Top 40 Phineas and Ferb songs (Part 4)

Hello, Spongey here

Well, we’re in the home stretch . We’re counted down 30 songs, now it’s time to finish this. What wlll make the top 10? let’s find it.

This, is part 4 of top 40 Phineas and ferb song

10. My Goody Two Shoes Brother (Tree To Get Ready)

Ah, the very first doof song ever. And of course, it’s great.

In this episode, we found out that doof has a brother named roger…who later becomes the mayor in Hail doofania. And we also found out that he hates roger. We mostly assumed it was cuz roger was good…but i’m not here to go into why doof is a woobie, we are here to talk about music.

Doof plans to have pigeons poop on him. Evil?


So he starts this song. It set the tone for all doof songs to come. It’s a broadway song, like most doof songs. And it’s very silly and funny

here, he lists all the things he hates and how he hates roger more than all of those. I mostly like how the very happy music goes with the sort of means stuff he’s saying. Sure, it’s silly, but he’s singing about how hates his brother!

That’s not all happy. Yet, the music sort of things with the rather silly lyrics. It’s a song where everything just flows together. It helped set up doof’s style, and he got many songs after

It’s mostly a funny song, but it has all the style of a normal good song. And I love songs like that! It’s, upbeat and catchy,. I also oddly like doof’s singing. It’s bad, but it has a charm to it that I really like.

The more songs he has , the more his voice stands out. It just has a scratchy-ness to it but it makes so much funnier, and better,. Sure, you can never take that voice seriously, but that’s the point

On top of that, the things he hates are funny

I don’t like meter maids or underwater welders,

Health fanatic cooks or camera crews!

Not fond of monks; or yoga teachers,

Or sports fans in the bleachers!

It’s just funny to see to see him rant on these odd things. Yet it makes sense that he would hate these things,. It goes perfectly with his voice and the music style

The main focus is humor, and it’s great here. Not only are the things he hates funny, but so is the music style and just how good it is.

Doof has always been a very funny villain, so the idea of this song makes him funnier. Of course, he only funnier as the show went on

This really did set up doof’s style perfectly. It has a fun style, the idea is funny, and everything just works together. I also like how it flows, going at the perfect pace up until his pigeons join in. yes, really.

It’s great.

yes, my goody two-shoes brother,

The favorite of my mother,

He’s the one I want to smother

hank you, Sir! I’ll have another!

This really helped this episode, and make it more important than it normally would be. It set up roger, and lead to us liking doof even more. Okay…roger got redemption once, so still, he’s a douche

but he’s voiced by john o hurley so it’s okay

This is one of the most important songs in the show, as it set up doof’s style that we all love. Besides that, it’s just really catch with a good upbeat and funny lyrics

it really works and helps show why doof is such a fun character. It has a good arrangement, and manages to be very funny and it often gets stuck in my head.

Add that to how it meant so much to the show, and you get a great song that deserves to be number one. A very short explanation, but it’s a very simple song


My Goody two shoes brother is very good…-y

9. I Really Don’t Hate Christmas (Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation)

of All the songs from the christmas episode, this is my favorite.

In this special, we find out that doof wants to ruin christmas…except he doesn’t hate it. He doesn’t love, but he has no issue with it. Yet, all evil people should hate it, so his christmas wish is to hate christmas

so he sings about it. Not only is the idea really funny, but the song is great. It’s also one of the most infectious

seriously, if you sing a bit of this song I MUST sing the rest. The really fast pace and the hard to sing lyrics make it hard to forget

it’s also hard to see. Seriously, it moves really fast with tough words in the lyrics, all without breathing. It’s hard. …yeah, I can do it easily, but that’s cuz I’m perfect

I also love what he says about the other holidays

You see Flag Day is infernal, April Fool’s is just a bore,

Mardi Gras a waste, unless you own a candy store,

All these other holidays I can admit that I abhor,

But I really don’t hate Christmas.

Doof’s usual musical style is here, so need to mention that. But the song moves very fast yet you can still hear it okay, and it’s still fun to sing in a way .

It’s catchy enough to the point where you want to sing, and maybe you’ll do it without breathing. It’s not the fastest song ever but since it has hard rhyming words, AND it’s doof’s voice, that makes it hard

that’s not it’s only charm. It’s also very funny and doof’s voice once gain, gives it it’s charm.. the idea,. Like I said, is kinda clever, and this song helps highlight that.

Though my childhood was atrocious, Christmas never was that bad, you see,
So the most that I can muster is complete and total apathy.
What’s wrong with me?

I just love this. We have a villan song where he is INDIFFERENT to something. Least serious villain song ever, even by doof’s standards!

It keeps a good flow, and pace up until the end where he of course has to get out his dancers for the kickline.

Though for some reason, the CD version leaves the very start of the music. The “DO DO DO DO DO DO” bit, you know? Yeah, it’s weird.

Anyway,. This is likely the funniest villain song idea ever, and it’s done wonderfully. It’s fast and is very fun to sing. Oh, bonus points if you do in doof’s voice. Trust me, it’s hard. Granted ,if you know the lyrics you can do it, but if you don’t, it’s even harder

with that, it gains it’s catchyness. I find myself this a lot, even by PAF standards. Doof always seems to make great songs like this.

Sure, it’s not exactly a christmas song, but fuck it, it’s the best christmas song ever made! …okay, it’s not THAT good, but it’s the best son in the special

so this song takes the general awesome-ness of doof’s songs, adds a very fast pace, funny lyrics, clever concept, and hot chicks in santa suits

why SHOULDN’T this be on the list? Yeah, another short explantion, but doof’s songs tend to be short and sweet

I really don’t hate christmas…or this song

  1. Charmed Life (Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogalo)

Okay, I swear this is the last doof song

In this episode, Candace causes an alternate time line where doof has taken over. So of course, he gets a song. His best song, actually!

This song has most what made last two songs good, but what it adds are in the singing and lyrics. It’s the cloest doof has gotten to sounding evil

  1. said close

since doof has taken over, he sings about how great his life iss. Since it’s about that, we hear be kind of evil, about how everyone is bowing down to him. It actually sounds almost like a real villain song

but thankfully, we get ton of that humor we expect from the show.

Still, I’m a nice guy.
How many emperors would always remember your name?
How ya doing, Joe?

..he changed everyone’s name to joe. Yes

anyway, it has that show tune feel his songs usually have , which works better here due to the rather grim situation going on here. His singing is also different, since he’s older, so it makes actually funnier

it’s also only a minute or so, but like most paf songs, it takes advantage of every second. It’s also great irony, since his life hasn’t been all that charming.

It has everything you could in a doof song, including catchy-nes. It has those touches that make it a decent villain song. If I did a list of tv villain songs, this would be on it. I’m not even joking

like I said, the lyrics have humor and add to how much fun this song is. But on top of that…they put tough words that had no kid uses!

Everyone is genuflectin’
And erecting giant statues of me.

Because, everyone else is a proletariat,
And baby I’m the bourgeoisie

I love that they put in words for the kid’s to learn, thus giving them substance. It also helps the “adult appeal” that shows up in the show. Not to mention, they RHYMED those words! I know a guy who loves this BECUASE of the vocab!

But of course, they had to add a catchy tune and good lyrics to that. I just love how evil doof is here, but also how it still shows how goofy he is. It can do both very well

it’s also very funny to see thanks to it’s memorable lyrics. It also has some EPIC TRUMPETS to help make the tune even better. It sort of combines that type of great humor and actually good music, that the show is known for

Doof does lots of great songs, and glad to see that never changes, no matter what timeline he’s in. it just has everything doof sings have: humor, good beat, fun lyrics, and a great voice.

I never expected Doof to be a great singer, but he really is. He he had a Cd, i’d buy it…well, I did buy one with him ON it, but it doesn’t count

also, I love that doof always has hot back up dancers. In one episode, we see him paying them! Love that. Hell, even carl had them once

but that’s another story

bottom line, this is every great doof song wrapped in one little bow. Yet, it still stands it with it’s tune,. Lyrics and significance. It’s a great doof song that proves why he is the best cartoon villain of the 2000’s.

Charmed life, is a charmed song

7. Ain’t Got Rhythm (Dude, We’re Getting the Band Back together)

Yeah, we’re getting into the cliché ones. But hey, this one is so good, that I had to put it on here!

In this episode, the boys try to get the band love handel back together. For Danny, they just ask him. For Bobbi, they remind him he’s loved, but for Swampy/Sherman…it’s hardy

Swampy fell asleep in a metronome factory, and lost all his rhythm,. Now he hangs at the library. But once the boys hear how he stamps the books they remind him he has rhythm. And once the song ends, he joins

so yeah, we got the emotional/plot significance down. But the song itself is amazing! For one thing, it has the best build up everyone’s

it starts with swampy stamping the books. After a bit, ferb breaks out some instruments to class it up. Then it gets even better as phineas joins in and ore small sounds come in to help to make it complete.

Then it builds up to a climax full of sounds, singing and everyone is busting a move. And then it ends and swampy joins. Awesome. It’s so well composed and I just love how it builds and all comes together

that’s the reason this song is so popular. It has great buildup and it goes with the plot perfectly. I just low how swampy denies that he has rhythm, even while he’s rocking out. It actually shows how each member was harder for the last, creating a challenge for the boys

and it all came together in a heartwarming finale but i’ve talked about this amazing episode,. So if anything, this song represents the episode a bit more than the finale song.

It also has the usual great singing, from both Vincent and Steve Zahn. But of course, the lyrics are great, as they help inforce the point

I have no idea what you’re talking about
I’ve got as much rhythm as that chair
What happened to me was a tragedy
But I don’t have to be a millionaire

that chair must have a lot of rhythm. Anyway, you do feel phineas’s “?Frustration” as swampy just doesn’t get it, and his rhythm just gets better and better, it’s a nice touch

You’re kidding me right, y-you’re kidding me
Don’t you see what you were doing right then?
That’s a wicked groove you were starting to move
Mister, you got rhythm times ten

This is a song where the music has to carry it, and they did a great job. Of course they add in some great lyrics and singing to help make it complete.

This song was actually nominated for an emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. It should have won, as it was VERY well deserved.

I suppose my only gripe with this song,. Is that at the end,when it actually ends, and swampy is told to join, they chant AIN’T GOT RHYTHM a couple times, before swampy announces he DOES have it./

cute, but not needed. I thought they would cut it in the CD version….nope. Ah , well. Anyway, this has an excellent pace with a great beta that actually adds to the story and characters

they did a great job making a full song out of little sounds, and they made it sound great. I’d say this is the most well composed paf song. But we have 6 more slots to fill, so maybe that’s wrong

I can’t emphasis the build up enough. Listen and see. The climax where everyone in the building rocks and stomp their feet is great. Phineas also has a great voice in this, as he does good in big rocking songs. I hope he sings more soon

This has amazing build up, great lyrics, significance to the plot, and killer composition. There’s a reason this song is so popular. It’s awesome!

Oh, and it’s also really fun to sing, but every song is. This is extra fun with the fast pace and catch ytune, so there you

Ain’t got Rhythm…i have no joke, it’s just awesome, okay

6. Gitchee Gitchee Goo (Flop Starz)

  1. okay, I know what you’re thinking. This is overrated and everyone has it on their top 10 lists. Well I have two things to say

`1. Summer belongs to you is WAY more overrated

  1. this song is actually really good

as for why others have it on their lists, I don’t know. But I do know why it[‘s on mine…it’s catchy

that’s about it. They managed to make a /really/ catchy without really trying. The idea is that phineas has written a one hit wonder: a song with a catchy tune and meaningless lyrics

bow chick bow wow

that’s what my baby says

…almost meaningless anyway. So the point is to be catch while having no meaning. In the episode, we have two brief bits of it, one with phineas, the other with him and candace.

It got popular, so they made an extended version AND BOOM IT’S NUMBER 6. it’s just a clever idea done well

but really, the catchy-ness makes me love it. Why is it so catchy? I don’t know. They put in this really weirdly awesome tune that sounds really good. But then they got all these weirdly good lyrics and have many voices together, and it’s just great

honestly, it’s just one of those simple songs that is actually really aweome but you don’t notice just how ell done it is cuz of it’s basic catchy-ness.

I already liked the short version, but the extended version added so many things I love. The extended lyrics still have no meaning, but they do a good job of trying to SOUND like they have meaning

Well I don’t know what to do!
I don’t know what to do.
But I think I’m getting through!

I think I’m getting through.
‘Cause when I say I love you…
When I say I love you!
She says, “I gitchee gitchee goo you, too!”
Gitchee gitchee goo you, too!
Gitchee gitchee goo you, too!
Gitchee gitchee goo you, too!

It also has wonderful harmony, with everyone singing together, and it ends up sounding like a real song with how it goes. That’s why it got so popular, as it sounds like a real song, and everyone loves catchy pop songs

it also has another interesting point: when they pitched the show to disney, they wrote two songs for fun. This is the one that made disney ask for a song in every episode

and the rest, is history

so without this song, we would’/t have the other paf songs! Damn. But it’s also good on it;’s own despite that fact

it’s catchy, it’s fun and the lyrics help you remember it, with how interesting they are at being meaningless

My baby’s got her own way of talking,

Whenever she says something sweet.

And she knows it’s my world she’s a-rockin’,

Though my vocabulary’s incomplete!

I know it may sound confusing,

it just all comes together in one powerhouse song. It’s not quite as good as people say, but it’s this high, so I can see why it’s loved.

In the cliptastic countdown episode, this song is catchy enough to break the spell of doof’s ear worm inducing song. It’s that good. ]

the pace is good, as it starts simple but ends with everyone singing. Even ferb gets a bit…in danny jacob’s voice, but that’s normal

this song captured the hearts of everyone, and it lead to even better songs. That alone is good, like I said, but I like how well done it is. Candace’s voice is great but phineas does a good job bring feeling to it, but I love the “Ferbettes’ in it too

it’s just too perfect

I also do like all the baby bits in the song. It also to the meaningless thing, as many people see it in different ways, caring for a baby, love or…the dirty version. So maybe that’s why it got popular too. The show itself quite likes it

hell, in tri stone area it got a…spoof in caveman speak. It was really funny and awesome. On top that, the song pops up a lot, like as evaluator music…or doof humming it

it’s likely the most important song in the show, but thankfully, it’s good enough to support that honor.

It has everything paf songs are known for, and that’s why it’s stayed popular for so long, I doubt most fans of this song have put at as much as thought into it as I have.

Overrated? Maybe so, but I had a good reason for being popular. It has a very catchy beat, good harmony, good pace, great singing, and Geniusly meaningless lyrics…and good innuendo.

At this point, my explications mean nothing. But let’s move on anyway

Gitchee Gitchee Goo means I love this song…that was awful, I’m sorry

5. Busted (I Scream, You Scream)

The more this list goes along, the less I need to explain these songs. These are so popular that you’ve heard them and thus know why they rock. So it’s hard to explain

This one especially, as it’s pretty basic, yet ended up making me love to the point where it’s this high on the list. It’s more or less candace’s theme, and at one point, Vanessa’s back when she had little characters

this one mostly does a good job of putting two great voices together and having them sound perfect. It also has a very catchy beat that has a bit of edge to it, that gives it it’s charm

it’s that sort of catchy song that even earworm haters have to love, as it features some lovely singing. It also represents the characters well, but mostly candace. It sort of shows that “dark” side of her busting but it could be seen as both a villain song or a song by a cop who wants to catch a real bad guy

it’s one of those “general” songs without lyrics that can apply to just one episode or situation.. it could have easily been a real song or any show. Which makes it hard to explain since it has no context or meaning when it comes to the show

but it does help represent a character, so it’s fine, like GGG, it’s important in how it gets referenced in the show. It even got a parody in The wizard of odd, called “Rusted”. It’s like the weird al version and it’s great

oh, and I imagine a lot of people loved verse 2 in the credits of this ep…and how they extended it even MORE for the CD.

The lyrics do a great job of representing the concept well, and they are very good

There’s a new cop on the beat,

And I’m bringing down the heat,

: My eyes are wise to all your lies,

‘Cause you’re not that discret

and I don’t care what you’ve heard,

: ‘Cause there’s one six letter word,

Though I think they could have segued intro verse 2 better on the CD, it still works. I lvoe that the do verse 1 after but it never feels repetitive. It feels complete. They even add in extra background singing, YES!

That’s great to. Ashley Tisdale and Olvia olson are amazing singers, so they both go to show their stuff in this song, and they sound really great together. Hard to believe they never actually met til years later!

Some may find it odd that olvia’s only song on this list is a duet, but eh, I couldn;t find room for EVERY great song

This song got popular mostly due to how genreally good it is, and how catchy it is. Seriously, it has this beat that sort of feels really good. It’s hard to explain but trust me, it’s great.

It goes very well with the singing, and having good lyrics just makes it even better. You can tell they put extra effort in these types of songs, so that it sounds better than normal, so that anyone can love, if you’ve seen the show or not

that’s also why GGG is popular;’ it’s generally good. But once again, it’s even for paf, showing all the stuff paf songs always have

Candace’s busting plot can often be the highlight of the episode, and this song helps show that side of her. Oh, and it’s cool how Vanessa started off as a more snarky parallel to Candace, wanting to bust doof. But soon she grew as a character, and now I almost forget about that

funny how things work. But even this song, still works.

What was originally a brief song was turned into a full song with some amazing composition. I can’t praise it enough for how catchy and upbeat it is despite sounding sinister at times.

It’s a song I love to play over and over. It has everything: plot significance, character significance, and even the kitchen sink

I always say the best songs in any show that can bring what they usually do, but also make it good enough that anyone can love. It’s not just a cute kid’s show song. It’s a SONG that sounds great

okay, i’m looking too deep into a simple song, but it does represent a lot of the show’s catchy songs. I’m shocked I found so much to say about it

I mean, this is a song that I can’t explain too well. For songs I like less I could analyze it to death, but for this one, I;’m at a all loss for words. I supposed that’s a good thing, as it shows how good these songs are: they don’t require explanation

at this point, these songs speak for themselves. This one has two great singers, a general likeability, a catchy beat, good lyrics, and represents two great characters. Need I go on?

This is so busted….for being awesome

4. Squirrels in My Pants (Comet Kermilian)

and now we have a funny one after I talked deep

context doesn’t help, but screw it. Suzy puts a surefire in candace’s pants,, and she goes crazy. It catches the attention of two rappers…who think it’s a dance. Cue rap song!

I think this song’s appeal is in the humor. It’s a very dumb idea, but it takes it and really rolls with it.. it ends up being an actually great song

I mostly like how it flows. We got a bunch of singers going kind of fast, singing some really creative lyrics. It starts out simple, but soon a bunch of people join and it gets really catchy, really fast

no just cuz of the chorus, but that itself is really. I also love that it keeps going, especially in the extended version. Just when you think it’s gonna end, it goes on, and only gets more awesome,. It actually flows better than most real rap songs

but come, you know it’s the lyrics I love. They come up with the most creative lyrics to go with this subject. It’s almost unreal.

Who you got back home, watering your plants?

S-I-M-P, squirrels in my pants!

How can I qualify for government grants?

S-I-M-P, squirrels in my pants!

: Yeah, hypnotize me, put me in a trance

also,. Gotta love the spelling. I don’t have a comment for the singing, as it’s just good. They sound pretty involved and they do give it more of an edge. That’s Robbie Wycoff and Danny jacob singing this, and they are great. I didn’t imagine danny doing a song like this but it’s great

I just love that they took a dumb idea, and made a song that sounds so serious! And it’s a rap? Even better. It has good floow, and oddly enough, it’s the way it’s sung that makes it so catchy

being a rap, there isn’t much to the music, but it’s good enough. So the lyrics and singing that carry, and they are both great

I also love the little bit near the end

: If you’re losin’ your hair, get yourself implants!

If you’re wrestlin’ a bear, then you ain’t got a chance!

Yes, they even got stuff that has nothing to do with anything. I just love the humor in this, as the well done-ness helps the humor. They really went the extra mile for this song

I think it has some of the best flow you;’ll find in an paf song. That’s no joke. They from one line to the next and it keeps up it’s pace until the amazing finale

also, after the song in the episode, the squirrels leave her pants and..

wow, she had actual squirrels in her pants”

we just got served”

awesome. They actually continue that gag, but that’s not important.

This is popular, solely for it’s humor. People love the concept and find it funny. Some have said it’s clever, but dan and swampy argue that’s so stupid, but they love it anyone. Dan even says it’s one of his fave songs in the show

and I agree with that notion. I supposed I can take points off for the episode version being weaker than the full version…but it was full in the cliptastic countdown, so there. Same logic goes for GGG and Busted

I guess it is cliché it have it on here, but when a paf song is beloved for humor rather than FEEELS, I think it’s better.

Once you stop laughing,. You realize how well doen this song is musically. They did a great job on it, and it’s one of the best things they’ve done

yes, it’s dumb. But is it no dumber than a secret agent platypus? Think about that.

I always say the best songs are the ones that get better the more you think about it.this more than fits the bill, as I went from laughing it at, to humming it, to putting it on the list

honestly, I need no more reasons to love this song. My explanations oddly get shorter the higher we get, but I supposed it’s cuz of how cliché these choices are

but I still love these songs, so there

I’m usually not one for rap music, but cartoons always make it tolerable for me. Hell, this song alone makes made me check out more (the rap critic helped too) so this song has the genre right.

I love that shit song can do catchy pop songs but then do rap songs like that. Hell, it has it’s share of metal! They’ve even done obscure genres, and they really will do ANY genre..

except polka. They haven’t done it yet for some reason

if you told me 5 years ago, that I would be praising a rap song squirrels in someones pants, i’d call you crazy. But here we are. They took a dumb idea and made a killer song out of it.

So there you go. Another short explanation. At this point on this list, I;m dipping into the cliché songs, so I think they speak for themselves

it’s a song where every elements helps make it good, but one of those elements stands front and center. Here, it’s humor. It’s likely the biggest humor to song ratio they’ve doen and I lvoe it. Some songs are for humor and nothing else, but this is actually good. Gotta love it

any way ,SIMP is funny, well sung, and just plain awesome. Need I say more? No pun, your welcome

3. Today’s Gonna Be a Great Day (Theme Song, Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogalo)

How could this NOT be on here? It’s the theme song, with a killer full version!

A good theme shows you premise without too much blatant exposition , shows you what the show will be like, and makes you want to watch the episode that’s about to start

this does all of that. The song is about a minute, and it packs as much humor and rocking-ness you could want. When I first saw this show, this song sold me. I actually pegged most of the show from there

  1. didn’/t know about perry. Imagine my reaction to him. Oh, and we get the very line that made me know this was gonna be a good show

MOM! Phineas and ferb are making a title sequence!

I love fourth wall jokes. So yeah, it was already a good theme. But guess what? It’s part of a real song. The longest song on the list, no less!

It’s done by bowling for soup, which already makes 1000000000 percenrt coooler. Hell, jarret has gone to regularly voice a charactter, and has sung and written many songs after. And yes, they play it at their cocnercts. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing it live

it made me love this song more. ANYHOO

first of all, the lyrics are great. They came up with some very cool things for the boys to do. I also love that the writers are set on doing EVERYTHING.

Like maybe…

Building a rocket

Or fighting a mummy

Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower

Discovering something that doesn’t exist


or giving a monkey a shower

and they lvoe lampshading it

You’re giving a monkey a shower?”

yep, had to be done”

hell, when the found a dodo bird in one epl they had a CHECKLIST of the stuff they needed to do! All that’s left is locating frankenstien’s bring…i think it’s over here

oh, and in norm unleashed, when they made nanobots…

Yeah yeah, theme song whatever”

or like, how the visuals show a robot dog and they make one..

like in that theme song!”

I’d rather give a monkey a shower”

I also love that In one ep, they did the 2nd verse from the song…and BFS came out in the ep to do it, and phineas told the future kids (don’t ask) that they were before their time awesome

they also did a couple variations. For the first christmas ep, they had one..

: Staging a snowball fight,

With giant catapults,

And snow angels that really fly!

Rocking a Christmas carol,

Wrapping a present,

Or just shoveling snow off the drive!

Then one for the winter ep that opened season 4

Building an igloo that looks like a palace,

or scale a drift that’s 80 feet high.

Constructing huge snow cones, that reach to the moon,

or making snow angels that fly.

Creating Northern Lights,

Snowboarding upside-down,

or slaloming on your rear-end.

and one for the little league world series. Okay, you get the point.

Here’s a cool thing: the normal version you know was done by dan and swampy, but after a bit, they asked BFS to do a full real song for it. They did]

yeah, you never thought that this one came 2nd. And it’s really awesome. The vocal requirement is muffled right away so no comment

the big difference in the full version, is that the tune is loads more rocking than the TV version, and the singing is more involved and it segues better into the next verse

it also gives us the show’s main message

This could possibly be the best day ever!

(This could possibly be the best day ever!)

And the forecast says that tomorrow will likely be a million and six times better,

So make every minute count, jump up, jump in, and seize the day,

And let’s make sure that in every single possible way,

Today is gonna be a great day!

Meaning, make the most of every day. And unlike some other paf songs, this does it in such a rocking way that it doesn’t feel forced. It’s great and gives a rocking beat with good flow

Fun Fact: most dubs don’t touch verse used in that ep…but for the spanish/german/dutch and Portuguese CD’s of the show, they dubbed it. And let me tell, those versions are just as good. Hell, the spanish one is almost on par!

But i’m getting off topic. The long version helps it work as a normal song as well as the theme for the show. Sure, it sums up the show well but even normal guys can love the message and tune,.

It doesn’t quite have the humor i’d like (except for GIVING A MONKEY A SHOWER) but the normal version has funny visuals, so that’s good enough

it does a pretty good job of capturing the message of the show, as well as the imagination.

Let’s put our heads together and design a master plan,

We may miss dinner, but I know mom will understand

We’ve got our mission and some pliers, yogurt, gumballs, and desire,

And a pocket full of rubber bands, the manual on handstands,

A unicycle, compass, and a camera that won’t focus,

And a canteen full of soda, grab a beach towel, here we go!

They keep to the message while still being a true rocker. It’s really cool. Like I said, a good theme song sums up a show, and even the full version fits the bill.

Most themes just try to be catchy, but this one goes the extra and becomes AWESOME with it’s rock beat and it’s flow. Not only do you hum it, you actually don’t mind it

the full version is around 3 minutes yet it never feels repetitive. It doe exactly what it should and gives us many cool things as it goes along. It builds up very well and it ends on a great note

it’s actually sort of inspiring, while also being really awesome. Even the short version gives us the full paf experience before it starts. It’s a theme I don’t mind listening to, thouh I admit, I skip it if i’m watching the show online.

But still, it’s one of the greatest theme songs in the past few years,. And having an even better full version doesn’t hurt either. It uses background voices in the right places, and that’s how it gets to be 100 percent awesome

this song introduced many kids to bowling for soup, and well i’m glad. I’m also glad jaret stuck around to be love handel, and do a couple more great songs, including the previously listed history of rock

this is one those songs I find myself listening to a lot, and can you blame me? It’s rocking, has a good message, good lyrics that help say it, has good vocals, and works as a theme ,and a song on it’s own

though the full version has only one reference to actual show

This is ferb-tastic!”

but I guess that makes sense. Though I do wish the TV theme had a CD version, this song is good enough!

This was the first thing I saw from the series, and it helped show me there were bigger and better things to come. At this point on this list, I don’t even need to explain these

Phineas and ferb do it all…even make an awesome theme.

2. Perry the Platypus (One Good Scare Ought To Do It)

Yes, I actually enjoy perry’s more than the real theme. It’s not exactly complex, deep or thought provoking…but it is funny and awesome

it first shown in the credits of episode one, and it cemented for me just how great this show truly is. Not much context, as in the ep it’s shown in, it comes out of nowhere. Anyway, it was just a short 30 second thing for while, and even then, it was on my top 40

but in 2011, they did a new CD…and extended it. And boom, it’s number two. It starts out simply enough with singers doing DOOBY DOOBY DO WAH and some beats, then we get our normal verse

then after that, more DOOBY then it goes all austn powers for some reason, then it wraps back to our second verse. Then PERRY and then a sort of weird metal bit where it gets all dark, but then a few bits of the main tune bring us all the way back to verse one

then after chanting of PERRY, it ends. Awesome. I mostly love the way it’s composed as it goes many different ways through different styles but manages to wrap around to the main tune so well

it has this secret agent man/james bond vibe and it works really well. But the extended version just goes all the way and it becomes one of the most awesome things everyone’s

oh, then there’s the variations. In one ep, we had candace switch bodies with perry so we got PERRY THE TEENAGE GIRL, sung by Sheena easton (who as you know, went on to do evil love)

and since in most eps we get a PERRRY we also get variations. Like howi n one ep, he’s tired, and in another we have AGENT W

and in yet another, we hear doof singing it in his bathroom…yes, really. Okay you get the point, it’s a really important song

but like GGG, it’s still great on it’s own. It makes for a really good theme for perry, as well as just a good song on it’s own. Though unlike some others, it’s a bit more..specific.

Oh, and the singing is great too. That’s randy crenshaw on the main vocals, but all the female background stuff is laura dickinson, who is like danny jacobs, cuz she sings on the show a lot

they both sound really good and of course help brings oomp to the song. I mostly love how the other voices get in which adds to how well done this song is

plus, the lyrics are really good. They help add to the humor since this is a song about a secret agent platypus

He’s a semi-aquatic egg-layin’ mammal of action.
(Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo-bah, doo-bee-doo-bee-doo-bah)
He’s a furry little flatfoot who’ll never flinch from a fra-ee-ay-ee-ay.
He’s got more than just mad skill,
He’s got a beaver tail and a bill.
And the women swoon whenever they hear him say…

it just makes him sound so oddly badass, yet you laugh at the idea. Of course, he IS a badass, but I heard this before I really knew that. Like SIMP, they take a funny idea and make it good. But unlike SIMP, you can take it a lot more seriously

the new version gave us what is likely the best line in the song

He’s got an an iron will, nerves of steel, and several other metal-themed attributes.

There are actually only two brief verses, but the rest is packed with great music and composing to make up for that.

They really packed as much awesome as they could with this one. I always felt the song didn’t need an extended version as it was already complete but i’m glad they did they make one. It makes the song even BETTER thanks to the other music styles and how it blends them all]

I also like how it really builds up. The more it goes on the better it gets, and when it wraps back around, it sounds even better even stronger and signer and even more music! They knew exactly how to make the song better without getting repetitive

this song is the OTHER one they did for fun, and lead to a song in every ep. It’s also one of the “general” ones without specific context. It’s a theme for a character, and it’s a really great one. It’s one of the most important songs in the show, and again, it’s good enough to support that honor

I hope we get more versions for the other animal agents. I so wanted a pinky the chihuahua theme…shut up

much lke carl’s theme, it’s iconic when it comes to this show, and the full version does it justice. It’s well composed well sung, and has great lyrics full of humor.

Like I said, this song was high on my list before the full version, but the extended version made me not move it. Hell, I almost had it was number one!

But I decided it didn’t have that THING my number one song does. Oh, and it didn’t make it into that clipstasic countdown thing…no idea why. It’s one of the most popular songs, so I thought it’d make it. Yet the good but forgettable ready for the betty’s makes it

ah well, I always say that stuff that isn’t given honors are more popular than the stuff that does. We all remember the social network, but who remembers the king’s speech?

…okay, paf referenced it so that doesn’t work. Either way,.my point is made.

Anyway, I love it when every aspect of a song feeds into the other. The funny but badass lyrics help the awesome singing, and the great music goes into the rest. It’s funny, it’s badass, has great singing and goes through different styles while going back to the main verse very well

it’s a badass theme for a badass platypus. Perry the platypus. An unexpected choice…and by expected I mean COMPLETLY EXPECTED!

39 down, one to go. And the number one song isl..

1. I Want Nothing (The Wizard of Odd)

This is a PERFECT song with an epic tune, award winning singing, and truly deep, complex lyri-

okay, it’s a fake out. That’s not my real number one. But what it is? There are over 200 Phineas and ferb songs, but only one can be the best.

And my number one Phineas and Ferb song is…

  1. Chains on Me (Phineas And Ferb Get Busted)

When most people make a best Phineas and Ferb song list, their number one is special. It has everything good about a song but also ties into the plot and helps explain what the characters went through

This is why chains on me, is my fave

In this episode, phineas and ferb are busted, and sent to a school where imagination is banned. And it’s lead by the evil clancy brown, to boot

after we get to know the school we get this song, as we see the many ways they stop the boys from using imagination. This song is perfect in every way, in showing that

This song manages to be funny, upbeat, sad, and heartbreaking, all at the same time. Yet not one element overtakes another, so if you like one more than the other you;ll be happy

it feels odd to have a sad song as number one, but it’s way too rocking to be sad, and it manages to have merits other than being sad.

It’s a blues rock style, and I love that. It has this clanky sort of style that makes it not only really cool, but fits with the lyrics. It’s so catchy that it stops being depressing, and becomes awesome

the singing helps, too. That;s dan povenmrie, using that parsnip voice. It’s really awesome and it works in conveying the emotion,. But not being too depressing.

But the emotion still this. It really hurts to see phineas and ferb be forced to be boring, and it really does get to you, especially since this was all the fault of their sister, who meant no harm.

It gets even worse after the song, but that’s off topic. The voice, music , and lyrics do a great job of using the song to let the weight of the situation sink in. it all comes togeher and it flows perfectly

it starts out with a simple beat, but by the end the voice is louder, and it gets really awesome as it builds up to the end. It builds up well, and has very good flow. It’s about a minute and a half which is perfect length. Not too short, and not too long.

It uses it’s time to take advantage of it’s musical style, but also lets the emotion of the scene sink in. the visuals also provide a bit of humor, but not too much. So it ends up having a mix of everything a good Phineas and Ferb song should have

on top of that, the lyrics are great. They really push the situation onto you, without it feeling forced.

Got these chains on me
And, they’re draggin’ me down
Got these chains on me
Hear that clankin’ sound?
Got these chains on me
Mister, hear my song
Don’t say imagination is morally wrong

Despite the humor and such, it still has emotional significance. Seeing phineas and ferb being punished for being imaginagtion is heartbreaking, and this song shows it really well

some people may it find a bit more funny, as it spoofs songs of this type, mostly with the voice. Well, I think that’s why I love it. It works as a funny song, and a serious song!

Some may find the tune itself repetitive, but I think that’s the charm. As it goes on, more instruments are added in and it feels different when it ends. Plus, that applies to a lot of great songs

This song also helps move the plot alone, and shows what our characters are going through, so it’s a song that doesn’t feel pointless. It also helps push the message of the episode:

don’t stifle creativity. It’s like they said in the episode, the boys didn’t mean any harm and some of their stuff isn’t bad and they make safety precautions. Even Candace says she secretly likes having them as brothers, and more episodes showed the extremes we go to protect kids

hell, my review of at2d said this as well. It’s an interesting moral thing and this episode does it just as good, with this song to help show us that.

You could say i’m looking too deep into it, but I feel that this is what they were getting across. And you can’t argue with that, since it’s pretty obvious

but even forgetting that, this is still a great song. In that only makes sense in the plot, but also makes us feel bad for the characters. On top of that, it takes full advantage of it’s style, and gives us a great blues rock song

every lyric, beat, and note adds to my love for it, and every second adds what I love it also has killer rhymes

wanna be creative but the man won’t \hear it

that big boss man he’s trying to crush my spirit

Again, this is an odd choice for number on, especially since it’s a sad song. But it’s been my favorite song for awhile, and I don’t see that changing. It has flow, great great singing, plot significance, emotional significance, and all that jazz

every aspect helps another, which I love, and it has everything I could want in a song. Sad? Maybe but it’s awesome at being sad.

Like I said, it has everything, and any song that can be great AND mean a lot to the story, that’s always a plus. Sure, it’s not as inspirational as summer belongs to you, but i’d argue it’s every bit as deserving for the top spot

You may not agree, and that’s fine, but like with any top list, if you can explain your number one well, it doesn’t matter. I love this song, and I think it’s the best. This, hopefully decently lengthend, explanation should be good enough

Chains on me has it all: lyrics, singing, and flow. What else can I say? It’s my favorite Phineas and ferb song

So there you go, my top 40 P&F songs. Do you agree? Disagree? Leave a comment, or message on a site and i’ll listen to how wrong I am. I am sure I left off like 40 more. But don’t worry, I have an outline for another top 40…just don’t expect it soon.

Make your own top 40 response, if you want. Just remember: opinoins do not equel fact, so I can’t love a song as much as you do

See ya.


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3 Responses to Top 40 Phineas and Ferb songs (Part 4)

  1. Medea Agapsihvili says:

    CHAINS ON ME IS HORRIBLE! That shitty idea from Dan Povenmire was way up to the nose!
    It’s too traumatizing with all the torturing and brainwashing! Crying Candace to removing the brainwashing! It’s not a song at all! It’s hypnotizing!
    What a waste of my time over seem shitty song! It’s as bad as Taylor Swift’s signing is!
    (It’s all Perry the Platypus dreaming)

  2. stan jones says:

    Chains on me is my favorite phineas and ferb song too! I completely agree with your reasons too I just wish more top lists had this song on it, it really is underrated. Anyways great list!

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