Adam Sandler Month: Punch Drunk Love

Hello, Spongey here. welcome back to Adam Sandler month!

Today we dive into sandler’s most loved movie. fans love it, critics love, and it’s said to be his best film. why are we doing this now instead of later?

i just watched A Serbian Film and Spy Hard. i need this

so anyway, this is Sandler’s first drama.  oh yeah,. he tried to pull a tom hanks. and from the critical reception, he succeed!

hell, Toy Story 3 director Lee Ukrinch cites at as one his fave movies, and the same goes with Judd apatow (who actually did a sandler film, but more on that later).

but sadly, the box ofice wasn’t too kind,. it did okay, but not great.  and plus his normal fans hated and he was back to the same old crap

but he has done some drama since then, so maybe he’ll do fine. with that said, let’s dig into this. we have the director of “There will be blood” and “the master”, and an actor who can act. this ought to be good!

This, is Punch Drunk Love

right off the bat, we open with Barry (Character name biases) played by Sandler. he owns a company that markets themed toilet plungers and other novelty items.

after doing some stuff, he heads to the parking lot where he runs into the love interest, lena played by Emily watson. thankfully, they have normal talk,. which means the romance comes later

after that, he finds an  abandoned harmonium  (some piano thing…never heard of til today) from the street, and fools with it.

i’d like to mention now much like…the last film i watched,. this isn’t an easy film to review so far, as it mostly based around normal events that happen to this guy rather than the usual Sandler formulas we are used to. it’s very refreshing but hard to do a play by play recap.

also, this movie is rated R, so we get an F bomb when his sister calls

“you fucking said “chat””

i love how underrated  his reaction. he’s like “k”.  so she invites him to party that is happening that night, and he accepts and hangs up

later, the sister actually shows up at his work to tell him something. she has a friend that she wants Barry to meet at the party. he actually denies, as he’d be too nervous and he’s a lonely shut in

wow, sandler isn’t playing an angry manchild or a bland nice guy? this is gonna be awesome!

so he goes to the party anyway and he bumps into his other sisters. yes, he has 7 of them and they always make fun of and piss him off. yes, we have reasons to sympathize with him now. this becomes a better movie by the second!

Elizabeth, the sister who called 1st, tells him the friend couldn’t make it. the other sisters whine and bitch until Barry goes batshit and trashed the room

a case where  sandler should dive into his angry manchild. awesome

anyway, Barry is actually quite prone to these angry outbursts and emotionally tortured thanks to hi sisters. yes, a three dimensional, likeable, sympathetic Sandler character who gets angry

i am as shocked as you are

that night, he calls a sex hotline. just roll with it. i myself love Barry is talking to this chick like it’s a normal call, and so her sex talk is met with a “k”. Sandler’s performance is very casual, and since this is a Dramedy, it gets funny, but not in a forced way

he has his fun, but the next morning Georgia, the chick, calls him again and asks for some money. he rejects and heads off to work

then soon walks in lena, who as you guessed, as the friend Elizabeth was talking about. but before they can talk, Georgia calls again. you see, she has all his info, as the whole sex hotline seems to have been a scam to get his money. though Barry did cancel one of his credit cards, the chick isn’t happy about that

he hangs up to deal with lena, but George just calls again and wants him to step hanging up. he hangs up, SANDLER’D

lena asks him out for dinner and he accepts. at dinner, they really hit off and the whole thing feels rather natural, which is a plus in a world of fored romance in sandler films

one thing i must mention, that i’ve been skipping, is that Barry has been trying to exploit a loophole in a Healthy Choice promotion and amass a million frequent flyer miles by buying large quantities of pudding. yes, this is important

he explains all that to lena, as she saw that he had pudding./ she then mentions some stories about barry that elizabeth  told her, which cause barry to go to the bathroom and have another outburst.

a waiter hears this, and kicks him out. he and lena talk a bit in the car and once he drops her home, she tells him that she is going on a business trip to Hawaii, but will be back in a few days

however, once he leaves, he gets a call from her, saying that she actually wanted to kiss him. he runs back to her and the kiss. nice, and if you expect me to bitch and moan about bland-ness, than sorry, that’s not happening. i like this romance based on what i like about barry and how this adds to his character.

suddenly, a bunch of dudes kidnap him. these are Georgie’s goons, who force barry to fork over some money, which he does. oh, and all these dues are brothers, so when barry explains why he doesn’t wanna give the money, they kick his ass

he escapes, and decides to go to Hawaii to really escape, and maybe get some pussy as well. so he’s off!

but he doesn’t even know where lena is. so he calls Elizabeth and asks if she knows. then Sandler breaks a record for must Fucks in a scene when he blows up after she asks why he needs to know.

She tells him lena’s number and he calls her. he lies and says that he is a on a trip, so she wants to hang out. thus they go out on another date

this getting hard to review. not cuz it’s bad, but cuz  it’s so good. i am finding no real jokes to make, or anything other than bland praise. this mvie isn’t review-able in the way most movies are, even other good ones.

but i will push through…for sandler.  anyway, they have some cute chemistry, and the scene is great.

they (presumably) fuck and the next morning, they wake up back in the hotel. Barry reveals that he actually came her for lena. we don’t see her reaction, as we cut to barry calling the sexline again, only to get an answering machine message

he basically tells Georgia to fuck off or he’ll call the police. after that, we cut to later, as they are both back home, and driving home from the airport

then…those dudes from earlier show up in their car and hit them both. barry then goes out and PUNCHES THEM IN THE FACE


then he kicks them, and fucks up their car. damn, Sandler’s a badass!

lena got quite fucked up, so she goes to the hospital. due this, he calls Georgia the operator, pissed as hell

he asks to speak with her supervisor, and she complies. and the supervisor is Dean trumbell, played by phillip seymor hoffman

“all right fuck yourself, that shit has nothing to do with me”

fave character alert!

okay, angry!sandler was fun in Happy Gilmore, but damn is it awesome her. not just funny, but scary. i look at this and i’m almost sorry for bashing him all month


also, a new F bomb record is hit in this scene, as both Barry and dean fire them off like 5 per second.

they bicker, and Dean hangs up,. see, dean is just some dude who owns a mattress store in utah. so barry decides he shall go there and kick his ass

he heads there, and walks up to Dean.

“fuck you”

way to break the ice

he gives off this badass speech about how pissed he is, since he got scammed out both money and sex by phillip here.

after telling him off, barry leaves. he heads all the way back to LA, grabs that harmonium, and goes to lena’s place.

he tells her about the sex-line stuff and apologizes he caused. they both confess their love, as barry now has a reason to live, someone he won’t get pissed at, and of course, someone who won’t scam him out of sex

they kiss and embrace for  a bit. they head back to his work, as barry plays that harmonium for her. she hugs him

“so here we go”

roll credits. i guess dean just…let him go. kind of anti climatic, but who cares this movie is great!

Final Thoughts:

This review turned out to be kind of boring. This movie was very odd and it’s honestly better to watch it then use my normal play by play reviewing style.

But i’m glad i saw it. This film ended up being more of Dramedy than anything, and that’s why it works. the humor is actually kind of subtle, and the whole ton is more low key, especially when compared to the director’s  other works.

and yes, sandler is what makes it work. well, that and Paul Thomas Anderson’s wonderful direction. this is one of those films where the acting and direction both work hard to help make the movie good.

early on, the film is a bit claustrophobic, mostly focusing in small shorts, especially in the more dramatic scene where we see how lonely barry is and what he gows through. as the movie goes on, it opens up more, showing more, and makes things brighter, as Barry is growing more and becoming less lonely.

and THAT is how you do symbolism!

both the direction and Sandler’s performance help with that. Barry does fit a tiny bit into the typic angry sandler type, but he’s actually very likable, and also a bit funny,. the other actors are good too, though oddly, not as good. but still good

yeah, maybe lena isn’t exactly a complex character, but i like the chemistry they had, and the romance made sense when fit with barry’s character and how he grows.

it’s a very different film, in both style and tone. not all what i expecting, and while it is more comedic than dramatic, it never goes overboard, it’s very subtle at times, and it’s very good.

it was hard to review due to how it’s paced and written, but at least i got to watch a very entertaining, and well director film that proves that Adam Sandler IS awesome

Grade: A (wow, my first A this month!)

See ya


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