Haunting hour a Thon #4: Nightmare Inn

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome back to haunting hour a thon

once again, it’s a short story episode with little relation.

This, is Nightmare Inn

Director: Neill Fearnley

Writer: Katherine Boutry

Short Story:

Chick had to stay at creepy inn. Bumps into a dude named James who says he is a werewolf. Next day he’s room is gone, making chick think she’s having, dreams mostly cuz she has a bad dreams a lot. But then she sees him as a werewolf, but then the person who runs the hotel shows up as a werewolf, and they fight over her. She passes out and everything is normal, it was all a dream

Then there’s the IT WAS REAL ending.

The episode has like…a quarter of that. But overall, it’s more faithful than some other episodes. It gets more faithful near the end. Oh, and they say “Hell” at one point, which is weird to see in a stine product.

Anyway, here’s the episode plot: Jillian forced to face her fears in a creepy inn where the staff is keeping a secret. Her mom has bought the inn; they are staying until the deal is finalized. Jillian often has bad dream, especially after her dad left. Yes, that subject matter in this show. More on that later.

Some may find the episode slow or boring. After all, most of it is just Jill hanging with the two guys at the old inn and thinking about which one is evil and stuff. It’s not til the end where shit goes down.

But, eh, I found it entertaining nonetheless. Mostly due to the great heavy atmosphere throughout. See, she meets Priscilla, the innkeeper, and Caleb, some guy who hangs around the inn. Priscilla tells Jill Caleb is a delinquent that she should stay away from. Caleb tells Jill that he is fine and Priscilla just hates him for no reason. So who is the bad guy here? I’ll say so in a second.

For most of the episode, both you and Jill are in suspense about what is going on, and as freaky things happen around the inn, you do wonder if Jill is royally screwed. The tension is high, even if the story can be slow at times.

Later, Jill sees Caleb planning with Priscilla. He tells her he is pretending to be on her side to figure out her plan. Of course Jill has doubts and wants to leave, but Mom tells her they have to stay for an extra night. Then, near the end, it turns out that yep, Caleb and Priscilla are both evil and were tricking Jill this whole time.

Why they want Jill specifically is anyone’s guess. Anyway, they are both werewolves who wish to kill jill…but they argue over who gets her. They end up fighting themselves with poor Jill in the middle.

By the way, the werewolf costumes are good. Well, good for the budget anyway. They aren’t overly silly, and I could take them seriously. This leads to a really fun werewolf fight between the two, and it only gets better. Another werewolf comes in to kick their asses, and it is awesome. But wait, I forgot something.

Jill had a necklace thingy left by her father, and it’s very close to her. She lost it earlier, but The strange werewolf gives it to her, having found it. But it seems like he’s seen it before…like, it relates to her. This hits Jill, but…not before she wakes up!

Yep, it was all a dream…OR WAS IT?! No, it was not, you silly goose. Anyway, Mom is hre when she wakes up and she talks about her dad and how he’s gone. Jillian, however, says he may not be..

Yes, the werewolf, is her dad.


From what I recall, they don’t quite explain the full story about her dad. I guess he faked his death to avoid showing them his werewolf ism? Or maybe he got bite and he looked dead and-whatever it doesn’t matter. Some things are best left to the imagination.

It is oddly sweet oh him to randomly swoop in and kill the werewolves. I could ask why he was there and how he got there, but to be honest, to overall feeling and tone of the episode makes up for it.

I do think the writes could have fleshed out the werewolves more, but sometimes this show makes up for that kind of with a good main character and nice atmosphere. This episode has plenty of that.

Also, it is different from the short story. For one, there’s no Caleb but the part where the Priscilla and a guy fight over Jill, and it was a dream was true. So they took…one scene. Eh, that’s good enough. Not one of the best short story episodes…actually it may be one of the weaker ones in terms of how it adapts the story.

I think the biggest flaw is that the characters and story can be underdeveloped at times. That may ruin the episode for some, but I feel the character bits that are there make for it. It has a sweet moment as well as great pacing and tension. This mostly works as an early episode, where they we were looking for the show’s identity, by experimenting.

This was them trying to rely on tension rather than Story. It worked out fine, but I see why tried harder with the stories next time. This is one of those episodes some people forget, but that’s just due to how many better scary episode there are. Those who joined the show at the start remember, but recent fans don’t think much of it.

I didn’t have a lot to say about this episode plot wise, as there isn’t much to say. It’s a decent episode with good story bits as well as good atmosphere, and a sweet ending. The story may not be the best, but it is a good early episode. It shows how creepy the show can be, and it also has the second twist ending of the series. The Haunting Hour has fewer twists than Goosebumps, but you should prepare to see quite a few.

A short one compared to the first two, but like I said, the episode doesn’t have much to it. Not the best episode, but a decent early entry in the series.

Grade: B

Join us next time as, we learn stealing is bad. See ya!

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