Top 40 Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 1)

Hello, Spongey here

Say, have I talked about Phineas and Ferb before?



….Okay, once or twice

As you can gather, one of the best parts of this show is the songs.

The show’s creators, Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” marsh love putting songs into everything  they do (Rocko’s modern life, SpongeBob etc). and they are always great. They wrote two songs for the show, and Disney asked for one in every episode.

And shockingly, they kick ass..

As of this post there are over 249 songs. Damn.

So with so many songs, everyone has a faveorite.

Well today we will start to look at mine. But this isn’t a top 10, or a top 20. No, today we go bigger.

This, is the Top 40 Phineas and Ferb Songs


Note: Summer belongs to you isn’t on this list, so don’t go looking for it

40. Danny’s Story (Dude Were Getting the band back together)



This is a song that flies under many peoples radar for some reason. But it’s amazing!

Phineas and Ferb want to  reunite the old band Love Handel, so they first visit the base played, Danny. They tell him about their plan, and he says music was his life. And cue song

The thing I like about this song is that it uses several musical styles. First blues, then rock and roll, than psychedelic, followed by funk, and finally heavy metal.

I never thought I’d hear funk and heavy metal in the same song. But here we are.

This song is all about how music can change lives. After all, he’s singing about how his parents met through music. So in a way, it’s the perfect  song about music. I don’t know how many songs about musk exist, but this is the best one of all time

This song is just very well done. I like the way it goes through very different music genres a way that makes sense. It’s not quite the best song in the episode, but I’d say it’s the say the 2nd best.

I must also point out two things’

  1. Yes, the character singing yes song is voiced by Jaret Reddick (…that looks like Red dick) of bowling for soup fame. Yes, that is amazing
  2. During the metal part, ferb is dressed as slash. Slash would later do a song for 2nd dimension . weird…

This is one of those songs that progress the plot. I love those. Sure, a lot of songs on this list aren’t of this kind, but I still like it in when they include plot songs along with random songs.

It’s just one of those great songs that is both catchy and full of awesome. I really don’t have much else to say about this one

Also, this song has a bunch of names. I like to call it “Danny’s story” because it sounds cooler

Whatever it’s called, it’s a great trip through music history.


39. With these blueprints (Phineas and Ferb Interrupted)


This song is not only amazing, it’s hilarious.

Imagine this:

Phineas and Ferb have become dull and boring due to Doof’s new inator. The gang has to fix them, so they inspire them with blueprints. Perry pretends to help doof, so he can fix the inator and help the boys,.

Then, they sing about blueprints.

BUT, we cut to Doof…singing about blueprints for no reason. In the context of doof’s plot, this comes out of nowhere.

Then doof proceeds to pick perry up and swing him back and forth, while still singing about blueprints. Then they keep singing, until we randomly see them dressed as the statue of liberty

Not only is the song good, but it’s also funny.  I mean, we have everyone singing about blueprints at the same time, all out of nowhere, while one party is swinging their partner back and forth.

That’s funny in and out of context1

This also proves OWCA doesn’t pay perry enough for this job. Right, Carl?

Anyway, this is musically  great also. I just adore how there are many characters singing at once  they all really come together and sound really good,. It’s also kinda neat to see them all trying to get the boys un-boring again. Even Candace! …to bust them, but still

It’s just got this great, uplifting tone to it. It’s really awesome. It also has some great comedy,. And perry’s best face ever.

This song is just very catchy and very well done. I mean, done is it a feel good song. Forget summer belongs to you, you overrated thing!

I wish I had more to say…but  after doof swinging perry, I can’t recover.

It’s just a great, inspiring, and funny song. With these blueprints, you can make a great song!

38. We’re Talking All Terrain (The Secret of Success)

Sometimes a P&F song just needs to catchy to be good. That and well written, which this is
The boys build an all-terrain vehicle. And boy does it live up to the name. the song lists everything it can do.

This is song mostly due to how catchy it really is. Plus, it has a good variety and imagination to what is lists.

It has just fantastic rhythm. It fits all this stuff and makes it rhyme, flow, and stand out. That is very hard to do, and this show always does these kind of songs with style. This is one of those songs

This is one of the coolest thing they’ve ever invented. The boys noticed that normal all-terrain thing just…go on mud and road. Not really all-terrain is it? So thus, they made a car that drives on everything. Everything. Even random stuff no one would even step on!

It’s not even a short simple song ever. It’s a real song. It’s around 2 minutes, the perfect length, and it really works and flows excellently.

I just really love that they crammed everything they can into this song. Hell, they even fulfill the theme song by crossing a tundra!  It’s really random and I love it that way. The most insane things are said in this song.

“under sea look at me, I’m talking to a manatee..”

“a trampoline, having tea with the queen..”

I also adore how the visuals match the words perfectly. They put in some great gags. Example? THE MANATEE RETURNS

Guess the family guy producers gave him a break.

Anyway. The main joke is just hilarious in how it’s so obvious it takes awhile for it to really sink in. this song just flows so excellently in the perfect way.

The music, lyrics, flow, and my god it fits amazingly

Great song, and just so that we’re clear: it can drive on the road and in the mud!

37. Gimme a Grade (The Baljeatles)

This song is just clever as heck.

Baljeet joins the summer rocks class thinking it is about…well rocks. Sadly, it is about rock music. During the episode, baljeet tries to learn how to rock hard but sadly can’t get it. He’s just too into math to really get what rock and roll is

But then it all changes. Near the end, Coltrane, in his only act that adds to the plot, tells Baljeet he isn’t getting grades, and this is all for fun.

Baljeet isn’t happy.

He is made he did all this for no grades. He is angry. He has a point of passion. He sees his band about to play. So he takes the mic and rocks out. He has a reason to rock

Hell. Yes.

But that’s not the kicker.

It’s not just that this song is amazingly well written, perfectly song, rocking,  and just uplifting. Oh no. it Is in the underlying idea behind it:

“I won’t cry or sigh, I’m here to testify,
Up with the establishment!”

Yes, this is a hard-core punk/rock about conformity.

That is amazing

It’s such a clever idea, and they do it very well. This song should be played at schools, I’m sure they’d pay attention with this piece of awesome-ness

It really helps add to Baljeet’s character. He  has all the smart of Phineas and Ferb, but not much of the ambition. With this, he finally lets of all of his true feelings out and finds that he can do something with his endless need for math

And to think he’s usually busy with gay relationship with Buford

This song just really rocks. It has the all those guitar and drums you would expect, and it’s all cool. Plus, it has Phineas and Ferb singing backup, and it all flows really well

But there is one minor flow issue here. in the episode version, it is interrupted by a cut to doof. I hate those type of things, but that’s another story. We cut to baljeet, who is clearly in the middle of a new verse, and it feels like a 3rd one…but there’s no 2nd

The soundtrack version doesn’t show it. But it does help it flow better and  it is a lot smother. I just wish it was truly extended…

Anyway, I still love it. Baljeet really shines and the idea is really clever. Baljeet can really sing. I wish he (and Buford) had more songs. The ones they have are fantastic!

One thing I must bring up, is that he says “gonna” and “ain’t. contractyions. Another episode says he is scared of them.

“they are the Frankenstein’s of grammar”


But someone brought up that he did so because of the passion of the situation, and that is why.Ewell, in the soundtrack he says “That is right;’, clearly to avoid one. So yeah, still weird.

But hey, I nitpick stuff sometimes.

This song is clever, rocking, catchy, and it rocks

This song gets an A+

36. Weaponry (Norm Unleashed)

Norm is awesome. I could leave it at that, but I need to explain every choice on here

Norm started out as a robot made by doof to stop Perry, As he found out the enemy of the platypus is man. Doof logic!

At first, he just spouted typical husband phrase which was funny. Fast forward to this episode. He now has a full personality, a woobie aspect, two episodes, and two songs.


The other song is a “A real boy”. Great song, but this is better.

In this episode, Doof is at jurt duty, so he has norm to do the plan. He asks norm to show some anitive. So what does norm do?

Turn into a giant Superweapon  to blow up the city.


Yes, Norm becomes competently evil.  perry has a hard time stopping him. Wow, didn’t think he had it in him. Oh, and he comes insanely close to pretty much conquering the tri state area. Yes, perry stops him, but only with the help of a P&F invention. So yeah, Norm took a level in badass.

But how is the song? Great

It represents everything amazing about norm. How he went from joke character to badass killing machine.

To drive that home, let us take a peek at exactly why he is doing this

Weaponry will inspire Dr. D,
Weaponry, to have a confidence in me
If I’m gonna be a conqueror and win my father’s love

Oh yeah

You see, the episode “A Real Boy” established that Norm views Doof as his father, and wish to be a real boy so that can actually bond with doof. Sadly, doof continues to shun him, even when all is said and done. But norm is still happy.

And this episode helps builds on that, when norm takes a level in badass to impress doof.  This has made Norm into a real woobie, as it sad to see him wanting to impress a “father” who doesn’t quite car for him.

Oh, and is doof impressed by norm’s awesome-ness?


“I mean, you destroy the Tri-State Area and what are you ruler of? Rubble! And where’s the panache?”


I also  love how Norm in the episode mocks the “foolish inators” and doof is all like “oh, one good plan and he’s full of attitude. I guess I should’ve expected that from a guy with a SQUIRREL FOR A HEART!!!”

“deep down he really likes me!”

Poor guy..

Well anyway, the song itself is good. Mostly since it’s such a…cheery tune. It’s got that whole…march (I hope that’s a thing) feel to it, and it feels so happy as norm sings it.

Yet the song is about destroying everyone. Fun?

The lyrics are also nice and descriptive. They really do help emphasis the situation and it really juxtaposes the tune.

Yea, I know I said a big word.

Yet, like other paf songs, it helps it flow better and makes it endlessly catchy. The lyrics are just really cool

If you want to make them fall on a bended knee at your command,
Bow their heads and swear that you’re the leader of the land,


Never mind the fatalities
Where there’s municipalities
To crush a set of with the threat of Weaponry

Damn. This song pretty drives it’s point home. It is about killing people. Yet Norm amusingly sings it in a very cheery way

I just love all that, and it’s a very fun villain song for norm. the most villainous lyrics yet, but of course we the very paf-ish tune to go against it.

Everything good about the song is also why norm was awesome in the episode. I’ve explained why norm is awesome, why it’s great to see him kick ass, and why the cheer-y tune is great against the evil, gruesome lyrics

So I’ve said all I can. Short

Short explanation or not, Weaponry was the way to get it done

35. Dance, Baby (Candace Disconnected)

This is most likely …the funniest thing ever

I’d give context…but there is none.

Let me explain

Just successfully used his new inator…yes I know that’s odd, but roll with it. Anyway, perry shows up and doof tells him he’s not up to anything

“Join me for my evil exercise show!”


And…that’s all the set-up we get.

We launch into a song in which doof and  perry (And Sarcastc norm,. but that’s another story) dance…to insane music, weird sing, word salad lyrics, and really trippy background

If way of the platypus  is the ultimate training song, this is the ultimate DANCE song.

This one of those P&F songs that can work as a real song on it’s own. It has those ear worm-y sounds that pretty much lay eggs in your brain.


But the main reason this song is great…is that it is so random

It comes out of nowhere, has nothing to do with the plot….and after it happens, they never mention it again



This is the biggest BLAM  in the show. It is just pure insanity for no reason. It’s great. It catches oyu so off guard, that it makes you laugh so just hard due to how insane it is. Not to mention the lyrics.

Just look at these lyrics:

“Go down to the pier and get some fish and chips (Oooh)
Groove, baby, groove, baby, motivate your limbs
Never eat a cactus if you’re out of practice”

Yes, this is quite weird.

It’s also insanely…fun. The music and visuals, which are trippy add to the whole “dance video” vibe they’re going for.  The whole spoofs 80’s excerise videos and the fact that it’s in the middle of a normal episode is hilarious

Everything just flows perfectly. Despite, or maybe because of, how random it is, it flows  wonderfully. The insane lyrics add to the crazy visuals and the sort of weird music they have

It is a dance song in every way. Just try dancing to it and you’ll see what I mean. When you train, listen to way of the platypus. When you dance, listen to this!

It is so darn catchy. More so than most P&F songs, really. It has this endlessly haunting tune, and the insanity, and crazy list pretty much make sure you never forget it

I’d really like to credit the singer, Aaron Jacob. Aka the son of main paf composer, Danny Jacob! He has quite the vocal range, as he sang the very german “Drusselstien driving test walktz”

And “Living in a fun house”


He loves singing crazy songs

The singers also adds to the song as he sings it in a crazy way that makes the lyrics sounds even better when combined to the music.

This weird song has great flow which somehow makes for a really catchy, fun, and…dance-y song!

There really isn’t much else to say. A song with the words “never eat a cactus if you’re out of practice” speaks for itself

The show has had many random,. Insane songs, but I can think of onlyo ne that is so random it’s oddly appropriate out of context, music wise.

Dance, Baby has a great singing, crazy lyrics, and a catchy tune. If you ask, me that’s a perfect combo

34. The ballad Of Klimaploon (Cut from Summer Belongs to You)


Okay, forget what I said. THIS is the weirdest song ever.

It was sadly cut from the episode, so we don’t know the FULL context, but…I don’t think there would be any even if they put it in

To really got how I feel about this song, imagine this:

All the songs from SBTY were leaked online around a month before air. We didn’t know much except that they went around the world. So when these songs popped up, we got more info

I popped in this song. With no context. At all.

“He’s the magical old time-y bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas.”

ME: …what.

Yeah, this is a weird song. They take the single weirdest character ever made, and turned him into a rocking song

Why did they cut it? For time

I don’t know about you, but a random song about this guy in the middle of the episode would slow things down

Anyway, the song itself rocks. I adore the funk-rock tune, as it seems so horribly  un-fitting for the klimaploon. And it’s perfect.

The lyrics are simply odd. It mostly just says what the klimpaloon is. That’s it. It’s simple, yet insanely epic

He’s made out of wool, he’s itchy to wear
He’s got broad stripes and savoir-faire
He’s out of place almost everywhere
Since 1883

See, that is why this song is awesome. It has an epic funk ish tune couple with oddly simple lyrics, and some very nice flow./

And to think, this is about a magical old time-y bathing suit.

For such an odd subject, it’s a straightforward great song

You also gotta love Love handel’s singing. They sing it as if  it is  not the stupidest/greatest thing ever. The grea thing about this show is that they can sing about the most random stuff

It’s a crime this was left out, as it could have been even higher on the list. But sadly, it is nope. So we get it on CD audio form. But maybe they’ll make a video someday

Anyway, back to the son. The song is insanely catchy too. Mostly due to the great words they up with. It must be hard to say stuff about such a self explanatory topic.

But they did. They came up with tons of great things to say about him, which in turn mostly are just a long version of the simply thing that he is

He got no hands, he got no feet
All mouth and teeth, but he don’t smile

This song is simple, yet awesome. it really speaks for itself. More so than dance baby. We have a funk-rock tune, great singing, and clever writing, all about a magical old time-y bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas

Heck, everything I said is overselling it. Simply put, The Ballad of Klimploon is rocking great about a funny guy


33. Alien Heart (Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem)


This song is so very 80’s

Lawrence has become a 80’s style singer in order to measure up to Linda, who used to be a pop star. Long story short, he gets a concert and sings his big song

It’s great

It is a big 80’s newave-ish song and it really fits Lawrence in a weird way. Oh, and the 80’s. both are amazing.

Like any given song of this type, it’s not really about anything. It has little to do lyric-wise with the episode itself. It’s just that typical 80’s thing

Well I think it means Ferb’s mom was an alien and Ferb  is half alien. But that’s just me

Much of this song’s amazingness has to be credited to Richard o Brian. I think we all know what he’s known for and why it always felt  odd to not give him song until this.

That’s like having tim cury in two episodes and not having him sing!


Anyway, he does sing very well in this and pretty much turns a really good song into a great song. I like the music as well. The tune is just so good, and all new-wave-y. it adds in all these cool sounds that I think enhance the singing and lyrics.

They’re also charming in that 80’s way

Does she love me for who I am?
Or does she want to put my brain in a can?

Like Phineas and Ferb said, a one hit wonder type of song just needs a catchy tune and meaning-less lyrics.

Well this has that in spades. But it also has some serious charm and great writing to it. Despite the lyrics being meaning less, they sound legit and maybe it can be seen as some type of meataphor, if they weren’t so insane

But we all know the music is why this song kicks many types of butt. Seriously, there’s no proper way to describe the music in this song and how it helps make it flow excellently

Really, the lyrics are a moot point. This is a song where the music and voice carry it. And both of those are amazing.

These is one of those songs I thankfully loved it the first time. Well…it aired in latin America first, so  I heard it dubbed. But that version is great, so there

The video for it is alright, not quite as special our last few of course. But we do get a part where a lady screams “take my legwarmers max!”. know, for kids

Oh, and aliens show up in the background for epic visuals….doof did it.

Speaking of, much like Gimme a Grade, it is interrupted. Still hate that, though this is more important to the plot, so it’s okay

This one of those songs where I sadly can’t say much outside of the basics I’ve listed. But I think the song be a metaphor for what was going on in the plot with lawerence. You know, how he felt small compared to linda and wantwed to be on her level and such.

..;.nah, not everything is a metaphor.

but hey, that could be true. It was just a really great song to help tie this great episode together.

Not much else to say, but…this so 80’s awesome-ness

32. Mysterious Force (Cut from Across the 2nd Dimension)

Yes, another cut song, and our first at2d song./

Unlike Ballad of Klimaploon, this one SHOULD have been kept in and I hate whoever decided it should be cut

Allow me to explain

In the movie, Candace thinks that a strange mysterious force is what takes the boys inventions away before linda can see them. When Candace decides she is an adult, the stuff vanishes even before she gets to them. Thus, she thinks the force sees her as an adult and changed accordingly.

This starts a subplot where Candace tries to talk to the force, and when she ends in the 2nd dimension, stacy actually builds a shrine to the force she never believed to get her friend ack

Yeah, it’s great, cute, and very funny but onto the song

Unlike Klimaploon, a scene for it was animated and has a direct part in the movie where it fits.

Candy and Stacy come out to see the boys latest thing, has vanished. Candace tells her theory above, but Stacy doesn’t buy it.

Cue song

This song adds a lot to the movie’s overall plot. Instead of being just another Candace song, it helps reflect this whole subplot about Candace and the mysterious force. Like the song says..

I just want the truth known, so I call mom on the phone
But by the time she gets here, the whole thing disappears
Whatever they build every day, it gets taken away

This song is, in a little way, a woobie song.  I may explore this ata later date,. But Candace is a woobie. allow tv tropes to explain it:

Ever consider what it would really be like to be Candace? And be so sure that your brothers built all these bizarre, out-of-this-world inventions, but have them constantly erased by completely improbable circumstances just in time for your mom not to see? (And by “completely improbable”, I mean “you just jumped up and started eating their funhouse so your mom wouldn’t be able to see it, even thought you were the one who had wanted to show it to her.”) Wouldn’t you question your sanity? Your life? Everything that you knew?

Yeah, it’s freaky isn’t it?

Plus a zebra calls her kevin. That stuff is insane

I feel this subplot, and song is an exenetion of that. Candace is so confused as to where this stuff goes, she looks to  a mysterious force to explain it all. To explain how she is not crazy.

So this entire subplot further goes into her character and heck, she even uses the force to help her in the end! (no spoilers though).

This is song respresnts the story very well, even more so than some of the other movie songs.

And it was cut


The song itself works very well not only in that regard, but in every other way too. Miss Tisdale has proven she can sing, but this show shows those chops off very well and this song is a shining example of that

Mostly since it feels more like a character less like the singer, which rarely happens with characters voiced by singers.  But really, I’m just generalizing it

The song does a good job of showing candace’s side of this sitation, and in story it does well to help her point,.

The lyrics have been explained, really, since they show exactly what I’ve been talking about this whole time. But I will say they are very good

But though I’m right and she’s wrong, I must confess
I’d probably think I’m crazy, too

You also gotta love the rocking music. This one of the few times the first demo go up was refined, so it showed up that aspect, but in the official  version it has that extra rock-pop ish quality that adds to. I especially love how it opens and ends. It’s so dang so, dang it!

…I can’t pull that off, can I’?

Anyway, it really helps add to the really great singing going on here. this song really has everything a great P&F song needs. Good singing, fits very well in the story, and a rocking tune.

Oh, and the video itself…yeah, it has fanservice. In a sense,. I love it. Let us leave us at that

The song just works all levels. It’s great, catchy, and all around excellent.

Why was it cut again?


31. Brand New Reality (Across the 2nd Dimension)

This was the best song in the movie.; hands down. I loved it back when we heard the demo

Sure, I like your robot riot’s, and your summer when do we begin, but this is exactly the fun song I like

All you need to know, is that doof, Candace, perry, Phineas, and ferb are jumping through dimensions trying to get home. Anymore would spoil the epic-ness

The man reason is the video that comes with it. Man is it good

They pack it with so many gags, many of which are callbacks. It really helps the song become insanely fun which adds a bit of joy to watching it.

A twitter friend of mine said something along the lines of this song and it’s video giving a rush of childlike joy.t that’s how fun it is

The best part is when they got into this one reality, where they get on a train. Then a Zebra is seen reading a paper saying “Kevin wins election” showing a pic of Candace,. Candy looks and he covers his face and they leave

No, I won’t give context. If you know this show , you’ll see why it/’s an amazing layered joke

I also love the lyrics. With a song like this, you expect them to just go for a list song, talking about the other realities. No, it’s a song talking about the act of jumping realties and other good stuff

Thy thought hard about this song and put all they could into it. I love that.

You’ve got no obligations
Nothin’ holding you down
Find a new situation and say
I guess I’ll see you around

You could say it’s a metaphor for how we should get out of our normal rotuine and do something new..

Nah. Not everything is a metpaoh.r

The great lyrics help the music a lot. It sounds very cool.  Martin olson (paf writer and all around amazing person) said, and the wiki quotes. “he wrote the circular chord sequence which shifts the song through seven different key changes to suggest dimensional shifts,”

Yes, they made the music represent the subject. Oh heck yes!

This song just flows so well. It’s fun, funny, and insanely catchy.. it has some of the best “flow” of any song I’ve heard. Okay, I overuse that word.

It  doesn’t exactly fit as much in the story as the last song, but it still works. It serves as a fun way of using this scene. It helps the movie move faster and the pacing serves this song very well

It just really got me there, as it has everything I love. Rocking beat, works well in story, adds fun and adventure, and it’s great

Sure, it may not be as traditional clever as many other songs, but it in a subtle way, it’s clever in itself.

It’s just fun,. Exciting and really cool

Really, what else can you say?

In any reality, Brand new reality is great

And so ends part 1. 10 down…30 to go . I have my work cut out for me.

See ya next time!


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One Response to Top 40 Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 1)

  1. Medea Agapsihvili says:

    Dance Baby is just a start. I;m impressed. It’ll give you a heck of a workout. And Gimme a Grade? EEEEEEE! LUV IT! Even Baljeet says “ain’t” studies show that being VERY pissed and override fear. This is what Baljeet is right now! That episode made me love him! It made him more like-able! This is #1 on Phineas and Ferb yet! I can’t even stop singing or dancing along with this HARDCORE THEME! The very opposite of the Anarchy spirit! Ironic! A+ For Baljeet, The Episode, and the song! YAY!

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