Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Let's just hope it really is the final one this time.

Let’s just hope it really is the final one this time.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, my dear brother Antony (No H, don’t get that wrong) is having his 21st birthday today. Yep, he can legally drink. But I doubt he will cuz my brother is scary enough while sober.

Anyway, for this occasion I let him pick the next review, as he does follow my stuff to an extent. He said I should give him ten or so choices and I let him pick. He picked this movie.

…Yeah, he knows about shame. And he also shares it! I’m not even joking about that. He’s 21 and watches this stuff to. I’d like to console you by saying it’s ironic but I don’t think it is. Don’t worry, he has not seen this film or it’s prequel. He even says he’s not looking forward to watching them, as he stared his own DCOm-a thon awhile ago with whatever movies Disney shows.

Of course I also had two far better DCOM’s on the list but he wanted me to do something that looks mediocre. It may not be but I don’t know yet.

If you remember, I reviewed Camp Rock for DCOM month The plot had a girl named Mitchie going to the ever so popular Camp rock where she finds romance with one of the Jonas brothers, who got some bad press for being a dick.

Also some stuff with Isabella and an alpha bitch who turned good. I found it to  be weak even for a DCOM as the plot was rushed, cliched and just pulled stuff out of it’s ass. However, it’s a guilty pleasure as when i’m not being a nitpick-y asshole, I have fun making fun of it.

But even then, I couldn’t say I’d watch as often as I’d watch High school musical or something. But hey, it’s harmless enough.

As you can imagine, it was a bit hit so of course a sequel was made. This one keeps most of the cast from the original, but the director and writers changed. Well, actually only kind of. The first had 4 writers (4 people had to write that crap?) while they only keeps 2 of them. But they added a third: Dan Berendsen.

He has done tons of DCOM stuff…including Hannah Montana the movie which I just reviewed. I swear, he didn’t know that when he picked it, I told him that and he was like “Ugh, why did I pick this one?” He didn’t change his mind though.

They switched the director of The Oogieloves with the director of Let it shine (aka THE ONE with the infamous song lyrics) Well, it’s a step up at any rate.

Oh, and before we start: When this movie came out back in 2010, my English teacher was hyped…as the subtitle promised it would be the last one for good. He was a very good teacher.

Will this have a crappy ending? Will it be better than the original since sequels up the ante most of the time? Will it be any good at all? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions? Let’s find out!

This, is Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

The movie opens with Michie, again played by Demi Lavator, and her mom (Again the mom from wizards of waverly place( headed to Camp rock for another summer of mediorce-ness. Mom points out that Demi hasn’t seen Shane (Nick Jonas) in almost a year even though they talk on the phone all the time.

First off, this is gonna be the best summer ever!”

Which means it will suck but one event will make her call the best summer ever at the end. Right?

They briefly notice that another Camp opended across the lake, but Mom says it’s nothing to worry about. I’m guessing there will be the over so cliché “Camp vs camp” thing later? Also Camp star? Sounds the Asylum version of Camp rock/.

They arrive at camp and bump into Isabella, I mean Catylin, again played by Alyson Stoner. They head to their cabin and bump into the ex-alpha bitch goons and also the ex-aplpha bitch herself, Tess. They talk about girly things and stuff.

Shane, and his brothers are trying to get to Camp on time. Shane is excited he will finally spend time with her cuz he’s now all love-y dove-y. Except their bus got into some trouble ans as they get out to fix it, it falls off a cliff and into the water.

That, calls for a WAH WAH WAH WAH WAAAAH.

Back at Camp, few people seem to be there except our heroes. And then that is forggoten as they bump into some dudes outside and have them play some music for Demi to sing to. Glad to see out of nowhere musical numbers that try to make sense in rewla life are in style.

But this one turns into something that looks like a HSM style “Sing out of nowhere” song halfway through it with Demi dancing around with background dancers and whatever. It’s actually kind of catchy and easily better than most of the first films songs.

Then it turns into Mitchie singing it onstage. Can they pick a kind of musical already? Anyway, tons of people show up during this song yet the camp director still says there are fewer people.

Then Shane and his brothers show up. Remember, they are in a popular band and Shane has turn into a full good guy since the start o the first film. This year they are here as normal campers.

Then the Director changes the subject back to the number of campers. Oh my, this is gonna be like the first one, isn’t it?

Anyway, this is due to Camp Star, lead by the director’s former band mate Axel Turner. At least the rival camp has an actual reason to be a dick to the main camp. It’s already a step up from say Fred 3, where the other camp is just kind of snooty.

Then Camp star shows up in an air raid…to give them gift baskets via parachute./ Camp rock is invited to a bonfire that night. The director suspects foul play but of course everyone, even Demi is foolishly naive.

So they head to Camp Star that night, which is more like a resort cuz they are just so rich. They quickly bump into Axel…who is played by Karl from the Goosebumps episodes known as The “Chillogy”. I haven’t gotten to those show exclusive stories yet but MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM HERE!

He was so much fun in that episode, so I hope he’s just as fun here. Axel claims HE left the band and he’s acting like he has no agenda. Camp Rock director contintues to be sane by reacting like any cliché savy guy would.

Already, these guys are the best part.

Camp star is about producing the future stars of tomorrow”

And Camp Rock makes tween stars that either go crazy or fade into obscurity. See, you both have your niche!

Anyway, they head to the campfire which has a big stage instead of, you know, a fire. Axel goes up and suggest a volunteer come up to sing. There are no takers so Camp star goes up instead.

It’s what you’d expect. All big and and obviously could only come from the “talented villains” that these type of movies produce. It’s catchy to an extent and again, it’s better than the songs in the first movie.

That’s how we do things here at Camp Star!”

Then Axel comes up and asks if any Camp Rock counselors or staff would like to switch to Camp Star. Of course, Director guy says no one would do that and suddenly, tons of people switch. Man, that was predictable even for me.

Anyway, in the last scene, a girl up on stage that Nate (Nick jonas) was looking at earlier ends up having her bracelet fly off and into Nate’s face. So Nate returns it now and of course start the official cliché romance of the movie. At least it’s the “quirky” kind that start funny, unlike the first movie’s romance which was just dull at every angle.

Her name is Dana, whose actress was actually for Demi’s role in the first one at one point. Guess they wanted to get her in somehow.

My dad’s Axel Turner”

Wait…her dad is the head of the rival camp? Oh god…it’s THAT storyline isn’t it? The whole “romeo and juliet” thing? Come on, I just saw this on Jessie last week! And even there it was kind of pointless, so what chance does this film have?

After they finish talking, Dana goes to her dad who says she doesn’t want her talking to “that boy”. And that’s that I guess.

Demi explores the camp some more and finds a recording studio. She meets one of the singers from that last number, Luke Williams. Of course he’s a dick who talks bad about Camp rock and all that jazz.

Demi tells him that no camp rocker would ever come to this ego factory. Tess pops up and says she’s making the switch. Didn’t they just do this joke already? Also, Tess shows no regrets about this.

So the Alpha bitch turned good…only to back stab her friend like this. So much for the face heel turn. Demi just snarks at them, clearly knowing Tess is a lost cause.

The next morning at Camp Rock, the Counselor announces that they only lost a few campers but they lost some stuff.

Camp rock is closed”

We could just try to get more staff people but …that’s too hard!

I’m just shocked so many took the bait in less than a day. I mean, most movies wait til the climax to pull this card. But hey, the movie is over already. …Once again, I’m kidding.

Demi isn’t okay with this and says they shouldn’t give up. This leads to a comletly out of nowhere musical number. So now they are in High school musical mode? Okay, what kind of musical is this?

Well again…this song isn’t too bad. It has them all singing about how they should not back down, and it’s actually somewhat memorable and catchy. Where was this kind of passable number in the first one?

Also, Demi decided to become a lot more attractive in this one with this number further showing it. I’m reviewing this off the TV (Thanks, Disney Channel, by the way). I can almost call her badass looking, and that’s not talking about the “nice” part.

Though with it taking place in the dining hall, and being about saving summer and not giving up….it reminds me of “work this out” from High school musical 2. And that’s not a bad thing. Anyway, Director Brown comes to see that Demi has brought him new Counselors ….aka her fellow camp mates.

He accepts them even though they had no experience or anything like that. This of course leads to a montage using some random pop tune. The montage is full of good things happening cuz of this and “Quirky” bad things happening. They couldn’t pick between a quirky montage or a positive one, so they did both.

After that, we see that the schedule is a bit fucked up and Mom keeps getting the weirdest shit delivered instead of the food. Director Brown says they are doing great and they will just try to fix the schedules. If this is ‘doing great”, maybe you should consider stepping down.

Anyway, Nate goes out to see Dana but while in his canoe he bumps into Ty from Shake it up. Or at least the guy who would;d go on to play him. He’s popped up a couple times as a camper but only now did I feel like mentioning him.

Nate ends up on the other side and indeed meets up with Dana. They hit off and not in the dull way, in the “Quirky” way. At least it’s not drop dead boring. But Nate leaves cuz Axel shows up.

Later, Demi meets up with Shane to lament the fact that have barely hung out since they got to Camp. Ah, so it’s the “keep lovers/friend” apart cliché. It’s not as common as other love cliches but I see in this Disney stuff all the time.

And just as they say that, they are interrupted by a call to the bonfire. Also, there was a bit I skipped when Nate was put in charm of some kids who act like dicks to him cuz….they are kids? This continues to this scene.

And things get fun when it turns out Axel is spying on them along with Tess and Luke. He just kind of comments an walks away. Also, Tess is helping to spy now? Bitch!

Cuz the plot is jumping around two films in a row, we cut to the next morning as the Camp Rockers walk-er dance into Camp Star. Demi makes a proposal.

Camp Rock Vs Camp Star. The final jam”

It would be the most epic battle since Moses vs hitler! …That’s a real fanfic. Seriously.

This leads into yet another song. It’s essentially a “Good vs evil battle” type of song. There are more than you’d think. And once again, it’s over the top and catchy like the High school musical numbers, though not nearly as memorable. This one isn’t as memorable as the last one, but it may be even better due to how “epic” it all is.

Once again, Camp Rock 2 pulls of a mostly fine number better than the first one’s songs. Axel pops up right after, and accepts their challenge.

Let’s put this little competition on TV. Have the public decide who’s really the best”

Knowing the DCOM-verse, I think they WOULD watch two dumb camps sing it out. So the gang accepts his offer.

So later, Demi pitches her song to the group and they very much approve of it. But then they bring up that they have to run this by Director brown.

I know what he’s gonna say”

One Gilligan cut later…

Axel turner cannot be trusted”

Saw that coming.

Brown says Axel is using this as a way to destroy them once and for all, like the delightful villain he is.. He’s talking to Demi’s mom about this and she thinks they could just call it off. But it’s a bit too late for that.

After this, we are done”

Well, the conflict started weak but now it’s fine. Much better than the first film in that regard. So Brown tells her that they are done and that when this makes it to TV and they loser, everyone will go to Star and Rock will have to close down. Way to have faith in your campers by saying they will lose.

‘I wish she hadn’t fallen for that trap”

Demi of course ends up hearing this and sulks off. The next day, she calls up everyone and changes the camp plans. Everything is about the completion now. They will not back down, and make sure they win to keep Camp Rock in business.

But now Demi has less time to spend with Shane, which again does not please him. Sp he runs off and quickly bitches to Nate about this. I’m not sure if I should compare this to Transformers 3 or not. You know, when Shia is trying to save the day and the girl bitches that he isn’t paying attention to her.

I suppose this is different as what her ‘shane management” has been a problem since the start of the movie. And also unlike Transformers 3, this is not the biggest deal and she should really clam down about it. So it’s kind of like T3 but thankfully, a tad better.

And she keeps being like this as she see people goofing around and bitches at them to work harder. How bad does she get?

If I wanted to go to camp star, I would have signed up”

Ouch. I can’t say I dislike Mitchie here since this could mean the end of Camp Rock. I could also say the kids do need to focus more but Demi is being…well yeah. So it’s a fine mix and I can say I have little issue outside of it being played up a bit too much.

Mitchie walks away and Shane barges in on Jason getting his kids ready.

All work and no spray makes a very unhappy rocker”

.No. Just…no.

Then it cuts to later as the whole camp decides to have fun via WATER FIGHT ATTACK on Mitchie.

BROWN: This is what summer camp is all about!

So a random water game thing will smooth things out. Eh, I can dig it. Then it cuts to later at the campfire as Demi has not shown up. Shane finds her somewhere working on her lyrics.

Shane decides this “no time together” thing has to end, so he tells her that they shall go on a picnic. …But she says no.

Do you not understand everything?… the water balloon fight?”

She is not happy. Shane reminds her that he came here to get to know her better and this is her, trying to save something she cares about.

So am I!”

‘How’s that working out for you?”

Andf that’s where it stops as Shane sulks off. Oh joy, more dramatic drama bullshit. I can say it works better than in the first one, but man, this is pretty dumb. I think it’s here when Mitchie gets overly bitchy about this as Shane was really trying to break the ice with the water fight.

I get why she’s all uptight by come on Mitchie, your boyfriend wants to hang with you and you just bitch at him? That does not make for a likable lead. Shane isn’t off the hook though….as his character is kind of boring now.

I suppose THIS romance bullshit works better than the romance bulllshit in other movies, like the first camp rock. But the “Bitchie Mitchie?” (heh, that’s a rhyme) is a bit overboard. What could make it even more sappy?

A song, of course! Shane actually sings on his own, but on Demi’s side, it’s an “out of nowhere” song. It’s alright, for a middle of the movie love number. And it’s a bit more catchy then I thought it would be. But as far as “songs that are catchy but remind me of a weak plot point” songs go, I side with “Gotta go my own way”, thank you very much.

After the song, we cut to the next day as everyone is now working hard upon Mitchie’s request. They realize that she was right and they should step it up. It was Shane who got them to get up this early and work hard. So Demi was right and the fact that she bitchy about it isn’t phasing them.

Well, it probably is and maybe this is teaching Demi that positive reinforcement would make them work harder, as it worked for Shane. So I can give my okay to this bit. So the jonas brothers here help them on how to rock and stuff.

Then they perform for them, which means another song not even 5 minutes after the last one. This is a full jonas brothers song, so of course it’s the weakest one so far. Not bad and it has some okay parts but it’s a step down from the more fun numbers from before.

It won’t matter, if you can swagger like ol’ mick jagger

/….Please don’t remind me of an even worse song.

Ojh, and this song is also part montage song so we can forward the plot too. But wait, we haven’t seen Dana in awhile, so let’s have her come to visit Nate. She came her risking her dad’s wrath…and nate doesn’t say much.

She is shocked that he isn’t much of a romantic, and he doesn’t say a lot.

I AM different.”

You’re not. You’re like every other teenage boy in the world. Have you ever told me anything about yourself?”’

…Way to jump to conclusions, bitch. I mean seriously! This only the like 2nd time you’ve have extended interaction on you’re own and cuz he simply has nothing to say now, you act like he’s like every other dumb boy.

And like I said, you’ve barley talked to him. OF COURSE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIM. Maybe if you, I don’t actually asked some questions or had normal conversation, you wouldn’t have this problem!

Granted, I know little about him cuz he’s not a very interesting character but come on. It likely works better in the movie instead of my narration, but this is still weak. Dana walks off, being an extra big bitch.

And then we just move to to Shane and Demi finally getting some time on their own as a love-y song plays in the background. Glad they settled that unrealistically quickly.

After that, the brothers hang out and Nate talks about how badly that last bit went. He reveals that he does car for her, he just doesn’t know how to say it. Ah, I get it. So why did Dana have a bitch fit over something so stupid?

If you can’t say it, you can sing it”

See, Ant Farm has MOCKED the out of nowhere song stuff in the past because of lines like that.

Nate heads over to Camp Star to spy and finds out that the Star campers are not getting along, thanks to Axel being like an even bitchier Mitchie and the performers arguing. But he’s just here to sing for Dana.

I’m glad they decide to settle that plot point right away instead of letting it linger on. But it also kind of makes it pointless. But anyway, he gives her a list of random stuff she doesn’t know about him.

And he follows that up with song number 8745. At least it’s the kind Camp rock 1 had so it makes sense. Also, no one hears him sing even though he isn’t being quiet? Well, at least the lyrics actually forward the plot and character instead of being love crap.

The song ends and Axel randomly pops up. He isn’t really angry and just shooes Nate off and tells Dana he’ll “talk about this later’. It ended as weakly as it began. And abrupt cut number 12 takes us to that night as Jason is with his kids.

This ends up being a sappy moment as Jason tells them they will win or whatever. Then at random, they decide to sneak out and see how the camp star guys are doing. Axel is still being an awesome douche by making them practice into the night.

Come on! Move. This has to be perfect!”

Okay, so they are showing how Axel’s way is making Tess regret her decision, and maybe the other guys will quit or something. Doesn’t make up for how sudden Tess switched and stuff, but I can get down with this.

Wait, why did they even sneak out? So they can tell the rockers the next day, that it’s just Tess and luke singing and that they can kick their ass.

This isn’t a huge help as they also will only have two singers (Shane and Mitchie) so really, this is an excuse to get Mitchie to have the confidence to actually go up there cuz she didn’t plan to go up or whatever.

So instead of everyone, it’ll be just the two of them. Um, if it was all of you vs two of them, you would win easily. Why do it the hard way?!

Also, Jason’s kids tell Mitchie they had the best summer while pranking and stuff, and this gives Mitchie an idea. But we’ll see that later, so we move on to the big CAMP WARS which is, as you remember, being shown on Tv hosted by some chick.

As it turns out, host chick is in cahoots with Axel. Gee, didn’t see that coming. Axel tells Brown that she has nothing to do with the vote, which I think is a bunch of bull. Anyway, so we move on to the start of the event as Camp Star will go up first.

Thus, we get Camp Star’s big song. Which also means it’s the official VILLAIN SONG! It’s oddly not as ‘evil sounding” as Tess’s in the first one even though Star is more evil. However, ti’s still kind of fun though I actually prefer Star’s song from earlier. It’s still plenty boastful like a fine villain song should be.

So after that epic-ness, the Rockers are getting nervous as they get ready.

When I get nervous, I sparkle things”


Demi congratulates Tess and Luke, and luke comments that the only thing better would be doing it solo. Tess agrees.

TESS: Good luck.

I hope that’s not the end of her “development”. So Brown talks to the host chick who reveals that Axel is paying to ext and tweet every cell phone user to vote for Camp Star. Right after, one of the rocker’s gets a text saying to vote for Camp Star. Dun dun dun?

Nate talks to Dana again and once he walks away, Axel reminds Dana that he is the enemy. She does not agree.

Not everything in life has to be a competition…but I think I just won”

Okay, that was a good line.

So after that, Camp Rock goes up. It’s a a love-y type duet with Shane and mitchie, and it’s just okay. Not anywhere near as good as Star’s song, but this is better in their mind. It’s a reflective song given the footage of earlier scene spliced in, so it works in that way.

But it’s a tad more forgettable than some of the other songs in this film. But it’s not bad at least. So the song ends and it’s time for everyone to call in and vote.

Axel, of course walks in to be evil. Brown countacts by going “Fuck you I don’t want to be like you” and all that jazz.

A minute later, the votes are in. And the winner, by movie cliché rules is of course…Camp Star.

Wait, WHAT.

No, no I’m hearing things. I mean, they don’t even say it. The dialogue is muted out by the sad music in a pretty effective moment but we never HEAR anyone say Camp star. We see just see the star guys hugging and clapping. How can we be moved if we can’t hear the bad news?

But that’s not the point. The point is, for the first time in any DCOM in this style, the main characters….don’t win! They lose! The bad guys win the competition! They lost and that means Camp rock will close down!

I’m sure they may pull something out soon…but dude! You have no idea how refreshing it is to me, to see a DCOM do this! It’s actually very effective, as everyone is simply letting their faces show their pain.

Even Tess gets a fine moment as she comforts Mitchie. This actually works kind of well. I mean ,this may bring about a whole new cliché buyt how often does a Morden disney product do this? Not very!

And they don’t pull out anything./ They move on to the next scene. Sure, we knew this would happen cuz of Axel’s biased campaign but….still! Then we see that Mitchie isn’t as broken up as she was a second ago.

Not every song can be a hit. Doesn’t mean we can’t stop singing”

So they are teaching the lesson that sometimes you just don’t win. But you should not be discouraged and move on. Holy shit, an actually good moral! Again it is it’s own cliché but….wow!

Then they move to Mitchie apologizing for how she couldn’t spend time with shane this summer. Then they kiss. I’ll let it slide just this once.

So they have one last campfire which sadly brings this overboard as they sing a sappy song. It’s a tad forgettable but it persistently isn’t too bad. It reinforces the moral and themes even if it goes overboard at times.

But then they notice something. The Camp Star goes are coming over hear cuz they saw the fire.

We don’t really do this kind of thing, so we were hoping you’d let some of us join .Tess, having changed randomly asks to re-join Camp rock.

The other Camp star goes have the same request. Yeah, we never saw them changing their minds but I guess seeing how much fun and not-evil Rock is made them change. Random but whatever.

Having the Camp Star guys move over here to get the quota back and even save camp rock is…fine. You could say it goes against that moral, but think about it. They could have had Axel’s big plan be revalued by Tess and everyone is like NOOO and they demand their vote be changed. Then it changes and Rock is saved and no one learns anything.

Would you want that? No. This is actually a good way to get Rock saved, even if it’s kind of rushed. The moral of not letting one loss get you down is still felt, and the Star goes simply realized that competition isn’t everything.

So it works without 100 percent sacrificing the moral. It has it’s cliché moments like how the song is still going now…but wow. I am impressed! They did something new and made a lesson more Disney Channel works need to teach.

I can’t say it’s adult cuz it’s still Camp rock but wow, they got it right with this ending. The only problem? The movie ends here as everyone gathers in song and it fades to credits.

…Uh, cool but one thing: WHAT ABOUT AXEL?! H just gets way with it? I know what I said, but shouldn’t he still be caught in some way? He does some bias campgain and acts evil and gets no comppuance! He isnt’ even stopped!

He doesn’t fully approve of Nate and Dana (they just hug and sing at the end) nor do we even see him once Camp star wins! He just…vanishes! He’s not defeated, he doesn’t swear revenge, and he doesn’t even shake his fist!

So as much Credit as I give the ending,, I think they lazily dumped the villain off and didn’t this chance to make him me even awesomer with how he is stopped. What a weak way for Karl go out.

And that’s the end. Wow, I felt like this movie was much shorter than it is. This took the usual 4 sittings to write (for an 80/90 minute movie) but it went by so fast. But whatever, end!

Final Thoughts:

This film was a mixed bag, like the first one. As a sequel, it’s mostly an improvement on both levels. The plot, while still kind of weak, is not as simple or badly written as the first film. But let’s get the negatives out first.

The characters are still dull and it is still cliché ridden. Save the camp, save the romance! That kind of crap. And like in the first one, the plot jumps around in a lazy fashion. I also think thy made Mitchie too Bitchy at points even though it got better.

Same goes with Tess, whose entire arc felt rushed. Oh, and Nate’s thing with Dana was pointless as one bit made her bitch and it’s never really resolved. Things like that reek of lazy writing and it stoops to the first film’s level.

However, they improve on the first one where it counts. They have higher stakes and bigger risks this time. As much of a Bitch as Mitchie was, her thing is interesting enough own it’s own. As cliché as the camp battle is, it puts their beloved camp at risk and adds some actually threat to the table.

Axel is a very fun villain with how sure of himself he is. Gotta love Karl. However, I dislike that he doesn’t really get stopped, nor is his thing ever competed. What a shame.

The characters themselves aren’t too better compared to part 1, as Shane’s “now a nice guy”-ness brings him down. However, his issues make him far more interesting to watch. Isabella here sadly gets nothing to do but it’s better than the stuff she got last time.

Everything seems stripped down but it makes it more personal, and the story actually flows okay when it is focused. And this time, there’s a lot of energy to. Whether it be Axel, the songs or even the ending, there is a lot effort put into making this fun and even sweet.

It doesn’t work out, in the same way it didn’t work for Let it shine but much like HSM, I appreciate how hard the cast must have worked. The writers half ass parts, but I respect the actors. The joe broes are a bit better this time, as they clearly picked up acting tips from their TV series.

Dem is decent too though her smiling early on is still annoying. It’s better when compared to the plot-less feel of the original but i’ts still not too bad. The songs are better too as they have ERNEGY and are fun. Some are better than others, and the best still don’t hold a candle to the High school musical numbers, but they are mostly memorable.

And I must give big credit to the writers for the ending moral. It doesn’t hugely tie into the romance or anything that well, but it’s a good lesson on it’s own. Again I like seeing a kid’s film go the extra mile and tell them that sometimes you lose but you have to move on.

It goes overboard, but it feels sweet and genuine compared to the first. Granted, it is rushed and in the end the romance meant nothing and some things could have been ironed out. But the ending itself is well thought out and I must applaud the makers for it.

Overall, it’s a guilty pleasure. It’s a lot of fun even when it’s dull as I love mocking it. The first one was only a basic guilty pleasure, while this is a big one. But that’s because it was moregeine and fun. Now, I mean bigger as in it’s overall more fun, not that it’s worse and thus I feel more guilty.

It’s very flawed, as tons of things didn’t go together and I think it needed a few rewrittes. You could argue the first film was better as it didn’t feel as rushed in the ending but it also had worse writing all around.

If you have a kid, then let them watch it. If you are over the age of 13, then I suggest only watching it if you are like me or have a high tolerance for this stuff. It’s a fine sequel.

Critical Grade: C+

Guilty Pleasure Grade: B

Thankfully, they are stopping it here as making a third one would be impossible for two reasons: 1. Demi has cut off all ties with Disney channel at this point. 2.. It’s called the FINAL jam. And that always means it’s the last, right Friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, and The final destination?

Also, thanks Antony, for pickin this one. You are actually kind of cool. Well you have to be or else I wouldn’t have made this deal. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

See ya.


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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