Another Look at my Screw Ups

Hello, Spongey here.

Awhile back, I did a list of my screw ups. Douchey was nice enough to point how stupid I am. Thankfully, I have trapped him in my room, and he has been watching Jack and Jill for the last few weeks

…Kidding, I’m not that cruel.

So I will assure you I have not made any more screw-


…What the-Agent Goldfish? My title card guy?!

Yep. That’s my name, don’t spend it all in one place!


…Why are you here?

Do you think I would miss the opportunity to point out all the times you’ve messed up something?


…Please stop mocking me

Nah. Too much fun.

 I guess you took nitpick lesson from Douchey recently.

I guess you took stupid lessons from MY MOM!!!

 Did you just call your own mom stupider than me?

No, I called her an expert in being stupid. There’s a difference

 …Good point.

Okay, I guess we can talk about how much I suck again

Yay! What else is new? So yeah, today we will go over the best screwups the Gurginator has made. Not all of them, that would take about 57 hours to even compile!

 Shut up. Anyway…

Well, I guess we’re in for a crossover! I, Spongey444

And I, Lord Juanito Horatio de la Esteban Julio Ferris Bob Pippington von Sniffington XVII, esq.,


Another look at my Screw ups!



Much like the first one, this is  in no order. I’ll just count my screw ups. Let’s start!

1.    “What was with all the 1’s?”

This was… my first screw ups list. I screwed up in a screw ups list

Not sure if fitting or ironic.


Indeed. Anyway, on my list, there was a “1” before everyone number for some reason. Tons of people pointed this out, including one person who read it…My mom.

This isn’t a muscleman joke. She really read it and pointed this out.

My mom pointed out a screw up

You know who else screwed up? YOUR MOM! WHEN SHE MADE YOU!

Shut up!

My explanation..

None. Word kind of does that with lists.

I didn’t fuck up, WORD DID!

I bet word misspelled all of that, too, eh?


This also happened with my guilty pleasures list. I guess…I should make sure word works next time.

Uh sorry…that word sucks,

And so do you.

 You are so glad I;’m not writing your parts

Well yeah because then it would be you and not me. Also it wouldn’t be as funny.

Short but…yeah, I’ll stop with the ones

No promises.

2.    “Kid’s watching  the terminator DOES make sense”

This was in the Goosebump a thon on my let’s get invisible.

At one point, the 12 year old kids watch the terminator at a party. I questioned this, of course.

But someone pointed out that it actually makes perfect sense. Here’s what they said:

“the movie was still pretty popular in 1992, and was beloved by kids as well. Plus this was right around the time Terminator 2 came out, which was a massive hit, so the reference works too. Hell, at the time one the hottest kids arcade games was T2, so that works. Don’t also forget this was a time when a lot of this stuff was aimed at kids. Since there were cartoons for stuff like Robocop and even the Toxic Avenger (and trust me, kids watching Troma films should be a bigger cause for worry than watching anything with Arnie). Then again, I can kinda believe the lax parenting skills, since hell, I grew up seeing a lot of PG-13 and some R stuff as a kid. Plus, this is Goosebumps, most of the parents are pretty shitty.”

I agree. It just struck me as odd at the time, since kid’s do all kids of odd stuff in this series.

This screw up was just a minor brain fart on my part. Not much to say

Pfffffft, that was so your fault! Everybody was watching terminator! Everyone from 8 to 80! And younger! And older! Terminator was BIG!


Hey, I don’t have to apologize for every fuck up, this one was minor

I guess it’s not like it was Monogram… Eh? Get it!? GET IT!?!?


So yea…I said kid’s don’t watch the terminator, and some do. Moving on!

3.    “Allergies CAN make you fat!”

I really should have caught this one.

In my Review of “Say cheese and die again”, I got a bit miffed about the section of the book where the evil camera made Greg fat, and no one noticed. His parents wrote it off as an allergy, and here’s what I said

“Allergies can’t make you look like the good year blimp!”

…Yeah, I was wrong.

Allergies can make you swell up. And certain things will go right to your thighs. And then you’ll blow up.

 ..So anyway, people have pointed out that an allergy can make you overweight, even as fat as Greg becomes.

BUT, here’s my argument

Upon research, I have found that while an allergy can make you fat, it doesn’t work the way Stine seems to think. If an allergy does make you fat, you get grossly fat, with swollen lips and shit

Greg,  was simply a normal type of fat, so NO ONE should have thought it was an allergy.

…Unless they’re R.L. Stine.

 Hey, only I can make fun of Stine!

So yeah, Stne fucked up just as much as I did. So there! But I do apologize for not going into detail\. I did kinda know this, but I was more making the point I put above. Sorry, I’ll do more research next time

Or any research.

Shove it!


…Moving on.

4.    “Carter wanting Batman DOES make sense!”

This is a trivial one, but a big one for me.

In my review of the Fear Street’s The Cheater, I talked about how Carter, who is going through big emotional problems, says she wants a dark movie like Batman returns, over the comedy.,Wayne’s world. Sure, batman is awesome but I question why you’d not want some comedy in a situation like this.

Well, it turns out that I was dead wrong.

Well you know what they say… Justice is blind… as a bat.

Fuck you.

No you may not.

 You see, someone pointed out that actually, depressed people listen to depressing music when they’re…well depressed. Thus, the same applies to movies. they want to be engrossed in darkness to sit their mood.

I guess that makes sense, even in the book’s context.

Why did I make this mistake? Well…I don’t watch depressing stuff when I’m depressed. I watch happy stuff to life my mood. I don’t know, it just works better for me. You think that would make more sense, but no. I guess I can see why.

I mean, why do you think emo music exists?

I guess I’m different

Tell me something I don’t know

…say, what do you do when you’re depressed?

Just what I’d normally do. And/or attack something. Usually something funny will happen and it will make me laugh and I’ll be mad about that. I have a hard time remaining sad for very long, sadly (that adjective was an ironic use, I admit).

…I guess that’s better than watching Batman

…So yeah, I guess watching dark stuff when depressed makes perfect sense. Sorry.

5.    “Where are the pictures?!”

 This one just made me look stupid

As opposed to…?

 I hate you.

 As you may notice, I leave openings for pictures, yet sometimes don’t have them. This leads to odd gaps.

Here’s one from me review of brave little toaster goes to mars…still can’t get over that title

“1. This is a”…

A what? A what?!

Well, it’s this:


Yeah. My explanation? I’m an idiot

Too easy.


Sometimes I’m in a hurry to post the blog, and thus forgot I needed a picture for a joke. It’s a simple mistake.

It’s not like I’ll say 9000 plus 1 is 90001

Or that 13 + 3 = 18. No, simple math errors never happen with you.


It’s not like I’ll tell the creator of a show I love that the character based on his suc-Oh you get the point.

This one is simple. I’ll remember to put the pics in,and I’m sorry.

6.    “He didn’t bite his face!”

This is another small one, but a big one for me.

In my Review of Don’t go to sleep, I said there is a point where biggie, The dog bites matt’s face.  I made a funny comment.

And…that actually doesn’t happen.

You see, I get parts of my summary from the Goosebumps Wiki, which in turn was taken from Blogger beware. I don’t completely rip it off, I just take the gist and put my spin on it.

And for some reason, it said the dog bit his face. I checked the book, and it only pounces on him. I have no idea why they said it bit his face

Biting the face is huge deal, why say it like it’s normal? I didn’t question it since…this is stine, I wouldn’t be shocked if that did happen.

I really should have checked the book first though. I pride myself, In mocking every tiny stupid moment  and I should have caught this one. I messed up

Always check yer sources~

…I’m ignoring you

Short one, so let us move on

7.    “The Cover DID happen”

This one is really embarrassing

You mean like that one time with the —

I told you we’d never talk about that again! I still have scars.

 In my Deep Trouble review, I said the cover, with its shark, lies. Well….it doesn’t. I actually talk about a  scene where billy fights a bear-

Wait wrong billy.

I mean gets attacked by a shark. So the cover does happen. I actually have an explanation. When I said it lies, I meant that it shows itself as a dark, jaws type story, when it’s a fun mermaid story. So thus, it lied.

But I did majorly mess up. There clearly was a scene like that. How did I miss that?

Because you steal your summaries from other sites?


…I hate it when you’re right.

I should have explained how the cover lies. Oh, here’s another screw up from that review!

At the end, a sea monster attacks billy. A reader got confused, since it comes out of nowhere. …it didn’t

There is a scene early on where that monster attacks billy. He escapes but no ne buys his story. I made it seem like the twist comes out of nowhere, when it didn’t. you see…the GB wiki didn’t mention this, and that’s where all my info came from

So they fucked up!  But I did remember that scene, and should of brought it up so I can make the twist work.

So I do not own the book, the wiki has little info, and I got two scenes wrong,. This book loves screwing me over. Sorry about that

8.    “You missed a good joke!”

This will showcase all my jokes I could have made, but forgot about. Not too much of a screw up, just a way to fit in jokes I forgot. Enjoy!

How I got my shrunken head

 “However, karen rejects him. Guess mark has two shrunken heads now”

 The Haunting Hour

“How to Bargin with a dragon…guess training is out of the question now”

Top 11 Haunting Hour episodes, on “Sick”

“oh, and check out this:


Yes, Dan vs is on the haunting hour. Fuck yes”

Attack of the mutant

“This comic seems dumb. Were 90’s kids really into this stuff?

90’S KID: dude! The masked mutant is AWESOME!

…That answers my question

Don’t Go To sleep

“Wait…if the room warps reality, does that mean his grandparents reality jump every year? That’d make a great sci fi movie!.













Now for my very last screw up for today!

Oh come now, there must me dozens more.

Do you want to be here all day? 

That depends. Will there be refreshments later?


9.    “Crunchy isn’t a taste!”


…really? You’re bitching about THIS?


 It was just a minor joke-–EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE–

 It’s not a big deal-




Here’s what we’re talking about. Here’s the bit from my look at the marvel cinematic universe.

“And I ate my words. They tasted  crunchy”

And everyone, and by everyone I mean DoucheMeat over here, bitched about that. Crunchy is not an actual taste, it’s…just a feeling I guess.

It was a simple joke but some people took it seriously, It was a slip of the keyboard! I was looking for a word that could describe food and crunchy came up.

I’m sorry, okay?

Why not use the tiny clump of matter between your ears? I think it’s called a… a walnut? No, no, that’s just what it’s the size of…

 Seriously, shut up.

I knew crunchy wasn’t’ a true taste. I just needed a joke quick and went for the first word I thought of! It was simple fuck up, and I’m really sorry for it.

This has to be the single dumbest thing people have bitched about.

EXCEPT maybe 90001.

 Okay FerretDouche, hold off until I’m done..

It was a simple dumb mistake. I have no issue with pointing out my mistake, just make sure it’s a real one!

There’s my 2nd screw ups list. I’ve made plenty mistakes before, and I’ll make plenty later. If I fuck up, tell me. Just don’t be an ass. Right goldy?

Sometimes it’s just more fun this way.


You know…..we should stop fighting. You’re just pointing out how stupid I am. I do fuck up, and I need to learn. ‘let’s let bygones be bygones. Agreed?

Eh, why not.

…that was awfully quick

Well I don’t /hate/ you, it’s just easy and fun to make fun of you


….i see. you’re not so bad.

Then you obviously haven’t seen my bad side.


…indeed. So there you go. This is Spongey and Goldy saying: Alvin’s. Hot. Juicebox

See ya.


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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