Dreamworks a thon #2: The Prince of egypt

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome back to Dreamworks a thon!

Okay, first, I have to bring this up:

As you know, Doug walker did “Disneycember” in 2011, reviewing every 2D disney film. Then in 2012, he looked at the pixar films, and disney cg films.

…and then, out of nowhere, yesterday, he started…dreamworks-uary

yes, he is doing dreamworks reviews….at the same time I am. This is…weird. I’m not against him doing dreamworks, but why now?!

Well mr walker, you better watch your butt, cuz my reviews are gonna KICK YOUR REVIEWS ASS…if that makes sense!

…so let’s get back to today’s film

After Antz, the company decided to make some 2D animated films. Yeah, many people forget that Dreamworks did those. Well, they remember this movie but not the others

And as it happens, this movie is seen as not only one their best movies, but also one of the best non-disney animated films of all time!

This, is The Prince of Egypt


The film covers part of the life of Moses, from his being found and adopted by Pharaoh’s family to his young adulthood, where he discovers his Hebrew heritage, to his adult life, when God tells Moses to confront the current Pharaoh and persuade him to free the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. The current pharoh being his BROTHER who is kind of a dick, but being his brother, he can’t kill him. Epic-ness ensues

Now, the term epic is normally used as a joke. Normally, they don’t mean a movie or show is EPIC,it’s just quite good. But this is a movie that I can safely IS truly epic. In every meaning of the word

there’s a bit of ground to cover, so let’s look at the story. Now, when you hear “aimated movie about moses” you think of a very watered down kid’s film that doesn’t respect the story. But leave it to dreamworks to make an epic film that doesn’t water down any part of the story

for example, the death of the first borns? That’s in here. You know-for kids!

But seriously guys, this movie gives this tale the dignity it deserves with a complex story and really interesting characters. Speaking of, let us really dive in to the story

I gave you a brief summary, but there really is a lot to it, that makes you really think about the story while you watch it.

It has a very good pace, as it never movies too fast and it gives weight to each and every event that happens. Well okay, one romance goes by quick, but it’s still well done.

Really, if you’ve seen the movie or read any other review, you know how well done the story is. But I will add to that and say that the animation is amazing.

It’s detailed, great and does a great job of capturing the scoop of the story. Every is perfectly done from the famous sea scene, to just the characters expressions.

But I know you just want me to mention the songs. Yes, the first (and last) full (for now) dreamworks musical! And man, is this soundtrack great. They actually move the story forward, and help explain what the characters are going through.

The best, to me, are “Playing with the big boys now” and “the plagues”. The former is the villain song, as Rames’ henchmen sing to Moses about how THEY have powers too, and how fuckled he is. It’s great, has good build up, and is just a great villain song/

The Plagues” takes place about like 10 or 15 minutes after big boys. When God unleashes his shit on everyone, and we get an awesome choir singing about it, but we also get moses and rames in a singing battle, as they both refuse give up. It’s great and it really highlights their relationship

with that, let’s move on to the characters

We have Moses, voiced by Val Kilmer. Hell yes, Batman/iceman is moses! He starts out as the everyman, as the son of the pharaoh. He make mistakes like crashing a chariot, but he admits to his mistakes and doesn’t let his brother take the blame. From the start, we see he is humble, but troubled and he learns that his father is …not his father

Things don’t get better, when he runs away and joins some runaway slave guys, and soon starts to dislike how things are done. Oh, and then god tells him to get the pharaoh to free the slaves and he returns to find that the his brother is now the evil pharaoh.

It’s awkward. Moses makes for a great main character. He doesn’t start an epic hero. He starts off as a simple good, respectable guy. But he is thrust into hard-times and later, leadership. He later grows and learns what it takes to be a good leader, especially when he has to fight his own brother

Moses gets some of the best character development ever, and makes for a very good main characters

oh, and his father is patrick stewart. Awesome

Then there’s our villain,. Rames, voiced by Ralph Fiennes. Yes, Ralph played two evil bald guys in his career. Go figure. Now, he is a great villain simply because he’s not your basic bad guy. At the start, he just wants to be a great pharoh, and get along with his brother. He’s sad when his bro leaves without a trace so when he returns he is happy

But Moses tells him he is here to be his enemy, as Rames is now an evil guy who is hurting the slaves and stuff. Rames doesn’t know how to feel. He truly loved his brother but he doesn’t want to be his enemy. But yet, he also wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and be all evil and stuff

this creates great drama as Rames refuses to let the people, and god lays the smackdown. Oh, and did I mention god is also voiced by val kilmer?


anyway,moses/rames is one of the berst hero/villain pairs i’ve ever seen. Rames isn’t just a bad guy, and in the end it’s sad to see him get the bittersweet ending. Yeah, spoiler alert

there’s a ton of other characters,but we’ll discuss them. There’s Tzipporah, voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer . Yes, batman ends up with catwoman. She starts as a …well, let’s not beat around the bush, sex slave, that is performing. Moses actually starts to feel bad for her, and even helps her escape

when he himself runs away,. He ends up her and other former slaves who escaped. At first, she still dislikes him, but soon they fall in love…quickly. It’s done okay, but by the powr4 of montage, they are married!

Nonetheless, she’s a good character. I like how she ends up being the one who warms up him up the slaves, and thus makes him want to save them. So when god shows up, he’s a tiny bit more open.

And…that’s really it. Yeah, only 3 characters are big enough to dive into. But for fun, let’s discuss everyone else

there’s Moses’ real brother and sister, voiced by Jeff Goldblum and Sandra bulluck. They just show up to tell Moses the truth, have a funny moment, then go away. They are cool but are only in a few scenes, so I don’t have much to say.

There’s the pharaoh’s servants, voiced by Steve martin and martin short. They are also funny but brief.

There’s Jehtro (Danny glover), Tzipporah’s dad, and also a priest, who also helps Moses adjust to the former slave life style. He also sings a great montage song about it. He’s pretty cool

and…that’s it! Yeah, those are all the real characters. Didn’t have much to say about them. It’s a small cast but a solid, fun one

I’m shocked I haven’t had more to say about this movie. Anyway, like I said, it’s epic and very huge. You can tell they put a lot of effort into making this movie accurate to the story. It really is much more adult than most dreamworks films. Hell, most animated films period.

it’s pretty much the “something completely different” entry in the dreamworks canon. Sure, they would later do darker works, but this is  BIBLICAL EPIC. You can’t get more different than that.

Really, else is there to say? this one was hard to do, as it’s one of those dreamworks movies where I can’t add in stuff people haven’t already said. Yes, even with a certain dragon film I have more to add. This, not so much

this movie speaks for itself. It’s epic, has great animation, great songs, complex characters, dark themes and it’s simply awesome. It may one of dreamworks best. Is it THE best? We’ll have to see when I get to the others.

Short one, but hey, I explained myself.

See ya next time in dreamworks a thon,.


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