Goosebump a thon #59: The Haunted School

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The Haunted School


(My copy doesn’t have the tagline on that blurb)


Cover: Return of the revenge of Tim’s converse obsession!  Anyway, I like it. Good creepy, and I like the creepy eyes. FORSHADOWING!


Front Tagline:   “They’re watching you learn…the hard way!”

Back Tagline:  “he’s hearing voices…from another world!”



A 13 (!) year old named Tommy moves to a new town and goes to a new school.His dad recently remarried and that’s not important since it’s never mentioned again.

Thalia Halpert Rodis, a beautiful girl who always wears make up who is also working on the dance, requests red paint, so Tommy offers to get it for her. oh,  and a dude named Ben is there too and he’s a lot more important in this scene than I make it seem

along the way , Tommy hears voices, but no one else is there. He encounters a tall girl with eerie, gray eyes named Greta while on his way back to the gym, and also gets lost and stumbles across a room marked “The Class of 1947.” Inside are statues of twenty-five children; the principal appears (don’t ask where she came from) and explains that these statues are in memory of the twenty-five children of 1947 who mysteriously disappeared after getting their class picture taken.

The next day at school, the teacher leaves to take care of something. Of course, shit happens.Tommy tries to just be calm and read a Ray Bradbury book. Author appeal alert!

Greta is in the class, and swipes Thalia’s lipstick, who gets pissed. So Tommy…goes up to Greta and demands it back.  Awesome.

Of course the teacher shows up and she ends up giving it back/ Tommy wonders why she cares so much about her makeup…

On the night of the dance, Tommy a Ben need to fix a banner. While searching for needed materials, they find an elevator, and since tommy is chubby, He refuses to use the stairs. So kids, don’t be fat or this will happen

By the way, the elevator is old and was in the old school, so no one has used it in years. After like a minute it starts moving…sideways! It opens and they wonder where they are.

They enter a dark classroom. They turn the lights on. Everything looks gray. A bunch of kids pop up. They attack the two.



One girl calls them off. They kids are all black and white. They apologize. “we just wanted to see color….”


The kids are Mary, Seth,Eddie, Eliose, Mona. They sit down and explain. They are on the other side, but these guys aren’t Faciler’s friends, sadly.

They say they are 5 of the people from missing class. “We haven’t aged”. The elevator moves between the worlds. you see, 50 years ago, it was class photo day. However, the class was…well noisy. The photographer hated kids, and some said he was evil. His name is Mr Chameleon.  He took the picture. Flash. They were in a gray world. No color, no time. Nothing.

So they are stuck in GreyWorld where there is no color, not even in their dreams. DAMN, that is depressing!

To make it worse, Tommy and Ben will start turning Grey too. When they are all grey, it will be too late. There is no way back to normal world. Elevator is busted,  and the classroom door is bolted shut. They’re tried everything. They call for help, which explains the cried tommy hears.

Wait…so it’s not haunted?!

Tommy and Ben run out the window, much to the other kid’s dismay


“Stay away from the other kids, they’re gone crazy!”

Before they can process that, they are out in the city. Everything is grey and bleek. After a creepy scene, they are ambushed by …the other kids from the missing class.

They form a circle around the two. They start chanting turn. Then …

“turn turn, turn to gray!”

They are holding the kids there, speeding up their gray process.

“no color in the moon. No color In the stars. No color in my dreams!

They went insane from the lack of color.

This has to the most depressing book ever


They take the two to a big pit. They get out buckets of dark liquid. They take little cups of it. And…spew it all over themselves

“We cover ourselves in blackness! No color on the earth!”

…this book is disturbing…in a good way!


The pit is full of the stuff. “cover yourself in blackness”

But in the nick of time, Seth and mary show up!

“They’re lost their minds.they have their own laws.  They’ve given up all hope. It’s scary. That’s why we stay in school”

They head back to school. As Tommy and Ben try to figure out how to escape, Seth informs them that only one girl has ever escaped, and no one knows how. Tommy thinks that it must have been Greta, the girl with the gray eyes he saw at school.

Suddenly the elevator opens and …




That’s right, the girl who escapes was Thalia. The makeup was to hide her gray-ness.

“I wanted to stay in the world of color. But I was a fake.. I belong here in GreyWorld. I want to stay with you”



Thalia explained to her friends how she opened her tube of lipstick one day and got excited after discovering that it still had color. She hadn’t seen color in so long she tried to draw on the wall to make colorful pictures, but when her lipstick touched the wall it made an exit into the real world. the hole instantly closed before she could go back for the others. She had tried to make another hole but the lipstick was only ordinary in the real world.

Using her lipstick, she opens a doorway for Tommy and Ben to escape. They leave the others behind, as they belong there now.

They finally head back to the dance, and run into the principal



Twist Ending:

“come on kids, you have to be in the photo with the rest of the committee. Okay Mr Chamelon, you can take the shot now!”

“…mr WHO?! Wait, no!!”

Flash./ end.


You end the most depressing book ever with that?! Great.


TV Episode: none

Notable Lines:  “it  isn’t as hard as your head!”

Useless Fact: There’s actually a chick name Thala Halpert Rodis…and I’ve met her on Twitter…so has stine, as she has read this book

Final Thoughts: 

This one was damn good. Well written story, good characters, and great creepy atmosphere, with some depressing moments. This is tied with ghost next door for most depressing Goosebumps book ever. This is proof Goosebumps can be scary, even for older readers. This is one of the more overlooked entries, since it was so late in the series. Thanks to a glowing Blogger Beware review, it is getting more people reading it. Good, because it is great. My only issue is that greta was pointless. But overall, a great entry in the series


Grade: A


Wow, we’re almost done! …yes.

See ya!


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2 Responses to Goosebump a thon #59: The Haunted School

  1. Greta wasn’t entirely pointless. Just your standard red herring.

    • spongey444 says:

      now that i think about it, Greta does add more to the story than i said. the scene where she takes Thalia’s lipstick shows how much she doesn’t belong in the color world, and thus foreshadows her going back.

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