A look at Disney Channel Sitcoms (Part 1)

Hello, Spongey here.

Everyone has their Guilty Pleasures. And I don’t mean the usual one off movie or TV show you enjoy. I’m talking about REAL guilty pleasures. The works of an actor, or company that you follow even though you know you shouldn’t.

For some, it’s Michael Bay movies. For others it’s the whole genre of Shitty spoof movies. For me it’s…Disney Channel Sitcoms.

Why? Why do I love this shit so much? For my money, only a handful are actually decent. So why do I like even the crappiest of shows? I have no idea. I complain about Teen bullshit but I eat it up. I’ve gone other Disney Sitcoms twice before, but I only scratched the surface.

I have no reason for enjoying these, but I do. And not in a “”it really sucks but It’s so bad it’s good” kind of way. In a …sort of dumb but it’s actually close to decent kind of way. I think it stems from the fact that I am kind of younger than you, so I …almost grew up for a couple of these. So my child-ish love for those made my older self like the others more.

By all accounts, very few of them are good, but in a way they are. There are much better things to show your kids, but there are worse things too. Most of them at least try to have substance and moral value. Dumb, but no worse than the likes of Saved by the Bell.

I shouldn’t even be defending them. But I am. They shouldn’t even be making these but they are, and god bless them for it. You can trace this trend back to Lizzie Mcguire, a teen show was actually quite funny but the things is: It’s star Hilary Duff (what happened to her anyway) became a singer, so the show ended up selling her music and vice versa.

So Disney got dollar signs in their eyes. They figured that pushing a star was the in thing, so they so made more shows like this. This leads to more sitcoms, with about half the intelligence of the original. And the rest is history.

I can tell that effort goes into these things. The actors seem like they have so much fun, even if the writers half ass it. So I can’t hate any of them. I apologize in advance for how dumb this blog will be.

Since I “love” these shows so much, I figured I’d do a full look at them. I’ll discuss EVERY one of them. Some I will have seen all of and will discuss at length, while others will get a “meh, it was okay” thing.

But enough of this long intro. Let’s start my MOST MANLY BLOG EVER.

This, is A Look at Disney Channel Sitcoms

I’m covering the main laugh-track ones so Lizzie and Even Stevens are out, as well as Phil of the Future. So let’s start with…

That’s So Raven

The first Modern Disney Sitcom ever made, this series stars Raven-Symone as Raven (subtle!) Baxter, a teenage girl who also happens to be physic. And with that, she will get in, and out of insane situations.

Most Disney sitcoms are sung by their lead, and this started that. It’s pretty catchy, even if the lyrics are somewhat typical in the middle.

That’s So Raven!

It’s the future I can see.

(That’s so Raven)

It’s so mysterious to me

(That’s so raven)

It’s the future I can see

(That’s so Raven)

It’s so mysterious to me, yeah

(Yep, that’s me)

Here’s a funny thing: Since I haven’t seen much of this show in years, so I figured I’d have to watch a bunch of episodes on youtube to catch up. But when I watched the intro, all those memories came flooding back and suddenly, I could write a smart analysis.

Of course I still watched some episodes, but whatever.

Anyway, before we get to the characters and such, let’s discuss the nature of the show. Being the first Modern Disney sitcom ever, it’s going to be a bit different than the later ones. For one, it’s a more of a “regular” sitcom. As in, the zany situations a bit more typical of normal sitcoms.

And there are plenty “Very special episodes”, and it’s a tad more moralistic. People have used it as way to bash every Disney Sitcom after this, but they don’t realize it’s just as dumb but in a different way.

Most of the morals (DON’T SMOKE/YOU ARE FINE THE WAY YOU ARE/DON’T STEAL) were pretty preachy and while the episodes themselves were okay, they would be bashed more if this was normal sitcom with nothing to compare it to.

Of course I’m not saying it wasn’t daring for doing so, it just felt more preachy. They even had that damn Healthy eating episode, where a food court opens at school and everyone gets cartoon-ishly fat in like a week. Way to be realistic.

Perhaps the only daring episode I can say IS awesome is the one where Raven can’t get a job because she is black.

How many sitcoms these days period will tackle racism without being preachy about it? That, I can applaud. Anyways, the other shows can be just as moralistic, but they tie into the characters a bit better. At least in the good ones.

But back to the show itself. This is the first one with a otherworldly premise, only here it’s actually done well. The whole Psychic thing is a inherited trait, but it skips a generation. So her Grandma has it, but not her Mom.

But she does actually meet other Psychics later in the series, so that’s cool. Most episodes feature Raven having a vision and trying to stop it, only for her attempt to make it come true. This isn’t always like that, but that seems to be the basic formula.

It works, since it’s not the same point by point, and the situations she ends up because of these visions are always funny. Though she has the tendency to end up in weird disguises a lot. She’s like Robbie Rotten only saner.

Cuz I’m running out of other stuff to say, let’s just get to the characters themselves. There’s out hero Raven, who is a black teenager girl. And that’s really it…only she’s funny. At times her acting can be over the top, but it normally works.

It’s funny how Raven actually stayed sane but she also vanished except for being in a couple things. She did make news recently cuz …of something I won’t bring up cuz I won’t derail this post by mentioning that she’s gay.

She’s nice and likable and stuff, but she goes by sitcom rules, so she’s somewhat typical at the same time. But unlike others of her kind that are other aspects to her besides seeing sassy. We even feel bad for her when shit goes on, which makes her more than just a one off sassy black woman joke.

There’s the best friend Chelsea, who is the dumb one. And that’s it. Also she’s a friend…and Eco friendly. And hot…i mean a friend. She’s a funny, nice character in spite of just being the DUMB one. Her nice-ness comes into play a lot, like in the …well, Megacrossever. I’ll get to that later.

But like Raven, she kind of vanished and ended up in …Bratz and Vampires Suck. Ouch. There’s Eddie, the black best friend who is a bit more level headed but as often he can be the weird one.

There’s an episode where a comet gives him the power to see into the future like Raven. Raven doesn’t want to tell her secret cuz everyone will think she is weird…but when Eddie tells people he can see the future, he’s really popular. This causes friction and HILARITY. Eddie is a cool guy and he’ll provide laughs and nice moments when Raven doesn’t.

Then there are the parents, Tanya and Victor. They are Disney sitcom parents, so that means they are bumbling, especially the dad. Mom was amusing but it was Dad who scored the laughs half the time. He was a bit typical but he was shown to be cool and he had the most sweet moments with the kids.

Of course Tanya had them too but whatever. Also, her Mom would sometimes pop in cuz remember, she has the physic powers and it skips a generation.

And of course we have Raven’s brother Corey, played by Kyle Massey. He was the little brother which means he was a troublemaker and he bugged Raven a lot. But since he had to get his own subplots, he was still oddly likable.

He usually would learn his lesson, though that’s mostly in the later episodes. Also, he had a crush on Chelsea that was shown a lot early on, though he eventually grew out of it. Or the writers got tired, whatever comes first.

As the show starts, he is 10 but by the end he’s like 13. So of course he matures as a character and bugs Raven less. Though it’s still one of his guilty pleasures. Also, he’s obsessed with money and he’s always trying get rich quick schemes. Though not as much as in his spin off….We’ll get to that later.

He has a rival known only as Stanley, the neighbor kid. Stanley is rude, obnoxious, mean, sarcastic, and deceptive to everyone. He is a young salesman, who usually tricks Cory into buying something that would eventually go wrong. Stanley however puts up a nice act making everyone think he’s nice, which plays an interesting part in some episodes.

He was pretty cool, serving as the perfect rival to Cory. He was so enjoyable he also ended up in an episode of that …spin off we’ll get to later.

There are some other minor characters that float in and out, like the funny spanish teacher who also seems to run everything else at the school. She’s…there, I guess. You’d have to watch her episodes to get her personality.

There was Devon, Raven’s love interest. The official one, among all the oneshots. I think he had his amusing moments, but he mostly just the boyfriend guy. Raven was fighting over the alpha bitch for him though eventually Raven got him.

It was an interesting story arc that moved in interesting directions, from Raven getting him, dealing with him, and then losing him. Sort of. In one really interesting episode. He ends up moving to Seattle. This kicked off the recurring cast, but he still was able to visit.

Even though they say they are each other’s “only love”, we also see Raven have numerous crushes between Devon’s visits. So It was an excuse to have Devon but also have one shots. Whatever.

And of course, we got the Alpha bitches, Alana and Muffy. Alan is the leader cuz she has a thing against Raven. They were once friends but she happened and that fell through. Now she is her enemy, though some eps have them almost get back together.

Then in Season 3, she got sent to military school cuz she just that bad. So she off the cast and was replaced by Bianca, this new alpha bitch chick …Then she randomly vanished and Muffy took over as the new alpha bitch leader. Jesus, can they stay the same for ONE season?

And that’s pretty much it for the characters. I don’t have a lot of for the story. As you can tell, many characters floated in and out. So things did change up and they managed to keep things fresh with new ideas and characters.

The characters grew and matured. Later in the series, Raven gets a job as an intern for fashion designers Donna Cabnona, who is all stuck up and funny and stuff. She pretty much treats Raven like shit as an intern but as the season goes on, she lets Raven do some real jobs.

Also in one episode she has a boyfriend named Ted who she pays “make up/break up” with a lot. I only mention him cuz he is played by Zim himself, Ricahrd Horvitz.

Despite the many conflicts between Raven and her boss, Donna is very supportive of Raven and believes that she could go far in the fashion industry with her talents. So that was sweet.

The story does what most these ‘main” sitcoms do: Change the status quo and had new elements to keep things fresh. It worked and I liked the changes.

As far as notable episodes, there are like a few. There’s the one where Raven Symone thinks she’s Eddie Murphy and plays every member of her Extended Family, AKA “Country Cousins”. It was a 2 parter, where the extended family accuses our main family of stealing their old gravy boat.

It was cool and had a sweet moment near the end.

There’s the previously mentioned one where Eddie becomes a physic one, and the one where Raven gets a physic cold that allows her to read minds. That was a weird one, and oddly enough, she never got that common cold again.

Though she did PRETEND to be sick in an episode where a vision told her trouble is coming at school tomorrow. Some soup from Dad makes her have freaky sick dreams, which also invokes the funny obligatory Wizard of Oz parody.

There’s also the Halloween episode which involves cows and a twist that is a cop out but awesome all the same. I may discuss this come October, so I’ll save you the plot summary.

We also have the “Lying Game” where Raven gets to be a teacher aide for Cory’s teacher. They arrive home at the start all dirty, and they each share their version of how it happened. It’s a rashamon episode, and a very funny one.

Cory shows Raven as evil and she sees him just a jerk. I must say, Raven is great at being evil. She just eats up that scenery and she’s clearly having a lot of fun. Kyle didn’t have to stretch himself to be a brat though.

Oh, I forgot to mention Cory’s teacher and one-shot friend, didn’t I? Well, Larry is played by David Hernie who would get older like that kid in Halloween town, and go on to be better things.

And Cory’s teacher is Mrs. Puff! Awesome!

Then there is “Road to Audition”. After Raven has a vision about a representative from her favorite show, “Undercover Superstar”, posing as a janitor at her school, the entire student body seeks to impress him with their performances.

By that, I mean they are randomly able to set up elaborate song numbers with pitch perfect choreography. Yes, it’s a musical episode and a very good one. There are only a few songs and they are very enjoyable. Plus, they lampshade how out of nowhere they are. And by they I mean the talent scout janitor guy.

Chelsea weird hallway song is easily the best. Very enjoyable. But (That’s so-SPOILERS!) it turns out this janitor is just a random guy from the health department, and Raven turns away who turns out to be real talent scout…..it’s a random Paul Abdul cameo. Okay.

And finally, we have “Vision Impossible”. Raven starts having weird visions that make no sense and don’t quite come true, so she calls in one of those physic guys I mention to use his new machine to scan her brain to see what the problem is.

He does this by asking her questions which promo his machine to show her memories. SURPRISE CLIP SHOW ALERT! It’s a montage-type clip show like Kickin’ It did, so that’s good.

It does a good job at summing up the character relationships and wacky stuff the show often does. And it also explores the bad stuff Raven’s visions get them into but it also shows the positives things to come out of them. It cultivates in some very sweet moments.

And there’s my sadly short section on That’s so Raven. For as long as it ran (Exactly 100 episodes) I didn’t have too much to say. Mostly cuz my memory isn’t the best specifically like with these others.

So the question is: Is it a guilty pleasure or genuine pleasure? Eh, i’d say a little bit of both. It’s a genuinely decent due to having solid humor, likable characters and some nice development. But at the same time, parts of it are stick or typical and the feel can just end feeling like a typical sitcom with some of the “wacky situations”.

The other shows can be like that, but when you see Raven done silly disguises in most of the episodes, you’ll agree. However, it’s decent points make up for it and it’s a lot for genuinely good than most of the shows we’ll discuss.

It was their first show in this style, so it will have a different feel, for better or worse. It has its place in history and I can respect that. Plus, it’s, you know, good enough. I liked it most of the time and I rarely groaned.

I just got bugged by insane amounts of wacky-ness at points. Though even then I didn’t care. This one didn’t start as many careers as usual, in spite of it being the first. Most of the people are just floating around now, and the only ones you can say are working are Raven and Kyle.

At least Raven never went insane, and just simply under the radar. You could say Hilary Duff never went insane ever…but she was in Foodfight , so she is insane. Anyway, the Nostalgic TSR fans may be pissed I didn’t heap tons of praise on it, but screw you.

This blog is gonna get me enough hate as it is, so let’s not start early. I still say it’s in the Pantheon of mostly actually decent Disney sitcoms. So don’t kill me, please.

In the end, it’s certainly funny and memorable enough to get my approval. A good start to a interesting line of Sitcoms.

Unfortunately, the series is not on DVD or Netflix or anything. If you condone that kind of thing, you can watch some episodes on YouTube if you want.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Saddled with their most gimmick-y premise yet, and some cute twins, Disney made this show about twins Zack and Cody, who live in the Tipton hotel with their Mom and are friends with Candy counter girl Maddie, and hotel Heiress London Titpon. All while avoiding he wrath of Manger Mr Mosbey.

Since they had no singer for this show yet, the song was a regular one that was pretty catchy, I guess. Not much else to say, really. Sets up the show pretty well.

It’s you and me. And me and you

We got the whole place to ourselves.

You and me, we got it all for free, so come on down.

This is the suite life

We got the suite life

I’m not sure if this is one of the decent ones, or just a Guilty pleasure. After watching it again, i’ve decided it falls under…somewhat Genuine pleasures with plenty of flaws that go with it.

I suppose the only way to start this off is to discuss Zack and Cody themselves. Dylan and Cole Sprouse seemed to be some of the bigger Disney stars, that didn’t sing. And while I can’t really judge their talents, they are passable enough to deserve their success. What happened to them anyway? Did they go insane like the others? I see them being hilarious on Twitter, but that’s it.

Speaking of, Dylan’s Twitter bio claims he’s a child star who didn’t do Meth. I call bullshit.

Anyway, as you would expect, Zack is the fuck-up who is always pranking people, while Cody is the nerdy one. It’s a tired dynamic, but I guess it works for this show. Zack’s base personality could make him unlikable, and maybe it does though for me I don’t mind it.

Somehow I managed to like him after spending 3 (technically 6 but we’ll get to that later) seasons with him. As the series went on, he got put in tougher situations and ended up developing as a character. It may seem like he never changes, but he does.

There’s an episode where he ends up in Summer School and he actually proves to be semi-smart but he can’t show his smarts cuz his class mates won’t be happy to say the least. It’s an interesting issue…which is resolved at the end by the other guys learning their lesson and having Zack at their tutor. It was neat to see something like this happen.

Even though Zack would go back to being dumb in other episodes, stuff like this is still important to have. So in a way, he’s likable even though he likely isn’t.

As for cody, he’s of course more likable. But aside from being smart, he’s also wimpy and at times naive. I think it’s funnier when they play up the smart thing, cuz it creates a better dynamic. Thankfully, they did play it up as the series went on. Mostly cuz he got older and this, less wimpy.

He went through less development, but he still proved to be okay. He would learn to loosen up and stuff after awhile, but he mostly stayed his good ol’ nerdy stuff. They did develop together by learning to get along and all that good stuff.

Cody also got a girlfriend named Barbra at one point, but by the end I sort of forgot about that. So did the writers, but again, more on that later. Of course I like when they are shown together without making a deal out of it. Mostly when they fool around in the hotel, shewing they work together and stuff. In a show like this, it’s important to show them together a lot and show that they can hang out without needed to make show out of it.

They were both equally destructive to the hotel, but of course Zack has an edge. Also, there’s a running gag involving a vase in the lobby that almost never seems to get destroyed…until the last episode but whatever.

On to some of the other characters. There’s the manager Mr Mosbey, who of course is short and angry. He’s pretty cool though a bit too over the top at times. He fufils the typical role, but at least he’s funny while he’s at it. Oddly enough, Phill Lewis, the guy who plays him, would go on to direct many episodes of not only this show, but other disney sitcoms. Who knew directing was Mosbey’s true calling?

There isn’t a whole lot to him, but he’s in the intro so he’s important enough to mention. He’s at least funny and gets in plenty of insane situations, some even with the boys. Anyway, next is London Tipton, played by Brenda Song.

She’s the daughter of Mr Tipton, who owns the whole hotel. So she’s the rich bitch, who is also dumb. Like, really dumb. Her intelligence level depends on the writer, but it’s usually not that big. But the amount of money show has only grew, and she loved to flaunt that. Though I never thought she crossed into flat out unlikeable, cuz she wasn’t that much of a bitch in general.

I guess like zack, she should be awful but after spending all that time with her, I’ve grown to like her. But the two main women she dumped were WAY hotter than her, so that I didnt’ get. I have to say, Brenda is good at playing her, and even shows range during her less dumb moment.

There are plenty of “London has humanity” episodes like in the episode with her Birthday, where she laments that she can’t spend a lot of time with her Dad. Who by the way, is always covered by bodyguards, and we never see his face..until of course…well you’ll see later. Though he did have the voice of Man-ray from Spongebob, which is awesome.

So episodes like that were always appreciated. She even got a couple one off love interests, though Lance the pool boy is oddly enough the only one that stuck…for a few episodes. Yeah, this show wasn’t good at keeping supporting characters. Hell, if you react when I say “Tapeworm”, you know you’re a hardcore fan.

Also, she has a TARDIS closet and a talking mirror. It’s cool but weird.

Next up Is Maddie, played by Ashley Tisdale. She’s the first girl London always dumps on, but they stay friends anyway. Some of the aforementioned humanity episodes help with this a lot. But anyway, Maddie is somewhat poor when compared to London, which is part of the dumping. She’s a mostly kind girl which contrasts with London being…less than kind.

Though she had her bitchy selfish tendencies, which usually end up being her undoing. Most of the time this will only be for the episode and the show will notice it. Sometimes, that doesn’t happen, which could make her unlikable in some episodes. But she’s mostly quite likable. I’d discuss Miss Tisdale and how awesome she is but I think my HSM 2 review had enough of that.

She could be a bit too much of a bitch to London to her face, I can let that slide to an extent. There was a brief stint where she became a camp Counselor to some ungrateful kids which was amusing but it was just an excuse to only have her show up for a couple minutes for an episode. This is when London got a tad more spotlight, cuz Maddie was briefly underused.

T Anyway, on to some of the other supporting characters like Arwin, the handyman. He’s also an inventor, which means nothing he ever makes works and if when it does, it goes horribly wrong.

He didn’t change much, but he was usually funny. Also, he had a crash on Zack and Cody’s mom which was never not creepy. We also had Esteban, the bellhop who doubled as the funny foreigner. He was funny, especially in the episode where he became so rich that he actually out bitched London, which is no easy feat.

There were a few recurring kids as well, such as Bob, who started out as way to do the “Dyslexia” episode but mostly stayed as the quirky one that wasn’t as dumb as Zack but still not too bright. We also had these girl twins who always agreed with each other and the aforementioned Barbara who was nerdy but also more than a little insane.

And for a short time, we had Max played by Alsyon Stoner. She was the tomboy friend who showed up early on and an ep later on then vanished without a tract. Like I said before, this show likes to have characters only to dump them for no reasons. Most of them didn’t even come back for the spin off.

All these characters were fine but most of them were so one note that they couldn’t sustain more than one episode, hence why there dropped. Hell, I almost forget that Vanessa Hudgens and that black chick from HSM where cast members for a few episodes as Maddie’s classmates who stuck by London cuz of her money.

Characters like that were kind of pointless, but not too distracting. Another example is the lazy maid Muriel, played by Estelle Harris. She was funny and important but she vanishes…and showed up in the last episode as she says she retired. That would have been nice to know before!

Another one is Ilsa, owner of the competing hotel, played by Caroline Rhea. Alsyon Stoner, Caroline Rhea, Ashley Tisdale…did everyone make a deal to appear on Phineas and Ferb? Hell, the actors behind London, Arwin, and Mosbey were there for an episode each. Though the latter was an intentional actor allusion.

The had a couple guest stars like Jaden Smith, Jesse Mcarttney, and even a couple Disney/Nick stars before they made it big like Selena Gomez, Nathan Kress, Rani Rodriguez and Daniela Monet.

Oh, and also Dante Bosco but I’ll explain that in a bit., Oh, and also The Cheetah girls for some reason.

In a way, the many characters add to my next point: The Story. Things were always changing. The twins entered High school, had a story arc as bag boys, and tons of stuff in Season 3. There was always another amusing change around the corner, which separates it from some other Disney shows, which usually stay the same with exceptions.

The “Story” isn’t that huge, but I like that things changed and characters moved on. It creates new comedic possibilities.

But let’s talk some of my favorite episodes. There’s “Suite life goes Hollywood/” where two TV producers notice Zack and Cody’s antics, and get the idea to make a show about them.

I mostly like this two part episode cuz it serves as an affectionate jab to the show itself They mock the gimmick-y premise, and the producer guys are treated like spoofs of the jackass Disney writers. They make mock the dumb title pun!

Heck, the TV director played by one of the show’s actual directors. I also like the “Actors” hired to play the show within a show characters. This is where Dante Basco comes in ,as he plays London. Mostly cuz he’s used to playing a son of an asshole, but I digress.

Another one I like is Super Twins, where the twins become supeheros thanks to a wish. Weird, but it’s a fun hero episode. Mosbey makes an amazing villain, which should not come as a shock. This was part of some “Wish Gone amiss” weekend they did, the other two of which i’ll mention later.

It’s pretty neat, though at the end they pull a superman and turn back to the earth to go back to when they were normal. They end back in dino times…and everything is normal after a word from our Sponsors. They tell Zack it was a dream, but they never say If it was or they just got to the normal time somehow.

A canon “weird” episode is “The Suite Smell of Excess” where Arwin’s dimension hopping TARDIS, I mean Phone booth takes them to an AU where everything is topsy turvy. Mosbey is fun, Maddie is channeling her inner Sharpay, London is smart, and Arwin has hair!

Also, Carey, the mom is now careless and lets them do what they want. It gets to the point where she leaves on a tour with Arwin, leaving the twins alone. There’s the obvious moral, but it works pretty well. It’s a funny episode. Also, Paris Hilton is president.

President Hilton has made it illegal to be over 108 pounds…this will be my final broadcast”

There’s also the final episode, where they find out Tipton is coming to visit, and he may give someone a raise. But they quickly find out someone will be fired instead. So they reminiscence about past events that prove why they will either get a raise or get fired.

Yep, it’s a clip show. A typical one, but It works. Also, the Muriel explanation happens here. I also like stuff like “Awrinstein” and “Not so Suite 16”. And a lot of the later episodes that showed some extra development and stuff.

Oh, here’s one that isn’t a fave…but people will want me to discuss: “Lip Syncin’ In the Rain”. In this episode, Zack and Cody’s put on a production of…High School Musical. Yep, they did it.

I love the bit at the start with Cody announces it and everyone is like “Whatever”. That’s how I would react to. Anyway, the actual plot has London scoring the part of Sharpay cuz her daddy got it for her, in spite of her lack of talent. It’s mostly an excuse to make this joke:

MADDIE: And I don’t look like Ashley Tisdale?

…I don’t see it”

Hardy har har. Well anyway, they thankfully focus less on the HSM aspect, and more on the actual plot. So if it was any other musical, the plot would be same. The only song they show even a little bit is bop to the top for some reason. Also, I like this part:

‘Are we ready to bop to the top? Cuz remember, we’re all in this together”

‘Okay, You’re pushing it to the limit”

I took that last bit for the HSM 2 review…Anyway; I mention that ep cuz I know people will bitch if I don’t.

Anyway, this show certainty had more problems the more I type about it. But watching it made me forgot about those issues as I still found it likable and I did laugh more than not. I liked how things changed after a while, and deep down I do like how characters floated in and out. It made the world feel more complete, I guess.

I suppose I do sort of genuinely like it, but it’s also in spite of its issues. So it’s not a full guilty pleasure, but it has those aspects. I do not regret feeling this way, as I think it is sort of decent but also not.

Of course, this wasn’t the last time we’d see these characters…but we’ll get to that next time.

The whole series is on Netflix if you are interested.

Hannah Montana

That’s so Raven started the Disney Sitcom Formula. Suite life continued the very basic formula without the whole singer thing. But it’s THIS show that put Disney Sitcoms on the map, for better or worse. It started the entire formula we all know, and it remains one of the most popular Disney Sitcoms among the kids.

The theme song is “The Best of both worlds”. I hate to admit it, but it’s pretty catchy. It’s the most famous of all the sitcom themes, cuz it’s more known as an actual song. I enjoy it, but it’s the only theme I wouldn’t listen to it with anyone in my presence.

You get the best of both worlds

Chill it out, take it slow

Then you rock out the show

You get the best of both worlds

You mix it all together, and you know that’s the best of both worlds.

Considering how big this show is, where do I even start? It’s THE Disney Sitcom, and thus has plenty of mixed reception. Infact, me and this show have had a strained relationship. When it was first airing, I liked it cuz I was young,

Then around the 3rd season, I hated it cuz I was in my anti new disney phase I was in cuz it was cool to hate. Then it died down, and i’ve been hating it for awhile. Then for this blog, I watched a ton of episodes and begrudgingly liked it on that same Guilty pleasure level.

But wait, I forgot the plot. Miley Cyrus stars as Miley (Again, subtle) Stewart. A normal girl who also happens to be pop star Hannah Montana. With her brother Jackson (Jason Earles), best friend Lilly (Emily Osment), Daddy Billy Ray (Billy Ray Cryrus, again subtle) and other best friend Oliver (Mitchel Musso) she will try to juggle both lives and try to keep her secret identity intact.

As far as premises go, this was one of the most gimmicky, but also one of the most interesting. While I am frankly sick of secret identity stories, it wasn’t completely overdone when this show came out.

There was a constant debate about if she should reveal the secret, and there was some interesting stuff about juggling both lives equally. I think at times it got a bit much as they did way too often, but it got really interesting in season 4 where…well I’ll explain later.

The whole secret thing has gotten here in trouble, but it’s also helped her live a normal life while also being a megastar. There’s an episode where her normal life prevents her from doing the really fun stuff, so she wishes there was no miley, and it was all Hannah all the time

This seemed pretty selfish to me, but then I realize that was the moral in the end. I’ll get back to that episode in a bit.

The Dilemma itself can be interesting at times, and I like that they show both the good and bad of it. It’s perfectly summed up in the episode right after Miley reveals her secret to the world. ..Spoilers?

Anyway, she goes on a talk show and discusses her double life. Yep, It’s a clip show, but a good one. She goes over her relationships, and the good and bad aspects of her life. It’s a basic clip show, but it works as it shows off the sweeter elements of the show.

Of course the dilemma itself is contrived. Really, the whole world shroud be able to put 2 and 2 together early on. Hell,, there’s a joke where Jackson is confused that no one notices that Clark Kent is clearly Superman

Miley agrees whilst putting on her wig. Haw. Oh, speaking of lampshade hanging, there’s a bit in another episode is channel surfing, and the Hannah theme pops up.

Is this ever not on?!”

At least HM mocked it’s tendency to air a lot. Though how a show exactly like that can exist in universe is confusing. Anyway, before I move on to the characters, let’s address the sweet element of this show.

I don’t know if I should praise the show for having more sweet moments than a lot of those shows. On one hand, these moments are sweet. On the other hand, they are often forced and used way too often.

It can get pretty anvilcious, but unlike TSR, it just ends up being cheesy or too sweet. However, I usually don’t mind them, and it ends up teaching good morals. There’s an interesting episode about military families and such that is sweet AND ties into the characters well.

They even did the healthy eating episode right….sort of. They made an episode for Season one where Oliver turns out to be diabetes, but it got pulled cuz people bitched about diabetes being written wrong. Eh, at least no one threw toast at a gluten kid.

Anyway, not only did they pull it but they never aired it all and actually re-did the entire plot from scratch, this time basing it on the fact that Miley and Lilly have the wrong idea about diabetes.

Damn, they actually remade a whole episode cuz of one issue. That’s pretty awesome, and the re-made version was pretty refreshing. Anyway, I’m glad they at least tried to put in good morals and sweet moments.

A lot of it feels fake, but I’ll still get into it anyway. And heck, a lot of IS sweet actually sweet, like in the finale, and some episode I’ll get into later.

The moral themselves are fine, but if I guess you can find some unsavory elements, inescapably in how the characters treat each other. Oh speaking of, let’s get to them.

First up, is Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana. I plan to adress Cyrus’ skills in a later review, but I will she is certainty the weakest of their big stars, but even then she’s not THAT bad. The characters herself is a mixed bag.

Sometimes she’s normal and likable, but other times she can be sort of bitch-y. My memory isn’t the best, but I recall there being times where the plot hinges on her saying or doing something a bit bitch, and this continued into season 4. Even in the finale has her being a tad bit selfish but having a learn a lesson.

As the show goes on, they got a lot better with this, and you can see why she does what she does. But it still irks me, that the lessons never seem to sink half the time. But even then, she’s not completely unlikable. At least she doesn’t do this out of spite, most of the time.

She her moments of being bunny, but Cyrus can be a bit too over the top in some scenes. The other actors have this too but since she’s lesser, it stands out more. She does help sell some of the sweet moments though.

She doesn’t have a ton of personality outside of being sassy and southern, but she does get better as the show goes on. I didn’t mind sitting through 4 seasons with her, but she does stand out as being weaker than these other sitcom protagonists.

Then there’s her older brother Jackson. I considered Jason Earles one of the show’s actual standouts, and he can certainly be funny as Jackson. Though I think he’s much better in Kickin’ It, as he can be a bit too over the top here. However, I still rather liked him. Also Jackson is a teen yet Jason earles was 28 when he started the show. He’s an adult on kickin’, yet he STILL looks younger than he really is.

He’s the typical butt monkey older brother who isn’t all that bright. However, he’s still somewhat likable, and he gets in amusing situations But sometimes he can be a bit too much of a butt monkey.

The poor guy is always shit on/ Even by the time Season 4 rolls around, we got Dad and Miley bagging him. Miley, I get, but Dad? Yeah, I was never his biggest fan, but we’ll get to him next.

However, as the show goes on Jackson does develop and he matures and stuff. And things go a bit better for him, and I’m willing to forgive his butt monkey status. I REALLY liked how things went for him in the finale, but SPOILERS.

I always saw him as the most sympathetic character. His younger sister such a big “talented” star where he’s all lonely and …not famous. I wish the show saw it this way more often, but I like it when they do have him admit this.

The brother/sister thing ends up being done well enough, as it becomes more clear that their bickering is how they show affection. Heck, near the end this chick (not saying who) says their bickering bugs her, but he says it is how they show affection. And since they had a moment earlier, I buy it.

The clip show has Miley saying that while he’s a pain in the butt, they still have each other’s backs, as a sweet montage shows. So yeah, Jackson is silly and he’s pretty amusing.

NOW, for the Dad. He’s the only character that doesn’t really change in any way. However, I don’t mind since he doesn’t really need to change. However, it bugs me that people like Jackson change, but his reaction to them stays the same.

Early on, they do the “Dad doesn’t want daughter with boy” joke that was funny then, but become tedious by Season 4. You think after the many boyfriend she’s had, he’d be okay with the one she ultimately ends up

Perhaps he’s just doing it to keep the joke alive, but it’s still an issue. But still ,i enjoyed him as the father character, and he had his moments.

Next up is Miley’s best friend, Lilly. Emily Osment was another true standout from this show, as Lily proved funnier and more likable than Miley. Though Emily hasn’t really done a lot outside of a few projects, which is sad. The most recent thing I remember her in was Cyberbully.

I can’t get the cap off!”


She is mostly the typical friend character, but she still enjoyable. She was the one most into the hole Hannah thing, but she also was the one tried to keep Miley in check. I like that Miley reveals her secret to Lily right in episode one. Much better than waiting for a million years.

The whole friendship thing could be cliché at times, but it was sweet too. Though if you ask me, Miley was better off hooking up with her than those other love interests. Escpailly in the finale, I mean geez. But either way, it was nice and I can stick by Lilly easier than the other characters. Also, she is somewhat nice but I have no pic.

Then there is the other friend, Oliver. Musso was another standout, though he also better in his XD show. They DID do the hide the secret thing with him…until episode 2. Way to hold out. Oliver had a crush on Hannah (but not Miley) which made it really awkward. Thankfully, they never actually hooked up.

Instead, he ended up with Lily. It was a weird idea, but it worked okay Though they ended up really “Sweet” and it got to be a bit much at times. Though they did law low on it later. Like Jackson, Oliver is the silly one, but he ended up being likable and I liked it when he and Jackson had subplots together.

Oliver left the show in Season 4 for contrived reasons so he could do another show to be booted off of for even more contrived reasons. By that I mean he joined a random band and went on tour. Told you it was cont4rvied.

But he was able to return for the finale, which puts it above that other show. Anyway, he was an enjoyable enough character, and hell, I didn’t even find him leaving. Granted, they took out of the 3 talented people they had, but the show did good without him.

Next is Rico, played by Moises Arias. He is the young manager of “Rico’s Surf Shop,” aconcession stand located on the beach near the Stewarts’ home. Despite being much younger than Jackson, he is his main employee. Rico is more or less the main villain, being a very delightful dick.

The “Villains” in these shows are always great, and he’s no exception. He never outwore his welcome, and he even showed…some humanity. He always regretted it after, but he does have a heart. Deep…deep down.

He even has sweet moments with Jackson at times, like in the finale. They have a frenemy thing going on which was quite fascinating. Very enjoyable dude.

And that’s really it for the big characters. Like Suite life, there were tons of “important” characters that floated in and out, like the Alpha-bitches, Amber and Ashley. They were amusing, and even had one humanity episode. But that was like, the only one was they went back to being bitch-y.

After season 2, they pretty much vanishes save for one Season 3 episode. Then they showed up again for the finale, in an amusing cameo. There was Dontzig, the “Dinkleberg” to the Dad. Aka the annoying next door neighbor who hates the Stewarts.

He was another amusing sadly, but he sadly vanished after awhile. There’s Miley’s Grandma (Vicki Lawerence), who was quite nagging to the Dad but was nonethless amusing. She had a bit of a rivalry with family friend/Aunt dolly (Dolly parton. Really) which was also amusing. I say amusing a lot, don’t I?

Then there was Lilly’s mom who is uptight…and hot. Hey, her debut episode was called “Lilly’s mom has got it going on”, so don’t blame me. We also saw Lilly’s Dad (John Cryer) for two episodes, and he was cool.

And there plenty of friend character for Miley and Jackson that floated in and out. Oh, and there was Hannah’s rival, Mikalya (Selena Gomez) who was like Hannah only much less successful. This rivalry was fun but sadly the character had to vanish during Season 2…cuz she had a much better show to be in. Whatever.

And to cap off the characters, we have the dozens of love interests the characters. The main one in Season for Miley was johnny (Corbin Bleu) who was…kind of there. He vanished until the season finale, called “We’re all on this date together” Hardy har.

Then he vanished for good to make way for Jake Ryan. He’s a famous movie/tv star who starts going to school. At the start, Miley is not fond of him and they have a brief rivalry but of course they end up hooking up. Then they break up cuz he has to move to Romania. Then he comes back and Miley forgives him.

Then she tells him she is Hannah, and they get together again. Then it turns out he’s a dick, so they break up. Then later he starts hanging out this another chick with makes Miley realize she’s not over him. Then they get back together.

Then he vanished until his for real final appearance in Season 4, where it turns out he cheated on her and then Miley breaks it off with him. This is all as tedious as it sounds.

Though to be fair, I did like aspects of their relationship and they even explore thewhole ups and downs of celebrity thing with him. The whole “will they or won’t they” thing got annoying though.

Once Jake left, the boyfriend I really like stepped in: Jesse. He’s the guitar guy for Hannah, and Miley first presents to like him to ward off Jake. Then she starts to kind of like him and there’s a debate. Once Jake left for good, they hooked up.

So why do I like him? Well, he was actually funny…and he actually figures out Hannah’s secret. Yes, the is the first person to whole world to put 2 and 2 together, all by himself.

I tell you my dad is in Afghanistan and Hannah shows up there for to do a concert about military families”

The whole world never figured out the obvious in 6 years, yet it only took him a couple episodes. Damn, he’s smart. Maybe a bit too smart. He breaks up with Miley, which should be piss me off cuz I liked him…but it was for a REALLY good reason that any smart person would agree with.

Dammit, the only smart character bit them in the ass. Thankfully, once Miley reveals she is Hannah, he gets back with her. And they stay together for the rest of the series.

Jackson’s lifelong wasn’t as…big, but he did finally end up Sienna his funny, smart next door neighbor who is also a model. Right from her first episode, she is shown to like Jackson and it doesn’t take them long to hook up.

Jackson’s quest to impress her as much as her big star boyfriends was pretty sweet, and their relationship was well done. See, a simple relationship that only took one season to full grow. Was that so hard, writers?

Whew, I got long winded. Before I move on to other stuff, I must give a brief nod to all the guest stars that popped up besides the ones i’ve mentioned. Jesse Mcartney, John Cenea, Jay leno, Rob Reiner, Ray Romano, The Rock, Ray Liotta, and Lucas Crushank.

Yes, Lucas uses the Fred voice at one point. It was stupid. Anyway, most of these guest stars were amusing, since they are given funny things to say. Escapilly the likes of John Cena and Ray liota, surprisingly enough.

Anyway, enough of that, on to some favorite episodes. By the way 80 percent of the episodes reference a song in the title, but thankfully some are just normal titles. Anyway, there’s the aforementioned “When you wish you were the star” where Miley wishes she was just Hannah.,

Once I realized her being selfish was part of the moral, I was able to get into it. Plus, I like the AU stuff like Robby dating a gold digger, Lilly being a alpha bitch, and my personal favorite: Jackson as a crazy hobo. The last is especially funny.

It’s sort of sweet, and the way Hannah gets out of the wish is somewhat clever. I also like “Welcome to the Bungle” where Hannah says she dislikes Carrots, which makes kids hate them too. This gets out of control fast. There’s an underling moral about how you shouldn’t have to like or dislike something just cuz some celebrity does.

And in spite of Fred, I like “Come Fail Away” as it has a sort of clever slam at dull Celebrity voices in Animated movies. Though i’d take them over Fred any idea.

But I think my favorite has to be “(We’re So Sorry) Uncle Earl”. See, during during the first 47 episodes, they always mentioned their Uncle Earl, who sounded like the laziest, fattest guy in the whole world. Since he was the ghost for so long, it was cool to just see him for the first time.

Granted, he’s not as bad as they built him up, but he was still funny. Anyway, a Music critic (Brilliantly played by Gilbert Gottfried) will be reviewing Hannah soon, and he bashes everyone he reviews. Miley wants to practice hard to impress him, but of course Earl ruins this, as he shows up, wanting to study Miley cuz he wants to be a rock star.

Miley wants to tell him to bug off, but of course Earl says something that makes her stop. They go through the motioins until she lets him peform for the critic, and he ends up loving. It sounds typical, but I did like the story, and it is genuinely sweet at points.

Mostly cuz Earl Is a big eater, and once he starts hanging with Hannah, he doesn’t eat as much cuz his “Guts are filled with love”. Cheesy, but it works. Plus, it has Gilbert Gottfried bashing wannabe gangster and Jackson doing a killer Ozzy Osboune impression. What else could you want?

I don’t need to discuss the story, as I already have. As you can tell, there are tons of arcs and development, and I did get into it. Mostly during Season 4 where a lot changes and a lot of things are payed off. They even renamed the show to “Hannah Montana forever” for some reason.

And then of course, we have the series finale. I won’t spoil my favorite bit, but I’ll spoil the rest so, as Chester A Bum would say: “You get the best of both-SPOILERS!”

Miley/Hannah gets a movie offer that would require her to move for a year, and thus she wouldn’t be in college with Lilly for a year. After some WACKY HIJINX , she tells lilly about this, and she gets pissed.

Then it gets better when Lilly decides to go to Paris along with Miley. Then at the airport Oliver reminds Lilly that she is gonna throw away College to do a silly movie, and she shouldn’t be done dumb like Miley.

Lilly tells Miley that she’s gonna go to college alone, and they a tearful goodbye. Lilly goes to college but then Miley shows up, wanting to quit the movie and do college with Lilly. Then an incredibly tear jerking reflecting piece ends the series.

There’s also a good subplot with Jackson, but that’s too sweet to spoil. It’s a fine finale, which does get sweet in the end, and it’s very reflective, which always gets me. Since I do feel a connection with this show, it did get to me, but not as much…as a show we’ll get to in a bit.

I imagine somehow who looks it more must have really teared up more. My main issue with this finale is that is that whole selfish miley problem I brought up earler. While it works here, and she’s still good in the end, I just got tired of this after 4 seasons.

And since it tok 40 minutes to get to that point, it becomes extra tiring. However, in spite of that, it’s a sweet finale that proves to be a fitting cap for the series. It was a tiny bit sad to see this series go, but since I don’t like THAT much, I could say bye much more easily.

And now the final sum up. Critiquing this series for this blog was pretty hard. It’s under the Guilty pleasure label, but it also has the most problems of the Disney sitcoms from that era.

So if it ends up being like one of the later one where I say it’s a Guilty pleasure cuz I like dumb stuff AND it has some genuinely good stuff, my ass will get jumped. Slightly bigger fans wil say it’s way more “good” than ones I praise more, while haters will say it’s a lot of worse than I say.

The latter I expected, but the former…i don’t know. I feel weird saying it’s the most problematic, cuz It clearly tries harder to be sweet. But I also think it feels a touch more fake than in some others.

I’m incredibly conflicted. If that wasn’t bad enough, no matter what I say, I’ll piss someone off, even more than the other sections on this blog. I guess i’ll say this: It’s a full on Guilty pleasure, and I think it has the most problems, as well as the most jokes I cringe at.

But after I watched more, the show’s humor grew on more, and I cringed less. So it’s an acquired taste, I guess. It’s on the same level in my heads as most of these.

Overall, I guess I do sort of like it. Sure, it has the contrived stuff the others do, and it has some at times over the top acting, even for a Disney sitcom, but it had that charm that got into my heart.

It was weird seeing how huge of a thing this show was. It was almost a phenomenon, with merchandise, music, 4 whole seasons, and even a THEARTICAL MOVIE. I’ve seen it and…well wait for my review.

I’m sure some people will be pissed I like this less than the later sitcoms, but I don’t care. This is how a feel. This was the first true Guilty Pleasure Disney sitcom…and thus the beginning of the end.

But I still love it.

The series is on Netflix AND Season 1 and 4 are on DVD. Why other shows never got the full season treatment is beyond me.

But before we move on to the next series…

That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

One cool thing about these sitcoms, is that that mostly take place in one universe. The DCLAU, if you will. And this first mega crossover started it all.

The first part is the “That’s So Raven” episode “Checkin’ Out”, which takes place during that story arc where Raven had a job working as an intern for some fashion designer. She must help organize a photo shoot taking place at the Tipton. Naturally, things go wrong, and Raven ends up getting stuck at the Tipton for a few days.

Part 2 is Suite life, which bears the same title as the crossover episode. Raven meets the boys and has a vision that something bad will happen at Carey’s birthday party. So Cody gets super paranoid and also there’s a subplot where Maddie sees an outfit Raven made and tries to get London to wear it.

Also, Hannah Montana shows up at the tipton and something with cake.

Part 3 is the Hannah Montana episode “On the road again?” where something Maddie says that makes Hannah feel guilty for forcing her Daddy to end his singing career to start Hannah’s. So she decides to help get him back on track.

Yeah, this one has no business being here. It’s just a regular Hannah episode, but with Miley at the start and end. Take her out and boom, HM episode. Only the first two parts are worth watching for that reasons.

I can’t decide if part 1 or two is better. I mostly like part 1 cuz I like that’s so Raven’s humor and I enjoyed the Cory subplot. But since the subplot doesn’t count in the whole crossover story, it’s not as good. I probably enjoyed the Suite life part more cuz it did the crossover thing a bit better.

I also like how they handled the vision but I won’t spoil it. Both parts serve as a decent crossover, while also being a good episode of their respective shows. Of course, these three shows actually share one common thread.

That’s so raven had two creators…one which also created HM. HM had 3 creators…one of which directed tons of Suite life episodes. So it wasn’t hard to connect them all via crossover.

Anyway, I’m personally a fan of crossovers, because they usually get some good humor of the character interactions. Disney’s crossovers seem to prove that as I like seeing these different shows meet up. Part two especially balances Raven and the other character very well.

Part 3 is a pointless addition, though it was a tolerable episode as usual for that series. Which is why I usually skip it. But otherwise, this was an interesting crossover. Both parts are good examples of their series, while also using the additional characters well.

I don’t have a lot to say. It’s a fun crossover with interesting interactions, and it helped head start the DCLAU. There are tons of hints through the shows that this is one universe, aside from the crossovers. But we’ll get to those later.

For now, this was a good start and I highly enjoyed it. So let’s move on with the actual shows, with…

Cory in the House

Was anyone begging for a spinoff of “That’s so Raven” where Cory moves to the White House cuz he dad became a White house chef? …No? Well, too bad they did it anyway.

The main star is Black, so the theme is a rap. Though to be fair, it’s pretty catchy and it doesn’t resort to just having clips from the show. I ended up listening to the song over and over after I first heard it. It’s not the catchiest intro ever, but I guess I just like it. There’s a full version that’s also good.

We’re gonna shake it up and change it

Take it all and rearrange it

We get a new plan for Uncle Sam

We got Cory in the house!


Cory in the house!

When I was looking at a list of the Disney sitcoms for this blog, and I saw this show, I said to myself: “Oh yeah, that was a thing. I forgot all about it”.

That doesn’t bode well. But to be fair, this show was actually not that bad. But again I ask, was anyone asking for this? A That’s so Raven spinoff about Cory wasn’t a bad idea, but this seems pretty gimmick-y even for this channel.

And like I said, I forgot it even exists. It’s not an overall forgettable show, but when you compare it to all the others, it doesn’t really stick. But let’s get into the show itself.

With Raven in College now, and Tanya in Law School, Victor Baxter has been hired as the white house chef (how this happened I have no idea). So he and Cory move into the white house cuz the chef has to live there…for some reason. Yeah, nothing about this makes any sense but whatever.

And since this is Cory we’re talking out, he gets in insane hijinks with his new friends and stuff. Now, I should first mention that Cory’s character has not been ruined in any way, so if you liked him there, you will like him here.

Only now he’s striving to be a businessmen man and he is always trying to get some easy money or something. Since I like the Cory character, I think he held this up pretty well. He’s grown since the start of TSR so he’s comparably more mature, and thus, more likable.

And he did have some funny moments, and he did learn some lessons as the show went on. Cory could sustain his own show, and while I wish they picked a better premise, Kyle Massey helped keep the show afloat, just as this kept his career afloat before Fish hooks came along.

The dad is also just as amusing as always, though I wish he had more screen time in some episodes. He didn’t change that much, but the stuff he has with Cory is sometimes sweet and all that jazz.

Before we move on to the news characters, let’s discuss the old ones who showed up again. Sadly, the ones who popped up were from The Cory subplots, so no Eddie or Chelsea. But we did get to see the Juicer again and of course Stanley. Stanley’s ep in particular was pretty good.

And of course, Raven herself showed up in “That’s So Raven”, which is one of the better episodes. In that one, Raven shows up cuz she had a vision that the president wanted new Tour Guide outfit designs. But when she gets a vision that has the President getting hurt, she tackles him, only for the vision to not come true like she was expected./

So she ends up becoming the loon that tackled the president, and Cory must dress up as Raven for the big Tour guide outfit presentation. Yeah, he had to don some drag eventually. It’s a fun episode that calls back to That’s so Raven with its humor.

Also, at the end Cory’s friend (who I’ll discuss in a bit) says there’s a show in her country about a chick who can see the past called “That’s so Bushnik”. We get to see it at the end and the intro spoofs the actual TSR intro. It’s amazing.

Anyway, now for the new characters. There’s Meena, the “foreign” chick from a fictional country. Cory has a crush on her cuz every Disney Sitcom needs a character the hero crushes on, or someone who crushes on the hero. She doesn’t return his feelings, but there’s no big drama over it.

She’s the daughter of her country’s ambassador, and she’s into American things, which doesn’t please Dad. Stuff like this prevents her from just being “The chick” and she did some funny moments on her own. But she really is there to be the funny foreigner. She doesn’t quite stick out that much as far as Disney sitcom ladies go.

Of the new actors, she’s the only one who didn’t really go anywhere. Proof? Her next project is Seltzerberg’s The Starving Games. OUCH.

Next up is Newt, played by Jason Dolley. He’s the dumb one, who is the son of a senator, and the Chief Justice. Of course, his parents expected him to…well not be dumb. They want him to be a leader, while Newt thinks this will stop his carefree life style. Of the characters, he gets the most development, and is probably the most interesting.

His stupidity can be funny at times, and I grew to like him a lot as the show went on. Anyway, then there’s Sophie, played by Madison Pettis. She’s the the president’s daughter and “America’s angel”. (“That’s what they call me!”). Of course, she’s no angel to Cory as she often proves a nuisance to him.

Unlike other characters of her ilk, she got her own subplots and proved to be somewhat likable as she learned how things work and how to be nicer. Though she never lost that edge but she also never become too sassy or “pwecious”.

Then there is Jason stickler, played by the brother from Lizzie Mcgcguire. He’s Cory’s main rival at school, and he’s the son of a C.I.A. Agent. He crushes on Meena, which means he’s pretty creepy. Though sometimes they end up being “Frenemies” since he ends up helping them out.

He’s there to be Cory’s rival, and to show off C. I. A. gadgets, but he was amusing enough. There isn’t a whole to him, but I did find him funny.

There’s also Samantha Samuels, the president’s assistant, who is all uptight and funny and stuff. But she’s not important, so let’s skip to my personal favorite character…President Bush, I mean Martinez.

He’s the bumbling president, who is quite childish. Though he can also be serious and likes saying THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in an epic way while looking at the camera. He’s not complex at all, but damn if he isn’t funny.

He’s almost always entertaining, and probably the most memorable character to come out of the show. He (and Sophie) actually appeared in a Hannah Montana episodes, which was the only crossover this show had before it got canned.

Though the next time the president showed up on HM, it was Obama. (Played by a guy who always plays Obama). So I guess Martinez got booted out the natural way, which means Bush never existed in the DCLAU, and it was him instead. Subtle.

As far as the story goes, there wasn’t much due to the show only last about a year, 34 episodes, and 2 seasons. However, stuff did happen like Cory getting a steady girlfriend named Candy. She actually did quite like him, but she was also fun so yeah.

Also, Cory started a band, which wasn’t as cool but it was still cool. At least things did change during its short run, and I liked the changes.

I don’t have much in the way of favorite episodes, but I do like “That’s So In the house” and “Uninvited pest.”. The latter has Stanley’s return, and while it has the “guy comes back pretends to be good, but is bad and no one believes hero” plot, it’s done pretty well.

W also have “Smells like School spirit” where Cory joins the new pep squd cuz Meena is in it. Pep Squad Founder Candy has a crush so she asks him out. Cory accidently says yes, but he is not a fan of overly peppy Candy but he thinks is a good way to make Meena jealous. Hijinks ensue.

It starts out enjoyable enough, but eventually Cory starts to actually see why Candy is so peppy, and her overall point of view. Then he actually starts to like her for real. It’s a sweet episode for Cory, even if it did use that cliché.

There’s also “Gone wishin” where Cory wishes he was the president, which comes true. But then evil alien robots take over and it turns out Sophie made them as revenge for Cory not taking his job seriously. It was a weird episode, resolved by a very literal reset button.

I also enjoy “Air Force one too many” where Cory gets in a scuffle where he ends up giving Alana to a Russian ambassador, Don’t ask. Not only is that part weirdly funny, we also have George Takei as the flight attendant. He’s at his best here, being pretty damn delightful.

Other than that, most of the episodes don’t stick out that much. Most of them are fine, but don’t stick out in my mind. I suppose the best word to sum this show up is…passable.

It has that guilty pleasure aspect for that reasons, but he even then it was Okay. I suppose my problem stems from its status as a spinoff.

While it did do Justice to Cory, it just felt like it could he been better if it started life as a regular show so they could develop in THAT way. As far as spin off shows it, did establish its own identity pretty well. But that identity just didn’t cut it.

Don’t take this to mean I don’t like the show. To be honest, I do, in the way I like most of these shows. It’s stupid but enjoyable. I did like most of the characters and it was never boring. On it’s own, it’s fine. But compared to that sea of other Disney shows, it doesn’t stand out.

It did take advantage of it’s premise, and the gimmick was interesting enough. But like I said, it would work better if it started out on it’s own. Cuz if you take it on it’s own NOW, it’s less memorable. And the fact that it didn’t last very long is a testament to that.

But I did wish it went on longer, so it could get even better. And also a proper finale where Obama kicks Martinez’ butt but a boy can dream.

Why do I sound so negative? I have no really problems with it, and I never find huge problems while watching an episode. I guess it’s cuz the show honestly never did stick amongst the others. But as a whole, it was a passable spin off. Critically weak, but that’s a given at this point.

I at least have to give it credit for starting the Disney careers of Madison Pettis and Jason Dolley. Chances are if this show didn’t exist, Jason wouldn’t be in Minutemen and Good luck Charlie, and Madison wouldn’t be in Mostly Ghostly, and Phineas and Ferb.

That’s So Raven deserved better, but for what it is …Cory in the house is a passable offering.

It’s not on Netflix or whatever, but DC did air it a bit ago as part of their Throwback thingy. So at least Disney remembers its existence. Some episodes are on YouTube, put up by Disney’s actual channel. So it’s legal!

Wizards of Waverly Place

There’s a whole Wizard world out there, where Wizards hang out. But there are plenty of Wizards on Earth, and The Russos are a family of them. While only the three kids, Alex, Justin, and Max have their wizard powers (for reasons I explain later) currently, they will try to train to become full grown wizards. But in the process, hilarity will ensue.

The theme is titled “Everything Is Not What It Seems” and it may be my favorite of these sitcom themes. While it doesn’t quite as feel as theme song-y as the others, it stand out as a real song while also fitting the show perfectly. Also, it’s catchy and they didn’t resort to showing clips of the show. That is until Season 4, when the intro got a trippy remix, which I actually prefer.

Everything is not what it seems

When you can have what you want by the simplest of means

Be careful not to mess with the balance of things

Cuz everything is not…what it seems.

It seems a little early in this giant blog to say my favorite of these sitcoms…but this is it. Well, at least of the modern ones, since some may say Raven is better. Some may even say Good Luck Charlie is better or something. Maybe those 2 are better, but this is personal preference we’re talking about.

My main reason? Well, most of these shows fall under Guilty pleasure. This doesn’t…for the most part. Even Suite life has its share of bad elements. This doesn’t have as many. I’ll discuss that kind of thing when we get to Good luck Charlie, but for now I’ll say it is my favorite.

It’s not without its flaws, but those flaws are actually easy to overlook cuz the good stuff is that good. Sort of like with those XD sitcoms I discussed. My other reasons are cuz of the story and mythology…which I can’t discuss until after the characters.

Like always, it’s best to discuss our main character Alex, played by Selena Gomez. It’s hard to discuss her, since she ends up being the point where people get split in the show. You either like her, or you don’t. Well, I do, for many reasons.

The main character in these sitcoms is usually a flat out good person from the start. They certainly would have bitch-y tendencies or be quirky or sassy. Sometimes they are more evident like in Hannah or Raven. But usually, they will mostly be just fine and development is focused on either some other element, or contained to certain episodes.

But here, she’s not a flat out good person. She’s quite the troublemaker, has more than few bitch-y tendencies, and is also quite snarky. Zack and Cody had this to an extent, but at least one was more outwardly not that good until later. And it was played a tad more for comedy then development.

Here, it’s a big helping of both. Even more so than some others, she actually develops. She grows and changes in noticeable ways. Even in small ways it’s obvious that by Season 4, she has changed.

So, she learns from her experiences over time. Which makes her more likable than a lot of sitcom main character. Anyway, she’s all sarcastic and non-girly and stuff. Most of the people around here are not happy with her, but it’s obvious (most) of them love her anything. She’s pretty funny too as her weird, and sometimes sarcastic nature gets in some nice jokes.

And when she gets emotional, you certainty buy it. This is why Selena Gomez is so good. Even in her Disney Stuff, she shows more emotion than most. …Yes, she’s also nice, but I’ve pointed that out before.

Point is, we have a tv show where the main character is the funniest and most interesting. That rarely happens for me. At least in these types of shows anyway. But let’s move on to the rest.

There’s her brother Justin, played by David Henrie. He’s the good brother who is far better at magic than Alex and is clearly the favorite. There’s more to him than that, as his status as good/nerd guy leads to some actually decent jokes. Plus he’s not beyond doing weird stuff that even the parents mock sometimes.

He and Alex certainly have a rivalry thing going on, but of course they often have to team up to solve their problems. This is pulled off well and it’s never forced. As the series goes on, we see how much they love each other for reals and it’s again, pulled off very well. It’s the kind of Sibling Rivalry that isn’t annoying and it’s rewarding when they team up.

…Also, they have an incest fandom. Why? I HAVE NO CLUE. It’s CREEPY. I’ve seen incest shippers shipping Phineas/Ferb or whatever. That’s going to happen. But even those who don’t ship are saying there are …moments. For a while, they had a brother/sister incest page on tv tropes.

What the fuck.

Every moment they have is a normal brother/sister moment. So how did this come about, from even normal people? No idea. Let’s just move on.

There’s Max, played by Jake T. Austin. Here’s the youngest, and weirdest. At the start he didn’t do a lot since his wizard powers hadn’t kicked in yet. Eventually he actually got a personality…as the dumb one. Only he’s extra weird and he ends up being pretty funny.

Granted, he gets the least amount of sweet moments, but he’s still cool. They make it obvious from the start he wouldn’t have a chance in the…thing I’ll explain later. Which is why I guessed he would be the big hero in the end. I was wrong.

But at times, he can be surprisingly effective with his wizard powers. In one episode, he poofs an entire crowd of fake people to make Justin and Alex think they have a crowd tor their…concert. Again, I’ll get to that later.

Also, there is a brief story arc where he accidentally gets turned into a girl and it takes a few episodes to fix it. It was weird but Maxine was played by Baliee Madison, who was pretty funny.

There another story Arc where Max actually sent his conscience out of him into a physical form. The form of Moises Arias to be exact. I only mention this cuz in one ep, Conscience ended up getting his own Conscience


…Moving on.

There is hot Mom and not so hot Dad. The latter is played by David Deluise, son of Dom. And brother of Peter, director of many haunting hour episodes and also 16 Wishes. They fit the types you expect. Both are hard on their kids, but Dad is of course a lot more angry and Mom is overbearing.

But hey, it works since the acting isn’t as over the top as you’d expect. They still end up being funny. Dad is not a wizard because he….goddammit, why did I choose to put this tidbit in the story section later in?

Point is, he wasn’t the one in his family to have the wizard powers, it was his brother Kelbo. We’ll get to him in a second. He choose to give up having wizard powers so he could be Mom, as Wizard/Human marriage is not exactly allowed.

So in other words, he gave up the chance to be a full wizard for the woman he loved. D’aww. That tidbit alone makes him far cooler than most Sitcom dads. Mom is what you’/d expect, but she still works cuz she’s funny. And hot.

Then there is the best friend of the show, Harper. She’s “quirky”, happy, and dresses in crazy handmade outfits. Why is she friends with the less happy Alex? Not sure, but they do oddly fit together. Unlike some other mismatched friends, they seem to sort of fit because…well they work well off each other.

If you a watch a few Alex/Harper centric episodes, you’ll see what I mean. But of course there are plenty of episodes that have their friendship being tested, but instead of being forced, it helps to develop the characters.

Harper is perhaps a bit too over the top or quirky for this mostly “subtle” show but eh, she’s funny. Also, she has a crush on Justin but by the end that’s gone cuz she ends up with this other guy who we shall get to in a second.

And yes, they do the “hide the wizard secret” thing with her, as you’d expect. It works but I’m glad that later in Season 2, Alex just told her she was a wizard. The details aren’t important, just watch “Harper Knows” if you need more info on how that happened.

This opened even more possibilities , which were all explored very well. It certainly helped with that development thingy I mention up there.

So anyway, it’s been a second, so let’s briefly mention Zeke. He’s Justin’s friend who is also geeky but in a more quirky and “stupid’ way. They are both somewhat obsessed with aliens (They start the “alien language league) which leads to some amusing moments. Zeke was somewhat of a throwaway character early on, but later he got more to do in the story. He’s still not the best, but he was alright. Also, he hooked up with Harper

This show had somewhat of a smaller cast, with less characters that floated in and out. But there are still a couple to discuss. There’s Uncle Kelbo, (played by Jeff Garlin), Jerry’s brother. He got the wizards powers, and he, like Alex, goofs off with them.

They use his debut episode to teach Alex a moral, but he would pop up a few times. He was pretty funny, but he is involved in…a weird episode. Shakaria pops up at the Sub station, but it turns out to be Kelbo.

…But it turns out Kelbo has always been Shakaria. Is in, she never existed and he made her up for no reason. But he has been nothing against Wizard rules, and his transformation is now getting hard to control.

It was not a good episode.’

In the first two seasons, we had Alpha Bitch Gigi. She had two goons and they were just the kind of characters they were meant to be. Not the most memorable characters, especially since they vanished after season 2…but eh, they were funny and their episodes were good.

Another short lived character, who was only in two episodes, was TJ (played by Juni from Spy Kids). He was another Teen wizard who was a troublemaker like Alex, who had charmed his parents to let him do what he wanted.

He was cool but I’m disappointed he didn’t show up after his two episodes. At least he beared my own name.

There’s Mr Larriate, the principal of Alex’s school. He’s obsessed with the old west cuz….he needed a quirky character trait. But honestly, he’s cool and I like his causal relationship with Alex since he gets in trouble so much.

It actually ends up being kind of sweet in some episodes, as Alex starts developing and stuff. See, what I mean? Character development their relationship with another character! Why can’t some of the other shows get this right?

Then there is Professor Dumbledore, I mean Crumbs. See, there’s a big wizard school called WizTech and he’s the head of it. He’s first seen in that role but as the show goes on he’s pretty much the big wizard authority we see a lot.

He’s quirky and old and funny and stuff. I just mention him so I can mention that fact that he’s totally Dumbledore. But in the Season 4 premiere, he does something that is kind of….dick-ish. It leads to a great storyline but….eh, I won’t spoil it.

And that’s it for the main ones. The rest are villains I won’t spoil by going into detail on, or just throwaway ones I don’t have much to say about. But there is one villain I will mention before I go on to the …well you’ll see.

There’s Stevie, who is badass troublemaker like Alex. They become friends. At fist, she seemed to be a one shot, until she showed up again. It turns out she’s a wizard who wants to start a Wizard revolution to stop the other siblings of a wizard competition from losing their powers. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to that)


Long story short, she ends up being turned into a statue. And then.,..max accidentally knocks her over and she shatters into piece. Um….that’s….dark, dude. And is it treated like a big tragic thing? Nah.

This is the one episode occasionally detractors like to point to. The whole Wizard competition thing is a tad unfair and her revolution had a noble goal to an extent. So her being evil and KILLED felt a bit mean spirited/morally ambiguous to some.

Me? Eh, I can see that but she did want to keep her powers for evil reasons. AS for the killing…yeah that was pointless. But as a whole, this is the only time I could say maybe it will a morally weird. I’m sticking with Mr Coat on saying that the only negative points of this show are subjective, like bits of the humor.


So let’s get to the…LOVE INTERESTS! Oh yeah, this is my favorite part! Both Alex and Justin a few one offs, as you would expect. But we’ll discuss the main ones in depth.

Alex’s first main love was Dean, a less than classy dude who is on Alex’s level without being an exact copy. He’s a tad dumb but in the good way. He and Alex had a cute thing going on that lead to some genuine conflicts.

Also, he had a goon in a couple episodes, played by Zach Shada. That’s right, the original Finn the human. …And that’s all I have to say.

But, Dean left at one point, and like Raven/Devon they kept in touch. Until they flat out broke up for, I think, good reasons. He did make a return though in the end, Alex chooses the REAL main love interest.

This is Mason. There’s an episode where a Future version of Harper shows up and mentions a boy named Mason. Sure enough, this guy shows up with that name. They meet in class and hit off.

But guess what? He’s a werewolf. Yeah, creatures like that exist here too. It fits cuz Justin dated a werewolf himself once. Only this one is BRITISH.. Well, the character is…the actor puts on a bad accent.

He has a tad less of a personality than Dean, but his werewolf nature lead to good conflicts and they had genuine chemistry. Also, he was funny. Most of what I have to stay tie into the story, so I’ll sum it up like this:

They were on and off a tad bit but it had to do with how they grow to love each other, and they sacrifice they have to make given their different species. They did break up like 3 times but each time …it made sense, especially since the 2nd time, they were FORCED to.

They get back together for good in an episode that started out as filler. I love it when that happens. It was a very sweet moment, and put a good final cap in their relationship, as they stayed together for good….or at least the last few episodes, as this was near the end.

In the end, I think they were cut and it tied into the overall story well, and at least it didn’t get as annoying as in say, Hannah Montana.

Justin had a couple one offs, but his main one was Juliet, played by Bridgit Mendler. She’s a vampire. These guys sure know how to pick ’em. Anyway, they had a brief Romeo and Juliet thing (Fittingly enough) for a bit in their like 4 episode story arc.

But after that, it shifted focus to just them. Juliet is a rare nice vampire but her nice-ness was charming instead of boring. Mendler showed some serious chops here with how damn charming she was. She even scores the emotional stuff later on.

This is why she got her own show, but that’s for much later.

To explain more would be to just spoil her entire story arc, which was really awesome. The finale to her first story arc was incredibly heartbroken, and remains one of the best written emotional moments in Modern Disney sitcom history.

Of course it sort of continued, as it really effected Justin. I won’t go in depth on what happened after that but it resolved very well. Their relationship was very well done,, even more so than Alex/Mason. It was sweet and awesome.

If you’re expecting a ‘better romance than Twilight ‘ joke, then Sorry, no dice. Wait, didn’t I just technically make one? FUUU-

They had plenty of guest stars, aside from the ones i’ve mentioned before. For example, in the credits to an episode, they do an excellent parody of “We had a lot of fun but let’s talk serious”) stingers. Director Rob Reiner, of all people shows up as himself to help with the moral, but he ends up drinking spoiled milk cuz he didn’t read the label.

That’s what he gets for making North.

They also had John o’ Hurly, Tim Conway, (I mentioned two Spongebob people in a row by accident), Cindy Crawford, and The Rock. He also showed up in Hannnah Mtonnta and Cory in the house around the same time. Cool?

And my favorite, future Revenge seeker Curtis Armstrong as…Justin’s pimple. It was weird.

And again, some ended up being stars on later Disney shows: Bella Thorne, Chyna Anne Mclaine, Eric Allan Kramer, and so on. But finally, that’s all the characters. The regular actors went to a few other things as well.

Besides the obvious,. David has some small roles like in Mostly Ghostly, and…sigh, Vampires suck. Why was he in that again?

BELLA SPOOF CHICK: (asleep) Must…tivo…wizards of Waverly place.

Oh…now I get it. You sneaky bastard..

David Henrie has floated around, like in The Secret World of Artiety which ironically also had Bridgit Mendler, and sigh…Grown Ups 2. Goddammit, dude.

But eh, in my heart he will always be that poor kid who has to listen to his father ramble for 9 seasons about how he met his mother.

Mom hasn’t done a ton, but Jake and Jennifer Stone (Harper) have been in small roles. The former is the lead in “Go Diego go” of all things, and the latter will be a babysitter proving bookends in the upcoming TV series Deadtime Stories. Oh, we’ll get to that one, I assure you. At least more of the cast went on to big things than say, Raven.

But, finally, let’s get to the story. Other Disney shows have story arcs and stuff, but this is easily the most story driven show they’ve done thus far. That’s why I like this show. It’s got a story that ties into the characters.

As I spoiled before, each Family may only have one wizard, who gets to keep their powers. Once they’ve finally completed the training, they get to be in the big FAMILY WIZARD COMPETEION to see who gets to be the family wizard.

The entire show built it up 4 seasons, as the characters got more powerful and faced shit tons of obstacles. Season 4 had a great story arc where they take a big step backwards in their training, and must face this difficult situation. I won’t spoil it, but while it started off weak, it ended up being the best story arc they ever did.

Now, when I say it’s the most story driven, I mean in that it has a goal to reach by the end, and it uses the characters development to tie into that. You know, like the story in a good movie. Again, that’s more than I can say for even the other story driven Disney shows.

Thankfully, I don’t have to recap tons of crap like I will when I cover Suite life on deck next time. I already covered it with the characters. The story is driven by one event that will happen hat looms over the characters.

The characters fully grow which is in itself, a great story. There are plenty of non=character turns like in the Wizards Vs Angels arc, which comes up in an unexpected story arc near the end. It’s great stuff.

Who knew I could truthfully say I watch a Disney sitcom for the story? Also, they did too many Wizards Vs ___ episodes. It started with Wizards Vs Vampires, then it got to Zombies, werewolves Angels, and even an Asteroid.

The asteroid one was mocked by…well me, until I saw the episode and found It made perfect sense. Eventually, they did Wizards vs EVERYTHING. The title was misleading, but come on, they got to THAT point.

But anyway, I like how story driven this show is. I got sucked in and I was emotionally invested in it. I grew to really like these characters. Also, the gimmick is gone very well as we learn more about the wizard world, and it starts to feel real.

It wasn’t just a gimmick. They really got us into this world and they got great comedy out of it. Their biggest gimmick gave us of one of their best. Weird.

Alex is a perfect example of the character growth, and she represents how good this all is. Thank god I didn’t have to recap story, as I did that earlier.

So that means I can move to favorite episodes….sort of. This is my fave Disney sitcom…but I can’t pinpoint fave episodes as much!

Weird, huh? All the big ones I mention are up there, like Wizards vs Vampires and the (then) finale to the Justin/Juliet thing. Really, I’ve mentioned all of my faves already. I just love the story episodes!

But there is the aforementioned Asteroid. A big ass asteroid is going to crash into the earth and end the world. And it’s not caused by wizards of anything, nor is it a prank. This is actually happening. …Which means the other Disney sitcom characters must have been facing this as well.


Er, anyway, The Russo family plus Harper plan to escape into the Wizard world and live there forever. However. Alex feels bad for abandoning Earth, and she suggests they try to stop the asteroid. See, growth!

That’s why I like that one. And…crap, it’s the only I can bring up that isn’t tied into the story. I can think of no other faves. I’ll just cheap you out by saying ANY BIG STORY EPISODE as those have the best story, and humor.

But wait…there’s the two part finale. No spoilers, don’t worry. The day of the Wizard competition finally comes and it goes as well as you’d expect. Part 1 is mostly build up for the big contest and the competition itself. It’s great stuff with some suspense and humor.

But something happens at the end of part 1. Something unexpected, that feels like the true end and when it says TO BE CONTINTUED, you are like WHAT?!! Thankfully, part 2 followed that faithful 2012 January day.

I won’t spoil it, but the first half of part 2 is beyond excellent. There is a fantastic situation the characters are put it and it REALLY shows their growth and it’s awesome. If this was the end, I honestly, would be completely okay with it. .

But of course things change and it goes on. I was okay cuz…well the rest is great. The way it ends is good, and they have BEEEEEP without pissing off the detractors by having it just fall into BEEEP hands. It’s well-earned and it involves a character moment for two characters.

So it ended up being very satisfying. The final moment is sweet and a great ending to the series. It didn’t rip my heart out like…well a certain finale we’ll get to next time, but damn was it good. It was the perfect way to end the series on a high note.

But wait, just this year this did a reunion special! Yep, The Wizards Return: Alex Vs Alex. It has Alex taking all the “bad” stuff out of her, but it turns into it’s own psychical form which plots to take over. And yes, Evil!Selena Gomez is beyond hot.

It ties into the story better than I imply, and it was a good reunion special. I have two complaints thought: While some bits are shot normally, a large chunk of it is in a cinematic style, just like the movie (I’m reviewing that soon) which is fine. But…it still has the laugh track, which the movie did not have.

This felt very out of place given how it was shot. It just bugged me. But as I said, there are plenty of scenes shot in a normal way so I can’t bitch. Also Justin is absent. Why? …David was filming Grownups 2 at the time.


Spongey Vs: Adam Sandler.

.So anyway, it was good. So…i guess that wraps it up for WOWP. This section ended up being a tad shorter than I expected.

I went into detail and I explained everything I needed. I think this was shorter cuz it had LESS things to explain bit by bit, like with Hannah. This show is much more complex and has a deeper story, but it’s done a simpler manner.

Meaning, it was easier to sum up everything in a few pharaohs, while I had tons of characters to mention with HM. This show does what that one did with the ever changing story, but in an easier to explain manner.

Another reason to love this show. It’s easily Disney’s finest Modern sitcom outing. Is it flawed in some areas? Sure. Is it perfect? No. Is it the best show ever? Lolno. But it had very good acting, funny humor, interesting ideas, a great story and some very likable characters.

Selena Gomez struck gold here and this is perhaps one of her best works. We can argue over if Good luck Charlie or raven is better, but my vote goes to Wizards of Waverly place. It is simple…the best.

The series on netflix so you can check it out if you please. So is the movie, which is also great.



And that ends part 1. Man, that took forever but also not very long at the same time. I did that HM section in like a day. I was a typing machine, bitch.

This will have 3 parts, with 5 in the first two, and 6 in the last so I can fit Liv & Maddie there. This is one of my biggest projects in a while,, and this is only the start. Come in next time as I share my love for crappy shows once more.

But we’ve done (almost) all of the decent ones. So join me next time, as we get into the main Guilty pleasure ones. It’s going to be a doozy.

See ya!

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