Top 40 Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 2)

Hello, Spongey here

Welcome to part 2 of the countdown! We’re still taking on my biggest list yet. So settle down for more paf goodness


This, is part 2 of  the Top 40 Phineas and Ferb Songs


But, in case you forgot, here’s the list so far!


40. Danny’s Story (Dude Were Getting the band back together)

39. With these blueprints (Phineas and Ferb Interrupted)  


38. We’re Talking All Terrain (The Secret of Success)

37. Gimme a Grade (The Baljeatles)


36. Weaponry (Norm Unleashed)

35. Dance, Baby (Candace Disconnected)

34. The ballad Of Klimaploon (Cut from Summer Belongs to You)


33. Alien Heart (Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem)

32. Mysterious Force (Cut from Across the 2nd Dimension)

31. Brand New Reality (Across the 2nd Dimension)


And now for the next 10!

30. Disco Miniature Golfing Queen (Put That Putter Away)

You all this one coming. Admit it.

While I’m not exactly the big fanboy I used to be, stacy is still awesome, and so is this song,

In this episode, the boys make  a mini-golf course. Sadly, Candace is sick, so she gets Stacy to bust. But she’s…unfocused so she ends up playing on the course, eventually they get to the final hole…the disco hole.

Thus, they launch into a disco song about how awesome stacy is.

I dig it.

The only problem I have with this song is that it is short. Only about a minute  but is one great minute

My explanation this time won’t be much since this song is better heard, than read about but I’ll try my best

The main reason is just how awesome the music is. It’s this whole ABBA-ish disco thing and it’s great

I especially like the start of the song. It has a 30 second like opening riff, and it begins in one epic fashion. It also starts out a bit slow, with just simple sounds

Then it get louder, and bigger. Stretches out. Builds up very well and already gets you dancing, and is already very catchy.

It’s the perfect opening as it properly introduces you to the disco style and warms up as the video simply show the other kids gearing up

Also, Baljeet and Isabella touch butts. Gross

And once they have you. They pull disco stacy. I’ld pull a pic, but you  can look it up. The song only gets better as the great singing and lyrics come out.

The singer, by the way, is Laura Dickinson. Pretty much the main female background singer, (she also did Little Brothers and Better best friend, both connected to stacy..)

The lyrics are simple, but work well

Like a vision from a disco golf magazine
With her putter, she’s a hole-in-one machine


Also, at one point they say “she can dance and sing, and really shake her thing”

Yep, they mentioned stacy’s ass. Ew?

Anyway, this song has swapned many stacy fans, and helped ones that already existed. It really helped the episode and the character in genereal

So for having a very good tune, fun lyrics, and helping a character, I think this deserves a spot on the list

Yeah, not much of an explanation. It’s a minute long, be glad I said this much. It’s still a great song either way

Disco Minature Golfing queen is massive fun

29. What does he want? (Extended Version of Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation)

Another cut song, only this one got put back in!

This one being cut is odd, since it aids the plot as much as most songs in the show do, and it’s only a minute long. So putting it on and saying the episode is extended…is weird

Plus, it’s not on the DVD version. So lame.

Still, a very great song.

In the episode, Candace hears Jeremy got her a good present, so she wants to give him an even better one. Only she doesn’t know what to get him? after starting a zany scheme,. She thinks about what he wants


Like DMGQ, it’s simple, and a minute long. But also like that song, it’s very catchy and fun .It’s a list song, which actually makes really cool. As much the lyrics have some fun creative stuff in them, are simple yet really cool

She mostly just talks about what Jeremy might want, and it’s all very amusing

What kind of present does he dream about
A leather wallet or a singing trout


A fancy cell phone or a tube of grout


The lyrics are fun and also help add to how neat the overall subplot for the special is. It’s the usual fun “girl obsessed with boy” satire I like from this show.

Oh, and what does she end up getting him? Guitar, as he wanted them. There’s more to it, such I “I sold this to get you this” which I remember being in a Rugrats episode once..

It’s pretty neat, and this song, like most songs, represent it’s plot well. It’s not quite as needed as Mysterious force, but I think it makes for a good song in the special

I also the singing and tune. It has this 50’s do wop feel to it, which I really like. It makes the song bouncey and fun and gives the song some good flow. I don’t know what flow exactly is but this song feels like it has some good….flow, I guess

The singing only adds to it, as it’s doen in the same Candace style we’ve grown to love. She makes it sound like she’s really frantic about this whole sitation, and also sings the actual song very well. That’s really neat

Oh, and I like the video’s added touch of Stacy and jenny singing it. It’s very good, and yeah, stacy in a santa suit is kinda neat

I like how Candace is all “My friends all tell me that I shouldn’t obsess” and her friends are only egging her on in this!

This song, like the last one, is better heard. It’s short, but everything flows very well to make a fun song that sure needs to be longer’

It’s just a great fun song to sing and I really think  the extended version of the ep is better just for this song

Of course, it’s not the best song In the special. That is for later…


Short, what all that can be said, is: all I want is this!

…lame, I know. Great song though!

28. . Our Movie’s Better Than Yours (Nerds of a Feather)

Now we’re getting into the good stuff!

You all know Nerds of a feather is my fave episode, and this song only helps it’s status

In this episode,  the boys at a convention, and fans of sci fi-


Yes, speckies, are fighting with fantasy fa-


Yes, finkies, over which genre is better




Anyway,. Eventually they all sing about it.

But the real magic of this song is the tone.

The song opens with an epic tune, with a very way feel to it.  It feels very epic and tough. Then…comes the lyrics

The sun blazes red o’er the convention center!
As red as the blood of all who enter!


Damn, that is gruesome. It goes onto really describe an epic war scene. The tune and lyrics all make it sound really epic and very indimating, compared to most songs in the show

It’s very epic, and flows well…then..


Cause our movie’s better than yours!

Yes, it turns out to be nerds fighting over movies. that is amazing. An epic, gruesome, sounding war tune, about fandom rivalry

It’s the a little f Weaponry, which  had epic lyrics with silly musi. This has epic lyrics, and epic music, but then it becomes silly.

It’s a very funny and amazing way to spoof how seriously they take this. Sadly, most fandom fights feel like this

As such, it becomes very sweet when they make up later and they all learn a lesson. This song helps make that thing heavier so the lesson becomes more important

All thanks to this song

I just love they juxtapose the concept with the lyrics. They didn’t make the lyrics silly the whole time. They really fooled you into thinking it’s epic. So it’s different and better than other cases of lyrical dissonance because it really fools you

The juxtaposition is very well done, as I said. I love the tune and lyrics by themselves, even when I forget just how clever it is. It’s just an epic song in general.

There’s no real need to talk about the singing, since it doesn’t need to carry the song. Still, it’s very good and I like the crowd stuff.

Plus, you hear irving and albert sing. That’s awesome.


So they pretty much made a very clever song, which also is genuinely epic and well composed. I’d say that’s a great song right there.

To sum up an already short explanation, no matter which side you’re on, this song is still amazing

27. Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls (Summer Belongs To You)

This is the best song in SBTY. Yes, even better than the title song.

Come at me bro

I  have no special reason, it’s just feel good and great


At this point in this episode, they visit Baljeet’s uncle, who happens to be in Nepal, where they are crashed.  They ask him what he makes it his randomly placed factory.

Cue song,.

It comes out of nowhere, and like with dance baby, it’s a bit of  BLAM. Wait, it isn’t they get a big ball out of deal, and Phineas references the song later/

Ah well

this episode may be as special, feely, or critically character driven as other songs…but screw you, it’s amazing.

I mostly like the whole Bollywood style. This is a time where the music carries the song./ it really sings the song a sort of bouncey quality and sort of classes up a fairly weird song.

It’s very Indian, and very fun to listen to with the music.  I also love how matter of fact this song is.

The entire point is that they make rubber, and the singer (sabu) try tries to make you remember that rubber is what they make

Basically what we make here is rubber,
We’re not trying to diversify.
We don’t make knickknacks, we don’t make tchotchkes
Or really anything that’s gonna catch your eye.

Lyrics like that add to how epically funny this song is. I enjoy it when they make a song that if funny, but also really epic in its own right.

That last song proves I know what I like.

I can’t talk about how funny the lyrics are  and how they drive the point home. They really go well with music and create a very catchy and fun song

We don’t make pianos, we don’t make cream sodas,
We don’t make the zippers for your parachute pants.

See, this song is basically about how it’s about rubber. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, and reminds you of that

So it’s a song that lampshades songs that drive their point home. Very clever if you ask me

I also like the background singers. It makes the song feel real. It’s neat to hear sabu sing it, while they add some very nice back up in the …well back

heck, at the end Sabu holds on a high note, while the singers sing the chorus in the back. This makes it a bit more fun to sing with a friend, and that’s never a bad thing

I must also talk about the video. In the preview version first put out by Disney…the dancers were fanservice-y and almost half naked

In the episode, they look normal

Smooth move.


This was actual the first SBTY song I heard. See, way back before we knew much, there was this little fun thing on the Disney site called the  “summer vacation summarizer”. I won’t explain what it is, but it had a music player. It featured a small taste of this song. I loved it right away

Of course we didn’t know too much about SBTY, so it confused us and the player only showed a bit of it

But I did get to make the song’s wiki page, so it’s cool

So it has a place in my heart for that reason


Because of extreme cleverness, this well written, epic, and catchy song is just for me.

Rubber bands , rubber balls  is made of super special epic-ness

26. . Atlantis (Episode of the same name)

This is one of the more underrated songs.

It doesn’t need much context. Phineas’ friends (and irving) find Atlantis in about an hour. Take that milo!

Anyway, when they get to it, this song plays

This is another song that starts very interestingly

It starts out…quite epic! You got those awesome chord, cool lyrics, and singer with a very cool voice.   It sounds very cool and you almost think this will be a very epic and cool song

Then…it turns into a funny, poppy song.

It catches you off guard and it’s great. It turns from an epic song to  a very fun song. And also a catchy one

By GOD , is it catchy.

Song composer Martin olson say

This one’s fun to sing, but once you begin there’s no turning back!


Darn right! The fast paced fun quality makes it go fast, and adds an extra catchy quality to it. It’s not too hard to sing, but it goes pretty fast!

We also have Phineas mostly singing, which is nice. Vincent has the voice for fast, fun songs like this

Of course the others sing too. You can hear Buford and Isabella if you listen a bit. So that’s cool

The lyrics also had to how fun and catchy this song is. They’re very cool and quite interesting and well written

Every room and every house has an oceanic view
If you shoo away a whale or a manatee or two
There’s not a better wetter place for you to go


They’re basic, but they work very well . they even look very…bouncy, and help properly describe atlantis in the way only this show can

Well the forecast says the humidity is high
and it’s not your kind of place if you wanna stay dry


Despite being simple, they are very creative. Somehow they feel very interesting and help make the song very fun.

This another song that just…fits. Every aspect is done so well that it melds into a song that flows so well I can’t even describe. It is its own thing and it feels semi-original

the fun music, good lyrics, and nice singing help this song flow. It moves fast,. Is catchy, and very addictive. The best P&F songs are addictive as hell, and once you start, you just cannot stop

infact, my brother loves the song and like I said, he can’t stop once I start playing/singing it. That’s the power ofd this

what else could I say? It’s a fast, fun,. Quick (less than a minute) song that is just insanely good

Atlantis may be lost, but…uh…I have no pun. This song is good.


25. My Undead Mummy and Me (Are You My Mummy?)

And now for something completely different

This is another underrated song, and also a season 1 gem!

In this episodes, the boys see a movie and think it would be a neat to have a mummy…

Cue montage!

This song may be not have the…everything other songs have it, but it’s still great!

The main reason is that I just adore how it sounds like the intro to a cheesey sitcom.  They got everything down pat. The music, the “Sweet” lyrics, and even the visuals.

But of course…it’s a cheesy song about being friends with a freaking corpse. That’s the real beauty of this song

They apply typical sitcom style cheesiness to an absurd, creepy concept . it’s an 1000 year old walking corpse, and yet this song makes it seem like it’s the most fun thing in the world.

..okay, Under wraps showed us it can be fun, but still!

And…tutenstien showed upsides OKAY YOU GET MY POINT.

The point being that this song is a lot of fun and awesome. There is a sort of charm that goes with it. It has that clever stuff you expect from P&F songs


Like I said, it doesn’t have that super special amazing-ness other songs have, and thus can’t be as explained as well. Yet it has this odd charm that makes me really love it a lot

The tune has that sitcom-y relaxing feel.  It’s just fitting for the cheese-y style this song is going for. It’s so generic, that it works

Plus, the music can be heard in the background of many episodes,. it’s that good. It has that typical pop…ish feel that’s really neat.

I also like the whistling at the end. Nice touch!

The entire situation this song is sert around is so stupid, and yet it got its own awesome song. Not to mention it makes no sense out of context. Only by watching the episode  will you know this is a good times montage

That’s also why it is great. If you listen to it on it’s own, you’ll love it more just cuz you have no idea what is going on!

The singing also adds to the sitcom cheese feeling. It’s danny Jacob, who is the main composer for the show and thus sings a lot of songs. There’s something about his that works. He can do all sorts of songs for all genres. I dig that

 the lyrics only add to the songs overall tune. It also emphasizes the whole “mummy” aspect to further juxtapose the whole thing

Let me tell you about my buddy,
He’s 3,000 years old,
He’s wrapped in bandages and covered in mold and debris

It takes full advantage of it. It acts like a sitcom opening, and thus uses typical sitcom things, but applies them to a mummy. It’s the perfect odd humor we love

It also gets funny and pretty much shows all the positives to having a mummy friend

If a bully ever tries to poke me in the eye,
I’ll introduce him to my decomposing guy,

This song is also the first time I heard the word “conniption” in a song. Yes

My fave part is…this

All the kids at school are gonna have a conniption,
When they get a load of my funky Egyptian emcee…

The mummy then does a DJ style record scratch. awesome

You can bet I was happy when they not only put the song on the first CD, but also extended it…sorta. It’s not an extra verse so much as an extra spoken line

He’s no dummy,
He’s chummy,
And he’s my mummy

But it still works. It makes the song a bit longer so it makes it feel more complete. Plus it I now at the one minute mark. I think CD songs have a certain required time, so they had to slightly extend songs they wanted on the CD

So yeah. Everything about this song, even the tiny bits, add up to make a short, but sweet song. It capture that sitcom style very well and makes for a funny, but catchy and great song

This mummy may not be a dummy, but he sure got a really fun song

24. Ducky Momo Is My Friend (Nerds of a Feather)

Out of all the sad songs, this one is the best. And the saddest. This is the main song that lead to me loving this episode.

But instead of episode context, let me give you my full context. When I heard of this episode, I figured the ducky momo plot would be shits and giggles. It sounds pretty funny.

So when I watched the episode…I was shocked.

The episode was perfectly funny starting out.  We saw Candace hiding something early on, and it wasn’t a huge shock to see that the ducky momo costume person that suzy was after, was Candace.

But what we didn’t expect, was a song revealing candace’s inner depth when it comes to ducky momoo.

When the song starts, we see it’s sad, and depressing. The lyrics helped gave us that shock

When I was small the world was such a strange place

And that was all until I saw his strange face


Oh yeah, this is it

during this song, we found out  candace loved Ducky Momo and her love helped her get through the hard times. She had a great attachment to her, and all through her life, it was one of the few things making her feel safe


So this song further shows how much of a tragic figure she is. On top of the whole everything she’s crazy thing, she has an attachment to something she’s too old to like

And it’s something everyone would make fun of her for.

but now the world just points and laughs at me here
The hidden girl who risked so much to be here


this song seriously showed us how bad Candace has it. Almost as much as doof. I say almost cuz she was never a lawn gnome

the big thing is that I never saw it coming. No one expected the ducky subplot to be this depressing

but this song comes along to explain to us why it’s so sad, and it really gives Candace’s character some serious depth. Oh she was complex before, but this song adds a whole new level to that!

And thanks to this song, everyone wants a ducky momo. Sure, he’s  so lame IRVING hates him, but come on, he’s so lovable!

Sure, his show is revealed to be like dora but still!

I want a ducky momo



This song really showed us a different side to Candace. Oh, and the song itself is good. Really, everything explains so much

But yeah, this song is well done. The lyrics are amazing and pretty much convey everything I said. It’s really sweet

The tune and singing help that. It’s done in a sort of sad way that really can make you cry. But…it’s not too sad. It’s not soul crushingly so, and yet it manges to be sadder than most of the sad songs

They’ve had sad songs about missing a bully, and missing a nemesis. This (and maybe “where did we go wrong”) are the only full serious ones. This one is a nice mix of funny and sad, but sad does take the spotlight

The idea of someone being attached to something emotional is sad, but it being a duck is funny. It’s a mix where no side overtakes it. It’s a great balance.

And part of it is oddly catchy, so you’ll remember it for sure.

This song is simply a perfect sad song. It represents a character very will, it mixed funny and sad, it has good tune, it’s a tear jerker, it introduced a fun character ,and help make this episode one of the most popular.

And…it may have made me cry when I first heard it



There isn’t much more to be said. It’s a great song that’ll pull on your heart strings for sure

Ducky MoMo is my friend is sad, and amazing.

 23. Just passing Through (Episode of the same name)

I admit to being  a sucker for blues rock songs. And this a perfect example of that

In the episode, the boys make a machine which can you let you walk trough anything. Thus,  a song about it exists.

The fun part of this song is that, despite the blues thing, it’s not angry or sad. It’s actually quite empowering!

this is another song that really captures the concept they’re going with. It’s about going through stuff. And yet they come up with lyrics that describe it well and capture it perfectly

the song is actually quite forcefull when you really listen to it. Instead of simply “you can do this”, it feels more like DO IT OR ELSE PUNK

If there’s an immovable object in front of you,
Takin’ up the entire street,
Don’t skirt around the edge,
Don’t go over it or under it.
Never admit defeat!

so it’s both forceful and empowering,. What an odd mix

but before I can into the lyrics more, the music needs mention. It really makes the song. It has that rocking tune that just really sells the song. It’s the genre you’d expect for this type of song and that’s why it works so well!

It gives the song a real edge which make what could have been a filmsy song until a hard song that rocks your socks

…well they would if I had some right now.


The music pulls the song trough. It gives it a real punch which I really love. I don’t know why, but rock seems to have that edge that can make any song good. Putting it into any sitation to make a song both funny and awesome

And blues rock seems to emcpass that perfectly!

Now the singing. It also adds up to the whole thing. The singer  is creator dan Povenmire himself! I love when he sings background songs. Heck, this isn’t the only one he sings that is on this list!

His voice in this song has real power. It has this deep, gruff-ness which really works. It goes well with the rock tune which helps make the song oddly intimidating.

But yet, it still seems fun due to the way the song is written and composed. It’s an odd mix and I think it works very well

The odd thing is who is singing it in the context of the show;…bobbi fabolus

Aka the gayest character this side of irving

He’s sung before and…well it’s funny to see in the show, he has a weirdly deep voice. I dig it!

The lyrics, as I’ve said, add to all I’ve said. They get creative with the stuff they list, but also add an edge to put it above a normal list song

Plus, it gets really smart and just has good flow. Here’s everyone’s fave part

Let’s say you’re in a big brick room
With no windows or doors,
A cast-iron ceiling and a concrete floor.
I got a quantum-physical solution just for you!


I just love how they fit “quantum physical” into their. It’s a very smart part which also adds to shows smart humor.

The lyrics themselves simply add to the great flow. Yeah I keep using that word, but it’s true! The great musical, voice and lyrics simply mold together into a very fun, but rocking experience.

You can scramble my molecules
‘Cause I’m just passin’ through!

It’s another short one. About a minute. But man, is it one amazing minute

It has a fun concept, runs with it, has creative lyrics, is forecfull, yet, fun, the singing has an edge, the tune is rocking and it’s just a fun song to listen to

If you ask me, that is perfect

We’re Just passing through….to the next song

22. You’re Going Down (Roller-coaster The Musical)

this is my fave song from Rollercoaster the musical.

Sure, stuff like mom look and back in gimmumshtump are great, but this is really more my style.

The entire episode is amazing and fun, and this one fits right into that

The boys make a musical of the time they made the coaster, so when Candace announces they are going down, they just lead into this song.

This , along with mysterious force and bust, make up Candace in a nutshell. MF focuses on how their inventions vanish, while this and Busted focus on how she basicly wants them busted in general.

This song does a good job summarizing this phrase, and her character in general. I feel the main thing shown off in this song is the singing, so we’ll discuss  it first.

I already talked about miss tisdale’s voice back on Mysterious Force, and it all still applies. She has the best “character” voice, which means she great at singing, but also great at make it sound like the character than a generic singer

She just brings real life to Candace, especially In this song. It has powe and adds to the real awesome-ness this song has

Much like what does he want, we have stacy and jenny doing background stuff in good outfits. No idea who actually sings for them? Laura Dickinson maybe?

Anyway, the singing is the centerpiece. It elevates the already good song into a great one. It’s a great “character” song, which the show needs more of .

Sure, normal songs (which are plenty on the list) are great, but I love big character songs like this

Now the other aspects

The lyrics are another plus for the song. Like the singing, it captures the character and sitation perfectly. Plus, they get very creative beyond the typical statements

You’re going down when I get mom to see
This ridiculous monstrosity
You’ll never get away with this again
You’re G-O-I-N-G D-O-W-N

I love spelling lyrics

Anyway, they are very funny and help make this song memorable as a song that capture an entire subplot.

Sadly, it’s another minute long one. But yet it’s so packed with fun that it feels longer

Plus, the CD version extends it!

So listen up, all your dreams are done
This is the end of all your so-called fun
Gather up your girders and your rivet guns
You’re going down and I finally won


That bit alone makes the song feel complete


The tune is great as well. It this 50’s do wop feel, again, like what does he want. It gives the song more –catchness which goes with lyrics and singing nicely to create a cachy song

That’s my big point. it’s catchy. And I love songs that can preftly create a catchy and memorable tune.

This list is for ones I personally like. Not one’s that are exactly the most well written, but one I personally enjoy a lot.

I just like songs that get stuck in your head, but also have effort in them. This song just has some great stuff that is realty fun and catchy

Plus, the background singing is a nice touch. It makes the song feel real and just adds to how fun it is to sing.

This song serves as a theme for Candace. It gets to the point of her character and rolls with it. I also like the visual, which are also fun

…I like the outfits

It gets very cool near the end, which it’s neat imagery

This is a song that just feels so right in every catergoy. Yet I can’t explain it. It just needs to be here

Short, but You’re going down is going up, on this list

…lame, I know
21. He’s A Bully (Raging Bully)

An overlooked season 1 classic!

This episode really introduced to Buford. He challenges Phineas to a wrestling match. So with the help of Evander Holyfield (don’t ask) he trains to take him on/!


This one of the earliest songs to really spoof something. Here, we have an excellent homage to 80’s montage songs. You know, like in rocky. A hero has to train to take on a big guy. And this, especially with the visuals, match that vibe perfectly.

The singing will be addressed first cuz I like pie. He’s great. It’s Robbie Wycoff, who also sang brand new reality back up there. He really has a voice for songs like this

It’s big strong, and matches the epic nature of the type of songs he does. “platypus fight” also has a vibe like this, but this one is better

I also like “epic monster battle”. Yeah, he’s normally put on to hard rock songs that are done to spoof…epic rock songs.


As such he elevates the lyrics to help bring us a nice montage song. Speaking of, they’re good too. Sorta simple, but are also well done and great

They have the basic montage stuff down, but they add in some funny parts. This is my fave part

Just like him you’ve got to get into shape,
And by shape I don’t mean a triangle!


Sadly, the song is short, in the show it’s like 40 seconds. And yet, they pack it in as much as they can. …that sounded dirty

It has that really good rock tune that compliments the lyrics wonderfully. The lyrics really add to it, as simple as they can be. Plus, they just really get those image your head that get you pumped up!

He’s big, he’s dumb, he’s got the I.Q. of gum,
He’s got the brain about the size of a sourdough crumb,

There is just something about the lyrics and overall tone that make me love this song,. Which is odd, since it’s shortness should cut it back. Yet it has that charm that gets me going, and it’s great

The CD version extends! Yeah!

Sure, it’s not much, but yeah add in extra bit and make the song feel…complete.

He’s not easy to reason with,
He’s no rocket scientist,

He’s slow and illogical,


This really is a great training song. The rock tune,. The creative lyrics, the great powerful singing, and interesting idea makes this fittingly  epic]’

The visuals are also funny. We got phin training in the silliest ways. Such as…DDR! Or running up an escalator!

See, that makes the song even funnier and also epic. It has that mix that I really love to see

I love a good 80’s montage, and while this song is short, it’s really rocking and fun.

I don’t care it doesn’t take long to explain like the others. It’s a lot of fun and simply rocking,

He’s a bully Is short, but rocking rode to the lost art of montaging.


And whew, that’s part 2. 20 down, 20 to go! HALFWAY THROUGH!

Tune in for the next 20, as we get into the REALLY great song we love

See ya.


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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3 Responses to Top 40 Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 2)

  1. Medea Agapsihvili says:

    You never talk about how amazing Gimme a Grade was! I loved it! That was the very song and episode Baljeet broke out of his mild-mannered shell to an emotional outraged boy! LUV IT (fangirl screams)

  2. Medea Agapsihvili says:

    That Nerds of a feather song is terrible and unrealistic!
    That episode idea was horrible!

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