Goosebump a thon Bonus #1: Tick Tock-You’re Dead!

Hello, Spongey here

Welcome back to Goosebump-athon!


Well, I promised you a couple bonus posts. Here’s the first.

So I shall take a like at a Give Yourself Goosebumps book today. For those not in the know, Give yourself goosebumps is a Choose your own adventure series…with Goosebumps. It’s like the original series, only with you…and death. Lots of freaking death. Overall, the series is fun. It’s self aware a lot of the time, so that leads to some fun moments. So let us take a look at the 2nd book in the series..

Tick Tick Your Dead


Cover:  …Meh. Has nothing to do with the book, and  has a boy when it should be neither. It’s okay I guess

Back  Tagline:  Get Trapped…in time!


Yeah…this will be done SOOO differently. To make it easy, I will just do it like a normal person would. I’ll make choices and keep going until I‘ve hit  a good ending, or a different point. Let us start!

We start with you. You and your brother Denny are in New York. You hoped to see all the cool stuff, but your parents are museum freaks. You are in this little exhibit on time and stuff. Denny likes to mess with you, and kick you and stuff


“You’re not the boss of me!”

Denny runs off and you chase after him. You see a door labeled “WARNING: DANGEROUS EXPERIMENT INSIDE!”. Clearly Denny is in there. You go in. you see a big machine, and a man. He introduces himself as Dr Pebbles, but Dr Bam Bam is no where to be seen.

He thinks you are a volunteer for his experiment. He tells you this is a time machine, and we reach choice one!

You can either choose to go with this, or go look for Denny.

Hmm…time travel or annoying brother…

Time travel it is! Turn to page 71…

Oh, and if you turn to that lame page..

“Really? You’d rather look for your broher? You’re reading the wrong book!”

…I lol’d

So it makes you go to page 71. Denny pops up and runs right into the time machine

“Oh no!  he went before I finished! If you don’t bring back in 2 real time hours,. He’ll disappear forever!”

And thus our fork comes. We can choose storyline A or B!  You have to choose between the future or the past…I know you think I’ll choose future, but past seems like fun. After all, you could meet dinosaurs!

Page 44 it is!

You see two portals. Anther choices! Measly Middle ages, or the Savage stone age. Hmm…knight time!

Page 93 it is!

You face a knight at a moat. And…another choice. Face the knight, or jump into the moat. If you choose moat, you get eaten by an alligator. So let’s face the knight on page 22

You must fight him to pass. You choose the challenge…well the book does actually, but whatever. He throws an apple to you and you have to hit. Then the book says you must flip two coins, and the outcome takes you to victory or failure. If you they are both heads, or tails…you fall in a moat and die.

So I say they were different. You win.. the knight then says he must jump in the moat. As a monster thing closes on him, he says “Beware of the lair!”. Then he dies.

Eh, it’s only a flesh wound.

You go in the nearby castle. It gets spooky, and you choose to leave or stay. I’ll go on on page 76, I think.

Choice again! Throne room or the liar. Yeah,. I’ll listen to the knight. Throne room on page 83!

You face the king, and he thinks you are a spy for king Henry. And looks who is on the little throne next to him…Denny!

The king adopted him…and denny accepted it. Sure the king says to boil the spy in oil. So of course denny-

“Yeah, boil the spy in oil!”

WHAT THE FUCK?! FUCK YOU KID! You can stay for all I care! Man, I thought Tara was bad, but this guy is WORSE!

…Let’s move  on anyway.

“Is this your lucky day’

Yep, if the date is even or odd, you go to   a page accordingly.

It’s the 20th so..odd.  So 85 it is!

You beg Denny to say something.  You lie and say you have something rich for denny. But  there is a scuffle, and you fall to the oil..but use your time trinket and warp to the present.

It ends here, as Denny as pretty much lost forever. I love a happy ending! Okay, let’s go back and try to get what the book calls a happy ending.

Let’s go with the even number on page 52. Suddenly, king henry’s amry arrives! One of the enemies takes Denny and prepares to throw him off the side and kinda kill him.

After all, Denny wanted you boiled in oil!”


“But no, he’s your brother”

Ugh, I hate being- nice.

So you can trick the knight, or roll (you are tied up) onto his path.let’s do the latter on page 91.  You tell Denny to untie you and…HE DOES?! Holy shit, he does have a heart!

You press a button on the time machine, and zap. But whoops, you overshot, and are in dinosaur times!

You see Dino eggs, Denny runs off with the machine. You can watch them hatch, or chase denny. You choose the former…a chicken comes. End. …meh

So on to page 61 to chase denny.

You chase him, but he is gone. But the machine is oddly there. You press a button and go to the world of tomorrow. You are in new York, in the future. A robot approaches you.

(By the way, this is where you of if chose to go to the future earlier)

“Humans aren’t allowed on the streets!”

Oh shit, it’s skynet town.

He lets you choose a sentence-school or the zoo. If you chose zoo, you are…well in a zoo forever. So let us go to school on page 9. You head to a school with a tough teacher.

She asks a girl a question, and she gets it wrong. So the teacher makes the girl step into a machine…which zaps her, thus…kind of killing her. Yikes!

So you can answer the teachers next question, or just your machine. Eh…I wanna know what the question is.. page 133!

What Is it?

“the ancient British wizard morgred used a spell to travel back in time. What did he use to do it?”

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Most GYB books have a reference to a real Goosebumps book, normally as a quiz question. There’s actually another one in here, if you go into the liar…it’s about cuckoo clock of doom. So booth time travel books get mentioned.

This is obviously referring to a night in terror tower. If you say the wrong answer, you die. So let’s do the right thing on page  28. You get it right, but you pull out your machine before anything can happen.

You are now in a space station. You run around and notice the other humans have uniforms, so you need one for a disguise. You see a room marked Supplies, and head in.

You put one on. You see two rooms: engine room or,  hydroponics.

…Engine room on page 74 please. You go in, and find Denny. But a robot catches you. It reaches for denny, but he runs off,.  He takes you to the captain on 131. You go there, and now you can either lie or tell the truth.

If you lie, they detect that and throw out the airlock. “;your whole body explodes. THE END’


Let’s tell the truth on page 120. She does buy it a little, but she steps outside to run off and see a sign saying  TELETIEM and head in.

An alarm sounds. “be on the lookout for an intruder!”

Oh shit.

So you can ask the a robot for help, or trick him. Talking leads to a meh ending, so let us trick him. You tell him about your time thing, and you bet he can’t find what time you come from. (he has this…time showing machine)

This works, and you see pebble saying how the machine works, you press the button for 5 secs, to get to the present.

But first, Denny,. You bet the robot he can’t locate Denny. You find him, grab him, and warp to the present.

Denny whine that he is hungry. Ungrateful prick!

“You wonder if saving him was a good idea. THE END”

Shit, a bad ending.

Okay, let’s try another “storyline”. Let’s go back and choose future instead!

You can go to the city, which we did, or try a familiar looking New York.

Yeah, let us go with the one we have not done. You land in present new York. You use newspaper dating you see you are…one day in the future.

Before you leave, you see something. YOU! And…a truck heading for your family! So you gotta stop it! You can go and stop the family, or go further or stop the truck.

Let us try the family.  You go 15 minutes in the past. You can distract them or warn them. Let’s warn them on page 86.

You talk them, but they think you’re full of shit. Then. Then Denny gets antsy, and both of you (the two you’s) gang up on Denny. Yay!

Then the truck kills you, wah wah!

Let us try the distracting thing.  Then, the Denny you were looking for shows up. Two denny’s!

You talk to this Denny and he actually listens! You tell him your distraction plan: throw all your money all around. He likes money, so he does this.

This works they walks off and the truck misses them. But Denny is still an issue! You can talk to Denny, or just grab him

If you talk him, then it works and you get back to the present. Happy ending!

If do grab him, the future Denny shows up and you end up taking them both in a very bad ending.

As far  as I know, stopping the truck itself is fine, it has an ending where you take it over and crash it, and you die!

And that’s as much as I am willing to do. I just did all the cool important stuff anyway. In the future segment, you can end up joining a team rebels to stop the robots. Oh cool, I’ve seen the terminator too!

I can’t do the entire thing, but these are the awesome highlights.

Final Thoughts: 

This one was pretty cool. The time travel thing leads to lots of cool stuff, and I had a lot of fun with it. I liked the future storyline a bit more, since I love all the robots, and Denny is slighty nicer there. It’s all fun. Sure, it’s not exactly the best in this series, but it is a lot of fun. Not much else to say so…

Grade: B+

Well, that is my first bonus post. We have two more to go, and they will be a bit better…

See ya!


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