Hello, Spongey here.

Welcome to the big 250! I had a hard time picking the film for it, but I picked this one. Why? I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile. It’s an infamous tv movie that has reached the room levels of ironic love.

It seems like an odd choice for 250, but based on what i’ve read…there’s a lot to talk about .So who is ready to find out how much movies know about the internet?

Shortest intro ever.

This, is Cyberbully

The film opens with our hero taylor, played by Emly osment. So the evil thing was really the internet? WHAT A TWIST.

cyber 1

She’s dicking around in an online chat with a friend. Said friend Is samantha, played by kay panabaker. Now you know what happened to Debbie from phil of the future.

It’s her birthday, remember that. Cuz…i bet it’s important somehow. We get the very typical getting ready montage with Mom, Taylor, and her brother.

Anyway, people want Taylor to throw a sweet…17 party but she doesn’t want to. 

“Hey if your dad moved out 3 months ago you wouldn’t want to party either”

AND THE AWARD FOR MOST FORCED EXOSITION GOES TO…next karate kid, but this is pretty damn close.

cyber 2

So Taylor posses a hatred for Alpha bitch lindsay, Lindsay isn’t fond of her either, as Taylor called her a slut. No, i’m not joking, they say that. I guess this isn’t for the hannah montana crowd….

Anyway, we see painfully typical teen shit, like Taylor loving a dumb jock. I’ve bitched about teen shit before, but this is really egregious. Really, so far this is like a DCOM only less funny.

They want Taylor to join “clickster” which is bad facebook knockoff #456. However, her mom really monitors her computer stuff, which the friends are not okay with,. Something tells me mom will be in the right…


She and her friend talk about how scummy guys are, and Sam uses dad leaving as an example. …dude, not cool. That’s your friend, don’t use her as an example of some stupid ass belief.

Taylor calls her out once, and nothing is made of it. Later, taylor gets a computer for her birthday, with no catch. It’s all private. Only good can come of this.

cyber 3

Her friends come over, and she gets a face-i mean clickster. In the “about me” page it asks about your fave…body party. Um, ew….mine is the left kneecap.

And it asks…for underwear color? WHAT KIND OF WEBSITE IS THIS?!

After that, Sam goes home and looks at a pic Taylor put up. Lindsay left a rather mean comment.


Come on, i’ve seen youtube comments more creative than that!

Anyway, they just laugh at this and move on. Oh, and then they say facebook does indeed exist. That…makes no sense. They function the same way, so what’s the point?

Then we see this/.

cybber 4

So odd to see emily in a movie like this, where they say bitch and horny. Actually, that’s hilarious, AND realistic, the horny comment. Only Lindsay comes on to ruin this.

Oh, and JD wants more slutty girls. JD DEMANDS MORE SLUTTY WOMEN.

The next day, she and scott the jock talk about teen bullshit, and she and her friends talk about teen bullshit. I’m noticing a pattern.

typing ‘hey baby send me a bikini shot ‘is not love”

finally, something smart!

TAYLOR: what is/? Sleeping with a guy the 2nd time you go out and wondering why he never talks to you again?

…Ouch. That’s….cold. And thankfully, Sam kicks her out of the car. And does she feel bad for it? NOPE.

12 minutes in, and I know i’m gonna hate this bitch.

She gets a friend request from a hot guy, which means he’s an ugly old woman. He read a poem she put up and agreed with it in a deep way. Yep, old woman.

Later, she sees that her account has been hacked with an update saying “i’m a naughty bad girl someone should spank me”. No comment./

Speaking of comments, her update gets this:

finally some dirty girls on this site”

Sadly it is not JD.

Anyway, then they change the password and delete the upda-wait huh? What do you mean they don’t? That’s stupid! It’s common sense to delete shit like this. Even if comments have been left, you can get rid of it and just tell everyone what happened. Boom, problem solved!

Great, now we have our dumb plot with dumb characters. And guess what? It gets all “Sad” and deep…over a hacking. Really? That’s a huge deal. It’s a problem, yes. But its not like someone slapped you or something!

We’ve all been through stuff like this online, let’s face it. Even a newbie to the internet shouldn’t be crying like a pussy! Yeah, she cries over it. REALLY.

By the way, they can’t figure out who got into the account. Gee, who else lives in this house besides her mom? …Nope, can’t think of anyone.

Mom rightfully suggests blocking the site as it has no boundaries.

You’re in tears after one day!”

Hate to say it. But mom is right. If you cry after one thing, you shouldn’t be on it at all. But…mom just leaves her to it for a sec. Um, way to stand your ground.

She talks to Sam, who has forgiven her (?) and Sam says not to take it seriously. Is everyone gonna keep being right?!

cyber 4C

The next day, Taylor does find out her brother did it. Shocker. Taylor takes it well.



He’s been grounded for a month.. Mom is angry at Taylor for not taking down her profile. Okay, Mom is the smartest character so far, and yet even she has her faults. Is everyone gonna be an idiot somehow?

Taylor left Lindsay  a comment calling her a bitch, which Mom saw. She says mean-ness isn’t an excuse to be mean back. Exactly! Why am I agreeing with the overprotective one?!

Mom even takes away her laptop, which is a bit extreme. Okay, so this movie’s logic is that the right guy should go extreme in how…right she is.

Anyway, she goes to school where people mock her to an extreme level. “Spank me” equals I’MASLUT, to them. This is now a fantasy film. No logic at all.

Everyone is leaving comments saying she sleeps around. Between this and Bratz. I think movies see all teens as awful people. /They are not, that is awful generalization.

Some other kid in her class sympathizes as he gets comments like that too, calling him homo.

That’s not really the same thing. You are really are gay, what they are saying about me isn’t true”

Fuck. You.

Taylor looks at her account on another computer, cuz mom didn’t take it down. Derp. At home, Brother is not happy.

Dad would never ground me over something this stupid”

He is right…to a point. What he did was bad, but really, it should been a week’s grounding or so. But cuz taylor is a pussy and it hurt her. It was a month.

Everyone at my school is on that site, I was just having fun”

There’s nothing more fun than being insulted!

Anyway, remember that guy with the friend request? His name is james, and he’s been defending her. So she likes him now cuz whatever.

But then Scott asks her to the dance. She says yes. YAY DATING BULLSHIT WOO HOO!
Remember when this movie was about bullying? Now we have a girl dating a guy when she actually likes another guy. WACKY HIJINX!

I don’t know if I would like james..”’


The others think scott will hurt her cuz that’s the cliché.

Just cuz you got dumped doesn’t mean I will”

Oh my god, what the fuck?! Taylor,. You SUCK. Anyway, since it’s now been a few days, Taylor gets her laptop back. Oh, and she goes on cliickster and James has been saying that he slept with Taylor and got an STD. Wow, what an asshole.

And of course, people start insulting her, and it’s treated as THE WORST POSSIBLE THING , with epic music and shit. God, even the most butt hurt Deviant art user doesn’t overreact this much.

By the way….maybe his account got hacked? Every think of that? Oh yeah, YOU DON’T THINK.

Wait, maybe he really is an asshole. James’s claimed he went to Ridgway high, but this one chick’s friend who goes there says there is no James there. DUN DUN dun?

So James is a faker. This really is turning into Bratz: new plot points out of nowhere! They think Lindsay made that fake profile, which is plausible. Taylor says she told james some personal stuff.

What a fucking moron.

She won’t tell Mom cuz all that matters is her laptop and FUCKYOUDDERBB WDQ. Sorry…i’m sorry. Geez, I rarely get this angry at a main character…

People start insulting the friends (skanky by association) and the black friend is really hurt by this.

Hey sticks and stones may-”

don’t make jokes about this. Just stop following me okay/?”

INSULTS ARE SERIOUS FUCKING BUISNESS. Taylor walks away and talks to Scott, and he doesn’t say much except “see ya”


I hope I don’t need to start a drinking gang…the last emily osment movie got me good.

cyber 5

Taylor visits the black friend later and asks if they are still friends. She’s not sure.

so your friends with me everywhere but school? Samantha is standing by me”

So she is backing away from Taylor…cuz some people are insulting her due to association? …i know it’s a deal, but FUCKING REALLY?! She points out Taylor did fuck up but this chick Is being equally dumb. EVERYONE IN THIS MOVIE IS AN AWFUL PERSON.

you think it’s my fault?”

You flirted with an online guy you don’t know, you called Lindsay a bitch thus invoking her revenge, and you’ve done nothing but do awful things. OF COURSE THIS IS YOUR FAULT!

I know this IS a big-ish deal, but the movie is making it so damn dramatic. You are really trying to make cyberbullying dramatic?!

Some dude calls mom and informs her of what is going on. She hates this more than JD likes slutty girls.

why didn’t you shut this down?’

Good question! She demands she shut it down, but she refuses cuz she’s a fucking moron. Infact, she acts like…an addict. Like she…needs it it. That’s it, she’s a huge wreck who likes being insulted but claims to be a Victim!

Don’t you love alternate character interpretation? Then we…see the computer of the james, with female fingers typing.Wait for it.

, Lindsay said james told her Taylor would strip for 5 bucks, and james is saying that’s a lie.

Okay, do you think Taylor is a slut or not?!

I never said that, not true!”


And james turn out to be..

cyber 6



…Didn’t see that coming, i’ll give them that. But wait…does that mean Sam make a fake account to flirt with Taylor (LES YAY) and then insulted her  thus ruining her life and her friendship with the black chick?


Wow, I thought Taylor sucked but sam…is…WHAT THE FUCK?! They don’t explain her actions now, but for me, this is just….wow. I don’t care what explanation they give. This is an awful thing to do, and the fact that it made all this drama possible is…UGH,.

Mom tells Taylor to go to school and try to stay positive. Then Mom says she’s gonna talk to the Principal. I’d talk about how you’d have to call their parents to really stop their online insults but okay.

And what do you know, that’s pretty much what he tells her later.

I can’t control the internet”

He says they have no policies or anything to stop this. So Taylor is banned from Clickster…and she asks sam if she can get on it on her computer. My god, after all that…you still want to be on the site?


She gets on the chatroom-

cyber 7


But before they can sacrifice their sluts, Taylor turns it off. Taylor is worried about what Scott will think of all this.

that’s what your worried about? Who cares what he thinks?”

EXACTLY. Everyone has been right at one points except Taylor. GET A FUCKING CLUE.

Sam apologizes for her outburst and then I think it’s gonna turn into a lesbian scene. Now THAT would make this movie better. Sadly, that never happens,.

They go to school and Sam suggests ditching, but Taylor wants to talk to scott.

I’m done being your friend. Have a nice life”

the fuck?! That was out of nowhere! It’s like “sorry” but then it’s like “FUCK YOU” I agree she is caring too much but that time, it was no big deal. DOES ANYONE IN THIS MOVIE HAVE COMMON SENSE?!

She talks to Scot (yeah don’t go after your friend) but his Mom said he has to go the dance with some other chick.

“Her mom is friends with my mom”

what the hell kind of mom makes her son date some chick cuz she is friends with her mom? Even the characters we don’t see are stupid!

By the way, you know what you could have done from the beginning? DELETE ALL THOSE MEAN COMMENTS ON YOUR WALL. There was a big fat X right there! How about blocking them? Or when the hacking thing happened, you delete that post, then tell everyone that it wasn’t you and you got rid of it? LOGIC,. WHAT IS THAT?!

I hope she never gets a youtube account..

There’s another pop song AND NO I’M NOT DOING THE DRINKING GAME AGAIN. I still haven’t recovered from last time…but you can play it if you want.


Later, she sees a video Lindsay put up of her…dressed as Taylor acting like a whore and offering a dude a good time, with him rejecting her due to her sewer smell.

This movie was  worth watching as that was the funniest thing ever.

Oh ooh oh wait, it’s dramatic? Cuz Taylor is weeping like a little pussy? Yeah no, that was hilarious. Also pop song.

You know, in real life, people would call Lindsay a dumbass for making a video where she has a cutout of another chick’s face on her…but this movie isn’t reality.

Taylor makes her own video of her saying she gives up. Her friends have ditched her , she isn’t going with scott, and everyone thinks she is a whore.

so that’s it I guess…bye”

She’s…gonna kill herself, isn’t she? I get that…this is a deal now with people insult her but…REALLY!? I’ve seen people JOKE about killing themselves for something this dumb!

Yes, this is a problem, but in reality, they are easily fixed ones, and the movie presents in a way that makes it more serious than it is!

That’s the problem. The music, the acting…it’s all OVERBLOWN. This is semi-dramatic in a way, but they make it so epic that the idea of killing herself over this becomes DUMBER!

And no, i’m not joking. She is about to do it. Sam sees the video, calls Taylor’s mom and gets home to see her…trying to overdose on pills…but..

I can’t get the cap off!”


Oh my god…that’s…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

You’ve gotta be kididng me. SHE CAN’T EVEN DIE RIGHT?! I’ve heard of too dumb to live …BUT TOO DUMB TO DIE?!

Oh god I…ha…oh…whoa…thanks. I needed that. There’s a big dramatic moment …but the teen can’t get the cap off. It’s like…wow, moment ruined!

The overacting isn’t helping. Shut up, geez! This is meant to be dramatic and it almost is, but the big music and the acting just makes it hilarious.

Anyway, the movie tries to recover from that as Taylor is taken to the hospital. Cuz she…ALMOST took pills! Close enough!

Anyway, Taylor will be taken out of school for a week (which does make sense to be honest, given the circumstances) and the doctor talks about how internet insults can hurt.

It’s always there’

Unless you block them or delete the comment. Or they could get off the computer. Just saying.

Anyway, she is taken home and we cut to later. The brother is playing a game. Yeah, your sister almost killed herself, no biggie. Sam meanwhile is looking over the comments of the goodbye video.

JD seems to agree with me on how pathetic it is to kill yourself over stuff like that. NOW GIVE HIM HIS SLUTTY WOMEN.

Also while Scott denies that she did it over him, he says she freaks him out.

you’re such an ass, scott”


Anyway, Mom needs to find out who this James was, but it looks like Sam got rid of the profile. She thinks Lindsay made james, so she heads to her house. We meet Lindsay’s dad and Mom tells him what happened.

It’s called freedom of speech”

He’s as much as a dick as his daughter. He is actually saying she had a right to say those things. Even though they …sort of almost killed someone. Then he slams the door on mom! Wow, I thought Lindsay was un-realistically bad…but this guy takes the cake! His logic makes no sense! Geez!

Anyhoo, Taylor’s brother talks to her about what happened. Now he seems to care. He says that if she didn’t put that video up,. He could have found her…well dead. Holy shit, a moment is almost sad? And it comes from the character that I least expected it from?!

Taylor wants the laptop see what people are saying..]

WHAT THE FUCK. You literally almost died cuz of the mean comments, and you STILL want to see what they are saying? FUCK. YOU. My god, even when you almost die, you have to be an awful person.

Even worse, the brother gives to her. THIS MOVIE IS AN AWFUL PERSON. Okay…so Mom comes in to stop it, thank god.

do you really think that’s a good idea?”


Taylor is taken to a support group to talk about it. She doesn’t want to cuz she hasn’t learned a fucking thing. Her mom talks about how serious this, and then Taylor just goes inside. That bit could have worked if..

  1. it wasn’t so damn narm-y with the music

God, is it really not close to over yet? Anyway, Taylor heads in while Mom calls some chick telling her about the awful things people have been calling Taylor online. She is told no legal action can be taken for obvious reasons.

how can that be?”

Well, it stands to reason that online bullying as a whole cannot be stopped. It’s the truth of the matter. However, the specific people doing it can be stopped if you know them. Since you know which school people have been doing this from the accounts, you can confront their parents and stop the problem at it’s source, in this case. Or you could…block them and thus the online problem is solved.

If it leaks into real life, than it’s harassment, and thus, a law is broken. Then action can be taken, and the situation can be controlled.

There, I just broke down what the characters SHOULD know but don’t. But the mom sees it as a bad thing that they are no laws against online insults.

If there was youtube would be shut down./

ANYWAY, in the group, there is that gay guy from earlier. He says he met a guy online who he thought…liked him. He even shared personal stuff. Turns out, that guy was not gay so he shared that stuff other guys, who in real life, pestes him due to this.


Uh…so don’t jump to conclusions and give out personal shit. Plain and simple. That’s another problem with this movie, but i’ll get to that later, incase this issue stops.

Sam bumps into Scott, and she bitches at him. Now he seems worried about Taylor, cuz fuck consistency. Scott says he still likes her and is not happy about Sam’s accusations. Sam then leaves. Don’t know what to say about that other than…meh.

Taylor calls her dad for the first time in awhile, and he says he does care about her. Mom comes in and Taylor is interested in the fact that mom is acting so nice, as she thought she was pretty strict.

Do I need to hammer in the point that mom was protecting her from shit like this?! I mean, yes, I have complained about stuff she did, but what you are saying is untrue, as mom was right about your computer usage. Anyway..

there must have been something wrong with me for them to do that”

Eh, all you did was be an awful person. No biggie.

Anyway, that group thing made her realize that this happens to a lot of normal people and there is nothing wrong with her. So the moral is some people are just assholes?

Mom leaves, as taylor gets a call from Sam saying to meet her outside. Finally, Sam tells her the truth.

I;m the one who created the james profile”

NOOO THAT’S IMPOSSI- wait I already knew that.

i know you’re lying”

No it’s not true it’s bullshit she- wait I did that too. And Taylor..just walks back inside. A real person would punch her lights out, but nope, that’s too awesome.

Normally i’d be glad that she isn’t yelling in an overblown way…but in this situation, i’d actually welcome it. Instead, she just sulks for awhile.

Sam later goes online only to see that everyone knows Sam is james. As a result people are mocking her for pretending to be a dude. Yes, JD is doing it too. He just hates that she isn’t slutty.

At Taylor’s group..

block the sender”


“”I never thought of that”

Of course you didn’t taylor, you’re an idiot.

They also say to tell someone, but really, that won’t work. In real life, it makes sense to tell a grown up, but online, there’s no one to snitch to. So…yeah blocking works better.

I guess the moral now is to stand up for what’s right, and don’t take shit from anyone. Which would be fine if these characters weren’t, horrible, awful people

Mom talks to some dude..

no one’s making them go online”


They do have Delete buttons on computers”


I thought that too until I almost lost my daughter”

…that’s almost as funny as I CAN’T GET THE CAP OFF…but not quite. I mean…really? They DID have a delete button, she just never saw it cuz she’s an idiot!

At this point movie has given up. All that’s happened in the last few minutes is mom talking to law goes, Taylor sulking. And Sam sulking./

Taylor talks to Scott and things seem okay not. Whatever, they can make Scott what  they want, there’s like 10 minutes left.

Scott feels bad for all this and whatever. Taylor figures they should give up on getting a law passed, and just call attention to the problem. The thing is, in THIS case, you should go after the people who started and solve it for you. It this were on a bigger scale, you could think bigger, but nope. Just do what I said, and stop being a moron.

But she is right. Instead of using dumb laws, we just call attention to the bullies, and boom, there you go. That’s a much better moral.

They go the newspaper and the guy says it’s not news. Yeah, a girl almost killed herself due to the Internet. pff, that’s not news! Well okay, he thinks the James thing is interesting, so he asks for Sam’s phone number so he can ask her for the details to put in a story.

Mom does so, and Taylor doesn’t like this since sam will think she’s against her. You SHOULD be against her, cuz she did an awful thing that almost killed you and we STILL have no reason for why! Why should I even feel bad for sam right now?!

The dude calls her and boom, it’s on. Sam shows up for the interview. Okay sam, tells us. Why did you do it?

I thought I was protecting her from a guy..I was angry…”

Okay, go on……wait, that’s it? You’re moving on to say that cyberbullies suck cuz you don’t know who it is? ….the fuck?!

So here’ your reasoning: You thought scott might hurt her, so you made up another guy for her to get with but…then you got pissed and randomly spread rumors about her. …WHY?! The first part is STUPID but it is explained. This…NOT SO MUCH.

You did a really awful thing…for no reason! She doesn’t fully explain! She’s just all “i was angry/” at some thing that is also not explained. Infact…that is actually WORSE and more realsitc than what Lindsay did.

All Lindsay did was some over the top name calling and video making while you actually set out to trick her, and then did the BIG thing that make her want to die. I said Taylor sucked but you…fuck. You.

The interview wraps up and they all go home. Now Taylor is ready to go back to school. Oh, and the friends kiss and make up.

Taylor finally talks to Lindsay. She tells her off and for some reasons she thinks she will stop even though it won’t work. If Lindsay does listen to reason, she would have stopped long ago.

Oh, and the black friend returns….huh, she dropped off the face of the earth for a sec. They never addressed HER awful thing: Leaving Taylor cuz of some insults.

Other guys speak up and tell Lindsay, and by extension all bullies, that they suck. It…doesn’t get through to her. But she doesn’t insult anyway, so…victory?

Black friend apologizes and then they kiss and make up. So I guess the moral here is…just don’t let bullies bug you and tell them to step off. Given how serious this movie is, you think that they would have to stop it all together…but this was disgustingly simple. Whatever, we’re almost done.

Scott says he’s glad Taylor’s back and blah blah. The news guy calls mom and says he called the senator, and that he is making a new law that makes it illegal to harass minors online.

So from what I can gather from this scene, is that the resolution is to make even minor trolling illegal, to the point of monitoring every computer in the state to make sure it never happens.


That. is. Fucking. Stupid. For one, It would not only be extremely expensive and time consuming, it would also be infringing on various privacy laws as well.

I’ll let Tv Tropes take this one:

This is Mitigated by the fact the politician says he will try to pass a legislation making verbal harassment on the internet illegal. Which basically means that reporting insults made somewhere on the internet to the police office like the mother tries to would be constructive. It would just cause prosecution for repeated, willingly insulting comments about a minor, given they are reported, and their existence is proved, and the case would most probably be brushed away by the judge as a stupid feud between teenage girls unless one of them’s sexual orientation or her ethnic origin are invoked.”

So yeah, that’s not only stupid, but also wrong. It makes no sense. And guess what? That’s the end! We see the friends laughing, even though in real life it would take a lot more to get overf what happened, and people talking about how Lindsay got owned, and another pop song plays us out.

Not exactly a happy ending…BUT IT’S THE END!

Final Thoughts:

Well, that was certainty a movie.

I’ve made my thoughts pretty clearly already. It sucks big time. The reasons are painfully obvious at this point. The movie is basically just another ABC family drama that they make to be “up to date” on teen issues, even though this is a few years too late.

Cyberbuly isn’t a hot issue anymore and people know how to avoid it. But this movie seems to be set 5 years ago. It’s obvious the writers have no idea how the internet works. Or how Teens acts. I skipped over the scenes of them saying stuff like “the clap” or “fab”.

The movie is trying to tell us that some people are just assholes, and that we should still be online no matter what and that we should just stand up. Yeah, noble intentions on that last part but NO!

The moral is be responsible. Everything that happens in this movie is due to our heroes being utter morons and letting this shit happen. Taylor and Sam are pretty much awful people who don’t know how to use the internet right. The moral SHOULD be to to be careful online,  give out info, or tell anyone anything that can be used against you.

Be responsible online. That’s the real moral, due to how these characters act. Noone just started being a dick out nowhere, it was all the shit Taylor and sam did! In a normal movie, they would notice that and have that be the moral. But it isn’t. And that sucks.

Whatever moral they wanted clearly got lost. Plus, they took an only sort of serious subject…and applied it to overblown teen bullshit, thus making it IMPOSSIBLE to take seriously. It’s just a dumb idea to start with!

And…it’s kind of fun for that. Sure, i’ve raged at how awful Sam and Taylor are, but while I watched it, I found myself laughing at how overblown it is. The acting, while okay at times, can be hilariously over the top, and the music only adds to this.

Need I mention the cap scene? I don’t think so.

For a nice chunk of it, I did have fun mocking how this movie knows nothing about real life. Yes, I did rage so much at the characters, and that can get in the way of my enjoyment at…times. Looking back, this movie can be a narm-tastic bag of fun.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it sucks. The characters are awful, the story is a mess, and the morals are confusing. Don’t get me wrong, cyberbullying s a problem,. But this movie acts as if it’s the internet is to blame, and not some alpha bitch.

This movie clearly had good intentions…but it’s also clear it didn’t know anything about the internet. So yeah, it’s really bad, but it might be fun if you are watching it with friends.

I may check it out again in a riff session cuz…well you can see,. It pissed me off while reviewing it. And that…is that.

Grade: D

There, 250th in the bag! Quite the epic review, since the film was serious and I got to say serious things. Yay?

See ya.

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10 Responses to Cyberbully

  1. Candice says:

    it was sad that she trys to , i was sad im glad she didnt

  2. hannah says:

    I’m going to kill myself that’s what made me feel when she was getting those texts Lindsay is a bitch and she should now I’m glad that Taylor said that but her own friend betrends her from James

  3. luvtete says:

    Is anybody there hello well i am out peace out

  4. luvtete says:

    i watch cyberbully twice this year

  5. luvtete says:

    I can’t believe that taylor said she was going to kill herself i am so sad about it

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