General Review: Space Chimps

Hello, Spongey here.

Time for another general review I did out of boredom. Have you ever saw an ad for a movie, thought it looked okay, but then you NEVER HEARD OF IT AGAIN? Well, I did. And that movie was this.

I saw an ad and thought it looked okay, but I never remembered to look it up to see how it is. So later, I found out it was hated, and I didn’t get why. But it wasn’t until I saw it playing on FXM that I sat down to watch it.

…Let’s get this over with.

This, is Space Chimps


A NASA space probe that was sent to look for life in other planets falls through a wormhole and lands on the planet Malgor. A Malgorian called Zartog then uses the Earth vehicle to force his people to obey him.

A US Senator decides to have the have the wormhole studied, but in order not to expose humans to the wormhole’s possible dangerous effects, they decide to instead send the chimpanzees that they have been training. The chimps are elated. However, the Senator wants more publicity for the event, and forces Ham III, the grandson of Ham, the first chimp in space to join the mission against his will.

And they get to the planet and have to stop Zartog from doing bad guy stuff.

As you can tell, this story isn’t exactly. New. Or Fresh. Or fun. Or interest-okay you get the point. It’s not that it’s messy or anything, it’s just really lame. The  story is incredibly basic: Chimps go to space and stop bad guy. That’s it.

There are no real twists, no huge stakes except for the usual ones, and there isn’t much substance to be found. The only stuff of substance is with the characters, and even then, it’s not much.

While on the planet, Ham and Luna, the girl chimp, end up stranded together. If you guessed it leads to a cliché slip kiss romance, DING DING YOU ARE SMART. It’s not even done well. They argue a bit, but then just stop at the drop of a hat. It goes by so quick, it’s like they just did it cuz…why not?

Their romance is put more to the test near the end, but again, it’s pretty quick. There’s nothing really creative going on here. Besides the concept, it’s a generic space/adventure story, that just happens to have chimps in it.

The humor is just meh. It’s not criminally Un-funny by any means, but it rarely hits the mark. At times it can be funny, but by the end I just got bored.

But to be honest, the story isn’t the worst. Unlike Hoodwinked 2, the story isn’t really cliched filed, so much as it is just…empty. Empty of anything of substance. Overall, it’s a very weak story, but not a terrible one.


This animation is….a mixed bag.

It’s  it’s not awful. It’s just kind of generic. The movements and designs on the chimps are semi-competent, to the point where I could tolerate it. But at the same time, they just look…meh. They look and feel very basic.

The human characters look just plain lazy, with very weak movements, and dull designs. Nothing special for them. But everything else…is SHIT.

The backgrounds are uninspired, and so is the alien landscape. But the aliens themselves are so badly animated, that it looked like a PS2 game. They look so cheap, and stiff. When the chimps look so…average, it clashes with the awful-ness of the aliens.

I expected the animation overall to be worse, since the studio is known for stuff like Happily N’ever after. However, it’s not the worst, but it’s pretty Direct to Video for most of it. For a DTV movie, it would look okay at it’s best moments. But for a theatrical release, it’s a joke.


If the story is that weak, what makes you think the characters will be any better?

First up, Ham, voiced by Andy Samberg. At the start, he is a circus monkey, and he seems likable enough, with dreams of being in space. But once he gets dumped at NASA…he becomes an asshole! He never becomes likable again for the rest of the movie. I hated this guy.

I get it, it’s the whole “dude doesn’t want to go an adventure” type of person, but he rips on everyone around him, and he keeps making advances on Luna that are neither funny nor charming. We do get a bit of development later where he says he can’t live up  to his grandpa, but it’s so quick that it doesn’t really fix anything.

He becomes a hero by the end, so much like Battleship, it’s not development. He’s an asshole, until he’s not. And since he seemed okay at the start, it was weird.

There’s Luna, voiced by Cheryl Hines. Love interest who sometimes snarks and helps out at the end. NEXT.

We have Titan, voiced by Patrick Warburton. He’s the dumb one, that’s it. He’s also a waste of a great actor, as he is given nothing to do in the first half. Near the end, he gets more to do, but it’s not all that funny.

There’s the villain Zartog, voiced by Jeff Daniels. He’s a very cliché villain, who is not funny or a threat. NEXT!

There is Kilowatt, voiced by Kristen Chenoweth. She’s the cute alien every movie needs for some reason. That’s…actually it. There is a bit with her but it feels rushed and goes nowhere.

We got Ham’s mentor, and friend of his grandpa, Houston, voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. I love seeing a real voice actor in a big movie, and he does a good job, but he’s just a mentor. Nothing more.

There are some scientists, one which is voiced by Jane Lynch. They are just lame and make lame jokes. Then there’s the Senator, voiced by Stanley Tucci. He’s a dick for no real reason, and he threatens to shut down NASA if the chimps don’t return.

That’s how that works, right? He’s lame. That’s about it, though Kenan Thompson has a random cameo as a ringmaster.

The characters are nothing. There are quite a few, but none of them get any screen time, they have no personality, and the only ones that do anything are either dull, or an asshole. The Story was just lame, but these characters were BAD.

Final Thoughts:

There’s nothing worse than a lazy animated film in this day and age. We’re in a golden age of animation right now, but even back in 2008, this was not good.

The Story is very basic and not creative, the animation is average at BEST, and the characters are really generic and even the hero is an asshole. However…it’s not…that awful.

It’s not completely un-watchable. I was rarely flat out tortured by the film itself, I just disliked it the more I thought about the story. I can’t actually bring myself to hate it. It’s just lame..

It’s nothing more than your basic kid’s movie. Nothing more, nothing less. Kids may like it, but we shouldn’t treat them like morons, like this movie does. It’s lame, lazy and just a forgettable experience. If my memory wasn’t crazy good when it comes to movies, I wouldn’t be able to even do this review.

I didn’t do a normal review for that reason: There’s nothing to say. It’s just lame.

Story: C-

Animation: C+

Characters: D-


Well, at least I don’t have to talk about this movie ag-


Oh come on!

..See ya. 


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  1. Unknown! says:

    Its not that bad of a movie!

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