Adam Sandler Month: Mr Deeds

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome back  to Adam Sandler Month!

This sandler film is a bit different. oh, it’s not a drama where he flexes his acting muscles. it’s still a Sandler film.

See, this movie is a remake! Yep, of Mr Deeds goes to town. the original film was made in 1936, and was directed by Frank Capra.

Because when i think Frank Capra, i think Adam Sandler. some idiot wanted to re-make the movie, with Sandler in the lead role, and include his buddies, and his production company. and of course, the writer of bedtime stories.

I don’t get it either. but hey,. maybe it’ll be good! doubt it, but i can dream!

This, is Mr Deeds

the move opens on MT Everest.  Preston Blake is with some guys, climbing to the top. one of men tell him that there is a storm coming and they must head down

he refuses, and the geezer keeps climbing. cut to 3 hours later, as he is frozen to death. wah wah,.

Blake owned a global media empire so now everyone is rushing to find out who will get his fortune.  this story is infolding to us via newscast by a tabloid show, as the reporter is pissed cuz the closest guy to blake he could interview was his barber

he fuses at this other report chick, Babe (Winnoa Ryder) and tells her to get someone better.  after that we cut to the current owner of Blake’s company, Chuck Cheddar. if you can’t tell this guy is a villain, then you might” likely be blind, deaf and stupid

“if i lose control of this company, it’ll be catastrophic”

he talks to some other dude in the room, when they get a fax..and it’s form that other guys dr, and that other dude has a spastic colon

“that would explain a lot”

….this is gonna be a long movie

they get another fax telling them of the real heir to blake’s throne: Longfellow deeds. with that, they head to New hampshire. the town they end up in a all country like cuz that’s funny somehow

they find out that Longfellow deeds owns a pizzeria and head there.  after some dumb bits, Sandler FINALLY shows up. yep, he plays the titular Mr Deeds

as they talk, we learn Mr Deeds is respected, nice and friendly to others….sure this is sandler? i mean, his characters are loud angry man children. this guy is…nice! not funny but…nice!

yep, we found our first likeable sandler character. but only by comparison, of course. so we learn that Deeds (yep, we’re on character name basis for this one) tries to write and well greeting cards, and even has a card day at the pizza place to present his newest one.

after presenting his nwest one, which features boobs. …yeah, he may be nice, but he’s till Sandler, Chuck and the other guy with the colon, his name is cecil btw, tell Deeds that his uncle die, but he has his 40 billion dollar fortune.

Plans are made for Deeds to sell his shares in the company to Cedar and return home $40 billion richer, but he must remain in New York for a few days as all the legal details are worked out.

Deeds is fine with heading out, though not before everyone in town wishes him goodbye. they head to new york but…stop at Connecticut  to get some wendy’s. PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT

anyway, back at the tabloid news place, they need info on the heir, as they find out that they found him. the person on the case is babe. she needs this story because she’s broke, as she spent her money on shoes. sigh, i see a nice character won’t save this movie

anyway, Deeds and the gang arrive in new york  and head to deed’s new place. they run into who is now his butler, Emilo. he is played by John tutoro, slumming it for a check

then  Deeds goes into the elevator and talks to the elevator guy

“so how’s the elevator buidness treating you?”

“it has it’s ups and downs”


so deeds goes up to his new big room, and discovers it has an echo. after a lame joke involving that (which goes on far too long) we cut to the next morning as Deeds wakes up

He finds out that there is a drinking fountain in his room…that has Hawaiian punch. do i have to make a freaking product placement count?

the butler shows up, for his sock change. yeah, butler’s change their masters’ sock now. anyway, deeds says no, as he got wicked frostbite on one foot and shows it too you

“the hideousness of that foot will haunt my dreams forever”

ohai funny joke!

he asks the butler to stomp on it, as he has no feeling there. he does so. okay, that could be okay if they don’t strech it out-

and they do. he tells him to grab some fireplace thingy and wack his foot. geez, sandler is begging for punishment. okay, let me take a whack. THIS IS FOR JACK AND JILL BITCH!

then one whack,….deeds yells out in pain …then says he is joking. that was so funny i forgot to laugh.

so Deeds heads to Chuck’s office to see if he has anything to do, and he is told that chuck has everything under control. then, some asshole who i guess works for them, or is in football, or something, comes in. he has a southern accent, swears and is really trucking annoying

thankfully, Deed’s punches him.  then he helps him up, and talks to him, cuz if you punch a guy, you talk to him after. and when someone punches you, you let them talk. anyway, we find out he is on Blake’s company football team who is pissed about his contract.

Deeds uses his new authority to fire him for being a dick, so he leaves. Chuck suggests that Deeds go check out the city.

whatever, it’s back to the subplot with babe. see, she heard in an earlier scene that Deeds likes damsels in distress. so she heads out in disguise, to get the scoop

so babe and her partner  marty go out, and he pretends to be a rapist (how charming) so deeds can rescue her.

“marty, molest me!”

that’s something you don’t hear everyday.; anyway, Deeds does notice, and lays the smack down on marty.

he saves babe  and she flirts with him. she says her name is “pam dawson” and she is from “winchesteronfieldville”. lame

they hit off and the most forced of ways, as Deeds asks her out.  they go out, and they talk some more.

this other rich dude in the restaurant, recognizes  deeds and asks him and babe to hang out at his table, with his other rich friends.

they talk a bit, and Deeds tells them about the greeting card thing, and they ask to hear one. i’ll skip out and just tell ya it’s dumb. the guys think so too and make fun of him,.

Deeds doesn’t like that and tells to fuck off. then, with babe’s permission, he punches them. geez, what is with this guy and punching people?! besides, what nice guy would do this in a public place?

“i think i just shat myself”


so after no one calls the police, and no punishment is delivered, they bump into some dude Deeds knows from somewhere, and he invites them for a night on the town./ he then wakes up the next morning, not knowing what happend

the hangover won’t even exist for years, and i already want to watch it instead

Chuck runs in and shows Deeds tabloid news footage, which tell us that he had quite a night, now the world knows he was stupid and drunk. and yes, they even point out the punching. so i guess he got in trouble after all

Deeds mentions feeling bad, but just walks off. yeah, ignore all that. man, he’s TOO nice. oh, and Blake’s funereal is happening, so i guess it’s time for that

thankfully, it starts like it will be over realistically quickly, but Deeds wants to say a few words. but it’s actually not a dumb joke, but a serious (?) poem honoring  blake. wow, Sandler, you didn’t make a dumb gag. sure ,you mentioned beer but it was fine otherwise

but then…Deeds tells them how where he comes from, they like to see the body for the grieving process, so he pops open the casket to show blake’s frozen body. never mind, you’re still stupid

also, you think they would have warmed blake up or something. after that weird-ness, the funeral ends and Deeds heads home. he sits down with the butler and they have a talk.

the butler tells deeds that he never knew his father, and his mom died in child birth. oh look, their giving the butler character 20 minutes after his introduction.  and as soon he just says that, he walks off. wow, amazing character development! i learned so much about him. blow me.

then, Deeds gets a call from the football asshole he punched. the asshole apologizes for his actions, and stuff. then, the asshole’s dad pies on the phone, and tells deeds everything is okay. then….Deeds tells daddy that asshole needs to watch his language of front the ladies (a reference to an earlier line i skipped).

then dad….whips asshole cuz he thought that asshole did something worse than deeds meant. ….that’s not even funny. abuse is only funny when…anyone other than sandler does it! that’s just mean spirited!

and of course, Deeds ignores it and picks up a call from babe. he asks her out again, and she says yes. he heads downstairs, and after tripping, he finds blake’s personal journal, and takes it. he doesn’t read it yet, cuz we have a lame love montage to sit through!

they actually hit off more, and babe cliche-ly starts to fall in love. it’s bland and babe isn’t too interesting, but i’m more focused on all the bad jokes to really care

anyway, deeds tells her about the journal, and it just said that blake wanted to be a disk jokey and useless crap we didn’t need to know

then, they hear a fire truck coming,. Mr deeds, being nice heads out to where the burning building is, as a lady refuses to leave without her kitties. because Deeds is kind of a marty stu, he can climb well and go up  and recuse the lady

he throws the kitties out so the trampoline they go out can catch them. he’s putting a bit too much faith in the guys on the ground. i mean, the kitty bounces off and is caught by babe. but….what if she wasn’t a good catcher? that kitty could have died!

he does this with the other cats, and one of them ends up in the cart of a greek vender guy….played by Rob Schneider.

“holy shit, it’s a cat!”

thankfully, that is all he says for now. thank god!

he recuses the lady and the cats. however, the tabloid news show twists it so it looks like he KILLED the cats. i’ll let them off for this one, since it’s not what happened, and thus is meant to be dark

“longefellow deeds, our jackass of the week”

of course, babe  is more than a little pissed. Mac the head of the show and obvious villain #2,, did the twisting cuz he’s an asshole. after that, Deeds goes out to play tennis with chuck.

and cuz this is a sandler film, this must feature bad physical comedy where some nameless fool gets hit cuz ABUSE IZ FUNNY DUR.

anyway, a ball is tossed to chuck from off screen, that has writting on it. it says to meet someone in the showers nearby. he does so, and finds a naked dude washing his ass. lovely.

as it turns out, this is mac. he tells chuck that he has info which can gets deeds out of town..  after they only talk a bit, we cut to later, so  i assume he told chuck the info off screen

anyway, Deeds takes Babe to…Winchestertonfieldville. it’s real. hardy har. though, babe thought she made it up, so this should be FUNEH

of course, it gets awkward as no recognizes  her, though on mention of “pam dawson”, a yokel mistakes for a lady that had a hump. one lame skit later, they head to….her house. yeah, she told deeds her house had blue shutters, and a red door. and would you know it, there is a house in town like it!

they go inside and see that some kid’s are there, and i guess walking into strangers house is okay if you just say you used to live there. it gets worse-the kid’s say their daddy built the house 6 years ago

but then, the kid starts chocking, and Babe saves him. and with that, they head back to new york. well….that scene was pointless

Deeds gives her a card that he made for her. thankfully, this one is just a straight forward sickening love poem, and not as stupid as his other cards. and with that, babe is now in full love with home. how sickeningly cliche

and so Deeds runs off into the night

“I love new york!”

RANDOM GUY: nobody cares!

ohai other funny joke!

so Babe goes to mac and tells him that she will tell Deeds the truth. he doesn’t seem to be to angry, and as she explains it, he just simply wishes her luck and walks off. well, that was simple

so Deeds sets up a huge dinner thing for babes, right in a empty basketball court. he  is nervous of course, so he has the butler…pretend to be her, and practice his speech, where he will propose to her./ yep, this is just one long, dumb, gay joke

“please let me touch your feet”
“this is getting weird”


then, chuck puts on the tabloid show, as mac  is reporting on what babe did. oh crap. and what do you know, babe walks in as this is going on. yep, Deeds walks off depressed


as my most hated cliche ever starts, Deeds tells chuck and cecil (yeah he kinda vanished after i last mentioned him)  that he will be going home. the paper are reading, which he signs. however, he says he doesn’t want all that money, so he gives it to the United Negro College Fund

he heads back to his hometown, to sulk some more. babe ends up there too, as deeds’ friend tells her how much of a bitch she is. jan, the friend, tells babe she can go talk to deeds….if she can make it by her.]

this leads to a lame fight, (jan is ugly so it’s not that good), in which babe,….gets jan in the groin. yes, they mention the no balls thing. wow, they really had to put in a groin kick joke?

babe kick some ass, and before i can vomit, we cut to Deeds. as he is visting his friend “Crazy eyes”, who pops up in this film before now, but i didn’t mention him. he’s an idiot wo dispenses lame jokes, and he is played by Randall from monsters inc

babe shows up but falls through some ice. yeah, it’s winter now i guess. deeds spots her, and thinks she’s faking. thankfully, she goes in so deep that he starts to believe her, so he saves her

she confess her love, but he says that he doesn’t even know who she really is, and dumps her. yeah, save a girl…then dump her. great idea

babe sulks off, and sees a news thingy announcing that Chuck Cedar intends to sell off the company, which will cause thousands of people to lose their jobs. so chuck is simply a cartoon villain who escaped into a pg-13 film. weak!

At a shareholders meeting, Cedar has everyone convinced to sell the company,because i guess they didn’t think of the whole “Everyone losing jobs” thing.

deeds walks in to object this, and since he bought one share that morning, he is allowed to speak.  the ensuing speech is the cliche crap you expect, but it’s not the worst. during it, he preaches that money isn’t bad, but shouldn’t be too important in your heart.

he asks the other dudes what they really wanted to be grow up

JAN: i wanted to be a man!
“….that explains a lot”

…ew. also, jan kind of pops up in this scene, but i guess she followed babe here i guess. so Deeds convinces them that this is a dick thing to do and they all agree.

however,  Chuck has control of a majority of the shares and the sale is approved. wow, even after a big speech, he’s still an asshole. man, kendall in bedtime stories wasn’t this cliche!

but then, babe shows up, and shows them blake’s journal, which she took and read it cuz i guess deeds only read one bit for some reason

she reveals a passage, in which blakes fucks a maid, who died 9 months later, while giving birth to a son. she mentions the day the son was born and…

BUTLER: that’s …my birthday.


yep, the butler is preston blake’s illegitimate son, and the true heir to the fortune.  and with his poor, he fire chuck .i’m sure this holds many plot holes, but screw it, i don’t care. at least  it’s just kind of dumb

babe pulls Deeds aside, and tells her her true history, and how she really loves him and all that crap.

wait….deeds is technically the butler’s cousin ….and now that gay joke is even worse. yay

anyway, butler gives deeds 1 billion dollars to repay him for being nice and stuff.  and with that, Deeds and babe head back to his home town and set up a nice living for themselves

Deeds then announces that hallmark finally bought of his cards. the one he wrote for babe. of course. they kiss, and he shares his money with the town, as a happy man.

the. freaking end.

Final Thoughts:

This one is pretty bad, but a mixed bag of bad-ness. Adam sandler actually pulls off a halfway decent performance,. for the most part. during some of the eaely scene, he isn’t  too bad as a nice guy and i actually did believe he was this friendly guy, and i could see why the characters liked him. so this is sandler’s most likable character so far, but his performance isn’t perfect, as when he tries to be funny in the 2nd act, he falls flat .

however, the only reason i even give the character credit is the fact that adam sandler, who plays assholes, is acting as him. if you get off that, he’s pretty bland. he is simply a nice guy, who doesn’t really do all that much besides be nice, and when he tries to funny, he comes across as lame. the film also doesn’t know if he a dumb yokel who doesn’t know of modern stuff that he comes across, or is just a simple man, so we get shades of both, which don’t blend well together

sandler gives a nice shot, but ends up with a bad character regardless. the rest of the film is just crap. the plot is all over the place, and is so cliche that i didn’t care at all. the romance is bland, and so are the character. the jokes are just as bad, with just dumb jokes that make me roll my eyes instead of laugh. granted, the jokes aren’t as bad as in going overboard or jack and jill, but they are very basic laughs.

sure, i did chuckle  few times, and i already pointed out the two funniest gags, but it’s mostly laugh free. the plot is also way too safe, by going for cliche crap you see in children’s movies instead of going out. when you hear” adam sandler gets rich” you imagine him just going crazy and learning a lesson. that would have been dumb, but it may have scored better laughs.

instead, he doesn’t learn much of anything, and instead a bland love interest who may have been more interesting, if she was written better, learns it instead. if our hero isn’t going to really grow, why bother naming the movie after him?

it’s just a cliche mess, which,while promising in parts, and does show sign of sandler growing up, is very lame. the supporting characters are worse, being either one joke or really lame. so all that together makes a bad movie that feels like typical sandler crap, with just some twist.

it may be a bit worse than bedtime stories at that rate, but speaking personally, i got more angry at that POS than this, which just made me groan

TLDR VERSION: it sucks, but at least sandler isn’t too bad

Grade: D-

See ya next time on Adam Sandler month!


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