Goosebump a thon #61: I Live in your Basement

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I Live in your basement!


Cover:  Awesome. gross, scary, and just cool. plus, it happens in the book!

Front Tagline: “Talk about a monster nightmare!”

Back Tagline: “He’s got the basement blues!”



In My review of Cry Baby Lane, I got angry because a normal mom was called overprotective  Well Marco’s Mom in this is the real deal.

She warns him against all sorts of silly things, like not letting a dog lick your face. “don’t pick your nose, your finger will get stuck.” She says everything has germs and stuff like that.

. One afternoon, Marco’s school lets out early and he sneaks off to go play softball without telling his mother, who would not approve of such a thing since it’s not safe.

As Marco gets ready to play ball with a group of kids, including his best friend Jeremy, Gwynnie, a tall athletic girl hits Marco hard in the head with a bat. When Marco wakes up, he’s lying on his couch, his mother asking if he’s alright.

She scolds him for playing dangerous sports games and tells him the doctor said he’ll recover after a few days of rest. Marco’s mom leaves the room and the phone rings. Marco answers it and a boy’s voice on the other end tells him that he’s glad he’s alright, because “You’re going to take care of me.”

“My name is Keith. I live in your basement!”

So …a boy telling another boy he will take care of the basement. K.

Marco tries to tell his mom about the spooky call but she informs him that he couldn’t have received a call because …there’s no phone in the living room. Dun dun dun!

The next morning, Jeremy stops by to visit Marco, who is under strict orders not to leave the house. Jeremy and Marco entertain themselves by playing pool in the basement. Marco is worried that the mysterious “Keith” might be hiding in the basement, and the two boys go on to discover a squirrel that they confuse for the mystery boy. Well Marco has a head injury, so this scare is excused,

That night, Marco can’t sleep, so he goes downstairs to fix a midnight snack. He sees the basement door is open and hears footsteps from within. He calls out to see who is there and Keith calls back.  He walks down and sees…mom. And not keith. He brings her upstairs and tells her of the basement boy. She thinks he’s going crazy a bit, and tells him to slow down,.

Keith yells from the basement for Marco to “Listen to his mother.”

The following Monday, Marco’s mom lets him go back to school. Marco’s teacher forces him to stand in front of the class and… talk about having to go to the hospital. Now he has no idea what is going on.

After class, Gwynnie chases after Marco with a bat and he scampers away from her. Once at home, he walks upstairs and is greeted by a young boy with black hair and sunken eyes sitting on his bed. It’s Keith. Marco panics and locks Keith in his room, running down to get his mother.

When Marco brings his mom back, he discovers that he has only succeeded in locking in the family dog. Now he is really confused, he has no idea what Is real and what is not.

Physiological horror, nice.

Marco’s mom is worried and decides to take him to the pediatrician, Dr. Bailey. Marco spills the entire story.  And..

“I’d like to remove your brain and examine it”

…What. This Is a cat scare, right? It’s not. This is really happening.

He explains that it’s an easy procedure, they just crack open his skull and the brain slides right out. Marco’s mom agrees with him.e

Playing baseball=no-no

Getting brain removed=okay.

Makes sense to me!

Marco convinces the two to give him time to get better and they agree to give him a chance. Back at home, Marco attempts to work on a creative writing assignment. Shouldn’t brain removal excuse you from school?

but suddenly the screen turns off his word processor and only shows a large picture of Keith’s face. Then Marco is choked by Gwynnie, who is in his room. Gwynnie tells Marco that she stopped by to apologize for hitting him in the head with a bat, and that earlier she was chasing after him to apologize.

Fine…but did you have to sneak into his house to do it?

Marco tries to show Gwynnie the computer with Keith’s face on it, but it turns out the computer wasn’t even on. Marco convinces Gwynnie to go down with him into the basement to see if they can find Keith. She goes with him, they don’t find Keith, and then Gwynnie stands at the top of the basement stairs.

She opens her mouth. And stuff spills out…

“I was staring at her insides!”



In the most disturbing Goosebumps scene ever, she vomits her insides. Marco screams so hard that he wakes up in the hospital. Marco’s mom is there, and so is Gwynnie. Darn, it was All a dream!

He sees Gwynne and yells at her to get out.

“why are you afraid of your sister?”

Marco realizes that he had dreamed she wasn’t his sister and that it was Jeremy who had hit him with the bat. This book is insane.

They leave him to rest in the hospital room, and finally Dr. Bailey enters when Marco is by himself. Except that Dr. Bailey now has wavy blonde hair and a tan. He starts to examine Marco, and then begins pulling on his tongue, stretching Marco’s tongue out like taffy while Marco screams and screams.

….what the hell?

Then Marco wakes up again. Dr. Bailey, this time he is a 7-foot tall man, asks him if he’s feeling any better. He then delivers a handwritten note to Marco. The note is from Keith, telling Marco to hurry up and feel better so he can rush home and start taking care of him in the basement. So he’s real! But the dream-

My head hurts. Marco tries to tell his family about the letter from Keith, but Dr Bailey doesn’t seem to know what Marco is talking about. When Marco goes to grab the letter, it’s disappeared.

The next morning, Marco is allowed to go home and his mom lets he and Jeremy watch a movie and eat homemade pizza. After the movie is over, Marco tells Jeremy he’s tired and goes upstairs. In his room, he runs into Keith.

Keith tells him that he’s real, and he is waiting for Marco to take care of him, to take care of everything he needs. Turns out he’s like  Freddy, and made Marco’s dreams, and scared him so he will be afraid of keith. Okay, now it kinda makes sense.

Marco panics and hits Keith in the head with a stone owl. Keith drops to the floor and melts into a gelatinous substance not unlike that pictured on the cover of the book. In another really awesome/gross scene,

The gelatinous creature surrounds Marco, enveloping him. Marco struggles with it all the way downstairs, where he slams it against a cabinet, breaking it in two. The two pieces form two monsters and both attack Marco on either side.

Marco rolls around on the ground screaming until his mom asks what he’s doing. There are no gelatinous creatures on Marco. Marco can no longer tell if he’s dreaming or awake.

So now it’s less like elm street and more like inception. Awesome.

Marco’ s mom sends him up to his room, where Keith is waiting for him. Marco tells Keith that he gives up, that he’ll do whatever Keith wants. Keith gets very excited and tells him that he’s going to go down to the basement and work up a list of all the things Marco will have to do for him. But first, Keith opens his mouth and vomits out all his veiny yellow insides.  yummy

Twist Ending:

The narrator screams and wakes up with his mom comforting him.

“Keith, you’re awake!”

She tells Keith, the narrator, that he shouldn’t have gone and played softball with Marco, and that just because Keith lives in the basement and looks like a human, he’s still a monster and can still get hurt..

Well…that was interesting.

Keith relaxes and vomits up his insides, which makes him happy.

Marco comes downstairs and sees Keith in the basement. Keith tells Marco that it’s all a dream. “Would he believe me?”


Maybe it is a cop out, but it adds to how awesomely insane this book is.. I dig it.


TV Episode: None.  But there was a great movie version called Inception!

WMG: This is the end of the series. The whole thing was a long dream by Keith.

Notable Lines:  “I don’t want to see my sister or anyone else opening their mouth and turning inside out”

Useless Fact: At 111 pages, this is the shortest book in the series.

Final Thoughts: 

…Wow, just wow. This has to be the most insane entry in the series. And…I loved it! Interesting characters, scary moments, and just a great story. It’s complex, interesting, and just all around well done. It’s an interesting psychological. Yeah, it’s  a mindfuck and maybe the ending is a cop out, but it’s so much fun and so well done that I can’t help but love it.  .A  great end of series gem

Grade: A

Well, that’s the end of the series. Nothing more to add!

…oh come, you can’t be kidding. It ends here! Stine wouldn’t…

He did?

He didn’t end on a great mindfuck note? He ended…

Oh god no.

Ugh…check in soon for…the real ending. Oh boy…

See ya!


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