Goosebump a thon #57: My Best friend is Invisible

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Welcome back to Goosebump-athon!

Well…last October I did a list of top 11 worst Goosebumps books. And number one was…this. I said why it sucked monkey shit,. But I only scratched the surface. I need to go deep into this thing. Let’s do this!


My Best Friend is invisible


Cover: I like it. It’s pretty cool and happens in the book too! But anything good ends here..


Front Tagline: “Not seeing is believing!”

Back Tagline:  “He’s outta sigh…for real!”



Sammy Jacobs has two scientist parents and a scientist-in-training younger brother, Simon. Well of course.  Sammy is the black sheep of the family because he doesn’t care about science, he cares about science fiction. He busies himself reading books about ghosts and aliens while his brother, is fast at work measuring the growth of his body every day. …don’t ask

Sammy’s friend Roxanne comes over to berate Sammy for being such a poor athlete. Well I can tell she’s gonna likable!

Sammy lost a track meet earlier in the day and Roxanne wants to make sure he does a better job at the mini-Olympics later in the week. Sammy says he merely let her win and assures Roxanne that he will run faster.

Roxanne and Sammy then get to work brainstorming about their English term project. Sammy suggests studying the life cycle of a moth or charting the growth of plants. Roxanne wants to film a haunted house over the weekend.


Their wild speculation is interrupted by a mysterious light that appears in Sammy’s room. The source of this light is revealed to be a special magic flashlight belonging to Sammy’s dad that allows invisible organisms to be made visible. This light scared Sammy and Roxanne. I smell a checkov’s gun!

Roxanne resumes trying to sell Sammy on the haunted house idea. The haunted house is called the Hedge House because there are hedges in front of the house. Instead of visiting a haunted house, Sammy would much rather spend his Saturday watching the new horror movie School Spirit.

Okay, so far our only problems seem to be that every chararacter is anyone. Roxxane is a bitch, Sammy talks about fucking measuring, and the parents are horrible skeptics. Maybe it’ll get better!

After Roxanne leaves, Sammy becomes convinced that someone’s messing with him, as his window is open and his papers scattered around the room. He’s sure that a ghost is responsible. The next morning he discovers that Brutus, his cat, opted not to sleep in his room as per usual. He sits down for a nice bowl of cereal, only to discover that while his head was turned away from the bowl, the ghost has eaten all of his cereal.

How does he try to prove to his parents the ghost ate it?

“The spoon is on the left side, and I’m right handed!”



At school, Sammy is called to the front of the class to solve a math problem. The  equation takes a turn though as an invisible clammy hand grasps Sammy’s and he runs from the room in hysterics.

Back at home, Sammy witnesses the scene depicted on the cover. Sammy’s mother scolds him for eating pizza. She then tells him to clean up his room. When he heads upstairs to do as instructed, he discovers that someone has strewn cereal and lunchmeat and other foodstuffs all over his floor. He comes to the conclusion that only a ghost could have caused this food fight. Then the ghost speaks up and confirms this.

Except the voice is not a ghost at all, but an invisible boy named Brent Green. He’s twelve too and wants very badly to be Sammy’s best friend. He explains that he doesn’t know how he got to Sammy’s house or who his parents are, but he’s hungry and wants to be Sammy’s friend. So we get no explanation at all and we don’t know what is going on. Yay

“Brent…are you clothed?”



Sammy tries to get his family to come see his invisible friend, but they don’t believe him. Roxanne comes over, and tries to get Brent to do stuff. He does nothing, so Roxanne yells at him and runs off. Bitch. Brent says he didn’t feel like doing stuff

The next day at school, he sees people…talking to invisible people! Everyone laughs at Sammy. Who told them?”

“Roxanne, you told everyone?!”


..jan, meet your new friend!



At class, his teacher makes fun of him. The fuck? Things get so bad for Sammy that he has to eat lunch alone in the library. Brent followed him to school and starts eating his sandwich. Sammy begs him to go away but Brent insists that he’s just trying to be his friend. He gets in trouble and yada yada yada.

So then comes that race they’ve been talking about it. Things go fine. .until brent ‘shows” up and tries to help Sammy out. He loses.

Roxanne gets really pissed cuz she’s a bitch and stuff. T o make up losing the race to Roxanne, Sammy is forced to agree to accompany her to the haunted house that weekend. Beforehand though, Sammy tries to convince Brent to leave. He tries to get him to live with Roxanne because she has better food

“I don’t wanna be friends with a girl!”


…no comment.

Brent sees that Sammy’s trying to get rid of him and attempts to throw him out the window. He stops himself before he actually murders Sammy though and explains that he was just goofing around . Brent finally leaves after Sammy turns up the radiator high enough to produce steam in his room.

Roxanne and Sammy are at the Hedge House and a ghost does show up. Upstairs in the spooky house, the ghost angrily picks up Roxanne and starts throwing her around the room. Then the ghost picks up a pillow and tries to smother her. …hey, a scene that is almost decent!

Roxanne and Sammy flee from the house. Back at home, Brent reveals that he was behind the whole charade. FUCK, I JINXED IT!

Sammy’s parents announce that his erratic behavior has caused them to set up an appointment with a mental institution for their son

Great parents~!

Before he can be taken away though, Sammy breaks free and runs down to his parents’ basement to grab the magic flashlight. He forces the rest of the family and Roxanne to follow him to his room, where he shines the light on Brent,…

Twist Ending:

Revealing a monster,.


Sammy and his family can’t figure out how Brent can survive with only one head, two eyes, and two short arms that aren’t even long enough to wrap around his body. They can’t stop being disgusted at how he has hair on top of his head instead of suction-cupped tentacles. Sammy’s father explains that this creature is a human and its their duty to call the zoo, as humans are an endangered species. End.


You expect me to rage right away. No. sure this ending IS TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT! But …let’s calmly explain why this ending DOES NOT WORK!

  1. They act EXACTLY like humans. They have brand names!
  2. Brent picked up Sammy at one point. He didn’t feel his TWO ARSM?!
  3. If this is another planet, WHAT’S WITH THE CATS?!

This ending is awful and makes no sense at all. But I’ll go in depth over at the final thoughts

TV Episode:  

Satan is skating his way to work. The world has stopped spinning. I am a monkey’s uncle. Why?


They took an awful book and made it semi decent!


First, no Simon. Yay~! Brent says he is a ghost, so we have an idea what is going on. It actually STARTS with hedge house, and Brent followed Sammy from there

No school shit, except two minor bits, but no Roxanne being a bitch. Yay! In fact, it is boiled down to  simple story with no extra shit! It’s entertaining.

Oh, and brent actually becomes evil, thus making his asshole ness warranted.

But then we got the ending..

The light thing happens. Brent is still a human, and we have aliens. BUT..they say this is the future. Humans were moved to the moon, and aliens took over the world. (OF COURSE). Brent snuck away before he could be taken to the moon, and his parents. made him invisible so he won’t get caught. so he was doing all this for revenge.

“why did you take over our planet!?”

Then…Brent and Family gang up on him evilly.

Wow. So this whole time Brent was a tragic figure. That’s…kind of sad. And Sammy is a bad guy?!

That’s…really cool. A lot better than that shit book, right?

Good episode.


Notable Lines: “Come on Sammy. Measure me!”

Useless Fact::Stine says he thinks of the twist first. Think about that

Final Thoughts: 


People ask why I hate this when only the ending seems bad. Well here’s the thing: notice how they never describe the characters In detail? Nothing is explained. There is no detail about anything,. Brent is not explained, and we have no idea what the scary thing is. The entire book is underwritten and…it’s all due to a horrible twist that makes no sense. So quite literally, this twist was an excuse to not write. The book is underwritten simply for a big GOT YA moment! It’s not written to give a good story, it is all just for a shock moment that make no sense. Add that to unlikable characters , and you have the reason I hate this book. It is the worst GB book, and that’s why

Grade: F

See ya!





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  1. I find this book enjoyable and I LOVE THE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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