Snow Buddies


I hope these dogs freeze to death….or at least get lost.

Hello, Spongey here.

Okay, we another fucking buddies me our hands. I swear I’ll wait awhile before doing another one. If you remember, I couldn’t find the first Air Buddies sequel in time, so I skipped to Space Buddies.

But now I have a Tv airing from The Hub ,of all channels. So i’m ready to do it. Remember, this started with the dog movie known as Air Bud, which got a spin off series about the buddies.

It started with Air buddies, which was a lazy, crappy, and useless kid’s film. Space Buddies as bad too but since i’m doing the 2nd one, we have to forget about that one until later.

If you must know everything, go read my Air Buddies review for full details. However, there is one thing that KILLS this movie before I even press play.

You know most movies have that whole NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED thing? Well ,i don’t think this movie has that. Why? Well, 5 puppies died in the making of this film.

Really. It’s a long story but 5 puppies died of a disease that they were not vaccinated for prior to filming. Five more puppies were brought to replace them. That’s not all of it ( but that’s about it.

While the Animal Human Association deemed the film “Unacceptable”, they said that the production cooperated in every way with their recommendations.

That’s all well and good. However,, and I don’t know about you, but any movie that had a living thing die during production is HORRIBLE. And it being a movie I was not looking forward to makes it even worse.

So I already have a sour feeling for TWO reasons. This is gonna hurt. But SUPER BUDDIES (really) came out recently, so I must do this.

This, is Snow Buddies

The movies opens with some cliché narration by a Siberian husky. After we head to Fernfrield (yeah, I got the name wrong last time) where we see the same dogs and owners I saw in Space buddies.

Let’s go down the line again:: Budderball aka Fat Bad. Mudbud aka Generic/Dirty bud, Rosebud aka Girl bud, and Buddah aka Potentially offensive bud. Their owners are all like them except for Generic bud, who is clean.

Oddly, their introductions are shorter than in Space Buddies, even though THIS Is when they got introduction to audiences. Weird.

As for voice actors, Buddah is completely different from both Air and Space, so they couldn’t keep a consistent VA for him for even two movies! Rosebud, and Mudbud as replaced from Air Buddies and they were kept for Space. Like in Space, B-dawg and Budderball are still the same.

Btw, Buddah’s voice happens to a be a blog repeat actor! Yep, he was in the Middle school date skit in Movie 43. Oh joy.

‘”I must be contagious, cuz he’s catching cool like it was a cold”

I hope being annoying isn’t contagious, or I’d be dead by now.

After the owner’s leave, the dogs just kind of…fuck around. One chases a kitten, into it’s mom stops him. This cat is voiced by Whoopi Goldberg for some reason. Whoopi chases him away. Pointless?

The buddies play hide and seek until Fat bad goes after an ice cream truck. Girl bud goes after him in the truck. On this part, wikipedia says this:

Hilarity” ensues when Buddah finds them both in the truck”

I did not edit that at all. Wikipeida actually puts quotes around Hilarity. That’s how bad this movie is. Anyway, long story short all the buddies end up trapped in the truck. Like the idiots they are, they decide to stay in and eat the ice cream as the truck drives off.

However, the truck is being shipped Alaska. How dramatically inconvenient. The buddies fall asleep before they notice this cuz again, idiots. In Alaska, we meet a boy named Adam who has a small husky and is determined to win a dog sled race.

Adam is going off to Alaskan school while the buddies are on the plane to Alaska. They wake up and figure out that they are up in the air. And when they try to get Fat bad up…they pull his paw, and he farts.

I am so fucking sick of these fart jokes.

The dogs fall out of the plane and die. Nah, I wish. They just end up in parachutes somehow and float to the ground. The buddies are now lost with no way home.

Back at home, the kids are trying to find the dogs. I bet they are pissed the dogs got lost twice in the span of ….a month? A year? I don’t know, it was two years between movies.

Back in Alaska, we find that Adam plays hockey (cuz all Askans play hockey) and that he sucks at it. His parents are cool with it though.

Because Alaska has no actual homes near where they landed, the buddies just sleep in an ice cave. That night, Adam prays to god for a dogsled time so he can enter the race. Eh, if God can help a kid win a baseball game…

The next morning, the dogs leave the cave to explore. Generic Bud is going insane without dirt, but that lame joke ends when the dogs think they see someone watching them.

It’s Adam’s dog Shasta, voiced by Dylan Sprouse. Two things:

1 How weird it to see one Sprouse twin without the other?

  1. It’s so sad that this is a step down from the disney sitcom. Also, another blog repeat actor, yay!

Eventually, Shasta is able to explain to the buddies that he is harmless. And I can tell that Dylan is the only VA putting any EFFORT into this. Sad.

So you are 5 dogs, and you fell from the sky? …you gets ever dogsled race”

I can imagine the Nagging from Phineas and Ferb is pissed right now.

Also, even the movie is making of how contrived this is. Anyway, we cut to some store where we our villain, Jean George. He’s a dog sledder who always wins and thinks no one can beat him. Yay, another stock villain!

The owner is Adam’s dad, and the villain acts like a dick to him. And he’s somewhat amusing, so I can give points for that. Back with the buddies they bump into the bad guy’s dog sled team who are equally stock.

Then they walk off once the sheriff shows up. This is bernie, voices by Jim Belushi. So two movies in a row with wasted talent on a sheriff dog. Wow. They chat and Bernie leaves.

Then Shasta takes the buddies to his place, where he shows them Adam Dad’s sled that he doesn’t use anymore. He also introduces the buddies to Adam while they hide from him.

Shasta suggests that the buddies become Adam’s dogseld team because A. Adam wants this. And B. the finish as the airport, so they hop on and go home.

Girl bud wants them to do this mostly for reason 2. What, they can’t find the airport on their own? I love a good contrived story.

So that’s our plot. Yay. And yep, there is a “Sweet” scene at night with Adam and Shasta. Does every buddies movie need this? At least it makes sense, unlike Space Buddies. The buddies sleep in a shed.

The next day, they tell Shasta they are in, but now they need a mentor. They suggests his parents, but they are…up there now. Wah wah.

But he does take them to the dog from the opening. His name is talon, and he taught Shasta’s father. Unlike a GOOD wise old master, he wants to turn down Shasta cuz he’s young, but he gets him to turn around.

So they will turn sledding into some old martial arts karate kid bullshit. He makes do some stuff, but at least he doesn’t make them wash his car. It’s a weak montage, really lacking in 80’s music.

Later, we find it’s Christmas eve. This is a Christmas movie? I would have lowed to know that earlier. Anyway, the next day, it’s Christmas and Adam gets some cool presents. But there is also a forced sad scene with all the owners back home.

In lighter news, Shasta reveals the buddies to Adam as his Christmas gift. He reads their name tags and makes weak comments about the names. So now it’s time to actually get ready for the race.

So we get another montage lacking in awesome-ness. During this, they decide to make a sled their dad was gonna make before he retired. Of course one kid makes it all by himself.

Also the jerk villain dogs are french cuz Alaska. Anyway, the next day, Adam signs up for the race while the french villain dogs act like dicks to the buddies. One guy tells them of how Shasta’s parents died during a big race.

Yikes, that’s dark. I hope dog’s die during filming to make this even dark-OH WAIT.

Anyway, back in the US, Whoopi tells Air Bud about how the pups ended up in the truck. Another truck happens to be there, so they dogs follow it into THE VERY PLANE THE DOGS WERE ON AND THEY ARE NOW HEADED TO ALASA.

They are only so many contrived conveniences I can take in a movie!

That night, Talon shows the buddies the northern lights and says some crap about spirits. He says he has “taught them all you need to know” and he’s off.

Insert crap about never being alone here. Jesus, this is cliché as hell. So they head to bed and they have another forced sweet moment where they doubt themselves, but they must do this for Shasta.

The next day, it’s the day of the race. A little early but i’ll take if it means we’re almost done. The pups show up and the bad guy laughs at them. He’s still kind of amusing here to an extent.

There’s no rule that says a boy and his pups can’t enter the race”

And there’s no rule that says a dog can’t play basketball. We get it by now.

The other sled guys include a Russian guy and a swedish chick. Stereotypes, ahoy!


Air Bud and Molly quickly cut the crap and ask Belushi about the pups and they find out about the race. The race itself is just…meh so far. Also, Adam’s Dad finds out the race and heads there.

We skip to night, as Adam makes it the midway checkpoint. Also, we see Jean George sabotaging the swedish chick. Ah, cliché villains. Gotta love ’em.

The race is back on the next day. The human sheriff finds out there are whiteouts headed their way, but he can’t cancel the race. Yay, drama in case the villain isn’t good enough. He also finds out about the missing puppies from Fernfield and tells that city’s Sheriff that he found the buddies.

Yeah. I’m used to rush stuff like that by now. Jean’s sabotage takes it’s toll and the Swedish chick is out. Later, the pups seem to be getting lost in the snow storm but an Eskimo shows up and takes the gang to his igloo.

Wow, they couldn’t be more stereotypical if they TRIED.

After a nap, they leave since the storm has died down. And the Eskimo waves goodbye.

….This has been another-


So the race is back on! But then Adam ends up falling off, which hinders their progress. But then the dogs help him get back up. ..I’m not doing it again.

The gang stops when they see Jean George abandoning his dogs. Yeah, the dogs ended up getting suck on ice that is about fall beneath them. He will let his dogs DIE. There’s being evil, and there’s just being a DICK.

And he must not care about winning if he gives up his only chance at it. Shasta says this is where his mom and dad died and it’s a big thing that the dogs raced in this place. Sometimes you have to have faith, or whatever.

Long story short, Shasta is able to save the dogs, with the help of the buddies of course. So Jean takes them and heads off to win. Okay, so he does care? CONTISENTCY. YOU SUCK AT IT.

We have the power of positive thinking”

This is becoming a SATIRE at this point!

So the race is back on. Jean’s dogs give up since Jean is a douche. You know Adam, it’s not fair if your opponents dogs LET you win. But it’s still a happy ending anyway as he crosses the finish line.

Adam’s dad is proud and they have a “sweet” moment. Then Air bud and Molly show up for support. They also have a moment with Shasta before Jean’s dogs chase after him. Comedic villain defeat for the lose.

So with that, they head to the airport. Shasta and Adam say goodbye and share a cliché moral together.

Thank you buddies”

So the plane takes them away from Alaska, at last. They arrive home safe and sound. The puppies reunite with their owners and yada yada.

I guess we can add dog sledding to the family resume”

And soon you will add astronauts, and many other stupid things. There’s a quick bit with Adam and we hear more cliché narration from Talon to close us out. Huh, not as abrupt of an ending as I expected. THE END.

Final Thoughts:

First off, I’ll say that it’s better than Air Buddies. But once again, it still sucks. The plot is again filled with stupid cliches, one note characters. I sound like a broken record now, but it DOES have these things.

Not in a special way, just in a very typical way. Only this one is special as it’s incredibly contrived and has extremely lazy parts. They even have some pointless things like the Eskimo. Some cliché elements are even shoehorned in, like that damn memotor and the training.,’

Did we even even that? Even the stuff with Shasta at least has weight to it. Some elements show promise, like Shasta’s dad dying. But that just ends up being forced and cliiche. The performances have improved from Air Buddies. Even the main kid isn’t that bad.

But they are still rather dull. Only Zack here really tries but even he gets dull by the end. I didn’t care for Shasta and Adam as they are dull and uninteresting. The villain is pretty cliché, but he has his moments early on.

But near the end, they try way too hard to make him a dick by sacrificing constituency. Not quite as pointless as the one from Space, but at least he lack’s the henchmen from Air.

Really, what can I add? It’s not as ANNOYING as Air and Space would be but it makes up for that with stuff that actually does bug me, like how they get to Alaska and how Air bud follows.

It’s just incredibly lame and badly written. It’s better than Air Buddies, but how is it compared to Space Buddies. Eh, it’s a mixed bag. It has a story, unlike Space, and it tries to have an actual moral. So maybe it’s better, but some stuff makes it worse.

I say it’s on par, but mostly “Better. So after air, it got better…then worse. I wonder what the next one is like. Well, I won’t find out for awhile, cuz i’m done with buddies until at least Late September.

I don’t have much to say otherwise. It’s just lame compared to the others. It’s…a buddies movie. What else is there?

Grade: D

Well, that was dumb. So next I look at Ad-


Is that right?



Guys, this is my 99th review. You know what that means. Next up on Spongey444 is…


See ya there!



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  1. “What was the phrase by the eskimo on faith said at end of Disney Snowbuddies movie ?

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