Halloween in July: Phantom of the megaplex

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Welcome back to Halloween in July!

 Remember how I tried to review mostly ghostly? Remember how Word suddenly got rid of it?


I was going to review Disney’s Halloweentown but of course I didn’t save and Word didn’t end up saving it when it rebooted BUT..

The computer rebooted itself! It just shut down! So blame that!

So I can’t review that fun piece of nostalgia. What CAN I review?

*does research*

Hmmm…this seems good!

This, is  Phantom of the Megaplex

The movie opens with some narration set to black and white old timey stuff

“The first movie theater is our town opened in 1928. Phantom of the opera was its first film. But things change, and the movie theater bit the dust”

Well at least it’s not an entirely dumb pun.

We then find out this is our main character Pete, who is 17. A 17 year old in a DCOM. What. He works at the new megaplex they built over that. Heck, he’s the assistant manager.

That matters because it just does. But pete can’t sorry about a silly phantom legend, as the senior manager, Shawn MacGibbon and the other employees are working to keep the theater neat for the giant premiere gala that night where they are going to premiere “Midnight Mayhem” and are expecting the owner of the megaplex, Wolfgang Nedermayer to be among the guests.

We are introduced to some other works, including Ricky (who’s actor is also named “Ricky, oh and he was in  the Goosebumps episode “How to kill a monster”) , who is a stickler for rules, Terry, who tells scary stories, and Hilary who acts very grandmother-ish despite being a teen.

Terry is played by the same chick you remember as Tina from the goosebumps episode…Phantom of the auditorium  This chick loves her phantom of the opera references!

Also, Mark, who asks questions, and Lacy who does things fast.  And to top it off, we have Movie mason.  His family opened the old theater before the Megaplex was built. When the theater closed down and the Megaplex opened, Mason thought that he worked there, though technically he doesn’t. He comes to the theater every day

Oh, and he’s played by Mickey Rooney. Yes, that Mickey Rooney. WHAT.

So after the narration, the employees need to be ready the big premiere thing that night. They need to be there later, so pete goes home to eat. We also see his sister, for a bit, and I only mention so I can say that her actress was penny in Inspector Gadget 2. Ugh.

During a talk with pete and mom, we learn his Dad is dead. Disney film. Anyway, mom (played by…the mom from under wraps!) is worried that pete works at the megaplex too much but pete assures her that this all for buckets of money. Then they go back to normal talk, and with that we cut to the megaplex later on.

A good chunk of the employees haven’t shown up and Shawn is not happy. So the remaining ones have to work extra hard. We cut to the sister, who  is planning on sneaking out to a horror movie without mom’s permission. I hope mentioning this isn’t pointless as we cut Mickey Rooney greeting people at the megaplex door.

Everyone seems to be having fun, at least except for Pete. And he runs into  Donny,, his rival. Also known as the jerkass for the movie. Donny also happens to be after a girl pete likes, named Catlin, which creeps me since that is the name of the sister’s actress.

Meanwhile, Mom drops the sister/brother off, not knowing she will see a horror movie. They go in only to see the line is being held by mickey rooney the new ticket taker.

“the film you’ve choosen is a stinker”

Says the guy who was in the care bears movie.

Shawn sees this and calls Mickey over.  He tells Mickey that the megaplex owner called, and doesn’t want Mickey hanging around. He tells mickey off and he walks away in anger.

“If you excuse, I’m off to narrate about Christopher Columbus”

My words.

Things get worse as brother tries to get some gumballs, but breaks a bit off and they end up falling all over the place. Thankfully, pete uses a hockey stick to get most of them into the fallen trash can. Awesome.

With that, sister drops brother off at his stupid penguin movie while she goes to the horror one. More things go wrong however, as the projector for another movie is having problems.

The brother sneaks of his movie and tells pete he thinks this is all not a coincidence: it’s the phantom. Things get even worse when Shawn vanishes, and no one can find him..

Pete hears that another theare has had the lights go on and off  and goes to check it out. Brother shows up, having followed them, and still cries phantom.

Things are heating up: Gumball disaster, lights flickering, and other stuff. Pete starts to think it may really be sabotage.

. they go down to the basement to find something and find that…Shawn Is there, bound and gagged!  Shawn tells them that a guy did this before he could even see him. Now they now a phantom is afoot

Things get a bit calmer, as Shawn goes back to his duties and directs everyone to do their jobs. Pete, back at his film with sister, notices something.

For the movie with “Glimpse” in the title, the projector got blurry. For “cut to black” the lights went on and off.. the titles match the troubles, so maybe they can figure out where the phantom will strike next

With that, they hear screams. They run to a theater playing “Cyclone summer” where a giant fan has been  planted!

Eh, I hear that  movie blows.

Rim shot


Pete decides that with all this shit, everyone currently seeing a movie will have to fuck off, including brother and sister. He calls mom to pick them up.  Shawn shows up and tells pete his theory on who the phantom is: Mickey rooney

The sister calls bullshit since he is so nice, but I side with shawn. I don’t trust the guy who was in care bears. Besides, he got pissed when shawn told him to fuck off,  and things are going wrong on the big night. Common sense

Brother and sister on a bench waiting for mom. Brother peeks in the trash and spots Mickey rooney’s work schedule. You see since Rooney thought he worked there, Shawn types up a fake Schedule every week, and throws it away. Brother looks at it and runs of.

He notices that mickey takes dinner breaks, and asks a worker where he goes. She says the basement. Ew. So they both head there. They spot a cape and think they have the phantom. So the kid’s decide to go after him.

Back with mom, her car has broken down, so she calls pete (who called from a payphone) to tell him the bad news, and gets an employee. She asks if the kids are on the bench, and he tells her it’s empty.

The two kids have followed the phantom and finds a room full of cool movie stuff.  Suddenly, they hear a voice and turn around to find…mickey rooney!  This is his little hideaway

They tell him about what has happened, and ask if he’s the phantom. He goes into a speech about the magic of movies which is nice…but they asked a question. Did they say “give us a speech”?

He gets to the point. He would never mess with movies, except maybe sign on to bad one,. I’m still not over the magic voyage/care bears thing.  Pont is, mickey isn’t the phantom

More insanity later, the kids go back to the bench, when pete shows up. They tell him they’re next phantom suspect: Merle the projector dude!

Why does they think this? They went in a theatre looking for a pete, and a weird trailer has been playing over and over, and only merle could rig it like that.

They locate merle at a projector. He denies this and says he’s been trying to stop the trailer and doesn’t know who did it. . they look down into the theatre….and see a dude in big cap thing. It’s not merle.

The phantom runs before they can catch him. Brother deduces that everything the phantom does is in a theater he’s attacked, and is related to the movie. He asks pete the plot of midnight mayhem, but pete says it’s been kept a secret

“ever heard of spoiler sites?”

My thoughts exactly. Shawn has a computer, so they head to his room to use it. They find him handcuffed inside. This guy gets in positions like this a lot. Must be into some odd stuff…

Before they can say more, the owner guy shows up for the premiere,. The owner enters and we see his played by…the shopkeeper  from the Goosebumps haunted mask episode.

3 Goosebumps actors for the price of one! Anyway, this chick pulls an odd string coming from the ceiling and lets loose the balloons from the top of the celing….only now they are water balloons. Wah.

After that is settled, owner demands shawn to open those doors and start this premiere. It starts and the stars roll out and things start getting normal.

But Mickey rooney is still there, and shawn is about to kick him out, but out of a limo pops this hot actress chick. We find out she and Mickey know each other. Heck she grew up in this town and Mickey encouraged her to become an actress.

I mention this as it adds to why Mickey rooney’s character is the most awesome. I make fun but still.

Mom (and her boyfriend) finally show up and barge in to find the kids.  Back with the kids, pete tells them that this big monster balloon from the roof has vanishes, and they need to get up there. .

They do indeed go up there. Hey, this is like the 2nd movie where Penny from IG2’s actress does a character who figures out a mystery and no one listens. Only this one is good!

Pete apologizes to the kids, in time for the phantom to strike! He covers them in some big robe, ties them up and runs.  With that, he head to the big premiere, as the movie Is ready to start.

The film’s director is there, and starts a speech, but …the big monster Balloon has shown up in the balcony and mayhem ensues.

The kids show up, having escapes (long story don’t ask) but can’t get in, as the exists are blocked by more big creature balloons. Pete grabs a fake sword the theatre had for a promotion and uses it to take down the main huge balloon

After he takes it down, he spots the phantom. He run to him and they have a little scuffle.  He beats him. Now to find out who this phantom really is!



…didn’t see that coming’

The owner guy gets pissed and fires Shawn. Then shawn gets a little pissy

“I did all this tonight, just so you would finally notice me! You don’t care, you’ve never cared! “

So he did all this because the owner was a bit of an ass to him. Eh, I’ve heard worse reasons. But I was expecting a big villain thing, not character bits!

The directors approaches Shawn, and says he’ll do a movie about all this. Haw.  The owner  then offers Pete the job of senior manager, something Pete has always wanted. Pete tells Nedermayer that he’d be honored, but yet turns it down.

Inspired by Karen and Bryan from their help at exposing Shawn as the Phantom, Pete says that he realizes the importance of childhood and doesn’t want to waste it any more than he has and asks for the rest of the night off.

Aww, pete was an important character after all!

With this all done, they all head in to enjoy the film.  The parents let the kids stay, since they solved this mystery and all that good stuff.

As they head in, mickey tells them he’s never believed in the phantom of the megaplex.

“Now the werewolf of the megaplex…that’s another story!”

That will be told in the sequel: Mickey rooney and the care bears in: The werewolf’s revenge!

They walk in the theater, as the movie ends.

Final Thoughts:


This review was hard, as I found so little spots to make decent jokes. All my jokes came from Mickey rooney, who is awesome. Mostly because this movie is pretty good. The story is engaging, the characters well done, and an interesting mystery. Some small thing bugged me, but that’’s not enough to stop it. This is a solid TV movie with a solid story and acting. Overall, a hauntingly decent film

Grade: B+


But, I need something more …heavy. More…bad. What is going on this Friday? Hmmm…interesting. I know what’s next…

Next: Friday the 13th ..the remake!


See ya.

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