Happy Feet Two

Hello, Spongey here

After the epic-ness of Transformers 3 ,I think we should do a more light hearted film

Yeah, let’s talk about Happy feet!

About a month ago, I reviewed the original Happy Feet. You can get more info there, but for fun. Here’s a run down: it was a 2006 film about penguins who sing, and use their love songs to get sex. However, Mumble, whose dad dropped him as an egg, can’t sing. But he can dance, which upsets Hugo weaving. Then he is kidnapped by some humans, escapes and uses dancing to save the day, getting respect. Then he gets pussy from Gloria.

I liked it for the characters,songs, and animation. Though as you recall, I really didn’t like the out nowhere environmental crap.

So when I heard they were doing a sequel, I got excited. Maybe they’ll iron out the flaws and making something really great!

Or maybe not. Let’s dive in and find out

This, is Happy Feet Two

Yeah, they really spell it like that.

The movie opens, of course, in the arctic setting of the first one, with our usual narrator, who we know is Lovelace. And yes, Robin Williams returns to voice.

He just talks about everything is connected, as we see the ice cracking, splitting up the place.

It pans out to SPAAAAACE as we get our title and opening song. We get Rhythm nation as the penguins are dancing as usual.

Well actually they sing a bunch of songs in this one, including sexy back. Yes, really. This is a way to get reintroduced to our heroes once again.

Once again,. We have Mumble and Gloria. Mumble is once again voiced by Elijah Wood. However, Gloria’s VA kind of…died, so now she’s voiced by Pink. We also meet Mumbles newborn son, Erik voiced by Ava Acres.

Erik is hanging around, not joining the party. Mumble asks him why he won’t dance. But Erik asks


Okay, keep it down Socrates

There’s plenty of reasons to dance”

Because the first one shit tons of money cuz of the dancing?

He helps Erik with his dancing, and it turns out fine as we get back to our lengthy song. However, Erik falls down in some nearby water and pisses himself


“It’s not funny”

Damn straight

Erik hides away from the crowd. As you can tell, this is pretty much rehashing the first one, only with the kid not dancing rather than not singing. But hey, we’re not far in so let’s see what happens.

Roman shows up. Oh great, the worst penguin is back for more. Also, Robin plays him again too. Ramon isn’t too popular with the ladies cuz he’s ramon.

So he hides in the hole Erik is hiding in.

That’s erik’s hole”

…No comment.

Ramon offers to help out by making Mumble happy.

This place sucks!”

It doesn’t work.

Ramon waddles home. That had a point to it. Mumble leaves him alone to work things out. Then we see that more of the ice is cracking away over there,which makes room for flooding in the water.

More on that later I guess. Back with our mains, Erik’s two friends, who are basically as annoying as Ramon just without the accent. Erik vanished as they likely are following romon.

And then it’s back to the flooding thing. We join a band of kirll in the water. We focus on two, named Bill and will, voiced by Brad pit and Matt damon. Will doesn’t like being the same as all Kirll, and tries to run off, which bill is not happy with. Will is a disney princess who wants to see the world beyond the swarm.

Now, what does this have to do with the plot? NOTHING.

You know how in the Ice Age movies, we have those bits with Scrat that have little to do with the plot? Yeah, this is the same thing only it’s not nearly as funny

Back with the penguins, Erik and friends bump into Ramon who is dealing with the new rides coming in. Ramon wants them to go in, though Erik wants to join him. Ramon lets him, being the great guy he is.

They pal a bit and like that, we cut to the krill again. Will decides to run off from the swam, despite what bill says. Now, I must say that the animation is even better in this movie, and the krill parts are an example. Since they are so tiny, we get to this big ocean in great detail, that just sucks you into the moment.

Such as when a whale swims, by and they go around it. It’s so amazing how it looks, despite how pointless these scenes are. So they escape from the swarm and get into the ocean where they get caught up in stuff.

With that, Mumble shows up at whee Ramon was only to see that he has left. He took Erik and buds back to his home.

Ramon doesn’t get much of a reception. He meets up with his equally annoying friends. With that, let’s meet up with lovelace who is now rainbow-y for some reason. Is he wearing a sweater, did he get painted or what?

Either way, he’s preaching and shit. Then, he announces our new character. A new hero in ramon’s land who has even risen above Lovelace.

This, is Sven, voiced by Hank Azaria. Glad to see he’s getting more work, he’s awesome. A penguin who can fly. Okay, it’s actually a puffin if you know animals, but to Rrik and everyone else, he’s a flying penguin.

Sven tells us why he is here but while the weird chorus birds are chirping, he randomly says the moments gone and stops it. Amusing, but then Erik asks him to go on, which is adorable to him.

Erik pleases him enough so he starts his story. Thus, we launch into a musical number. It’s our first “original” song in these movies, or at least a parody of another song. It’s pretty catchy and well done.

Long story short, he survived the loss of his native fishing grounds (evidently ruined by a warming climate), and as it turns out Lovelace was hanging around and got caught up in oil and was saved by humans. They met up and fled to here/

Oh, and the humans gave lovelace that rainbow thing.Sven performs his first miracle by revealing moss to the local penguins. However, this awesome song (which has a ROCK part) ends. Mumble shows up seeing Ramon asking for pussy. Sven wants to help him think like Sven.

“Try sven think. All rights reserved copyright me”

Okay that was funny.

With the power of thinking he sees a lovely lady named Carmen, voiced by Sofía Vergara.

“You? Fat chance”

She’s not into him.

Though Ramon thinks it worked. Mumble barges in and makes Rrik leave though he isn’t happy. See, now Erik has one dimension: overprotective father. Another sequel takes a good character with it.

Though I don’t see how this is so bad. Erik ran away, so duh, he has to go back. Erik doesn’t want to since he belongs here. Sven tells him, in my words.

“Fuck what people think, go home”

Sven tells him the “will it” stuff and Erik goes to Mumble, now being a Sven fanboy. They go home, as mumble tells him to just find what he has.

But then, the ice cracks some more, which the main penguins notice. The lands shift, which makes it hard for mumble and the gang to walk back. Erik wants to go the normal way, despite the dangerous cracked ice.

Mumble allows it as long as they take it slow. They then bump into a elephant seal, who refuses to move. They banter a bit and long story short, he doesn’t wanna back up for a penguin

The kids slap him which pisses him off greatly,. Then he falls through the ice and lands on a ledge. On the side of this new split ice is Erik and the gang who were swung over,. They also bump into the SONS of the seal, whose named is Brad btw.

So now this ass is in danger, and he must be saved cuz he has kids. He tries to get out, but he just falls harder down. It all get sad as he tells his kids to stay calm and stuff.

Eh, don’t care. I seem heartless, but this comes out of nowhere and it’s so forced, that I really can;’t feel at all. Plus, still no story.

Mumble wanders off to find help, as we join in on the krill show. Will wants to move up the food chain so he wants to eat something with a face. Lovely. They wash up here, as they see a giant leopard seal. Will takes a nibble out of it’s butt. Again, lovely.

Will is happy and they move on. Is there any point in the recapping the movie if shit like that counts as plot?

Mumble ends up in the water, on the other side of a wall of ice that bryan is trapped behind. To break it, mumble pisses off that leopard seal so it can break through the ice/

Well he tries. Will is the one who bits the seal again, waking him up. At least he added to the plot for once

His plan works, and the leopard seal even backs off when Bryan tells him to fuck himself. The krill rejoice seeing the big seal leave, as they think they scared it off.

Their bit is cut short as we get back to Brad, mumble, and gang. Brad is now on shore, safe and sound. He thanks mumble. He tells Mumble he has his back as he leaves.

Well that was a kinda pointless detour.

Later they get home, but see some bad news. a large iceberg has trapped the Emperor Penguin population below large walls of ice. Finally, a plot!

They can’t reach home fully or get them out. So they ask mumble to get them some help. So mumble is going to Ramon land to get some food.

However, Bo, one of Erik’s friends, goes out on his own to do so while the others stay,. Mumble speaks for me and says he’s a kid, and he’ll just get fucked.

Bo’s mom calls out, in my words

I don’t give a shit, we need to move the plot along!”

So mumble stays home and does some fishing while the others try to find a way out and fail. Noah the elder keeps telling them to search despite this.

Ah yes, Hugo weaving is reprising his role for a bit. …wait, didn’t I just review a movie with Hugo in a small role?


Meanwhile, Erik attempts to deliver a fish to Gloria by flying and nearly tossing himself over the edge of the iceberg. Mumble is very unhappy with this. Okay, you know how this goes.

“You can’t do the thing you wanna do”

“If you will it, you can do it”

That’s bull! Don’t give our trapped friends false hope. Those bitches be trapped and dying”

“You suck dad!”

Those are my words. At least, that’s what I hear. He basically tells his son there’s no real hope, and that he beliefs of willing are bullshit. What a likeable dad he is!

Besides, I don’t care. Do you know how many times we’ve seen kind of father stuff in movies? A lot, and it’s not done very well, since it’s ruining a good character, and tied to a very thin plot.

Mumble leaves to fish upon request, while gloria sings to Erik to calm him down. The song is slow but at least cute enough. The singing is nice in any case. Actually, it gets impressive as it builds up to Erik being happy, and we even get some really good stuff as the other penguins burst into a big epic chorus.

The song is Bridge of light, and I’ll be honest, this is very impressive.

But who cares, let’s see how the krill are doing! Bill gets an idea

Let’s start our own swarm!”

“We’re both males”

You know-for kids!

Bill just wants to eat people so they split up. Is it bad that I am more interested in what these guys are doing than the main plot? They have personality, they seem to having arcs….why are these guys more interesting?!

Bill quickly gets bored and heads back to will. Well that was fun while it lasted

You’re all the swarm I need”

Fine, but no hanky panky”

Gay krill, great. To think ,we’d have to wait til Paranorman for a real open gay animated character.

So the penguins are still trapped and the plot isn’t moving that fast. Well, until some Skua attack. Everyone worries about getting eaten, but hugo weaving tells them to stand their ground.

We are one glorious emperor nation”

Then a skua shits on him. Damn it, why does Hugo keep getting screwed!

Bo returns with all of Ramon’s friends in tow. This makes the birds leave. Yeah, a bunch of random penguins makes them go away

What wimps. Seriously, they look at Ramon’s pals and g…

“Oh shit, this is too much for us!”

Whatever. Sven shows up, saying he helped organize all this. Mumble isn’t happy about this since he’s all jelly cuz Erik likes him.

So the others spread their fish to the penguins. As they sing a decent song. The song that became the biases for surfin’ bird no less. Thankfully, they don’t sing THAT song.

Mumble tells Sven to take a certain fish to Gloria. But who cares, KRILL TIME.

Bill and Krill are hanging around in the sea. Here, one just kinda annoys the other with singing songs for a brief bit…one even sings the rickroll song


.Er, anyway, Bill is now being the crazy one with will being normal. You know a movie is odd when the cannibal is normal now. Will tells bill that they should break up- I mean split up.

It’s like that one scene in finding nemo, only less good. But hey, I think this is still more interesting than the main “story”.

Will? Please don’t leave me”

See, that’s more emotion than we ever got before.

Will swims off leaving bill all alone. Will wants to be with other predators since bill is being annoying. Then, he gets caught onto a fish, which is then snapped up by sven. He takes it to Gloria in the trapped land. Will escapes from the fish just in time.

Wait, if sven can fly down, can’t he just carry them up one by one? It’d take while but hell, it’s something! I’m sure he can carry at least one on his back!

Anyway, Mumble is happy that Gloria is happy. God, this plot is going nowhere,things happen but it’s not interesting, nor does it lead to a big storyline. Even the Krill parts follow a straight path. This is just dumb.

Anyway, Mumble still doesn’t like sven for whatever reason. He just kinda mocks his accent,. The racist. Then, they spoil a human ship off the port bow!

But here’s the thing: When Sven and Lovelace were with the humans, Sven found out that they were cooking birds, and thus them. So sSen escapes and took lovelace in the process When sven sees the men now, he flies like a pussy

The humans here are all live action, so it’s a tad less jarring than the motion capture in the first one. Okay, it’s still odd but better than the alternative. Anyway, the humans spot lovelace dancing, and then they…shred a guitar? Uh…okay. I guess they wanted to get his attention…i guess.

The humans go on shore with Lovelace so it looks like the penguins are saved. They bring a rope down, which will the krill uses to get out. We get some amazing shots as he swings around the man’s foot. I never thought i’d say that.

It gets even cooler, when Will is stuck on a pickaxe that the man is using to cut some ice. Then he goes INSIDE a chainsaw. The small perspective in that quick bit is simply amazing to look at.

But whatever, it’s back to the boring part. So it looks like they are getting out. But wait! They get attacked by the evil PLOT CONVENIENCE BLIZZARD, that prevents the humans from going any farther. The humans leave.

tTere is no chance of the humans returning or the Adélie Penguins transporting food over such a distance. Mostly cuz the sea is now frozen.

“who will bring us fish?”

“Some good questions have no good answers”

Something I’ve learned from doing these reviews

Erik asks Sven to teach the penguins how to fly. Then everyone jumps in, croweding the poor guy.


And now the kiddies learn about animals. Still, he tries to help the penguins fly. It doesn’t work, to say the least.

You’re going down, gravity”

Okay, that was funny. With, he tells them that is a PUFFIN bird, and not a penguin bird.now they hate him for fooling them.

He admits that after the loss of Svenland, he was lonely and grew to love the penguins who accepted him as a family . Okay, now SVEN is more interesting than our heroes, thanks to hank Azaria and that brief moment.

Sven gives up and leaves. Right away, Mumble, after watching snow fall into a crevice between chunks of iceberg, begins to tap-dance on the ice and lead the Adélie penguins in a dance to force snow between the ice and weaken it. That was quick.

Also, way to mourn the loss of Sven guys. It wasn’t even 10 secs before you launched into this. This works until until several chunks break loose, causing Erik’s friend, and some of ramon’s to fall into the doomed ice below.

Ramon even jumps down just to get to Carmen, despite being doomed.

You are my world entire”

How sweet…in a really creepy as fuck way. Sadly, this sways here. Thankfully, more ice cracks so we cut away from that. All the ice needs is a nudge to save the penguins somehow, but mumbles hurts his foot so he can’t.

But sven,. Being the semi sue he is (but not an ANNOYING sue, so I forgave it til now) can dance well. The others aren’t fond of him now, so they aren’t into this.

But he does lead the dance anyway…while singing Numa numa. Seriously. The song choices are so RANDOM.

This is decent but not the big push they need. But who cares, let’s go back to THE KRILL SHOW, ON CBS MONDAYS AT 7.

Will flies into the sea, as he is all lone now. Now he regrets leaving the swarm. Then who should show up but Bill! Bill tells him about everything.

“Shat are the chances?”


Then who should return but the swarm they belonged to!

“They found me”


Will apologizes for being a fool, but Bill says he is a legend. See, Once Bill told the swarm of their position on the food chain and their lives as pure herbivores, they followed him to the safety of the inaccessible ice below Emperor-Land.

We’re still at the bottom with no purpose”

‘We all have a purpose. Yours is to change the world”

That’s one moral. Anyway, Mumble heads to elephant seal land and meets with Bryan. Oh, so he wasn’t pointless! Mumble asks him to bring more of his kind to help

however, Bryan is a dick and is dealing with a minor fight with his “friends” and doesn’t wanna leave. Glad to see that he respects Mumble so much after being saved by him. He tells him to fuck off.

Erik is sad seeing this. So he sings to him out of nowhere. And when Erik sings, he is voiced by EG daily, who was young mumble in the first one. Hell, it’s OPERA singing, which he says, through it, that mumble is very brave and that Bryan is a dick. It has original lyrics refereeing to penguins so its’ cool…but random!

“You don’t need to fly…to be AWESOOOOME!”

So through this they learn the morals they needed to learn. So everything was connected…in a haphazard lazily written way. This works, as the elephant seals march down to help

So the dance with the penguins, with them singing “under pressure”, of course. They pack a bunch of snow that can help crumble the ice. It’s all big and well animated all that jazz. The sound gets the attention of the krill.

Bill and will bump on the ice above them for fun, which leads to the other krill doing the same. Everyone slams on the snow and ice, creating an epic song with nice pan shots and visuals. I almost can’t hate this movie due to how BIG this climax is.

One final slam from Will brings the ice crashing down, allowing the penguins to escape. See, the krill saved the day! Proving they are way cooler than anyone else!

Everyone is beyond to happy to see this, as the day is saved thanks to, THOSE WACKY KRILL. Everyone finds their family, and mumble makes kissy with Gloria again.

They thank Bryan as his folks quickly leave. They hug, it pans out and…credits

What? This just like in the first one! In both, they just END once the conflict is resolved. No epilogue, no huge wrap up with everyone. They just gather and…credits!

Boo. Well, at least it’s finally over.

Final Thoughts:

This movie is just….meh

The story is pretty much a mess, with stuff that is either taken from other movies (the main conflict is from ice age 2) or lazily put together, it takes half an hour for a real story to happen and when it does, it gets sidetracked due to pointless  fller, or things that are randomly put in for no reason.

Elements come and go and when they come back, it feels more like an attempt to prove they were important than really being planned to start with. Bryan anyone?

The story just isn’t interesting and it’s filled with bits that don’t form into a coherent film, Yes, they do bring parts together in the end but it still feels rushed and lazy, making for a mess.

The characters aren’t any better, as Mumble is just a generic father who doesn’t get much personality outside of cliché moments, Erik is just “cute” with his meh story attached, Gloria is just there, Bryan is just weak, and every character from the first is stripped down to their basic levels and not made interesting.

Well, I liked  ramon  cuz while he is pointless to the story, he is much less annoying than before and gets less screentime,. Thank god. The only characters that grabbedme  is, shockingly enough, THE KRILL!

They aren’t the funniest people ever, but their storyline has some underlining depth which does a better job of putting in the rehashed moral than the main story. They don’t do much in the plot except in small ways but somehow, their bits are more engaging than the main story. And since they aren’t too funny, that’s saying something/

But why so I say it’s meh rather than outright awful? For one, the animation. It’s simply stunning. Every characters looks great and the change of perspective with the krill is amazing, and the big numbers are done well. The voice work is good ,especially Hank Azaria, Brad pitt, and Matt damon. Unlike say Hoodwinked 2, the actors sound invested and they gave it their all.

Sadly, I hate that there are little to no songs. The songs were the reason why I enjoyed tirst one! But there’s only a couple here and only 2 really strike my fancy (“The Mighty Sven” being the best by far). Mostly, they REFERENCE songs instead of dance to them. Lame.

The environment message is toned down, thankfully. Sadly, the rest doesn’t impress.

It’s “meh” because it never becomes incredibly torturous like that OTHER 2011 sequel. It’s just really lazy and lame to me. With good animation, and two interesting character, it almost reaches guilty pleasure levels.

Sadly, it doesn’t sue to dull characters and a bad story. I almost feel bad bashing it due to the effort it took to give us this animation. It’s harmless enough and it’s not like it’s HORRIBLE, it’s just very weak, even if it’s story is on par with terrible works.

Which is why I’ll say it’s meh with okay parts. It’s okay but you won’t remember in t-minus 1 day. Yep, already forgot

Score: 5/10

Well that’s done. …You know,i wanna do another marathon. Yeah! LET’S DO IT





oh yeah.

See ya


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