQ.

Now, it’s story time with the puppy who lost his way. As long as the buddies don’t show up, I’m game for anything.

His name was Happy”

What you don’t see is the light-bulb above Sandler’s head as he start writing his next character. After the story, the kids are asleep but Sandler is awake. What did he think?

The little boy gave up looking for Happy after an hour. He didn’t put posters up or anything. He sat on the porch like a goon and waited”!

Hey, pointing out the plot holes is my job! Also, yes Billy does switch between funny and snarky and…well Adam Sandler. He’s funnier with lines like that.

Then they go outside to play dodgeball. Billy is hit by a ball right away.

Doyle rules!”

I smell a running gag!

Since he’s out of the game, Billy just gives up and heads back inside. The teacher kicks him out so she can have some alone time. Don’t worry, they avoid the really obvious joke that my statement makes you think of.

Billy heads back out, grabs a Dodgeball and starts his assault. Yep, a grown up man is hitting little boys with dodgeballs That’s not creepy at all. Thankfully, this scene is short as we cut to snack time later on.

billy 3

After school, Billy sees Doyle here meeting up with his hot mom. There’s no point to this but but I mention it cuz Doyle calls Billy retarded…and mom doesn’t react. Great parenting!

Meanwhile, there’s a cut to Eric’s office building witch ominous music and Eric being a dick. I’ve seen Disney villains more subtle than this guy! Hell, even makes a “We eliminate Billy Madison” speech to his villain pet of choice: A hat.

He’s better than most Sandler douchebags in that he isn’t over the top annoying and his actor makes him enjoyable to watch, even if he is dull. His over the top nature with that scene makes him alright. It’s a pointless scene though so let’s get back to class the next day.

We see Billy being billy throughout the week until we see him passing the grade by drawing a blue duck. Man, I Wish my first grade was that easy. Don’t we all, though? So they have a party to celebrate this (I don’t get it either) and they have fun.

Of course Eric isn’t swayed as he gloats evilly. So let’s move on to the end of Grade 2 with a spelling bee. Oh, spelling, we all know I’m great at that! Billy is up against a little girl and he gets pissed when gets she easy words wrong.

So Billy is like my title card only less funny?

This is the first scene where I think Billy is too much of a dick. He bounces back but I don’t know. Some bits, like the Penguin can be chalked up to him being weird, but he seems dick ish here. He’s far more likable than most sandler character, but he seems almost too man-childish for his own good.

Thankfully, he has his share of good moments to make up for it. So Billy gets the word right by thinking it through. Sadly, this movie doesn’t have much focus on moments like where he actually gets smarter like a real person. Well, he kind of does but I don’t know, it seems underused in the long run.

He passes the 2nd grade, and Eric too doesn’t get why he needs a party for every grade he passes. He also gloats like a dick again. He gets repetitive, but again, he could he worse.

So it’s on to 3rd grade, and it turns out his teacher is Miss Vaughn from earlier. Her first order is to have them turn their books to page 69. Yes, Billy makes the obvious observation, hardy har har.

Billy is a nuisance who will be gone in two weeks. I apologize for this inconvenience”

That kind of stuff would get you fired in real life. Though to be fair, I’d say that if Adam Sandler was in my class too.

. Anyway, Billy acts out so she takes him aside to chew him out. This actress is good at being bitchy but respectable. She doesn’t take any of billy’s shit, unlike anyone sense and that’s what makes her fun.

Billy’s response? Being a dick. That’s my other problem with this movie: Flat out inconsistent writing. At times, Billy is funny and likable. At other times,he’s a giant dick. Not as much as say, his role in Chuck and larry (fuck that movie) but he still has his moments.

When I popped this film in, knowing it’s mixed response from Non-Sandler fans, I expected more of that dick-ness that only Sandler can give us. But there are too many times where I like him fine, as we’ve seen

. That’s just inconsistent writing for this type of character. To be fair, it’s hard to pull off but at least I make CONNECTIONS with him beyond his dumb voice. Something Little nicky could learn..

billy 4

The next day, Miss Vaughn has Billy write some cursive on the blackboard. Remember when school’s tried to make you do cursive until they just gave up and now cursive might as well be an alien language to me?

Even though Billy shows off his Billy-isms I brought up, this scene manages to be amusing simply due to how Miss Vaughn is so bitch-y to him (since Billy is being well, Billy) in such a condescending (SPONGEY MAKE BIG WORD) yet amusing manner. Not only is she pretty, but he clearly sticks to this character and she helps steal the show.

The next day, we see a kid being dumped in the trash can by another member of the Doyle clan, who exclaims DOYLE RULES again. Told you it was a running gag.

Vaughn is sick today so the social service rep from Big daddy, who is the Principal steps in. Of course, one of the kids gets in trouble cuz of a note he wrote insulting the man. This is a pointless moment, but I did that gag already.

It’s Valentine day so, Billy gets some cards from love struck classmates. Um, these are little girls. Is Sandler such a sex magnet that little girls want to bone him? Is his ego that big even back then? Also, save the pedo jokes for That’s my boy, okay?

His biggest card comes from….the Principal. Uh, save the weak gay jokes for Chuck and larry, okay?

Moving on, Billy is hanging at a friend’s house, and he asks the boy to call Miss Vaughn (How did he get her number?) and be his wingman. Of course he is not happy and tells the kid he is more of a grown up than Billy.

Pissed, Billy has him hang up. Do I need to pull out the pointless moment card again?

So the next day they are the bus, headed to a field trip. Chris Farley has a weirdly uncredited cameo in this scene as a bus driver. It lasts like a minute and it’s kind of pointless though maybe a bit funny with some Miss Vaughn’s reactions here.

Their ride takes them to a farm and while they talk, Billy chats it up with Miss Vaughn . She makes a connection with Billy because he reveals that he wants the kids to keep looking up to him and that’s why he did, um, this weird dare back on the bus.

Next week, you’ll have another teacher to annoy”

I just want to annoy you”

That’s both creepy and sweet, and also creepy.

After that, Billy’s friend who we saw in that other scene, pees his pants. So in order to keep him from being bullied, he pours water on his own pants so the mockery turns away from the friend, and over to him.

Billy convinces them that it’s cool to pee your pants. Oddly enough, this is kind of sweet and it shows Billy’s development as he’s grown to care for that kid. If the rest of the movie was like, my grade would get bumped up.

So later after that, the trip ends and they have to get on the bus. Chris Farley the bus driver talks to Billy.

That Veronica Vaughn is a nice piece of ass. I know from experience.”

No you don’t”

Well, not me personally by a guy I know. Him and her got it on”

No, they didn’t know”

…No. But you can imagine what it would be like if they did”

For whatever reason, this is one of the most quoted parts of the movie. It’s amusing and it shows Billy as smart and shows the better aspect of this movie.

Also, have you noticed this movie has gone into skit Territory? Of course given how this was Sandler’s first major movie after joining SNL, it would make sense that is not used to an actual narrative. So he has an excuse for why this feels un focused.

So where’s the excuse for Grown ups, Just go with it, and Jack and Jill?

Billy 5

Anyway, we cut to after Billy passed the third grade. Given how much attention this section got, I wonder why there wasn’t a big test moment here. Anyway, Eric gloats some more and Miss Vaughn shows up and Billy talks to her.

He shows her his tent in the yard he’s been hanging out in lately. He shows her some of his stuff and how he has been learning. I think she warms up to him almost TOO quickly, but it’s better than the romance in Happy gilmore.

Yeah, I said it. Granted, that’s a much better movie as a whole.

There’s a weird turn where it seems like they may kiss, until Eric’s evil sidekick Carl walks in. Billy introduces him.

Eric gets the company if I screw up. He’s a douchebag”

That’s the extent of his character, to be honest.

After that pointless, we get a montage of Billy moving up the school ladder. The montage ends as we move on to the party following his 8th grade graduation. The principal is there and Eric shows up as he found out that the Principal used to be a wrestler.

His wrestling days ended after some nasty accident. Yep, Eric is now using blackmail to stop Billy. Man, this guy is a great douche. I don’t care if he falls into the “pointless douche” he just helps steal the show.

We’ll get back to this plot point later, but let’s move on to high school. Billy tries to be cool but High school rejects him like it rejects everyone else. Hell, Doyle’s OTHER older brother picks on him and shouts DOYLE rules again.

Of course he has the “High school was awesome before but now that I’m back it sucks” effect as everyone calls him a loser. So he visits Miss Vaughn who tells him that maybe he should apologizes to the people HE called a loser in high school.

So he calls up Danny Mcgrath, played by Steve Buscemi. We see that Danny looks like a perfectly normal guy while Billy calmly apologizes to him for what he did. He takes it well and accepts his apology.

…Then Danny crosses Billy of his list of people to kill. Okay, that was funny.

The next day, Billy is at home with some buddies watching TV when the news comes on with a big thingy. The Principal is telling everyone that Billy bribed him to move him up through the grades. Yep, that’s our pay off to Eric’s blackmail. Also, it must have been a REALLY slow news day if that was important.

Dad is, of course pissed off. He now knows that this was all a big mistake. The deal is off, Eric has the company. Well, movie’s over! …Okay, i’m being a dick this time. That gag only works if i’m doing a bad one.

Dejected, Billy gives up and goes back to his old lifestyle. So that night he gets drunk and ends up at Miss Vaughn’s house. She is unmoved by Billy’s drunken drivel and invites him inside so they can talk about this “bribe” thing.

Who does Billy see in the house? The penguin. Oh joy. But that gag…actually kind of works this time. I just thought it was so out there and amusing that the penguin would have been um…doing stuff with her. Thankfully, the gag is short this time as Billy just…forgets that.

I suppose that was enough for Vaughn to calmly get Billy out. So much for talking about the bribe. …But she shows up at his place the next day to do just that so what was the point of that scene?

And by talk I mean she bitches at him for being an idiot last night and “suggests” he go back to school and get the company. Billy however, is content to just give up and this pisses her off. She tells him not to be a lump of crap and start winning and yada yada yada.

She leaves, and of course, this inspire Billy to….start a musical number? The hell? Did I pop in Eight crazy nights? This is a weird song, as it comes out of nowhere and it’s mostly in Billy’s head. It’s…kind of fun but what the hell?


billy 6

So after that some of Billy’s kid friends visit the Principal to get him to admit he lied about Billy. Then it cuts to him on the news admit he lied. I don’t get it, what made him crack? He even admits he was that wrestler so Eric will have nothing on him.

With that cleared up, Billy’s dad thinks billy needs another shot at high school. Eric is not happy and tries to get them to remember that Billy had to pass 9th grade in two weeks, which he did not. Eventually it gets to the point where Eric explodes and tells Dad off.

Ready to hand over the company to me?”


Then I’ll see your ass in court”

So all that pointless section did was make everyone hate Eric…and also take us to our sort of climax. Billy says they should settle this with an Academic Decathlon. Eric accepts since there’s no will Billy could beat him.

So now Billy must cram for the event. Vaughn helps him out with a…what can only be described as a strip quiz. It’s only a short gag but I had to mention it. So another a short montage, it’s time for the big Decathlon.

There’s another montage of the first few events, which vary in how much of one of them fails really badly. Then, for some reason, we cut to the entire O’ Doyle clan driving outside until their car hits a banana peel dropped by the bus driver earlier.

They chant O DOYLE rules…as the car drives off a cliff. Wait, what?! They just randomly…kind of die or something? As incredibly BLAM-ish and random is that is…it’s a good example of how to do a brick joke! They set up the O’doyles as dicks and they had the peel thing. Both payed off in a way just long enough from the original joke that you remember. But it also didn’t show up too soon either. It was just right.

If anything, this movie avoids what latter Sandler films do. It has a structure with it’s jokes. So while some can view that as a weirdly mean joke, I see it was a perfectly done payoff joke.

So back to the big event, Sandler has a one point edge as they move to the final event: A Jeopardy style quiz show. Eric chooses a hard category and Billy gets a hard one as he must discuss how the industrial revolution changed society and whatever.

Billy’s response? It reminds him of the puppy who lost his way. Billy botches the story completely and he somehow makes it so the dog represents industry. The little boy is society.

The judge’s reply…may very well the best line in Cinema History.

Mr Madison, what you just said…is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything, that can be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul”

…Clap clap clap CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!

Holy shit, that was awesome! That is the line EVERYONE remembers from this movie, regardless of how they feel about it. It’s hilarious, off beat, and awesome! They could have had him love his response cuz it made sense to him but no! They took the high road and made him say what we all want to say to Sandler after seeing one of his movies!

I don’t care if you hate this movie. You have to love that line! I even used in, sort of, in my Jack and Jill review, long before I even saw the film! I’ve been building up this ENTIRE REVIEW just I can praise that line.

How do they follow up on it?

…A simple wrong would have done just fine”

An equally funny reply from Billy. Awesome.

The film for some dumb reason tries to move on from that awesome-ness and pretend it never happened. So Billy chooses “business ethic” as his category for Eric.

However, Eric ironically knows nothing about business ethics and winds up breaking down by pulling a gun which he had for some reason. Wait, what? Christ, they went a bit overboard on this part, didn’t they?

Pissed as hell, Eric is ready to kill Sandler’s career before it begins (perhaps he was a good guy after all?) until the Principal shows up in his wrestling gear to stop him. Awesome but then Eric just points it at Miss Vaughn.

But Eric is taken down…by Danny Mcgrath.

Man, I’m glad I called that guy”

Now THAT is how you do an awesome payoff moment. That makes up for any of the movie’s flaws. It’s a tad odd for Eric to go down like a cartoon villain since he was kind of right about Billy at least at the start…I’m okay with this.

So with that, we cut Billy’s graduation. He admits the hotel stuff isn’t for him, so he steps down and gives the company to Carl. So I suppose that made the movie pointless…but at least Billy shaped up and realized some stuff.

I’m gonna go to college. I’m gonna be a teacher!”

Ah okay, that bit of character growth makes up for that.

Dad is alright with this, and they hug it out. And yes, there’s a big kiss with Miss Vaughn. This almost makes you forget we were rooting for a student to bang a teacher. Save THAT for that’s my boy, Sandler.

Also, Danny Mccrath hooks up with that horny maid who likes Billy. I skipped over her other bits as they were um…not funny.

But of course, there’s a couple we were all rooting for..

billy 7

The Bus driver and the penguin, otp for life!

Billy and Vaughn kiss again and…roll credits. Well, there was a pay off but I can’t help but feel that it ended abruptly even though everything wrapped up. The film is 1hr 25min which is fine and it goes by fast.

It’s the end of the movie, and the start of Sandler’s film career A double edged sword if there ever was one.

Final Thoughts:

This one was certainty a mixed bag. It’s not bad, but I don’t think i’d call It that good. But…it is kind of good. Actually, let me rephrase that. On it’s own, it’s an acceptable comedy with a few misfires. Compared to Sandler’s later films, it’s an example of how to this type of movie RIGHT.

There are so many things that today’s Sandler films get wrong that this movie gets right. First of all, the story. It’s not exactly new but it’s still a 3 act structure that doesn’t feel contrived or overly long. Just Go with it could learn from that, is it had little to no structure except for lazy bits.

At times it can do what that film does: Go into sketch mode where not much is going on. However, it’s his first real movie after doing mostly Sketch humor so that can be excuse. What was JFWI’s excuse? Sometimes this one can bug me when it does that but it usually helps the “Story” in SOME way.

And unlike his films now, this one knows how to do proper pay off. The jokes come back at the right time and plot points (usually) serve the plot well and I never felt like it was a competently unfocused mess. I have the feeling something HAPPENED and that jokes helped the “Story” in some way.

Again, I can’t say the same for his newer films. The humor itself is…all right. It’s pretty miss. Sometimes they have Billy fire of actually snarky lines that make us like him and some of the brick jokes are written well. At other times, Billy goes on like a moron, and we have bits like that gay joke.

So sometimes I wish they would cut that crap out. But once the plot kicks in, I didn’t cringe too much so that’s something. The main romance is, like in other Sandler films, kind of rushed but it did go into Billy’s character a bit so I can forgive the fact that she likes him too quickly.

But now for Adam Sandler as Billy Madsion…he’s alright. How much I like his performances depends on how he is written. When he is written decently, his acting is fine. If he is written poorly…not so much. Even by the end, I don’t walk away parsing Sandler but he at least scores some laughs.

Sadly, he switches between kind of unlikable to mostly likable. Some may find it hard to root for a guy like him while others may feel he devolved well. I’m in the middle as there are moments that show he  actually did learn and grow as a person. But the movie seems to not focus on that as much as it focuses on the humor or other elements.

So I have to remember that deep down he did grow as only a few moments make you go “whoa, development!”. There isn’t a ton to him, but he’s better than most Sandler character. See, usually Sandler will think a funny voice makes the character or that just being him will be funny.

Characters make funny voices and faces, not the other way around. This movie gets it right by only doing that early on and in a few scenes. You actually make a CONNECTION with the character as he say and does things that appeal to you or that you agree with. He feels like a person instead of a funny voice with a face attached.

They really could have made him funnier or more likable. They could have showed his growth more. However, barbecue he made laugh and I connected with him, I could stand him for an our or so. The movie is paced well enough so that task is easy.

So as a whole, I see the appeal behind this movie that made it a hit. I see why people would find Sandler annoying and not see some of the growth moments since to them, he is just a loud man child. This was a fine start for Sandler, even if it’s not perfect.

On one hand, this would lead to Happy Gilmore and The Wedding singer. On the other hand, he would think the funny voices are funny, so the eventually results were…The Waterboy and Jack and Jill.

Like I said double edged sword. This movie is sadly too flawed to get a great grade as I felt it had stupid moments, some weak jokes and that the good parts don’t 100 percent make up for hit or miss part. This may seem low, but it’s what I think fits.

Grade: B-

Yes, a very long final thoughts. But I needed to get it all out. Adam Sandler, you aren’t off the hook yet as I have plenty of pain to deal out. But maybe some other time.

Thanks for sticking around for 300 posts, and I hope you enjoy this milestone review. Next time, it’s back to basics with a look at another recent target for me.

See ya.


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