A Tribute to Lilo and Stitch


Hello, Spongey here.

The Disney Animated Canon is fascinating.


For those not in the know, The Disney Animated Canon is…well the theatrical animated films by Disney .as in, just Disney. This only counts their one yearly releases. There are many Disney films that are direct video or are otherwise done by other sections of Disney

Thus, the official films are the animated canon. And it’s interesting.

While many fall into the same type, Disney has experimented a lot over the years. They’ve done epic sci-fi fantasy like the underrated Atlantis,  and  large comedies like the hilarious Emperor’s New groove


They’ve done  a lot of movies. of course their experiments have varied in success. Some bomb critically, some don’t make money, and some …are home on the range.

As such, they are afraid to do risky stuff sometimes. But sometimes they’ll give in. after the failure of the sci fi-ish Atlantis, they most likely didn’t want to do a sci fi film

But Disney does take risks, I mean they don’t have to do the same thing. They can do  david spade as a llama, mr walker!

So in 2002, they came out film a little film, which happened to spawn of their best franchise which I loved as a kid ,and still love now.

This, is A Tribute to Lilo and Stitch


There’s a lot to talk about. So let’s start at the best place…the beginning.

It all starts in SPAAACCE, as evil scientist Jumba (David ogden stiers) is on trial at the galactic  alliance  for making evil genetic experiments. He refuses to admit to it…until they show one of such experiments

“I would never…make more than one!”

It’s funny cuz …he made 626 of them

Anyway, they reveal his latest one: 626. A blue monster that is evil. he can lift 3000 times his own wight, has brain of supercomputer, and destroys all that he sees.

They lock both of them up, but 626 escapes…to earth.

So now Jumba, and earth expert pleakly (Kevin McDonald) must got to earth and capture 626.

So where did 626 land? Hawaii. Where meet a little girl name lilo. She’s normal…except she feeds sandwiches to wish, loves the supernatural  and has an ugly doll named scrump.

Yep, normal

her parents are dead (DISNEY MOVIE) and is now being taken care of by her sister nani. However, things aren’t the best. Lilo acts weird and has a lot of troubles, and as a result, nani is strict and thus causes many distrburnace.

Thanks to this, social worker Cobra Bubbles (BEST NAME EVER) thinks nani may be the best caretaker. So Llio and Nani are really on edge.

So one night, lilo prays and ask for an angel/

She gets an evil genetic experiment/

God has a sick sense of humor./

Anyway, when 626 lands, he eventually ends up being thrown in the pound. By chance, lilo shows up and isn’t phased by him, and adopts him. she names him…Stich.

So she must get him to be a normal “dog”, while also dealing with the sister thing, but Stitch seems to making things worse. On top of that, Jumba and pleakly are on the lookout for 626 as well..

Oh, and even better, later on, when jumba fails, Captain Gantu (Kevin Micheal Richardson) is sent to get Stitch …right when things get good.

There’s your premise.

The main thing about the movie is how non-disney it is…and how Disney it is at the same time.

No truly evil villain (Gantu is just doing his job after all), no princesses, it’s not a musical, it’s heavy sci fi, and it takes place in the “present”.




How is it Disney? It has that magic most of their films od. The characters are interesting, and well fleshed out. The animation is great, and it capture the essence of it’;s location. The tone is magical, but isn’t afraid to have balls.

So in a way, it’s  a Disney movie, with a non Disney premise

I mean, the marketing icon is…an evil alien!

The marketing was the best (until the muppets did it better). They emphasized how…different it is. So the trailers showed Stitch invading Disney movies, like the lion king, or Aladdin.


the best is the Aladdin one. Stitch shows up in his ship, and hits on jasmine…WHO DITCHES ALADDIN FOR HIM. that’s awesome. In the others, he’s just cast aside. Here? nope.

Anyway, now for the actual movie

It has everything you expect in a Disney movie, all starting with the voice acting. It is truly excellent. Everyone gives it they’re all, and creates a fun performance. They take the movie from really good, to great.

I think my fave is Pleakely. The little guy Is just hilarious! Kevin does his usual good job. He  has many great lines, and I just love how dumb he can be. Like using a viewfinder for all research, and he’s just such a pussy. He’s very funny, and as we’ll see in this franchise, he can be badass too!

I also love Jumba.   He has a cool design, and I love his thick accent. His broken English is funny, and he I also like how much of a card carrying villain he is. Everything is evil, even later on when he becomes “Good”. He’s just hilarious.

And of course, we have the center piece of the film: Lilo and Stitch. Lilo is a little girl. Usually that would make her annoying. Nope, she’s awesome

She is weird. And I mean weird. She’s into freaky stuff (ew) and is not your average girl. And it all comes across as realistic. Real people can be this weird, and makes her charming, but of course it leads to those issues I mentioned.

So when Stitch drops it, she is just the person to make him good. Weird enough to understand him, but also nice enough.

Stitch is evil and awful at first. But yet, he ends up letting his guard down. There are no big cities on the island, so he has no real outlet for his evil.  lilo ends up being nice to him,. which he hasn’t seen before. Overtime, he sees what family really is, and starts to lighten up./

He sees they are very much alike. They feel different and trapped due to how weird they are. So they conncet over time.  Stitch isn’t sure of who he is. Does he a have family? He has no idea

He ends up liking the story of the ugly ducking who finds his family. When Stitch fucks everything up, he runs away, to look for his true family. But Jumba burst his bubble. He has no family.

But he learns lilo really is his family now.  So much so that he rescues lilo at the end. Llilo also warms up to nani. They get tender moments, and through Stitch they grow stronger as a family.

Wow, I have a way with words.

See, all this is amazing. It is true heart, and the writing is very strong and the characters are very well written and it all comes together perfectly.

The animation and music help a lot. The animation is just great. The true nature and lush colors of hawii are shown, and the style looks very nice.

Despite now being a musical, music is a big part. Lilo likes Elvis, so elvis songs play to show how thing are going.

Elvis +aliens=PERFECTION

Plus, we got the orginal song Hawaiian rollercoaster ride. It’s a surfing Montage showing stitch adjusting, but also the family having fun. It’s one of the best scenes, for sure

And yes, that bit where Stitch runs away is insanely tear jerker. So Is that scene where nani sings. Damn

This movie is full of lots of emotion and it’s all really good. Everything matches perfectly and creates one of disney’s best post 2000 movies.

I picked up the DVD a couple weeks ago. It has lots of interesting stuff and deleted scenes in it. See, when rescuing lilo (Gantu captures her by accident) they were going to steal an airplane and tear up shit to get lilo

They had this scene mostly animated..

Then 9/11 hit

They had to change it with them using jumba’s ship. This fills a plotjhole, as it explain how they got here.

The Commentary is great too. It’s the only time you will hear “cleavage” in a kid’s movie commentary

So yeah. In the end, Gantu is stopped, and fired as Captain. Stitch tells the council woman, in ENGLISH that lilo is his ohana (family) and he wants to stay here.

As it turns out, Lilo legally bought him at the pound. So…she owns him. by law. LOOPHOLE ABUSE FTW

Stitch is allowed to stay home. Lilo has a true family. And yes Cobra, allows nani to stay with lilo

He is a former CIA…and has met aliens before. It’s a noodle incident, and he says he stopped an invasion and made aliens think mosquitos are extinct

Cobra bubbles is awesome

As for Jumba and Pleakly…Council woman leaves them on earth. Wah. So they stay with lilo and Stitch forever, and even fixes their house.

So everything is normal.

Wait…if Stitch is 626…where are the other 625?


Stitch The Movie


This takes place a few years later.

As it opens, we find out Gantu is now working for someone else. We see he is working the, big , evil, and scary,…

DR HAMSTERVIEL. He looks like a gerbil-


…yes, hamster. He is voiced by Jeff Bennet. He is the true villain of the series. He’s pretty funny, with people getting his name wrong. But we’ll get into that later.

He tasks Gantu to do something for him..


Back on earth, things are fine. Jumba and pleakly wear disguises…oh and pleakely wears woman’s clothing.

He is so gay, isn’t he? The whole series has ho yay with him and jumba. I won’t explain It all…just watch.

Stitch doesn’t blend in 100 percent, and feels empty. He again feels like no one is like him. it’s not the best for him.

But then, we find out Jumba has made 625 other experiments in the past. He has them in this thing. They are pods, which activate when wet.

Gantu shows up and captures jumba to get the info about the experiments out of him. Lilo and Stitch try to go get him but fail./

So they , take out 221. Designed to make power surges. So starts an epic one 62 minute quest to get  jumba.

At one point, Hamster here sees he has 625, he wants to tortue the info out of jumba..

625 has all the powers of stitch but…came out lazy. He speaks English…but all he can do is make sandwhiches

He is also voiced by rob Paulsen. In the end, he ends as Gantu’s partner and is a wonderful deadpan snarker. He’s hilarious and one of the best experiments.

Anyway, at the end, Jumba is rescued and things seem fine. Except…up in space something happens. The other experiment pods fall out…over Hawaii

There are now 623 experiment’s pods all over Hawaii, in dangers of being activated. But…lilo was able to turn sparky (221) good and find a place for him.

So the council woman,   tells Lilo it is her job, to capture every experiment, turn them good, and find their one true place.

Jumba and plekaly are still left on earth.

So is the plot to Stitch the movie. I like it.

It’s a interesting sequel, as it progress the story further, revels interesting info,  and expands the universe. Unlike most Disney sequels which are dumb and pointless

Stitch the movie is fun, and expands its characters well. It’s not great, but I like it and It is a decent sequel. Among the better Disney sequels at least.

Speaking of which

Stitch has a Glitch

This sequel was made around when the series was on, and it takes place a bit after the first one.

At first, I dismissed it as a pointless midquel which adds nothing to the story. I watched it.

And damn, it was good

First of all, this was the only time they changed an actor at all. Lilo in this is…dakotta fanning. And…she does well! There are a lot of scenes where she gives off the same funny and good performance the original did

But it was a little obvious that they had changed the VA.  Sometimes it was seamless, while in some of the gimmick-y scenes, it was obvious. But overall, she was very good

Now for the plot. Lilo is worrying about hula shit, and needs concentration . Sadly…stitch is having an issue.

See, when jumba was charging stitch after making him, the police barged in and stopped the process. You know, like with mr Freeze and the batman animated series. Though jumba turns out better.

Due to this, Stitch wasn’t fully charged, and now he;’s glitching and acting bad, and if it gets worse…he might die.


We get a flashback to show this event, from when Stitch is fully done, to when the police show up., it’s implied that this flashback takes place directly before the first movie. That’s pretty neat!

Oh, and the animation is back to the 1st movie’s style instead of the simpler style of the series. However, it mixes them well, and while it does use the style of the 1st movie, the characters don’t like 100 percent as weirdly round as they did. (seriously, jumba’s head was weird in the 1st movie)

In other words, it uses the style of the 1st, while still feeling like the rest of the series,. So it still matches.

I heard they were going to make this theatrical at one point, but they changed their minds. The style and tone does make it feel more serious, so I can see that. Though you can tell they changed that mid production due to the short length. Not as short as STM but not as long as the 1st, which wasn’t that long to start with.

It’s still a Direct to video, and it has that budget but a lot more effort was put I to make it a film, and not a cash in.

This midquel really works and you almost forget that you know it all comes out well. I personally love the in jokes that are funnier if you’re watching after seeing STM.

Example: we see pleakly first discovering women’s clothes. Nuff said.

The characters are still fleshed out, we get more insight, and it’s very heavy and heartfelt. Near the end, stitch…kinda dies. And at first…it doesn’t seem like it will be a Disney death,. They treat it seriously. For a few minutes, it is quiet as they all pay respects and prepare to bury Stitch. It’s…wow. For a minute, you think for once, a disne death will stick.

Then he comes alive. he gets recharged and stuff. It’s so awesome you don’t mind,. So yea, this movie has balls.

Oh, and in one scene…we see the fat guy with the ice cream…LICK IT. YES, HE FINALLY GETS HIS ICE CREAM. Sure, it’s a lick BUT STILL. VICTORRRRRY!

            Not much else to say. It’s a very good midquel full of heart and I proudly give it my blessing.

And of course, during all this, we got..


Lilo and Stitch: the Series

This one of the better shows based on an animation film.

Like any given Disney show, it starts out with a basic formula, but outgrows it.

STEP 1: lilo has some type of problem

STEP 2: experiment is activated that goes with her problem

STEP 3l: experiment either makes it better or worse

STEP 4:  the plot that happens leads to her learning a moral

STEP 5: Gantu tries to capture the experiment for Hamsterviel. He wants all the experiments so he can, you guess It, take over the world

STEP 6: Gantu tries. He fails

STEP 7: Lilo finds the one true place

Rinse and repeat for two seasons.

The formula actually works well. It leaves wiggle room for other things, so it’s not too routine. Plus, as it goes the formula is outgrown. Very naturally. Sometimes no lesson is learned, sometimes gantu isn’t in it, and sometimes the morals don’t go with the experiment, but comes naturally.

Of course we have the  normal ones.

Such as “Frenchfry” who makes fatty foods. All Disney shows need a healthy episode. This one is fun so I liked it. Plus NANI SAVES THE DAY


The characters are done well as the series goes on, and the plots are interesting most of the time. While some of the basic family stuff may get anvilicious as times, it never gets TOO much

Sometimes it even fits. For example, in one episode, we see lilo still thinks of her parents and even has nightmares about it. Guess what the expirment does

Stuff like that devolps the characters, and it’s fine. Not the best show ever, but it’s fine.

Gantu and 625 are just great. They work well ,and can be very funny. Gantu is just done well in genereal.

It’s not true villain decay. In the movie, he has funny and wasn’t horribly evil anyway. As we see, he just wants to be in a place of power and such

In the show, he can be semi likable and such, so it fits his character. They just focus on the silly side.

There’s an episode where an experiment erases everyone’s memory, and Gantu thinks he is good. He gets so into it, that when he finds he is evil, he is crushed.

When lilo is forced to return their memories, he seems really crushed to turn evil again. D’aww. Of course he turns good…but that’s for later.

There is minor flanderization, but it’s not too much. Lilo is just as odd, nani is just as  semi  bitchy (but very nice later on), and myrtle (alpha bitch…forget about her) is still bitch-y

Other shows try to turn the bitch good in a cheesy fashion. Not here. she is always a bittch BUT over time, he loosens up and we know she can be fine, she just  loves being a bitch

over time, everyone in town adjusts to aliens. At first, they all scream but later on they don’t react too much. We slowly see them as they shrug it off . we know they think it could be aliens, but they get used to it

like how in Phineas and ferb, Danville doesn’t do much when weird shit happens. Only here, they adjust over time. It’s clever and it works

but of course, the fat guy still never gets his ice cream. Evil writers..


oh, and one of episodes has Pleakly’s family. The episode should have been called “The kids in the hall reunion special”. Yep, all his co-stars show up and it’s hilartious

speaking of guest stars..

one episode has regis philbn as himself. Yes. The episode itself is good and Regis isn’t too out of place, but it is odd. There is even a running joke where Gantu thinks he is powerful!

But my fave guest star is in “tank”/  a metal eating experiment is unleashed upon a Renascence fair..

During the episode, a minstrel shows up and bugs stitch with his singing. Who voices him?

Weird al.


Yes, they got weird al. it is awesome. The whole gag with him singing is funny and I think it’s really awesome.


The real best part is of course, the experiments

They each have unique special powers and looks they make them all fun and cool. Here are some of my faves..


Shoes: this guy causes bad luck with a horseshoe on his head. His number is 113, oddly enough. Lilo names him such cuz of he doesn’t wear shows. Oh lilo. This guy is fun and he can even cause good luck! His one true place is helping on a mini gold course. Fun?

Swapper: this guy has two heads which can swirtch bodies. Every show needs a freaky Friday episode. This leads to funny stuff, like Gantu switching with hamsterviel. Plus, this episode introduces  Victoria, a friend of lilo’s who is just as weird she is. I like her. The episode is just very funny. Oh, and no one true place. Marriage consoler?

Skip: he can make you skip 10 years. Lilo uses It to make herself. Older…and hot. I NEVER SAID THAT. Anyway, there’s a catch. It makes you got through time…so it makes so you vanished. In 10 years, everyone is like OMGLILOISBACK, though only nani and her friends react. She skips another 10  years, and boom hamster took over. Look story short, she learns not to grow up so fast. It’s one true place is never shown. I hate it when they do that. I guess…it could turn seeds into flowers?


Nosy: he speaks perfect English. He is designed to get the dirt on anything. Oh ,and he’s voiced by Bobcat Goldwhat’shisface. He is very funny in the role. And he I just really enjoy him. no one true place, again. At least, not one I remember


Bonnie and Clyde: there’s a joke no kid will get. Bonnie is a rare female experiment, and again, they speak enlglish. Both of these guys are made to steal stuff. They trick lilo and stitch into joining them, and lessons are learned. These guy just have a clever name and are funny. Oh, and they end up in jail. No one true place, but they do make cameos in other eps…

Spike: no, not the dragon. This guy makes people dumb. It hits sititch. It’s very funny and I just love how dumb everyone gets. One true place? It end up helping at talk show style things, hugging people, (in armor). So it’s not due to it’s power, which is clever.


Ace: Jumba’s only true failure. Other experiments are “good”, or are just simple and cause no harm  this guy? Came out perfectly good. He is made to be good, he is  a hero and such. Jumba hates that. I like the idea and felt it was fun.  The episode it belongs to is also one of the best. It’s a rare 11 minute episode, (there are 4 I think) and in it, we find out Jumba is a part of an evil organization, which the head of will revoke Jumba’s membership if he can’t prove he is still evil. as you can imagine, ace showing up doesn’t help. His true place? Saving people. Oh, and last thing. His number is 262, the opposite of 626. Stitch was made to be pure evil. ace is pure good. Hmmmm..

Angel: aka the shipper’s best friend. This is 624, and another female. She is designed to sing a song, which can turn anyone, especially experiments from good to evil. She also serves as a love interest for Stitch in her episode. As you can imagine, the fanfiction archives were full of Stitch/angel fics. The show itself has her show up a couple times, but her story is contained in her episode only. Oh and 625 likes her too, but she rejects him. poor guy. She’s alright, and is interesting, though don’t look too much into the love interest thing. After all, she’s an experiment, and thus not made for a big personality.

Heckler: this guy was made to insult people, and is among the funniest ones. He is voiced by Wayne knight, which only makes him funnier. The episode itself is funny too, which has a nice moral about being able to laugh at yourself. His one true place is in a dunk tunk. But if you ask me, he should be a TGWTG member.

Hunkahunka: this guy makes you fall in love with the first person you see. His episode is nothing short of hilarious, as everyone falls in love and such. Some are normal…but then at one point he makes Ganty love pleakly, who is dressed as a woman at the time. Okay, the gay-ness can be excuse due to him being a woman….but at the end he is captured and taken to Hamsterviel, who…falls in love with gantu. Yes, gay-ness in a kid’s cartoon. Pretty balsy! But even in love…he still insults gantu. Not much different from normal love. So no true place for this one.

Wishy Washy: grants wishes. How jumba made magic, I have no idea. Anyway, the episode has the basic wishing moral, but it’s still fun.  The experiment is a literal genie, which ends up being hilarious. Pleakly wishes for the powers of a comic book hero he lieks…but he doesn’t exist, so neither do his powers. At the end, his wishes are used up, and thus us useless. So…no true place. Again. Either way,. This episode was fun

Retro: this guy makes anything it hits the primitive version of it. This leads to cave versions of the characters, which Is never not funny. In the end, his true place is helping out with a special zoo that shows off prehistoric  animals. Lilo says she saw it in a movie once. SUBTLE. Still,  a fun experiment nonetheless.

Gigi/Yapper: Designed to annoy people with yapping. The kicker? Looks like a normal dog. Unlike the other experiments, it really does look like a dog. Infact, gigi is Myrtle’s pet! Everyone assumed gigi was a normal dog until jumba was like :dude, it’s an experiment. So yeah, an experiment who found it’s place on its own. Oh, and in the finale ovie, we find out gigi speaks English, and never felt like it til then.,

Shrink: 001, aka the very first! He never showed up in the show, but in that same movie, we see newspaper clippings showing how Jumba and Hamsterviel first made him. I just mentioned him cuz he was the first.

627: yes, really. Stitch gets cocky, so, jumba as a joke, makes 627, which is PURE evil. he doesn’t mean to free him but whoops, he eacapes. He teams up with gantu and the entire episode is fun. They stop 627 by turning him into a pod with a thing.it was just cool to see 627 in action. Very fun. At the end, jumba puts away a pod…called 628. But…word of god says it was a joke. bah

And here is one interesting thing: 4 crossover episodes. near the end, they did 4 episodes crossing over with Disney shows. They were pretty cool and neat to see different shows run into this one..


Rufus: Kim possible. Yep, one of 3 episodes with no experiment. Hamsterviel and Dr drakken (in the most awesome team up ever) capture stitch once and for all, and Kim Is called to help. Sadly, no Gantu. Gantu and Dr D would make a great team! Anyway, Rufus is mistaken for an experiment, but we find out he’s not at the end. Still a neat episode. It was made a bit in the middle of KP’s run, so it’s a bit simpler. This becomes funnier since later on, aliens would show up in kp. But that’s another story.

Spats: the proud family. Yes, an unlikely show. TPF is a wild, but semi normal show while this is…weird. Still, it’s a fun episode in which the family comes to Hawaii and stays at Jumba and plakely’s “bed not breakfast,” ,which was set up back in shoes. The experiment makes people argue, which is cool. It is odd to see penny skeptical about aliens after having wishes granted by al rooker, but hey it’s fine. It’s an odd crossover, but a fun one. Spats place is with wizard Kelly, making wreststler more motivated to figt. Oh, and this episode includes..



Lax: recess. Yes, that show that had no odd stuff outside of a guy who made a machine to make it winter forever. This is the oddest, since this show is clearly different, and yet I think it worked. It was just fun to see these characters put into this rather weird situation. Lax makes people lazy, and it’s place is helping people relax.  This ep was made AFTER recess ended,  so it was just awesome seeing a bit of a again. Solid one

Morpholomew: America dragon jake long. Finally, a show that does have odd there stuff! This one made the most sense and thus was the most fun. It was made early in AD’s airing, so it has the season style. Jake and grandpa end up there cuz they heard of magical stuff (aka the experiments) going on. the title experiment turns into anything, and makes people turn into anything too, which causes some hilarious mix ups. True place: costume story. Oh, and grandpa falls in love with mrs has agar. The fruit seller ld chick who is an important L&S character. CANON CROSSOVER SHIPPING

Those are the crossovers, which are neat.

So yeah, there is the series, and it’s funny array of experiments. It was a very sold show which brought creativity to every episode. Very good.

And then it got a proper finale…


Leroy and Stitch

The finale movie! A 70 minute feature made to wrap up every loose end in a great fashion.

A few years later, they have captured all experiments and found their  place. Lilo and her family are honored as heroes by the Galactic Alliance. Jumba is given the confiscated key to his laboratory again, Pleakley is offered a post as chairman of Earth Studies at G.A.C.C. (Galactic Alliance Community College) and Stitch is made a Captain of the Galactic Armada. Lilo lets them all go their seprate ways since they want to. However, she feels lonely without stitch and everyone else is doing badly. Jumba has no one to brag about his evil stuff to, pleakly has no real power and doesn’t do professor work, though stitch seems okay, but lonely.

Meanwhile, Gantu, after falling to get over 600 experiments, breaks Hamsterviel out of jail and helps him in his evil plans. Hamster and Gantu show up at Jumba’s lab. Hämsterviel forces Jumba to create a new and better experiment to defeat the Galactic Alliance. One more powerful than any over, with double the powers of Sttich…named  Leroy. With leory’s help, Hamster clones him and uses his clones to capture his enemies and take over the Galactic Alliance. Worse, he captures all the experiments and puts them in a big arnea. So now lilo and the others must team up to stop Hamsterviel once and for all!

This a huge finale, which has the most powerful emotional stuff since the first movie. I personally enjoyed it more than the show, SHAG  (OH GOD WHAT A POORY ACYROM) and STM. Of course, it’s still 2nd to the original, but I still liked it a lot.

For one thing, it’s packed full of awesome and heartwarming moments. Before Hamster shows up, everyone is lonely and un-happy. Jumba had been given an elvis record by lilo and plays it and we get a derpessign as hell montage of every lonely. Quite the tearjerker, and it works.

The best part of the entire movie comes in them middle. Lilo heads to Gantu’s ship (gantu had left leaving 625 alone) to use his stuff and asks for 625 to fix the videophone. But of course, he isn’t up to it. They talk a bit…then Lilo decides to finally name him and make him part of the “ohana”. His name? Rebuen. Fitting.

With this, 625 (easier to call him that) is motivated to use his powers, and helps save the day. Awesome!

Long story short, Hamsterviel fires gantu after Leroy is made. He decides he isn’t cut out for evil, and joins the gang to save the day. I like this, as it feels natural given his development from scary to fun. So the series was setting this up the entire timer!

In the climax, the experiments are dumped in the arena, and things to hell. Everyone is there, but as the battle rages on between the experiments and the leory’s, jumba remembers he put in a weakness into Leroy when hasmterviel wasn’t looking. We saw him put in the record so this makes sense.

Jumba was playing a recording of Elvis  singing “Aloha ‘Oe“. If Leroy hears that song again, it will cause him to deactivate.

So thus, they use equipment lying around to stage an amazing rocking version of it. It’s an awesome scene, and has most of the guys singing, which makes all the character stuff worth it ,and the day is saved.

Leroy is stopped, and Hamster is again captured. The gang, plus gantu and 625 are hailed as heroes. Gantu is made captain again, with 625 as the galley officer.

So everyone heads home, happy with their one true place: with each other.

That alone sums it up. It’s a very strong finale, which ties everyone up. The characters are fleshed out and we get everything we want. All the stuff I love about this franchise is wrapped up a nice little bow.

The plot is strong, and it’s a heartwarming ‘film” which I like more upon re-watch. Sure, it has flaws, but nothing is perfect. As a finale to this series, it works very well.


So here is my ranking

4. Stitch the movie

3. Stitch has a glitch

2. Leroy and stich

`1. Lilo and Stitch.


To sum it all up, this a good franchise packed full of great creative, fun characters, strong emotional notes, a nice plot, and well delopved chararecters.

Better than most of Disney’s franchise, which are nothing but soulless cash grabs. The main crew was there for the long run, proving this works well. Best franchise ever? No. perfect? No

Loved by me? YES.

Oh, and there’s an anime called “Stitch!”. Haven’t seen it, looks alright though.

Anyway, this a good franchise which I grew up with and will always like.

See ya.


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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