Dreamworks a thon #4: Shrek

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome back to Dreamworks a thon!

Well, this is it. The big one. The first true dreamworks movie. The movie that put them on the map. The movie that helped get animation to what it, sadly, can be today. The trope Codifiier for dreamworks movies to come, and even disney. It lead to not only many sequels, but many rip offs.

This film has been a mixed blessing, as it lead to some great things…but also to the rather negative opinion of dreamworks later on. It also helped kill 2D animated films for awhile.

But…is it still good, even after everyone ripped it off? Is it a case of seinfeld is unfunny, or is it still good? Well…i’ll tell you

This, is Shrek


In this movie, an ugly orge in the swamp named Shrek driven into conflict with the evil Lord Farquaad, who banishes all magical creatures from his kingdom, forcing them to seek refuge in Shrek’s swamp. He teams up with an annoying talking donkey named Donkey and is forced to rescue Princess Fiona for him so Farquaad would give him the swamp back. However, Fiona’s previously-unknown curse, and Shrek falling in love with her, disrupt Farquaad’s plans to become a king by marrying a princess.

Now, after re-watching the movie, is it still good? Yes. Yes it is!

But why is still good after all these years? Well, you know the movie for the joke machine it is, and it lead to other purely joke-y animated films

If this movie was simply shits and giggles, poking fun at fairy tales and not having any substance at all, it would fall flat today

However, it is not just that. This movie does have references, gross out gags, and disney  jabs, but the writers actually tied a real story into it, with complex characters with personality,and goals that actually develop.

Of course it is very funny, and it’s jokes don’t feel too dated, as I still quite enjoy it. You know the story and how clever it is, but I feel the need to talk about it

The reason this movie was a huge hit was…well there are two reasons

1. Timing. (Insert casper joke here). At the time, disney films weren’t doing so hot, and people were getting sick of their “safe-ness”. So here comes a film that mocks disney fairy tales, that kicks disney on the way down.

2. It was different. As an extension of the last point, this movie was packed with edgy humor and characters that different from the norm at the time. So people ate it up until they got sick of it

but beyond that, it’s still a good story. And I do like how it’s different, not only with it’s jokes but with the story.

Okay yeah, people have start to resent shrek due to what it started. To Quote  wikipedia, After shrek animated films began to incorporate more pop culture references and end-film musical numbers. Such elements can be seen in films like Ice Age: The Meltdown, Robots, and Chicken Little. It also inspired a number of computer animated films which also spoofed fairy tales, or other related story genres, often including adult-oriented humor, most of which were not nearly as successful as Shrek, such as Happily N’Ever After, Igor, and Hoodwinked!.[

oh, i’ll get to Hapily N’ever after eventually. But back on point, despite what shrek caused, it’s still a good movie and it’s easy to see why it captured the hearts of so many people. But forgetting that, let’s pretend none of that happened, and we are judging the film as it is

the story is solid. Early on we can oddly sympathize with shrek as he likes to be alone, and orf course, puts up with eddie murphy. And you see why he wants these free loaders out. But later on, you like him even more as the story unfolds. That’s a big part of the movie’s charm.

It’s just cool to see a “monster” as a main character, and have him do some bad stuff, but still come across as likable. While this seems a typical way to praise the film’s creativity, I think it stands as true.

It also  has likable characters, funny satire, and a good moral. Yeah, spoilers, in the end it turns out Fiona turns into an ogre at night, and shrek ends up hooking up with her and she becomes an ogre forerunner  which shocks her cuz she thought she was supposed to become beautiful, to which Shrek replies that she is beautiful.

I love that,. It teaches the moral more kid’s movies need to teach: ugly looks does not ugly person. Oh sure, it may pop up sometimes but never to this degree. So it offers new things not only in it’s humor, but In it’s message

on top of that, it’s just funny. I love the satire, I love the jokes and while it isn’t laughs all the time, it kept me laughing most of the time. I like the  use of fairly tale characters, such  Pinocchio and the other little things. Like how duolot is like disney land (with farquad being a take that to micheal eisner) and other tidbits. Its’ clever and funny

I think the disney jabs aren’t too mean spirited, since they aren’t huge take that’s, and come across as funny, anyone hwo thinks this movie is mean spirited is a fool.

Yeah, it’s not as joke filled or clever as other films, but It really is a funny, well done movie. Oh, and the animation is decent too and it aged well. Unlike say ice age, which looks like a video game at points.

Yes it has gross out jokes, but to be fair, I found them funny. I like the adult jokes and man it gets some crap past the radar

“I have to save my ass”

you know-for kids!

And yet, it’s still kid friendly. Even a young kid won’t be bugged by it. It’s a great family film, is what i’m saying.

A joke fest ends up being clever with it’s jokes, but also turns a solid story. So now, let’s finish things off with the characters:

First, Shrek, voiced by Mike meyers. I find him to be very funny, when he’s not playing a cat. This is exactly why. Sure, I can’t watch austin powers 2 again without thinkng of shrek, but mike manages to make a funny accent…funny!

Shrek starts out a simple ogre who loves scaring people and living alone. In the opening scene alone, we see him be gross and funny. Right off the beat, he’s likable but later on his character really grows.

We see that hates that people judge him simply cuz he looks ugly, and feels lonely. And when he starts to get a connection with a once bitchy princess, he feels validated. Plus, he has a friend who never did judge him for his looks, even if he is eddie murphy.

He’s a prime of example of a simply character who later rises to new depths. He helps give us our basic moral, which is very good. We side with him all the way, and he manages to be very funny and likable. This is why I was a fan mike myers.

Next is, of course…Fiona, voiced by Cameron Diaz.. Fiona was locked in a tower as a girl, and is trapped there, and when Farquad chooses her as a mate, he asks Shrek to go get here. However, Farquad stupidly doesn’t know about the curse…

she was cursed as a child and turns into an ogress every night, which is why she was locked away in the castle, and that only a kiss from her true love will return her to her “love’s true form”. Wait, why wasn’t her REASOSN FOR BEING LOCKED UP, common knowledge to thus, mr dickwad would know about it?

Ah well. We never do get into trashing however decided she should be locked up just for her looks. I think they go into in the 2nd movie, but you think they’d explore it in part 1…okay let’s get into the characters

all her life, she was waiting for prince charming to sweep her away from the tower. Instead, a ugly ogre and his donkey comes to save her instead. At first, she is all bitchy and judges shrek, but later, she comes to see that he has feelings too, and that they actually make a good pair.

All in all, I like her. She develop well, she’s funny and she actually has a good connection with shrek. I actually bought into this romance, as odd as it is. She does learn that ugly people shouldn’t be judged and sees that her curse is actually not that bad. They both learn from each other and I love that. It’s a different romance that works, not just in a romantic way, but in a normal character way

Oh, and I have give this movie credit: it’s the only time I LIKED the romantic misunderstanding. It’s properly sad, it actually gets us more invested in the story, and it adds to the story. There are films I like DISPITE the misunderstanding, but here, I LIKE how it’s done.

So yeah this is a fun princess. By the way am I the only who thinks her ogre self…isn’t that bad looking? I mean…you’ve seen uglier woman then that. I mean she;’s..


her anyway. Next is…lord farquad, voiced by john lithgow. He’s a simple villain, but he’s fun in how not scary he is. He’s short, and kind of dumb, but somehow rules a kingdom. Well kind of, he wants to be a king, hence needing to marry fiona.. there’s not much too him, which is a weak point, but he proves to be funny,

oh, and he has a very large castle

“Do you think he’s compensating for something?”

oh I get it…it’s a penis joke. And…i just explained it

anyway, he’s fun. But of course let’s get to the most popular character….the mirror! Okay, just kidding. It’s Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy. This was the only time Eddie was funny in a post 2000’s movie. Truth

at the start, he belongs to an old lady who is turning his talking ass in, but he refuses to speak, making her seem crazy. He escapes and comes shrek and wants to crash with him, despite his objections. Donkey shows how you make an “annoying character”. You should make it so that other characters dislike and we see why, but we still like him. You don’t make it so we want to kill him too.

Donkey is an example of the former. He’s annoying, but also very funny. Just the way eddie says his lines makes a normal line REALLY funny and he actually is quite likeable, and the way he warms up to shrek, and how shrek warms up to him, is well done.

Donkey isn’t always funny, but for the most part, he is. Oh, and the dragon that guard’s fiona is a girl…and falls in love with donkey…and they get married.

That’s fucking hilarious

he’s simply a fun little sickkick character. And…that’s it! Yeah, there are other minor guys like Gingy but they are so minor that I shouldn’t mention them. This is a smaller cast than El-dorado! Only these characters had so much more to them.

I think i’ve said all I can. Shrek may have aged, but it’s still funny. It has a solid story, a good script, funny moments, good satire, and likeable characters.

Is it as amazing as people say? Nah. Can I see why it was such a hit? Yes! Shrek is now a THING and despite what it looks like, the first one still holds up as a solid, fun film.

…the second one’s better, but we’ll get to that later

Grade: A

See ya.


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