Top 40 Phineas and Ferb songs (Part 3)

Hello, Spongey here
NOTE: Due to the loss of a flash drive, a few of the songs will go without explanation. Sorry

Welcome to part 3 of the countdown!


sorry this took awhile. We took down 20 songs. And now for the next 10. Man, this is tiring…

This, is part 3 of  the Top 40 Phineas and Ferb Songs

But, in case you forgot, here’s the list so far!

40. Danny’s Story (Dude Were Getting the band back together)

39. With these blueprints (Phineas and Ferb Interrupted)

38. We’re Talking All Terrain (The Secret of Success)
37. Gimme a Grade (The Baljeatles)

36. Weaponry (Norm Unleashed)

35. Dance, Baby (Candace Disconnected)
34. The ballad Of Klimaploon (Cut from Summer Belongs to You)

33. Alien Heart (Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem)

32. Mysterious Force (Cut from Across the 2nd Dimension)

31. Brand New Reality (Across the 2nd Dimension)

30. Disco Miniature Golfing Queen (Put That Putter Away)

29. What does he want? (Extended Version of Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation)

28. . Our Movie’s Better Than Yours (Nerds of a Feather)

27. Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls (Summer Belongs To You)
26. . Atlantis (Episode of the same name)

25. My Undead Mummy and Me (Are You My Mummy?)
24. Ducky Momo Is My Friend (Nerds of a Feather)

23. Just passing Through (Episode of the same name)

22. You’re Going Down (Roller-coaster The Musical)

21. He’s A Bully (Raging Bully)

Now for the next 10!
20. . Yodel Odel Obey Me (Bubble Boys)

Normally, I would have put this lower, due to how it is both short, and unfinished.
Screw that, it’s too awesome me not to list here

Warning, it’s short and therefore has little to talk about. But it is so catchy and fun that I wanted it here.

In this episode, Doof creates an inator to make him sing well In front of an audience. Cue this song!

The most notable thing is that it is  a country western song

“I’ll call it…country and western music!”

And thus we have some great music in here. I can’t say too much, but it does make the song sound cool. That’s the thing about this: it’s cool

Of all doof’s songs, it’s the coolest, and most evil. yes, doof does evil.. Most doof songs are just quirky and fun and not exactly evil. this one, actually is evil. the only goofy part is the fact that doof now has a deep voice.

That also makes the song: the voice. It sounds realty cool, and smooth. It sounds almost evil, and it really helps make the song very nice and memorable.

I am not sure who sings it for real. It could be Dan povenmire’s real voice, but I have no clue. It sounds very cool and you can tell they tried to make this a legit song instead of a joke like most doof songs.

The lyrics also help in making this a good villain song

You’ll be my obedient mindless slaves and nobody will blame me,
Because you’ll yodel odel odel odel obey me
But of course, they do put humor in it. But yet,. It still feels right
I’m gonna enslave your minds with a predictable melody,
And uncomplicated rhymes,

The lyrics fit well with the lyrics, and creates good flow. Yes, that word again. Despite being short, it goes by real smooth. It’s fun and is just very cool. The evil tone goes well and it still feels like a doof song, lyric wise, the voice single handily elevates this song to a higher plane.
So, why is it cut short?

Perry blows up the inator, which makes doof sing bad. Thus, everyone leaves.
Damn it, I wanted the full song. Ugh..

Okay then.
But yeah, I wish they would make an extended version. Most people agree that it’s great and we need a full version!

The song flows very well. The music, lyrics and singing make it very cool and a great villain song.

It sucks that it so short. I wish I could analyze it more! It’s like 40 seconds long, and I need MOAR!

Hopefully, they put it on CD and extend it. Please?

Despite that, it is a very fun villain song with country twist

Yodel odel obey me is pretty awesome, ya’ll.

19. Carl the Intern (Swiss Family Phineas)

This is another short, but awesome song

Hell, it’s SHORTER! Around 30 seconds long! But unlike yodel, it’s meant to be. It isn’t cut off so it is meant to be short


In this episode, Perry ends up stuck at home while the flynns go on vacation…with Buford and baljeet watching like a hawk. They need get him out, but all the agents are off
So who does Monogram get to help? His intern, Carl!

Thus, we get this song.

Much like YOOM, it is short and leaves little to talk about it. But it’s so awesome that I simply love it.

The singer here is danny jacob. The main guy. He’s always great cuz he has  a voice that can do anything. From simpler songs, to big rock stuff like this

This one of those songs that take a mundane subject, and just make it sound awesome. The singer really adds to that factor. So, major points there

The hard rock tune adds to this factor as well. It just sounds so rocking and awesome, that you’d never guess it’s about a nerdy intern. I love the end when they go CARRRRRL, and it gets all BOOM and BAM

Thus, the lyrics help to make this song normally…awesome. Simple,  but they work very well with the music and singing

He works a camera!
He knows what all those buttons do!
He’ll clear the paper jam!

Lyrics  like that are hilarious in how they match up the heavy rock tune. It is perfect juxtaposing. This show loves matching up the wrong stuff GLORIOUSLY

This song was a big turning point for carl. Before this, he was just a funny intern. But in this episode, he was given a responsibility, and this song nailed how awesome carl is.

This was only the first step the writers took in developing carl. He would later get episodes which would provide us more insight on him, and it all lead up to him becoming evil. but that’s another story.

This song was the first stepping stone in helping make Carl awesome. Oh, and it has a reprise!

Yes, in “Undercover carl”, he must go in disguise, and we get a montage to the tune of his theme.

Dressed like a cowboy
Or an old steel worker
And now he’s a lead in a 40’s tearjerker
He’s carl. Incognito!

That is amazing. I also love how in another episode, we get a spinny carl transition with  his theme playing briefly. Yep, this song is not officially his theme. Heck, monogram gave carl a ringtone with this song as it!

I just love songs that are important squee.

This is the perfect song for that awesome little intern. This is one of the best themes you could ask for. It sums him perfectly, it’s funny and just awesome.
Really, you don’t need to know more than that,.

The song has fun lyrics, a rocking tune and a great idea. You can’t ask for more

Carl the intern is an awesome intern,. With an awesome song.

18. . Queen of mars (Unfair Science Fair Redux Another Story)

Finally,  a song longer than a minute!  Of course, it’s still only around 1:18, but eh it’s enough.

In this episode, Candace thinks her friends have ditched, so when she hears the boys made a portal, she steps in. but it’s a portal to mars. However, the mars make her their queen cuz she crushed a mars rover. So thus, once they discover music…song!

I’ve discussed two Candace songs already, and to be honest, everything amazing about her songs, all of them, was summed up.

It’s like every time she sings her character, any given side, is summed up, it reflects her well, and the singing makes her more amazing.

This song is a perfect example. It was the last song of Season 1, and a damn good one. One of the earlier Candace songs and helped focus on the woobie side, song before Mysterious force.

I’ve already praised her singing before, so I don’t to remind you .bottom line, it/s amazing and helps bring her character to life and feel what the lyrics are conveying. That is the mark of a good singer, to add character and depth to the lyrics.

While not quite as in depth as other Candace songs, it’s still quite interesting. As I said, she thinks her friends ditched her but now feels happy on mars, with all this attention. It does she a bit about her and how she needs friendship, which in a way is an extension of the whole “only friend was ducky momo” thing. So, this song got better in hindsight.

But it’s not like this song is super cheesy-y and in dept. no, the subject is just there to helm a catchy and fun song. It;’s all pop-y and I guess calypso-y If the wiki says so
Thus, it’s fun. The tune is bright and it really helo makes the song stand out and become truly awesome.

The lyrics are of course, good. Not exactly complex, but work very well and the singing brings them to life to help make them really good

You put a crown on my head
And you all seem to worship me
Well you don’t understand a word I’ve said
Still you treat me like royalty

The lyrics work quite well and to be honest, it’s more how all aspects go together than how good the lyrics are. But still they’re good.
I just love how the show can doll out great characters with good flow so often and make it look easy!

This song just represents everything great about the songs, as well Candace.  Oh, and I love how in the soundtrack version, they add cool sounds from the aliens. It’s really cool and just adds the mars-y feel.

I hate it when I try to in-depth like this ,and come up short too quickly. Half of this list has been like this. And yet these songs are awesome enough that I need to explain.


It’s just one of those songs that has some good “flow”. I keep using that word, I know. But it is true. The music and singing both work so well that one can’t fully work without the other. The lyrics too, though the other aspects have more focus. Sometimes good singing will make a song. Hell, good lyrics ain’t nothing without good singing.

It’s why covers sometimes suck, after all.

(speaking of. Miss tisdale did a cover of the rick roll song. Awesome.)

This is one of those gems that can work both in and out of context, in a way so yes, this song is perfect in every way.

Not much else to say,. It has a fun tune, great character driven singing, and cool lyrics.
Queen of mars, truly is the king

17. Backyard Beach (Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror)

This was the very first real song in the show. And man, what a way to start your musical-ness
No context needed. There is a backyard beach. All you need to know

The first thing is that Ferb, the guy who never talks, is the first character to sing. Okay, he has the voice of Danny Jacobs when he sings, but still!

This is one of those songs I just love because it’s…catchy. Really. These top 40 songs are in the top 40 for a reason. They’re catchy!

This  song just has great flow, fun, and creativity.  It’s yet another short one. 45 seconds. Longer than YOOB but still short. And yet it feels longer. It’s so much fun it feels longer than it is
That’s magical, man

The singing is just perfect for this type of song. You need a voice  that will make this song even odder with ferb singing it. The entire joke is that Ferb is singing an epic sounding rap/rage song thingy

The voice adds to that, and is odd yet fitting in a way. This song’s goal is to shock with what it’s like, and yet it’s more than a joke. It’s really awesome.

Much like Carl the intern, it’s awesome in how grossly out of place it is. And yet, it’s still awesome in it’s own right. Once you just see this as a normal guy, it’s still very fun and creative.

As such the lyrics really add to this.

You can change in the broken hut,
Drink out of a coconut,
Three games for a token, but the rest is free

This definitely  is a more simple song, but they are still able to pack as much fun as they can to make a song that feels less simple. I mean this in a good way, of course.

The lyrics get very nice, and they even fit some of that humor they usually put in these songs

You got skiin’, parasailin’,
Surfin’ and a-flailin’,
Your contacts need saline,
Or else you can’t see

Don’t ya love when they put in lyrics that make no sense? Me too

Everything about this song just works very well. The whole reggae -ish thing just makes it very fun to sing (and dance to, if  you can do that). As such, this one of the most famous songs in the show. And that’s cuz it’s fun

This song is able to turn a basic joke into a great fun song that capture it’s subject matter perfectly. This was the first song to get popularity (this was aired as a preview months before Flop starz aired), at least in a big way. It snagged 2 in cliptastic countdown. That’s pretty good!

But it got ahead of songs that are higher on this list. Boo!

But hey, it’s still great and well deserving of its spot. The best songs always capture it’s subject well. We got some fun stuff packed into the short time the song lasts for.
We also get the first time a song mentioned a character’s name

Every morning phineas, he gonna say
“brother, watcha wanna do today?”

So in way, it sums the episode itself as well as this situation. Heck, it was the first time Candace dropped busting a bit. This is  episode 2
PHINEAS AND FERB: Subverting it’s formula since episode 2

This one of those songs where the explanation for why it’s great is as simple as the song itself. I mean, I explained why the lyrics were funny, why the tune is strangely fitting and awesome, how the singing makes it work, and how the entire joke of the song is clever and funny.,

I made up many deep reasons for loving it, and it still feels empty. This isn’t a bad thing, as the best songs make it so even a deep reasons leaves you wanting to explain it more.
Even song, this is clever, but also fun in its own right. Backyard Beach is short, but still very awesome

The first time, was the charm,.

16. Way of the platypus (Doof Dynasty)

Forgot He’s A bully, This is the ultimate 80’s montage song.

I’ve always loved cheesy 80’s montages. They really work even when they fail. Does that make sense?

Eh, it doesn’t have to, I have a monster truck

Anyway, this is spoofs every aspect of the training Montage. Oh wait,. Context.

In this time shift episode, ancient Chinese Phineas and the gang need to stop Chinese Doof, so they find master perry, who decides to train them  to stop doofus kahn. Hence the song
This song captures the montage very well. It  also works as one too. Don’t tell  me you don’t want to go kick some ass when this song is done!

At the start, it’s more of normal one, but with added heavy metal and humor. The music sells it. It’s some heavy stuff that kicks butt.

The singers helps the music and how rocking it is, and it’s so very motivational. It feels like a true montage song, just P&F ized

Then comes the second verse. Then it becomes more amazing

You’re gonna run up a ramp with two buckets of water
Swing over muck for some reason
At some point you’ll drop to your knees when it’s rainin’
And look up into the sky-y…”

Yes, it becomes a parody. And it’s awesome
Every aspect of a Montage song is spoofed here. even the way the singer talks to you, which happens a lot. I’ve had singers speak to me
“oh hey you suck so haaaaard”
Quiet you!
Anyone, it still works as one,. It’s both a parody, and a real inspirational song. The music is great, the lyrics are both funny and work very well.

Plus, the singer sings his butt off. Seriously, he puts real passion into it and elavtes the song from really good to freaking amazing. The singer is Rick cowling, who was brought on when Robbie Wycoff was out. He is great and brings so much energy. I don’t think the usual danny jacob would suffice here’

Of course he can also pull off a song about ferb’s ride from outer space…whatever

The singing, again pulls it all together. The singing enhances the lyrics, which enhance the lyrics,. Every aspect works works together, which makes for a better song. So thus, it’s perfect.

The best season 3 song, and the only one to get on the top 30. It’s that amazing./

Anyway,  this song captures the essence of the 80’s montage, and is also a really awesome song

The way of platypus, is the way to go.
15. Me, Myself and I (Split Personality)

This is the best pure Candace song, for sure.

In this episode, Candace is split into two separate beings. One is romance Candace (the Jeremy side), and one is busting Candace. The…mean-er side. They run off and this song ensues.

In this, both sides are talking about how dislike the other, and such. And yes, it is amazing.
Tisdale sings for two Candace’s, and makes each sounds different in their own way, and makes it character driven. That just takes true talent. The real strength is the signing, again, but in a different way. We got the same characters, singing together, and they overlap each other quite a bit, and are different.

And it sounds so damn good, it’s like they actually cloned the actress.

Which would be epic

It’s just so seamless, and done so well that it makes the song. As such, the tune and lyrics help a lot. It’s one of those with amazing flow, where everything just matches perfectly.

This is exactly one minute, which is a shame. It doesn’t feel that short, which is a good thing in this case. In that time span, they pack in as much greatness as they can

Plus, the demo version is a bit longer, repeating the last verse. So I guess that’s something
It does have the feel of a real song, which still feeling like a true paf song. But we all know it’s the singing and harmony that makes this song.

I just love the singing here ,as it pulls the whole thing together. This episode was very funny. Both candace’s were hilarious and the song is just very good at showing that.

I liked romance Candace more, but that’s just me.

The style is rather interesting. The wiki lists it as  “Alternative rock, pop rock” that’s an odd combo, but I dig it. It feels oddly originally and gives it a more unique style.

So again, the singing compliments that perfectly  I also like the video for it which,…well…has a lot of hip shaking. Go look it up.

Anyway, this song does a good job at being familiar with the basic singing, but unique with the concept, and tune. It’s realty catchy and also quite rocking.

The best parts are when the candace’s have their own verse. As in, when one Candace is singing with the other in the background. They both have a verse, and are vastly different.
Romance is simply happy to be free to go up on Jeremy, while Busting Candace is happy to be rid of Romance Candace.

There’s two of us on the scene
And I don’t want to sound mean
But I’ll tell you that I’m happy without me
I’ve been holding me back
But now I’m on my own track

The lyrics are enhanced by the all the aforementioned aspects. They properly display the situation and exactly why this idea was very clever and interesting.  Everything great about this song is shown in the lyrics,.

This is a song where explaining why it’s good applies to all aspects. So thus, taking  one aspect in isolation is a tad redundant, which I think is the mark of a good song. How many songs on here have every aspect working together? Exactly.

But still, the lyrics are great and really drive my point home. The most well done part is the end. They both sing at the same time, overlapping each other. It creates this really neat effect, and combined with the signing, it is just gold.

This is a song I truly squee over every time I hear it. It’s just so darn well sung, composed, and has amazing….uh…flow, I guess.

Every aspect is so good it enhances the other aspects. So with amazing character singing, good lyrics, and rocking tune, this song deserves it’s high spot.

Me, Myself and I is so good, I have no puns.

14. Happy Evil Love Song (Chez Platypus)
(I only call it that cuz the stupid CD calls it that)

Behold, the sweetest Villain song ever made!

In this episode, Doof created a “de-love” inator, but he also has a date at the titular restaurant. He later finds out they both love evil. they get along so well, that doof lets perry go, since he is in love.

Surprisingly, they stay like this even once they leave the restaurant, and that mysterious force (which isn’t doof for once) drags it away.

Then, romance montage!

This song is, as mentioned, sweet. But in a funny way, that makes the song tolerable and still insanely great. The sweet aspects don’t overtake the comedy aspcts. Doof’s singing helps,
This is truly a funny villain song, and doof’s “bad” singing is well juxtaposed with his date’s nice voice. Said date is voiced by Sheena  Easton, and her character is never named.

I also just love the concept. A song about the love between two evil people. That’s both funny and sweet, so they made this song which captures both feelings well. It doesn’t tip over either side so it feels very natural.

But first, let’s talk about the demo version. The original version was different. There more of an emphasis on love. Hell, the title is never uttered…well the “evil love” title anyway. It mostly seemed to further spoof the idea by making it even more cheesy, and yet still just as good.

Of course, it’s hard to judge with john colton barry singing. Whatever.

It’s an interesting version, and pretty neat. Check it up.

Back to the actual song. The tune and lyrics both help to reinforce what I’ve said. The tune has that sweet feel to it, showing the cute side of it. his goes against the lyrics, which talk about taking over the world and stuff. Yet unlike say Carl the intern, it fits perfectly! It’s more than joke, it is now a great song.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that I love that it got a CD release  Hell, they extended it…kinda. The opening is a bit longer, though only a tad. The bridge between verses is longer and helps make it feel more complete. And there is a bigger break between the final line, and the final EVIL LOOOOVE

It helps make the song even better, in a small way.

Anyway,. Now for the singing. It’s simply funny to hear doof’s voice singing this, and yet it’s still legit. Doof’s voice sounds kinda…good. Well, compared to most singers these days at least.

It sounds very nice up against sheena’s voice. Said voice is amazing. Quite lovely, and quite into the song. It does well to juxtapose both voices, and yet it’s still really good

This song has an absurd idea, and yet they make it so funny, you can take it seriously. It’s an oddity I will never understand

The tune helps with that. It’s this simple guitar thing, and it really works. It makes the song extra sweet, and I adore the whistling there

Every aspect seems to make it sweet, while parts of the lyrics help make it funny

When our robot armies march
:the beating of our hearts,
I’m as happy as can be!

And yet they also have a sweet undertone to them

it’s the age-old story how an evil boy meets an evil girl,
We got a love strong enough to rule the whole, wide world,
We both maniacally laugh at all the same stuff,
You can’t foil a plan that’s built upon evil love!

I also love the buildup. It starts as a simple tune, but by the end, it’s big and really kicks up the awesome levels. It uses that very well

The visuals add extra comedy as well, though you go check that out for yourself. It is very sweet to see this,. Doof is always a butt monkey, but now he’s all in love and stuff. It’s really nice.

Hey, what happened to that de-love inator? Eh I’m sure it’s fi-

“I feel nothing!”

…yeah. That’s how the episode ends. Right after this song, it zaps her and doof is forever alone. It is an abrupt downer ending that WORKS. It’s both funny and sad, but it works in a way that you don’t get upset.

Oh and then what do they do ? PLAY THE SONG IN THE CREDITS

You guys are evil.

Whatever. This song is still very sweet, but not overly so. It’s still a P&F song at heart. That’s why it works. It’s clever, funny, sweet, and insanely good

I think that’s more than enough for the number  14 spot

Evil love. It may be love, but it’s also evil.

Note: The following 2 songs will have no explanation, for reasons already said. Sorry

13.   My Nemesis (It’s About Time)

12. Watching and Waiting (Don’t Even Blink)

(In short, MN is funny, and WAW has great buildup)

11. Evil Boys  (Jerk De Soleii)

I’ll admit to being a sucker for blues rock, as you may see later in this list. But this song is a whole new level is awesome

In this episode, Candace is exposed to wild parsnips…which she is alergic to. She gets a really gruff voice, and blotchy stuff on her face. After getting a paper bag head, she heads to the mall, where Linda is peforming with her band of moms

Then Candace starts ranting about what phineas and ferb have done…in her deep voice. Suddenly, this launches into a blues rock song

now it gets epic. First of all, Gruff Candace is voiced by creator dan povenmire himself. Yes, this guy can  voice screachy doof  and gruff Candace here and STILL not get a sore throat. Damn

anyway, I love the build up. It start off nice and slow, but the more candace rants, the bigger it gets. Eventually the whole band joins in and gets really rocking. Eventually it becomes top 40 worthy.

All the various instruments coming don’t hurt either. It just feels really cool, and adds to the great singing going on here.

This is a case where the music and singing go hand in hand, as they both help to make the song great. That gruff voice fits with music so well and it makes it really epic

I also like the lyrics, as they help show just how pissed she as the boys

I know you think they’re saints
But Mom, I’m here to tell
Those B-O-Y-S, they’re just E-V-I-L
Those boys are evil
They’re making me feel like my head’s in a hydraulic press
And that don’t feel too good!

This was back when Candy did have a lot of anger to the boys in question, and that comes across well here. Not only in the lyrics, but in the singing.

Seriously, I love that voice. If it had her normal voice, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome. I just have a thing for deep voices in epic songs

it also flows greatly, moving at a solid pace and it never slouches at any points. It builds up really well and explodes in an epic ending. This one is really fun to listen to…and sing

hopefully you don’t try it in the gruff voice, lest yea lose your throat…forever.

I can’t stress enough how awesome this song. It builds up from simple chords and explodes into something great

everything just mixes well, making for a great headbanger. I also love it when she does the whole “rhyme by spelling thing”

…i’m a sucker for that. I also love how into it everyone else is. Hell, it’s linda who really helps start it in the first place.

This song just ends up being great in the most basic ways. The things I am saying about it are the things everyone loves about it, and I feel like i’m not saying enough

but really, this is a song that’s better heard than read about. More so than the others. It’s a masterpiece in blues rock

it flows well, has great singing, good lyrics, and an overall great tune with good build up that ends awesome-ly. What more could you ask for?

Evil Boys. …no puns here, sorry

okay, that’s another 10 knocked. We’re in the home stretch! Tune in next time for the TOP 10!

See ya.


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