Goosebumps Horrorland-Creep from the deep

Hello, Spongey here

We’ll still looking at the Horrorland books, so let’s look at book 2. We have our first direct sequel. It’s…to deep trouble.

I finally got Deep trouble 1, so I read it again. It’s very good, and better than what my review said.. for those who don’t remember, check my review for the full info.

The storyline is rather interesting, as billy’s need to protect the mermaid is rather sweet, and by the end, he ends up saving her life, and in return, the mermaid calls her friends and I swear it’s more badass than it sounds.

Billy/mermaid is fascinating and Alexander is another decent human villain, who tries to DROWN the main characters. So yeah, it’s a pretty good book. It starts off slow, but it gets good. I give it an A-.

And then there’s deep trouble 2. It sucks. The villain is dumb, the plot is rushed, and it makes no sense.

But for whatever reason, stine felt the story needed to continue. So we have our odd named sequel…

This, is Creep From the deep



The Cover is pretty good. Nice detail, and is badass. Does it have anything to do with the plot? No. is it still good? Yes.

But first, this book does something that makes it already good: It retcon’s Deep trouble 2. That’s right, it actually never happened. This is a year after DT 1, so DT 2 is erased. Thank god!

So let’s see how good this is. We open…on page 3. Again. …let me check.


Yep. Every Horrorland book starts on page 3. I don’t know how you can keep doing this. Page 1 is the start, stine! COMMON SENSE.


We open with Billy once again.  You know how the first two opened with him pretended to be William Deep Jr, the undersea explorer.

Yeah,. It’s back. I don’t mind, but it feels odd when you get to part 3.

He tells us he Is from Baltimore, Maryland. …a GB character is from a real city, and state? Wow. Why didn’t he tell us this in the first 2?!

He tells his secret name is…the undersea mutant. Yes.

“for me, danger is like breakfast. I can’t start the day without a healthy, balanced bowl of danger”

I’ll just leave that there.

“I’m the one who defeated Sandy the squid”

The very aquatic ink squirting evil of action

He tells us more, but I’ll skip it. Now, he’s looking for a dangerous eel thingy. He fights with this eel, as it hurts him and stuff. Then he hears someone yell his name. he runs off

Then he goes up ,and he’s billy. Well that was lame.

Billy is again visiting his uncle, Dr D, on his boat/lab thing. Dr D pulls him away from his fun…to teach him how to use a  fishing spear

Safe for kids, right?

We are re-introduced to this thing: Dr D is a marine bio dude, has a lab, and the fact that they found a mermaid and faced betrayal is never mentioned

Yeah, the first one is barely reference. Even 2 gave us a recap. To be fair though, this book isn’t terrible like 2 was.

He teaches billy how to hold  the spear right. He gives it a good throw at the water. Then..


Gee, it’s like giving a kid a spear was a bad idea!


…how dar-

It’s sheena pulling a prank.

But still! This book made us think a kid was hurt by a spear! That’s a dark joke. I like it!

Anyway, you remember sheena of the jungle here. she is ten. Billy is 12.

Wait…but this is one year after DT 1. He should be 13!

The heck?

Someone actually asked Stine about this on twitter. His reply?

“Billy is suffering from a bad disease. Next year he’ll be 11. Poor kid”


They argue a bit, and Dr D calls for them.  Shenna takes the spear and drops it on his foot., what a bitch

Dr D tells them he just got the okay over the radio. And he got some maps. They are going somewhere. Where?

“deep waters. Very deep waters”


He tells them with more detail. They are looking for a  sunkn pirate ship. Yes, this is a pirate themed book

The fact that this review is being posted on talk like a pirate day was fully planned.

This ship has been missing for 200 years, but Dr D thinks they may have found it. The Scarlett skull is its name.

Oh, and the ship took down treasure with it. Yeah, this is gonna be good. Sadly, the treasure Is going to charity. Bah.

Now for the story of how the ship sank. There were two pirate ships. They were sailing when a black cloud took the SS away.  It vanished. Without a trace/

The ship belonged to long ben one leg. He was not a good guy. I hear blackbeard would rather pirates of the Caribbean 3 than fight him.

(the fact this book takes place around the Caribbean  cannot be a coincidence)

Ben was evil. he had a tub of angry rats, and would throw anyone he disliked in it to punish them.. yeah.

But there’s more..

Legend says Ben still hangs around the ship, to protect the treasure. Sounds like a neat ghost

“According to legend, he’s a zombie”

…zombie pirates.


This book is now amazing.

Billy is amazing by this, like I am.

“ I don’t believe in zombie pirate’s”

..but you met a mermaid once. So…you should at least be open.

Anyway, he takes them to see the “deep diver” a dinky yellow (insert obvious joke here) sub which they will use to go find the ship. ]

So you will take your nephew and niece in a dinky sub to find a prate ship which may have zombies


Billy has a brief imagine spot. He imagines a giant eel crashing through the sub window. “WHOA! BILLY-STOP” …uh, okay?

Oh, and this is where the cover comes from…lame!

The next day, they get in the sub. In a bit of kinky foreplay, billy bites sheena and they get in. nope, I won’t give context.

“this sub is easy to pilot, a monkey could; do it”

“so billy could do it”

Hey, he’s the greatest warrior ever! A hero of renown!

A bit later, they start the sub and head into the deep. Dr D warns them they must go slowly. Why? it’s so small and stuff. Yeah, bringing the kids was a great idea

As they go down, they are fascinated by the various sea life. Then, the sub stops. It stalls. Then…a black cloud forms in the ocean. It covers them all up.`

“Dr D, what’s happening?’

“I don’t know…and I don’t like it”

It covers them some more. They don’t know what is going on. they try to escape. Then when their vision clears…Dr d has vanished.


Yep, this is getting good. They remember that the pirate ship vanished in a black cloud, but they brush it off. Now they are worried as they are in a dinky sub all by themselves. Billy is able to figure out the controls. Awesome

But they go a bit too fast…and spy…the pirate ship! Yay! …but they’re crashing into it. ..not yay.

They stop the sub in time. They are about to try to escape…when they see it. A zombie. Or to be more accurate, a Skelton. Close enough

It bangs on the sub, and is described in awesome detail. . more zombie pirates show up and I must say,. This is where the book gets awesome. You’ll see..

The pirates bang against the sub, and when it seems like there’s no hope, Shenna is able to start the sub and get them out.

They make it to the surface, safe and sound. Only problem? No lab/boat in sight.

“We’re all alone”

“…what’s the good news?”

“there was none”

Well, you’re alive. does that count?

Anyway, they peek out from the sub, and spot some better news: an island! Wait…DT 2 had a desert island too. Reusing stuff from the creepy sequel?

Billy jumps out of the sub…only to bang his leg. This kid isn’t very lucky, is he?

“it’s the same leg that shark bit last summer”

Oh hey, a reference to the first one!

We also have another out of context line

“since when are you an expert on legs?”

Despite the pain, billy presses on and gets to the island. Please stop being awesome, billy. Upon setting foot, they stumble upon a piece of driftwood, which billy uses as a cane.

That certainly was convenient

They walk around, and notice some footprints. Dr D? they follow them, and find a dude in a black cloak. Nope, it’s not death, though that would be awesome. .upon closer inspection, they see it’s another zombie pirate.

Thankfully, this skeleton dude doesn’t seem to be moving. I guess these zombie pirates leave random not undead guys lying around.

They notice that the footprints lead to the water. Meaning…yep, here be zombies. They woke up the dead.

I never thought Goosebumps would let me write that sentence.

They gotta find someplace to hide. They head to a cave, but along the way…they fall into a hole. Wah wah!


“It’s sticky, and smelly”

“maybe it’s a trap”

Quick, Call Admiral Ackbar!

Billy dismisses the trap theory, as the pirates just got here. they try to escape, and with hard work, they start to climb out.

Then./…they hear chanting from oncoming pirates.

The bones they crack, the bones they creep

The men come alive in the briny deep

So come with us, come with the men

Come meet your fate, with captain ben


A villain “song”? yes please.

you ended our death, you ended our sleep


in the most awesome detail, the horrible pirates circle our heroes and drag them up. One of which has a half face. The pirate circle opens to reveal a big dude, in a long coat,  a whole face, big ass skeleton body, and short black beard.

Yep, it’s Long Ben One Leg!

Wait, who is that beside him?

“Billy, sheena, he got you too?!”



Yep, Ben captured Dr D. wait, where did that black cloud take Dr D anyway? Eh, I wouldn’t think too hard. We have a zombie pirate captain here!

“Dr D? how did you get here?”

“…I don’t know billy. It’s not clear to me”

…that explains it.

Captain ben isn’t having any of this. Then…one of eyes belonging to a zombie pirate falls…then it’s owners steps on it.



“I like to watch a man bounce”

Ben tells them, with the epic voice my mind came up with, that he won’t give them Dr D till they give him what is his. They try to tell him they don’t have the treasure, but he will be having exactly 0 percent of their bullshit today

“Ye’ve made you’re choice…the wrong choice”

You’ve chosen…poorly.

The kids run off, and billy actually fights off some of the pirates as they run. Then they come across a loose vine, which is really a snake.

Billy sticks out the driftwood he has, and fights off the snake

“billy, that was awesome


They hide as far as possible . but then they run into…..two normal men! AHHHHH!

They introduce themselves as photographers. Of course the kids are a bit scared by two normal people on an island of zombie pirates.

“We’re shooting little known Caribbean islands”

Cuz that happens.

They’re names are Roger and Goldy. The latter has a gold tooth, so that is a nickname. They don’t believe the pirate nonsense, but they do hear feet coming, so they hide the kids.

As soon as the pirates are gone, they spill the story out to the men./they swear they are not making this up, and since these are two little kids in a otherwise empty island, it’s easy to believe this story.

But before they can do anything, two zombie pirates attack the men!

And they cut off their head-

No, they don’t. I kill every cat scare, guys.

The men then pick up the pirates and toss them into the water. Will this book ever stop being awesome?

The men tell the kids they must find the treasure, as it belong to the people, much like these waters do. But now, they kinda need to trade it to get Dr D so there.

They head out to the men’s boat. After a close run in with the pirates, they speed off.. they come across the sub, where the sunken ship, and the treasure is.

The men dive under to get it.  Billy looks in the men’s bags out of boredom…..only to find riffles.

Guns. In goosebumps. Hell yes.

“they lied to us…they’re not photographers”


With that, the men arrive back with the treasure chest in tow. They see right away that they looked in the bag. Then…they take their faces off, to reveal bones.

“We were on the ship that watched the scarlett skull  disappear into the black cloud”

Oh, I wondered where that bit was going.

Ben stole his treasure from that ship, and roger/goldy here wanted it back. They found some fishermen and took their skin. Nice

(and the boat too)

“but now we must say good bye to you both”

They toss the kids overboard. They watch as the men open the chest. But, there is a red skull right on the rest, and when they touch it….they blow up

Oh. Yeah.

They climb back on the boat.

“maybe our luck is changing”

Then they bump into something and get knocked out. Serves you right.

But they come to quickly, and see Dr D’s lab/boat thingy! Yay/! They climb up with the chest. But just then…the scarlet skull shows up.  It rises up from it’s sea prison

With ben and Dr d on it.

They offer ben the treasure

“I don’t want the treasure. I WANT MY LEG!”

…what a twist?

Yeah, you know that driftwood billy got? It was Ben’s leg the whole time. Stine really loves his chekov’s guns

Sheena asks if ben will return D is if they give him his leg.

“Return your uncle?! Don’t you know what I liar I am?!  I’ll take my leg, and the treasure”

Yes, tell them you’ll double cross them before they give you the leg, giving them time to dump it.


Suddenly,  Billy remembers the spear lessons from earlier. He takes the leg, aims and….and throws it into ben’s chest, giving him enough pain to make him fall overboard.

That does it. If you give in the Goosebumps world, and your name is billy YOU ARE AWESOME

With that, his ship falls apart. As that happens, Dr D escapes and climbs up on the lab/boat. Dr D takes the helm, and says they must find that black cloud

“When we went through it, we entered a dead zone. This isn’t our world. This is the world of the DEAD”


Yeah, that’s where they went, and thus, we get a good reason for the zombie!

With the cleared up, they find the cloud and return to the world of the living. But the chest doesn’t, and all that’s left is the red skull. Wah.

Dr D starts to radio for help. What do they get? The chant.

The bones they crack, the bones they creep

The men come alive in the briny deep

 Nice. And…then it ends,. No resolution, no explanation. It just ends. The Horrorland segment doesn’t even get into it! Ah well, that’s a minor point/

With that, the story ends.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed this one a lot. Sure, there are a few plot holes, and it has little relation to the  first one, but this is is goosebumps. i’ve learned to overlook that stuff.

The plot was interesting enough, the pirate stuff was cool, the writing got nice and descriptive, the characters were even more fun than in the first one and it was just had a fun tone to it.

Yes, the 1st is still the best. the stuff with billy and the mermaid made the book, andI  liked the quiet approach, which made it critically better, but this one just feels more like a fun adventure and it breathes more life into its story than the first one.

DT 1 did have a better written story, but this one has the fun adventure (and the awesome villain) i love. so yeah, i approve.

Grade: B+


So there we go, two Horrorland books down. Join me next time for more!

See ya, and Happy talk like a pirate day, matey!

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