Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension

Hello, Spongey here

This may be my biggest review yet. Is it of a 3 hour epic? No. Is it of a infamously bad movie? No. Famously good? nN. Does  it have a famous history? No.

It’s of a movie based on a show that’s close to my heart, and I feel the need to pour my heart into the review of it.

That’s why it’s the biggest.

You all know how I feel about the show. You all know what’s it about. Do I need to explain it? No, but I will say this:

This is good on every single level. I’ve seen essays explaining how it works. I’ve seen people explain each character and how they all are great and represent aspects of the show.

It has complex characters, good stories, fun animation, and just a childlike wonder to it. You could be 1 or 99 and still find something to enjoy.

If you know nothing about it, then you shouldn’t be on this blog anyway, I highly suggest you come back when you at least know a bit.

Jokes aside, this show works on too many levels…mostly the humor. From references to meta jokes, it has it all. And of course, it needed a movie.

A TV movie. Good enough And man, is it AMAZING. This may be my most positive review yet. It has EVERYTHING the show has, and takes it all up to eleven!

This movie had so much hype,. It was insane. Even more than your average blockbuster. For a year, it was hyped. With , DVD’s, magazines,  posters, and merch. Everyone was hyped. And yet…it was even better than they expected!

It’s largely considered to be the best Phineas and Ferb thing ever. And…in many ways, it is. How so? Let’s not beat around the bush anymore. Here it comes…

This, is Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension

The movie opens with Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace and Doof chained up as they walking to their doom. They are in a room with a giant lava spit around the platform and giant lawn gnome statues.

There is a cage with a Goozim in it. See, a Goozim is a creature first heard of in “Got Game?” though there it small, here’s it’s huge. Our heroes are being fed to it.

“I’ll be honest, Ferb. I’m having a hard time putting a positive spin on this. But, I guess that’s life, huh? One minute you’re having the best day ever, the next you’re being fed to a monster the size of a two car garage.”

I guess I should mention the animation: it’s solid. It’s not gonna win any awards, but it looks very nice and the character animation is very fluid, and colorful.

“And everything started out so well this morning”

And with that, we flash back to morning. Yeah, it’s one of those mornings. We see the two waking up…to our first song!

It’s called “Everything’s better with perry”. It’s an R&B funk number  that is all about how much they love perry and such. It’s very catchy and that title HAS to be a reference to the “Everything’s better with platypi” trope. It’s a great way to start the movie.

Everything’s better and we
Just want to tell you Perry
Everything’s better with you (Better with you)

I guess I’ll also mention the voice actors cuz why not. Phineas is voiced by Vincent Martella, who helps bring a sort of likability to him. Ferb, when he speaks, is Thomas sangster, who just sounds funny.

After the song, They head downstairs, as they meet their parents, Lawrence (voiced by Richard o Brian)n  and Linda (voiced by Carolina Rhea). As it turns out, this is the 5th anniversary of the day they got Perry.

Thus, a flashback to when they got him. FLASHBACK CEPTION.

It’s brief, so I’ll skip to the important part: They found Perry the platypus at a pet store, and named him…Bartholomew. Then perry. It’s pretty sweet.

With that, we cut to Candace, voiced by Ashley Tisdale. I liked her (in both ways) before this show, but this made me love her more, as she makes this sister crazy and funny. Now, she is on the phone talking to her boyfriend Jeremy, voiced by Mitchel Musso.

Jeremy doesn’t show up again for while, so I’ll skip him. Jeremy is going to check out Colleges, as he is one year older than 16 Candace. They hang up, and Jeremy crazy candy, of course, freaks out.

“Oh, Jeremy! In the blink of an eye, you’ll be moving on to the next phase of your life. You’ll be going to college and wearing tweed jackets with patches on the elbows! You’ll be so mature! And look at ME! I’m a child! Jeremy, you’ll see! I can mature!”

And this one of the main themes of the movie: Growing up. During the show, Candace fancies herself a grown up, having to make sure phineas and ferb are safe, which means no inventions. She can’t act her age, or have fun as explored in other episodes. Here, she worries that her boyfriend will out grow her, and she really needs to mature quickly.

Of course she learns her lesson later, but I like how they build on her character with this.

In the backyard, the boys are playing with Perry. With that, the neighbor girls Isabella, voiced by Alsyon Stoner, walks in. She likes Phineas, but he’s too dumb too notice. It’s cliché but funny.

Two more friends step in. The geeky Indian Baljeet, voiced by Maulik Pancholy and his gay lover bully, Buford, voiced by P&F writer Bobby gaylor.

See, they were  playing baseball, launching the balls off of Perry’s tail.

“You know, if we had TWO Perrys, we could put a net between them and play platypult badminton!”

“Who’s annete?”

“Ferb, that’s it! I know what we’re gonna do today!”


“No seriously. Who’s annete?”

But then…

“Hey, were’s perry?

The magic words. But wait..

“Did he really slip away? On his anniversary? sometimes it seems like Perry’s missed every single cool thing we’ve done all summer long. Well, I guess he can do whatever he wants. After all, it’s HIS day, right?”

That is there to help us lead into a big theme later on.

So thus, Agent p slips into agent mode. I love that I can review a movie with a secret agent platypus. He works for with OWCA…the Organization Without A Cool Acronym.

He slips into his liar, passing other agents, and meets with his boss, Major Monogram, voiced by P&F co creator, Jeff “Swampy” Marsh.

“Ah, good morning, Agent P. A quick word, recently you’ve been having some close calls, and your host family has nearly caught you sneaking into your lair several times. No need to remind you, but I’ll do it anyway, that if your cover’s blown, you’ll have to be transferred to another city, with another host family. And we both know you wouldn’t like that”

Again, for later.

“I remember the day you were first assigned “

Flashback! In the first one, the boys talk to the store’s black female owner. Here, we found out she was actually…the nerdy intern Carl, voiced by Tyler mann. Yeah….this is  a callback. Which means that Carl. is…weird.

I guess the store was a front to get agents host family’s. Which is odd, as perry is a baby here….do they recruit baby agents?

So his assignment is to stop Doof from finishing his latest inator. But first, carl comes to give him some Chekov guns! Like a watch that you use as a magnet, and a weird hologram monogram he can contact at any time.

“But don’t call between 3:30 and 4:00, because…that’s when I take a shower. “

Oh, and it can also give people brain freeze. Anyway, back with Candace, she is getting rid  of her baby stuff…as her friend Stacy, voiced by Kelly Hu walks in.

I won’t say anything. Why? I’m over her. I simply find her funny, as she snarks at candace and they have buford/baljeet levels of les ya.

Stacy applauds her for this, even if it won’t stick. Oh, and Linda comes in to say she and Dad are going to the movies, so Candace is in charge.

Anyway, Candace is even thinking of giving up on busting the boys.

“The funny thing is as a  grown up, you don’t NEED to tell your mom. You can just bust them yourself”

Aaaaand Candace knows what she’s gonna do today. But enough of that, let’s cut to the place you care about,…


Yep, we got Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz, voiced by creator Dan povenmire. No need to explain, he’s a funny villain with a tragic backstory, and he is gay for Perry.

He is practicing  his evil speech on a stand in. it’s brief, but there’s another reason I mention it. See, the Dvd has some deleted scenes, some of which I will mention.

In one, it has this bit, but with an added part. His hot snarky  daughter Vanessa, voiced by Olivia Olson, comes in to mock him.

“You’re not normal dad!”

“Oh, why thank you! See what I did there? Even though I know You meant it as an insult I took it as a compliment. Maddening isn’t it?”


Back to Perry’s lair, he is shown his new rocket car. He flies off but…

“Uh, Carl, did you tell him the accelerator’s a little touchy?”

Oh boy. So he blasts off hard. Okay, seeing what happens later…THIS IS ALL CARL/MONOGRAMS FAULT

Phineas and Ferb made robot platypus badminton, and they launch off in their shuttlecock. Heh…I said shuttle. Agent P collides with Phineas and Ferb’s shuttlecock and It changes its course…

Okay, another deleted scene coming…kind of. Part of this scene is in it, but…there’s  a SONG attached, so we’ll cover that.

Candace and Stacy run to see that the main platypus part Is gone, and no one saw where it went.

“Some mysterious force always takes away Phineas and Ferb’s inventions before Mom shows up, this time, it took it away before I showed up! The mysterious force recognizes that I’m now a grown-up!”

Yeah, she thinks that. I went into this in my top 40 songs list, so I won’t say it again, but the song this leads into is great, as it really shows how bad she has it, but also a rocking beat, and proves that miss tisdale can sing.

STACY: I’m still not buying it

…I guess she didn’t like the song

“ I am a woman of science, at least that’s what my horoscope said. “



“We just launched them toward the park, Buford is there with the other platypult.”

So that’s where they are going.

With that, the boys crash into DEI…and ruin his new inator. Oh boy. Here we go…PHINEAS MEETS DOOF.

“We’re really sorry, sir, I don’t know what happened, one minute we were innocently launching ourselves across the city in a badminton platypult, the next thing we know, we’re bouncing on up to the east side to your deluxe apartment in the sky.”

I love how doof is okay with this. He doesn’t tell them to fuck off. He really does think they are normal kids who are just here by mistake. Hell, he even lets them help with the inator!

“I’m Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, but my friends call me….uh…I just got into such a funk.”

Oh, and what is he making? The other dimension-ator! Oh yeah..

So the boys re-make the inator for him. It didn’t work before, and the boys see why…it has a self destruct button.

“Do you even need that?”

Remember that for later..

So they take it out,  and they have him a small remote to make a smaller portal so they can come back.

Then Perry finally comes in…but has to hide cuz of the boys. They notice him and are glad to find him. Doof, being Doof, doesn’t notice that it’s agent p.

“Is every platypus named perry?”

Of course, Perry doesn’t want to help, so he tries to delay it. Oh, and we get that old gag, where a think  bubble monogram reminds him about what will happen if they find out about agent p…and it turns out to be from that hologram watch thing.

Wait…Monogram now knows what is going on? Why doesn’t he…STOP this?! Come on!

Then Perry pees on the couch. Lovely. That’s important later.

Sadly, he can’t stop them. The inator starts up

“And now, the mind blowing first images from beyond our dimensional reality!”!

And the portal shows…a couch. Hah. His first thought is to swap his pee couch for that one, so they go into THE SECOND DIMENSION

and right away, Doof meets monogram-2. But before, the boys take him out to the balcony of that building to show that is DEI-2 and…in this world…

Doof rules. Yes, doof-2 is the ruler of the ENTIRE TRI STATE AREA! …yep. Doof is happy

So doof goes to talk to Monogram-2. He asks to meet doof-2, so he goes there. A chair takes him through a tunnel, with gnomes singing …yeah.

Thus, the two doof’s meet. Doof-2 is in black, and has an eyepatch. Right away, they like each other.

“Does that mean you and I are exactly alike?”

“I suppose so.”

Thus, song! Yep, it’s called “ A brand new best friend” where they sing about how alike they are, and it has MANY funny moments, but I won’t mention them all. It’s the villain song, yet it;s so upbeat and fun!

I will mention two moments

“Do Llamas weird you out?”

“Yeah are they camels or sheep?”

“No, I meant Lorenzo. He played meap!”


“I can’t help but notice that your scar goes over your eyepatch”



It’s oddly sweet, but later we see they are not alike. Hell, see this ending line!

Double Doofenshmirtz
Doofenshmirtz: Coming at you Fridays!

Doofenshmirtz (2nd Dimension): What’s that, are we doing a TV show together?
Doofenshmirtz: Oh no. It just sort of sounded like that. Well, I mean, we could. We should!
Doofenshmirtz (2nd Dimension): Hmm, maybe we’re not so much alike
Doofenshmirtz: That can be your catchphrase! You’re the grumpy one Eh?

Moving on,  doof-2 is told that doof hasn’t taken over yet cuz of Perry. Oh, where’s Perry-2? Well…


Yes, in this world, he stopped Perry and turned him into an evil robot. Damn. And yeah, it gets sad later.

Phineas, ferb and perry come in and meet doof-2. And yeah, doof-2 sees that it’s agent p, even though doof can’t see it.

“This boys a secret agent?”


“The quiet one?”


“This plant?”

“that platypus!”

Doof doesn’t buy into it, and neither do the boys.

“He’s using you, you’re just his cover!”

To provoke agent p…he has platyborg punch him. Phineas doesn’t like that. Perry doesn’t give in. So what does doof-2 do?

“Platyborg…do the same to those two boys”

Ojh shit. Yes, he attacks his owners. And Perry…turns into agent p to stop platyborg..

Her we go.. The secret is out. Phineas and ferb know perry’s secret. He has no time to mope, as doof-2’s other bots attack them!

“s: You’re evil? He’s evil?!  So not only have you been leading a double life this whole time, but you sat there and let us help an evil scientist open an evil portal into an evil dimension, and you did nothing to stop us?!”

Yeah, Phineas gets to show emotion. He’s angry that perry lied to them . Phineas is normally cool about everything, but this, this gets to him. He feels betrayed,  but right now, he’s kind of in danger

After stopping doof-2 with the brain freeze watch, they run out in a fun action scene, after that, that they end up on the ground where they meet, a normbot.

Yeah, you know norm, the robot doof made once? He has black versions in this verse, who can switch from John Viener, to Kevin micheal richardson. However, they stop him and they escape

So they escape to safety, where they talk.

“ Were we just your cover story? Were you ever really our pet or part of our family? Apparently not, cause you didn’t trust us enough to tell us.”

Damn. I like this stuff, as it dives into the characters, and it really works. It only gets better from here. They have more important stuff to do.

They try that small remote from earlier, to get back, but it doesn’t work. So of course…they gotta find their 2-d selves.

Back with the doof’s, doof-2 is trying to help doof know the different between a normal platypus and agent p.

“all right mr eviler than thou”

Doof is a troper?

“I tried that robot thing once, too. I hid the self-destruct button on the bottoms of their feet, so nobody could reach them.ow did you manage to take over the Tri-State Area, anyway?”

“I used an army of big scary robots”

…Fair enough

So yeah, we see that doof-2 is a  monster, compared to doof. But why is he eviler? He has a REALLY painful backstory

“True evil is born through pain and loss. You see, when I was a small boy back in Gimmelshtump, I had a toy train.. then one day I lost it”


“That’st your emotionally scarring backstory? That’s your great tragedy? Dude, I was raised by ocelots, literally. Disowned by my parents and raised by Central American wildcats, and you’re telling me you lost a toy train? That’s it? That’s all you got? Really? I had to work as a lawn gnome, I was forced to wear hand-me-up girl’s clothing, neither of my parents showed up for my birth!’

Yeah, doof is a sad sack.

Doof never lost the train, hence why doof-2 is just better. Despite that, they will still work together/ Back in the normal world, candy and pals meet Buford in the park. Buford hasn’t seen them, of course

She thinks the force really did make the machine vanish. How did it vanish? Got picked up by a tow truck. Heh

“the question is, why does it care so much about my little brothers? Why doesn’t it want them to get busted?”

BUFORD: Well, why don’t you ask it, Kierkegaard?  What? Existentialist Trading Cards. Came with the gum.


So candy drags stacy….to the heart of the force.

So Phineas and ferb make it to their 2nd dimension home,. Right away, we see the 2-d boys are they are in doof’s uniform, and seem to be pretty. Big conformists right now. They are boring and don’t know much.

Oh, and when they see Perry….they think it’s {erry-2 and freaking hug him. Phineas informs them.

“ It’s just, well, he left one day and never came back. He’s been gone for a long time and I’m really worried.”


Oh, and who comes in? CANDACE-2! How does she react to seeing this?

“I see nothing, I have plausible deniability.”

…We’;ll get into her later. She leaves,  and..

Phineas: Boy, your Candace is much less curious about you’re up to.

Phineas (2nd Dimension): What do you mean?

Phineas: Well, it seems like our Candace has spent her entire summer focused on what we’re doing.

Phineas (2nd Dimension): Summer? I think that was outlawed a long time ago.

Phineas: You guys don’t have summer? Well that’s-that’s terrible.

Yep, they know nothing. So how do they inform them about summer. Through SONG!  This one is “Summer (where do we begin)” it’s the big number everyone loves. It’s very good

It’s sweet, rocking, sometimes funny, and  inspirational  It just works really well.  But this is a case where listening to it Is better than reading, so let us move on.

After that, the 2-d boys seem to love summer. Phineas informs them about their inventions. But then Perry sees a TV news update from doof, saying that he will let the boys go if Perry turns himself in

So, Perry decides that, the boys are worth it. He jumps into action…but

“You’re actually sneaking away again? So nothing’s changed, huh? Did it ever occur to you that we could help you? That we could’ve made a great team? But I guess you can’t have teamwork without trust.”

Damn. Thankfully, phineas doesn’t seem emo, as they are things to worry about it, and it helps the story. Perry does feel bad, but he also has a job to keep, so this is interesting.

“You don’t need to sneak away anymore, we know your secret, you can just go.”

Damn. So at this sad moment, what do they do? Play a song. OH COME ON!

♪I walk away♪
♪From you my friend♪
♪I hope that this♪
♪Is not the end♪
♪Of all the times we figured out♪
♪How to seize the day♪
♪And I walk away♪

DAMN!  This is a huge tearjerker, and it works on many levels. I dig it

Phineas: You know, I used to think you couldn’t spell “platypus” without “us”.

Ferb: Well you can, but it would just be “Platyp”.

So the boys need help, so they gotta find Isabella-2. They try to sneak across the street, but run into  a norm bot.

But then it is trashed…by Buford-2! Yeah! See, there actually is a resistance against doof, and…well…

“I used to be in the resistance  but I got so good at it, that I started resisting them”

Of course

Back with doof, they make another other-dimmensionator to get doof-2 back so he can take over the other dimension..’s tri state area

Some thing’s never change.

Sadly, it doesn’t work cuz this time, the two boys didn’t help make it…you know, work. . So now they need the two boys.

Perry comes in, but is told that they need the boys, so he Is going back on their deal.  Crud..

So the boys make it to the resistance HQ with buford-2. Thus, they meet isabella -2 (and the fireside girls) who are kind of badass

“Watcha doing?”

She says it so badass that I think she’s gonna say MOTHERFUCKER right after it. They introduce themselves and it’s all cool

So she takes them to Baljeet-2…well, Doctor Baljeet. Yeah, he’s smart without buford-2 dragging him down, and without phineas to outdo him. TECHNOBABBLE TIME

“ Think of the universe and all of the many dimensions as circular. The energy flows between the dimensions like this, clockwise. Say that this is your dimension, and this is our dimension, you traveled with the flow of energy, so going clockwise would be easy. Going counterclockwise would take 8 million gigawatt’s of energy, overloading the local power grid.”

Don’t worry, he can help explain it better…with THE BEST SONG IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE.

“If you travel through dimensions, going clockwise makes it easy, going counter-clockwise would take 8 million gigawatt’s of energy, overloading the local power grid”


They can try the normal way, but they need to ask their leader. And after a joke, we see who it is…



Oh yeah, she is here. And she is badass! Just look at that outfit!  We’ll see more about her later

She is unhappy about all this, since she has spent tries trying to protect the boys. . They explain the score, and she allows them to make the dimension thingy

Back at home, Normal (ish) Candace is trying to please the force. And then, the portal they made opens up! That was quick

They think it’s the force. But back in the 2nd world, phineas sees a news update about how Perry has been captured.  They gotta save them, even though they have a chance to go home,

“I know what I said, I was hurt. But even if it was all an act, he’s still a part of this family, and we’re not leaving without him.”


Candy-2 refuses to help, but Phineas-2 beg her to help, so she does. With candace-1, she’s tired of the force pushing her…so she jumps in, trapping her there

Of course, she has no idea what is going on. But they drag her before she can talk.

“is that me? I look good”

Yes…yes you do

But, Candace-2 doesn’t let the 2-d boys help, cuz she is even more protective than Candace-2. I’ll bring this up in a bit.

So they head down the minecarts to get to doof. Candace Is told everything, and she kinda gets it.

And now…for one of the best scenes in the movie. It has no action…but check it out. Candace and Candace-2 talk, as Candace asks about jeremy -2, but candy-2 thinks he’s simply a good solider, and not “cute”

“Look, Candace is it? No offense, but fun isn’t really on my agenda. You know, since Doofenshmirtz took over the Tri-State Area, even though I was a little girl, i’ve been focused on one thing, and one thing only, he’s going down, down, down…”

There. Right there. We find out exactly what she is like. Candace wants them to be safe, despite the fact that they usually don’t get hurt.  But she has a good reason.

However, Candace-2 was forced to grow up fast early on,-

“Busting my brothers? I’ve spent every day of my life trying to protect my little brothers. I had to grow up pretty quick to make sure they didn’t have to.”

“You make growing up sound like it’s a bad thing”

“It is what it is”

damn. See, Candace-2 got even worse at this protective stuff, as she acts so adult, that she feels to need to not let Phineas and Derb-2 do much. Sure they got that evil guy thing, but like Candy-1, she just needs to let loose, and let Phineas and Ferb-2 help. And this is also shows how you shouldn’t grow up too fast, as Candace is learning

That is another large of part of why this movie works, it has many themes but still stays coherent. And we know why is she doing this anyway, as she has good reason to protect them, but it goes overboard.

So they make it to doof’s, but candy and her boys leave them. And as they walk in….doof pops up. It’s a trap. No, I won’t make the joke.

So they seem to be doomed, as Doof-2 mark’s the hour of his doom. He then says it’s between 3:30 and 4..

Yep, Perry pulls out the monogram hologram, distracting everyone with his shower. Lovely. They all escape into the carts.

Oh, and then Candace-2 beats up normbots. AWESOME!

BUFORD-2:  I am so in love with her right now…


…Anyway, the scene ends up being really cool, but let’s get to the actual plot. The mine cart can;’t handle all the action, and it starts to heat up.

So to save them…Candace-2 separates the mine carts, and she and the rest of the Resistance are able to escape, while Phineas, Ferb, Candace, and Agent P are captured.

Damn, woman! Yeah, it’s a bit bitch-y but don’t worry…

“But we could’ve made it. We could’ve all made it!”

“ Or we could’ve all been captured, and I couldn’t let that happen. These are the tough choices, people, someone has to be the adult here. You guys are safe, and that’s what matters.”

Damn, good stuff here.

“and I had my heart set on those nachos”

Back in dimension one…stacy builds a shrine to the force. Yes, Stacy builds a shrine to a force she never believed. . in to save her friend.

This movie can’t stop being sweet. That does come up later, by the way

So anyway, Doof-2 is telling Phineas to pretty much fix the machine, as he is surrounded by an evil  guy and robots that will kill him.



oh, and candace is normally the type to be like It “DO IT AND SAVE US” but she’s like. “nah stand your ground”. Awesome

So doof-2….takes out a sock puppet to get him to talk.

“When I was your age I did everything a sock puppet told me to it”

Badass or no, he’s still doof. But then, during this,doof remembers: it was the self destruct button! He takes it and it works

…Well, drat

So, they are sent to their doom.  Doof joins in on sending them but..

“Doom him too”

Oh boy. Yeah, doof-2 is finally sick of doof. That brings us back to the opening, with the goozim..

“I’ll be honest, Ferb. I’m having a hard time putting a positive spin on this. Blah blah blah, two-car garage, etcetera, etcetera.”

“Whoa, deja-vu wish/”


Anyway, Perry gets the keys to their chains, but then there’s  a scramble to keep hold of them. The key ends up on a ledge, pretty close to lava

One bit later, they are hanging, with candy holding the key. All seems hopeless, but who comes barging in ,helping them all?

Candace-2! Yes, she had a change heart and became even MORE badass. She throws them that remote, which they use to open a portal over the lava

Phineas tells Perry to drop them and to trust him. He does, and they escape through the portal. Also the goozim falls in and dies. Just kidding…he just gets half of his body burned off when he lands in the portal


The Normbots come through, and candace-2 is captured. Well some come, most stay. Doof-2 is unhappy, but he goes to start the invasion anyway

So now the guys have to jump through other worlds to find their way back home. And now…SONG! Oh yeah. I said it in my top 40, but “Brand new reality” is great. It’s fun, and catchy. Plus great visuals, with some callbacks!

After that,they end up back home, right with normal izzy, Buford, and Baljeet.  But then, doof-2 enters and sends his normbots to start things up.

And upon seeing this invasion..the people of danville go insane. Yeah, this finally opens their eyes, and it’s really cool.

Monogram calls and asks Perry to come help the agents. However, he doesn’t let the boys come in. Perry, sadly, must make them go home.

Oh, and doof has trouble getting into his building. It’s funny but i’ll skip it.

Anyway, Candace-2 is in jail, sad that this what she gets for doing the right thing and…then jeremy-2 comes in.! Yeah!

Badass, and he had phineas-2 and ferb-2 help, and they were badass in helping!

“I didn’t know they were your brothers, but I should’ve known. They’re smart and courageous, just like you.”

“ You think I’m smart and courageous?”


So now they gotta so help the normal boys. But..

“ Boys, wait! Thanks for rescuing me. I’m really proud of you both. “

D’aww, Lesson learned. Awesome!

But wait…


“ I got nachos! Who wants some? Nobody?”


Anyway,  so what of stacy?

“oh, mysterious force. You can see I’m really trying here. Please bring back Candace!”

This movie never stops being heartwarming as fuck

Condace comes and..

“..and I also want a car”


At home, phineas finds a locket perry had, and it beeps, leading them to his liar. And then the liar’s computer tells them …this.

‘Phineas and Ferb, this message is top secret, for your ears only. If you’re hearing this, the Tri-State Area is at alert level Alpha Red. Agent P needs your help. He knows you will know what to do. He also knows you are the only ones capable of helping him, because you two are the only ones capable of creating these..”

Okay, earlier, we found out the OWCA scans Doofs inator to clone them and find out if he’s getting smarter.
“The jury is still out”

And we find out that….Perry did the same for P & f’s inventions in this case


But wait, deleted scene time. It adds a couple extra lines..

“That means that he didn’t  miss out on anything. He did see it! And he trusted us after all!  Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today! We’ve gonna save the entire tri state area!”

There. It’s heartwarming and adds more stuff to the plot, and it’s really sweet…but they cut it. WHY?!

So anyway, doof-2 Is taking over. Perry and the other agents fight normbots in a pretty badass scene. But then…the boys come and in and help. They ride on some of their inventions. But they are  not alone!

Literately most of the supporting characters come in one an invention, ready to fight. BADASS. Plus, if you take a drink for every reference to another ep, you will DIE.

Hell, even Albert, Irving’s brother, is there!

By the way, Candace and Stacy are on the giant tree house robots.

“Let’s kick some robot chassis!”

You know-for kids!.

But then, that band Love handel from the show comes in and asks if they can help.

“yeah! Musical accompaniment!”

Yes! SONG! This is “Robot riot” as they all kickass while a rocking song sings about kicking ass, and makes MANY clever lines.

The kickass visuals with this song is PERFECT! It’s too awesome for written words.

“Cuz yours sister is a fridge and you know her light is always on!”

You know-for kids!

Anyway, the CD has a longer version, which is even better. After all that, Phineas and Perry end on DEI for the climax.

Phineas goes to doof, while Perry fights platyborg. Oh, and Phineas throws the pee soaked couch thingy at doof-2

Told you it would come back. Wait…perry pissed on it so it’s…AGENT PEE


Oh, and during this, Candace realizes she is no grown up, and she can’t do anything. She can’t even get  linda to see what the boys are doing..

“Stacy, that’s it!”

.You’ll see what happens later.

She runs to get Linda…who is at the movie. But she left at like …early, and it’s at least after 3:30. How long IS this movie?

Oh, she says the best line she has ever said:

“I’m not leaving now. The girl is about to forgive the guy for the clichéd misunderstanding.”


Oh, and it’s in 3D. A romantic comedy in 3D. Sure.

Anyway, Phineas is still trying to stop doof.-2 See, he has this remote control baseball…glove thing, but doof -2 takes it.

But after a fight, Perry stops platypborg during a cool fight. Then  he passes Phin a bat so he smack the ball doof-2 sends his way.

He does so then the ball hits the dish controlling the robots, stopping them for good.  They all fall down.

Baljeet walks in, having been the top part of the beak suit (a big ass robot suit from another ep) and asks where the other half is.

The other guy…was irving. He is around a bunch of robots, clearly having stopped some robots




Nice reference too!

…Then doof -2 comes in with a giant robot. Where he got that. He starts to attack…but doof-1 finally comes in. and what does he have?

THE TOY TRAIN! Yes,really!

Doof-2 is very happy, of course

“ I can’t believe it! Choo-Choo, it is you! Oh, heart melting, backstory resolving, evilness diminishing.”

Odd, but it works. I think it helps make doof-2 kind of funny, as a spoof of the complete monster, since he still has funny tendinices , and he is stopped by this. He’s still doof, and as Anti-climatic as it is, I think it works

“You know, I don’t even know what I was thinking with the whole “evil robots” thing. Actually, when I look around, I-I’m really embarrassed. Here, let me clean this up.”

Then…he brings out a self destruct button

“Oh, you!”


Thus, the robots vanish for good. Candace drags linda out to see them gone. Yes, she took the thing she hates most…and used it  as a WEAPON to stop the robots.

Candace is awesome

So doof-2 is happy, and returns back to his home…and finds Monogram-2 there, ready to arrest him. Awesome

“You know, my crimes against humanity had just completely slipped my mind.’

Well, he’s gone.

So the day is saved. Candace-2 and the others come and congratulate them. Now candy-2 is free for the first time in years.

jeremy-2 comes In

“I’ll take that under consideration”

CANDACE-1: You know, after all of this, I’m going to give myself a little more time to be young. It’s not such a bad place to be.”

That’s our moral. It’s a very good one that reflects on candace’s character. Well done.

Phineas-2 thanks them for helping them find the meaning of summer, and such.  Even better, platyborg’s evil was fried!

“Sorry he’s made of metal”

“That makes him extra cool!”


So, it looks like this is the best day ever. Now the boys can join perry…

MONOGRAM: Yes, the next 15 minutes should be a real hoot.

…Oh yeah.. Perry has to leave. Yeah, keep that rule after they saved the day…prick.

So yes, perry must leave forever. Phineas is realizing why Perry had to lie. Perry wasn’t being a douche, he was helping them. This only puts the cap on the great stuff here.

“Now I never wished so much that I could un-know something.”

Dang…wait, carl says there is a way.

“What about Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s Amnesia-nator?

“ I never built an Amnesia-nator. I think I’d remember building something like that.”

Yeah…he made a forget-about it-inator. Error!

“ So our choice is to either forget the best day ever, forget the greatest adventure we’ve ever had, and forget meeting Agent P, or remember today, but never see Perry again?”

There. We got awesome. It’s an interesting issue, and it;’s so damn tearjerking in how it handles it. Phineas loves Perry but he doesn’t want to be away from him.

“Well, we’ve had a lot of great days, but we only have one Perry.”

D’aww! See, this is why Phineas is actually pretty cool. It’s very sweet and brings about those great themes

Some say the memory wipe thing is lazy. But I feel that they had a good reason to keep it this way. Though yeah, everyone who was screaming earlier, may tell, and there’s the trashing .but there’s a deleted scene where a sportscater says it was a weather balloon.

So there

At OWCA, they, even doof, are ready to lose memories. But..

“Hey, buddy. Ferb and I just wanted to say our goodbyes. You know, we thought we’d met the real you when we found out you were Agent P. But the fact is, pet, secret agent, they’re both the real you. You are now, and always have been a great pet, and a great friend. We’re going to miss you, Agent P. (Perry hugs Ferb, then hugs Phineas) I love you, pal.”

EWDWWE YES. My god, that so sweet. It’s great, and helps make them better, and it tells us that even though they won’t remember it, the impact is very real.

CARL ;sir…are you crying.

Of course not, it’s liquid pride.

….Yeah, I had to say it

But yeah, monogram sums up my feelings now. So now they are ready. Isabella confirms no one will remember anything. So she kisses phineas, right as the inator flashes. Heh, that’s funny.


What? Oh you expect me to address the shit this little scene caused. Yeah, no. i’m smarter than that. I think it’s a funny moment and nothing more.

So with that, their memories are gone…but wait.

We cut to Perry in his liar. He uploads pictures from the adventure onto his computer. We see that still has proof it all happened, and he will treasure this forever..


My god, this was the PERFECT way to end it. Show us exactly WHY this works, and why it isn’t  lazy to end it like this. The movie still has impact!

Even better, there’s a song called “Taking care of things” playing during the photo montage, where they sing about how Phineas and ferb did a lot of shit and are kings, and will be together.


On the DVD this song keeps on into the credits.


The song is cut short, and in the credits, we get “kick it up a notch” a rock song about Phineas being epic. The song is amazing and it has Guitar…by slash.



How they did get slash? He called up and asked to do a song.


That song is epic, and it helps sum up a lot of the movie just as well the other song. Sadly, the DVD doesn’t have it, which makes slash cry.

Either ending works, and it’s all very good. So there you go ,that’s the end. Yeah, it’s a Tv movie, and it’s only an hour and 15 minutes. It’s about as long as Antz, but it’s much better.

Final Thoughts:

You see why I love this movie so much?

It takes every thing the show has. Clever humor, complex characters, good plot, and fun animation. And it kicks it up a notch, for real

The story, simple as it is, is very interesting, with good points and it actually serves the humor and characters well. Most of our mains are given something to do and they all shine.

It hits the right emotional beats, and it reminds us why we love these characters in the first place. Candace is still shown to love her brothers, despite what it looks like, and her interactions with her 2nd shelf really help reinforce the themes of the story

Phineas also shines, as his stuff with Perry makes him really good and interesting, and we get some great emotional stuff out of it. They really grow

The other dimension is always very cool, and it features some good stuff. I like that it isn’t the cliché evil thing, as it mostly is the 1st one but in a sort of different time line, everyone in flanderized, which is very clever.

Most of the other characters just get funny stuff, but it’s very funny and they still shine. They used the right stuff for this movie, so it works.

I don’t think it could have worked in theaters, as it feels very TV and I think they’d have to upgrade a lot for it to work. But as it stands. It works well as TV movie. Infact, I think it’s one of the best “films” based on a cartoon. I am not joking.

It has heart, action, humor and everything Phineas and ferb is known for. Dan povenmire, and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, and every P&F workers ever…thank you

Grade: A-

See ya.


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  1. Koabac says:

    Hey Spongey – great reviews. Thanks for all the nice things you’ve said about the work we’ve done on the show. It’s cool to see someone getting all the little things we work so hard to get in there, as well, as noticing how hard we try to actually build solid, strong, character-driven stories. Sorry you didn’t care for Baljeatles. One of my personal favorites.

    Jon Colton Barry

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