Goosebump a thon #58: Deep Trouble 2

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Previously On Goosebumps:

Billy and Sheena  were visiting their uncle. They found a mermaid and stuff and some dude tried to capture him. …yeah.


Cover: meh. Too ugly, not scary and just really dumb.

Front Tagline:   “Something’s fishy…again!” wut

Back Tagline:  “the fish are biting…everyone!”



Have to actually type out the events from the book..

Why does the GB wiki screw me over with Deep trouble books?!

We start with Billy telling us the events of book 1, which are pretty accurate and have no plot errors. So unlike some other sequels, it’s pretty consistent. But the plot has nothing to do with DT 1 so meh.

Billy is hanging out underwater, as he gets attacked by an octopus And…he tickles it. AND it’s really Sheena, and billy was playing. Uh…k

Also, Remember how the first Chapter of DT 1 had Billy pretending to be an explorer? No? oh, I forgot mention that. Well this has that too, which is dumb, as we know he ain’t no explore. Even after we find out he’s billy, he says this

“Can you believe she calls a great underwater explorer a moron?”


So the two have this prank war that really goes nowhere until the end. Billy take a gray pillow and does that shark prank everyone does.

Then a real shark shows up. No explanation, Billy just looks and BAM shark. They escape to Dr D’s ship, and they tell him of the shark. Guess how much he believes them. (there are typically no sharks in that area)

And cuz this book has no focus, he takes them to help with a large fish he found. Billy looks through his fish book and finds a fish that looks like it. Only problem? It looks like a MINOW, yet the one they have is huge.

Oh, and they randomly see tons of plankton bottles-

God I wish

Dr D has loads of planton samples. Then they go back to talking about the minnow. Yep, a poorly done checkov’s gun alert!

Billy goes to feed his fish, but finds  a human head in the bow-it is a doll head put there by sheena. Please get focus book, I need a plot!

The next day, Billy decides to prank sheena.. but he fails to come up with one, and they just go swim in the water.  Then a giant jellyfish shows up. Yes, it’s just as random as it is my words

It eats sheena. So of course billy-

Goes inside to save her?

Okay, that’s a little awesome. But he has nothing on that OTHER billy! He saves her…but another Jellyfish pops up and fights the other, letting the kids sneak away. What.

They head up to the ship, but see that Dr D is missing! They look for him and bump into a giant snail. Jellyfish, plankton , and a snail…neat.

They hear Dr D screaming under the snail. This All  happens so fast the reader has no time to let it sink in, much less the characters

They push him off the ship (12 years were strong in 1997) and save Dr D. they head into billy’s room and see that fish is now huge.

They shove that overboard too. We are now 50 pages in. then three dudes come on board, and I’m so bored.

The head dude is Dr Ritter, and these are his mooks. He said he saw the boat rocking ,so he came to see what is going on. Dr D plays it coo-

“why was he acting like everything was okay?”

…random dudes here, you don’t go blabbing about giant fish!

They turn to leave, but ritter asks if they’ve seen anything odd. Billy BLABS ABOUT THE FISH. Idiot!

Dr D frowns

“what did I do?”

Oh god fuck you kid

Turns out they stumbled onto his plankton beds. Yep, ritter is like evil or something.. he made this plankton which makes fish huge. And of course he-

Holds them hostage

“you’ve seen too much”

…I fucking hate this cliché. Say cheese and die was meh with it but this is something else. For one, HOW DO YOU NOT SEE GIANT FISH?! It’s obvious! So you’d have to capture everyon!

Plus, you say it’s for good, and there’s no evidence saying he’ll do bad with them (he never does) so knowing about it is fine!

And who would believe them?! No one!  This is the worst villain ever!

They tie the three up and they leave them there as they eat lunch. But he escapes and frees the other two. They head out but are caught by ritter.

So he’s like “you’re going overboard, bitch”

“we can’t help if we saw your giant fish!”


Suddenly, giant seagulls attack. They ate the plankton too. Sure, why not? They all escape into the lifeboats.

“it can’t get any worse”

Billy it-

“And then it did”

…wow, this book read my damn mind.

So then they wash up on an island. Oh, you know what that means!

Set sit right back and you’ll hear a tale

A tale of a shitty book

That started from this tiny port, above this giant ship

Dr D was a mighty sailing man

Billy dumb and proud

Three passengers set sail that day, on a long vacation

Long vacation

Dr ritter started starting getting rough

Their giant shipped was tossed

If not for the courage of the Dr

The Cassandra would be lost

The Cassandra would be lost

A boat set shore on this stupid desert isle

With Dr D

Billy too


His dumb sister

And nothing else


Here on Dr D’s island!



“I sure could use a hamburger! With tons of catsup”


So this indeed turns into a Gilligan’s island episode for a few chapters. Only it’s not entertaining and it has no theme song.

Then  a giant crab shows up. A spongebob song popped up on my mp3player when I typed that line


There’s a little chase scene and…it walks back into the water.

This has been another…

So earlier their boat floated away. But it comes back…carried by dolphins. They…get on the boat and the dolphins carry them.


have no words. What the hell?

They arrive back at their boat, and decide to just forgot this book like I do. But nope, Ritter shows up. Ritter tells them the plankton has some kinks in it. If people drink it, they turn into fish. And he will make billy drink it

Why is this so persistent?! You had them lost at sea, for god’s sake! He feeds to billy, who drinks it down. Nothing happens.

Ritter is pissed, he wants to prove the stuff really works. Dr D keeps going “haw, I’m right”. Ritter is pissed by that, so…he drinks the stuff. He turns into a fish and swims away

So…dR d egged him on to make ritter drink the stuff. That’s…kinda cool.

Things seem normal…wait, why didn’t billy turn?

Twist Ending:

Billy hd a revenge plan. He replaced one of the plankton with iced tea, so he could drink it and freak Sheena out. When Ritter made him drink the plankton, he drunk the tea. So…billy ended up getting a minor awesome moment,.

Book, stop trying to be good. Anyway, THAT’s not the twist! Take it away Sheena

“I played the EXACT trick on you! Here, watch”. She drinks her tea.

“…did I drink the right bottle?”

End. Meh, it could be either possibility, so it’s not too scary.

TV Episode: none

Notable Lines: “She gets so into it, she blocks everything out”

Useless Fact: This is the GB book with the shortest word count. That explains  alot

Final Thoughts: 

Despite a few minor moments, this one sucked. But as Troy said, it’s  hard to sell the badness of this one. It’s really rushed, the villain has weak motivations, events happen with no time to let it sink in, and it’s…bad at a level I can’t sell. But…sigh…guilty pleasure. I don’t know why but the fast pace keeps my entertained, and I can make of how BAD it is. But it’s not as fun as MB 2, but I do personally find it a worse book. I can’t sell how bad this book is. It’s dumb, too fast, nothing makes sense and…well ugh. Just skip this one

Grade: D

See ya!


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