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Hello, Spongey here

I’m not a huge gamer. oh, i love games like anyone. when i play a good game, i feel good and  the medium of gaming is underrated by smarty peoples. even recently , games have gone from simple time wasters, to very expansive experiences  that feel very cinematic.

i may not play many games, as they cost money, and i am dirt poor. but i really am a fan of them and i like all the quirky stuff that comes with them. many people grew up on games and still love them today

A man named Rich more felt that way too, and wanted to pay ode to video games and make a good story of it. and from that love, comes the latest Disney animated feature

This, is Wreck it Ralph

Much like my Brave review, i will break down the elements to help explain my thoughts on the film


In the 80’s there was a game called Fex it Felix Jr. In the game, an angry man named Wreck it Ralph was pissed because an apartment complex was built on his humble home. so he wrecks the new place, and the friendly man Fix it Felix jr, equipped with a magic hammer, fixes his damage for the people of niceland.

30 years later, it’s still a popular game in Litwick’s arcade, though it has taken a backseat to newer games. Inside the game world, Ralph is still wrecking, but he feels empty. he never gets what he deserves, he lives in a dump, and his damn house was taken away by his some asshole! as he says, it’s hard to love your job when no one loves you for doing it.

He’s really a nice guy, and wants to be treated like. So thus, he game jumps. He jumps over to the modern ,slick, FPS Hero’s Duty, to get a medal. but as expected, he sucks at it, though he snabs medal. but before he can go back with his medal, a cybug (the main enemy in the game) causes him to get trapped in the sweet racing game known as Sugar Rush

There, he meets Vanellope, a little girl who happens to be a glitch in the game, and thus is disliked by the main races in the game. Though Ralph just wants to leave, complications ensue due to Ralph leaving his game and he must team up with the little glitch to save the day, and they will both learn a big lesson along the way

That’s the basic premise, but there is a lot more to the movie than that, but most of it involves spoilers, which i will not give. needless to say, it’s a very good story. with every turn, it gets better and better.

the story uses video games in a very awesome way that pays tribute to them without alienating none gamers. a lot of people do bitch about the film not having as many worlds as they want, or as much copyright game cameos. well, i think it works in that aspect. they have enough cameos (including a great one from sonic which may be one of the most clever gags) and video game based gags that poke fun at the conventions of them, that it helps make the game world feel expansive and adds to story and the overall writing.

they wanted to use games, but also make a good story out of them, and not just a dumb game tribute that you can see in youtube for free. it pays ode to them in a way that pleases everyone.

oh, and i love the gaming worlds themselves. Sugar Rush is very vibrant and fun and they use a lot of odd but fun food puns that don’t get annoying. for example, we have cookie guards chanting OREO over and over. if you get that, then you just laughed at the thought of it

the fex it felix jr world is very funny and the way they use game cliches and conventions are well done. but the best world is Hero’s duty. i loved how they poked fun at modern games, and they make it very dark, sleek and cool, and Ralph’s attempt at combat is my favorite scene in the movie.

and of course aside from that, the story is still very well put together. there are tons of twist and turns that really caught me off guard and helped take advantage of it’s premise. every time i felt like i would dislike something, a suddenly twist comes and fixes it.

for example, there’s this villain (i mean not the way ralph is, i mean a real one) who does this really awful thing to another character. at first, i wondered why it did to that person at all. then they pull out a twist that has it all make sense, and leads to him becoming one of the best disney villains since Faclier.

it’s that kind of writing that makes this movie great. i am actually shocked that I didn’t see the twists coming. It seemed like something that I would see immediately given knowledge from the first half of the movie. but thanks to how it i written, i was too busy marveling at everything else to see it, and thus they came as a shock. it may have been obvious, but i didn’t see it coming so there. if you are REALLY good at guessing twists, then this movie may not shock you too well

the story is very good and i could take it seriously at times, and it got very emotional and sweet. the pacing is perfect, as i was never bored, nor did i want it to slow down or speed up. good story


The animation may be the driving force behind the entire movie. the top notch animation gives the characters very nice movements, and well done facial expressions that help bring them to life, which goes well with the well written dialogue, which in turn, goes with the amazing performances

so if the animation sucked, then the whole movie would fall apart. thankfully, it’s great and the video game stuff really emerges you in this world, and i really felt like i was apart of the adventure. and it’s all thanks to the animation.

there is such attention to detail. i love how Felix moves in a sort of stilted, limited manner like a 80’s game character would, and thus is very funny next to the modern CGI stuff that makes up the rest of his body. this goes for the over nicelanders as well, especially the landlord guy who acts like a secondary villain in the first half, before becoming a nice guy in the end.

you can tell that a lot of work is put into the animation, and a lot of time was spent making it perfect. as such the whole movie becomes even better than  it already was.

in short, the animation is great


the characters are just as great as the story. in any good movie, the characters are likeable, with layers to them, that help the story and through it’s twist and turns. the characters should help the story as much as the story should help the characters

this movie so exceptions, are they are very funny and likeable. first up is Wreck it Ralph, voiced by John C Riley. i’m not John’s biggest fan, as his movies usually kind of stink and he’s just the angry manchild, much like….that guy i’m doing this month on.  however, he is amazing in this movie

he brings this loveable-ness to ralph, and he really does sound like a villain game bad guy with his tough voice. however, he is also friendly, and this helps during the tear jerker scenes. he also brings a snark-iness to this characters that makes him very funny

he really grows a Character  and comes to grips with who he is. he was a great guy to spend an hour and half with.

and grows thanks to Vanellope, the little glitch girl. she is voiced by Sarah Silverman. i’ll admit, a minor flaw with the film is that she may get annoying at times, but it’s thankfully not a big issue since she gets very funny and likable later on.

overall, i did like her. Sarah did give her a likeability to this character that made her fun and while she does dispense the obvious “duty” joke, she’s still cool. she has good chemistry with ralph, and they form a very sweet bond.  she is also very written, as we feel bad for her, since has a glitch and is thus left out

so when she finds another guy who is disliked by the populace, she finds a cool friend, who happens to wreck things. plus, there is a huge twist that makes her even more sympathetic, to the point where i felt bad for finding her annoying.

loved her. then comes the best character,. Fix it Felix jr and Callhoun. Callhoun is the commander in Hero’s duty who tags along with felix to save ralph. Callhoun is voiced by jane lynch, who is always awesome in everything. yes, even Glee

Callhoun is more…pleasing to the eye than most of Lynch;’s character, but she’s every bit as tough.  she;’s this big badass leader, who is also quite snarky but is also heroic and does the right thing, though she will do while telling you that it’s a dumb idea. she gets the most badass moments, and her tough exterior, with her personality creates some of the best dialogue in the movie

they take full advantage of the type of character she is. for example, she is programmed with the “most tragic back story ever”. I won’t spoil it, but it’s sad, but also very funny and gets a great callback at the end.

so yeha, she’s awesome. then there’s the other best character- Fix it Felix Jr. He is voiced by Jack McBrayer. he’s  usually very funny and i like him a lot. and he brings that to this role. what i like about Felix is that, he is a good guy to ralph

Usually in these type of stories the “good” guy will really just be an asshole. (Megamind is a perfect example of this). not that i mind this, but i’m kind of sick of this. but in here Felix is really a nice guy, and even when Ralph intrudes on a party, he tries to be nice. Though he is weary of Ralph,. sine he is a bad guy, and doesn’t know what to do when he leaves.

At first, he doesn’t really get why Ralph wants to leave, and isn’t keen on his POV. (which doesn’t make much sense, because early on, Ralph pretty much says that he wants recognition, for his hard work. but whatever). however, as the plot goes on, he starts to see where Ralph is coming from and you can fill in the blanks from here

oh, and falls in ,love with Callhoun. this is also the funniest fucking thing ever. two of the best written, acted, and animated characters falling in love. it is AWESOME. Scrw you doug and Ani-mat, they were awesome!

yeah, two very funny character played by funny actors. Then comes King Candy, who SPOILERS, is the villain. actually, i can’t talk about him without even spoiling the twist. but he is a very funny, goofy, but also scary villain. once the learn who he is, and why he is doing this, he becomes scary, and very threatening.

wish i could spoil it but nope. But i will say he helps add to this movie’s awesome story

and…that’s about it. the other characters are minor, or just in the background.  so i just finished what i had to say, without spoilers

to sum it up, Wreck it Ralph is a great ode to video games. It has a very solid story, amazing animation, and likable characters.  This is the best Disney film since Princess and the frog, and it may be their best CG film ever. A Sequel has been announced (it had the biggest Box office opening in disney history) and they say it will feature online gaming.

that will be AWESOME.  But until that happens, we still have a very funny, cute, and awesome movie to enjoy. there is never a dull moment, and i myself found it to be the most fun theater experiences i’ve had in awhile. But see it while you can, as the new Twilight is kicking it’s ass right now.

Grade: A

See ya


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