The Brave Little Toaster Goes to mars

Hello, Spongey here.

The Brave little toaster goes to mars.

Do I even need to say anything else?

I mean…what. What can you say beyond that?! Well…a lot, hence why I’m here.

Okay, let’s calm down, and just talk about the first film, called “The Brave Little Toaster”. It was about these household things that were loved by a dude until he moved away, and they were sad in that cabin, and went on the epic question to find, Rob.

It was well written, deep, complex, and DEPRESSING  AS HELL. Seriously, it’s like pixar made it!

Wait…pixar dudes worked on it. A113 Is even there. That explains a lot. Anyway, it was good. And of course, they had to make sequels.

This one came out first….BUT, “Brave little toaster to the rescue”  takes place before this one, despite coming after it!

Rescue was okay. Had some interesting themes with animals, and was fun, it was an okay sequel.

As for this…let’s just get into it.

This, is The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars


Before, we start, I need to mention something. The Brave little toaster was based on a book…and that book’s sequel…was this. I have no idea how much it follows the book, but there you go.

After the opening credits IN SPAAAACE, we cut to the appliances at Rob’s house, as they are jamming to some song. From the radio, now played by Roger Kalber. The song is interrupted by a rat, who you won’t know if you saw this before the rescue, like a lot kids did.

“There have been some good songs in the last 20 years. How about some rap?”

…No comment.

They are once again interrupted by a hearing aid, voiced by Fyvush Finkel. This guy is new. Turns out, he was there when they moved in, as the last owner left him. Then the sink’s faucet confirms that.

I am sober.

Also, the faucet is voiced by…Farrah Fawcett. LOLIGETIT

“He used to belong to some smarty pants guy, with funny hair and glasses”

…Sounds familiar…can’t put my finger on why…

By the way, every character still has the same actor, which means  Kirby is still tony the tiger.  So Rob and his girlfriend show up….with a baby!

Well great, now we’re gonna get that cliché where they think Robbie, the baby, is replacing them.

So the baby comes in, and we get a meh song montage…showing Robbie and the gang  getting along. Wow, none of that cliché crap. I’ll give the movie points for that.

That night, Toaster spots the hearing Aid sneaking around. He goes to the window, and looks up and mysteriously  says “Tomorrow night, I’ll be ready”

The next day, toaster tells this to his friends, and they all agree they should keep their eye on him that night. Once again, he goes to the window and talks to a strange voice in the sky.

Robbie hears this, and like a baby, he heads out to the kitchen where hearing aid is. He tells the voice to do it now, and a big beam pops up. However, the baby is caught in it by accident!

The beam carries him off.  The hearing aid spills it out. A strange voice spoke to him and said it would take him away, and he went with it. He doesn’t know who it is though. The calculater I forgot to  mention, analyzes the beams code or something and they figure out where  the beam came from..


Yeah, mars wanted to pick up hearing aid. I guess  John carter was busy. So the gang figures they should go to mars and get Robbie back. So they visit the supercomputer fom to the rescue for help

Oh, and he’s voiced by the flying Dutchman. Neat. They tell him they want to go to mars

“…sure you don’t wanna go to venus?”

It has too much gas and un-breathable atmosphere for their liking. Turns out he can get them to mars pretty easily. They need a fan, a basket, and a microwave.  Oh, and popcorn with cheese flavoring. What.

So they get the fan, voiced by Carol Channing, and the microwave voiced by Wayne Knight.

So let me get this straight

A hearing aid wants to go to mars, but the aliens pick up a baby instead, and a bunch of household appliances get a fan, a basket, and a microwave to up and get him.

….What drugs were they on?!

I won’t explain how all this will get them to mars, as it’s long and complicated.  So they start up  their machine, and blast off to mars.  They ask hearing aid how he knows so much about space

“Who was your master, albert einstien?”





I….have no words for this.

While in space, they bump into a bunch of balloons who sing about how they  were let go, and now they are floating.



First, this is a .-


After…that, they finally land on mars.  There they see…the Viking one…voiced by DeForest Kelley. Sure, why not. Turns out, this was sent to mars, with a Christmas angel, voiced by Kath Soucie. Just roll with it.

They ask the two if they’ve seen Robbie, and they say yes,.

Okay, this movie has been odd so far…but get ready. This movie is about to turn into a mindfuck.

“We thought he was taken up for an experiment  by the wonder lux appliances”


The wonderlux dudes come in. Who are they?

“Military toasters!

Military. Toasters.



But wait, it gets weirder!

So they follow them and find some other dudes, as well as Robbie, who is in a bubble. (“FUCKING BUBBLES”) and they see a telescope pointed at earth

“You’ll have great seats for the destruction of planet earth!”

The what?

“Many years ago on earth, a new kind of appliance was made. But they had a flaw…they were made to fall apart. Planned obsolesces! They didn’t like this. So they hatched a plan, and they escaped. They built a rocket and landed here!”

So…A hearing aid wants to go to  mars, but the aliens pick up a baby instead, and a bunch of household appliances get a fan, a basket, and a microwave to up and get him. But they find out some evil toasters want to blow up the earth.

I have no words. What sober mind comes up with this?!

Also, their so called evil plan makes no sense. Their first thought was to go to the trouble of going to space and making a missle to blow up the earth?! Wouldn’t it make more sense to rebel on earth and all that?

So anyway, their supreme commander shows up,  who is a giant fridge voiced by Alan king. Well ,this is the same place that made a teenager girl queen, so a fridge isn’t too shocking.

So they took hearing aid there, since they thought he’d help out.

“We didn’t mean to capture him, but it’s quite serendipitous!”

Wow, never thought I’d heard that word outside of Phineas and ferb. They want to destroy humans, since they wanted to do the same once. Toaster tells him things have changed, and now appliances are happy to serve.

“I don’t think an appliances brand should make any difference!”


Toaster is told they elect a leader (Mars is shockingly democratic) and Toaster can run. Sure.


This is okay, and catchy. It does move the plot, which is good. He sings about humans sucking, while toaster does the opposite.

Oh, and his  singing voice is Jim Cummings. Neat!

So after the best debate ever, voting shall began.  But sadly, the commander takes the upper hand with the crowd.

They all vote and…toaster wins!

“Me, a toaster, commander of mars!”

This movie keeps getting weirder.

So the ex-commander would like to congratulate   them, so the fridge opens up so they can go inside.

No comment. So they go inside and find a big ocean inside. Sure, why not? They cross it and find…a fridge inside the fridge. FRIDGECEPTION

Inside that one is…the hearing aid’s brother. What.

“You contacted me!”

So they head off to deal with Robbie, while Aid brother explains some stuff.

“When my master went to the new world, he left in a hurry. And he left my twin behind. “

“I was found by the Dr *fuck it, not spelling his name* I spent too much time with him, all he listened to was talks of bombs, and it rubbed off.”

Okay, but why join the wonderlux dudes? Why blow up the earth?!

Oh, and Robbie touched him earlier, which taught him the good in man. Just roll with it. “the touch of a human soul”


So they head off and take the fan home, along with the brother, and Christmas angel too. But..

“I forgot to turn off the missile!”

Oh yeah, that thing.

In a admittedly  awesome bit, Toaster jumps off with Hearing Aid’s brother and destroys the rocket. Toaster is almost left on Mars but the others come back for him. But, they need something organic to get them out again. What did they use before? The cheese popcorn.

You know, something NOT ORGANIC?!

Christmas angel remembers that her hair is real humans hair, and her dress is real goose. They use it and head home, with an okay song.

So they arrive home, Rob is happy, they find the angel and despite being..well naked, they take her in.

So we cut to Christmas morning, as they put the angel on the tree, and Robbie says his first word. “Toaster”. …awww?

They look up at the tree, as the movie ends. In the credits…they play that Balloon song again. Way to go out on a high note.

Final Thoughts:

It’s stupid, it makes no sense, the songs are meh, and…I kind of enjoyed it. It’s so incredibly weird, it’s kind of awesome in a way. I had a lot of fun riffing on it ,and this review was fun to write.

As a sequel, it’s weird. Not the best, but not the to worst. It does have cute moments, and they did put effort into it. It does feel like weirdness for weirdness sake, but It still feels more genuine than a lot other stuff I’ve seen. You may think differently, but I think it’s stupid fun. Check it out and see how you enjoy it

Score: 5/10

See ya!


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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