Top 11 Guilty Pleasures

Hello, Spongey here

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again

I love bad stuff

I love crap

I adore shit

I eat pieces of shit for breakfast!

/…okay, maybe not that last one

Point is, I have a love for anything that sucks. Well, mostly if it’s entertaining.  I love comedy, as I love to laugh. So thus,  I love laughing at things that were never meant to be funny

But let’s take that a step futrther’

There are some things I can say are so bad they’re good. But there are some things I almost don’t WANT to enjoy for any reason , but I do anyway

This is called the guilty pleasure. This is where you like something, even though it’s not good. Most of the time, it’s a so bad it’s good thing.

But sometimes. It’s a genuinely bad thing you enjoy. Heck, maybe you find it legite decent, but feel bad for liking it when everyone else hates it.

I have tons of these as you can imagine.

As the nostalgia critic and gang once sang, everybody has a few Guilty pleasures. These are mine.

This, is my Top 11 Guilty Pleasures


11. My Little Pony the Movie


Dear Princess Celestia,

I learned that g1 ponies aren’t so bad after all. Sure, it’s stupid, corny, and not well written at all but for the time, it’s not so bad. Look no further than the g1 movie. It has a charm to it, that makes me somewhat enjoy it, in the mindset of a child. I see what made little girls like it, even if it is somewhat annoying.

But what makes he enjoy the movie, are the villains. I did a april fool’s day review of this an Dr Doofenshmirtz. Don’t ask. I joked that they were the heros, sicne doof is a bad guy. But…that’s not far from the truth. They’re the ones with a conflict: to please their mother, the big bad of the film.

So in a way,. They have more going on than the bland bitchy heroes of the film. They are also quite fun, and without them, this movie would just be “meh” to me. It’s fun to poke fun at how stupid and 80’s it is.

Plus, the Schmooze song is awesome.

For the time, this was okay entertainment. This didn’t hurt girls minds or anything. Heck, I think it helped play to their imaginative sides

It’s stupid, cheesy  and dumb, but I partly enjoy it…but g3 outright sucks.

Your faithful…dude, Spongey444

10. The Irate Gamer

I know it’s blasphemy online to talk about the irate gamer without guy OMGAVGNRIPOFFGUYTOHELL, but hear me out.

Tv tropes has him on their so bad it’s good page for a reason, man!

Let’s talk the whole AVGN rip off thing…yes, he is  a rip off. BUT…does it REALLY matter?! I mean, he rips james off in a more…general sense. He simply saw the whole concept of angry reviews with effects heavy skits thing and took it, and made it lesser with his “talents”. It’s really more…follow the leader than outright rip off.

But enough DEFENDING him, let’s talk about why his crapiness is amusing.


You may know that he has his own “Critical Research Failure” page on tv tropes. Yeah, he makes tons of mistake. Even Douchey McNitck wouldn’t bother with this guy  it’s just fun to see what shitty mistakes he makes, and I love mocking him for it.

Seriously, how do you not know Contra has aliens in it?!

And it seems like some people share my thoughts., he IS on Tv tropes So Bad it’s good after all. Take a look at what it says

“a known plagiarist, blatant liar, and cannot get his facts correct, and yet, he’s fun to watch, mainly because you want to see just how bad he’ll get.”

…though the liar thing is off, but he can’t get his facts right. As for the plagiarist…yeah follow the leader isn’t really plagiarizing.

People act is if he’s the worst person ever. He just makes bad videos, guy!  He’s just really dumb, not a jerk! I get why people make fun of him, but at this point there’s no reason to.

But hey, it’s not like Linkara did a parody of him despite saying he liked him!

…he did. I know. The video itself was amusing, but it just screamed of kicking a dead horse. I don’t like that he randomly changed his mind.

In the credits, he thanks someone for showing him “the irate gamer sucks blog”, which showed him the truth…ugh, THAT  blog.

It’s just a bunch of loser obsessively hating on a guy’s videos when they should just get on with their lives. It’s like the IG version of busy street!

Linkara TRUSTED these fools?

…back to the gamer himself, he’s just simply a fun bad video maker. Nothing more. Nothing less. Okay, a LOT less, but still.

I know I spent all of this talking about the gamer’s hatedom, rather than the gamer himself. But hey, that’s more interesting to me.

The Irate gamer may not be a lying asshole, but he is, very stupid, and stupidly entertaining.

9. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones


Yeah, I partially enjoyed a Star Wars prequel. So sue me

Before I start, I will confirm that I, indeed, disliked Episode 1. And the main reason is because…nothing fucking happened.

I say this because how you feel about Episode 1 effects exactly how you will feel about episode 2. If you dislike episode 1 because of the plot holes and acting, and not due to the events of the film itself, you will dislike episode 2 as much as you did episode 2, but you won’t HATE it as much

If you dislike episode 1 because of the events making no sense, and the action being little and far between, then you will ENJOY episode 2. It’s still not  a GOOD movie, but it will be  a fun one

And that’s why I enjoy episode 2. It’s really more for ironic reasons, as while I do find some good stuff in it, there are bad things I make fun of every time.

You know what the main bad thing I make fun of is…hayen christansen. Yeah, I know everyone’s made fun of him. Which is why I will say…he is  a good actor. He actually tries, unlike most bad actors,. You can put the blame entirely on the stupid script.

I don’t think anyone can make his stupid lovey dovey dialogue work…except Liam Nesson. He could. But that’s off topic.

Anyway, he’s a lot of fun to make fun of in this movie. I wasn’t so much tortured by the love scenes, as much I was riffing on them endlessly.’s more “average” than bad. It has plot holes, but they aren’t as glaring as episode 1’s plotholes. The bad stuff is mostly the acting. Plot wise, it’s okay. The good stuff is…Christopher. Fucking. Lee.

Most people agree he actually does a good job. His character is actually defined, and can be sometimes cool! A halfway good prequel character? Yikes. I heard Lee actually gave Lucas advice on what his character would actually do, and wouldn’t do!

You know he’s getting into character when he does that. And that means he HAS one!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this one, even if it has its moments of bad acting. I put it on the guilty pleasure side…since I know it’s not that good. But if you’ve seen the film…you already know that!

I could go on about the plot holes and stupid things in this movie, but RedLetterMedia has told you all about that. Despite all that, the action scenes, and funny bad acting keep me entertained during its whole two hour run time.

I don’t need to explain this anymore  than I just did. Episode 2 is technically a weak movie…but a fun one.

8. Transformers (2007)

Nostalgia Chick already explained this one for me. Go check out HER guilty pleasure video for why I “enjoy” this movie.

7. Super mario brothers the movie


Most video games movies are really bad, and are rarely fun at all. But here comes one, I actually enjoy, even if it is ironically!

I’m not too attached to Mario, (sonic kid here), though I am now. So I really had to view this movie on its own, and I had fun. Though it does have very little relation to the game, of course.

As for why it is critically bad…well that’s easy to explain. King koppa is human for some reason, Toad is hippie dude for some reason, they use daisy instead of peach, there’s no mushroom kingdom, …yeah. But it’s still quite messy if you ignore the whole game.

The movie has tons of things that only gamers will know, so if you haven’t played the game, a lot of the stuff will make no sense. Yet it blatantly  changes or ignores things, so the gamers will hate it. It pleases no one.

Except bad movie lovers like me.

The main reason are the performances. They’re just so…wow. Mostly Dennis hopper. He tries so hard, and he looks he’s having so much fun, but even he can’t save this. He gives some great lines like..


Oscar performance right there.

God bless his soul…and of course we have Bob Hoskins. A legimately decent performance, honestly. He looks and sounds like Mario, so they got THAT right.

But then there’s John whatshisface as lugi…yeah, he’s not very good. It’s like they sat there and thought of how NOT to make a decent Mario movie.

But they did make a fun one. All the stupid twist just make me laugh. It’s a wonderfully bad movie. It makes choices that just boggle the mind! I adore it. It’s one of those bad movies that you openly say is bad, and even question every bad plot point it throws at you, yet you laugh rather than get angry.

I don’t think it’s 100 percent awful. It has a certain entertainment value because of how bad it is. Yes, it is bad. Quite bad. But I enjoy it.

The best way to describe it is…it’s like a weird drug trip. You know you shouldn’t be watching it. You know it’s bad, but fuck it, you love it anyway.

,…dead serious. NEXT!

6. Disney Channel Sitcoms 


I talked about these in my list of things I like that other hate, but it’s time to discuss them again.

I admit, I enjoy these shows…because of how dumb they can get. I can’t get myself to fully hate them!

They appeal to me because of how dumb they are. All the clichés, all the dumb plots…I just love making of these. Comedies are rarely guilty pleasures for me, but these shows do it.

Yes, I find certain shows actually good, but right now there are only like one or two

Let’s go through each major show and see what think of them

Shake it Up: This one is mixed. I legit like that it focuses on dancing rather than singing. I like some of the actually decent acting in it…but then you have dumb jokes left and right. It’s a normal Disney show, just with minor improvements. It doesn’t focus entirely on the gimmick, if that helps. It’s just dumb, with some good stuff in it. I enjoy it when I watch it, and that’s that.

ANT Farm: This one is odd. It has the gimmick of young kids in a high school (so no hot chicks, sorry) but it feels like a normal, non-gimmick show. It’s your normal dumb show otherwise. t has some funny bits sometimes, but it overall comes across as just dumb. I hate the title gimmick of putting ant in every title (Bad RomANTS, TransplANTed etc). but I did love the Halloween episode which parodies the pilot, so there’s that.

Jessie: I think it’s the one I watch the most on my own. It is dumb of course, but it hasa lead a character who is nice, but not too sue-ish as she can be quite the bitch in sheep’s clothing. Thankfully, she never gets trapped in a cell phone like another debby ryan character. The gimmick is that she is a nanny for these kids who have bad parents, (who rarely show up) and it works in an odd way. It’s not as gmmick-y as say kids living in a hotel. Oh, and did I mention they have a butler, who may rival the one from fresh prince In terms on awesomenss?

Add a star you know I like, and you have a dumb show that has sprinkles of goodness, but I still file it under guilty pleasure.

EDIT: I had a section about Austin & Ally but it was so dumb i deleted it. Sorry.

In short, Disney shows are dumb and cliché but they have some level of heart, and I still enjoy them despite not  being the best.

5. Goosebumps

I think Goosebump-athon explains this one nicely. So skip!

4. Rebound

I know I said this in my review, but let’s talk again.

This is the single most cliché’d movie ever made. The plot is by the numbers, the characters are basic, and the humor is lame

But…I kind of enjoy it.

Funny thing, when I set out to review it, I actually disliked it all together. About halfway through writing it…I started to have a lot of fun with it.

Seriously, it’s just a masterpiece of cliché-ness. I can’t describe it. I can’t hate this movie.

You don’t know how much fun it is to point out every single cliché it throws at you. Even cliché movies have one thing that is original. This has none of that.

It has every pro and con you expect. Hammy villain? Check. God bless you, Patrick warburton. This makes up for hoodwinked 2..


Writing that review as a whirlwind of fun. I went insane…it was 2 am, don’t  judge me, okay?

If Airborne was every 90’s sport cliché, this is every 2000’s sports cliché.  I can’t sum it up. I mean,…wow. And I’ll be honest: Martin Lawrence isn’t too bad in this. …emphasis on too. Some of the forced heart scenes do show him being…tolerable, in the least.

Now just stay away from big momma’s house and you’ll be fine.

I mean really…do you need more reason? It’s a wonderful ball of cliché. I dig it.

3. High School Musical

Another one I explained in list of stuff I like that others hate. Go look at that

2. Yo Gabba Gabba

…I have no idea what to make of this show. Do I enjoy it? Yes. Is it bad? No idea. Is it good? No clue.

I mean,…wow, is this show weird. And I mean..weird!

Let’s talk the plot…or lack thereof.

Each episode focuses on DJ Lance Rock‘s magical toys; Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex; playing together and learning new things.

Yeah….a Black dude In a white void has a box with odd toys that hang out. That is where the “plot” ends. Seriously, the rest is a bunch of trippy, odd stuff , strung by some kind of theme.

Example: if the theme is “greetings” then every segment will be have to do with a greeting. That is about it.

Okay, maybe it’s meant to be a sketch show. It does feel like it…but kind of not. I don’t know, If you want to make a sketch show, do so. Not this…weird hybrid!

Oh, and it has major sesame street cred. Mostly indie rock groups for some reason. Take it Tv tropes

“The Low, Mates Of State, The Shins, Jimmy Eat World, Im From Barcelona, Shiny Toy Guns, Ladytron, MGMT, Chromeo, Chad Van Gaalen, Of Montreal, Hot Hot Heat and The Bird And The Bee.”

And now for the others: Sean Kingston, Sugarland, Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Tony Hawk and Jack Mc Brayer .

Oh and one episode has Weird al as a ringmaster. It was kind of awesome.

I can’t say it’s…bad. It doesn’t exactly talk down to kids (or talk at all), and it has effort put into it. It’s so odd you can’t take your eyes off of it. You just can’t. all the songs, all the odd scenes, and it comes across as enjoyable.

I hate to steal a joke from the nostalgia critic…but it’s like how in another show, there’s a kid’s show in the background that is clearly bright nonsense no one cared about. Because it’s in the background, and it doesn’t matter.

That is this…only it’s actually entertaining. Somehow it’s dumb it wraps around and becomes..actually kind agree

MAD did  a parody with Lady Gaga…that makes too much sense.

To sum it up…this show is weird..


And my number one guilty pleasure is…

  1. 1.    NFL Rush Zone: Guardians of the core

Sigh…yeah. I did a review of this a while ago, but I need to talk about it again.

I should hate this damn cartoon. It has a recipe for shit

A dash of bland characters

A teaspoon of crappy animation

A metric ton of nonsenical plot

A bunch of racist footballs.

You think I’d say this is awful in every way. Yet…I enjoy it. Why? maybe it’s because it is so fast and has much shit, I can’t really complain. Maybe because it is so easy/fun to make jokes

Or maybe because I am an awful person.

I should hate this, man. It is on the so bad it’s horrible page, and it is awful. Yet I enjoy it. It’s just such a masterpiece of badness. It’s just fun…to point out it’s glaring flaws!

I just can’t NOT enjoy it. Besides, it’s not offensive or anything. Well, maybe to football fans…but I am not one, so haw!

Why is this number one? I mean, it seems like a typical “I love it’s badness” type of thing. Well, it’s not as special as enjoying High school musical, but this is my list, so haw!

It does to just how much I should hate it,. I mean, it has everything I hate. But it seems to take itself so seriously, you can’t help but smile at how amazingly bad it is.

I think it’s like the room, as it has tons of awful things, but it’s so much fun to watch. It’s like a train wreck, to be cliché. You can’t look away

This is truly a guilty pleasure.  I am guilty for finding joy In something on the so bad it’s horrible page. I am guilty that I like racist footballs and MJFOOTBALL

But I do. I found this through my friends, who actually coined the phrase MJFOOTBALL. So thank them for that gag.

So yeah, I enjoy this. At least it doesn’t have a cake!


Bottom line,. This “show” sucks, but I enjoy it, and it my number one Guilty pleasure.

So there you go, my top Guilty pleasure. I just  Celestia has no problem with me liking the g1 pony mov=



Oh look ,a letter from, Celestia



…oh shit.



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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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