The Three Weak Phineas and Ferb Episodes

Hello, Spongey here

Not every episode of any show is going to be a winner. Every show has at least one stinker. Or just an ep not on par with others

Sadly, even Phineas and Ferb falls prey to that.;..kind of. See, no episodes of it are…BAD, just…not great. So why I am making this post?

To talk to you about my issues with 3 otherwise decent episodes. Duh. So, let’s do a quick run here

This, is The Three Weak Phineas and Ferb Episodes

I’ll go in Airdate order

Oil On Candace:

Writers: Antoine Guilbaud and Aliki Theofilopoulos

Director: Zac Moncreif

“You may notice that the director/writer of these 3 episodes usually do eps I enjoy. We got the writers of A Real boy, and director of the remains of the platypus!

But yeah, of the eps, this is the one that has grown on me the most, but I still have issues With it. And I can sum it up in one word:


Allow me to explain. He first showed up in Episode Two, Lawn gnome beach party of terror. During a surfing contest, the announcer mentions Django Brown, and Buford promptly stomps on him. That’s the end of django.

Until Jerk De Soleil where he is with the boys…for no reason at all, and joins their circus and tries to put his legs behind his head. It doesn’t work.

it’s pretty funny, but odd as django had never been established as a character, so I left wondering who he was.


The plot goes like this: Django’s dad is an artist, and he wants to do a painting that impresses his dad, so the boys help with that

<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"ffirst of all, when I first saw this episode, I was confused. I had no idea who he was, or why I should care. All this info was being mentioned in their clunky exposition and I couldn't get into it. So I had no idea what to make of it

giving a minor character their own episode Is fine, but we never got to know django at all. So getting his own episode so soon feels out of place.

On TOP of that, he’s not that interesting. Sure he has his moments. See his dad IS a famous artist guy andddjango wants to be like him. So he wants the boys to help make a giant painting to show him that he has some skills too. Oh, and they paint this “unpainted desert” which actually fulfills the “painting a continent” thing from the intro

okay, this ep gets points for that. Anyway, I admit, there are sweet moments with this idea. Like when django shows his dad his small version of the pic after Doof of course gets rid of the big version.

Well, I made this for you, but it’s kinda small compared to what you do. It’s not real art.”

It’s beautiful, son. You’re a real artist”

Okay, that’s kinda sweet. But I don’t know, does it excuse the huge writting fuck up? Plus, django doesn’t have much to him. Sure this stuff hints at other things but it’s not very interesting

Compare that to fellow minor, Irving. He loves the boys ,and does creepy things, but he also likes other nerdy things, and his brother always fucks with him, and we can tell he has no friends, so you can say that his lonely-ness lead him to obsess with someone’s better life. And when the boys accepted him later, he felt validated.

Django is good at art and likes his daddy. Okay it’s unfair. Django had only one ep while irving had man-

Wait, one ep? After this he never appeared again? Right! Not only did they force this guy on us, but he never showed up again,

It’s not quite a BLAM, but it’s close. It’s just do odd. And weirder, he has since gained a type of cult fandom, to the point where they beg he appear again.

I think it’s too late for that. Yes, he had a cameo in the season 4 opener, but they’d have to be really good to put him back in and not confuse fans again. BUT,Ddjango is a member of the cast, so if they write him well, I’ll welcome him with open arms

Oh, and he’s based on Swampy (co-creator)’s son. …yikes, I’d joke but that’d make me heartless. Once, on twitter, someone asked Swampy about seeing him again, and I told her about my feelings towards django.

I left swampy in my replies.


Even worse, one of the writers…OF THIS VERY EPISODE, saw that too and well, yeah. Don’t worry, I explained things and things got cool. Hell, she read my season 3 list and loved it!

I got street cred, bitches

But, it did grow on me. After all, if you forgive the fumble, you may get into django and like him more. If you didn’t know about that issue, he’d be better to you. Plus, it did have heart and while it wasn’t the best, i’m glad they tried

<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"Plus…the doof subplot saves it. God, it's great. See, back in evil 101, his teacher, Dr Dr. Gevaarlijk: (voiced by Jenifer Grey) hated him, but she is coming here to see how he's doing anyway. Doof fails to impress, and it gets even funnier when Perry switches to pet mode, and Doof tries to prove it's his nemesis.

See, Doof can never tell between pet perry and agent perry, so it’s funny to see him try to prove he’s really an agent …kind of like Candace would do.

Speaking, she’s useless in this one. The busting doesn’t have any great jokes and it didn’t need to be in here. BUT, to be fair, they had little to do for her, so it’s okay if they stumble here

I see why they left her out of some recent season3/4 eps. If you have nothing for her to do, leave her out.

Anyway, seeing Doof worry about his old teacher is pretty funny, and I like how grumpy she is. It’s pretty good. Oh, and at the end, when she gives up on Doof…

You think I’m evil, right?”

Perry gives a thumbs up

Thank you perry the platypus…thank you/”

That’s how It ends. See, that moment was sweeter than the django thing to me. So doof saves what is arguably, the most problematic episode.

Though, like I said, it grew on me. It’s…kinda decent, so I watch it sometimes. It helps that’s it’s paired with the excellent “Monster of Phineas and ferbenstien”

Anyway, all In all, Django is a bore, and while it is has it’s moments, it needed help and it needed to exist later when we KNEW django.

It’s decent but far from great

The Baljeatles

Writers: Piero Piluso and John colton barry

Director: Robert F Hughes

The writers of Nerds of a feather, my FAVORITE EPISODE , also did one of my least faves


of these three, this is likely the best. Infact, without my issue, it’s be one of the best!

Phineas and Ferb help Baljeet at a summer rock camp. Meanwhile after finding out that Stacy feels like a third wheel around her, Candace sets her up with Coltrane and the two start to get along. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz attempts to create a baby army.

Now, let’s get the good stuff first. Baljeet’s plot is GREAT. See, he joined a summer rock camp assuming it dealt with rocks…it did not. All he knows is math, so rock doesn’t come to him. Seeing the boys trY to help him leads to some very funny moments. It also helps baljeet’s character a lot.

As I explained in my top 40 songs, list, the song is great and it really reflects what he went through in this. He finds out that he doesn’t get grades, making it pointless. So he sings about the awesome-ness of conformity and grades.


oh, and on the title, baljeet starts a band with that name. cool. Doof’s plot has funny moments, like when his nanny inator puts a diaper on Perry. Yeag,

So what’s my problem? Well, again, it’s a character

Coltrane, voiced by corbin bleu. Yeah, that doesn’t help. Anyway, like django, he had minor appearances before, but was never named.

He was in the credits of “the best lazy day ever” and with was Jeremy in “let’s take a quiz”. He had like 3 lines. Unlike django, this isn’t about him and him being here makes sense. Plus THEY EXPLAIN WHO HE IS.

But here’s the issue. See, Stacy mentions feeling a 3rd wheel. Later, she meets Coltrane. They talk. He vanishes, but appears like 5 seconds sometimes, then at the end, they hold hands, and boom never mentioned again.

Great relationship , eh? Seriously, that’s it. It’s not even a subplot. It just happens for no reason! This could have lead to real stuff from Stacy and made her better. But nope. Dull coltrane makes her plot boring and it doesn’t tie into the story.

Even Candace leaves to deal with her thing: Jeremy has no nickname for her. Yeah, it’s funny but at the end..

I call you Candace, because I happen to really like that name”

D’aww. See, Candace/Jeremy will always win the day

Meanwhile, Coltrane is dull. Django has some stuff we knew about happen. Coltrane…nope. He’s in Jeremy’s band…but that’s it. Even when he talks to Stacy, they have no chemistry, and we learn nothing about him

This wouldn’t bug me so much, except they make a big deal out of it…then forget about it! That’s just cheap writing. It seems like it’ll be a thing…but it’s solved quickly and never done well.

Even worse, in “The secret of success” Stacy goes after some other guy again. Thus, proving Coltrane was a boy of the week, and pointless. Stacy dating many boys is fine, and in character, but this ep made it feel bigger than it was.

Thankfully, coltrane vanished, but unlike django, he will never be missed. At least we’ll never see him agai-




<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"Er, anyway, it only hinders the episodes, but it's such an issue to the point where I feel it is not the best Baljeet episodes. It almost is from his POV, not in full. I actually liked tour de ferb more, and that wasn't quite as funny this. But it was more focused so there

I wish I could like Coltrane. I wish I could like this Stacy ship. But nope, he has no personality, and the whole thing was forced.

As a whole, this is a good episode brought down by one bad character

And now, for our final episode…

Candace Gets Busted

Writers: Kim Roberson and Kaz

Anyway…yeah, we’re talking about this. Everyone hates this one, and for good reason. But again, it’s not THAT bad

When Linda and Lawrence take a trip, they entrust Candace to be in charge of the house. Candace calls some of her friends over for a small get-together, but when throngs of uninvited guests start to participate , isn’t long before it swells into a wild party. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is intending to get rid of the condominiums blocking his view from the local drive-in.

First of all, the title. WHAT THE HELL? Why call it that? It’s like calling Phineas and get busted “it was a dream” or Tri state treasure “it was a movie”. It makes no sense!

The ads spoiled it, but that was not in their control. Okay, until the end, this episode is pretty good. Candace trying to handle the party is very funny. This also leads to another great song where Candace raps about how crazy the party is

I like it a lot. Doof is also very funny, as he watches the drive in to riff on the movies, but that thing is blocking it

I am a conemuin. I am a building. There’s no story!”

Great. It gets better when the feel on his inator get switch…with his dry cleaning wheel

i am a dry cleaning wheel. Why do I exist”

Oh, and at the end, Vanessa comes in..,

“Vanessa, a platypus has tied me in my own pants”

How has my life gotten to the point where that isn’t a strange sentence to me”

…i am your daughter. I will stop being sarcastic and untie you”

You have no idea how much I quote that 2nd line. So yeah, it has some VERY funny moments. The only problem…

The. Freaking, ending. You all know what happens.

Doof’s inator takes away everyone from the party…and cuz of the dry wheel…they end up in his pants..


So for once, Candace thinks that finally, the force has used it’s powers for good. We also think that…then it reverse, it brings them back. When Linda comes home.

Young lady, you are so busted”

Candace sulks upstairs. What do the boys do?


<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"You read that right. They do nothing except make a joke when Perry shows up

A platypus would have sent it over the edge”

and that’s where the plot ends. There! Okay, they end it on the Vanessa part, but it ends the main story!

It’s a downer ending. And not a good one. For NO REASON, they are like “screw you Candace” and make no joke about it, making it really sad for no reason.

As you can tell, people hated this. It was a big backlash but…they didn’t get angry. Instead of going OMGRUINEDFOREVER, they calmly explained why it sucks, and even better, they did some fix fics that put a good spin on it

Even when the paf fandom, hates something, they are good with it. Just don’t ask them about shipping..

Compare that to the bronies, who raged at the mysterious you know what who and came off like babies.

…But they are still awesome.

This ending just isn;t that good. It’s a downer ending that stinks. Even worse, this Is a bright, happy show. Usually Candace ends up okay no matter how bad it looks. The show tries to be as upbeat as possible compared to other shows. None of the characters are jerks or idiots, and it has a positive message.

Here, it’s just like “LOLFUCKCANDACE” for no reason

HOWEVER…i think this may…be a GOOD thing. Hear me out:

if they had written Candace badly. We wouldn’t care. If she was just a bitch who hated the boys, we would just laugh at her misery. But cuz they made her a complex character that is more than just a bitch, we care. It actually says a lot of how GOOD the writing is

I think this was a test to see how much we like Candace. Or an experiment. And that’s what this was; an experiment

It didn’t work, but that was the point, now they know never to do this again. I may like it more than some people, as this ep has a lot to it and can be very funny. Only the ending sucks, and even then it lead to positive things and says how good Candace is as a character

Of these episodes, this is the one where the issue means the least since it’s at end, yet it’s such an issue that it may render the rest useless. Wanna know the best part?


Great way to end a good season, eh? Ah well, it only the last one aired anyway.

Oo there you go. A good episode ruined by a weak ending

Those are the 3 weak episodes. As a final statement: I still love this show, and I will keep watching until it ends. The writers work very hard, and even these episodes show true effort. I do not mean to hate on them or the show, as I still enjoy these episodes despite their issues

See ya


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