Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Hello, Spongey here

Before I start this review, I must address something.

At a midnight screening of this movie in Colorado, 12 people were shot. 59 others were hurt and injured, lots of people were hurt, and it was all horrible

The man who did this reportedly called himself the joker. He feels more like bane, but we’ll get into that later.

This was an awful tragedy. But the best thing is that this has woken us up. Everyone from the director to freaking Snookie is feeling bad and giving their best to those who died and their familes

I saw cops at the theatre I saw the movie at. Gee, I wonder why

I’m glad to see everyone get passionate about something.

I just wanted to address this. Let’s talk about movies!

Before we start, we of course have to talk about the last two Batman films

Batman Begins is …a Film I have never seen. You read that right, I am reviewing the 3rd film in a trilogy without watching the first one. I just haven’t gotten around to it okay?

I have, however, seen The Dark Knight. Like everyone else,I  found TDK to be amazing all across the board. The characters were very well done, the story was excellent, and it was just huge. The problems faced and the issues presented are thought provoking and epic. Also, the joker, aka Heath Ledger. He’s great, need I say more? A perfect movie…minus the voice. Sorry Bale. A+

But now director Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Prestiage, Momento)  has given the cap to the trilogy. It’s been hyped for months, and now I finally saw it.

This, is The Dark Knight Rises


Eight years after the end of The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has retired from his work as the Batman and settled into a humdrum life as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises. The Dent Act  (the act made by Harvey Dent aka Two face) has helped the police slow the spread of crime in Gotham to a controllable crawl. Commissioner Gordon (Gary oldman), now resigned to paperwork instead of fieldwork, has to deal with attempts by other city officials to drive him out of office — all while he keeps the truth about Batman’s disappearance and Harvey Dent’s death a secret. The peace Batman has given his beloved city might fall apart, however, when a wily thief named Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and soon after that a masked terrorist who calls himself Bane(Tom Hardy)  both arrive in Gotham….

Oh, and there’s a cop, John Blake  played by Joseph Gordon levit who Tv tropes failed to mention. He’s great.

The first thing to address is Bane’s voice. He has a breather thingy, which makes his voice change. In the trailers, it was meh. I couldn’t understand him and he sounded garbled.

But in the movie, he has  a thick South American old dude kind of voice. I think it fits, as you wouldn’t match it with evil mastermind, which makes him more scary.  People debate this and I like it.

Now for the movie itself..

It was damn good. Hell, it was great.

There are many reasons, so let’s count them!

`1. Batman:

Bale kicks ass in this movie. Both literally and fugitive. His portrayal as Batman got mixed reactions, especially with the voice. Well, I feel he did An even better job here. he spends most of his screen time as Bruce wayne,. Rather than batman. People point this out, and I like that. After all, that’s the point of the movie.

Batman has been out of commission due to the events from TDK. Due to this he is super rusty, and when bane comes crashing down, he is told he needs to come out and stop him. But he’s very rusty, so he needs to get trained big time. However, his inner turmoil with fear and his strength,  is a problem he needs to overcome

He has a lot go through and there are many scenes where Bale just sells it. He really helped make this movie great

2. The Action

All I will say is thios

Football Stadium. Explosion. Hell yes.

3. Alfred

He isn’t in it too much, but Micheal Caine is still great. The story is done in a way that he can’t be in it too much., so I get

Without spoiling too much, he is funny in this, but also added some depth to really help us understand what batman is up against.

And yes, he does have speeches. Only two this time, both of which are great. One even gets a callback..

Not much to say, but this trusty butler proved to serve well

4. . Bane

Bane was a great villain. I always a good villain should challenge the hero, and boy does Bane fit the bill.

He’s phycally superior to Batman in every way, and he’s just as smart. He is scary, he’s threatening and he is just a force to be reckoned with

He provides a big challenge and helps lead to Bruce’s character development in the film.

All the stuff that happens with bane is awesome. So much happens and it really helps the movie. I won’t spoil anything, but it turns out the true villain is Mr Freeze who makes ice puns


Bane felt like a theart. I really wondered how they would take him down. And I liked how they did it, and yes, we do hear his backstory, sort of. Without spoiling it, I’ll say it was great and added more to him, without making him sympathetic, so I still was happy when he was stopped. Not spoiling anything with that, right?

Bane really helped raise the stakes, which a good sequel should do

5.  Catwoman

This was by far my favorite part of the movie.

When I heard Anne Hathaway was going to be catwoman…instant boner. But seeing the movie, there’s way more to her than-



She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s quick, she’s sexy, she’s interesting, she’s sexy, she kicks ass, and did I mention she’s sexy?

This is the best Catwoman ever, for sure. Most versions either make her a full hero or a full villain, and this one goes to her core, and makes it a mix. Not to spoil anything, she starts out seeming more villainous and switches during the course and helps add to what bruce faces in the movie.

Right from her opening scene, I was hooked. She kicks so much ass with everything she does and says.  She gets to much so interesting, but also fun to watch. She also has some funny lines, including that one from the trailer.

Without her, this movie would be just very good. With her, it’s great. That’s all I’m saying.

There’s a lot more to this movie than that though. We have John blake, who was really interesting in how he helps batman, and what they did with him was great. We got Luscious Fox (Morgan Freeman) who is always awesome.

But now for the ultimate question: is it better than The Dark Knight? Depends on how you roll. This is a solid trilogy, where each film is wildy different in tone. So you may like one over the other,.

TDKR has some aspects I like better. I thought Bale did a better job in this, and his batman voice was only an issue once.  It felt more epic and grand and left me with a better feeling.

So personally I might have loved it more but I feel The dark knight was better. Mostly for the joker, who was just a perfect villain. His plan was crazy but really helped push the limit, and while bane was scary, The Joker was terrifying. With him, TDK is better.

But TDKR is still a great film. Did I have problems? Some, but they were small, and mostly involve spoilers. Biggest problem was some of the “quick fixes”, where things happen much quicker than they should. But other than that, I loved it.

The Dark Knight rises is  the best movie of the year, and one of the best caps to a trilogy ever. The plot is solid and well written, the issues are  provocative, the characters are well done, and fleshed out, the acting is great, and everything worked.

It may not top the Dark Knight, but it’s just as good and an  amazing end to a solid trilogy of films

Grade: A-

See ya.


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