A look at Disney XD Sitcoms

Hello, Spongey here.

I’m sure we all familiar the with Disney Channel. Or, more specifically, the new disney channel. Home of many tween sitcoms. I have my own opinion of them, as said back in my Guilty pleasures list. I plan to do a blog on them eventually, but..this was easier for me.

Today, we’ll look at the shows aired on Disney’s sister channel…Disney XD. Disney XD was the replacement for Toon Disney. Near the end of TD’s lifetime, it was slowly getting taken over by it’s Jetix block, which showed a lot of power rangers…and other stuff that wasn’t good. So when I hear they were overhauling it for something new, I was okay with it.

And when I saw what Disney XD was gonna be like …I got even more happy. No girly Hannah Montanna crap? YAY! Sure, at the start it seemed like it was gonna all EXTREME but it’s starting to make a name for itself.

Disney Channel shows will often be guilty pleasures, if they are not animated..but XD shows manage to usually be genuinely decent, in my opinion. Sure, they all have their flaws, but I usually like them. And cuz I found myself watching a lot of XD shows recently, I decided to take a look at these shows, in depth.

I will focus on the live action shows, but I will put in a few animate ones I want to discuss. I like Kick buttowski and Tron Uprising, but I have little to say about them. Also, I will leave out their first show, Aaron Stone cuz…I never watched it, it never reurns, and I found little of it online.

With that said, let’s do this.

This, is A look at Disney XD Shows

Zeke and Luther

Of all the XD shows, this is the one I had seen the least of. I saw a bit of it when it was on, but I didn’t watch it much. But when I had to do this blog, I had to watch as much as possible.

From the creators of Even Stevens, comes this comedy about two skater dudes named Zeke Falcone and Luther Waffles (Yes, that’s really his last name) who do skater things, and other stuff. Also, there’s no laugh track, which to some is a godsend.

For each show, I’ll talk about the theme song before getting into specifics. The theme here is…uh…well take a look

Wait don’t tell me

Dude you won’t believe what happened.

Yes, no, Maybe

Don’t forget that i’m a genius.

Are you crazy? Someone could be listening to us.

Wait don’t tell me. Not again.

Would you just calm down. Is there a problem?

Let’s get a pizza, and act like nothing ever happened.

Calm down, it’s only tuesday

We’ll get a pizza and hope that no one overheard us talking.

Calm down, cause I’m a genius.

It’s only Thursday, and by tomorrow we’ll have everything just fine.

I think whoever wrote this heard a conversation by two stoners who just killed someone, and put it to music. That’s the only explanation.

So the show itself is certainly unique. It has a interesting brand of comedy that proves to be very funny. Though unlike the rest of these shows, it’s devoid of any kind of story or huge development. So as a result, I won’t have much to say.

I’d actually recommend to fans of Even stevens, as it has the same writing, and unique comedy. Only more EXTREEEME. There’s more to it than just the skating aspect, but of course it’s used in most of the plots.

Other plots include trying to steal ice from a evil dude during a heat wave, Zeke using a chip to make his bratty sister nice, and a Hanover style plot where the gang has to find their friend after a mean snow cone party.

And that to some odd non-sequiter jokes, and you got yourself a …different show. Hell, this is the only show where the episode called “pilot” is the FOURTH episode.

Also, in between some scene, the kids talk to the camerae about what’s going on, which usually leads to some funny stuff. As you would expect, Zeke is the normal one, while Luther is the weird one. This old dynamic works, thanks to just how unique Luther is.

Of course he’s the standout, which is why Adam Hicks would go on to do a couple films like The RL Stine adaptation Mostly Ghostly, and the DCOM Lemonade Mouth. He also helped ruin another XD show, but more on that later.

They also have a “friend” named Kojo, played by Cookie from Ned’s declassified who is kind of dick, and considers himself better than the two. Why they hang out is a mystery, is a fantasy scene where Zeke is the president shows him kicking Kojo out of the country.

He’s funny cuz of how much of a jackass he is, though it’s weird how different, yet he alike, he and cookie are. Zeke also has a bratty sister named Ginger, who is there to be the bratty sister, but she’s funny in how evil can she be. Not Megan evil but still bad.

But aside some nerdy dude named Ozzie, there aren’t a ton of main characters so much as a bunch of characters who only show up a few times. But the one shot characters and guest stars are usually good. The ice episode has a hilarious hammy villain, and another ep has Curtis Armstrong as a dude who sells them a skate robot

We also have French Stewart as a one shot villain, and in the series finale, we got Debby Ryan.

I sadly, haven’t seen that one.

Anyway, this was the first XD show to hit 3 seasons, and so far the longest running. It’s sort of shocking a show in this style ran for so long on a low rated network. Sure, two others have hit Season 3, but given their casts and styles, it was a done deal. This is a single camera show starring nobodies. This should be a cult thing, not a mainstream thing.

But I guess audiences finally got sucked into a good show for once. And like I said, this make a somebody out of Adam Hicks and .,..well that other guy was in a DCOM so that has to mean something.,

So really, this show’s success means more than the others. Of course maybe the EXTREEEEEME thing got everyone watching. Either way, I’m glad this show was a hit.

It certainly has a unique sense of humor, and I like the friendship between Zeke and Luther. Really, they could be brothers, except Zeke Waffles would be a dumb name. They make for some interesting banter, and when shit happens to one of them, you certainly feel it, as does the other guy.

And like any show, the weird one has become a badass on occasion. In one episode, Luther goes to a hypnotherapist to become confident with a woman, and in classic nutty professor, he becomes a badass swinger…emphasis on swinger. Let’s just say a bully mob enters the story somehow.

Oh, and Luther lives with his “Nanna” whom he loves when most kids would…love her. Don’t worry, Nana is really nice and it’s sweet how much he cares for her. Seriously, if you mess with Nana…you are dead.

There’s not much in the way of story, which is different from the other XD shows. Well okay, the boys get a sponsorship at one point, and other characters float in and out, but that’s about it. But to be fair, this is a very simple show and storylines would ruin that. The characters still learn things all the same.

But as a result, I didn’t pay attention it as much. Though whenever I got around to finishing an episode, I enjoyed it immensely. But since i’ve only seen like …10 or 15 episodes (mostly the important/interesting sounding ones) I don’t have much to say.

I’ve praised the important aspects, such as the humor, and friendships. And really, that’s this show is: Two bros being bros, and being very funny while they are it at.

Even the finale is this, but they also manage to make it special. Infact, let’s discuss it. This two part opens by with a twist: It turns out that all the 4th wall interludes actually exist in universe, as the kids talk to an actually camerae to record their lives. The talky parts anyway.

One such tape vanished, and it turns out Kojo sent it in to a show called Idiot TV. The kids send in their own tape, and it gets accepted. So they head off to Hollywood for the show, and leave Kojo in charge of the skate park while they are gone.

They don’t win the show, so they decide to hang around Hollywood while they are gone. The end up striking a friendship with Vin Jackman (hardy har) who casts Zeke as a stuntman in his movie. Said movie is directed by Quieten Del tro (again, hardy har har). Meanwhile, Ozzie  who tags along on their trip, gets scammed by a fake talent agent into selling Zeke and Luther’s car and must do whatever to buy it back

There is plenty of other stuff in the finale, that’s pretty cool. Including Vin’s girlfriend, actress Country Mills, played by Debby Ryan. She’s totally not the reason I wanted to watch this finale. Nope.

The two bros strike it up with her, especially Zeke. Yeah. Bailey and Moose are together again make the obvious jokes guys. Thankfully, they make her quite nice and don’t even do the whole “she breaks up with jerk boyfriend” cliché. (They saved that for Jessie). She’s plenty nice, and she’s not interchangeable thanks to Debby being incredibly delightful.

I won’t spoil anything, but they do some sweet stuff with Luther as he gets a record deal with a guy, doing rap with a puppet (don’t ask). They do a big “Will they leave each other” which is done well. It makes it feel like a true finale, as well as a regular episode.

While it’s nowhere near as epic as some other Disney finales, it fits this show well. It even ends on a very finale-ish shot. Great episode.

What i’ve said is good enough for those Zeke fans reading this, right? It’s funny, has good acting, and likable characters. It’s very unique and always entertaining. Do I need to say more?


It’s good, end of story.

Sadly, it’s not available on Netflix or anything like that. But DXD still airs reruns if you wanna watch it.

I’m In the Band

From one of the geniuses behind Dog with a blog, comes the first Disney XD comedy ever…that has a laughtrack.

It’s about a kid named Tripp (?) who ends up joining, and living with, a washed out Rock band named Iron Weasel.

How that happens is unimportant , just go watch the pilot.

Now that live with him, the band will try to mentor Tripp through his high school years with the goal of turning him into a bonafide rock star in the process. On of that, Tripp will help the band make a big comeback as well.

The theme for this show is called “Weasel Rock You”. It’s a really awesome-catchy song thing that isn’t so much about the show as it is about how the band is awesome and it’s coming back.

Sadly, it’s kind of short…which they fixed with the extended version. This one is more about the show, with lines like this:

It’s hard to make a comeback, when we get In our own

Speaking of music, this show of course sports many songs. Thankfully, they are usually really good, and the show itself isn’t meant to push a crappy singer.

The show itself, is above all things, funny. It doesn’t quite have the magic the other disney XD shows have, so they need to fall back on the humor and characters. Thankfully, it all works. The humor isn’t exactly smart, but it’s usually pretty broad and we get plenty of good moments.

It’s a little wonky early on, but by the halfway point of season 1, it gets better and the show gets very funny. Though I have to say, I haven’t seen all of this show. I watched a few episodes when it started, and I watch assorted episodes until I forgot about show.

So when it ended, I sort of kicked myself. It lasted two seasons, which is sad since the other XD shows so far have lasted three seasons. I missed out on most of it and when I had to watch it for this blog, I found out there were no-runs. On top of that, youtube doesn’t carry most of the 1st season, and the eps they have are season 2.

So I can’t say exactly compare the two season, except by memory. But I will say Season 2 is pretty darn funny, so maybe it grew the beard. The show doesn’t exactly paint a realistic picture of bands…or parents, but I can excuse that cuz Rule of funny.

So anyway, the characters themselves are likable. Tripp makes a good straight man against the bands crazy-nes, and the band itself is awesome. You think they would be straight up assholes or something but even Derrick the dick is still a cool guy. The silly guy, Ash, is nice, as is the fat guy, Derek As the show goes on, their bond with themselves and Tripp becomes stronger, and the traces of dick-ish ness are less ..present.

Oh, and Tripp has this hot friend named Ivvy who has a running theme about dropping subtle hints to the Weasels and this producer guy about her own music. It’s funny and stuff. \

The only other character I can mention is Princapal Carl Winslow here, who became Superintendent and was replaced by some other guy. Oh wait, there’s also the band’s producer Alan Thick here, who has a son who is evil and stuff.

While the show itself only lasted 2 seasons, it did accomplish one thing: a Crossover with Suite life on deck. So, does that mean XD and DC share a universe? I’m not sure, as this is the only hint as to such.

Well, a reporter character on Zeke and Luthor made cameos on two of the other shows i’ll be discussing. So, pair of kings, kickin’ it, and Zeke at least share a universe. I’d like more XD crossovers, but I guess the one will do for now.

Oh, and Remember how I said one of the creators of Dog with a blog made this show? Well, Stan himself plays Ash, and the mom from Doug with a blog is the mom here too. Small world, eh? (Also, Derek went on to be the bad in Teen Beach movie).

AND on top of all that. Tripp is Johnny on Phineas and Ferb. Of course I know that.

Anyway, the show does have story/character development. As the show goes on, the band grows stronger. Derek ends up being somewhat of a father figure to Tripp, cuz he dad is off doing stuff. It’s surprisingly sweet, and the show does have something other than just good humor.

As the show goes on, the band is able to sign off with a big shot producer, and good stuff comes from that. So the Status Qou does change. Plus, there’s a brief arc where they burn down their house and have to get a new one. It’s not much of an arc.

There’s an episode where the Band has to do a Stay of out of school PSA, only to realize that they were idiots for dropping out of school themselves. It’s an interesting way for the band to reflect on their mistakes…and it’s a good Stay in school PSA too!

Episodes like that show off the show’s dramatic strength, will still being very funny. I don’t have that many favorite episodes, but I like “Lord of The Weasels” where Tripp sells the old Band van to some LARPers, and tries to get it back once he learns how important it is to the band. Feeling neglected, Derek quits the band and joins the LARPers as their king.

This has the father figure thing I mentioned. It’s also funny. Oh, and like Zeke and Luther, they did a Hangover style episode where they run into crazy crap on the way to a concert. Thankfully, no other XD show has cribbed from an R rated movie.

There’s also Whodunnit, where The band stays at the producers house during a mystery dinner party. This leads to an amusing take on the whole “Whodunnit” plot which has many hilarious jokes.

And that’s really it. If I had seen more episodes, i’d say more but those three are the main ones. I wish I could provide a deeper review, but that’s really it.

Most of the acting is about as good as you’d expect, but Stephen Full ends up being the standout as Ash. Again, Stan steals the show. The chick playing Izzy is pretty good too.

This show is more humor based than the other XD shows, but unlike an XD show We’ll discuss later, there is care taken into character development. It’s got stuff other than the humor.

I’m disappointed it was canceled before getting a 3rd season though. All the other shows have gotten a 3rd season (Or will get one). It did have somewhat of a finale where Tripp’s dad comes back after being gone for awhile. I haven’t seen it, but it sounds awesome.

This may be the shortest section yet. But I explained why the show is good, and I cited a few good episodes. What more do you want!? It has likable characters, good devolpment, and some very funny humor. Also epic songs.

Sadly, it’s not available on Netflix or anything like that. So the like 6 eps on youtube are your only change of watching it.

Pair of Kings

This was the first XD show I committed to watching, before I lost interest, and then Season 3 happened, and a few weeks ago I got all caught up.

This one has the most story, I suppose. Brady (Mitchell Musso) And Boomer (Doc Shaw) are fraternal twins who are always getting picked on and live with their aunt and uncle. But when Mason, royal adviser to the throne of the island of Kinkow, arrives at their high school, they learn that they are the heirs to the throne of the island, and after Mason tells Brady and Boomer of their lineage, they begin to realize that their lives are about to change drastically and will try to be brave and face their fears.

The theme song is called “On top of the world” and of course Musso sings it. It’s pretty catchy even if it is a little-auto-tune-y. Also, it has an extended version, though I prefer the short version.

There a lot of things I appreciate about this show, but I think the most important thing is the development. As you would expect, Brady and Boomer are huge fuck ups. In a show like this, they would usually stay that way, save for a few moments, and you would just question why anyone puts up with them.

However, the writers are smart enough to take note of this, and actually develop the characters. This is perfectly shown in the opening two parter, “Return of the kings”. In the first half, we get lots of scene of them being idiots and the other characters ripping on them. At first this dude sort of bug me, making me think the above would end up happening. But not only was it funny, but in part 2, things got good.

They end up dooming the island (long story) and everyone is pretty much getting ready to run off. But the kings realize that they don’t want to fuck up on their first day. This island is their responsibility, and they have to fix the mess they put everyone in. So they head out to fix the trouble and yada yada. Thus, by the end they save the day and even the people who really doubted hm think maybe they ARE the kings of legend that will lead them into a new era.

I found that really awesome and while maybe it’s not as deep as I make it sound, it does show that they can be good rulers. Of course, plenty of episodes show this besides the pilot. One obvious example is the clip show episode, hilariously titled “Let the clips show”,. In this episode, the boys are framed for something, and a trial uses this magic rock thingy to have people show clips they remember, to help show that Brady and boomer are the type of guys who would do that kind of thing.

Most end up showing them being fuck ups, but later, they end up playing clips of all the times they have saved the day or did something awesome. That episode perfectly sums up what I just talked about, without all that pesky plot.

Okay, let’s slow down and explain the characters themselves before discuss more stuff. Brady is the goofier one, and a bit more of a fuck up. He fancies himself a lady’s man, which of course it’s utter bullshit. He has a crush on Mikalya, daughter of mason the advisory guy. Needless to say, she doesn’t return his advances. Thankfully, the crush is mostly played for laughs and they don’t waste time with romance crap, save for a few episodes. Though of course as the show goes on, we see her sometimes warm up to him only to go back and say she isn’t into him at all.

Also, she’s a badass action girl which means she’s more of a threat to brady than half the villains in this show. Anyway, Boomer is the more sane of the two, but of course he’s also pretty weird. He’s usually the first to be like “SCREW YOU GUYS” I’m going home, but he’s shown to be a better ruler, mostly in the clip show episode. I also find him a bit funnier, though maybe it’s cuz the show he was in before this was much better than Musso’s last show before this…his last live action one anyone, that animated one is…yeah.

Anyway, unlike many Kidcoms, this show has a villain. As in, a bad guy who wants the kids dead…their cousin Lanny. He was next in line for the throne until they came along. He is not pleased, so a lot of episodes have him trying to kill the kings (Yes, kill. You know-for kids). He’s actually kind of evil, and everyone knows bu the kings, of course. He’s probably the funniest character, since I like seeing him be evil and stuff. Oh, and he has a evil talking fish. Don’t ask.

Anyway, before I move on to my next point, the other episode showing what I said before is the opening 2 parter of Season 2. In this episode, people (and by peole I mean the elder played by James Hong) start to question if they really air the kings of legend that they expected them to be. Mostly cuz the dark side of the island is starting to get bigger, ever since they got here. If the dark side this this frozen statue of an evil guy, who likes like red skull for some reason, he will come back to life.

The kings try to move the statue to slow down the process, but it ends up falling into the dark side, bringing him to life. When Mason learns this, he starts to think they really aren’t the kings of legend. The whole bit where this happens is actually kind of sad, since he’s spent the whole first season helping them and stuff. The kings even accept that they aren’t good kings and leave. …But of course the bad guy won’t let them leave, and they end up saving the day, proving that they ARE the kings of legend, even if they are kind of dumb.

That’s what I mean. They actually grow, develop and show themselves to be semi-competent rulers. That’s more than I can say for most kidcoms, period.

I also like the island itself. It’s one of those “it becomes a character” things. It has some interesting mythology, and some of the best episodes explores the island and some of the creatures that live on it. So yeah, this show has a lot to it.

..Oh, and it’s also funny. Not insanely hilarious, but it offers some decent laughs most of the time. Though it’s really all the above stuff that makes this show what it is.

Before I address the elephant in the room in the room, let’s discuss the 2 part Season 2 finale. The ghost of the first king tells the kings that an evil twin will destroy the island. Of course they soon turn on each other thinking one of them is the evil king. But they find out that on the dark side lies a evil castle that only the kings can get access to, where there is a throne. When the evil king sits on it, the moon will turn red.

Nether of them is evil, but the actual evil king (won’t spoil who it is, it’s a good twist) shows up to sit on the throne, and chaos ensues. He puts Brady under a evil spell and even more chaos ensues.

Oh, and there was a subplot where Mikayla has a dream where she kisses Brady, and starts to think she actually has a crush on Brady. Even her friend Candace (I’ll ignore that fact that a Candace is giving advice about a Mitchel Musso character) thinks she does.

At the end, when Evil!Brady is fighting boomer, Mikayla gives him a long kiss, breaking him from the evil king’s spell. After all is said and done, Brady thinks this means she is in love, but she of course denies this. So there’s a big hint that Mikalya likes Brady, Brady and boomer bond, they prove to be great kings, and the evil king twist puts a cap on a story bit we had no idea was going on.

All in all ,this actually could have been a decent series finale…but it wasn’t. Guess now it’s time to discuss the…thing. Season 3 starts with a two part episode called “The New kings”. It starts with Brady spying on Mikayla and Candace. Candace says she heard a rumor from a long list of people that Mikayla won’t date brady unless he grows up, and he can’t do that if he’s still king. She doesn’t full think this, but she admits she may think that a little bit.

Brady leaves a note for boomer the next day, saying he’s leaving to become the man Mikayla wants him to be. A freak storm starts, so Boomer tries to get him, but said storm prevents him from leaving. Mason says it might be that the island doesn’t want one of the kings of legend to leave. But wait, it let Brady leave.

Well, there’s a reason. The storm ends up washing up an island full of people. Said island was destroyed and the kinkow takes it’s people in. The king of that island boz, shows up…with the kinkow birthmark. Mason tells them the kings are triplets, and Boz is their lost brother.

Boz’s people was thought lost long ago, to the point where mentioning them was banned, hence why Boomer and Brady didn’t know. Mikayla feels guilty for Brady leaving and goes on a literal guilt trip around the island, but Boomer faces an ape representing brady and basically says “Fine, you go grow up” and they both feel better.

They accept Boz as the king new, and Boomer and Boz are now officially the kings of legend.

Where do I even begin?

  1. For 2 seasons, Mikayla has flat out rejected him many times, and has conceded that he’s pretty cool. But when she sort of says maybe he shouldn’t be king, he leaves? 
  1. By that same token, Brady doesn’t have to leave. He can just step down as king and learn to be a bigger man from Mason or something.
  1. Did Brady ever make it back home? Did the storm make him crash? I don’t know, no one ever checks. Why didn’t they call hm up back in Chicago to see how he’s doing, and get the full scoop?” 
  1. So Boz’s people have been flat out lost, but ONE storm brings them back? Guess Kinkowans are bad at looking for things. Seriously, this can’t be the first big storm so why did this one bring Boz here? 
  1. The island has done nothing but bring signs that Brady is a king of legend, but now it’s like “lolno”. What a troll.
  1. They seem pretty torn up at first, when at the drop of hat, Boomer just lets Brady go and doesn’t care. It’s even worse for Mikayla, cuz she said she doesn’t know if she likes brady, and as soon as boomer lets Brady go, it doesn’t matter. Makes them both out to be…unlikable.

That’s just only 6 things wrong with this. Now, there is a reasons for why Brady was kicked off. Mitchel Musso got himself a DUI, and while most stars can bounce back from that, Disney didn’t want him on POK anymore. Though he’s still on phineas and ferb so ?

Musso does show up for this episode, but only from the back. So the above was their only option. But if the show couldn’t be good without him, just cancel it. Sonny with a chance got canned when their star went crazy, so why can’t this do the same thing? Granted, Musso is replaceable, but this is the best they could come up with?

To be fair, Season 3 isn’t that bad. The premise itself not only has good jokes, but it’s obvious the writers are trying hard to justify this. The scene where Boomer tells “Brady” he can go is well done, and the show it trying to use it’s main strength to cover up a bad plot.

So at least they tried, but sadly it still ends up being really lazy. The show spent 2 seasons doing a good job at building these kings up, only to betray the characters at the last minute/. It really goes against everything the show was doing. I’m not rejecting it cuz Musso being kicked off, though I do feel he helped making the show what it is.

I’m rejecting it cuz it’s just plain bad writing. On the bright said, I Like boz and how he fits into the show. He was raised by apes, which leads to some good jokes, and there are many aspects of him I like. He’s played by Adam Hicks from Zeke and luther, and he does a fine job.

If I forgive the premise, the season itself is still the funny likable show I know and…enjoy, and even the series finale is pretty damn good. Not gonna spoil anything, but the most unlikely characters gets a badass moment.

So Season 3 isn’t a total write off. Okay, i’ve written enough for this show. In conclusion, even with Season 3, pair of kings is a funny show with a good setting, nice mythology, and some very good development.

The whole series is on Neflix if you are are interested.

Kickin’ It

Of the three XD sitcoms on right now, it seems to be the most popular. And well, I get that. It’s about a Karate Dojo known as the bobby wasabi dojo, where new kid Jack (Leo Howard) starts going cuz of his mad karate skills. Long story short, him and his less than smart friends are in for the long run as they get into wacky Hijinks but stick together til the end.

The theme song is awesome. It’s some rock thing and while it’s sadly only half a minute, it’s really catchy and gets the you pumped up for the show. And given the show is a comedy, that’s saying something.

There’s a lot to praise, so i’ll starts with the characters. First, our lead is Jack, and he’s a badass. He can break boards like nobody’s business, and he kicks bully ass in the first 5 minutes of episode one. But is he a sue? No. He’s a pretty good straight man to all the craziness, and he still has some emotional stuff in certain episodes.

I mostly like episodes that are about his bad-ass ness or have him in a large role. Such the one where he hits his head and loses his memory, leading to a clip show. Flimsy premise but they get to show off his bad-ass ness very well as well as his close-ness to his friends. I think he’s the badass glue that holds the group together.

Before he shows up, they are just kind of friends, but with him they work as a group. Even the nerdy one ends up becoming some sort of a badass, but we’ll get to him in a minute. I think if jack had not showed up, they would be okay but certainty less respectable. Though with jack they are awesome, and since he is here, they are lost without him.

Okay, he’s really sounding like a sue when I say this, but he really isn’t. So let’s move on to Kim, (Olvia Holt) who is the token girl. She was actually in the rival Dojo, the Black dragons. When she met Jack, she suggested he join the Black dragon’s rather than the wimpy WasabiWarriors. He does but long story short he goes back to the warriors, Kim finds out how dick-ish the dragons are and joins the WasabiWarriors, out of both pitty and admiration.

Though her Black dragon ties are rarely mentioned after that, and since I saw the pilot long after the fact, I was kind of shocked. Anyway, aside from being attractive, Kim is the straight along with jack. She too is a badass, but is a bit more gloat-y about it. But in the way people tend to instead of a bitch-y way

They do avoid the “girls rule” thing with her, but they came close in “Kim of Kong” where Jack doesn’t want to kick Kim’s ass at sparring cuz of you know why. So when he lets her win, she gets pissed and requests a fair fight…at a video game tournament. But they thankfully don’t get too preachy and it’s mostly just fun.

Kim ends up being the snarky one, and pretty funny at that. I think Holt is the main standout of the show for that reason, which is why she got her own DCOM, and soon, her own show.

Oh, and she and Jack have a romance thing going on. From time to time it shows up, and it’s usually not overdone and ends up being semi-sweet. But I did sick of the teasing after awhile which is why the recent “Two dates and a funereal” pleased a lot of fans, and people like me who wanted the teasing to end.,

The ship name is kick which is the BEST SHIP NAME EVER. But either way the romance is underplayed enough that I can give it a pass.

There’s Jerry, (Mateo Arias) who is the dumb one. He’s not too dumb but he’s still the dumbest. He’s also a trouble maker at school, but in the likable way. He’s the 3rd strongest, and can kick ass when needed, but he’s still not right in the head. I suppose he’s the one I have the least to say about. But I will say he’s still likable in spite of being the dumb one.

Then we got Milton, (Dana Synder Riley) the geeky one. He can actually be badass at times, and has shown some genuine skill. Of course he’s still very awkward and is usually seen as the weakest one, when he really is strong when he wants to be. In most fight scenes, he gets a hit in, and another episode has some joining the football team with his strong kicking skills.

They even avoid the “fame goes to his head” cliché…cuz they already did it but whatever. . Even though he is the geeky one, he’s still funny and mean jokes don’t come of it. Most of the time.

Then there’s discount Kyle Massey, I mean Eddie. He’s the black one, and arguably the weakest. Unlike Milton, he doesn’t fight that much nor is he shown to be that strong. He’s goofy, somewhat of a mama’s boy, and gets the least development. Though he has his moments, like in Indian Eddie and whatever. He’s an interesting addition to the cast, and he’s usually funny but maybe a tad bit useless.

Though he did get an awesome moment in “Reality Fights” where the gang goes on a Reality Show and after they all get argue-y, they end up in a “who can hold on longest” type challenge. Eddie says he Is dick of all the arguing and that this show has changed them. So they all agree to let go and lose so no one gets the prize money.

Everyone let’s go…except Eddie who ends up winning the prize money. Yep, he played like a paino. Pretty badass for Eddie, though also really dickish. Jerry is actually happy that Eddie was able to pull such a smart move, even it was dick-ish. You can call unlikable all you want, I thought it was cool.

But in Season 3, Eddie left the show. Why? No idea. I don’t know if the actor had other things, but in season 3, eddie was gone. The show had no explanation for this, and he just…gone. But unlike POK, he wasn’t all too important to the show. I liked him okay but the show is still perfectly good without him. It’s weird for me to say this cuz I do miss him, but I didn’t even notice he was gone until I saw that his name was no longer in the intro.

Sad to see him vanish, but eh, I can live with it. Anyway, on to their Sensei Rudy, played by Jason Earles. Rudy is a respectable, intelligent authority figure…who is also quite insane. Not to like…huge levels but to normal crazy levels. I didn’t mind Jason in his other show, but he really shines here. He really gets into this role and he’s funny when he Is over the top. On a Disney show, that’s hard to.

I like that, in spite of his crazy-ness (“We call it going all Rudy) he’s still an adult and he will make sure the kid’s know when they are acting like idiots. I also like when he does some bad-ass stuff, proving that there’s a reason he’s a Sensei. He’s crazy, funny is at times smart. What’s not to love?

There a couple other characters, like Phil, the owner of their hangout, Falafel Phills. He’s a funny foreigner and has a goat named Tootsie. Also his restaurant isn’t very sanitary, so he’s a big butt for jokes. He’s still funny anyway.

Then there’s Bobby Wasabai himself. He’s a former movie star/martial arts guy who has not aged too gracefully. He loves making epic entrances and being silly. He doesn’t show up often but when he does, it’s usually pretty awesome. He even got to be badass along with Rudy and Phill in one episode.

There’s also Joan the mall Security guard…she’s not very good at her job but she’s no Paul Blart. Mostly cuz she’s funny.

Anyway, this show has more to it than the humor. The main reason this show is so good is that it’s so good spirited. While it has the “dumb” character and the “ugly” characters, it also has a big running theme of friendship and teamwork. And at times it can be a bit much, it usually feels genuine.

Everyone is a genuinely good person, even the dumb ones like Jerry. Right from episode one, they have a good bond and that stays for the following 3 seasons. The camaraderie between the actors help with this too.

Most episodes have a sweet moment or two involving the friends, and the fact that they are badasses helps this. Whiled the stuff in the other shows is nice, I like this one is so much fun and always has good morals. It does have cliché plotlines, but when they do use a cliché, it’s either done well enough or differently.

Which is why it’s done so well. But on to some of my favorite episodes.

There’s Kung Fu Cop, where Jack falls asleep while watching Kung Fu Cop ’78 and dreams he is in a 70’s cop movie. Jack plays the rookie to Rudy’s “Veteran cop” while Eddie is the screaming chief and Kim is the “Sassy damsel”. Jerry is the snitch and Milton is…the french horn star who helps them out with info.

This episode is hilarious cuz of how it uses cop movie cliches and how 70’s it is. Also, Eddie makes an amazing screaming chief.

Why are you always yelling?”


They play with/exaggerate the cliches brilliantly, like how Jerry snitches about literally everything and stuff like that. Oh, and there’s a great twist involving the villain but I won’t spoil that for you.

There’s also Wazombie Warriors, where Kim goes to the movies to spy on Jack’s date even though it’s a zombie she wasn’t interested in, She falls asleep and dreams that she’s in the middle of a “Zombyrpe” movie. So yeah, it’s Kung Fu Cop but with zombies. Yeah , they say  zompyre but at no point do they do anything vampire-ish.

Like with the former episode, this plays with the cliches well but they go through them faster here. Like with the rebel chick who turns out to be a traitor, but has her back stabbed by her own leader. It’s just a cool episode.

But if I had the pick my favorite episode of all time, it would be the two part episode “Kickin’ it on our own”. This episode starts off with Rudy’ dad visiting, and we find out he thinks Rudy followed in his footsteps as a business man.

It starts off as that old plotline, but soon things get different. Rudy pretends to be a buisness guy, but during a meeting his Dad is at, he ends up giving some damn good Business advice that helps hm land a big deal. After this, Dad offers Rudy with him.

Rudy ends up taking the job and selling the Dojo. The gang promises to stay together, even though this Dojo usually keeps them together. Three Months later, they have gone their separate ways, and Rudy is mega rich. Rudy wants to get the gang back together, but once he does he gets the idea to get the Dojo back. Though in order to do it, they must enter a tournament with the other dojos.,

This episode has the “friendship” stuff I was talking about before. While it sounds cliché, for a show like this it was cool to see them to take it so far. They took a cliché plot but did something mostly new with it. I really loved seeing the gang get back together, and whole thing has many sweet moments.

It’s pretty much the whole series wrapped in one, funny sweet bow. Though it should have been season 2 finale, instead of the Christmas episode. Either way, it’s a great 2 part episode.

So in all this, this may be the flat out funniest Disney XD show, but it may the best in terms of general writing. The themes are interesting, and all the characters are likable. It has the most fans of any XD show, and that is why.

It’s just fun, even if it’s not the smartest show ever. But the same can be said for these other shows, eh?

The first two Seasons are on Netflix, and Season 3 is currently airing. However, this will be the last season, as they just filmed the finale. Oliva Holt said the audience should have some tissues for it. Considering my reaction to the Suite life and Wizards finales…that was a given.


Lab Rats

Leo’s Mom just got married to the creepy elevator guy from Spider-Man 2, aka Donald Davenport, who is filthy rich. Leo is fooling around in his house when he discovers his basement lab. In the lab he finds three Bionic Supermans named Adam, Bree, and Chase. Soon, they become like siblings, going on crazy adventures, while trying to hide their bionics…and maybe facing off a villain or two.

The theme is, sadly, not a song. It’s just some narration followed by some music. At least the music is catchy

The world’s first bionic superhumans. They’re stronger than us. Faster. Smarter. The next generation of the human race is-

Living in my basement?”

To understand the premise, we must discuss the opening two parter, “Crush, Chop and Burn” . Leo discovers the Bionic kids and Davenport tells them this is his super secret project. They aren’t flat out robots…but well Bionic Humans. They still have feelings and stuff. How were they made? Are they regular humans to start with?

Are they Davenport’s actual kids? Were they stolen from someone else? None of these questions have been fully answered, and not even the kid know. Davenport keeps saying they will find out eventually, but not today. So it’s a genuine mystery…which may revealed in an upcoming two part special.

Davenport has kept them cooped up in there for years, treating as “weapons” rather than people. This does not sit well with Leo, who wants them to go to school like regular kids. Long story short, Davenport accepts that they are humans too and deserve equal treatment. Thus, they start going to school and hilarity ensues.

Much like POK, there is plenty of development. The characters actually grow and chance, and there are little story arcs. But let’s discuss the characters themselves.

There’s Davenport, who develops quite a bit. Like I said, at the start he didn’t see the kids as full humans like he should. At first, he seems like an asshole at times, but he grows to love them like his own kids and even goes out of his way for them. He also starts bonding with leo as the show goes on.

See, he grows and changes. He is sort of full of himself and selfish, but…well he built bionic superhuman. He can be a bit full of himself. He may actually be my favorite character for how insane and full of himself he is.

Oh, and he his a smart house system named Eddie (voiced by Will Forte) who is only slightly less scary than Pat. He is not found of Tasha, the mom or the kids. Infact, if they died in a fiery death, he’d by okay. He’s hilarious.

There’s Leo, our hero. He’s pretty likable, as he’s the “Weakling” at school and he’s also funny. This actor is likely the standout, though he can a bit too over the top at times.

When he discovers that his new siblings are bionic, he starts feeling a little jealous. He wants to help them out even though he has no Bionics.

Of course Davenport never lets the Lab Rats go on their “secret’ missions. As the show goes along, Leo impresses Davenport and slowly gets into his good graces. And by the end of Season 1, Leo is an official mission consultant.

See, development! Leo goes from regular kid to consultant. for bionic kids. The status qou is always changing like this. This separates from even Pair of kings in that way.

There’s Chase, the smart one who has also super hearing and later, the power to levitate stuff. He’s the “leader” but also the nerdy one, which means he gets dumped on a lot. He’s pretty cool, especially since he’s the one they need the most. He also grows a bit as he learns to like his brothers more. He’s also a bit sarcastic though not quite as much as bree.

Oh, and he has a Commando App named “Spike” which gets activated when he’s pissed. It’s awesome.

There’s Adam, the strong one…but also the dumb one. Not like London dumb, but I’m sure he’d be great friends with her. He’s funny, though of course not as complex. But there is an episode where he gets severely hurt and he gets worried cuz he realizes he isn’t quite invincible. It’s not much but it shows a different side of him.

Then there’s Bree, the token girl with super speed, and later, the power to mimic voices perfectly. She’s the sassy one, but she’s every bit as niave to the world as everyone else. I suppose she’s my fave the main three, cuz she usually gets the best lines while arguing with the others. She’s the most eager to be a normal human, which always leads to funny stuff.

And also…Principal Perry. If she got in a bitch fight with Skidmore from A.N.T. Farm…she would win. In one episode, she gives the Lab Rats detention for being late so much. At two points, they have a perfectly good excuse note from Davenport…but she literally eats it and keeps them in detention.

In another episode, She is seen doing backpack searches and even spies on the students via the cameras. Davenport even calls her out on this, and threatens to alert the authorizes. Sadly, he doesn’t but it was still awesome.

She doesn’t quite hinder the show’s good-ness…but if she died in a fiery explosion,. I wouldn’t be complaining. BUT, there’s an episode where Leo gets tapped with her in the elevator and they end up…bonding. Perry reveals that as a kid, she was bullied, and she became a principal to stop that stuff, but only became worse than the bullies.

She goes back to hating Leo after, but it was weirdly awesome to see her being…human for once. More of that please!

And there is Marcus…the main villain (so far).

He’s new to school and the lab rats take a liking him to him. But he starts being evil to Leo and plays “good guy” to the others when Leo tries to prove he Is evil. At the end of his introduction episode, he stays a good guy in the Lab Rats’ eyes but he reveals to Leo that he’s bad guy, and that Leo should keep his mouth shut.

Oh, and he also knows about their bionic abilities and threatens to reveal them to everyone if Leo snitches. ..And also he’s Bionic himself. DUN DUN DUN!

At the end of Season one, we see Marcus reporter to a shadow-y man about his plan. At the end of “Leo Vs Evil” we find this man is Marcus’ father, who says that Marcus has failed him and he will take care of Leo, Adam, Bree, Chase, and Davenport.

So yeah, there’s a huge thing going on here. It’s a fascinating storyline, that will supposedly resolve in the aforementioned upcoming two parter. See, this show also a cool storyline. So it’s like Wizards of Waverly place, in that it has a great mythology, good storyline, and fun character development. Also Victor Gonzalez directed tons of episodes for both shows.

Seriously, he rarely gave anyone else a chance. Weird..

Add good humor, and you have a recipe for success. I think I enjoy it more than Kickin’ It due to this, but that one is much better. This show has just so much awesome and is so different from the other XD shows in that way. So it’s the Pair of Kings of today’s XD shows, only without …everything.

Now, for the favorite episodes. All the ones i’ve mentioned are faves, so here are the two that are left. First, “Parallel Universe” where Davenport’s new machine takes Leo to a world where everything is different,

Tasha is super smart/rich, Davenport is her wormy assistant who lives in the basement, and Leo is Bionic. Also, the school has good funding, Perry is nice, and the Lab Rats are regular kids who are assholes./

Long story short, they have a run in with the government, and AU!Davenport learns to stand up for himself. That list bit is cool but I mostly the AU and the jokes that come with it.

But the best episode, by far is “Back From the future”. The guy from Let it shine shows up in a time machine, revealing himself to be Future Leo from 7 years in the future. But Future Leo reveals the reason why he came here: The Lab Rats are about to go on mission…that they don’t return from. Short version: They don’t make to to the future…they die.

But wait, there’s MORE!

Their death hit Davenport so hard that he let himself go and spent 7 years making a time machine to fix this. Present Davenport finds this out and tells the Rats not to go on the mission, but he doesn’t tell them why. Leo, thankfully, sees this as dumb as it will only make them think Davenport doesn’t trust them.

So they tell them, and it hits them, as they realize they aren’t indestructible. They CAN die. Also, their machine involves saving the world from some thing, so….they go on the mission anyway.

We don’t make it, but it’s a small price to pay to save the world.”

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

Leo skips a date with Janelle (played by Madison Petis) to help stop the Lab Rats from..not making it. The Rats use their powers to stop this thingy, but some rocks start to fall on them. Yes, it’s rocks that do them in but whatever.

Leo pushes them out of the way and takes the rocks. He sacrifices himself for the sake of the future. …And it turns out he’s okay. Yeah, a regular guy survives the rocks but three superhumans can’t. Whatever.

Leo doesn’t end up with Jannelle in the future as planned. But he’s okay with that

. So yeah…this episode is pretty damn heavy. We have a kids show with death, sacrifice, and more sacrifice! I don’t need to explain why I love this episode, do I?

So that about does it. I’ve explained everything cool about this show. It’s amusing, has likable characters, and some interesting story bits and development. I gave Pair of Kings credit for it’s story, but this has better development than I ever expected.

I’m not sure if I said less about this show than the others, but I guess it was easier to explain why I like it. It surprised me on a lot of levels, and that’s all I need to say.

The first season is on Netflix, and Season 2 is currently airing. Also, this is the only XD show to have a DVD, which has a few episodes, including the Season 1 premiere and Finale.


Crash and Bernstein

Wyatt is a 12 year old boy with a single mom and 3 sisters. He’s always wanted a brother to do guy stuff with. One day he goes to “Build a Bestie” for his birthday and build a brother for him as a joke. When gets home, his little puppet comes to life, and his name is Crash. He’s crazy and he’s gonna turn Wyat”s life upside down, in a fun way.

The theme song is…sort of lame, but also weirdly awesome. It starts a sort of cheesy sitcom thing, before Crash jumps in and it turns into a rap. It’s incredibly lame…but also really catchy. So it’s a “so bad it’s good” theme.

In many ways, this is the black sheep of the Disney XD family. It has it’s fans among it’s target demographic, but it seems to have less appeal/fans than the other XD shows we’ve discussed. There’s a few reasons for that, which we’ll explore as we go along.

The first question you may have is: How is crash alive? Well…it’s never explained. Crash pops up, everyone screams like they should, but when Mom asks why he’s alive, He just hand waves it. After that, Wyatt just gets used to his crazy brothers, and no one reacts to there being a living puppet.

Seriously, there’s no explanation at all. You can say that’s the joke, but this isn’t that kind of show. If they lamp shaded, I’d be okay. But nope. Come on, it wouldn’t be that hard to explain it. Lightning, a boy’s wish I DON’T KNOW.

If they just chalked it up to a wish or something, It would be fine. This mostly bugs me in the first episode, not so much the others. But since the other shows explain their premises so well, this really sticks out.

There’s an episode where Crash is struck by lightning and starts becoming different personalities. Wyatt brings him to Build a bestie and the guy says his chip was acting up. So he has a chip in his back. That’s the closets thing to an explanation we’ll ever get. And no, there are no other living puppets, not even at Build-a bestie.

Hell, Crash once fell in love with a completely non-sentient puppet. He’s also in love with Wyatt’s youngest sister Jasmine’s doll, which is a funny running gag. I can with with no explanation, but it certainty lowers the show’s quality for me.

That’s part of why the show is the black sheep. Not much care is taken into the characters or story like the other shows. It’s mostly about the humor. Plus, it’s much more male oriented, while the others mostly appealed to both boys and girls.

But in spite of that, I still enjoy it. And the humor is part of it. While it makes no sense that Crash can do half the stuff he does, they do take full advantage of the fact that he’s a puppet. Tons of creative comes out of this, and Crash’s personality is endearing enough.

But first, the characters. Wyatt is a normal boy, and while he’s less interesting than the other male leads, he’s still likable. There actually isn’t a whole lot to explain about him, but he’s a bit of a troublemaker without being a flat out jackass or anything. He’s of course the straight man but he usually goes along with Crash for those crazy adventures.

Then there’s Cleo, the middle sister, who is closer to Wyatt’s age. But also the sister that ends up bugging him the most. She strives to a businesswoman, peddling her products under the name Cleeeo. Yeah, she always says it in that weird whisper thingy. It’s an amusing running gag. She seems to get the most focus story wise, always trying to sell her stuff or something.

She’s likely the funniest of the three sisters.

Next is Amanda, the oldest one and thus the one always faces teen girl problems. Thankfully, when she gets a subplot or something they don’t focus on that boring stuff. She’s amusing enough, though I was really confused by the high voice until I learned the actor is romanian.

There’s also Jasmine, but she doesn’t really do that much being the youngest sister. She’s alright but she does feel kind of useless at times. There’s also the hot Mom, who serves as the disapproving mom. Thankfully, she’s still funny.

Then there is Mr Pulous, the fat short plumber for their building. When I first started watching the show, I wasn’t his biggest fan. I thought he would be there so the show can make the obvious jokes. But thankfully, he got a lot funnier and he wasn’t the but of every joke.

But he was in 30 nights, so I hate him.

And last, but not least, there is Crash himself. He’s the best character, by far. Like I said, they get really creative with the jokes, and he’s just so likable! He’s incredibly destructive, but for some reason I really ended up liking him.

They pull off the “every adult hates him” thing well by making Crash likable. He’s crazy and just loveable all around.

One thing about this show, is that it’s weirdly moralistic. Every episode starts with a DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME message from Crash, and I don’t think it’s a parody. Most of the episodes, especially the early ones have a moral. (Don’t take advantage of your friends, be careful with your money, etc). On one level, this works as helps develop Crash and make him more likable.

Don’t take it to mean this is a serious show at all. The moral value is basic, and it’s mostly funny. But it also avoids being devoid of substance, as there is development. But there is less care taken to the writing then over XD shows.

I don’t have a big favorite episode, as most of them are about the same in my heart. But some notable ones include Crash Crush (where Crash falls in love with that puppet I mentioned), Cold Hard Crash (where Crash gets rich somehow and goes mad with money), and System Crash, where Crash learns about the internet, but before he can find the porn, the power goes out, leaving everyone without anything to do.

Oh, every episode has “Crash” in sometimes. Sometimes it’s normal (Crash The man) and sometimes it’s a pun (Crashlmania). There’s isn’t a big drama episode I can say is my total fave favorite, but those are the ones I remember the most.

I also like Crash Jacked, where Crash is stolen by a bully and Crash comes up with an amusing plan to get him to give him back without needed to pay the ransom.

There is one thing that the show needs less of: Toilet jokes. Seriously, a perfectly funny episode can be stopped in it’s tracks by a pointless poop joke or something. It never gets to be TOO much but it does get in the way of otherwise good jokes.

GOOD JOKE: Crash is told that the next big comet thingy would be in a hundred years. He gets out a HUGE calendar, and tears off a shit ton of days “.Oh…i have a dentist appointment that day, that’s not gonna work”

BAD JOKE:”Who has a deck cards wedged between his butt cheeks?” … “Oh yeah, I gotta fold”

The context on the last one would only make it worse. They have been getting better at this, thank god. But this is still the most radar dodging show on DXD.

This makes up for her taking us to see the nutcracker That show was NOT what I expected”

That’s the smell of my new cologne.” “Smells more like COLON”

If they explained Crash’s existence, and got rid of the poo jokes, this show would be much better. It would still be a bit of a black sheep, but it would be improved.

Thankfully, I can end it here cuz there isn’t much to analyze. The show is currently in season 1…sort of. The finale was meant to air this past Monday.,..but it never aired. It vanishes from the schedules and there has no explanation.

Production has started on Season 2, which we can expect…once this Season 1 finale mystery is solved. I assume the show will get on Netflix in about a month, like all the other other shows.

This show doesn’t have the class of any of the other XD shows, but it’s funny, has likable characters, and takes full advantage of it’s great premise.


That about wraps it up. I’m sorry I didn’t discuss the cartoons at length, I just didn’t have anything to say. I like most of them, if that makes it better. I was gonna discuss the new pacman show, but meh. The show is actually quite good, as they are able to put in the memorable stuff from the game into a coherent narrative.

Yes, a Pacman show with an actual storyline, that includes the stuff we all know without forcing it. I’m as shocked as you are.

To sum things, Disney XD shows do have their dumb parts, but as a whole they are mostly better than the Disney Channel. I won’t pretend they don’t share faults, but XD shows take more care into humor, character, and story development.

Just look at POK and LR for an example of good mythology. And look to Kickin’ It for a really high spirited show. Compare this to the …not so amazing nature of DC’s shows.

You can insult me all you want for liking these shows, especially since I do like the DC sitcoms as well. You all know my taste in TV sucks. That’s why I review movies. My goal wasn’t to make you change your mind on these shows, as you have likely made your own conclusions.

I just wanted to look at these shows and explain why I personally enjoy them. That’s it. If anything, I may have convinced you to check them out if you haven’t already. But only do so if you think you’ll like it. Don’t come bitching to me if you hate it like you thought you would.

I think Disney XD has a whole is doing very well. Some nostalgiatards hate it cuz it replaced Toon Disney (which was starting to suck anyway) but I think it’s far better than it’s sister channel. Well, for the most part.

Now I know what you are all thinking: What are your full thoughts on all the Disney Channel sitcoms in full?

…Soon, readers. Soon.

See ya.,


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