A tribute to Lazytown

Hello, Spongey here

Yes, for the first time, i post 2 posts around the same freaking time. both are show tributes, oddly enough. only i started out this one months ago and never finished  it it til now, while the HIMYM one was done in one sitting today.

…anyway, on to the blog

I’ve talked about the Backyardigans a few times now. I used it to bring up a point about how little kids show can be good if done  right. They’re usually pretty dumb, but Backyardigans is a lot of fun.

But, it isn’t the only good kids show out there. There are a few others. And I think it’s time to talk about one I’ve liked for a while, and wanted to talk about for a long time.

This, is A Tribute to Lazytown

There’s a lot more to discuss here than with time warp trio, oddly enough. Let’s begin with its origins..

It all started in…I don’t know.it was late 90’s/early 2000’s. anyway, it all started in Iceland, where a dude named Magnús Scheving made two plays, both set in the village of Latibær. The first one featured an Elf visiting the lazy village and helping them become active, while the 2nd one had the evil “Glanni“ tricking the kids into following his lazy example.

In it‘s home country, it was popular, so they brought it over to america and made into a TV show in 2004. This is Lazytown


Tthere were plenty of changes from play to show, not counting the names. But i don‘t think any of that is really all too important.

So let‘s look at at the show itself, starting with the premise.

The main character is Stephanie (Julianna Rose Mauriello), who arrives in Lazytown and urges her new friends Ziggy, Trixie, Stingy, and Pixel to go outside and be active, instead of staying inside and playing video games all day. Her uncle, the bumbling Mayor Milford Meanswell, enlists the help of Sportacus  (Badass name,. right?)_ a self-described “slightly above-average hero”.

It is Sportacus’ job to inspire the kids to play outside, and to help solve low-key emergencies that occur from time to time. However, all this does not sit well with Robbie Rotten (Stefán Karl Stefánsson), a lazy man  who lives in an underground lair hidden just on the edge of town.  He wants Sportacus to leave town forever so he can encourage the kids to be lazy again.

Cow, i must mention that the mayor says that a hero with a 9 on his chest helped them once upon a time, and there was a tube messaging thing to send letters to him. of course, sportacus is number 10 (which opens lots of questions).

but here’s my question: if they had the tube thingy, why didn’t he use it before? milford laments that the kid’s don’t do much, but he rolls with it. couldn’t he have contact sportacus? it’s not like robbie watches the mayor all the time. he didn’t need steph to do this!


And thus we have our formula: The kids are doing something healthy, Robbie dons a disguise/starts a scheme to get them to stop, it sort of works, it goes wrong, sportacus saves someone, they find out it’s Robbie, happy ending,.

The first thing you may ask is “How is that whole healthy living message done?”. And the answer is…well. Is it Anvillicous? Maybe. Is it a case of “Some anvils need to be dropped”?. Yes!

It’s not exactly told in a clever way ,but it is a fun way. For example, starting with episode 3, they refer to the healthy stuff as “Sports candy” which sounds less dumb In context.

And of course, there’s Sportacus. The coolest role model ever. Maybe he’s a sue. But he’s  still awesome. He proves to be just as naive as the kids at times. Seriously, how can anyone not see through Robbie’s Disguises?

In fact…WMG: he can, but just doesn’t say anything to humor him. It makes sense!

Also, he has his own kryptonite  which is, you guessed it, sugar. Yeah, he says he’s a slightly above average hero…who shuts down when he eats something sugary. Yes

Okay, when you think of that it makes little sense, but that’s fun. With any show, you need to say to yourself, “it’s just a show, I should really just relax”
Point is, sue or not, Sportacus is awesome. Now on to the rest

Stephanie…yes, I am aware of her…fans. She attracts pedophiles, and I WILL LEAVE IT AT THAT. Also, her character is 8, though her Actress was around 14 when filming began. Now she is around 20. Yes, may of 2009, when she turned 18 was an interesting time online.

Anyway, Stephanie has pink hair, cuz she does. It’s mentioned, mostly by Trixie and Robbie,.


“hey pinkie”


but other than that., no attention is called to…it until ‘Dancing Dreams”, where Robbie, in disguise, asks the mayor for someone with pink hair, and he says it’s an odd color…until he remembers Steph. Yeah, mayor is a dumbass.

So anyway, Steph is the moral chain who keeps the other kids from being fat slobs forever. Yes, she is prone to lazyiness  like anyone, but she’s usually the one wanting the kids to be active most of the time. She is the audience surrogate, and while she isn’t the most dynamic character, she works for what she is.


Her uncle is Mayor Milford meanswell \. He is bumbling and stuff. Also, there’s an episode where he becomes a secret agent and it’s awesome. Not much to say, though he is quite funny and thus that episode is among the best.

He has a secretary named Bessie Busybody, who only does her job like once and she’s mostly his lady friend, and yes ship teases are abound.  Milford is mostly a spineless yes man to her, though they both come out likable. Also she sang an epic song in the agent episode.

Also, every character except Steph Sport, and rob are puppets. You get used to them

Ziggy is the one most prone to laziness, as he loves candy. A lot. He is an excitable little kid, who is always carrying a lollipop…though he never seems to finish it, and we never know if got a new one. Anyway, he’s the youngest and isn’t trusted to do big stuff. Besides liking candy, his big thing is that he wants friends…and well in the two episodes where they say he’s too young  to do a certain thing, he isn’t happy.

These episodes are “Hero for  a day” and “Ziggy’s alien”. I won’t go into detail, but they add to his character, and make him quite likable.

Next is Pixel. He’s the token black! Oh, and he’s the nerd, making crazy inventions and he’s usually only there when the plot calls for him. Oh, and the first episode says he has a crush on Stephanie. Ew.

But it’s only the time that is mentioned. K

He is also a video game freak, and one episode is about him staying up late to play games, and thus  is insanely tired. There’s another one where he refuses to play soccer in favor of a video game. Yes, he gets  a CMOA at the end where he saves the  day with soccer.

Oh, and the same episode has a good moral: it’s okay to lose sometimes. This is so refreshing to see, guys! But I digress.

Trixie is the slightly bitch-y one. She likes pranks, scaring Ziggy, and such. She is the weakest character BUT that is only because she is under used. Plus her banter with the next character is great

And that is Stingy. He’s rich, and acts like everything is his. He is always saying “it’s mine!” and such,. No, it is not annoying. It’s funny as hell. He bickers with the others, mostly Trixie. It’s hilarious. He does learn to share and such, though one bit bugs me. In episode 4, he first learns this lesson, to not be stingy

One episode later, he’s back to being stingy. No wonder this town needs a hero (HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO~), they keep forgetting the moral!

Oh, and about that, the amnesia only happens in early season 1 as  they were only getting used to be healthy, so they had lazy tendencies more often. Once season 2 rolls around, they were less lazy. Most of the episodes by that point got rid of that and now they were just healthy all the time. Sure, they were still naive as ever, but still.

Season 2 overall is the show growing the beard. Robbie’s disguises got even funnier, the plots got more interesting, the puppets looked better, and the songs were still great.

And now for Robbie rotten, the best character for sure. He has the awesomely bad disguises, the great jokes, and just everything. He is so darn determined, it’s great

The interesting thing, is that because he spends all his time scheming, and running around in these disguise…he’s almost as active as sportacus!

“Robbie rotten moves a lot…but only when he’s sneaking around!”

So Robbie becomes the thing he hates most. But this all comes to a head in The Laziest Town. The mayor learns lazytown will officially be called the laziest town but there is an energy  meter (just roll with it), if they can get It up  to a 100 by the end of the day, lazytown will not be the laziest town

First thing, Robbie walks into Mayor’s office with a disguise…and he is recognized right away. Robbie’s disguise was so bad the mayor, aka miss dumbass, caught it. Wow.

Anyway, Robbie actually doesn’t do anything. The way he sees it, everyone must be active to get the meter up. So if he does nothing, he wins! Smart for Robbie, I must say.

In the end, he almost wins. It becomes 5 o clock, and no 100. But…he dances around in happiness thus making the meter go to 100. Wow. I like how everyone cheers Robbie for helping them, despite all the crap he puts them through. It’s a little sweet, in a weird way

So, let’s now finish this with a look at the most notable episodes!

Energy Book

Sportacus gives them all Energy books, with stickers. For every healthy thing they do, they get a sticker in the book. Robbie disguises himself as a sticker salesman to steer them the wrong way.

How is this notable? Well…

At one point, the kids split off to eat carrots, drink water, and bounce on a pogo stick. So what does Robbie do?

Eat the carrots.

Robbie Rotten…eats carrots

He does this to stop Ziggy from doing so. Wow. This is surreal. I mean…ROBBIE ROTTEN EATING CARROTS! He doesn’t spit it out either! He chews! He only doesn’t finish because he spots steph drinking water..

THEN HE DRINKS THE WATER!  Robbie drinks water. He is DEDICATED

To make it better, after the mess is over, the kids notice that he did all this, and are happy that even Robbie likes doing all this. It’s a plot point! Robbie still acts…well like Robbie

It’s just surreal, and a WTF moment in a mostly decent episode, which makes it GREAT.

Lazytown’s Secret santa

Duh, it has a Christmas episode. Wait…in episode 1 they say Steph is here for the summer, which is said again in other episodes.

…Christmas. There’s another winter episode, and one with them in school! What?!

It’s chirstmas in laztown, and Christmas-y stuff happens. Robbie Rotten of course does not approve. The main reason? They are having Sportacus as a guest of honor at the Christmas dinner,. And Robbie isn’t unhappy about that. So of course…he puts a giant snowball in a cannon, set to go off when the dinner starts! Duh!

But he has a backup plan. He plays Grinch and dresses up as santa to steal the presents. Later on, he starts to take them…but finds one …for him! He decides to…put them back. D’aww.

But wait! They all find out Santa is Robbie then…have him as that guest of honor. Again. D’aww. And when the he realizes the snowball is still there, he warns them all. Damn.

They all have a good time, and such. And in the stinger, Robbie walks out of the house and..sees he got socks. He is pissed

“I’m bad, and I’ll always be bad!”

Glad to have you back Robbie

Yeah…good episode. Oh, and Robbie has a villain song called “Good to be bad” but…it is cut in reruns. Fuck. BUT , it does have an extended version on the soundtrack, so there’s that.

A nice Christmas episode. Yep.
Dear Dairy

Every show needs a clip show, and LazyTown is no exception!  In this one, Stephanie goes around with her dairy and memories and clips ensues, but of course Robbie has to messs it up. He puts pieces of paper next to the dairy, with nasty things on them, making people think it will fell of the dairy.

And chaos ensues. It’s interesting the kids all town apart like this, but that’s not the main attraction here. that would be the clips. The best part is when they actually pull a montage of when Stingy said Mine. It was a lot.

Also, this is actually when Stingy’s mine song first popped up. Yes, a clip in  a clip show that is new. Good song, though an odd way to introduce it.

And now for the ending. Robbie eventually just takes the actually dairy to write crap in it. Then he sees that Steph wrote about…him. It’s all the usual (“he likes to eat a lot”0 until…

“but most of all ,I think he’s a big…softie”

Robbie is affected  by this. “maybe I am a softie”

Then he returns the dairy. D’awww

So yeah, another episode where Robbie shows humanity in a way. ,.,..next.

Lazytown’s New Superhero
40 minute special!

The kids notice Sportacus works a lot, so they convince him to take a vacation, though he isn’t fond of the idea. Stephanie takes up his role as a hero and hilarity ensues. Robbie makes a robot dog that attacks when the world “Trouble” is said and Robbie himself ends up needing saving the end.

This is fun, mostly to see sportacus squirm when he can’t move for once. It’s just funny. I also like the song “Take a vacation” which is a clever reverse of “No one’s lazy in lazytown”.

Robbie has a cute song about the robot dog, which is hilarious and awesome. This is just a fun episode and while it didn’t need to be an hour, it’s still pretty cool. Plus, I love that robot doggy. Heck, the episode ends (every ep has  a stinger with Robbie) with doggy in Robbie’s chair, with Robbie in the doghouse…literally.

Good stuff. Yeah…it’s good.

The Lazy  Genie:
Very rarely will a character pop up that is not part of the main cast. But here, we got it.

Robbie hears stingy trying to wish for stuff (unsuccessfully)   and tries it himself. So of course, he orders a genie off the phone. Well duh. After some coaxing, the genie gives Robbie 3 wishes, which of course, go wrong.

I like the genie. He’s played by an actor from that original play, in fact. He’ s a lot fun and kind of borders  the line between nice genie and jackass genie.  He is also quite the literal genie

Robbie uses his first two wishes to get rid of healthy food and spots equipment. But…he never specifies how long they should be gone,. So they show up quite a bit later. Wah wah.

Allow me to tell you how this ends, it’s great.
Robbie wishes sportacus away, but the genie must do it himself. Sadly, sportacus is too fast for the genie. Robbie sets up a trap for Sportacus, but it fails, and the genie accidently makes Robbie vanish instead!

Then the genie’s lamp, due to the failing trap, fails and almost breaks, until Sportacus saves it. The kid’s come by and the genie explain what happened.

The genie gives sportacus a wish for saving him. But Sportacus gives his wish to stingy, to be nice. Well, I guess he’s gonna wish for money of something..

“let’s see…it wouldn’t be lazytown…without the guy in the stripped suit!”
“but he’’s a pain in the neck!”
“but he’s our in the neck. And I wish him back”
Yeah, that just happened,

We went from Robbie giving steph her dairy, to them gving him a present, to them saying it isn’t lazytown without him.

This is just d’awwww

Sure they go back to hating him next episode, but I love this,. This episode is funny with the genie, but also gets in a sweet moment.

Plus, he has an amazing song.

LazyTown’s Greatest Hits:

Another clip show, though a different kind. Lazytown has a song in each episode, so of course they needed a clip show just for them. Stephanie goes around asking people what their favorite song is. That’s about it, but it is fun to hear the songs and their banter about them.

I won’t tell you all of them, cuz  I don’t know. But I will say Robbie’s. During the episode, Robbie is not happy that Stephanie keeps failing to ask him, because he forgets he gives her crap all the time. Anyway, eventually she does find Robbie, and in a kinda cute scene, she asks Robbie what his fave song is. Eventually he says it

“there is one song…a …pirate song”

Yes, it’s you are a pirate. Odd, since it should be his many villain songs, as he had quite a few by this point.

Either way, this episode is just lots of fun.

And if I had to pick an all-time fave, it would be…


Just let me tell you the plot first:
When the kids are playing pirate, the mayor shows them a tale of an actual lazytown pirate: rottenbeard. He raided lazytown (despite it being nowhere near an ocean, or a port for that matter). One day, a very ninjalike hero (and sportacus like) came and kicked his ass. Rottenbeard was looking for the fabled ‘lazytown stone” which has the secret to living in lazytown, which if found, everyone must follow.

Robbie hears this, and makes a fake stone that tells everyone to be lazy. “now to put my chiseling skills to good use”

He buries it, and then disguises himself as a pirate to help the kid’s find it. They do, and when they see that the stone says to be lazy…his plan works, and lazytown is lazy.

Until…they find, by accident, a map to the real stone, which makes Robbie go after them, capture time, and Sportacus has to fight him.

Yeah, this is awesome. Seriously Robbie actually makes a decent plan, which has him winning! He wins! And when he loses, it’s not due to him being stupid!

This was great. Robbie comes up with a competent plan, an actually good disguides, and it’s all mixed in with funny moments. I just loved seeing Robbie be smart, and even almost win.

I also love sportacus kicking “rottenbeard”’s ass..literally Yes, he literally kicks him in the butt. I love this show.

it’s just a really funny and well done episode, and yeah, i also love the you are a pirate song  yeah, great episode

i’d go over the best songs, but i’ll do another blog  for that. Yeah, every episode  has a song. oh sure, some episodes in season 1, reuse songs, but only when they can, and not just because. i don’t find that bothersome , and season 2 doesn’t do that. like i said, i’ll go into detail anothe time

The show is sadly, over, and we never got to see some even more epic stuff. but as it now, it is a very funny, fun, and cool show that is good for kid’s, and adults’ the morals aren’t bad either.

this one was shorter than my last tribute, but hey, Lazytown doesn’t have 8 seasons…or NPH. i still think i went into decent detail, but meh

it’s just too bad that the show will.. never continue…


See ya.

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