Batman Returns

Hello, Spongey here

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Many reviewers have done a red ribbon review at some point, even the nostalgia critic! They do this around christmas time mostly. This year it’s being headed by Eli Stone aka The Cartoon hero. They also accept Blog posts, which is where I come in

I decided to join this here since it’s pretty cool and they could always use new reviewers, and more blogs. Now, i’m not getting all mushy on you with this aids thing, but I’m not a terrible person (despite what everyone else in the universe says) and I feel this is an important issue, and the guys doing this have my respect due to their involvement.

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Come on, it’s christmas. It’s the least you can do. It’s what batman would do!

Oh, speaking of batman…

In 1989, “Batman” was a huge hit. It took what people saw as a silly hero  in a bat suit into a dark, gothic movie. It’s tame by today’s standards, but back then it was cool, sleek and dark,. Which is kind of why most people today prefer the (also excellent) nolan films, as Batman 89 now, is just not as epic or daring.

But to me, it’s still a pretty great movie. Sure, at times it get can be a bit…80’s (was there any need for the prince song?) and even  a bit style over substance but overall, it’s really good. So of course, a sequel was in the works.

But the thing is, Batman 1989 was directed by Tim burton. Now, I usually like his stuff. Wait, allow me to rephrase that: I like his early stuff. You know, when he could get some great daring style but also tie a decent story to it.

And his rep today of just being indulgent and weird is well deserved. But calm down on the johnny depp jokes! This isn’t the only director/actor pairing out there, ya know.

But back to my point: The 89  film limted tim burton. Due to all that executive bullcrap, Tm couldn’t go all the way, and mostly stuck to the comics and other stuff. The film still worked well and burton was happy with it.

But when the 2nd one came around, Burton was allowed full range to do whatever he wants. Thus, we got a Tim burton batman movie. This is why today’s movie gets mixed reviews: you either love it or hate it. And since I’ve only seen the first one (and the nolan trilogy), i’m not sure how i’ll feel.

But since it’s Christmas, i’ll find out how good it is.

This, is Batman Returns

The movie opens in Gotham city, as we see a wealthy couple. The dad here is played by none other than pee wee herman himself, paul rubens. It’s a weird non speaking cameo, but I find it amusing.

Their son is in a pet cage, as we only see his hand popping out. Great parents, eh? Then again any kid who grabs a cat like he does likely isn’t cut out for life.

So what do they do? Throw out their deformed infant son into the sewer on christmas. Lovely. Well with parents who dumped him due to being ugly, I can tell he will grow up to be a well acting man of society.

With that, we get our opening credits, with that awesome danny elfman score. Man, that score just gets me pumped up. It’s dark, it’s epic, and it;’s still amazing. Anyway, we cut to 33 years later, as Gotham is decked out for Christmas.

As per usual with Bruton, this movie looks great. The winter motif is gorgeous and it’s really well shot and the score gives it some nice atmosphere. All this is shown in the opening scenes, so that’s nice.

After a bit of stuff, we cut to a business-y place,  as we join millionaire industrialist Max Shreck, played by Christhphor walken.  Max was made for the movie, and was not from  the comics. Not a good sign, right there

Max wants to build a power plant in Gotham, and his buddies aren’t too keen on the idea. His secretary Selina Kyle, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, tries to suggest something but max quickly dismisses her cuz walken don’t do suggestions, bitch.

Max then heads out to give a speech to the citizens of Gotham. Though he left his speech papers at the office, he just gives crap about world peace.

Just then, a giant Christmas present slides up from somewhere.  And of course, some bad guys pop out and do bad stuff.  All in weird costumes no less. Hell, some are freaking clowns. Only tim burton, fellows.

With bad guys fucking shit up, what else to do but start the bat signal? Batman (once again played by Micheal Keaton) sees it and heads out in the batmobile. In an awesome bit, he uses the batmobiles gadgets to take out the bad guys.

Batman gets out of the car and starts kicking ass for real. He stops the baddies and saves the day. However, Max slinks off but falls into a trapdoor. He is then taken to the  sewers where those bad guys live, along with some penguins.

With that, we finally see our villain: The penguin, played by Danny Devito.  He’s the baby from the opening, as he was found and raised by a flock of penguins…who were in the sewer I guess. Due to his …deformed-ness (which I don’t think will be explain anytime soon) he is an outcast, and this is now evil.

He isn’t too happy about Max’s polluting ways, and doesn’t like that max as just as evil as him, but is respected.  But this is also why he wants Max to help him leave the sewers to find out more about life and maybe do some evil stuff on the way.

The penguin blackmails max into helping cuz max has flushed some rather bad evidence of his own crimes that the penguin now has. Thus, our villain team up is born.

So now are 20 minutes, as that little bit took up a bit of time. Now, I will saw that Danny devito is very good as the penguin as he helps make him feel evil and also very cool. No complaints there. But…not much is happening.

So far, we just had 2 villains, one cool and one un-interesting, team up. Some bad guys beat up but we have no real story so far. Yeah, it’s only 20 minutes but in a 2 hour movie, more should happen. But hey, maybe they just needed to set up stuff. So let’s move on.

Selina Kyle arrives at her empty (save for a cat) home, as she is all alone and whatever. After listening to some answer machines, which only serves to make her some more alone and sad, she heads back to the office to do some stuff she forgot.

She bumps into Max and they talk. She tells him that she found his power plant plans, and it seems like it will actually be sucking power. She kinda got into his files to figure this out, since  she was curious

MAX: what did curiosity do to the cat?

Walken saying it  just makes that all the less subtle….but more awesome. If I pointed out all the weird walken-ism, we’d be here all day.

“It’s not like you can just kill me”

“Actually, it’s a lot like that”

…then he laughs which means he was joking. Ah okay so then-

He pushes her out the window. I just love how out of nowhere-ish that was. Unintentionally hilarious!  She falls in the snow, but then a bunch of cats show up and start nibbling on her, then she starts blinking weirdly and it’s really weird.

She opens her eyes  and we cut to her in her house , as she bounced back from…that. She just walks around like a zombie, then starts drinking milk. Then she snaps and goes apeshit. Then she starts sewing a black leather suit, and upon finishing it, she puts it on.

“i don’t know about you mrs kitty but I feel so much/….yummy-er”

She also sports a more sexy voice. We kinda see her in the suit from a bit away as she says this. So thus, catwoman is born.

So…the hell was that? She survives a big fall like that, then she goes insane and turns into …that? I…don’t get it. Did those cats grant her 9 lives or something? Is this supernatural? Or are we expected to believe she completely survived that fall and bounced back, went crazy as this thing?

I don’t know, it doesn’t make much sense at all. On top of that, we are 30 minutes and it feels like we just got through the set up. There isn’t a story so far, only weird events kind of tied into each other. It’s just odd. And at the 30 minute mark, you better have a real story.

So the penguin has a hench man kidnap the mayor’s baby son, but then the penguin takes it  back up to make everyone think he rescued the baby. He plays a nice act for the news people , talking about wanting to find his parents.

Max comes up to defend the penguin in this regard. I can’t tell if he is meant to be a full  on bad guy with a sympathetic back story, or a full woobie destroyer of  worlds, I don’t know, what he said on camera was genuine but according to the story, he’s all evil or something.

The animated series did the penguin a lot better in this regard, as he was both evil and sympathetic, but there was a  good balance to those extremes.  But again,. I’m jumping the gun on this character.

This news is seen by Bruce Wayne, who heads to the batcave to look this up. Ohai batman! Didn’t know you were here. Seriously, the movie is called batman returns and he hasn’t a real part of the story up to this point.

Batman is trying to prove that the penguin isn’t what he says he is. Alfred (again played by micheal gough) comments.

“Must you be the only lonely man-beast in town?’

This is why I love alfred. So batman can’t get  any evidence that the penguin is really lying. This doesn’t make him feel better as he dons the batsuit and heads out.

We cut to the penguin, as we find out that his parents as dead.  The penguin visits their graves. So I guess he’ll go dress as a bat to fight crime now?

In a great silent moment, he lays some flowers on the grave and thinks. But then he goes up the gates of the graveyard where the press is waiting.

“i am a man”


“i have a name. Oswald cobblepot”

….i’d stick with the penguin

He says that he forgives his parents, as it is human nature to fear the unusual. Yeah, this also proves that danny devito was the perfect choice to play the penguin. I just wish he was well written, but it’s a nice try.

But let’s get back to catwoman. She runs out and sees a bad guy ganging up on a girl.  She kicks his ass, and it’s pretty cool. Though she’s not quite as sexy looking  was you would think ,she sounds cool and the suit looks nice anyway.

But, Anne hathway she is not.  Well okay, she’s perfectly fine and the performance is pretty good but it feels a bit too crazy/edgy for my tastes. Still good, she feels like catwoman in a way. But after seeing The dark Knight rises, it’s hard to like her as much.

But for this movie, she works, performance wise.

So after that scene, with cut to bruce wayne visiting max. I really hope catwoman’s subplot is tied into a real story later.

Bruce wants to discuss the power plant. This turns into a talk about the penguin, but they are interrupted by Selina kyle, who walks in. max is a bit shocked. Since Bruce is there, walken pretends nothing is odd.

Things go fine and after some chatting, Selina says bye to Bruce as he heads out. Max’s friend dude asks if he surprised that Selina is alive.

“Women. Nothing ever surprises me”

I guess surviving a great fall is normal in walken’s world.

Max says that he won’t worry about her as long as she doesn’t blackmail him. For now he has better fish to fry. Yeah the chick you tried to kill is alive and may tell people, no big deal,.

Max visits the penguin. He takes the penguin to his place, as there a bunch of important people. See, max has a plan to make the penguin the mayor to help seize control of the city, and since everyone thinks “oswald” is 100 percent good, they seem to be okay with this plan.

Cuz who doesn’t want an ugly freak to control the city? I mean, with how humanity is like, you think someone would be like “HE’S STILL BAAAD”

Oh hey, someone heard me, as one guy jokes that they don’t have reflective surfaces in the sewer. Except…the water. The penguin takes it well.

I mean, all he does is bite the man’s nose off! It’s no big deal. Hell, max just shrugs it off, and moves on while every just kind of waddles about

Seriously,  he bit a guy’s nose! You make a deal, but you should be like HOLYFUCKINGSHITHEBITHISNOSE.

So anyway, max says that they will try to get the current mayor recalled so that the penguin can run,

He will send his goons after the mayor to get things riled up. But now, the penguin says he shouldn’t get sidetracked from his personal goals, but max reminds him that he must reclaim his birthright.

So the penguin agrees to help. So really, the penguin is like a secondary, cool villain person, while max is the main evil here. And…max is a really dull, generic villain that isn’t interesting. If he wasn’t played by freaking walken, I wouldn’t care at all,.

So next scene, penguins goons tear shit up in town, and batman shows up to kick ass. Oh yeah, here’s another problem:

BATMAN’S BARELY IN THIS MOVIE. It’s called “Batman returns” but he’s only been in a little bit, and the plot, if you can call it that, hasn’t really featured him and the movie’s story isn’t even about him at all. If you take him out, it’d be the same. Heck, if you replaced him with any hero it’d be the same. It’s not much of a batman movie, is it?

Oh, and before this movie can be about batman, we cut to catwoman, who is doing shit in a sport goods store. Last scene with her, she was beating bad guys, but now she’s doing bad guy stuff. So is she good or bad? I know that’s part of her character, but it’s not well written here

Sme security guards show up (and make a crack about her looks) and she kicks their asses. And then we cut to batman. Can’t this movie be ABOUT something?

Oh, and here’s something epic: a bad guy pops up from batman’s side, but he doesn’t look, grabs the guy and throws him off a rail. All without looing. BADASS

. So while catwoman goes apeshit, batman runs into the penguin.

“You’re not the mayor”

“Things change”

and later..

“You don’t really think you’ll win, do you?”
“Things change”

Awesome. Then catwoman runs up to them, says “meow” than that store blows up. Again, awesome. Weird, but awesome.

PENGUIN: I saw her first

Ew, keep it to fanfic. The penguin runs off, leaving batman to fight catwoman. And surprisingly, catwoman is a pretty good fighter, actually posing a threat to batman. So a big fall and a psychotic break grants you fighting skills without training? Awesome!

Eventually, she has him hanging off the top off a building by her whip she now has.

“Life’s a bitch, now so am i”

Okay, movie stop being awesome so I can dislike your messy story. So anyway, batman ends up saving catwoman from falling, and she goes all slutty on him.

She gets all horny, but then she tries to kick him in the nuts. Batman throws her off the building and into a cat litter truck, cuz those exist. Also, that was funny. Don’t know if it was meant to be, but it was. Someone tried to kick batman in the nuts, and he threw them off.

Just say, “that’s a low blow, bitch” in batman’s voice. Just try it! Batman goes home to rest.

So now we are the hour mark,. Halfway through the movie. I’ll save my complaints about the story for later.

The penguin’s mayor campaign is in full swing. He does a speech about how bad the mayor is. It goes over well, and no one objects at all.  Why does batman like this city again?

He is greeted by a female fan, who says he is a great role model.

“and you are the hottest young person a role model could have”

…ew. He then slaps a mayor button thing on her, which gives him the chance to grope her,. Again ew. Why does she, (and everyone else) find him charming? She can’t feel a grope, near see the gross-ness of that line?

He heads up to his room and is greeted by catwoman.

“just the pussy i’ve been looking for”

No comment

In this scene,. She comes across as sexier than before, though maybe a bit too gruff for my tastes. But the performance itself is strong and it works for the movie, just saying.

Catwoman wants a team up, cuz batman is a thorn in their sides. Yes, try to tack on batman to the story, see if it saves this mess of a story.

She wants to take down the bat,

“To destroy batman, we must first turn him into what he hates the most”

rock and roll?

After some talking, they decide to team up, and they form a plan.. so now we cut to bruce wayne watching penguins speech on tv.

ALFRED: can we switch to a program to some dignity?

Again, love this guy. So later, Bruce bumps into normal Selina on the street. I must commend the actress for making catwoman’s two identities  very distinct and different, so you can’t tell they are the same person. Though for someone going through  a psycho break, she sure can clam down and get a grip on things

So anyway, earlier the penguin said that he wants the mayor to relight the town christmas tree that was broken earlier. Bruce wouldn’t be caught dead there, so invited sleina to come watch it on TV. She declines, but says they can have dinner later.

So the penguin kidnaps this  holiday-themed beauty queen chick who was  seen in the earlier tree scene (who I assume is extremely cold  in her skimpy outfit) and will be turning the tree lights now. Cuz she’s an idiot, she believes him when he says he is  a talent scout.

She also doesn’t recognize  him from TV. Okay.  Anyway, after that, we cut to Bruce and Selina at his home. I assume the tree thing hasn’t happened yet. So I guess she suddenly got free time between scenes. They talk and hit it off fine.

They have a talk about bruce’s batman thing, though Selina doesn;’t quite know bruce is referring to batman when he talks about his duality and weird-ness.

And with the tension in the air, they do it. Well, not really as they start feeling awkward and back off.  Just then, plot convenience news comes to inform them that ice princess, the dumb chick from the last scene, has been kidnapped.

So bruce has gotta turn into batman to save the day, and selina must turn into catwoman to help ruin the day. This problem is stopped when Selina simply tells Alfred to tell bruce that her leaving doesn’t mean rejection.

Batman heads out, as does catwoman. It doesn’t take long for Batman to find ice princess, tied to  a chair on a roof. But before he can untie her, Catwoman shows up to fight. Batman  throws her to the ground.

“Eat floor. High fiber”

….That made laugh so much harder than I should. That’s such a cheese line! I don’t know if it’ s out of place, or not, but it’s the best line EVER.

Catwoman gets up and drags the chick to the edge of the roof, but then the penguin shows up,  throws something at her, making her fall to her doom. Even worse, it looks like batman did it. The bystanders below are fooled.

She falls onto the button that lights  the tree. How merrily morbid.  , okay, so we finally do have some sort of plot, with that trap.

But now the max character is pretty pointless and it’s only hallfway through that any plot starts, and it still has little focus on batman as a character unlike the other bat films i’ve seen.

Catwoman and the penguin celebrate their victory, and penguin hits on catwoman. She rejects him, spoilers. He doesn’t take reject well, as when catwoman grabs penguins umbrella thing, it takes her off into the air. Penguin tech, it’s the best. It drops her into some glass house thingy and it looks she may be dead…

to add to it, The penguins goons sabotaged the batmobile, so now the penguin can control it from his trailer. When batman gets into the car, a video screen penguin tells him to start screaming.

This movie may not excel at story, or writing, but sure as hell excels on action and excitement.

The Batmobile goes over town, tearing shit up. Thankfully, Batman finds and tears the device that the penguin is using to  control the car.

Defeated, the penguin heads to Max’s place. Oh yeah, he’s still in the story. I almost forget due to how dull he is AND how the plot completely changes to accommodate him vanishing.

Max tells him not to worry, since the citizens of gotham still want penguin over the current mayor,. Penguin then gives a speech to the masses about how batman and the mayor suck. Back with bruce, he heads to the batcave to do some stuff

What he does, is some high tech stuff that takes over the speakers at the place the penguin is speaking at, as he plays audio of the penguin saying evil stuff. Where he got that, I have no idea..

Nonetheless, chalk up another awesome moment for the bat

Bruce then moves the audio disc to make that swoosh scratch sound. What, is batman a DJ now? Is a rap gonna bust out? …cuz that’d be awesome

The citizens throw stuff at the penguin in disgust.

“Why is there always someone who brings eggs and tomatoes to a speech?”

chalk up another great line!

The penguin retreats to the sewers. He flips his shit, and accepts that he  is not a human, but a penguin. I still can’t decide if we are meant to sympathize with him.

One moment he is talking how his parents dumped him, the next he is doing evil things to get people’s respect. The animated series had him walk the line between woobie and outright villain, without going overboard on either. This movie, just gets it wrong. But Danny  is still awesome.

So what does he want to do? Kill all of gotham’s first born sons! …Yeah, see what I mean? Don’t get me wrong, you can make a villain both evil and sympathetic. Lotso from Toy story 3 is a good example. But  the writer just makes him too much both at times, where he fails at being either..

One of his henchmen agrees with me that it’s too extreme, but penguin just shoots him. So anyway, they will kidnap those sons and toss them in the sewer.

That night, Max Walken has a party that Bruce attends. Wait, they still respect max even though he helped a man that they now know is evil? They are completely fine with max helping a criminal? It just didn’t cross their minds that max is the mastermind behind penguins evil doings? God, this city sucks.

Bruce bumps into Selina, cuz that romance is still again. It isn’t done badly, as they do take time for it, but it doesn’t feel fully fleshed out and it clashes against the whole bad guy stuff. It’s a nice try, but it’s not that good..

She and Bruce have their fun, and selina says she is here with max.

“…you and max?”

“no, this and max”

She busts out a gun. Oh boy.

“ I know you have problems with your boss but…..who do you think you are?”

“i don’t know anymore bruce”

Then she kisses him. Under the mistletoe.

“milestoe can be deadly if you eat it”

“a kiss can be even deadlier”

Then that’s when it hits him: Catwoman said the mistletoe thing to him earlier. And that’s what batman said back. They now realize who they really are.

But they don’t break into a fight due, to being at a high class party. Before anything can happen, a bomb goes off and the penguin walks in.

The penguin makes a speech, and wants to take max’s son, chip. However, Max doesn’t like this and asksthe  penguin to take him instead. After all, max manipulated him and…helped his evil scheme and made him respected. Yep, he was such a prick to ya, penguin. He totally did bad things to you in the end.

Though if max says he did bad stuff, I guess he did. All hail walken!

He takes max to his sewer lair, and says max will watch as the babies sink to their doom. Penguin’s henchmen start collecting babies, but Batman comes in to kick some ass.

After that, batman sends a paper message to the penguin, which ,in a nice way, says “fuck you, the babies aren’t yours”.

Fed up,  the Penguin then decides to launch missiles around Gotham using mind-controlled penguins. For a movie that’s so dark, it’s also kind of silly. And seeing how it’s about a man dressed as a bat, that’s saying a lot. But then again, the first movie had his share of dumb stuff, so I’ll let it slide.

Batman sees the penguins going out, so now he’s gotta stop the penguin for good. , Batman is able to jam the frequencyhw  used to control the penguins. The penguin isn’t so happy, so when batman walks up to the base, they have a big fight.

However, batman gets the remote for the missiles, and fires them at the penguins lair….just as he runs in to hide. With that, he falls into the toxic wastes of his lair. A cliché way to do him in, but i’ll take it.

As for walken, he gets out of his cage, but faces Catwoman whose suit all torn up, so she’s both selina and catwoman here. She actually looks hotter in this scene than in the rest of the movie, with with how pissed she is at max.

Batman swoops in to save selina, and take max to jail. Catwoman isn’t too keen on this.

“why are you doing this? Let’s just take him to the police”

Yes, listen to batman.

Batman argues that they are the same, which is a nice try to tie  in the romance thing, and while it is too little to late, and another forced aspect to this mess, it’s at least emotionally satisfying..

To hammer this in, he takes off his mask.

‘I just can;’t couldn’t livewith  myself. So don’t pretend this is a happy ending”

Whatever, your loss bitch.

MAX;: Selina kyle, your fired.

Walken > Trump

“Bruce Wayne, why are you dressed up like batman?”

“he is batman you moron!”

They at  least they pointed it out

Then he shoots him. Okay so now he’s our main villain…oh I don’t fucking care, this movie has no idea what the hell it’s doing, so I give up trying to make sense of it.

He shoots catwoman a few times, but then she takes out a taser, and puts it between their mouth and makes them kiss it, which offs them both. Awesome send off.

Then the penguin rises out of water. Damn it movie, just end already! He tries to kill batman one lost time, but his wounds are just too much.

“I’ll kill you…but first I need of drink…of ice water”

Two movies later, i’d get sick of ice in batman. So yeah he dies. That had a point to it!

His penguins then take his body into the sewer waters as a final resting place. Yeah,  I don’t know  what emotion I was meant to feel, but it’s kind of cute to see that his penguins cares about him this much.

After that, before we can wrap up properly, we cut to Bruce being driven around by Alfred. He spots what likes like Catwoman in an alleyway,

He runs up to where he saw her, but he simply spots a cat, which he takes with him. Yeah, I forgot, selina has a pet cat so I assume this is that same cat. How is she still alive, if that’s what there are implying?

No idea. At this point, I don’t care. So with the cat, they drive off

“Merry Christmas, mr Wayne”

“merry Christmas…and goodwill to all men…and women”

They drive off, as the bat signal shines. The end. Not exactly much of an ending. Didn’t really end. But whatever, its’ over

Final Thoughts:

This movie is a mess. The story is just dumb, as it throws everything their without trying it all with a theme or anything that resembles an overarching story.

For the first half, there IS no real story, instead opting for random things happening. Max is a dull villain, the penguin is just not himself for reasons mentioned, Catwoman isn’t written right, and overall most of the films elements are thrown in and don’t mesh well..

It tries to get co-herent in the last act, but it still has that “too many elements” thing, but it is coherent.  Oh, and the biggest problem? IT’S NOT ABOUT BATMAN. For a movie called Batman Returns, batman gets very little focus and has no interesting character arc, and his romance feels slapped on in order to make it bat focused. As a batman movie, it just fails. AND…

I loved every minute of it.

This, is a guilty pleasure. It is immensely entertaining is just how stupid and weird it is. This is mostly due to the gorgeous cinematography, the badass action scenes, and the various cool lines and moments sprinkled throughout.

Plus, the performances save it. Micheal Keaton is still great, but Danny devito plays a great penguin, and really sells an otherwise weird character. Walken is his usual fun self. And of course, Michelle Pfeiffer is really good as catwoman.

Yes, I did express issues with the character and her sexy-ness at many points, but having fully watched this now, I say she gets completely into her character and makes her fun and believable. The writing may be weak for the character, but she plays her very well, though not quite as good as hathaway. But she’s good in her OWN right, and that’s good enough for me.

Despite being dark, and disgusting at times  this was a fun mess of a film. It fails as a sequel to a great movie, but man is it enjoyable thanks to fun performances and bad ass moments. I will gladly rewatch this every christmas, though only on TV.

With that said, you should check it out. It has it’s fans, and critics at the time enjoyed it, to the point where the rotten tomatoes rating is higher than the first one. ..wait, wut?

Uh, anyway, you may enjoy it to a degree, and you may even like the story. Just give it a shot. Even if you hate it based on my summary. You may be surprised, for better or worse

Grade: D- on a critical level. B+ on a entertainment level.

So there’s my big Christmas review. Chances are I won’t do more for the year,  but I do have part of transformers 3 coming up, as well as one last review for the year. Even though it’sd the 22nd as of this writing, i’ll say it:

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. Check out red ribbon reviewers, donate if you can, have a safe christmas, and check out this movie.

See ya.

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