Goosebump a thon #60: Werewolf Skin

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Werewolf Skin


Cover: Pretty cool. Love the wolf design.

Front Tagline:   “All dressed up  and no place to howl!”

Back Tagline: “It’s a full moon…do you know where you’re werewolf is?”



Alex Hunter (loligetit) is visiting his aunt and uncle. No, this not the last relative visit In this series. The aunt’s name is Marta. What. Now, who takes a normal name and removes a letter? It’s like taking Anthony and making it Antony!

That would be dumb. So anyone, his relatives here are photographers, and Alex is interested in the trade as well,, so he has his camera by his side.

As the book opens, he just got picked up by then in their car. They tell him the town is small and they hope he won’t be bored.

“no way! I want explore the woods”

…whatever floats your boat.

“I’m a city kid, I seldom get to touch a tree”

…go in your front yard. That’s what I do.

Also, what kid would be that interested in being the woods, seriously? To the point that they are excited? Whatever.

They then warn him of the Marling’s, a couple who lives next door that alex should stay away from. By the way, UIncle Colin freaks out when Alex mentions wanting to be a werewolf for Halloween, and then Marta says he was thinking of those marlings

Alex is later shocked by an accusation of them being werewolves. Derp. Anyway they then tell Alex there is a cute girl who lives nearby

“…any boys in the neighborhood?”

No comment,.

No less than 5 minutes later, Hannah shows up. “she IS kind of cute”. No comment x2

They head into the woods, and no I have no sex jokes for this. “look at this tree, it’s almost alive!” “Trees are alive!” . rimshot?

They then run into two guys from school aka the bullies. Sean and Arjun. They make fun of the kids and the typical stuff. When Alex mentions wanting to be a werewolf, they flee. “We have enough werewolves in Wolf Creek”

Later on, Hannah is having dinner with alex and family. After that, she leaves. Alex reaches for his camera to take a pic of the marling’s house, which has odd activity  going on. But…it’s gone. He left it in the woods.

He goes ask aunt/uncle something, but they are out doing their photo thing. Then he hears a sound coming from the attic above him. He looks up the attic stairs, and a head pops up…Hannah!  Yeah, she stayed to try on clothes up ther-

“I’m not dressed!”


K. So Alex interrupts Hannah’s odd clothes obsession to tell her he’s going out for his camera. He heads into the woods where he is met with creepy atmosphere. He hears ripping howling, and more. He then sees two unknown animals completely ripped apart.

He makes it out of the woods, with his camera. He then spots animal footprints…leading up to the marling’s house! . . the next day, his relatives say they got a call from the marling’s, bitching about him going around their house. Alex tells them about the howls, and he is told they own two big german shepherds aka best dog ever.

So then we find out alex is going to School here, while is parents are off in france on business. Hannah shows up and they head to school. Alex tells her what aunt/uncle told him, and she says they are full of shit

“The marling’s are werewolves!”

Well of course. And of course alex be-

“why is everyone in wolf creek obsessed with werewolves?!”

…he doesn’t buy it. Yay!

Later at school, the teacher says that due to Halloween coming up, he would like to talk about supernatural legends…starting with werewolves. Duh.  He asks the class if they believe in werewolves..and everyone raises their hand.

He also explains what this book’s werewolves will be look. You see, our werewolves are different. Thankfully, they keep their shirts on, but they do wear skins, like on the cover. You see, at daybreak they shed their skins. They must hide it, and if it is destroyed, the werewolf will die.

Sean and Arjun take alex aside after class, and tell him there is a real werewolf in the woods. They tell him they’ll meet alex to see it, and Alex says yes to finally prove they aren’t real.

That night, he tries to sneak out of his room to meet them. But the door is sadly locked by aunt/uncle. He tries the window, only to find that between morning and night, they had installed black bars.

I don’t know either.

The next day, they say they did it to prevent him from going to the marling’s, or the dangerous woods you could have just…done something that didn’t involve BLACK BARS

He tells them of the whole werewolf thing, and they think Hannah is full of shit. At school, Sean/Arjun reveal they didn’t go out to the woods. It was all a prank. Alex lies and says he did and saw a wolf,. They tell him …well pics or it didn’t now alex has more reason to go the woods, to figure out this marling mystery.

That night, he jabs some gum into his door lock,. So he can open it fine. He heads out in the wood to finally see some wolves. He also sees some odd creatures coming out of the marlings house. Werewolves. During a creepy scene, he follows them as they tear up animals, all on page. Damn.

Eventually, it is hours later and they shed their skins. And they are…the aunt and uncle. DUN DUN DUN!

Yep, they are the werewolves. The marling’s were all a front. They hide the skins in that old house.

So now alex knows he is living with werewolves. During the day, he suspects they may know they were followed. After dinner, he tells Hannah what he found/ Hannah suggests hiding those skins. If the full moon comes, and they are not wearing them, then boom, cured,.

They head into that old house, get the skins, and head to trick or treat. Things go perfectly fine until.

“get them!”

Oh shit.

They yell at the kids to give them their skins. So it’s…kind of like an addiction they have going on. Nice. So a chase scene happens, but then the full moon hits its highest peek. They scream.

“what have we done?!”

They approach the kids and…

“Thank you! You freed us!”

So this whole time they were kind of tortued by this addiction. Neat!   So yeah, the full moon came,. And since they had no skins, they were cured. The only time an anticlimax WORKS!

The two kids take their skins back into the house.

Twist Ending:

Alex sees…another wolf skin? Yes, another one, despite only two existing. He asks Hannah where it came from

“I used my own, alex”

“I don’t get it”

“You will”

She then sinks her teeth in his chest. End!

Awesome cruel twist. Also, to answer CR’s claim that this makes no sense: She says she only got it the other night, meaning she was bitten by aunt/uncle. So that is why she attacks a friend, and wanted the aunt/uncle gone. She’s new to this addiction thing

Great twist.

TV Episode:

This is the last time I can fill this section.

Alex’s last name is Blackwell. The pointless changes don’t end here

Arjun is now a white yes man to Sean. No idea, but I find it amusing. But honestly, it stays faithful plot wise. There’s no Halloween, but the gist is there. Once the odd opening scene ends, it plays like the book. So I’ll skip to the end.

Much like Camp nightmare, this has really odd camera shots, and strange performanes. Both episodes have the same director. That explains a lot.

When Hannah shows up, she scares alex.

“I don’t bite”.

During the climax, Alex takes a pic of extra random werewolves that attacked him, along with aunt/uncle. At the end, he looks at the pics…and one has Hannah’s head. She shows up.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I said I don’t bite” end.


Odd episode, but a good one. There, I’ve reviewed every episode based on a book!

Notable Lines:  “I liked her voice. It was low and husky”

Useless Fact: This, and the next two, are out of print. Also, The TV ep is one of 3 not on DVD. The others are The Haunted Mask 1 and Cuckoo Clock of doom. Mask and this are on VHS, but for Clock, you need to keep circulating the tapes.

11/1/13 UPDATE: The episode is on netflix along with the rest of the series.

Final Thoughts: 

Really good. Good main character, interesting story, and great atmosphere. I like how it messes with the werewolf mythos, but keeps them at their roots. While Fever swamp had its merits, it has nothing on this. I may not love this as much as troy does, but I do think it’s pretty good for this late in the series. It’s a gem, and I liked it

Grade: A-

Oh god, only two more. So close!

See ya!


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