DCOM Month: High School Musical 2

Nothing like a movie with school in the title taking place in summer.,..that came out in August.

Ahhhh, Nothing like a movie with school in the title taking place in summer.,..that came out in August.

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome to the finale of DCOM Month!

I’ve said before that any DCOM that isn’t straight up Good is a guilty pleasure. No matter how lame it is, for whatever reason, I will enjoy it BECUASE it’s lame.

Well, allow me to introduce you to the KING of DCOM Guilty pleasures…HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! You may have heard of it. It’s arguably the most famous DCOM of all time…for better or for worse.

This represents new Disney in many ways and of course everyone hates that. To some it’s one of the worst things ever and it’s destroying our youth and whatever. And for me, that’s pretty much bulll.

It’s a guilty pleasure in every way. For those who somehow don’t know, it revolved around Troy,. A basketball player who becomes interested in singing, and this smart chick named Gabriela. The rest of the school finds the act of being different to be awful, and everyone flip their shit. Including Alpha-Bitch Sharpay.

Long story short, Troy and Gabby end up in the school musical, his friends change their mind, and everyone decides that being different is cool. Also Sharpay sort of turned good I think. I was never sure, she just was all smiley for reason.

It was incredibly over the top and full of weird humor. It was a ton of fun for all the wrong reasons…or maybe all the right reasons. Except for the love scenes, it never takes itself seriously, and some jokes are genuinely funny. Or at least so weird they were funny.

A SAW?!”

So it does confuse me that people act like it’s this big awful thing when it doesn’t take itself all that seriously. Except for the cliché love scenes, which I do think are a bit much. It does hit some dull spots in the 2nd half, but even then, it’;s still fun to mock.

Contray to what The Cartoon Hero says, it’s not very boring and the reason not many have reviewed it is cuz everyone has made the jokes. There’s a perfectly funny rifftrax, so what’s the point? That’s why I skipped. it. Also EVERYBODY HAS DONE IT. Plus, all the issues are found in the first half, so any review will get dull. Not cuz the movie is, but cuz you used up all the good jokes.

But back on point, at parts it seems intentionally over the top with the jokes, while at other times (aka every single song) it doesn’t know it’s being stupid. So it becomes the perfect Guilty Pleasure storm. It has so much charm in how dumb it is, and It will always have a place in my heart.

As it get into this review, I’ll explain some specifics but that’s for later. I will say that the cast clearly had fun doing this movie, even if the writers may have half assed it. The songs themselves are hit or miss, as some are dull (aka the lovey ones) but others are amusing (Getcha Head in the game) or completely entertaining and over the top (Bop to the top). But my fave is the insanely stupid but fun Stick to the Status quo.

It’s critically not good due to dull characters and at times contrived writing. But the entertainment value makes it a guilty pleasure.

And of course, it was a huge hit. Ratings wise, it was big. So they had to do a sequel. It’s currently the highest rated DCOM of all time, as well as the most expensive. I haven’t seen it in awhile, but I actually remember it being the weakest of the series.

And if you know me, that’s not good. But is it, really? Let’s finish this long intro and find out!

This, is High School Musical 2

The movie opens during class on the last of school, with Mrs Darbus talking about something. She was a pretty entertaining over the top teacher in the first movie. She even almost got her own spin off show before it got canned.

Of course the student’s could care less. And then they start chanting “Summer” cuz kid’s do that, right? The clocks tick and the bell rings. And boom, our first song erupts out of nowhere!

This first song is called ‘What time is it?” and it’s what I expected from a HSM movie. Like the better songs from the first song, it’s pretty over the top and catchy, if a bit stupid. Some passable singing is shown off here, and it’s a fine way to start the film.

I feel no shame in enjoying this dumb song. It’s catchy, okay? When the song ends, our main characters chat it up.

We got Troy, played by Zac Efron. Zaz is a passable actor I guess, but most of his roles give him little to do, but then again, I haven’t seen 17 Again. He’s interchangeable. There’s his buddy, whose name I forget, played by Corbin Bleu. He’s okay too but I like him a bit less.

There’s Gabriela, played by Vanessa Hudens. She has yet to impress me, but she’s also okay but again, she gets dull roles like in Sucker Punch. I find it funny that she’s gone on to be kind of a sex symbol-


For good reason, of course.

And what’s a “positive” HSM review without Alpha-Bitch Sharpay, played by Ashley Tisdale? God bless her incredibly fun over the top self. She MADE the first movie, and Ashley has actually become the biggest of the actors. From being in the one show I think I like, to  becoming actually respectable, and being in actual movies. …Granted, one of those movies is Scary Movie 5 but whatever.

600full-ashley-tisdale (1)

…She’s also nice but shut up.

Gabby (Easier to spell for me, kkk?) talks to Sharpay, and she thinks they’re getting back on the right foot. But before Sharpay can be awesome. Gabby walks off with her nerd friends. Then it gets all love-y dovey with Troy, before (thankfully) being interrupted.

Then Shapray starts being awesome once Gabby has left. Being all over the top and bitchy, to those around her. It’s incredibly delightful, and Tisdale just makes it work. Also, she has a gay brother named Ryan played by Lucas Gabirel. I’ve seen him in nothing else aside from HalloweenTown 3 and 4.

This scene isn’t important, but I wanted to discuss Sharpay, so there. After that, everyone runs and does a quick reprise of that song. Troy and his buddies head home and Troy gets a call from a dude at a country club who wants to get Troy a job there.

Fun fact, Mr Fulton, the Country club, is played by the guy who directed the DCOM Den Brother. I didn’t do that one cuz I didn’t have much to say about it.

He accepts, and we move on to said Country Club as Shapray arrives. Being a rich bitch, she arrives in style and is granted by Fulton. She heads to the pool and is greeted by her equally amusing friends. This is more fun to watch than it is to read about.

And then….it happens. Oh yet, the moment…I’ve been waiting for…song #2…aka the villain song. It starts off off nice and normal …then it gets faster and it gets boast-y and…well, the song is called “Fabulous”. It’s incredibly PIINK, over the top, has Sharpay being incredibly bitch-y boastful , and talking about she wants everything FABULOUS.

It’s the best song in the movie. I don’t need to re-watch the others to know this. This song IS the guilty pleasure aspect. Delightfully over the top and insanely dumb but also incredibly catchy, My god, I hate that I love this song.

There’s also of um-

hsm 1


hsm 2


hsm 3

Shots of Sharpay.

Also, Ryan plays a pink piano. It’s like they’re doing it on purpose.

The song has to be seen, but don’t judge me if you hate it. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, as Zac enters the club…so but so does Gabby as the lifeguard. She falls in the pool while raging and Gabby saves her.

Pissed off, she yells at Fulton for hiring Gabby and Troy’s friends. Ashley seems to love yelling in her roles. You;d think she lost her voice eventually from all that yelling…but I;m glad she hasn’t. 😛 smileyface.

She complains to her mom who is surprisingly calm for being SHARPAY’S mother. I’d make a crack about Ashley’s luck with Mom’s but I won’t. So anyway, ‘Fulton can’t fire them so Candace- I mean Maddie, I mean Sharpay asks him to make them want to quit.

So anyway, the guys are working as cooks’ and Mr Creme brule still has his thing for Sharpay. That’s the only remnant of the first movie’s credit stinger, sadly. Fulton shows up and gives jobs to everyone.


I wasn’t told we’d have to work at a job!

Also, Corbin seems to want to wait on Sharpay…keep in mind, when Troy called her cute in the first film, he scoffed. Fulton is wonderfully strict, bringing a bit more life to the film. They hate Mr Fulton cuz…again, they didn’t expect to have a strict boss at a job.

Anyway, Troy suggests they look on the bright side. Which abruptly takes to song Song #3: “Work this out”. We got everyone singing about how much it sucks working like this, while Troy asks them to just “work it out”. Like “What time is it?” it’s fairly entertaining and actually one of the most “underrated” songs from this series, even among fans. It’s got a cool sound, and while it is sort of stupid, I enjoy it okay.

So can we work this out?”

…Yeah , we can work out”

Gotta love a big song, than a small response.

After the song, Troy and Gabby have a picnic outside which leads to them discussing colleges and futures and whatever. A couple minor moments make it bearable. I’m not a fan of the love-dovey stuff. Shapray watches this from afar and has maintenance sick the sprinklers on them. God bless this insanely entertaining character.

And of course the sprinklers actually please them like the sickening couple they are.

You are gonna get so wet!”

Sex jokes I could have made: 1

The couple is caught by Mr Fulton who is not happy. Now I see their issue with him. The next day, they find that nerdy chick whose name I forget doing a little music on her piano. Nerdy chick has the idea for Troy and Gabby to join some talent show thingy, and they could do a song she wrote.

Troy doesn’t want to cuz he says his singing career began and ended with the winter musical. Way to forget the moral, dude. But of course Gabby is interested, and decides to sing it …and Troy joins in a second later.

Which means we got song #4: “Music in me” It’s the first love song, and like usual, it’s dull and forgettable. It’s not terrible, and I can listen to it okay but it’s likely one of the more forgettable tunes in the series. It’s better than “Breaking Free” but even “Start of something new” is better. It’s…okay.

Also, background voices are here even though in the context of the movie, it makes no sense The song attracts the other guys who applaud them. Troy agrees to sign up for the show.

Maybe we can work this out but only if we’re all in this together”

Okay, you’re pushing it to the limit. Of course Ryan hears this and delivers the news to Sharpay who is not happy, but still wants Troy in the show., From how amusing she is here, I assume she has plan…and not cuz I remember that she does.

The next day, Fulton tells Troy he must caddy for someone, for 40 bucks.

For 40 bucks i’d caddy for godzilla”

Close. Very close”

Troy and Corbin than partake in Disney’s Happy Gilmore as they must Vaddy for Sharpay’s parents. Her dad shows up, and he’s just as snooty as you can imagine. He actually makes a better Mr tipton than the one we got but that’s a story for another time.

Not much happens for a few minutes, but Sharpay does tell her dad about Troy’s college thing. In the next scene, Corbin is ranting about Sharpay. Okay, now he hates her again? Make up your mind!

That night, Troy attends dinner with Sharpay and her family. Again, they discuss college and stuff, but Troy wants to avoid this talk. Sharpay tries to make Troy seem more impressive so I guess she can banish him to college away from Gabby for whatever reason.

After dinner, Troy ends up an hour late for a sort of date with Gabriela. Her black friends thinks this is a bad sign, while Gabby shrugs it off cuz it was only a small date. But before he can show up, Fulton pulls him outside for…something.

Troy is put in a chair…and uh…what happens next is hard to describe. The lights go on and he is met with music and Ryan in a fruity outfit. And…song #5 starts up. The title? Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.

Unpronounceable title aside, Ryan sings about some legend about a pineapple princess who was sad and Shapray pops up as said princess. The titular prince is the subject of the song.

This song is…weird. I kind of like it cuz it’s insanely catchy but mostly because it is so WEIRD. I can’t even comprehend what it’s about, the RAP verse doesn’t help matters.

The part where she tries to get Troy to sing and fails is also worthy of note. The way it builds up to a climax is pretty cool, I guess. But thanks to the outfit, any hint that Ryan is straight goes out the window.

The song ends and Ryan storms off. The song was odd, made no sense, came out of nowhere, and no one ever mentions it again.


Yeah. Even troy questions why she can’t sing without all this crazy crap. She can’t comprehend the idea of singing for fun. But it does her give some bizarre stage idea that troy is Weirded out by. She really wants him to be in the show with her, but again, he is not on board.

Troy than leaves, and it’s status as a BLAM is set even further. Oh, there’s one thing I forget to mention: That song was cut. Yes, it was removed and this movie came out without it. It was added back in as a special edition, but it’s usually aired without.

That’s how much of a BLAM it is. When the song started on my copy I was “oh god this is the one with the freaky song” . It’s certainly one of the most amusing songs in the movie…but I see why it was cut.

Troy eventually shows up for his date They then start frolicking in the pool, in another love-y scene. But then they are caught by Fulton who gives them a stern warning. In the next scene, he talks to his Dad and discuss College crap again. At this point, it’s even more dull than the romance stuff, but whatever.

The next day, Fulton gives Troy a promotion cuz why not. Troy must teach Golf to kids, even though he knows nothing about Golf. He is given a bunch of perks including his own golf cart.

After the kid lesson, he also has to do a little teaching to Sharpay.

Nice balls”

Sex jokes I could have made: 2

She tells Troy this talent show thing will lock up his scholarship, which means that stuff can be connected to the actual story. Chad (the corbin bleu guy), Gabby, and the black chick, see some of this stuff and they are getting really suspicious and think Troy might be backstabbing them.

Well, not Gabby cuz she’s either a sue or an idiot. Also, this:

We are skin tone compatible”

I have no idea what that means”

Without Sharpay, this franchise would be nothing. NOTHING! Anyway, back to you, Chad.

There’s a guy who looks like troy Bolton but I have no idea who is he is”

Come on, really?! Troy is acting the same as always, and he more of less doesn’t care. This isn’t turning him into dick, it just looks like he’s getting better treatment than you. He doesn’t even act like a dick at first glance!

Anyway, Sharpay snabs that love-y song so she and can troy can sing it. Ryan is not happy, as it’s always he and her doing this. Oh hey, her bitch-y ness finally effects someone who matters, and Ryan gets something to do!

Anyway, Troy meets up with Gabby, and he talks about crazy things are.

This seems like a new troy”

Um, no. It’s new stuff. Troy has shown no signs of being a dick, he’s his usual boring self. I can see that to an extent, since he’s more caught up in this glamour than his personal stuff, but he does so while acting normal, and even tries to keep things normal.

Oh, and earlier Fulton got Troy to meet this famous college basketball team, and they show up so Troy and play a little with them. Which means missing a minor game with his friends. Again ,i can see but look. Troy is not acting like a dick at all. These guys are just…jealous. But at no point I am seeing anyone point this out.

So anyway, the guys show up for a baseball game but then Gabby shows up to discuss the other guys getting in the talent show. All with the help of Ryan cuz he’s buddy buddy with them now.

If you wanna play ball, then grab a mitt. But I don’t dance”

Ryan joins their baseball game which leads to song #6: I don’t Dance. It’s mostly Chad saying he doesn’t dance, while Ryan tries to prove dancing and sports are the same or whatever. Of all the non-Sharpay songs, this one is the best. It’s got a pretty cool sound, as well as nice choreography. Dumb, yes but it’s HSM, I love this shit.

Granted, it makes no sense cuz Chad danced plenty before but whatever. After the song, Chad signs up for the show. The next day, Troy and Chad end up arguing about that dumb college team thingy. Troy rightfully defends himself by saying he was just offered these perks and he shows up to work like everyone else.

But cuz Chad is an idiot, he tells Troy to fuck off. Once they are done bickering, Troy heads to practice with Sharpay. We got a song, but it’s a reprise so it doesn’t count. It’s a reprise of “Music in me” only Sharpay-ized by being colorful, upbeat, catchy , and memorable.

So, it’s the good version. I much prefer it to the slow version. The first movie had something like this, where Sharpay made a dull love song memorable. She just loves doing that, I guess By the way, we’re 71 minutes in. I’m sure that says something about the pacing ,or how long these songs are.

After that, Troy takes a break and finds the other guys practicing their big dance thingy. Sharpay shows up and she’s mighty pissed at Ryan.

When did you become…one of them?”

Yikes. She channels this anger into being delightful as she complains to Futlon. She demands that all employees should work backstage and not go onstage. The guys learn this later and are pissed off. Gabby and the nerdy chick figure out that Sharpay did this and complain to her.

She basically tells them to fuck off. Sharpay then claims that Gabriela has been interfering with Troy’s future by being all love-y with him . Gabby then goes on about how awful Sharpay is and yada yada yada. Her mouth is open but I don’t hear anything. She’s like a politician. Thank god for Sharpay being delightful.

Gabby tells Sharpay she quits, which doesn’t sit well with Troy who appears by magic.

“Plans change, and people change”

I’m still me!”

Exactly! Like I said before, he’s certainty just attentive to his friends, but he’s still nice and he tries hard to keep his relationships intact.

I’m working on the scholarship thing, you know that. “

But if you act like someone you’re not, that’s what you become”

Goddammit, shut up. Troy has now become the most likable characters, and that scares me cuz he’s as dull as a rock!

How do they cement this? With a song of course! Song #7: Gotta go my own way. It’s catchier than the other slow-ish songs, as Gabriela sings about how she must go her “own way” and she’s as vague as possible.

Or as I see it: “You’re perfectly normal but i’m gonna be a bitch cuz the plot says so!”

If anything, she changed! She was perfectly reasonable before, but Troy just stops paying as much attention, and he’s the bad guy?! I see her point to an extent, but the movie acts like Troy changed while Gabby is being a huge bitch!

Geez, at least both parties stayed likable in the first movie. This song is tolerable, but it kinda pisses me off for reasons already stated. So Gabby leaves and Troy iz sad. Back at home. Troy is still sad and talks to Dad about he’s “Different”

DAD: Where’s this coming from?

That’s what I’d like to know!

They have some cliché discussion about choices and whatever. Dad tells Troy he can figure out the right thing. Whatever, let’s move on to the next day as Troy finds out about the “no staffers” in the show rule.

And…it happens. Oh yeah, some of you have been waiting 80 minutes for this moment. Yep, we’re at song #8: Bet on it. Also known as the most famous among this movie’s “Ironic” fandom. The HAM scene, This is to others what Fabulous is to me. Troy prances through the golf course trying to look as badass as possible while also being as incredibly narmy as possible.

This is more insane than I remember. We got Troy singing about who he is while prancing around like a jackass and being as narmy as anyone can. It’s GLORIOUS and I seewhy  it’s so popular. This is now the best non Sharpay song, for all the wrong reasons.

After Troy shouts to the Heavens , he tells Sharpay he’s out of the show cuz of the staffer rule. He also tells her off. Sharpay reacts by being amazing. I do like that he isn’t a huge jackass and mostly tells her off like a normal person would. Troy can’t be jackass even when he wants to!

So that night the talent show comes. Sharpay tries to get Ryan back in, but he tells her he’s out for good. Ryan also acts delightful, cuz he is her brother after all. So Troy tells Chad he was a jerk (BULLSHIT) and they kiss and make up.

So Troy is buds again, But Ryan suggests Troy sing with Sharpay cuz he really doesn’t want to see her crash and burn. Speaking of, she’s crying the only way she can. It’s almost kind of sad, actually. A contrast to the random change in the first one.

I’m glad Ryan gets something to do, and that they gave weight to the cliché Camp rock did so badly. Sure, it’s sudden but at least it makes some level of sense. Troy pops up and agrees to sing with her.

But whats the first thing you said to me when I started working here?”

We’re…all in this together”

Random Continuity nod! Okay, is is quite sudden in this moment, but at least they hinted at it early on, and Sharpay is still fun while being “likable”. But it is undeniably cheesy when she calls Troy a good guy./

So the show is on, with Troy’s buddies intact. Of course everyone bands together suddenly at the last moment, cuz they have to stay true to the first one. But then Troy finds out that Sharpay gave him a whole new song to learn.

When Sharpay hears it, she says she didn’t do such a thing.

RYAN: Exactly.

Wow, what an asshole. She just turned around, and you do this for no reason? Sharpay’s back up chicks even leave. Geez, Ryan just become unlikable in one move. That’s a new record!

But it’s no matter, cuz Troy has pitch perfect memory as he sings song #9 (Everyday) with Gabriela who shows up as they kiss and make up. Much like Breaking Free, it’s dull but at least that other one was memorable. This is just meh.

It’s sudden how Gabby changes but I don’t care, whatever gets the movie done faster. The song does go on WAY too long, though. I mean geez, everyone in the world shows up for this song, even Sharpay. I guess she got over that shaft that she got.

…That came out wrong.

After the song, the big award goes to …Ryan? Yep, as a reward for being awesome…and a dick a moment ago but whatever. I’m glad he got something to do.

Then they all walk outside and gaze at the stars as the dull version of Music in me plays in the background.

Here’s to the future”

Here’s to right now”

So I guess they are just gonna forget their future right now and focus on a petty romance. …Teen beach movie did it better, but that’s a review for another day. This stare gazing moment also goes too long. This movie is almost 100 minutes. Maybe a bit could have been shaved off.

We then abruptly move on to our big dance party ending, with song #10: All for one. It takes place at the club pool as they sing about how everything is perfect. It’s like “We’re all in this together” but not. I actually prefer this to that, as it’s much catchier, and a better wrap up song.

Also, look who makes a cameo.


Miley Cyrus…from a bad angle cuz my print screen hates me, the footage was blurry, and it’s a blink and you’ll miss it thing. Also no comment.

Once the song ends, so does the movie cuz DCOM’s love abrupt endings. At least we are treated to a bloopers, and an instrumental of Fabulous. Also Miley is credited before people like Troy’s dad. Huh.

Final Thoughts:

Before I flat out compare this to part one, let’s view it on it’s own. Critically, it’s what you expected. The characters are still dull, and the plot is still cliché a hell. It’s made a tad worse thanks to the other guys being even more unlikable. The plot does the usual “Dude is a changed jerk” cliché only this time he’s NOT a jerk and he was just put in a weird position.

So they subvert the cliché…but have everyone act as if it’s played straight and be assholkes about it. This is something i’d see in South park as a point of PARODY but here it is done without a point of irony. Even for me, it was a bit much.

It’s sprinkled with genuinely enjoyable aspects, but not as much as the first one. But on a Guilty pleasure level…it’s a delight. Sharpay is still nasty and delightful, and the Fulton brings even more hammy-ness to the table. The movie is awesome when Sharpay pops up, just like in the first one.

The songs are as hit or miss as usual, with a few  forgettable entries like the love songs. But the others are very enjoyable in how dumb they are. The best is Fablous for enjoyment levels, but for the other stuff, I’d go with I don’t dance. But NOTHING beats the narm-y ness of Bet on it, of course.

But how is it compared to part 1? Well, the first one had just as many intentionally narm-y moments as there were unintentional. Ashley’s performance was meant to be hammy and there was actual comedy all throughout.

This one however, is mostly unintentionally hilarious with stuff like Bet on it. Comedy is still there with Sharpay, but there is more of an attempt to be serious which fails awesomely. So which is better? I’m a bad movie fan so it’s tough.

I say I appreciate a mix more than just straight up one. However, I love how dumb this one is so I don’t mind. But I do mind how weak some parts get. But the first movie got dull in it’s 2nd half while in this movie, it’s the exact opposite.

So i’d say, they are both equally enjoyable, but the first movie has the edge ever so slightly. At worst, they are both stupid…but harmless. Doug Walker used to do written reviews for Xomba, and in his review of HSM 3, he compared it to Saved by the bell ,calling it harmless in it’s stupidity.

And that is what is it. You can genuinely dislike it all you want, but it’s not corrupting our youth any more than Saved by the bell was. If there’s anything we’ve learned this month, it’s just this Disney crap is stupid…but harmless.



So that ends DCOM Month. To sum it up, the weak DCOM’s are Guilty pleasures for me, and I’m not ashamed. And the good ones are DAMN good! In the future, I plan to do more from The Suite life movie, to Radio rebel, to Teen beach movie. Before we sign off…let’s look to the future of DCOM’s!

Cloud 9: It’s a snowboarding movie where a bitchy chick must train with former star Will and they learn stuff through each other. Doesn’t sound BAD, just kind of boring. Not my coup of tear, but it have upcoming Star Dove Cameron, as well Luke Benward and it’s backed by Ashley Tisdale’s production company. Also Mr “girl you pterodactyl fly ” is set to direct. Sounds…alright.

Adventure Quest: While it’s, sadly, not based on the awesome game of the same name, it does no plot or anything announced yet. Sounds…amazing?

Jessie: Yep,. Jessie is the next to get the DCOM treatment. It’s currently in the post production stages, according to word of goddess. Meaning, nothing filmed yet. Should be cool anyway.

Unnamed: This…while unnamed project is based on the book “Boys are dogs” and shall star the awesomely named Zendya from Shake it up. DCOM’s based on books (You wish, lemonade mouth, radio rebel) usually turn out well, so this should be neat.

Building a Better boy: A group of teens who take an android from a lab and turn it into the perfect boyfriend…unaware it’s harmed with a nuclear weapon. This one sounds AWESOME but sadly, no news cuz it’s currently casting. Also, Mr “girl you pterodactyl fly ” is directing yet again. Why does he do so many DCOM’s when that infamous line should have killed his career forever? Also, Chyna Mclaine, the chick from Lab Rats, and that other chick from True Jackson VP seem to be working on it, maybe as supporting players. Excited!

That’s it for the announced ones. Also, Teen Beach is the only one this year, marking the ONLY time there has been one DCOM for a year. The previous record for least was 1997 with 2. The most? 2000 with 12. Yes, one for EVERY MONTH.

And like I said, there are currently 96 now. Will they do something big for 100? Doubt it. They don’t count the first one, and say Under Wraps was the first. Semi Unofficial ones like 16 wishes ARE counted by their site so I guess 101 will be 100 for them.

Longest post grade section EVER. Well uh…I had fun looking at these DCOM’s and exploring my guilty pleasure side, even if the reviews were kind of dull.

Next time, it’s the usual stuff. See ya!



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  2. DigiRanger1994 says:

    Humuhumunukunukuapua’a is a BLAM so much so that it is what makes the DVD an “Extended Edition”. TV airings omit it and always have. Also, how could you forget that this and “Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas” was the lead-in for the sneak preview of Phineas and Ferb? Without HSM2’s monster ratings, who knows where Phineas and Ferb would be today?

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