General Review: Brave

Hello, Spongey here


Well, today is Independence Day, THE day for America. The day America got it’s independence and such.

So of course today…we’re talking about a movie that takes place in Scotland!



Before you ask, I will do a proper pixar a thon when this movie comes out on DVD. With that said, let’s review this.


This, is Brave


. This is pixar’s 13 film. We don’t need to talk about pixar at this point, do we?

Cars 2 was their first critical flop. People were wondering what pixar will do now. So now we have their 3rd PG movie, and also their 3rd Human centered film as well.

Does their new film make up for Cars 2? Is it as good as most pixar films?

Short answer….YES!

Long answer…well read on.


First, I must talk about it’s pixar-ness. It does feel like a pixar film…for the most part. When it comes to the animation, music, and the two main characters, it is a pixar film. Like any pixar film, they squeeze as much emotion as they can with the main characters.

But they do something different….in a way. It does focus more on a select few characters, so the rest are mostly comic relief. But much like Toy story 1, or Monsters Inc, they still have disntict, fun personalities, and are still fun to watch.

And it also doesn’t have toy story 3-ish epic-ness. The story isn’t grand and complex, and thus it hits different notes.

I won’t address the reviews, but I will say pixar is allowed a more simple movie. After all, Monsters in and Finding nemo are simple, kid’s movies that hit good notes and are godo in their fun characters.

 If  Brave came out a few years ago, people would love it more. That is all I will say.

But it still feels like a pixar movie. It has the likable characters that develop[  and the big emotional  moments that make people love this studio.


Now for the movie itself. I’ll talk about it in 3 sections, since if I do it normally, this review will get jumbled. Also, THERE ARE NO SPOILERS.




The story itself is well down. It is a bit predictable, which only holds it back a tiny bit. But hey, Nemo had the same thing, and we love it!

It takes place in this medieval kingdom place. The badass princess Merida (Kelly McDonald) is into archery, exploring, and being badass. However, her mom, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson)  isn’t into that kind of stuff. “a lady doesn’t ___”, that’s what she says. However,  things are fine…until Miss Queen decides to have her married, and hold a contest for 3 suitors to take her hand. They hail from a different kingdom, and all these kingdoms used to fit, and this could mean war, or peace.

Neither of the two females, wish to listen, and the triplet brothers, and king Fergus  (Billy Connely) don’t help too much either. Long story short, Merida meets a witch, and asks for a spell to change her fate. Well, it works…but at the cost of pretty much everything, and she goes a big emotional journey.

People have talked about how the story is similar to others…and yet I’ll give them that BUT I feel that they original spins now and then, and create a distinct style. It feels different at least, and any ripping off isn’t distracting at all.

The crux of the story is the mother/daughter relationship, and I’ll talk about this in a bit, but for now, I will say it is the real reason this movie

The story itself isn’t too new, but is executed very well, and to me, it’s all matters.




So Merida is a red headed character, who has brothers that annoying her, and critics are split on her likability. Sounds familiar…

Anyway, my take on her…she’s fine. Heck, I sided with her most of the ways. Plus, she develops, like any good characters. She’s badass, interesting, and just cool. By the end, her and her mom’s relationship p becomes really interesting, and like I said, leads to great emotional moments.

Mom seemed the more bitchy one, but they both had good points about their motivations, so seeing them both change over tiem was really interesting.

The mother/daughter stuff reminds me of the Father/son stuff in finding nemo. It makes the movie and the way it’s tested is great. No spoilers, but I will say some bits came close to tear jerker…if I wasn’t a MAN

Now for the others. The brothers were funny, and I am so glad they never talked, spouting one liners and shit.

The Dad is awesome. Funniest character for sure.

The suitors were funny and likable, and dingwall my fave because he is freaking hagrid. They also end up; being interesting  at the end, but I won’t give that away

I must mention this movie had a director change and thankfully it doesn’t show too much BUT there are a couple characters that feel like they were more fleshed out in the original script. Mostly the witch who, spoilers, is only there for 5 minutes. Stuff like that dragged it town a tiny bit.



I won’t spoil it, but Mordu the demon bear was one scary motherfucker. In the end he turns out to be *spoilers* and man his *spoilers* was *spoilers*

All the characters are fun and lift the movie up to being really good. Also, they are actualy played by Scottish people! Take THAT how to train your dragon.

Speaking of which, in 2010 Craig Furgosn did a dreamworks movie, in 2011 he did a Disney movie, and this year he did a pixar movie

Can’t wait for his blue sky movie!




It’s that good. The animation is amazing and some of the best I’ve seen. The detail of the kingdom put   you In its world, and it is just breath taking.

The music is great too. All the bagpipes and stuff is just omg I love it. Some great songs are here, though sadly, my fave, Song of Mordu, is in the movie itself for…about 5 seconds.


Yeah…that’s all I can say about that. It is just amazing, and I can see why the credits were a million years lomng


I’d spend years praising the animation, but everyone’s done so, …take that.


Overall, Brave is a beautiful film with fun, likable character, interesting story, and amazing animation. Not they’re best., but it sits in the middle of my ranking, here it is, minus Brave.

12. Cars 2

11. A Bug’s Life

10. Cars 1

9. Up

8. Ratatouille

7. Toy Story 2

6. Wall-E

5. Toy Story 1

4. Monsters Inc

3. Toy Story 3

2. Finding Nemo

1. The Incredibles


I’ll wait for time to tell where Brave goes, though I bet it’ll go above Up and Ratatouille for me.

So yeah, Brave is really cool, go see it


Grade: A

See ya!


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