People Search the Darndest things

Hello, Spongey here

When i started this blog, i expected that the only people to find would be my circle of two friends that i can link it to. that or the people I   bribe into reading it.,


..i never said that

anyway, i quickly found out that the can find this blog through many ways,. the most common is the search engine. people look for things and find my blog. at first it seems like normal stuff. someone looks up jack and jill reviews, they find me. someone wants to know the twist to  a goosebumps book, they find me

but wordpress lets me so every search term used to find this blog. and man….People Search the Darndest things

yep, today i highlight the oddest things people look for in order to find my blog.  i’ll mention as many as possible, as a shocking amount of people read me! (if only someone would COMMENT).

no theme or anything, let’s just look at some odd searches!

what do the caracters in the cuckoo clock of doom look like and act like]

first off, you can’t spell. second, why do you need to know anyway? who hell would wanna know what the characters in a dumb GB book LOOK like? whatever, this isn’t as dumb as the others

ideas for clay play for teenagerse

…what the hell are teenagerse? also, what the hell is clay play? and WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MY BLOG?!

jack and jill fixing boobs


… i don’t even wanna know

is there a my little pony show portraying the ponies as humans

.no. and why did THAT lead to my blog?

who says it’s like the boat movie with leonardo in jack and jill

jill. also, i shall be saying WHY a lot in this

shaggy fucking daphnie

…okay, if you’re looking for porn, chances are you;ll be “happy” before  you find some lame review of the movie! also, EW

your dick has cuddly eyes


..okay, i think this was a line from bucky larson. so…why was someone looking for…that?

megan fox changing clothes in transformers 2

again, shouldn’t you have found that before you found my review. also, FTW

why does the kid tape stuff to himself in the movie jack and jill


jack and jill this movie is evil

i like this guy!

did adam sandler die

…someone is hopeful

anne hathaway catwoman ass

i don’t blame him for looking this up, but i still don’t get why he wasn’t happy before finding me

the little cars ripoff

i’m not sure what he was looking for here. does he want a rip off of the little cars? TLC is ALREADY  a rip off so…wut?

also,  there at least 20 (i counted, it’s over 20) people searched for….the nurse from Fred 3. seriously, half of these are looking for that damn nurse. i don’t exactly blame them, as she is fine, but this time i will say that it IS easy to find my Fred 3 review, as i was one the first people to even watch it,  let alone review it.

still, it’s a tiny bit creepy

on the flip side, many people searched for the old lady in ratatouille…i don’t wanna know

goosebumps most wanted attack of the scarecrows

…yeah, that doesn’t exist, why he found my blog is beyond me

another 10 or say are searches for either scooby doo porn, or the body switching scene from the movie. hey you like what you like man, but don”t read snarky reviews while you fap

hoodwinked 2 was horrible

now this one i can get behind!

rush zone guardians of the core is stupid

hey, it’s the best cartoon ever made! douche…

gnomes eating a flamingo

…i have no idea

where can i watch camp fred

don’t do it, don’t torture yourself!

dex dogtective food fight fanfiction

who the hell would write foodfight fanfic? and who would want to read it?!

lilo and stitch nani gets fucked

…why do i attract so many pervs?

whos butt did they show when henry winkler took his pants off in waterboy


r.l stine’s the haunting hour hey hey hey let me out the truck is all yours until someone else catches you until then its all you can eat   

….i don’t even know

i hate spongey444

…i think this is a good one to end on. yeah, there weren’t 1000 bad searches, but these were all the stupid ones. the rest are fairly normal.

in conclusion, i attract pervs. any questions?

wait…this is blog #199? really? even counting short lists and such?

…wow. that means my next blog iwll be 200. ….i have something great planned! tune in next time for the 200th Blog special

see ya.

About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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2 Responses to People Search the Darndest things

  1. Stinkoman 20X6 says:

    And now you know how /I/ found your blog.

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