Goosebumps Horrorland-Scream of the haunted mask

,Hello, Spongey here

We’re still looking at the Horrorland books, and I think we’ve hit a stride…and a snag. See., I do not own Book #3. And if I don’t own something, (or Blogger beware has no summary) I can’t review it.

Instead, I will give you a brief “review” before we start.

Book 3 is Monster Blood for Breakfast

Oh god. Yes, Stine took another stab at blood. This is gonna be…wait…it’s in name only? No evan?


Yep, it’s a normal book, and as result it’s the best MB book. As in, it’s decent. The main character is Matt, who is odd. He is likable, kind and funny. But he is very unrealistic..

He is a good athlete…and smart. I can take the monsters BUT S\MART GUYS BEING STRONG?! No way

Anyway, his parents make him hang out with the annoying neighbor of his same age…Bradley Wormser. This guy is meant to be horrible, and boy stine makes us hate him well.

He acts like a dick around Matt, and because of Bradley, Matt was blamed for breaking a windshield, cheating, and starting a school fight. Oh yeah

And as you would guess, Bradley orders the titular blood online on Matt’s computer, and when it comes in, trouble starts.

Yeah, you can order it now. I think the Horrorland series is mostly a reboot, but also a sequel, as it does follow the events of some GB books, but retconing other stuff. So I think of it as a reboot, and if you stay with that it makes sense. ..kind of

For the first half, matt mostly worries about the blood and how it is making his plant (for the science fair) grow huge, and then, in the 2nd half, he tries to prank brad by putting it in his cereal (he freeloads off matt’s food in the morning). But as it turns out, Bradley has switched them to pull a different prank, so matt eats the blood for breakfast.

He grows big, but it happens slowly, as to build okay suspense. Monster blood is weird. It turns out that this Monster Blood is a 12 hour version (the tiny chunk you eat lasts 12 hours) , so it wears off. It’s more climatic than it sounds.

In the end, Bradley takes matt’s plant, and the blood, as to make a giant plant for the fair. Matt notices that the plant is…reaching at Brad’s leg. What does matt do? Say bye to brad and walk away

Serve’s him right.

Overall, it’s decent. It has pacing and story issues, but it’s fun and I think it’s better than any MB book before. Not the best, but decent enough. I give it a B

But now for our next book. Another true sequel. And our …last. Yeah, it was marketed as  VILALINS ARE BACK but only a few classic villains come, and only two classic heros…sort of. You’ll see.

But hey, let’s see what happens. Check out my reviews of THM 1 and 2 for the full scoop. Well..1 anyway

Yep, another retcon. 2 never happened. Like DT 2, it sucked. So let’s get into it..

This, is Scream of the haunted mask




It’s pretty good. I like the detail of the other masks, and how the haunted mask sticks it from them. Very awesome. Now for the review!

We open with our hero, Carly-beth. One thing that’s cool to me, is that HM 1 was in the 3rd person, while this one is in 1st. sure, so was 2 but steve sucks. Carlybeth rocks. So I like seeing more of her character up close.

Anyway, we open with her in the basement. She slowly walks down the stairs.

“what am I doing?”

I don’t know, I didn’t write it.

“why am I creeping down to the basement in the middle of the night?”


“I was being…pulled”

Well…okay then.

She got the urge to climb down.

“as if the mask was calling my name. The Haunted Mask that tried ruin my life…tried to turn me evil”

Yeah, in the 1st two books, the mask was always called “the mask” and not “The Haunted Mask”.. but here, they call it that.

Why? no idea. Like I said before IT’S NOT HAUNTED. No ghosts are involved in the making of the mask! I guess you could argue that, by taking over carlybeth, it is haunting her.

Even then, it’s odd to throw around haunted, when no kid like her would think of the deep implications like that. …shit, I’m nitpicking.

Oh, and by the way, yes the haunted mask is in her basement. So with the evil mask bent on taking her over,  she kept it. GENUIS!

Anyway, the mask seems to be calling to her. She walks through the dark basement, trying to fight off her odd urges.

Since she’s now 12 (she was 11 in HM 1), I assume she has more urges than that.  It gets decent creepy, as she thinks about t the evil mask, and how it’s pulling her to it.

“it wanted me to uncover the box where I put it away. To unlock it” oh, so it’s locked. Yeah, that excuses my bitching.

She keeps going on anyway.

“I can’t stop myself!”.

She touches the box, which is warm. Damn, that’s one horny mask.

“why couldn’t I stop my hands?”


You know, I make too many sex jokes, and noticed too many sexual innuendoes . so you know what? I’ll introduce a new thing to my reviews.

I’ll keep a counter of Sex jokes I could have made whenever these kind of things pop up. You’ll thank me later.

Sex jokes I could have made: 1


She opens the box.  The mask is back. She can’t control the pull. She takes the mask out. She starts to put it on…but thankfully, she fights off the urge.



But just then..

“the haunted mask opened its mouth in a long, deafening SCREAM!”


And…then we cut to the next day. Uh…yeah. That has a lot of propose, didn’t it? We join Carly and her friend Sabrina on the bus.

We also get the basic info on them again, which I actually get, since it’s mostly looks and stuff we likely do. It/s the kind of re-info sequels need, I guess.

Sabrina notices CarlyBeth looks a bit tired.

“you were up all night thinking of Gary Steadman”

“I don’t have a crush on gary Steadman!”

“then what did I see at stever boswell’s party last night?”

Oh…steve is back. Yeah, we’ll see him later.’

“total truth? He tried to kiss me and his braces cut my lips”

…so is she kidding or not/? She laughs and the scene moves along. Either way, we have Stine noticing that 12 year old kids can kiss. THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH

You know, like how in the feat street books “The sleepwalker” where he references that teens have sex!


Anyway, she asks Carlybeth why she looks tired.  CarlyBeth ponders is she should tell the truth

“I couldn’t tell anyone else.  Mom would she just tell me to stop watching the sci-fi channel”

I see this is back when they knew how to spell.

She tells her what happened. After that opening, CarlyBeth used her strength to hold back the mask, and run upstairs.

“you have to get that mask out of your house”

See, she gets it!

“Bury it in the woods!”

Exactly! why keep it?

But you know…I’ll give her that. After all, there is a chance of it escaping. It did it before, so…yeah, I’ll kind of give it to her. A little.

“it’s too horrifying. When I wore it, it changed me”

See, this is how you do a sequel;. Build up on the character, and explain how the events seriously affected the character. Don’t just hand off the story to a jerk ass, like in HM 2!

But I did like how in 2, CarlyBeth wasn’t scared, and thus the kids never bugged her. Here, they still do, and she’s still scared. But yet, she’s not a scaredy cat. She’s as scared as any normal person, so we still feel the first book changed her.

Sabrina tells her that she needs to get rid of the mask due to all it’s done. Why she took almost a year to have this conversation, is beyond me.

CarlyBeth says that the mask will never be fully dead, and keeping it where it can’t escape is better than nothing. Eh, decent point.

“you can only defeat it with a symbol of love”

Which you did. I guess much like Jason, this thing will stay alive, even if it needs to die/

Sabrina decides to drop it, but CarlyBeth wants to keep talking.

“only one good thing came out of that Halloween” … “I’m not scared anymore”

EXACTLY. See, this is turning out good!

And because irony is a cruel mistress,  something drops on her neck. It’s a snake. a rubber-’s real? WHAT A TWEEST!

Who put that snake there?

Chuck and Steve. Yes, the bullies are back and still pranking. Yeah, despite not being “Scared” they still prank her. Even in a good book, they still act like jerks

“I know you brought herbie in for class today. No big deal”

Wow, she doesn’t jump to conclusions, she is just a tiny bit shocked. Now this Is what I want!

“they just don’t realize how different I am now”


Sabrina owns him by telling him they kind of passed his house and they run off in panic. Nice.

Carlybeth sits back and thinks. Then   a voice comes in her head. Sabrina sounds far away,. All Carly can hear is the mask

“the scream of the haunted mask”


Sabrina hears nothing./

“is it inside my head now?”

We cut to them getting off the bus. Uh okay?

So anyway, now the plot. Yeah, my only issue with the book (SPOILERs: this is a good book, so don’t go looking for any negative crap) is that it starts off slow.

We have good buildup, and a fascinating way of writing the characters, but plot wise, we have very ltitle. Even some bad GB books started off with a plot.

But it’s okay, in a few pages, the plot will get good.

They end up a nice little farm. Why are they here? these little farms has…a daycare, and our main characters help out there.

Whoa, these kids not only can kiss, but can get jobs like real people? So a guy who likes to remind us this is all fictional, this is pretty real.

Hell, he said this at one point:

“They’re strictly to show kids that you can pick up a book and be really entertained, so I don’t have any moral lessons. ”


How I learned to fly: Celebrity isn’t meant for those not ready. Don’t make everything a competation

The Haunted Mask series: be yourself, don’t be scared of everthing, don’t be someone you’re not

Why I’m Afraid of bees: same thing, but with an emphasis on not trading  for a new life

Calling All Creeps : don’t fuck with nerds.

But hey, let’s get off that soapbox and review this book further.

The two kids clearly don’t like the little rascals at  the day care thing.

“don’t call them beasts, I think they’re cute”

“do you call stuffing crayons up your nose cute?”

In some circles, yes.

(Sabrina) “Colin is my favorite. He’s like an old gentleman”

“he sucks his thumb”

“nobody’s perfect”

“angela is peffect. She could be a kid supermodel or something”

Or a pedo wet dream on toddlers and tiaras. Same thing.

“she’s spoiled. The way she always has to sit in your lap?”

Sex jokes I could have made: 2


We are told this used to be a real farm, but a while ago, the owners sold it,. It is now used like a mini fairground of some sort.

And a daycare, I guess

The current leader now is Mrs Lange, who is old.

Our heros step and see that the kids are extra insane today.we are then introduced to other person, Laura. While lange is the overall owner, someone young (their age?) helps out too.

Lange is away though, so yeah.

After we find Laura is odd, and shy, this happens with one of the kids

“CarlyBeth, your face…why is it so ugly?!”

Due to what happened, she thinks the mask is back. But of course, it was just typical 5 year old humor.

Lange shows up cuz the plot needs her. She suggests that the kids head outside for fresh air.  And so they do.

The kids act like little dicks, and just be lttle kids. Is there ever a nice little kid in goosebumps?

As the kids scramble. CarlyBeth and her friend come across what looks like a  big shed. A stable, actually.

They get distracted by the kids, so they walk away. But CarlyBeth swears she hears a horse…

Carly suggest heading in their to see what’s up, but Sabrina declines.  CarlyBeth starts to walk in anyway.


Laura was the yeller. Why? she needed help with the kids, to ring them in. eh, okay.

They head in, and CarlyBeth asks about the stable. It turns out that there is a story/legend about it. But of course there is.

It used to be popular, with plenty of great horses. One night, people heard screams coming from the stable

Some said they saw aliens singing about having horses on their heads.

And when they came into the stable, the horses were dead. One was even made into cupcakes.

The stable boy was blamed. He snuck into the stable one night, and they think he wanted to scare the horses.

The horses ran out of the stable in fear, and ran over the kid. A little…dark, but hey it’s good.

“I warned you it was sad”


How did he scare the horses?

“the farmers claimed it was a mask”


The mask vanished after the scare, and no one confirmed the full story..

CarlyBeth is now thinking that was the haunted mask, which makes sense. After all, the shopkeeper was old, so maybe he mead the mask 30 or 40 years ago, which I bet is when the stable thing happened,.

Heck, maybe this is how the shopkeeper knew the mask is trouble. The other masks also seemed to go around ,so it makes sense.

Wait, this isn’t even canon yet and I’m critiquing  it.

Anyway, CarlyBeth doesn’t pipe up, but she does mention the horse she heard. Yes, the other part of the legend if that the ghost horses are still around.

And so is the stable boy.

“he won’t leave until he has his mask back”

CarlyBeth lies and says he doesn’t like ghost stories. Yay, a GB character who doesn’t risk being called an idiot!

See, CarlyBeth is awesome

They head home, with Carly still thinking about the mask. At Dinner, Dad asks her about the job. Wow, we see her dad. He was away in 1, had a phone cameo in 2, but now he has a small scene!

Noah (little brother) gives Carly a hard time, since she’s been real quiet and not doing much.

Wait…didn’t he kind of…put on the mask at the end of the first one?  What happened to that? No explanation?

2 didn’t explain either, but noah never showed up, so it was fine. The EPISODE of 2 said, he only put it on once, so he was fine.

However, in the book of 1, they say if anyone puts on again, it is forever. So…yeah, this one just ignores it. Explain!

CarlyBeth asks to be excused, and she is. She still thinks about the mask, and how it really got to her.

And now she wants to go in the basement to see if she put the mask back in the box. “I had to make sure”

As she heads down, she hers her parents playing  a violent video game

“totally weird”

You got that right

She heads down…and hear someone calling her name. she gets freaked out, until noah steps out from the basement

Noah said he heard Carly was brave, so he tested it out. Now he knows she’s still a scaredy cat

“was noah right?”..””I wanted to be brave”

I love complexity in the morning

She quickly peeps inside, and sees that the mask is in the box, she didn’t hide it away. She hears it trying to break out

“almost Halloween..”


A few days later, CarlyBeth is hanging at home

“Noah was watching the shows he thinks are so hilarious on the Disney channel”


Did…RL Stine just slam Disney channel? ….


Sabrina calls, and I will give you an OUT OF CONTEXT line

“I had an idea”

“You’re going to get your nose pierced?”

See, their class must write a report about local legends. Hey, they just heard of one! This school deals in plot coincidence

Sabrina tells CarlyBeth that should do it together about the stable thingy.She suggests they head there later on. CarlyBeth deicdes to go along

“what could happen?”

RULE OF GOOSEBUMPS: if you are in a Goosebumps book, never say that. EVER

So they head out to a creepy farm stable at night. I see nothing going wrong here.  as they head up, CarlyBeth spots a freshly dug whole. “a grave?”

“but that was crazy”

It’s a grave. Spoilers!

They head inside the stable, and CarlyBeth reveals she…has carrots

“…for the ghost horses I guess”

Eh, I’ve heard stupider things to bring to a haunted stable.

They take some pics for the report, and decide to set up a shot with Sabrina sitting on a stool.

Suddenly, they hear a bumping sound.

Sex jokes I could have made: 3


Suddenly, CarlyBeth hears….a horse. Sabrina hears it this time.more sounds.

“it’s all true!”

Then…Sabrina starts…laughing?

“I can’t keep up the joke anymore. It’s too mean”


“it’s another joke. It was chuck’s idea. They made me bring you hear.”

well fine, Sabrina the teenage bitch.

…seriously, what was up with that? Yes, Chuck and steve arranged this, and fine, I’ll credit her for giving it away before it got out of hand.

“okay dudes, come out

They don’t come out.

It’s quiet. Too quiet.

CaryBeth looks to see that…her carrots are gone.


But Sabrina just thinks chuck and steve took them. Sabrina calls Chuck to see if this is true. She speaks to him

“what do you mean your home? You forgot about the joke?”

Horror cliché #454: prank is set up, real thing happens,. Pranker turns out to be not there.

Upon finding this out, they run for their lives to the bus stop. CarlyBeth looks back at the stable…..and spots a boy on the roof of it.


Nah, not doing It again

“who is he?”

We cut to the daycare the next day.


“I’m sorry your robot looked like a dumb bunny rabbit”

As the girls deal with the crazy kids, Lange comes up and asks them to work on Halloween. They are doing a little Halloween party for the kids. The girls agree to it.

After talking a bit more, CarlyBeth heads out. She heads to the stable to settle last night’s mystery.

She heads in and runs into a boy right away.

“I live in here”

Yeah that’s not creepy

He also has dark eyes, dark brown hair, and a flannel. Shirt. Gee, he couldn’t be the ghost of the stable boy

“I mean, my family lives nearby”

Nice cover up.

He introduces himself as Clark.

Clark and CarlyBeth. Catchy.

He says he knows the stable boy story, and he finds the place interesting

“is it twisted to like scary things?”

…no comment.

“it was so horrible. Those poor horses”

“excuse me? You care more about the horses? What about the stable boy?’

Hey, you stole my snark!

Seriously, I love how they lampshade that CarlyBeth is being dumb about this. Maybe she’s a hardcore brony or something.

She tells him of last night, and he thinks it was nothing. She starts to think he may know more about the mask that scared the horses, so she mentions it

She then tells the truth. She mentions her last Halloween and why she cares about this mask. After she spills it, clark thinks she is full of shit

“you believe in ghosts and evil masks? I hope your friend Sabrina isn’t as weird as you are”

Wow, what a dick.

(I assume he just spots them walking by a lot, and that’s why he knows Sabrina).

CarlyBeth walks off, a bit peeved. She heads to the bus stop, but it seems to be not there. The clark thing is getting at her.

She tries she using HER FANCY 2008 PHONE to call home, but with no power.

She decides to just walk home.she thinks about her problems. She needs to stop the haunted mask for good. But where could she take it?

She keeps on to home, and gets close. But as she walks through town….she sees a store

“the store where I bought the haunted mask”


…oh what, it was good enough.

She tells us that the store vanished after hallowene last year, so it’s odd that it has returned.

She heads in and finds the shopkeeper.. she says hi.  Right away, she wants him to take the mask back.

I must say, it is odd how the shopkeeper said “yeah you can stop it with a symbol of love” and then isn’t shocked when she still has it, and wants it gone.

“you think you defeated it, but I know the truth”

…the truth?

“the mask won’t accept defeat”

…That’s crazy,. She has it locked u-

“no one has ever defeated the mask.  No one who skin has become the mask’s skin,  whose eyes have become the mask’s eyes, has lived to tell about it. The mask destroyed them. All of them.  Except you. You are alive. for now”

So…why didn’t you tell her that in the first place?

You built up the symbol of love as the only way of stopping it-

…wait. This makes sense. This could be a cop out, but a mask this powerful, could only be stunned by love. There’s no way it can be killed for good. Clearly this thing was stunned for a bit, and the Halloween season made it strong again.

But why did he just tell her that eventually? You got the girl’s hopes up, you prick! …wait, maybe he couldn’t bear to do it. You try telling a poor girl she can’t stop an evil mask. You can’t. if I was him, I’d just try to make sure she lives through this halllowen’

So it makes sense when you think about it.

“someone else owned the mask and will do anything to get it back. Anything”

Sex jokes I could have made: 4

“It will not quit until it controls you”

Shit’s getting real

“I tried to warn you, carlybeth. I tried to stop you. But you wouldn’t listen.  You bought the mask and ran off with it. And now you must pay the most painful price!”

…she learned her lesson, dude. Cut her some slack. Also, who sold it to her? Oh yeah IT WAS You. I said this in my original review, but I’ll say it again. You could have stood your ground, or showed her evidence the mask is evil. then, problem solved.

You tried to stop her yes, but all you did was go “oh no, don’t”.

WILLY WONKA: wait no don’t go

Yeah, like that.

You didn’t exactly warn her about it being evil or anything.

In the TV episode, she stole it, so it was understanble. But here, you sold it legally. Whatever.

He takes her out and locks the door. Man, what a prick. Who knew the man tortured by  masks would be a jerk?

Okay, he has a point. I just find it odd he won’t even try to fight it.

BOOK 1: eh, okay I’ll try to tell you how to stop it

BOOK “2”: you’re on your own bitch

A little odd. But …it’s not a terrible problem. I get it to an extent, and it helps build tension on how CarlyBeth will stop the mask for good.

I just love nitpicking plot holes. But it’s still dick-ish to not help a poor kid, even if it is hopeless.

So CarlyBeth has no choice but to head home. Her parents ask what took her so long, but she doesn’t listen. She just heads to the basement.

She decides to hide the box so deep the mask can’t get it. But when she opens to take a peek…

“the haunted mask was gone”


I’m sick of this joke.

She wonders why it’s gone. She runs upstairs and…bumps into noah. In the mask.

You know…like he should be from the first one.

But of course…

“I’m trying on a new hulk mask. You’ve never seen the incredible hulk before?”

That movie came out the same year as this book. that is not a coincidence.

“I wanted to be wolverine, but they only had hulk”

He jokingly kicks her

“don’t get violent”

“you’re ask the hulk not to get violent?”

…he has a point.

CarlyBeth gives up and goes to dinner. And now, it’s time for the Halloween scene. They are at the daycare for le party, dressed as clowns. Guess the duck costume was out of season?

(they actually mention it, as it was the box instead of the mask,. Hence why she ran to noah, thinking he took it_

The kids are already insane, causing trouble. Laura greets them

“I was planning on showing them how to carve a pumpkin. But no way I’m taking out any knives with this group!”

Mrs lange pops up, dressed up a witch. I made this joke in the 1st review but….wouldn’t Sabrina be more suited as a witch?

*obvious reference is obvious*

She tells the kid’s it is time to start making their own masks. Mrs Lange asks CarlyBeth to go to her office to fetch some stuff.

She does so. CarlyBeth is looking when she finds an old book, on the history of the farm. Because she’s bored, she skims it.

She sees a picture of the original farmhouse. She then saw an old photo of  the stable boy. She looks closely and..

“the stable boy was clark”


“clark is a ghost”

She remembers what the shopkeeper said. Clark had the mask, and wants it…okay NOW the mask is haunted.

She heads back into the main place…as clark steps in through the door.

Geez, this guy has impeccable timing.

He pulls out a mask…but not the haunted mask. No one is safe either way. She must stop him. she runs to Sabrina.

She yells at her to get the kids away, but Sabrina doesn’t get it, of course.  Instead, Carlybeth just has the kids keep on making their masks, since the best option is to confront clark.

She tells him that she knows that he is the stable boy

“now you know the truth”

…and then..

Yeah it’s a joke. He’s full of shti.

She tells him “no”. she saw him in that book

“it’s my grandfather. He was the stable boy. I look a lot like him”

Of course she thinks he is lying. Clark assures he is legit. He even shows her his mask, which is simply an alligator masked.

She keeps question him, and begging him to stop, but he plays sane. As this happens, the kid’s pull on their brown bag mask. ..and they get stuck.

Shit,. Going. Down.

CarlyBeth is really mad now

“Clark! Stop it!”

She grabs his arm. Solid. Not a ghost.

Why didn’t she try that before?

The kids’ continue to struggle.

Laura walks in.

“sorry I had to scare the kid’s like this”

“do you want to save these kids? There is only one way.  BRING ME THE HAUNTED MASK!

WHAT A TWEEST. Laura is  a ghost who wants the mask, which is now haunted. And…she’s thereating kid’s. she is going to kill little kids’.

Damn,. This book is amazing.

She tells us that it was infact her that scared the horses, and not the stable boy. She is the ghost. See, she too got the mask from the shopkeeper, for reasons explained earlier.

It consumed Laura, who spooked the horses, and killed them all. But now she wants the mask back, as she is…well evil.

So she is consumed by evil, and is a huge threat to children. Damn, this is a great villain. Captain ben was fun but she is awesome. She has a plan, and proves to be a real threat

The haunted mask itself is great, but I do like how they up the ante by showing other people consumed by it  that’s what a sequel should do. Open the world up and show us more.

Plus, she is another female Goosebumps villain. The original series only had 8 of those, and a few were just part of a larger group!

“I wore the mask as a joke to  scare the stable boy. I didn’t know the mask was evil”

I like the implication given here. this is what will happen to CarlyBeth is she doesn’t stop the mask. She will be so evil she will WANT the mask no matter what. It’s subtle in how they don’t spell it out like a lesser book would. I love that.

Laura has been at the farm hoping being around would help uncover some secrets. She overheard CarlyBeth talking to Clark about the mask, and knew she had found it.

“go get it, before these kid’s suffocate”


Carly tells her the mask vanished



So anyway Carly-

SABRINA: I know where it is


“I was only trying to help you, Carly-Beth.” …yep, she took the mask away. Okay, I take back my bitch comment. That was nice. Sure it held her back, but it’s the thought that counts.

Remember that ”Grave”? the mask which Sabrina took,. Saw it coming?

Laura demands that the mask be brought to her. Clark tries to stop her and gets his ass handed to him. nice.

“bring me the haunted mask!”

She runs out and finds it. She runs back, hoping this fix things. Sure, Laura will do evil, but she’ll do evil somewhere else and not here

“the mask will make Laura even more evil” …”if she gets the mask she will destroy us all


So of course Carly puts on the mask and-

Wait what?

“I knew I had to fight evil with evil”

…CarlyBeth is awesome. She takes a huge chance, and gives in to the evil mask, simply to save the kids. All this proves that I should have had her on my best character’s list.

Laura isn’t happy

“Take it off!”

Sex jokes I could have made: 5

“I wanted to DESTORY the mask!”


“I’ll make you PAY!”

She gave the man 30 bucks in the first one, isn’t that enough?

Laura tries to take it off, but with no luck. CarlyBeth is now the mask again. The mask yells at laura to stop it. Laura runs in fear. But in the frenzy of evil, CarlyBeth chases her.

Silence falls. CarlyBeth cries. Not a cry from her.

“it was the scream of the haunted mask”

Oh so that’s why it’s called that

“the mask had won”

And now we’ve taken a character to their lowest point where it seems hopless. Man did this book get awesome fast.

Suddenly…she hears…horses. Yes, the ghost horses show up to be evil and stuff. They run at laura.  They stampede laura until she’s gone, forever. Fitting defeat, can’t complain.

Sabrina and Clark run over to greet her. But it’s not happy. CarlyBeth is not safe. She is now the haunted mask.

“I AM the haunted mask”

CarlyBeth IS the haunted mask. Rated pg-13

She throws a hoe-

Sex joke-

Garden hoe. Sicko/

“am I doomed?”

She remembers. It can only be removed be a symbol of love. callbacks are lovebacks

“but he said it could only be stopped once by love..”

Yes, you see, the shopkeeper had also said that no one ever stopped. He has no idea how it works if you stop it even once, so he took no chance and decides it was hopeless.

Okay…now it All makes sense.

So she has a chance. She survived once, so maybe she can win. But the, as she thinks, the ghost horses come back to charge.

…they stop.they act nice, and nuzzle up with her. D’aww?

Laura, still a bit there, calls out.

“you were the only one to care for them all these years”

…you mean-

“the carrots! I brought them carrots…a symbol of love”

The symbol of love is carots.

Well…it does have a GB character being nice to an animal. So…I’ll let it slide. Cheese-y, but sweet

It works in a way,.

And with that, it comes off. CarlyBeth stopped the mask twice.. awesome.

She takes it off, and hugs Sabrina and Clark. Woot

“the nightmare is over!”

They must burry it again, for good.

Suddenly…the mask talks from its place in her hands

“You’re my favorite carlybeth. See you next hallowed”

Sex jokes I could have made: 6

And…then it ends. Yeah, another ending that’s odd…but it works better then the others, as it does show a decent twist. The mask will never be stopped for good, but she can hold it off.

So in a way, we have a good struggle. And thus, our book ends.

Final Thoughts:

It started off oddly slow, and had its fair share of plot holes. But…it’s damn good. The best one so far. Book 2 was fun but this was just really good.

The good stuff is so good that it overshadows it’s flaws. Some flaws can even excuse to a degree. As it sequel, it works. Well.. hell, if you put this in the original series and iron out the flaw, it;d be among the best.

Seriously. It continues the story very well. It shows us more of the mask. It ups the stakes very much. The mask feels like a good villain, as it seems unstopable. Our character is more complex than before. It puts her in a new, more tight situation that makes her feel hopeless.

The plot is also well done. We have two things going on the mask and the stable boy plot. They  both tie in well to create a story that is decently creepy and really helps make these characters interesting.

The new villain is good too, as she is very evil and uses some good plot stuff in the process, making for one of the best villains in a while

As  a sequel, it’s more than worthy. It’s well written, tightly plotted, and gave us a great ride. Better than haunted mask 2…/by a long shot/

Not perfect, of course. But for Goosebumps, I can take it. It’s really good for what it is, and the best Horrorland book so for

Grade: A-

There, “4” down. Will the Horrorland series keep going at a great rate?

SPOILER: it won’t get too deep, but it will get just as awesome

Join us next time for rage, crazy people, and comic fun. It’ll be a hell of a ride…

See ya.


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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