Dog with a Blog-Stan Stops Talking

Hello, Spongey here.

I was going to wait until much later to discuss this show, but it looks like that time has come early. Well, I’ll discuss it at length and give it a full analysis….for a blog I’m doing later.

You’ll find out what that all means eventually. For now, let’s briefly discuss Dog With a blog. This is the most recent Disney Channel Sitcom, about a recently blended family that adopts a dog named Stan who has the ability to talk.

The kids (Older brother Tyler, Normal aged Avery, and young Chloe) must keep the talking thing a secret from the parents and the world. Also, Stan has a blog but that has literately nothing to do with anything. What do I think of this show? What I think all of the other Disney sitcoms: Guilty Pleasure.

But even I admit it’s not exactly the best. But then this episode aired, and It ended up being the most…interesting episode to date. I COULD discuss this episode during my upcoming anasyis, but it’s hard to sum up.

So instead, I will do a play by play review of the episode. Is this episode any good? Why am I reviewing it? You are about to find out.

This, is Stan Stops Talking

The episode opens with Mom and Dad walking in on the main character, Avery, as she is with Stan the dog. Avery tells them to keep quiet, as she thinks Stan is sick.

He doesn’t come when I call him, and all he does is lay around in a pool of his own droll, breathing through his mouth”

Are you describing Stan or Tyler?”

Not a good time to crack jokes about your son, dude …But that was still funny. So Avery thinks something is wrong, and comes up with some diseases I can’t even spell. But Stan doesn’t seem to have any of those.

There’s a joke regarding the Mom I;ll skip cuz it’s not important but it is a little funny. After the weirdly placed intro, they come back from the vet, so said nothing is wrong with Stan.

She doesn’t what she’s talking about!”

DAD: Her wall is lined with diplomas!

So is yours!”

Heh. And Avery does apologize for that mean outburst, so yay for Likability. They consider that maybe Stan is depressed.

We can’t even tell them the worst part…that Stan has stopped talking”

Dun dun dun. So they try to talk to Stan to get him to speak up but nothing works. They figure that the depression is why he won’t talk, so they just have to think of reasons he would be depressed.

We Tyler flashes back to last week, as he talking to Stan about his job at the food truck. …The episode where he got that job aired AFTER this. Damn Disney scheduling.


You met a girl?!”


You met a girl with feet made of bacon?”

Did I mention Stan usually gets the best lines?

Tyler says he got the food truck to show up at Chloe’s birthday party, Stan is happy about the idea of loose meat all over the floor.

One day I’ll have my own food truck, drive around the country and never look back!”

Suddenly, Stan stops talking. Tyler tries to feed Stan some leftovers, but he just sits there. And when stan won’t get food, you know something is wrong.

Avery pitches in her with her flashback. Avery is hanging around , talking to Dad about her future college plans. Yeah, Avery is like Cody from The Suite life of Zack and Cody only as girl…and weirder.

She already has tons of stuff going on, along with the college planning. Then she finds Stan eating her college books.

In a couple hours in the back yard, I’m gonna pass all these courses”

Shit joke, yay?

Next, Chloe gives her “Stan is weird” story. The parents talk to Chloe about her 7th birthday coming up. Dad waxes nostalgic about his failed 7th birthday, before they move on.

Chloe cuts to the part where Stan stopped talking in front of here. Not provocation this time. Avery figures out the one common thread in all these stories: Chloe’s birthday. Avery’s bit mentioned I, I just skipped it.

Avery thinks Stan is just sad cuz he doesn’t have a full birthday, being a rescue. So they throw him a birthday party in the park to cheer him up. It doesn’t work.

Stan finally pipes up when Chloe almost gets in danger trying to get a ball. Sweet reason to speak up.

As it turns out, the birthday is not what is making Stan sad.

I heard you all talking. You’re all gonna leave me. Avery, you’re going to college. Tyler, you’re going to drive a good truck all other the country. And Chloe, you’re another year older, with one more foot out the door”

We’re not gonna leave you for a long time”

‘But it’s going to happen”

Yep, Stan is depressed cuz he is afraid of the day when the kids all leave him for bigger and better things. …Damn, this is more complex issue, not only for this, but for any of the disney sitcoms. But just wait…

Later, Avery talks to Dad. Dad is a physiologist, so he’ll know something. She does the whole “I have a friend” thing to mention Stan’s problem. Dad actually catches on and thnks Avery Is the sad one.

You’re really good”

I wouldn’t put it on a bus bench If it wasn’t true”

Cut to a bench advert sting him, with a quote saying “I’m really good!” Haw. So Avery mentions the whole issue Stan is having. Dad ends up joining her in the crying.

You don’t have to change your bench ad”

Cut to the same bench, saying “Maybe I’m not so good”. Okay, Stan doesn’t ALWAYS get the best jokes…

Dad says this is all natural when you dwell on the future.

Live your life in the present. Enjoy what you have now. By the time the future comes, you’ll be ready for it”

This is the sweetest and most serious the show has even gotten. They didn’t even break much of that up with a joke. So after that, Chloe tells them that she wants to do a different party.

That discussion made Dad want to just do what she asks. Avery finds Stan and tells him what Dad told her, only it’s more sweet coming out of a better actor. But sadly, it still doesn’t work.

Avery has no more ideas. And so later, Chloe picks a Chloe themed party, which ends up being really creepy. After the party, Avery finds Chloe outside, as she ended up disliking the party. Stan comes out and finds this out.

You only turn 7 once. You should try to enjoy it while you can”

And boom, Stan realizes he learned the moral of what Avery told him. Live in the present and all that.

If I spend my time worrying about the future, I’ll miss everything great about my life right now”

Pretty profound for a show called Dog with a blog.

Before I came to this family, I never got sad like this cuz I had nothing to lose.”

That’s the price you pay for having people in your life that you love so much”

Then it’s totally worth it”

So not only was there a complex issue, but it got tied to the characters and story really well and it was sweet without being preachy.

This IS Dog with a blog, right?

So Chloe’s party is relocated to the park, while Stan narrates to us about the lesson he learned.,

The present is a gift. Pretty sure I came up with that”

Thus we join Stan at his computer writing his blog post. See,i told you the blog has nothing to do with the actual plot..

Stan says he got a B-day of his own, and shows us a pic of it, and everyone has a dog ears.

Chloe was right, it totally freaked me out”

There’s a brief bit where the other Chloe get mistaken for the other Chelo and it turns out the real one was left at the park. Wah wah!

Not exactly the most eventually episode now that i’ve recapped it…i guess I could have discussed it normally after all!

Final Thoughts:

This was a short, pointless blog review, to be honest. But I just wanted to discuss this episode! This show has plenty of good things when you dig in it, but it’s never THIS good!

.Well it is in ‘Avery’s first breakup” but that’s a blog for another day. The dilemma is interesting, and it’s gets somewhat complex for this show. It’s surprisingly depressing, and they do a good job at tying it into he whole series instead of it being a one time weird moral.

It’s a good message, and they deliver it well. And a couple dumb jokes I skipped, don’t mess it up. Actually, the humor is well placed and never clashes with the drama. It’s a pretty serious episode for the most part.

When I first saw this episode, I was shocked at how good it is. It’s still a little dumb, but for a DWAB, it’s damn good. But to be honest, it’s not the funniest ep, and Stan isn’t at his best. But it’s still funny where it counts.

It’s not that eventual, though. But i’m not used to reviewing 20 minute tv episodes, where more focus is on jokes than story. At least in sitcoms like this. I suppose, like Stan I learned a lesson. Never underestimate a show, no matter how dumb it can be.,

Even the dumbest people/shows can be surprise you with intelligence. How do I fully feel on the show? You’ll find out soon. But this episode…is actually good.

Grade: B+

That’s being way too nice, but I don’t care.

See ya.


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