A Tribute to How I Met Your Mother

Hello, Spongey here

Kids, I’m gonna tell you a story of a rare live action show I am hooked on.

“Is this gonna take awhile?”

…Nah, i’m not gonna do that. I am however, going to gush about a show. See, people assume I only watch cartoons all the time.

And while i do love cartoons, and they make up a lot of what i watch, I do watch  some live action shows. However, I mostly avoid some shows becuase of how the split the internet is on them. I wish to avoid being hated for liking “crap” shows, or hating good shows.

Thus, I will never watch Glee or the big bang theory. Ever.

This mostly applies with sitcoms, but a few friends of mine suggested I check out this show, and man, I am hooked.

This, is A Tribute to How I Met Your Mother

Created by Carter Bays’ and Craig Thomas in 2005, How I Met your Mother was inspired by their idea to “”write about our friends and the stupid stuff we did in New York”

Which is odd given the main gimmick of the show, but whatever. Some of the character are even based on those friend, though loosely

The premise of the show is simple. Ted Mosbey, in the year 2030 is talking to his (as of now, unnamed) kids, and recalling the story of…well How he met their mother.

“Is this gonna take awhile?”


And boy, he doesn’t lie. This story starts  in 2005, and ends in 2012/2013 (assuming the current season in the final one).

The story starts with Ted (Josh Radnor) single and goes through his extensive romantic relationships with tons of women from long story arcs to one shot chicks. Future!Ted (Bob saget, which is fucking awesome) swears all this is important to how he met the mother. The kids (and the audience) have doubts/

But of course, the show is mostly an ensemble focusing on Ted and his friends, and he has quite the bunch. There’s Marshall, (Jason Seigel) who at the start is Engaged to Lilly (Alyson Hannigan), whom he latter marries and has a kid with. There is also Robin (Cobie Smulders) whom Ted has a relationship with early on, and was on again/off again with for awhile. Though (spoilers) she is now with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) who is the ultimate Womanizer, who comes up with insane pussy getting schemes and has tons of tons facts, rulers and theories regarding sex and dating.

Everyone has a distinct, and funny personality, brought to life through the incredible actors.

Robin is Canadian, which the others take pride in mocking. She takes equal pride in showing this off. Oh, and she also used to be a Canadian pop star with a one hit wonder. This causes further mocking, and it’s always funny when it’s mentioned. Oh, and she also had a Canadian kid’s show which…well….

“Robin…is this a porno?!”

Yeah, it has innuendos.  Just watch the episode “Glitter” for more info on THAT..

She is also known for picking up random one shot guys. My fave is Nate Scobberman, who …acts ike a dog. Hell, his nickname is scooby. That episode is hilarious in how dog-like is, and all the jokes people make about him.

She is also a news anchor, which leads to even more funny jokes. Her show came on at 4 am, which means no one really saw it. Well, there is one where the gang gathers to watch it…but they mute it when Ted finds out some thing about lily, and they argue. The writers then put the most insane  shit on the muted TV, which is hilarious.

oh, and she dated her therapist for while, who is played by Kumar from the harold and kumar movies. oh, and harold is in one episode, as Marshall’s boss who is gay for him (don’t ask). Kal Penn’s character gets screwed over by barney sometimes, which means NPH will always give him torture, no matter what

For each character, i will associate them with their actor’s most interesting role. so Robin is Nick Fury’s partner in the avengers. Guess ted left that part out…

“Kids, let me tell you the story of how your Aunt Robin joined SHIELD and helped save the world from aliens”

Oh, and  the friends have honorary uncle/aunt Status. Also, every character has a rocky relationship with their fathers. Robin’s expected a son. you can imagine how that turns out.

“oh, and happy birthday”

“you remembered!”

Anyway, that’s enough of Robin.

Next up is Marshall, who is Ted’s main best friend (but don’t tell that to barney). He is from Minnesota, which also leads to some jokes, though not as much as Robin’s canada thing. He is also a  friendly Lawyer (there are so few). He is most likely the silliest, and thus one of the funniest. He has those little funny quirks which characters like this seem to have.

He is a naive optimist, which of course leads to many jokes about his “manliness” and he also argues with barney about his dumb rules, but will roll with them more often than not. he fails at being like barney, which also leads to funny jokes.

For awhile, he worked at Goliath National Bank (where Barney also works, though his specifc job is a mystery) , which most people hate and GNB is seen as evil. though this is most seen with Ted, who also worked there, and even met one of his many girls there.

and as for his Dad…well they have a decent relationship actually, as we get some flashbacks of them having fun, though daddy was of course tough at times, and Lilly showed her dislike of him early on. her thoughts on him got higher once they hung out more.

Oh, and his dad is played by non other than Bill faggerbake. Yes, patrick star. THAT IS AWESOME.

Oh, something happens with dad that i can’t spoil. but i will say it leads to one of the most amazing episodes of the entire series. seriously.

As for actor stuff….Marshall’s brother is a muppet i guess.

Most of what i like about him is shown with our next character, Lilly. She is his wife (through most of the show after like season 2). fun fact, you know how i said the chracters were based on the creator’s friends? well the basis for lilly didn’t want her to be…well based on, unless Alyson Hanigon played her. the more you know!

anyway, she is also quite crazy, and mostly thanks to Alyson’s great comedic acting, she spews out some of the funniest parts. she has tons of little quirks, which would take hours to discuss. the most interesting is the constant implication of being ambiguously bi. yes

i won’t go into more detail.

However, she is one of the smartest of the group, and has the most morals, so she’s kind of their morality chain, when Robin isn’t busy being Canadian. if someone fucks up, she’ll point it out in a way that thankfully isn’t bitch-y

she also bitches out at Barney a lot, since he is kind of a man-whore. she also says “Bitch” a lot, and this is odd to say, but whenever she says bitch, it’s funny for some reason

She is also the impulvise one, and when that happens, Marshall is the voice of reason. yeah, she has quite a few layers to her that make her very funny and also interesting.

She is also quite the manipulative  bastard, always making weird plans and being generally crazy. Barney notices this also and calls her “pure evil”. also, she and barney sometimes have this…odd sexual tension.of course it’s also for laughs and they won’t have anything to do with each other, but barney makes joke-y advances to her a lot. this is…weird

anyway, she and Marshall have quite the relationship. it’s never sickeningly sweet, and even leads to some good jokes

“The best part of having a nightshirt? it’s short”

TED: i can vouch for that. please cross your legs

LILY: i can vouch too. could you uncross your legs, honey?

yeah, they make for quite the couple. they are insanely cute, and even more insanely funny. they also prove that characters can be married and also have great stuff going on.

she is a kindergarten teacher, which leads to some great jokes. i wish we’d see some of her class stuff, it’s usually very funny.

and as for her dad…yikes. they have the most interesting one, sorta. he was quite neglectful, and didn’t pay much attention to her, instead focusing on his board game business. (only one was ever popular)

so thus, she hates him quite a bit and we didn’t even meet him til season 5. however, they get better and have an incredibly sweet episode, where they grow stronger. this gets better later on, in the one where Lily gets preggo, but i won’t spoil too much

i will say that he ends up moving in with her and Marshall, and again, it’s too sweet to spoil.

As for actor…Lilly once stuck a flute up her pussy.

Which leads us to Ted, our main character. You’d think he would be boring compared to all these amazing people, but he actually for a very funny straight man.

He is also the most complex, as he is a hopeless romantic, and just wants a good love life, but he is sadly shafted. This makes him such a huge woobie, as he goes through so much shit. it’s best explained through this quote..

“That was the year I got left at the altar. It was the year I got knocked out by a crazy bartender. The year I got fired. The year I got beat up by a goat. A girl goat at that! And dammit if it wasn’t the best year of my life! Because if any one of those things hadn’t happened I never would’ve ended up in what turned out to be the best job I ever had. But more importantly? I wouldn’t have met your mother. Of course, that story’s only just beginning”


His love life is complex, but doesn’t detract from the comedy. On the contrary, this leads to some great comedy with his many weird love intrests from Dr Stella, to Zoey, who hated what he was representing at GNB. Yeah they were enemies that became friends. It didn’t end well.

He, like Lily often mocks Barney and will also tell him how disgusting he is. though he is the one who mostly gets involved in his crazy schemes.

of course he has his quirks too, which makes him both the most normal, and the most interesting. he has so many that it is insane, but i don’t wanna be here all day. also, i’m blanking on specifics, sorry

This guy makes for a very good main character and while the show focuses on the others a lot, he is still the heart, and the character everyone else jumps off from. The romantic relationships of the others gives him tips on how not to romance, though he can dispense that just as often.

So he somewhat strings the show together, as everyone else ties into him through their complexities.

As for Father…they are actually pretty cool,  though they have their disputes. Oh, and in one episode, he finds that his parents have actually been divorced for awhile, which leads to some sweet-ness and funny stuff. Oh, and when dad quickly tells ted he how met his mother…

“That’s it? when i have kids’, i’m gonna tell them the whole story!”
…oh ted

Oh, and this

“Your stories are too long dude”
“i feel bad for your future kids”

Then…there’s Future Ted, Our narrator. He is freaking amazing, as he dispenses not only heartwarming  stuff, but also some great gags.

He is always, and I mean always snarking on what is going on and how dumb present ted is.

PRESENT!TED: I think tiffany and i have a shot

FUTURE!TED: No you don’t, dumbass!

Speaking of, there’s a minor nitpick i have. Ted is odd with what he tells his kids. He will go in DETAIL on his friend’s  sex lives, and tons  of minor swearing (bitch, ass, damn, hell) is present…but some things need to be not shown to his kids. In one episode, the gang hear a recording machine message Ted left months ago.

TED!VOICE: Forget about that Grinch~

FUTURE!TED: Kid’s…i didn’t say grinch

PRESENT!TED: oh…fudge

FUTURE!TED: …I didn’t say fudge

As part of the joke, we have no idea what he said rather than grinch. It can’t be bitch cuz they say it all the damn time. Oh, and another good example

BARNEY: Kiss him!

FUTURE!TED: ..Bbarney didn’t say kiss.

Yeah, ted is weird. Oh, and he switches out weed with sandwiches. It’s hilarious to see the actors treat sandwiches like weed.

On that note, whenever Ted doesn’t remember a detail, it’s funny. Like when he can’t remember a one shot chick’s name, she is called BlahBlah for the rest of the episode.

Another good one, is when Robin dates a 42 year old. Ted shows us what he looks like…but cuz Ted is jaded, it shows him what ted saw him as: an old man.

Cue everyone treating this old fart as normal. It’s hilarious.

On that note, only in the first couple seasons did the kid’s really react to ted, and bitch about how long he’s taking with his story. Well, the actors playing the kids were getting old, so the kid’s shut up and we only see recycled footage.

However, word of god says they filmed  a scene with them FINALLY finding out about the mother. keep in mind, when they did, the writers hadn’t decided who it was. Damn.

But this is season 8 now, so by this time next year, I’ll know who it is! Iit’s clearly barney, this is about how they invented male pregnancy).

I’d also like to mention that the shows entire gimmick has been spoofed, or twisted. Robin narrates two episodes, Marshall has one, as does Barney. Lily sadly hasn’t narrated any episode yet.

In Robin’s first, she had assaulted a woman and was forced to have court mandated therapy , and tells the story of how she assaulted the women. She goes on tangents, and into various subplot which pisses off kumar here  since she won’t just cut to when she assaults the woman.

…Yeah, you can see why one is among the funniest

In her second, she is…narrating  to HER kids?!  Yep, and it’s very awesome. Also, she tells us who the father is right off the bat. Take that ted!

Barney’s is odd, as he actually imagines some dude to tell his tale to. The tale of how he banged 7 chicks for each day in the week. And at the end..

PRESENT!TED: Pfft, Yeah,  i’m gonna tell my kids about how barney nailed 7 chicks in a row.

FUTURE!TED: …am i  a bad dad?

And as for actor….he hasn’t done anything interesting, other than this. To make up for it, Son is justin from Wizards of waverly place!

Okay…wow, I went on a huge tangent diverting from the actual point. I AM BECOMING TED!

Okay, last but CERTAINTY not least…Barney. he is….freaking awesome. As you can tell, he has a way with chicks. and thus, he is the funniest character, as all the ways he bangs chicks, and just the magnitude of his knowledge, is beyond funny,

His mannisms, his catchphases, and being NEIL PATRIK HARRIS, has made him popular, and is part of why this show is so popular. I can do a whole blog on him but we’ll keep it short.

He has his own character blog anyway…

When Wikipedia dedicates an entire section of his article to his catchphrases, you know he’s awesome. I’ll go over the one everyone says the most

“this is going to be legen-wait for it-darry! legendary!”

Expect me to reference that a lot.

He says “wait for it” so much, that he had Marshall make it his son’s middle name! Yep, Marvin Wait for it Eriksen. BEST NAME EVER.

Anyway, he’s interesting in that he is likable. how is this interesting? well…Barney’s kind of an asshole. He uses women, treats everyone like crap, and is quite the ego-tist.

And yet…he’s so charming and funny that even the gang don’t want him to leave. Oh, and he gets some great development that makes us love him, and we see why he is this way.

Everyone loves pointing out how he is an ass munch, and calls him disgusting very often. Yet, they keep him around, which is hilarious. It helps that he can be smart and cunning when he wants to.

He has issues with commitment (also the sky is blue) and often mocks everyone for having a relationship (especially marshall and lily). as the show goes on, we find out more about his home life and stuff that lead to stuff, and even shows him opening up and actually dating people.

And yeah, spoilers, he mostly ends up loving robin. It’s  a LONG story, but he really does turn out to be sweet, and even comes to terms with the others as they grow to like them together.

He is also sweet when it comes to more normal stuff. When Marshall and lily had a falling out in early season 2, Barney kept marshall away from other women so he stay faithful to lilly …and bang more chicks. D’aww?

Hell, he convinces lily to get back with him! Yeah, barney can be quite sweet when he’s not being an asshole.

And of course, he wasn’t always the babe magnet he is now. You see, at the age of 23, he was a lonely virgin. Dead serious. but then, his black gay brother (more on that later)  planned for Barney to lose his virginity to their mother’s friend, Rhonda “the Man Maker” French. He pretty much had to bribe her into telling him that he rocked her world.

And the rest, as they say, is history. This whole thing is said in “The Yips” so go check that out for more info.

Also, his mom is a whore. you can see where he got it from. She also lied to him about various things, which he still believes to…the day when that one epsiode aired. This, plus how barney was a friendless kid, kind of adds to how greatly written and likable he can really be.

And….his dad. yikes, this one is the MOST interesting, by far. see, for 6 seasons, he had no idea who his dad really was. mom kept it  a secret, and even told him it was bob barker. Yes. it’s hilarious

Mom banged some black dude, to get his black brother. Barney met this black guy (played by Wayne brady, making up for Foodfight), and thought he was HIS real dad. this turned out to be false

for awhile, Barney chose to not know who his father is, to hold onto his past. but eventually daddy does show up-

“this going to be legen-wait for it…daddy! legendaddy!”

and i don’t want to go into too much spoiler stuff, but it’s very sweet and amazing.

As for actor…Barney is a lot of things. i’l say Dr Horrible, cuz i like Dr Horrible

Yes, Barney has sung a few times, most notably in episode 100 with “nothing suits me like a suit” it. is great

and that’s about it for the characters, and most of the show. i went in as deep as i could, and anazled the hell of it.

i guess i should mention my main reason for loving it: The narrative structure. see, since the whole thing is Ted telling a story, he will often show us various flashbacks to either earler episodes, or things that happened even before the show’s events.

pretty much every episode doesn’t have your typical to a to b thing. for example, let’s say Barney is saying something, and tells ted how he did this one thing. we flashback to that, and we cut to now where Ted snarks on it, then we return to the flashback to reveal more. it’s hard to explain, but that’s a basic example.

the show jumps around with flashbacks, flashforwards and even imagine spots. this creates some great unexpected comedy and even good drama, as you never really know what will happen next

it keeps you on your toes, and it really creates tons of comedic possibles. this makes the show both simple and complex. some episodes are mostly flashbacks, and are very simple in nature.

though oh course recently it’s more complex and stuff, which does work very well despite what some people say.  okay, i do prefer the simplier ones, but i’m a simple guy

oh, and it has amazing continuity nods. the writers try their hardest to make a tight continuity, with very few errors. hell, gags from seasons ago will get explanations, or nods later on. they plan this shit

for example, in the very first episode, the very first thing  Lily says is that a 5 year old tried to grope her. we see saw a fingerpaint mark that proves this

later in season 7, she and Marshall are trying to figure out some baby names. Marshall suggests jeremy. cut to a kid in her class, while using finger paint, groping her.

thus, an explanation for that. damn, the VERY FIRST GAG with her gets pay off 6 SEASONS LATER!

it’s that kind of continuity that i love. well, there is one error..

in one episode, Barney keeps lying about his first “time” and eventually spills out that he did it with a neighbor lady and his bed smelled with cigarettes. the others quickly ask him to lie again.

then, seasons later, this is re-visited…only know he’s proud of it, and he did it at HER house


So there you go. before i wrap this up, i’ll briefly the mention the 3 main spoofs of this show i noticed.

1. Family Guy. in one episode, peter is watching “How i met your father” where Ted and barney hook up, just as i said earlier. it was funny.

then in another, the whole ep takes place in old time-y times, and in a TV spoof, king stewie has a sort of like play thing featuring the HIMYM cast, sort of like if TV was live in our houses. and , spoofing tivo, Stewie wishes to delete the program…by killing them off.

that was also funny. you the kicker? Josh radnor and neil reprised  the roles for that. AWESOME

2. MAD’s 1st Halloween episode had a skit called How i met your mummy. it is by the far the funniest spoof of the show ever, condensing the show into around 2 minutes. in it, Ted is a werewolf telling this story to his kids, going on tangents, as they question why he isn’t cutting to the chase. it’s pretty funny, and it has Barney as a vampire, and Marshall as frankenstien.

that is amazing

3. There will be a goosebumps book called “how i met my monster”

no, really.

Goosebumps, of all things, will be spoofing this show. just look at the official summary:

”  Kids, listen up. I want you to gather around while I tell you a story you may have never heard before. I’m sure you’ve been curious about this for your whole lives. Well, here it is. This is how I met my monster.”

Yeah,. i can’t wait to see how far this spoof goes. hey, at least we know the twist: The monster won’t be the one the title refers to.

that or, Barney is the villain.

anyway, that’s most of what i have to say about the show. well, okay, you wanna hear my piece  on the mother? sure

see, we have been given hints about what ted is doing when he meets the mom. we know it’s at a wedding, he meet her roommate (and glanced her foot), we know Ted had his last cigarette 2 weeks into dating her, and we know the daughter is born by 2015.

but those are vague hints, and we aren’t too close to knowing who the mom really is. and here’s the thing: i sometimes forget about that

you think with a show like this that’s been on for 7 seasons would get on people’s nerves, with them teasing the mother and stuff. well, thankfully, they make the focus so tight on the character stuff and comedy, that you will often forget about the gimmick.

The AVClub had it right, when they said that the gimmick doesn’t matter as long as they keep you entrained while waiting for the end

of course, it’s obvious we are getting closer to knowing, since this is the last season. hell, we know how the said meeting happens, and we saw that she has good taste in footwear.

…i didn’t say that

anyway, i will also say this: Ted’s kids have the patience of saints. i mean, i wouldn’t stand sitting for 7 seasons,. listening to my dad  ramble about weird stuff and his friends sex lives!

on that note, don’t go on fanfiction.net looking with fics featuring the kids. there are only 3 and 2 of them are depressing AU’S. really depressing. can’t we get a positive version? whatever, fanfic writers are weird.

hell, a fan wrote a song from the daughter’s POV, lamenting all this. oh, the creators actually heard it and i think either put in the credits, or just mentioned it. now THAT is legendary

anyway,i don’t have a guess on who the mother actually is, we’ll just have to wait and see. i do have a little bit, guessing exactly what will happen with ted finishes the story…

TED: and that is how i met your mother

SON: …you’re done?

DAUGHTER: there’s nothing else?

TED: Yeah, that’s everything/

SON: Finally! That felt like 8 years!

DAUGHTER: we can go, right?

TED: sure


SON: …wait

TED: yes?

DAUGHTER: could we….

SON: hear the story again?

TED: ….well…sure! it all started in 2005….

but that’s just me.

anyway, before i wrap this up- man i’m rambling..


…yeah. anyway. here’s a short list of my favorite episodes, in no order:

Last Words

The Bracket

How lilly stole christmas

The stinson missile project

Subway Wars


Slapsgiving and Slapsgving 2: revenge of the slaps


The yips

The Leap

Perfect Week

The wedding bride

I may explain them in a list, but for now, you can look them up for yourself. I will say that number one is likely “last words” .it’s…well damn. no spoilers though, sorry

okay, i think i’m done. for real. This is a very funny, sweet, and extremely well acted show that is simply one of the best on TV.

it airs on CBS Mondays, 7 centreal. All 7 aired seasons are on DVD, 6 are on Netflix (7 goes up december 1st) and it’s re-ran on plenty networks, so you can find it pretty easily.

I’ve said all i can say, and i said a lot, though i did leave out stuff. but hey, i don’t wannna ramble for 8 seasons. this show rocks and that’s all.

See ya.


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